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October 22, 2011



DoT you are so right, it was Carswell. My horrible error. But the techniques and network begun to fight him, blossomed with Haynesworth and went full bloom with Bork.

By the time Thomas came up the Reps got slightly smarter in learned how to fight back.

"Sorry JMH, I ment to pinch the doll's butt." Well, you missed hers, got mine, and had me doubled over with sciatica. Now stop it!!

Tumeric, or rather the curcurmin component, of it is also believed (as a result not only of Indian tradition but independent tests) to be a good cancer fighter. If you don't like curry, try some French's cheap yellow mustard which has a lot of it in there.And eat your darned broccoli and cabbage and brussel sprouts.


Broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts. Love 'em all. I guess I still have to use French's yellow mustard instead of the Dijon coarse ground which is my all time favorite.


"Dijon coarse ground which is my all time favorite"

YUM! Mine, too.


Rick,people with bipolar disorder can cycle into psychotic behavior. From NIMH:

"One side of the scale includes severe depression, moderate depression, and mild low mood. Moderate depression may cause less extreme symptoms, and mild low mood is called dysthymia when it is chronic or long-term. In the middle of the scale is normal or balanced mood.
At the other end of the scale are hypomania and severe mania. Some people with bipolar disorder experience hypomania. During hypomanic episodes, a person may have increased energy and activity levels that are not as severe as typical mania, or he or she may have episodes that last less than a week and do not require emergency care. A person having a hypomanic episode may feel very good, be highly productive, and function well. This person may not feel that anything is wrong even as family and friends recognize the mood swings as possible bipolar disorder. Without proper treatment, however, people with hypomania may develop severe mania or depression.
During a mixed state, symptoms often include agitation, trouble sleeping, major changes in appetite, and suicidal thinking. People in a mixed state may feel very sad or hopeless while feeling extremely energized.
Sometimes, a person with severe episodes of mania or depression has psychotic symptoms too, such as hallucinations or delusions. The psychotic symptoms tend to reflect the person's extreme mood. For example, psychotic symptoms for a person having a manic episode may include believing he or she is famous, has a lot of money, or has special powers. In the same way, a person having a depressive episode may believe he or she is ruined and penniless, or has committed a crime. As a result, people with bipolar disorder who have psychotic symptoms are sometimes wrongly diagnosed as having schizophrenia, another severe mental illness that is linked with hallucinations and delusions."


I love curry and even the worst curry powder is loaded with tumeric.

You might like this curried egg omelet recipe:

chop some scallions or shallots and chiles jalapeno is fine)) and sweat them in butter. Stir in some curry powder. Beat some eggs and cream and pour over, cook . When done., sprinkle some garam masala (available in spice dept at grocers) and chopped cilantro over the eggs.

i haven't put quantities in because the taste is so individual.. but if I were making this for two people, I'd use about a half tsp of finely chopped jalapeno and 1/2 T of curry powder..


The funniest thing about the check story is he's dumb enough to float out a few back dated checks like Gov. Paterson in NY did when caught with Yankee's tickets that somebody comped him. We'll see.

Rick Ballard


My best friend developed from elementary school through college developed bipolar disorder at the age of 25. I got to watch him cycle through the stages for the next 15 years until he hit a level of paranoia which precluded further contact (his choice, I had become a "cause of his troubles"). I never considered his behavior to be neurotic. When he stuck with the lithium he functioned fairly well, when he decided he was "cured" every eighteen months or so and stopped taking lithium and started smoking a little weed to take the edge off he went through the manic depressive cycle like clockwork with paranoia ratcheting up each time.

Not much fun.


No, it isn't. An if you aren't careful they can drag you under. Since it becomes apparent often only in the early 20's when--let's face it--we are all mostly a bit neurotic, we don't often see how severe the problems are.

In some ways it might be easier for those around them if they were flat out psychotic all the time.You would know for sure where they were coming from.

The other thing is that in wealthier families with more resources, the problems can be papered over more so they are less obvious until the final stages..


With respect, borderlines are a lot different than bipolars. I've had experience with both, but in my experience borderlines are a lot more destructive.


My sister is bi-polar and after a few really weird years her medication has been worked out and she is fine.

Now "fine" is a relative term. She has always been nuts - in a pretty good way and she is not that different now. I will say she raised 4 really incredible kids (2 of which made a guest appearance here recently) and you have to give her a lot of credit for that.


I dealt with a Mom and Mom in law who all their lives had worked hard to be the "good girls/women" and great homemakers. And along the way stuffing a bunch of anger away in a corner of their brains.
Both of them late in their lives and at the same time let all that anger loose and I had to deal with it and them simultaneously -- in different cities, etc. Both of them were diagnosed with dementia but I think there was something else going on with them that the shrinks couldn't or didn't figure out. Both of them just got down right mean and somewhat physical and the only thing the doctors could do was load them up with tranquilizers.
I believe that geriatric medicine is coming along with better diagnoses but ten years ago not so much.


There's almost complete overlap diagnostically between what some call bipolar (used to be manic depressive) and what some call borderline personality disorder. I suppose it's a matter of degree.
I have some really involved object relationship technical books but I still think the bottom line is the lines between these diagnosis or blurry and changeable.


*diagnoses are blurry*


Where would this lie rank on the truth-O-meter?

"On Wednesday, I did the math that most of the mainstream media couldn’t do in March 2007. I asked how Barack Obama could have told a Selma audience that the 1965 March on Selma resulted in his conception when he was born in 1961. I also challenged Obama’s assertion that the Kennedy administration could have been responsible for his father’s arrival in America when his conception predated Kennedy’s oath of office."


Exactly TK. If the November Bali trip is still a go next month, it will be an opportunity to examine a lot of the sketchiness with that story too. The Road to Bali


I am going to slink away. I really, really didn't expec this. And I can't figure out why they keep pitching to him. Congrats henry. We'll get you tomorrow night!


Oops...wrong thread.


--Broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts. Love 'em all.--

You might want to cut down a little before Caro gets there, for her sake.


--With respect, borderlines are a lot different than bipolars. I've had experience with both, but in my experience borderlines are a lot more destructive.--


 Social call of the borderline bird.

I hate you, don't leave me.


Here is a short article by Otto Kernberg who has written the best stuff on the subject of borderlines. His books are a bit difficult but this article is a nice easier to understand summary.

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