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November 27, 2011



You been hanging with Jeff at PW, Tom?

downward dig

8 hours, meh.


Cecil Turner

Well, I'm not even going to try to resist :

Hey Charlie, let me ask you something. What is it that's not exactly water, and it ain't exactly earth?

Never let your breath out all the way.

It's counterintuitive, but you must lie down and float out of quicksand. If you can float in water, you can float in mud.

Cecil Turner

speaking of headlines, this was interesting (H/T Drudge):

Pakistan shut down NATO supply routes into Afghanistan - used for sending in nearly half of the alliance's land shipments - in retaliation for the worst such incident since Islamabad uneasily allied itself with Washington following the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.
As was this (H/T Instapundit) :
Law enforcement officials have charged 12 people with using absentee ballots to skew an election in Georgia. [. . .]

The 12 people charged are aligned with the Democratic Party.

Neither was exactly surprising.

I remember Obama talking about invading Pakistan.  Well, he has.

Aren't they asking us to abandon their airbases, too, Cecil? Or is it just one.


My guess is when we remind them of the billions in foreign aid that can go if our base goes and we have to supply from one of the other Stans, that this demand goes goes off into the ether. Pakistan is not our friend, and to pretend otherwise is allowing them to think they are getting over on us, and perhaps deluding the striped pant set here, but no one else.


Are we really that surprised, in light of previous events;

We all scream.

Hey, scroll to the video of Massoud's funeral on n's Wiki link. Worth a peek.

Charlie (Colorado)

Tom, compare that to regular sand. Is it, or is it not, quicker than ordinary sand?


But is that necessarily quicksand, Charlie, which makes Tom's point.

Charlie (Colorado)

How hard is it to escape from ordinary sand?

Soylent Red

God forbid we wage a war on Islamic extremism in a wide open, flat place with permanent US bases on two sides, like say, Iraq.

Let's instead wage a war on Islamic extremism in a mountainous, cavernous, landlocked country bordered on all sides by paranoid xenophobic religious fanatics who want us to lose.

By the by, I drove discretely through Massoud Circle a couple of weeks ago in Kabul. Massoud wasn't perfect but the baddies certainly denied us a real popular ally when they got to him. He is still widely regarded by everyone but the sh*tbag Pashtuns in that country. Unlike Karzai and his now deceased crimelord brother, who is hated by Pashtuns, Hazara, and Tajik alike.

Is it too late to load up cement mixers in the back of C-17s and pave the whole country to a depth of three feet from the air? Is it too early to start that process at the border of India and not stop until we get to Tel Aviv?

Benjamin Franklin

It's difficult enough to provide enough cash to incent the natives to surveil. Ala, 'Body of Lies', we have ascendants of idiocy as you go up the chain-of-command. Recently, several human assets were captured when the codeword 'pizza' was used as cover for their next meeting place; Pizza Hut. Offering greater incentives will lead to diminished returns, with this kind of confidence building.


In an hourglass, regular sand would be quicker.


--How hard is it to escape from ordinary sand?--

If my trips to the beach are any indication it takes about a week as opposed to 8 hours for quicksand.

Soylent Red

we have ascendants of idiocy as you go up the chain-of-command.


As much as it pains me to type this, I have to: You are probably right.

But not for the reasons you think you are right.

HUMINT is still the best actionable intel out there. The great problem lies in the lack of levelheaded long-term policy driving the intelligence community over time rather than the lack of vision by the knuckleheads in charge at any one time.

HUMINT requires a great deal of preparation and effort to build a fully functioning network of the willing, even more so when you start weeding them by placement, access, etc. The timelag is decades, not years or months. Once you realize that you may never see a ROI for your developed sources in a place like Uzbekistan or DRCongo, you can see how it takes a visionary policy that spans decades, rather than visionary leaders.

Add to that the continuing decline in critical thinking and reasoning skills that has been document in this country (I read a terrific article about it sometime back and now I can't lay hands on it). What you get is US citizens of the right age and ethnicity, who don't have enough sense or reasoning ability to keep themselves out of trouble when they are placed, on their own, for long periods of time. The real smart guys who know how to collect and how to keep from getting caught are now too old and have moved to softer jobs as case managers and FAO-types.

Finally, tack on a healthy and abiding sense by people who read newspapers that some dumbass Congressman from Paducah may foolishly disclose information that might dime them out, or that in the event they need to act independently, onerous ROEs may prevent them from doing their job or protecting themselves, and you get the picture. People smart enough to be good at the job are too smart to get involved, as things stand right now.

Also, as an aside, the Iranians are the beneficiaries of having US and Soviet/Russian intelligence agencies teach them everything they know over the last fifty years. They are very, very good. With the exception of cyberwarfare, IMO they rival any agency in the world when they can get their underlying corruption out of the way.

Benjamin Franklin


That is part of my point. We live in a culture which worships the short-term tactic and that immediate real, or imagined satisfaction .

I think this started with the impatience that's evolved out of the electronic age. Long-term strategy became the enemy of the short-sell and those Quarterlies, in the Financial sector.

I am purposely expanding the discussion to culture vs. the policy
which drives Intel, because it is not limited, IMO, to that one or two bureaucracies.

Soylent Red

We live in a culture which worships the short-term tactic and that immediate real, or imagined satisfaction .

No argument from me. The point is not to question whether we need policy or leadership. That seems clear enough. The problem really is how long-term policy manifests itself. Consider the following:

a. Who sets the policy? Where do these people come from? Do we let intelligence pros do it or does it become the job of politicians?
b. How do we prevent politics from inserting itself into the development of policy? How do we prevent politics from doing what has been the historical case and modulating policy left and right?
c. How is the policy implemented? Same questions for implementation as in b.
d. Who implements? How do we develop them in a cultural and educational miasma of short-term mouthbreathing? How do we protect them from shifts as a result of b.?

Once you have all those things lined up to your satisfaction, throw it all out the window once 60 Minutes decides to go on a crusade to smear an administration, or the blame game fires up as a result of a Black Swan incident. Then, account for the natural ossification of everything bureaucratic, making whatever you come up with obsolete by yesterday.

I have an opinion on all of this, but that opinion starts with asking fundamental questions about the nature of our national defense and then actually naming our enemies.


Noted this from Prof Jacobsen:

Frum has announced that unless Mitt Romney or Jon Huntsman is the nominee, he may leave the Republican Party:

Any other nominee would gravely test my commitment to the political party I’ve supported since I entered the United States as a college student in the fall of 1978.

So opposing Mitt gets me a twoferz? No Mitt and no more Frum? Where do I sign upZ?

Jack is Back!


I am very good escaping from sand. In fact, it is the strongest and most consistent part of my game. Yesterday I had 5 sand saves from greenside bunkers. Almost holed my 4th shot on the par 5 1st hole for a skin.

Now, golf has many diabolical hazards to deal with and thank God they haven't thought of using quicksand in the bunkers. The game is hazardous enough with 'Gators guarding the lakes and rattlers stalking out the car paths.

Benjamin Franklin

" How do we prevent politics from inserting itself into the development of policy? How do we prevent politics from doing what has been the historical case and modulating policy left and right?"

I'm probably going to lose you here, but I'll say it anyway......

Get the money game out of Politics. Simplistic; I know. The Devil has his details. But that's the start, for me.


In my experience, one can be too quick in the sand.


Nice to see you Soylent.

I hope you are home.

Army of Davids

EuroLand bond bubble...

Germany's failed bond auction this past week is an absolutely horrible indicator of what lies in wait for EuroLand.

Germany is the core and anchor of EuroLand bond markets.

The seriousness of what is going on over there really can't be overstated....and all Merkozy's horses and all Merkozy's men will not be able to put EuroLand back together again.

This is going to be much worse than post Lehman 2008.

Army of Davids

Perhaps if we all come together and sing Kumbaya Europe won't go down the drain.

Pressure on the ECB to intervene in EuroLand bond markets will continue to increase.

Army of Davids

Italy, France, Belgium and Spain all issue debt this week...

Why anyone would want to hold that hot-potato paper is beyond me.

Cecil Turner

Military men in particular ought not to be confused about who sets policy. In general, commanders do. For national policy (or "grand strategy," "national security strategy" or whatever else you want to call it), that's clearly the purview of the President.

