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November 27, 2011



'To Serve Man' it's a Cook Book,'


From the Douthat article:

"In reality, the kindest interpretation of Kennedy’s presidency is that he was a mediocrity whose death left his final grade as “incomplete.” The harsher view would deem him a near disaster — ineffective in domestic policy, evasive on civil rights and a serial blunderer in foreign policy, who barely avoided a nuclear war that his own brinksmanship had pushed us toward. "

Fast forward fifty years, and interpret Zero's presidency... ineffective, evasive and a serial blunderer.


Despite the fact that it was leftist hate (or the mob--my favorite fairy tale) that killed JFK, it is always written that it was "conservative" hate that did him in.

At least JFK had sex in the White House with beautiful women.


Ah Douthat, so close and yet so far, not surprisingly I take a different tack, if JFK had meant what he said, as my paisans soon found out were 'just words' than the latter course might not have neccesary.

King still attempts to tag the right with the more rough spot of the dystopia that his protagonist unleashes. President Wallace nukes Hanoi, in his first term,

Army of Davids

It's gonna be an interesting week in EuroLand.

Worth keeping in mind as we watch sovereign bond markets from afar....

Public sector unions are playing the same hardball games in France (53% of GDP is government), Italy and Greece as they are here in the states.

Likely the same in Belgium, Spain and Portugal.

Captain Hate

What would Sean Connery's acting life have been without JFK's tastes for Ian Fleming's lowbrow fare?


King follows a less dramatic version of that Twilight Zone segment from the 80s, although
he tweaks it with knowing bits from the future, 'the Green Zone' for the Saigon enclave, get it,

Danube of Thought

A genuinely horrid man.


mel-Your talking of the nondemocracy element of the EU that was designed in- I had come across Delors from several things I was tracking. When I read a few months ago how involved he had been with setting up the EU, it was like taking a flashlight that showed the linking webs among supposedly independent concepts.

Chaco & Kim & anyone else tracking ClimateGate- Please assume that I can now explain precisely what AGW/CC/sustainability were designed to do regardless of actual science. If you see something that would be useful to me given that fact, please link it. In addition to telling my story I am now hard copying other relevant stories that illustrate the real world impacts of the shenanigans I have documented.

I have discovered a very fruitful exercise in sleuthing is following the trail that a known radical (well known to the true believers and industrious sleuths anyway) points to for their guidance. Especially if the plan is now going into effect but was designed decades ago and Radical No 2's book has recently been brought back into print.

Off to read Pieces.

Cecil Turner

Tough . . . but fair. The only winge I'd make (and it's a minor one) is that the balance of power made the Cuban missile crisis a foregone conclusion, so I'd be inclined to give him a bit of a pass on that. Both the Bay of Pigs and the slow escalation in Vietnam were inexcusable. I'm not qualified to evaluate his domestic policy, but foreign policy was worse than a mess.

I can clearly recall educational posters from school days that claimed he was "near great"; but there's precious little reality to base that on. To me, it's a better indication of the power of the Bully Pulpit (and sycophantic press corps) than any intrinsic merit.


JFK, more so than the duplicitous Bobby in many ways and completely unlike the irredeemable nothingness of Teddy, seemed a very odd mixture.
Many of his political instincts were quite good, many were awful. He seemed to actually value virtue but possessed almost none of it personally. He could be decisive, usually at the wrong time, and indecisive precisely when deliberation was not needed.
You seldom see someone with such a neatly balanced pile of polar opposite virtues and vices.


I have a good friend who I jokingly refer to as the radical debutante as she had a privileged upbringing and is more liberal than Kucinich. She was at H with Caroline in the same eating house and her father was there with both Joe and Jack. In law school years ago when I first heard the story and knowing the history I asked her dad's impressions of the young men. Joe apparently really was the star-bright and very likeable. Jack was a cold fish and offputting. He was quite mediocre relative to his older brother was the consensus at the time.


The Kennedys = "mansion trash"

However, I have faith in humanity.

rse, I'm glad you have a brain. I'm just overwhelmed with the scale. It's clear that guilt over the success of capitalism is the chain being forged. Sustainability, species diversity, ocean acidification, and climate change, the scam previously known as global warming, are the hammers. And all of them chimeric.

