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November 06, 2011



--Convinced that their own skills are equal to any task or challenge, meritocrats take risks than lower-wattage elites would never even contemplate, embark on more hubristic projects, and become infatuated with statistical models that hold out the promise of a perfectly rational and frictionless world.--

Yeah, chasing ephemeral profits in the housing bubble was a far riskier move and much more hubristic than, say, invading Poland, bombing Pearl Harbor or summoning the Spanish Armada to invade England.

hit and run

Tradition isn't dead.


become infatuated with statistical models that hold out the promise of a perfectly rational and frictionless world.

Straw man. All of Wall Street is premised on the frictions and irrationalities. That's how (honest) money is made.


It will do America no good to replace the arrogant with the ignorant, the overconfident with the incompetent.

Calling b.s. here. We're attempting to replace an arrogant, ignorant, overconfident and incompetent president. Any America-loving adult with a respect for the constitution would be far worthier.


I'm with ext but then I've been living in the heart of the capitol where every nincompoop thinks he's a genius and I have more intelligent conversations with the pool man and handyman than I have with most of my multi degreed but gormless neighbors.


Really good Clarice's Pieces today. and just in case you forgot about him, today's NY Slimes has a puff piece about Anthony Wiener.

LUN Clarice.

Benjamin Franklin

"become infatuated with statistical models that hold out the promise of a perfectly rational and frictionless world."

Is the 'frictionless world' of Finance the threat of accountability?
IOW what kind of 'risk' is there when you have no fear of apprehension or prosecution?

Stephen and Tabitha King released the following statement to the Occupy Bangor Media Working Group:

“It’s time for the wealthy to pay their fair share before the middle class becomes the forgotten class. And it’s time for the banks to give back what they were given. There are those in politics, particularly those on the conservative side, who can’t get enough of telling people that the wealthy one per cent must not be taxed because doing so kills jobs. The real job-killers are corporate greed and political expediency. It’s time for working people in Maine and all across the country to take back the American dream.”

Benjamin Franklin

He's wearing the clothing rioters wear, shorts, T-shirt and flip flops.
He looks healthy when taken into custody.

Benjamin Franklin

Kristol says the Republicans don't have a chance....Obama is toast.

hit and run

There are those ...[who tell]... people that the wealthy one per cent must not be taxed

Name one.


Well now, I'm no intellectual, but I have to disagree that Corzine as a perfect example of weaknesses inherent in a meritocracy. I have no opinion on his achieving being named CEO of Goldman Sachs, but I dispute merit having much to do with his subsequent election to the U.S. Senate or Governorship - that was mostly due to truckloads of cash. His failure to be re-elected was because had shown enough voters he did not merit that job - in spite of cash.

Or are we using some definition of "meritocracy" that just tallies up line items on a resume with no regard to demonstrated abilities?

Benjamin Franklin

"that was mostly due to truckloads of cash. "

BINGO !!!!! But with THIS bingo, everyone wins......

Benjamin Franklin

"Name one."

Corporations are 'people', too...

Comanche Voter

Well Ignatz, are you comparing the Bamster to Hitler (Poland) Tojo (Pearl Harbor) and Prince Phillip (Spanish Armada)--or are you talking about mindless drone attacks in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia etc?

I do disagree with Douthat on Messrs. Cain and Gingrich. Cain's more of an outsider--but he had a successful business career. Gingrich as an outsider is a little hard to swallow. I mean the Speaker of The House of Representatives is what, 3rd in line to the Presidency? (If you count Zero as 1, Biden as the second and god help us all, Pelosi as third). These are not inexperienced people in the traditional sense.

hit and run

Corporations are 'people', too...

Is it fair to say that the NewD irection you've taken the goal posts indicate that you concede that King's point -- as he made it -- was nothing more than a strawman?

Benjamin Franklin


Yes, as he made it. But that doesn't mean he's on the wrong track.

I take it you concede Corporations are 'people'?

Benjamin Franklin


I'm gonna put you on the spot....What do you think of Publicly Funded Campaigns? I know that is an incendiary word-group, but I hope you will include thoughts on how the present Cash is King system is working out...

Cecil Turner

I think Reagan said it best:

Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so.
Let us set aside for a moment the question of whether an undistinguished career of self-serving public service leavened with a record of wasting others' money and self-promoting autobiography establishes one as an intellectual. The bigger question is: if an "intellectual" like Barack Obama can't function in the real world, doesn't that tell us something about the actual merit of our "meritocracy"?

I can have some sympathy for a plausible theory with insufficient data to back it up (e.g., AGW/climate change). But when the record clearly disproves the theory, as in the current employment crisis:
there is simply no logical way to argue the theory is correct. It isn't. If it is "anti-intellectual" to argue for a change of course, then the very concept of "intellectual" has become an oxymoron.


This is why I wanted Palin to run.

I believe she is humble in the sense that she doesn't see government as the answer to every problem.

I have the feeling that the other candidates still dream of Great Projects.

hit and run

Not much of a fan of publicly funded campaigns.

When Obama promised to abide by the public funding system if McCain also agreed to do so in 2008, and then backed out of it without consulting or conversating with McCain,I gave him a gentle chiding about it.

But my chiding was on another Obama "expiration date" -- not that he was forgoing public funding. It was also because he made it sound like he had to give up the public funding because of the unprecedented participation of small donors -- when it was obvious to all that he gave up the system because he could rake in more money outside of it - a lot of which was from Big Money from all sorts of industries, including from . . . gasp . . . Banksters.

And thus was President Goldman Sachs born.

I actually supported Obama in that decision -- it was the duplicity that got me (not to mention how many people bought it as if Obama is above petty duplicity for political gain).

Sorry. Relitigating the past is not really the issue,is it?

Cash is King is not the biggest problem in elections by a country mile. For every Soros there's a Koch. For every this there's a that. I'm more concerened with limits put on the system by "campaign finance reform" than I am on the freedom that comes from people pooling money based on interests to help advance their cause. It may be messy - but freedom trumps centralized control in my book.

The idea that two candidates should be forced to spend an equal amount? Ghastly.

I may not like the idea that one candidate with a vast personal wealth can "buy" an election (whether its a D or an R,in a primary or a general election). But I much more find distasteful the idea that any person's wealth is precluded from being spent in the service of advancing his ideas. