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November 12, 2011


Jack is Back!

Good Morning JOM:

It begins.


Interesting, JiB. There have been over the past years a number of "accidents"usually involving planes in which significant numbers of the Revolutionary Guards were mysteriously killed,


PUTIN: The sexiest political ad campaign ever

Jim Ryan

Another bare-chested Putin ad, Ext? I ain't a-clickin'. BLECH!


More emails releasing your imaginary funds.

Dear Beneficiary,

I am Timothy F. Geithner. The Secretary of the Treasury under the U.S Department of the Treasury.

Jim Ryan

Yet another George Mason U. brainiac? What's with that place? Heard him interviewed about the book (history of run-up to Great Depression.)

Melinda Romanoff


That was pretty funny, and the denigration of Turbo Timmy in the comments was a hoot, at least when I read it yesterday. This morning they put up an interview of my favorite economist, David Rosenberg, as well as his latest commentary (Register for Scribd, it's free and worth $$ for that library, IMO). I encourage everyone to go spend the time to watch the clip. He really is on top of his game.


Here is the Obamaville theme song. Over 8 minutes long! Good Lord. Booooooring as hell. Some of the lovely lyrics -
Your blood is our paint,”
“Like a pig you consumed
And like a pig you will roast,”
“Burning your homes.”
“Your body destroyed”
“Strung up you’ll bleed
Like the pig you became”

also at around 4:50 there is this lovely line - "What you won't share will be ripped from your hands..." ♪ ♫
Just lovely.


The NYT has a surprisingly positive article on PA Gov. Corbett (R), who's office when AG in 2009 was asked by locals to handle the Sandusky accusations. It ends with a shocker:

"On Friday, the governor finally got the word. The grand jury indictment had been filed under seal, but because of a computer glitch it had mistakenly been made public. Soon Mr. Corbett’s office was inundated with calls."

Danube of Thought

Minus 17 at Raz today.

Captain Hate

The grand jury indictment had been filed under seal, but because of a computer glitch it had mistakenly been made public. Soon Mr. Corbett’s office was inundated with calls.

Good; sometimes mistakes force people to do the right thing. Is the point of this that the cover-up would've gone until after the end of the season, if not longer, except for the screw-up? Heads should roll if culpable in any scheme to unjustly defer this moving forward.

Captain Hate

Hmmm, now this POS fine software is making me enter a code for short posts?


Captain - it has been doing it for weeks. Especially if you post two comments back to back. First comment, no captcha, second comment (of any length) captcha!

Agent J

Just want to thank all of you for the prayers of hope and condolences..

For the past month and half it has been almost impossible to concentrate on anything other then the caring process.

With a marriage of 52 years, seven children, and 24 grand and great grand children, we did accomplish a lot, with sometimes very little.

The family is strong, one of the few times that everyone pulled in the same direction, but when it is your final decision to pull the plug on a persons life that you have known for that long it is hard..

With that said, a new page of life has been turned..I will be checking in more often, and commenting more.

Thanks for your Thoughts..


Maybe they use SixApart too, Captain, for their data processing needs, LOL.


AgentJ, we are all pulling for you in this difficult time.



Captain Hate

What C said, Agent J; and I look forward to your comments.

cc, just the opposite happened on my 9:43 & 9:44


What's most amusing about Frum, in the LUN, is not his learned cluelessness, but his inability to clear out the Nazguls in his comment section.


AgentJ, Thomas Jefferson wrote to Adams that nothing but time and silence help assuage the deep felt reflections.

Take some small comfort that you have great company as time puts some distance between your tough decisions and the new page of your life.


Thank you for checking in, Agent J. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Captain Hate

Those comments are what I'd expect from anybody clueless enough to post at Frum Forum; he's too insignificant to merit having a board take-over.


Don Surber has a try at it, but really it's not worth 'firing projectiles at a icthys, in a wooden contrivance'


The Phillies have signed Jonathan Papelbon.

Captain Hate

Thanks for pointing out the Surber; he dispatches Frum pretty effectively but yes, it's barely worth the effort.


Some times one has to deliver a punch to the gut, from someone who probably did agree with
their sentiments at one point, re his earlier
Dark Knight entries


Ras at -17, must be the long weekend thing.


The comments at the Miller link are choice, and look what our 'old friend' Justin Elliot is up to, lol.