I don't know the solution. The only relief I see is global cooling with its attendant social catastrophes.

Rick Ballard


The virtues were advertising on the side of the Harvard box, the vices were the content. We have a similar situation today although truth in advertising should have compelled the prominent placement of a skull and cross bones on the current Harvard box.


--We have a similar situation today although truth in advertising should have compelled the prominent placement of a skull and cross bones on the current Harvard box.--

Perhaps, but it's hard to imagine Barry serving honorably in combat as a decorated soldier, swerving into lowering income tax rates, joining the NRA or being pretty staunchly anti-communist.

Jack is Back!

I have actually shaken hands with JFK. Back in 1960 during a campaign swing, he was in an open car standing and waving and shaking hands to those closest. I was a forthcoming high school senior and working for my uncle during the summer. It was in September IIRC. Back then I was too young to vote anyway so it didn't make much difference to me as to JFK or Nixon. But I do remember the TV debates in which if they had been on radio only Nixon would be President in 60 instead of 68.


They were actually trying to pull off a 'Stevenson' when what we really got was 'crunchy frog'

Charlie (Colorado)

Chaco & Kim & anyone else tracking ClimateGate- Please assume that I can now explain precisely what AGW/CC/sustainability were designed to do regardless of actual science.

Do you suppose you could give us a precis of what that explanation is?


It's a scheme to wrest political and economic power, to a new elite, under a scientific patina,

Benjamin Franklin

" the Democratic Party is always looking to nominate the next JFK, i.e., someone young, charismatic, and with no history of positions that might annoy some portion of their fractious base. "

Maguire is developing a sense of humor.

The veil on Camelot has been effectively expunged, but the cult of Reagan, and the sentimentality attached to him, still reigns. Even as those who worship his image, have moved well beyond his brand of conservatism. If he were alive and speaking today, you would hear a lot more from the 'fractious base'.


While we're focused on horror movie demons and hagiography, I point you to the air-brushed Norman Rockwell-knockoff portrait of the Obama family on the usatoday magazine cover that comes with my Sunday paper. Moochelle is dressed like a 1940s era grandmother, and is presenting a turkey to a tablefull of beaming Obamas, who all look like they are fresh from major cosmetic makeovers. And,folks, they're all smiling (!!!), which has got to be a first. Inside the mag is a two page "song of myself", allegedly written by Buh-rack, in which the word "I" figures very prominently. Also included is a page of super-flattering pictures of the gang performing good deeds and acting patriotic.

This treacly dreck is nothing but a contribution in kind to the 2012 campaign, but it could serve as a great emetic if you need one.

Rick Ballard


Dunno about that - I could see Brezhnev hanging a Hero of the Soviet People medal on Jimmy Hoobama for his valiant efforts in almost getting the asbestos out of Altgeld Gardens. I could also see Margaret Sanger hanging the Croix de Génocidaire on him for his support of the slaughter of black babies.

Danube of Thought

Every single early game today stinks.

Benjamin Franklin

This sums up the fallen veil of the Iraq War. 'Cui Bono' is the only salient question, which remains unanswered.

"I observed, "A war that fails to achieve clear political objectives is merely an exercise in violence and futility." Having covered 14 conflicts as a war correspondent and the Mideast, I've seen a lot of violence and futility."

Jim Ryan

'crunchy frog'

narciso, have you seen The Triplets of Belleville? Pretty fun movie.

Jim Ryan

Footballwise, Charlottesville reeling, swallowing teeth today after "what happened." Trying to find a meaning, some way to go on. Few can get out of bed. Inconsolable. Self-loathing. Beyond recriminations. Just depression. Some muttering "I guess we're only a baseball school now."

Soylent Red


I saw police driving around town today gathering up blue and orange belts and shoelaces. But...another glorious Cornhusker win for me to revel in this weekend.

