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November 06, 2011


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--Holder maintains that he did not know about the “gun walking” methods...--

If true, since his underlings attempted to inform him, he should resign as incompetent.
If not true, he should resign and be prosecuted.


Who would replace him?

Captain Hate

Stedman obviously isn't worried about this since the local fishwrap reported that he was in the crowd here last night honoring one of "his people", Aretha Franklin.

He's easily as much of an arrogant shallow ass as El JEFe.


OT, but related in the sense of a supervisor failing to adequately report misconduct of a subordinate:
Joe Paterno knew one of his coaches was raping young boys, and didn't report it to the police. LUN


There's no downside to letting him squirm in the headlights for long enough for the low information voter to notice fast & furious. I mean Kim's wedding is over and she is getting a divorce. The hiatus has to be filled with something

Comanche Voter

Holder will resign when Congress finds a unicorn--and not before then. The Bamster has his back.

Charlie (Colorado)

He's easily as much of an arrogant shallow ass as El JEFe.

No small accomplishment.

Charlie (Colorado)

Holder will resign when Congress finds a unicorn--and not before then. The Bamster has his back.

Holder will resign when Obama first senses Holder is costing him popularity. There is no higher measure of worth in his mind.

Benjamin Franklin

"costing him popularity."

Really? He hasn't cost Obama popularity, to date?


Maybe Charlie, but what if Holder threatens to reveal what he knows about Bambi. That's pretty good insurance.



Papandreou tells cabinet he will resign.

Danube of Thought

I'm betting he's still in office at Christmas.


I think that is a bet you will win handily, DoT. Unfortunately :(

Steve C.

Obama can't fire him. He serves as a convenient diversion. Holder is well supported by the legal profession and the race baiters. Most important of all, Obama needs him in office to manage all the re-districting law suits to come.

Unless Holder violates the Earl Long live boy/dead girl rule he will be the Attorney General until Jan of 2012. The first black AG is, too big to fail.


I'll bet Holder's still in office at Christmas but it could depend on how his testimony goes before the oversight committee.

Hugh Hewitt's interview with Issa is revealing.

One little tidbit:

One of the things that I’m very honored leading a group of researchers, as investigators, a lot of times they go around administration stonewalling and get the information. And some of it just boggles the imagination. I’ll give you one that’s not a front page scandal. But can you imagine that under this green energy loan program, or loan guarantee program, we loaned a Russian company the money to buy Ford Motor Company’s steel mill in Detroit?

That quote is more from the Solyndra conversation but does give a flavor of what Issa is up to.

Cecil Turner

Holder will resign when Obama first senses Holder is costing him popularity.

Spot on. (And--based on "the Won's" demonstrated keen sense of the electorate--will probably be about six months after the reality.)


Holder serves a useful purpose in pointing out another Obama fail.


Will Holder's resignation be Boehner's Christmas gift to the right or will Holder still be Attorney General at Christmas time?



I always wonder what some of our conservative friends in high places saw in Holder that they recommended him. Didn't Victoria Toensing and her husband jump on his bandwagon?

Benjamin Franklin

Well, it's a debatable point...

In recent weeks, proponents of Governor John Kasich’s law rolling back the bargaining rights of public employees have argued that their sacrifice is necessary for the state’s fiscal health. But labor and Dems have pointed out that some Ohio GOP legislators are not agreeing to a pay cut of their own — so why no shared sacrifice?.

In a recent interview, a top Ohio Republican defended this in a curiously belligerent way, one that may reverberate in the race’s final days: He claimed lawmakers don’t need to take a pay cut in the spirit of shared sacrifice, because “I earn my pay,”

adding: “Republicans earn their money.”

hit and run

I'm betting he's still in office at Christmas.

That's a bet I'm willing to take!

If I win (Holder out of office before Christmas): you fly me out to Coronado and buy us a bottle of Tito's to share.

If you win (Holder still in office at Christmas): you fly me out to Coronado and I buy us a bottle of Tito's to share.

Let's do this!

Cecil Turner

Didn't Victoria Toensing and her husband jump on his bandwagon?

That's the way it was reported (though I'm assuming from this she had some fairly early buyer's remorse).

But I think this is an illustration of how faulty the argument is that just because some conservative supported some liberal, it must be an admission against interest and hence a good idea. I find it far more useful to evaluate situations on the merits (even if the data is sparse) before looking to see who is recommending what. Because I find that usually if I don't get it, it's because it doesn't make any sense.

hit and run

Because I find that usually if I don't get it, it's because it doesn't make any sense.