As to removing politics from decisions made by the political branches, that's clearly impossible. And there will necessarily be some shifts as administrations change (just as there are in parliamentary governments when no confidence votes are taken). However, bone-crushingly stupid formulations like a "reset button" ought to be self-limiting . . . and I suspect they are.

Soylent Red

Home safe Jane. Spent the weekend in Ocean City, MD watching foosball with octogenarians and sucking up sea air. Really nice place there, despite all the Democrats there.

Getting out the motorcycle today to take advantage of the super weather in Virginia.

This is going to be much worse than post Lehman 2008.

After reading Clarice's terrific Pieces today, it occurred to me that we might come out ahead on this, as the country whose financial woes suck the least. Please reset clock back to 1945.

Rick Ballard

"it occurred to me that we might come out ahead on this, as the country whose financial woes suck the least"


Best demographics wins. It's a matter of stripping out the self-imposed regulatory threads binding Gulliver and putting the leftist Lilliputians in unemployment lines as quickly as feasible that will determine the height of the rebound. A much higher rate of unemployment among bureaucrats will result in a much lower rate of overall unemployment.

Beating the IMF to death with Congressional bludgeons will make a nice start. EUtopians can forge their own cast iron life vests.

Benjamin Franklin

Levin and McCain heh, heh. Unintended consequences United.

The knuckleheads met in secret, but the vote will be transparent. Tomorrow they ramp it up, I believe.

“I do not believe that the consequences of the provisions have been adequately considered, and it should be noted that the Department of Defense strongly objects to their inclusion,” he said in a statement in which he indicated he would offer amendments to change them.

Jack is Back!


Bills are Occupying Antonio Cromartie. Got feel sorry for a guy who muffs a punt, allows a fumble recovery and on the next play tips away a sure reception that is caught by the wideout who then scores.

The Jets:) Rex Ryan, Funnyman!


""it occurred to me that we might come out ahead on this"

With numbers like this, what could go wrong?

$707,568,901,000,000: How (And Why) Banks Increased Total Outstanding Derivatives By A Record $107 Trillion In 6 Months



Is there enough time?

Good fella.

Soylent, the Senator from OC, formerly mayor, is a conservative Democrat. There is a lot of agricultural Maryland, there.


The money game cannot be and never has been removed from politics.
It's either relatively open as it is now, although I'm all for more transparency, or it's in the shadows and back rooms.
The less power the government has the less influence money has in politics.

Benjamin Franklin

"the world financial syndicate will have no choice but to increase gross notional even more, even as the market value continues to get ever lower, thus sparking the risk of the mother of all margin calls: a veritable credit fission reaction."

Shhhhh. The Market is listening.


The Telegraph carries a very interesting letter to the Brit govt on climate change:


And the mail makes it clear that the BBC has a price and warmists were paying it:

Danube of Thought

Colin Powell is of course entitled to say anything he wants to. But why does he say he's a Republican?

"Colin Powell on Sunday blamed the media as well as the Tea Party for the divisive political tone in Washington. Not surprisingly, neither the class warfare stoked by President Obama and his Party nor the resulting Occupy Wall Street movement was mentioned during this seven minute interview with Christiane Amanpour on ABC's This Week."

What is the most "Republican" thing he has ever said?

Rick Ballard


There's always time to poison parasites. There has been a marked shift in the attitude of the Fuddle over the past three years that bodes very ill for the proglodytes. I date it from the rejection of the apathetic Frost family as poster children for increasing coverage under the CHIP program and I believe that the public reaction to the <1%er #occupoopers and decline in BOzo's standing among the Fuddle are continuations of the trend.

I also believe that the failure of one or two money center banks will serve to harden attitudes among the Fuddle after a bit of panic.

It's certainly not going to be a calm or easy transition but I just don't see pity for proglodyte parasites forestalling the changes necessitated by the bankruptcy for which they are mainly responsible.


Thanks gmax. When Gore lost in 2000, the US got out of sync with other parts of the world on the statist agenda. The UK is ahead of us on virtually every bad idea I track. The amount of intl coordination on these bad ideas is enlightening but sickening as well. Lots of traveling at our expense for people who clearly meet the Tranzi definition and are proud of it.


Mark Steyn on the impending bankruptcy Rick mentions.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

The Tea Party hasn't exactly been on the front page of late. Where is Powell getting his news?