You would think the Phils will eventually figure out that its not pitching that is their problem. Of course that much for a closer will mean more .200 hitters in the lineup methinks, not less. I guess if you never give up a run maybe you can score one if given enough extra innings? Sheesh

Benjamin Franklin

JMH; an unanswered question from yestiddy..(although, I'm sure this will end as a mere rhetoricial question, lol)

War with Iran....Cui Bono?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are pressing to launch an air assault on Iran to take out Teheran’s nuclear facilities. They have opened a debate in the Israeli cabinet on the question, according to Israeli media.
Meanwhile, President Barack Obama has called for “unprecedented pressure” to force the Iranian government to abandon its nuclear program, and the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency released a report November 8 claiming that Tehran is close to developing nuclear weapons.


Good to hear from you Agent J. Our love to you & your family...

This whole idea of "sharing" that the Obamaville residents suggest is really sick. So my family brings a house, a car, 2 motorcycles, college savings accts, retirement savings accts, a barbecue grill, a ping pong table,....
and the OWSers bring what?...a dirty V for Vendetta mask, a crack pipe, & a piece of cardboard????
I don't think so.

Benjamin Franklin

Should Obama release Pollard?

JM Hanes


"Ras at -17, must be the long weekend thing."

I'm sure it's just a coincidence that the Raz started looking better for Obama at about the same time the Cain story made it from Politico into the MSM and bumped him off the front page. If anyone ever persuades the Prez to keep his head down because he's his own worst enemy, we'll be in real trouble come election day.


Since we were discussing the CRA and the financial crisis on the other thread thought I'd link this Peter Ferrera article at Forbes which seems to me to strike precisely the right balance on what went wrong (and right) in the run up to 2008.


Well, then I'll put Obama back on the front page :)

JUSTIAGATE - Tim Stanley + Malamud + CAP + Soros

Conspire: to agree together, especially secretly, to do something wrong, evil, or illegal.

Latin conspīrāre: to act in harmony, conspire, con- (with) + spīrāre (to breathe)

Must have been some foul-smelling breath.

Lowlifes can't do telepathy, so there would have been a meeting or other communication between them to plan it.

Source: (Click to see full pic.) 4/15/07
Obama at fund-raiser at Steven and Judy Gluckstern's home, April 9, 2007. George Soros is seated to the right of the stairs.

JM Hanes

Benjamin Franklin:

"My point on all this is to take the BROAD strokes of the agenda pimps and whittle them down to realistic projection and proportion, NOT to provide the omniscient trope which cannot be refuted."

Cui bono?

How to Write a Mission Statement That Isn't Dumb

With Examples!

Or you can watch a mission statement go all wrong, chalkboard style at: How to Write a Mission Statement That Doesn't Suck


Well I won't be grabbing my 'towel' just yet, JM (Hitchhiker's Guide reference, until I see the trendline,


You almost can't see the puppet strings, BR.

Benjamin Franklin

You really don't want to go there, do you JMH?.

JM Hanes

Puppet strings. LOL, narciso! That's an AbFab Photoshop opportunity just waiting to happen.


I finally tried a cup made on the Clover coffee brewing system at Starbucks. I had been waiting years to try this, then was delayed when Starbucks bought the company that invented it, thereby preventing indie coffee bars from obtaining them. Bottom line: disappointing.

Benjamin Franklin

God, do you guys love the fossils....but only the ones you can exploit!


What used to be parody, is barely reality anymore;


Well I notice, he's the only one in the room, not looking at him, besides we're talking just folk after all;


Spin this Mr Anarchist if you can! According to a poll released Friday by CBS News:

About 60 percent of voters said they disapprove of Mr. Obama's handling of the economy, the highest on record. Just 34 percent approve of the job he is doing on the matter.

His overall approval ratings are just 43 percent, while 47 percent disapprove of the job he is doing as president.

Among independents, just 39 percent are satisfied with his performance, while 76 percent of Democrats and 12 percent of Republicans approve of his job performance.

About 47 percent of independents disapprove of the job Mr. Obama is doing for the United States, compared to 81 percent disapproval among Republicans and 21 percent disapproval among Democrats.

Losing independents, losing more Democrats than gaining Republicans and RAS says self identification has Republicans exceeding Democrats in the electorate.

So perhaps we can use some Occupy logic here, ( you know where you sell below cost and make up for it on volume!). Hahahahahaha Zero is headed for ANOTHER shellacking.