I've generally found the same thing.

If Cecil doesn't get it,it's because it doesn't make sense.


Gun-related question:

With passage of concealed-carry legislation in Wisconsin, I recently noticed when visiting my local library branch that the front door is now sporting a notice that it is illegal to possess firearms in the library and that anyone doing so will be subject to prosecution.

I'm wondering whether that's consistent with the law. I suspect that it may reflect only personal preference of librarians who don't like the law.

I tried to find a list of places where firearms might be prohibited, e.g.,, section "CCW AND OPEN CARRY". I don't see libraries listed.

Anyone know?


H&R: I will also take that bet. Of course I am relying heavily on Chuck Grassley's ability to pin his a-- to a wall. People respect Senator Grassley as a general rule because he is a no nonsense straight shooter. If he says there is something rotten in Denmark than there is. I can't wait for Mr. "Black First" to be roasted over an open spit-fire. Long overdue and we won't allow "your people" aka Elijah Cummings to ride to your rescue. And yes, like Wright and others before him ,under the bus Holder will go if the blowback touches the one.

Charlie (Colorado)

Jane: Maybe Charlie, but what if Holder threatens to reveal what he knows about Bambi. That's pretty good insurance.

If he has a choice between resigning and accepting one of those multi-million dollar Wall Street sinecures like Gorelich and Rahm E got, and playing mutually-assured distraction with O?

Ben:Really? He hasn't cost Obama popularity, to date?

Do you think he has? It doesn't seem to me like he's cost Obama anything observable. I'd listen to counter-arguments.


Holder's motto is perfect for the NY Marathon: Race First.

What? That's not what Holder means? Oh.


I am so looking forward to these hearings this week.

hit and run

On another note -- not a single post on The Corner about last night's Cain-Gingrich debate.

Not a single post in the Weekly Standard blog.

The only post at Commentary that references the debate? An argument for why it's ethical to ask Cain about the Politico accusations after the debate.

Win the Future!


I saw 2 reports on Fox News about the debate. On MSNBC only the after debate questions and Cain telling the reporters to stick to debate topics. Ultimate result of smear campaign- Cain -1 Jounolist and Politico with 90 some articles on it in a week -0

(Another) Barbara

For once I feel like defending the media, Hit. The "debate" -- really a fireside chat between two extremely friendly rivals -- wasn't terribly newsworthy. Newt set the pace, presented most of the ideas, and Cain agreed with most everything Gingrich said. Differences between the two were rare, and, in the couple of instances they occurred, were on some small detail of a larger issue.

I would guess the audience for the program was minuscule -- on C-Span, on a Saturday night when a major sports event was on -- and it did not seem as if even JOMers were watching (except for Caro, Jane and JMH, who commented).


Yes but they actually discussed the issue, instead of the soccer scrum that is typical of these things, meanwhile, I try to to be
cynical, but I can't keep up:


On 'Meet te Depressed' they finished their round of Minitrue narrative, by referring to
the So Called debate, they saw the Herman Cain
charges and Biden defending Romney, on his religion. as bigger issues, funny how that never applied to Alito or Thomas. Coincidence I'm sure.

Benjamin Franklin

"cynical, but I can't keep up:"

You're doing fine. For the first two years of this Admin, it was nearly impossible to find ammo, because the 'buzz' Ace just resurrected, was that O was gonna move against firearms and ammo. Whoa hoppend?

hit and run

That's too bad (A)B.

If that's the case,then let's not pretend any longer that we (the conservative media or the voters) want more substantive debates.

Sure -- I didn't watch the debate. I watched the LSU-Alabama game. But I put out my call to have the debate live-blogged here for those who would be watching because I was interested. And I was most interested to spend today reading the coverage from leading Conservative outlets dissecting the debate -- whether the candidates agreed 100% or drew swords and faced one another down at every turn -- because I thought such a thing should be newsworthy.

And let's discuss "newsworthy". That term has come to refer only to some gotcha or gaffe that can be seized on to generate hits or clicks or views.

I'm disappointed that the major Conservative outlets would deem a debate as "not newsworthy" because there were no fireworks and there was no direct tie to help them generate hits, clicks and views.

So. If it wasn't newsworthy outside of that definition that two major candidates talked substantively for an hour and a half about the areas that most directly threaten our long term fiscal health,then let's just not try to ever do such a debate again. What a waste of everyone's time that was.

And to quote MarkO: "Doom."


"Untergang' hit, with the umlaut for the fully Spenglerian effect, all the cool kids are doing it.