It really is amusing to me to watch Virginia fans emote, considering the painful burden we Husker fans have had to endure. To have everything, then have it taken away is far worse than to be a reliable conference punching bag like the Hoos. These people should have become like Cubs fans and resigned to sucking long ago.

Now I must recalibrate to Professional Football, then patiently endure useless basketball until Spring Training.


Every single early game today stinks.

Yep. Which is why I am watching a marathon of NCIS.


Anyone espousing JFK's policies today would be on the far right.

Jack is Back!


What do you expect when they give you 3 games on Turkey day.

Of course the best game will be Denver v. SD just to see if Tebow fails or surprises again. Or the inverese if Rivers surprises or fails again. Take your pick.

I have to endure the Jags until I get my beloved 'Skins stinking up Seattle.


Which is why I am watching a marathon of NCIS.




Do you like Kate or Ziva better?

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

GO BIG RED, Soylent. Mrs Jag and I have been Husker fans since the Big Game in 1971, when my Husker boss invited us to join fellow Georgians for Nebraska to watch the game. Then one of the Jagettes went there during the Frost and Crouch eras. She graduated in Dec 01 with Crouch and had Joel Mackovicka in some of her classes.

We are all glad the Callahan nightmare is over, and generally well satisfied with the Husker's move to the Big 10 (now 12). They should have beat Northwestern, though. I don't know what happened there.

Jack is Back!

Finally, settling back for some football.

Spent the last few hours getting out the Christmas decorations including the large 48" lighted wreaths, the boxes holding the tree ornaments and Frederick's Lionel train set.

"Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas".


Hey, our beloved Cleveland Browns are playing arch foe -Cincinnati so I represent that remark. I am watching sappy holiday movies on the Family channel, thank you very much.
Actually I love Mark Harmon on NCIS which is the main reason to watch it.
Janet- "mansion trash"= comment of the day. Joe Kennedy was by far the best looking and the most heroic. Biggest disappointment for dems was the death of JFK Jr.


Ziva,hands down.

Jack is Back!


But Mark Harmon is Tommy Harmon's son. What better reason to watch football.

Jack is Back!

When do you think they are going to Occupy The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?


--Anyone espousing JFK's policies today would be on the far right.--

I made that point the other day and yet the left still sits breathlessly waiting for his doppelganger.

If the real thing did return they'd excommunicate him.


Ziva for sure Sue, what about you?


I like them both. I can't choose between them.


I'd say Ziva, Kate, just got too persnickety,
after a while.

Jack is Back!


When you get in: What's the story on this?

"And in Rome, New York, a brawl broke out in the electronics department at a Walmart moments after midnight, CNN affiliate WSTM reported, citing the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office. Two people were taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries, the station reported."


Really, Chris, don't you know the Dems ignored the results of the U-2, in order to campaign on the Missile Gap:

Khrushchev was, probably no less than his eventual successor Gorbachev, a man with whom, at a minimum, business could be done. Had it not been for the stupidity of the CIA (how often one has recourse to those words) in sending a U-2 spy plane into Russian airspace just as Eisenhower and Khrushchev were about to meet in Paris, there might well have been a ban on atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons and a consummating visit by Eisenhower to Moscow.


"It's clear that guilt over the success of capitalism is the chain being forged. Sustainability, species diversity, ocean acidification, and climate change, the scam previously known as global warming, are the hammers. And all of them chimeric."


I think this report from The Canadian Press illustrates your point: How much is a polar bear worth to the average Canadian? About as much as an iPad.

Here's the guilt you mention put into a choice:

"Do you go with the iPad or the polar bear?

A Canadian household was willing to pay $508 per year to avoid losing Canada's entire polar bear population.

That's more than Canadians would pay ($107) to help drop the St. Lawrence beluga down a rung on the species-at-risk list."


JiB, a fireman on the scene reported a minor stabbing but the person left the scene without seeking medical attention. Therefore, official but uncorroborated. Some temp help was knocked to the ground and trampled, resulting in minor abrasions. General rumbling but nothing major.

Loved the blog comment that only in America can people give thanks one day for what they hav, and then fight for more the very next day.


SBW: We need more Stuff

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