Oh this is just too rich, it's th financial crisis in microcosm:


narciso wrote: "Well I notice, he's the only one in the room, not looking at him, besides we're talking just folk after all"

That was the first thing I noticed, as well.

JM Hanes

Ben Franklin:

Military PsyOps: Alinsky for the rest of us!

5.6 earthquake hits staid old Oklahoma. It's the fracking fracking!

Unprecedented 5.8 earthquake shakes up entire East Coast. It's the fracking something or other!


By the way the only way to get to 43% approval with those approval breakdowns is to over sample Democrats fairly dramaticly. If you just assume there are 33.3 % of all three voter groups ( that is not what RAS is finding but humor me ), then you have to fairly significantly oversample Democrats.

Can you say Shellacking? I knew you could.


If you want to know the exact math at 33.3% for D R I each, at 76% 12% AND 39% RESPECTIVELY, its 40.2%. Walter Mondale territory!!


Of course, that piece would have to be from Heileman, who is like Mikey from the life cereal commercial, he'll buy any story, but you have the bundler from UBS, you have one of those who helped bring AIG low, three years before, the wife, from an Open Secrets
piece, identified as a humble 'homemaker'
like Dr, Evil would say 'Right'


OT - Good news. I recently read that earth's population has doubled in the last fifty years. That's despite Planned Parenthood. Where did all the beings come from? Has my Pleiadian edition of Travel and Leisure been so good?

A friendly hostile takeover!
A quiet friendly invasion :)
An invasion by the friendlies :) :)

Benjamin Franklin

Or, you could answer the 'frackin question.

Cui Bono. (If you dare, lol)


The Greys, from Zeta reticuli, BR.

JM Hanes


"If you just assume there are 33.3 % of all three voter groups.....

My Rule of Thirds goes viral!


Her is what Rasmussen disclosed to us on Nov 1st:

During the month of October, 34.3% of Americans considered themselves to be Republicans, up from 33.9% in September. The number of Democrats fell to 33.1% from 33.7% the month before. September marked the smallest gap between the parties in nearly nine years of monthly tracking.

Read em and weep, and get used to drill baby drill.


Nah, they greysies are long gone :)

JM Hanes

"Or, you could answer the 'frackin question..."

.....because you set such a good example! What's the frequency, Kenneth?

Benjamin Franklin

I did try to answer your question. I mean, the part i understood.


JMH except there is not an equal split any longer. If the democrat recent trend continues, the parade out the door is very pronounced and they may even drop below Indys as a %. Then of course there will be a Green Party challenger and it will get 1% ( from the so called 99% ) almost as sure as the sun rises in the East.

Now Clinton was fortunate enough to have Perotistas to allow him to sneak in, but does not look like Zero is going to be so fortunate.

Real question is whether or not he drags down enough Senators with him to permit 60 votes. Of course we can always just do like Dirty Harry and change the Senate rules with a ruling, thanks Harry.

Benjamin Franklin

Here's a question for y'all ( or,

Who does well in a recession?


Soros, like Cardinal Fang, has more than one way to wage economic war on an unsuspecting
country, he can short the pound as he did in 1992, or the renimbhi, that was a trickier play, for that set of a whole new set of dominos. Seeing how CAP has been at the forefront of the anti fracking direct media efforts, which dovetail with the 'green energy' industry, 'unexpectedly' some promises
like 'electricity prices naturally skyrocketing' he does keep,

Jim Ryan

I'm against fracking because each time I hear the word it is vaguely offensive to me.

Rick Ballard

"its 40.2%"


It's quite possibly significantly lower given that the CBS poll was of Adults rather than Likely Voters. CBS weighted the sample at R-26%, D-32% and I-42% to get their Fantasy League results. Quinnipiac is doing the same thing with their state polling. The Ohio "results" showing Obama ahead of Romney by 3% were based upon a sample split of R-25%, D-34%, I/Other-41%.

I feel rather certain that Presidential polls other than Ras/Gallup should be considered as propaganda unless the rationale for sampling is clearly explained and reasonable.


Oh, feltercarb, Jim,

Benjamin Franklin

Florida is full of old folks, so , nothing to see here.

"By wide margins, the survey shows that Republicans of all kinds — whether they’re Hispanic, moderates or in the tea party — would rather fix the nation’s budget by withdrawing from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, eliminating foreign aid or eliminating so-called tax loopholes.
But despite these sentiments of GOP voters, many of the Republican frontrunners for president are more likely to support trimming benefits than raising tax revenues or getting out of foreign entanglements.
“There’s a major disconnect between what the candidates and other folks in Washington want and what the voters think when it comes to Social Security and Medicare,” said Jeff Johnson, AARP’s interim Florida director."