--O was gonna move against firearms and ammo. Whoa hoppend?--

Heller happened, oh and the little matter of Agent Brian Terry being murdered by weapons purposely given to criminals by the ATF in the operation that was being ginned up to justify O's move against firearms and ammo.
Oops. Gotta break a few eggs I guess.

(Another) Barbara

I understand your disappointment, Hit. But if most JOM regulars -- the most astute political activists I know, with many who are enthusiastic supporters of Cain -- thought the game had more importance than the debate, then it's somehow hard to be too critical when others give it a low priority too.

Many things spell "Doom" to me, but not this one.


Holder hangs on, and the steady drip, drip drip of information leaking on this stinker of a program erodes public support such as it is for both Holder and Zero. Its really the best case for Republicans. Dont expect Holder to go until hit with the crowbar used to pry him from his chair, and Zero will suffer from it. A good man died because of the idiocy of this ridiculous program, and the Democrats are on the wrong side of that.

(Another) Barbara

Hit, Wm. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection just put up the full hour and a half debate at his website. (LUN) Scroll down to "update."


Holder isn't going anywhere. While there are SOME Republicans who will push for his resignation, there's nowhere near enough of them ... and the Democrats will circle the wagons to protect him.

Which is why DiFi (for example) is out there claiming F&F demonstrates the need for stricter gun control.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I watched last night and it was not a "debate," IMO. It was more two smart people sitting down and having a sane and pleasant discussion. I thought it was a great format.


VIENNA // The UN atomic agency plans to reveal intelligence this week suggesting Iran made computer models of a nuclear warhead and other previously undisclosed details on alleged secret work by Tehran on nuclear arms.


PD, from what I've heard each establishment can choose whether to allow weapons. The includes stores as well as libraries. Under the law, if an establishment posts against weapons it loses liability protection in the event weapons are used anyway.


why on earth would i want to watch a debate between Newt, who thinks he knows everything, and Cain, who doesn't seem to know anything?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Macphisto: I don't know why you would want to watch. If you had watched, you might think a bit differently, maybe. You seem rather closed-minded, however, so maybe not.

hit and run

if most JOM regulars -- the most astute political activists I know, with many who are enthusiastic supporters of Cain -- thought the game had more importance than the debate

Eh,now I'm going on further than what my original point was really making . . . that I was annoyed not to find any legitimate mention of the debate at NR,WS or Commentary. Not *that* big of a deal.

But in response: I don't work for NR or WS or Commentary,and as far as I know no one else here does either. No one here gets paid to pay attention to debates,and quite bluntly we pay those publications to pay attention. Or so I thought.

I also thought that last night's debate was the kind of substantive, issue-heavy affair those publications would be pushing in contrast to the MSM-driven reality shows.

If they want to lead from behind (only cover the things everyone's watching anyway),then that's their prerogative (hits,clicks and views!).


Hit, you make excellent points about NRO, WS, and Commentary.


It's on again on CSPAN at 7 if you missed it and want to see it.



Here's a name we haven't seen lately---Halliburton.

According to the ADN Halliburton is partnering with another OIl Company on a massive shale fracking Alaskan Project they are hoping will result in 200 wells drilled up here a year. The story Halliburton, Great Bear team up in shale play on North Slope, sounds a bit over optimistic to this rube but I'm sure glad to see new Private companies willing to risk their own cash and assets in efforts to come up here and develop our energy wealth.

Charlie (Colorado)

Do you think this helped Obama/ how about F&F?

Well, it's hard to say, and since it's a trichotomy, "not helped" isn['t the same as "hurt". At least right now, I'm not seeing Holder get tied to Obama that much in the legacy press. So I'd still think Holder's been a wash. But I don't think that'll continue for long.


Unlike many writers of the Daily Snooze, daddy, this one knows what they are talking about, editor at Petroleum News for 16 years.


And let's discuss "newsworthy". That term has come to refer only to some gotcha or gaffe that can be seized on to generate hits or clicks or views.

I also want to take this opportunity to recall that Pawlenty was hounded out of the race in great part because he didn't dare to "attack" Romney in the first debate (He wouldn't say "ORomneyCare!")


But if most JOM regulars -- the most astute political activists I know, with many who are enthusiastic supporters of Cain -- thought the game had more importance than the debate, then it's somehow hard to be too critical when others give it a low priority too.

Probably most erudite JOMers (like me ;) ) have a DVR and watched the game live and saved the debate for later. I know I did. Plus CSPAN is pretty good about running shows over again, so if you forgot to DVR it, you could catch a later showing or find it on the net anyways.