Benjamin Franklin

I don't know what a Republican 'thing' would be, but he sure carried water for what will be remembered as a Republican war of choice.

From the UN speech. (perhaps one of the reasons he bailed from republican talking points, was this, his Bay of Pigs.)

"My colleagues, every statement I make today is backed up by sources, solid sources. These are not assertions. What we're giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence. I will cite some examples, and these are from human sources."


I'm not surprised that Bandar's tennis partner, would miss the point entirely, when you say things like this, you ought to give some details, in the LUN


One would think the whole 1984ish meme, about the NSA exploited by Banford and company, would have evaporated after May 1st. but that shows how durable the meme was,

Benjamin Franklin

Details, not redacted rhetoric, is your strength? Not much on the big picture either, eh?


Arshad Hussein, aka Sheik Al Ahmed, the courier, was caught with the same techniques
that Rosen had been so scandalized with, although the Weisman roman a clef, suggests
they had initially flagged him back in 2005.

Jack is Back!


All is not lost in the UK. The current Chancellor (our Treasury Sectretary) is balking on funing mandated greenhouse gas emissions that would damage their economy. Cameron is bucking Merkel and Sarkozy much to his discomfort from the Euro weenies. If the Euro crashes then even with all their issues and problems the pound will look good compared to the what replaces the Euro.


"The UK is ahead of us on virtually every bad idea I track."

"When we then contemplate the insanity of the measures the politicians have imposed on us in consequence, we know we are looking at a collective flight from reality which has no precedent in the history of the world."

It has been decades since UK has ever seen an idiotic leftist climate change that they couldn't expand and use to get millions of dollars closer. Housing, taxes, energy costs all designed with one thing in mind-national bankruptcy.


Speaking of Oxymoronic Headlines, here is today's post from Althouse: Politico's Most Sycophantic Headline Ever?

It refers to Politico's story today headlined: "Obama's toughest critic: Obama."

PS. Special guest comment by MayBee at Althouse.



I'm not so sure about about Great Britian either.


"Lots of traveling at our expense for people who clearly meet the Tranzi definition and are proud of it."

"The amount of human energy being expended is terrifying, with 10,000 officials from 194 countries meeting to discuss the next moves. And although the number of hangers-on and journalists attending will not match Copenhagen levels, about 25,000 people in all are expected to attend."

My guess is that bankrupt governments are putting the bill on future generations for 99.9 % of the bureaucrats enjoying these useless trips.


Powell is still trying to make amends for supporting the Iraq invasion, which was supported by the Congress (with 29 Democrat senators voting in favor of the AUMF, and only 21 voting against). Libs like to forget this fact, preferring to believe their own lies about being lied to, and ignoring the dozens of panicked "Iraq must be disarmed" quotes by their own heroes during the Clinton presidency. But what are you gonna do? Libs lie. It's what they do.


Just like only Morse and Gruening opposed the
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, Fulbright being among some of the more fulsome of the species, and Clinton was his protege.


From a comment at the link Daddy put up at 05:39PM

Farther down after Maybee's fine comment.

"Obama's biggest issue is that there cannot possibly be enough mirrors in one room to catch all key profiles. And the Journolists are the ones holding up the mirrors for Him, while telling him He shines."


They employ the carrot, and the stick to accomplish their goals;


Islamist Party Wins Majority of Seats in Morocco Election

The PJD -- known by its French initials -- is the latest Islamist party to win an election brought about by the Arab Spring. The right-of-center Istiqlal, a potential ally for the PJD, placed second with 60 seats.

From the Wiki, somewhat disqueting;

The party was founded by Dr. Abdelkrim Al Khatib an old politician known for his close ties with the Monarchy, under the name of MPDC (French: Mouvement populaire démocratique et constitutionnel). The party was an empty shell for many years, until various members of a clandestine association Chabiba islamia, who later formed the MUR (French: Mouvement unité et réforme) joined the party, with the authorisation and encouragement of former interior minister Driss Basri. It later changed its name to current PJD in 1998, reminiscent of the better known Turkish Justice and Development Party (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi, AKP) which was founded three years later in 2001, however. It should be noted that the Moroccan PJD is less liberal and modern than the Turkish AKP, although a very slow modernisation process is going on.[citation needed]


It should be noted that the Moroccan PJD is less liberal and modern than the Turkish AKP, although a very slow modernisation process is going on.