Read more:


Yes, proving the rule 'friends don't let friends, read McClatchy'


unless the rationale for sampling is clearly explained and reasonable.

I have said the same for years now. A poll that will not show its work is to be mocked.

Ones that do can at least be reweighted to the facts on the ground currently, and allow the sentient among us to laugh at the a"unexpected" headlines when the results dont match the polling.

And sampling adults when a single question at the start of the survey gets you to registered voters is of course a ploy to fluff for Democrat progs, but it was CBS so you knew that going in if you have been paying attention since the days of Uncle Walter...

Benjamin Franklin

Of course, you realize this includes Soros......

"Though the locales and agendas of the Occupy movement have widened, its origins in the financial district of New York City suggest a central theme: the undue influence of Wall Street corporations.

To influence Washington, corporations have to spend money. And Occupy protesters say, what better place to organize against corporate money's sway over Washington lawmakers than on K Street, home to many of Washington's lobbyists, and, as of October 7, the Occupy DC organization.

"On Wall Street, it's about banks, but those decisions on who to bail out go through here," Kelly, a 25-year-old Virginian, told OpenSecrets Blog. (He did not give his last name to avoid negative consequences from prospective employers.)

The presence of Occupy DC and Occupy K Street activists in McPherson Square, protesters insist, is meant to highlight the direct connection between Wall Street and the Capitol building..

"It's about lobbyists. They're the reason, a big reason, why these corporations can get away with so much and the rest of America suffers," Ben Thompson, an Occupier from Bethesda, Md., told OpenSecrets Blog. "The money from Wall Street flows to K Street."


BR points out the Soros connection from the links provided.

It is a good link, DoT.



If any of you are in need of a laugh, go to Rick's link and scroll down to the very bottom. Note where it says "weighted" and "unweighted"? Well their simple smiling and dialing led them to a sample that was much more Republican than they liked, so of course they reweighted it to exactly what Rick gave you as percentages! Throw out Republicans and magically add Democrats. Shake and bake. And if you are buying a poll without critically understanding how it was constructed, you are helping in the hamburger helper routine...

Benjamin Franklin

narc must be Freeper Central....

Benjamin Franklin

"It is a good link, DoT"

Yup. It was missing for years....woot !


narciso-It has been fascinating to track down the bad ed ideas and continuously run across OSI funding once you get to the core levels. He is quite creative in the nefariousness by which he pursues the same old goals by other means. Again that's not what I am looking for so it is interesting to find a consistent presence.

AgentJ-you will have quite a troop there to represent all those years together once you endure this tragic time. Come chat anytime you want a distraction among friends.

OT-I am getting really annoyed with the expropriation of Jefferson by the socialist radicals as a predecessor to their mindset. Can you just imagine his response to being put in the same group as Lenin and Gandhi?

Captain Hate

This will take all the efforts of TOP MEN to squander


Carter 41%

Mondale 40.6%

Obama polling in the same area.

Well he is certainly doing for the party exactly what those two morons did for it earlier. Can he get to McGovern's 37.5%? You know deep down he can. Go Barack Go.

Danube of Thought

So Dana, how do you feel about income inequality? A problem, or not a problem? Has someone or something done something wrong to cause it?

What, if anything, should be done about it? by whom?

Courage, man--courage!


Miserable failure and Barack Obama just roll off the tongue hopeless intertwined.

Benjamin Franklin


I guess software can damage hardware...

"The assassination and the sabotage have taken a psychological toll, making scientists wonder if every trip to work may be their.last, every line of code the beginning of a new round of destruction. Stuxnet was devilishly ingenious: it infected millions of computers, but did damage only when the code was transferred to special controllers that run centrifuges, which spin at supersonic speed when enriching uranium. When operators looked at their screens, everything looked normal. But downstairs in the plant, the centrifuges suddenly spun out of control and exploded, like small bombs. It took months for the Iranians to figure out what had happened.

Benjamin Franklin

There's even discussions breaking !


"Whatever the objectives of protesters involved in Occupy Wall Street, they have succeeded in engaging the country in a conversation about income inequality.".


Here is another dummy that relied on online legal content:

Oops, the link does not work.

William Jacobson is the purveyor of legalinsurrection as well as a professor of law at Cornell.