Your really think smart, erudite folks would watch the debate live and save the game for later??


"editor at Petroleum News for 16 years."

Yeah Narciso,

It was interesting to see so much detail about the process and the background in that story. I noticed no mention whatever about the Enviro Lobby except in a few of the comments, so I'm wondering if this announcement caught them flatfooted. Suspect we'll hear the Lawsuits soon enough, but regardless, I am encouraged by Esposeta and now this.


I am now an "official" precinct captain for the Republican Party here in Arlington! Yikes, be careful when you put your name on a list. Hah!
With the redistricting, we have a real chance to win another Republican seat in the Virginia Senate.


BTW, Someone posited a question, I think here, about a Cain/Gingrich ticket and the problems due to them both being from Georgia...

I believe that Gingrich is now - and has been since shortly after vacating the speakership - 'domiciled' in Virginia, so that issue should be moot.

You really think a politician would be content to be put out to pasture and actually go there?


henry, thanks. But does that mean an establishment can declare that possession of firearms is *illegal* within that establishment? Perhaps the mere declaration that firearms are verboten qualifies to make them illegal?


I am now an "official" precinct captain

Does that mean you get walking-around money?


You go Janet!!! That is great!


PD, "illegal" gets into technicalities. They can legally post "no guns", I don't know what the penalty is for carrying in a posted establishment.


i was never a precinct captain but i used to be a Republican pollwatcher in Chicago. at that time i was the farthest one could be from a GOPer, but it was the only way for anyone to monitor the Daley machine. they didn't steal any votes in my precinct, at least until after i went home. and my first wife, who wound up working in the precinct in which we lived, kept them from stealing my McCarthy vote in '76. "you'd better go back and count them again, because my old man's vote is in there and i KNOW he voted for McCarthy." heh.


Congrats, Janet, we can say we knew you when.

Jack is Back!

Isn't JiB located in Florida?

Actually, our sea level is going down not up since so many have left the state for economic reasons. Less weight to tilt it toward the sea, don't ya know.

What we really worry about are sink holes swallowing up the 1% who contribute so much to our overall welfare here. Most of the 99% are Canadians anyway.


i tried to watch a little of the C-SPAN repeat of the Newt/Cain thing, and i just couldn't...i burned out on getting lectured by Newt Gingrich sometime back around when he was doing roundtables with the Tofflers on C-SPAN. the relentless self-regard and college-prof condescension he projects so strongly get in the way of anything he says for me.


Btw. For any Mark Harmon fans out there, his movie based in the Sandburg novel is on USA at 9:00 tonight.

And that concludes this evening's PSA and hottie alert.



Sandford novel sheesh

Jack is Back!


Who does he play? Virgil Flowers or Lucas Davenport?

Read them all.


"I am now an "official" precinct captain for the Republican Party here in Arlington!"

Yay Janet.

In 6th Grade I was elected "official" Captain of my Arlington grade schools "School Safety Patrol!"

Somehow I feel we are kindred spirits:)


Boy, I just KNEW Janet was going to end up some kind of ward heeler.


Lucas Davenport, JiB,

Jack is Back!

Shucks. If it had been "that f**ing Flowers" I'd watch it.

We are cooling, folks; for how long even kim doesn't know.

Whistling past the graveyard, McClatchey is. We're in La Nina now, Las Ninas will predominate for the next two decades and the sunspots are fading.


Colts and Packers. Two perfect teams.

Of course, the Colts are more perfect because they have two more games under their belt in their drive toward a perfect season.


Does that mean you get walking-around money?
Hah...No, it doesn't mean anything...only I was willing to do it. Most Dems run unopposed for office in Arlington.
One positive thing is that the GOP office (where I picked up my paperwork) was full of young people coordinating the effort. That is good...


But ... but ... Certain Prey is up against The Fifth Element, the best movie ever.

Jack is Back!


Its also up against the Steelers v. Ravens. But I am almost NFL'd out, so I may end up watching the movie. Does Hollywood still keep it in the Twin Cities or are we treated to a transplant ot LA and the Barea Tar Pits?

hit and run

OMG. Watching NBC's pregame for tonight's game.

Some jewelry store ad just came on. Seemed like a local production -- but I wasn't really paying attention. I looked up and it was a black background with a hand with a stunning ring on it.

More stunning? Unless my eyes deceived me,the ring was on the middle finger and the middle finder was extended to show the ring.

The ad was flipping me off!

We no longer have a DVR so I can't rewind. Gotta see if I can find it on google or something.