A very slow "modernization process" has been going on for Islam, too, since about 620 AD.

Jack is Back!

Morocco is one of the great places to visit in north Africa. Cultural and artiste tourism is very popular as well as golf. In addition, it is very popular with second home purchasers from Europe. It is more European than any of the other N. African communities or even Arabia. Most of the immigrants in France and Belgium are Moroccan but unfortunately they are also the problem. Hassan was a smart King - he sent the troublemakers to Paris and Brussels.

Danube of Thought

Chargers suck. Norv must go.

Melinda Romanoff


The Turner brothers have overstayed their welcome in the NFL.

Jack is Back!

The referee just screwed up on the coin toss. He said both teams get to run an offensive play. Wrong. This is sudden death. Not a playoff.

We are screwed:)


Do the chargers think its touch not tackle?


Has there ever been a black place kicker in the NFL?

Donald Igwebuike was a kicker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1985-1990.
That's it?

rick Robey was a great punter, not sure about place kicker.


Rivers is really a placeholder for the draft.


Daddy: If you are around, a reminder that tonight is the first night of a several part mini-series based on PILLARS OF THE EARTH. Reelz channel.


Reggie Roby once punted a record 77 yards, only to have it returned 70 yards. According to Wiki, he died at 44 years of age of unrevealed causes.


The American Football League had the first black placekicker in U.S. professional football, Gene Mingo of the Denver Broncos

Jack is Back!

When Reggie Roby kicked a ball his right leg was actually behind his head on its apex. No other punter, even Ray Guy, had that kind of extension.


Yeah Roby never left the ground with his plant foot. Nearly all punters jump from the explosion through the ball.


Chargers in field-goal range.


Not now


Great field position now. Can Tebow do it again?


Old school football, I kinda like it. Single wing football. Plus his public professions of his faith really grind on liberals so there is that.

Jack is Back!

One word: TEBOW!

If only Navy had given him some kind of consideration:)


What doesn't grind on liberals these days? What a whining, grumpy, discontent group of bossy losers.

Danube of Thought

It's more than just Norv, who's been a consistent loser as a head coach and had been fired from his previous two gigs when the iron-brained A.J. Smith hired him. Before Norv it was the cement-head Schottenheimer, who for four years had a Maserati at his disposal and handled it like a Ford F-150.

And above it all sit the Spanos fools. This franchise needs new ownership.


Janet, put your comment with jib's and this is made to order:


Oh for heaven's sake, Nick Kristof is trying to foist off that Obama's a cautious centrist meme again. How far left do you have to be to even get that out of your mouth? Or is his trying out as a climate scientist, and posting in public stuff he knows is "crap"?

Maybe both is an alternate option?

Melinda Romanoff

For Nick, that is centrist.


Golly Kim and James Delingpole and Watts Up etc,

I don't know what you guys are reading?

Why right here in our local lefty Blog, The Alaska Dispatch, it tells us "Virtually 100 percent of full-time, actively publishing climate scientists agree the planet is warming up, with people playing a major role."

Obviously the Science is settled. Move along people, nothing to see here...


One word: TEBOW!

As I liked to ask progressive friends about Bush in 2004, it's not exactly proof God exists, but doesn't it make you wonder a little when you see someone with such serious, obvious flaws who keeps winning?


And they cite Media Matters unapologetically, a fully Chtluthu level facepalm,


No, the Five doesn't work, get that straight;,0,3555163.story

Danube of Thought

"doesn't it make you wonder a little when you see someone with such serious, obvious flaws who keeps winning?"

Not when I see who he's winning against.


It would be nice to eliminate the poppers and rockers who always manage to mangle our National Anthem at televised sports events, and bring back the traditional simplicity our anthem deserves. I vote for these kids:


Denial is a river;


Hang in there DoT the NBA returns as a Christmas gift... or preseason baseball is only a scant three or four months away.