It would be nice open it to see if he used his own school website in formulating his distinguished opinion. Sadly, it appears to be closed for scrubbing.

Benjamin Franklin

When the front door shuts, the back door opens, for some.

Why do they wage war against themselves...? You, know, the Middle Class....?

"Just two days after voters overwhelmingly killed legislation restricting collective bargaining for public employees, Tea Party activists and a nonunion trade group Thursday launched a campaign to put a broader crackdown on union rights on the statewide ballot in 2012 or 2013.
The proposed right-to-work constitutional amendment would prohibit making union membership a condition of employment."

Danube of Thought

they have succeeded in engaging the country in a conversation about income inequality

Everyone but those with no self-esteem is taking part in that conversation.

Benjamin Franklin

For a lawyer, you are a lousy psychologist. But then, you take pride in that disability.

Benjamin Franklin

LI heard about you and scrubbed it.


Dont miss Jay Cost who perhaps only after Michael Barone, is the go to guy on voter analysis. He puts the lie to the strategy that going negative is going to elect Obama. It wont but do read it for yourself:


TK, try this:

Works for me. Haven't read it yet. Does Jacobson know about the tampering at Cornell? I think a commenter at Leo's place suggested contact to alert the conservative at Cornell, can't remember if it's Jacobson.

Benjamin Franklin

You've heard our Highest Court deem Corporations 'People'
making more free speech for those with more this shouldn't be a surprise because these people worked harder to have their catbird seat and are entitled to influence without any restrictions whatsoever...So, follow the example and start trampling over your peers to grab what's left of the 1% and you too, can have lunch with your Comgressperson.

According to a new study of people with a median wealth of $7.5 million, nearly half of the respondents had contacted a member of Congress during the previous six months. Fully 40% had contacted their senator. More than a quarter of them had contacted a congressperson from another district or state.

Some of the respondents were on a first-name basis with White House officials. For instance, “Rahm” (Emmanuel) and “David” (Axelrod) were named as contacts by the respondents. This may have been due to the fact that the study was mainly of people in the Chicago Area. The paper, titled “Wealthy Americans, Philanthropy and the Common Good,” is by Northwestern University’s Benjamin I. Page, Fay Lomax Cook and Rachel Moskowitz.

Still, the study said that “we see no particular reason why their high frequency of contacts with congressional representatives should be atypical of wealthy Americans elsewhere in the country.”

Their frequent access may be linked to the study’s other finding: that the respondents gave an average of $4,633 to political campaigns and organizations over the previous year, and more than 20% had solicited or “bundled” for politician

Rick Ballard

"Can he get to McGovern's 37.5%?"


It's a possibility with a low probability. Jay Cost has a very good piece with an easy to understand rationale for why the President will join the millions upon millions of unemployed in January '13 and my reason for selecting low probability is summed up by Cost's "Again, this is not a good comparison to Obama, as it is unlikely that he’ll win anything less than 90 percent of Democratic voters". The reason that it's a possibility is that Obama's tepid support of the Occupoopers (speartail of the commie 13%ers) may cut into both the commie 13% as well as general Dem support. If the Occupooper rape, arson and murder camps continue to remain and devolve, then the probability that Obama will reach McGovern level of support will grow. A deepening recession may have the same effect.

Benjamin Franklin

"Why isn’t everyone who believes the “Birthers” to be driven by hatred and racism, and motivated by politics, doing what Obama’s family friend and the new Democratic Governor of Hawaii wants to do, rebut and rebuke with the best evidence?"

I know just what he means. No one here would take criticism of Israel as evidence the commentator was Anti-Semitic, would they?

Captain Hate

Benjamin Franklin

Are some Israelis anti-semitic?


"they have succeeded in engaging the country in a conversation about income inequality.".

Ah, Ben-Dana, like a donkey, you wake up in a new world every day.


TK, great. Also found the commenter at 8:01 pm yesterday. She was speaking about Jacobson. Maybe you'd like to contact him with LUN?

Benjamin Franklin

MarkObsequious---welcome !

Benjamin Franklin

Good news/Bad news...


What about MarkOccupy? Keep your themes.


Ben-Dana, I just made up something that will sound fresh and new for your movement:

“To each according to his needs, from each according to his ability”.

Never slow your roll.

Benjamin Franklin

That'll work...

Benjamin Franklin

C'mon, now. You just made that up? Genius !

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