That company may have just landed a customer.


I know a finger in need of a bauble...

hit and run

Maybe the ad was modeled after this one (and my eyes did deceive me).



The wells and exploration might be on private lands. That's one of the reasons why North Dakota has been able to outrun the environmentalists (another one is that no one probably believed it could be done).

Don't wory though, the ecofreeks have a really big toolbox.


Good point Rich,

Local tube did a 3 part series last week on North Dakota and that bit about the benefits of it being on private land was heavily stressed. The reporter was on local Talk answering questions and he stressed that because our fields are usually on State or Federal lands, that that is what hampers so much our ability to do the development, because we have to go over all the Bureaucratic and vested interest speed-bumps.

It struck me that just last month we had a big celebration with a number of ex-Governors and politicians up here, ceremonially shoveling the first spadeful of dirt for a project to build a 3,300 foot bridge across a river up north. The effort to beat all the Enviro/political battles took 10 years. It was mentioned that we built the thousand AlCan Highway from Montana to Fairbanks in less than half the time, and also that we mobilized, fought and won WW2 in half the time.

Sort of made the 10 year victory to win permission to build this new bridge less a celebration than a sad sign of how unworkable things have become.


The 8:18 LUN, daddy, explains part of the question, I asked you three years ago.


Private property works. Funny that.


Private property works. Funny that.

No wonder the leftists hate it. They don't get to control it.


Good link Narciso,


Lol, Clarice, if Politico were on dead tree, millions of trees would have died needlessly
in this endeavor.


Rich and Narciso,

The other side of the Private Property/State or Federal Property question recently popped up up here: Anti-Pebble initiative approved by 34 votes.

The Proposed Pebble Mine project sits on State land in a big Borough the size of West Virginia. The @ 1,600 voting eligible residents of the huge but unpopulated Borough voted last month to not allow the Pebble Mine Project to go forward. (Vote took 2 weeks to count because it had to be done by mail.)

From the ADN:

"Now it's headed to court. The Pebble Limited Partnership, the group seeking to develop the mine, has challenged its legality. So has Gov. Sean Parnell's attorney general, who argues it would be unenforceable because the Alaska Constitution gives the Legislature, not localities, authority over the development of state resources."

So the State, not the residents of the Borough may hold the cards.

"Anchorage Superior Court Judge John Suddock allowed the election to proceed but said he'd sort out the legal issues when the case resumes Nov. 7."

What do you Lawyer's think? I'm guessing the 9th Circus will eventually want a crack at this, and it's also the project Washington State's Senator, Maria Cantwell, called in the EPA to block last month.


Clarice's link above to Legal Insurrection:

Days as of 8 p.m. Eastern today since Politico broke the story - 7
Politico news stories about or mentioning “Herman Cain“: 138
Politico news stories about or mentioning “sexual harassment“: 91
Politico news stories about or mentioning “sexual harassment” not involving Herman Cain: 0
Politico news stories showing what Herman Cain actually did: 0
Politico news stories showing specifically what Herman Cain was accused of: 0
Percentage drop in Herman Cain favorability rating as reported by Politico: 9
Politico news stories about or mentioning “Solyndra“: 9
Politico news stories about or mentioning “Fast and Furious“: 3
Politico news stories about or mentioning “unemployment“: 17
Politico news stories about or mentioning “recession“: 14
Politico’s credibility self-destruction: Priceless

Great job Professor Jacobson.


Janet the Precinct Captain! Yay!

PC's are the most politically powerful position in the country.

You can't be impeached:-)


Does any JOMer know anything about the National Community Reinvestment Coalition? and it's President John Taylor?
It is a 501 (c)(3) organization so I am having a hard time finding out who set it up & who funds it.
I just found out my neighborhood community assn. "joined" this organization & I've email my opposition to our President.
Just wondered if anyone knew some sites to check it out more (I've looked at Discover the Networks).


Remember what Glenn said about churches that believe in collective salvation:


Janet, Congratulations on your new position.

"NCRC’s work is enhanced by two financial service advisory councils consisting of the nation’s largest banks and mortgage finance companies."

In other words, the banks and mortgage finance people who created MERS.



A hand, stunning ring and the middle finger extended? Are you sure it wasn't Kim Kardashian?


Thanks pagar...a volunteer starved Arlington GOP was just glad to have someone say they would do it!

I found & can see who John Taylor gives money to...Hillary, Al Franken...
Did anyone from Minnesota give Franken money???


In that Pdf, I tried to link, there are glowing references to the CRA

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