Thanks for the heads up Sara,

Doubt I'll get to watch the miniseries opener as the daughters and I are already fighting over the remote control between Sunday Night Football and Cooking Shows. "Pillars" was an enjoyable read that did a very good job of explaining to me the multitude different functionaries in the Medieval Church. That's why that book on Heretics in southern France in the 1300's caught my eye when I spotted it at the Library. I thought the subject might finally be comprehensible and thankfully it was:)

My Berkeley used book run got me a good looking history of the Borgia Popes (with Lucretia!) but also a History of Dogs in ancient North and South America.

Decisions, decision...


A note, in the part of the Google Text, leads you to this reference by Dante;


Daddy, any way to get the Link Narciso put up about 08:50 PM about the "Silence of the Mainstream Media" into the ADN?

I still don't understand how much more is needed to make the entire climate scam a RICO action?


Speaking of criminal acts, here is a former
IMF guy who is not facing a bright future.
Looks to me like he didn't do near as much as some of the climate scammers.

"Former IMF Employee And Greek Statistics Head Faces Life In Prison If Found Guilty Of Making Greece Look Uglier"


It's the Dispatch, which is measurably worse than the Daily News, in practically every way,
om policy, pagar.

Sandy Daze

See LUN for more.

Just past the bank closing time of 4 pm on Friday, passers-by at a number of secluded locations throughout Germany could hear the rumble of diesel engines coming to life, as rows of large unmarked trucks escorted by security vehicles began moving out onto the public highways. Roads were busy coming out from the city centers as holiday-makers were anxious to enjoy one of the last weekends of summery weather. Traffic was light coming into town, so the long convoys had little trouble moving quickly. A few outbound motorists gazed with curiosity at the sight, but most paid little heed.

The convoys reached their destinations — the rear entrances of most of the major bank locations throughout the Bundesrepublik. The security vehicles, blue lights flashing, blocked off the ends of the streets, and uniformed men began unloading one trolley-load after another of boxes, as armed guards scanned the streets. Within an hour the trucks were empty, and the supervisors spoke briefly into their mobiles. Then the men began extracting other boxes, filling the trucks agan. Another hour, and they were gone.

In her office in Berlin, Angela Merkel waited by her phone. A small group of advisors waited with her, unusually quiet. Their eyes moved back and forth between the clock and the telephones. Finally, a ring shatters the silence. The defense minister picks it up. He listens, nods, barks an acknowledgment into the phone, and hangs it up. He turns to the chancellor.

The Rubicon has been crossed.

. . .
“My fellow German citizens, fellow Europeans, and fellow citizens of the planet. The continuing financial crisis has forced the German Federal Republic, acting on a consensus of all major parties, to take the following emergency measures. Effective at 2400 hours . . ., which is to say midnight tonight, the German Federal Republic withdraws from its participation in the European Monetary Union and from its membership in the European Central Bank., effective immediately. The euro is no longer the official currency of the German Federal Republic. We are introducing, again effective immediately, a new national currency which will be called the New Deutschmark. The New Deutschmark will be valued initially at a rate of one NDM for one euro, but of course it will be allowed to float freely henceforth on international money markets. All debts and contracts denominated in euros will be deemed to be denominated in NDM under German law; all bank accounts in Germany denominated in euros will be automatically converted to NDM at a one-to-one rate. For the next thirty days, all euro notes bearing serial numbers denoting issuance in Germany can be exchanged for NDM notes at a one-to-one ratio; all other euro notes will be exchanged at the prevailing international rate. We have distributed large supplies of the new NDM notes to most major banks, and they will be available for withdrawal no later than Tuesday, and perhaps some before. As you can see, they are the same size and color as their euro equivalents, so that they may be used in vending machines.

“Of course, as Germany will no longer participate in the European Central Bank, staring immediately, our members of its Board will withdraw. It is welcome to remain in Frankfurt, but we understand that it may choose to relocate, in which it will receive every assistance from us. We will, of course, expect the prompt return of our contribution to its reserves.

See LUN for more.

(apologies for the long cuttings and pastings)



Daddy, any way to get the Link Narciso put up about 08:50 PM about the "Silence of the Mainstream Media" into the ADN?

The Washington Post is just ignoring Climategate 2.0. Silence.

That article, pagar, reminds me of a quote from Scott @ Powerline - "If you get your info from the MSM most of what you "know" is not true & most of what you do not know is important."


Yes, they have their requisite Jedis, just like they insisted that the GOP's stance on
'right to bear arms,' led to Fast and Furious

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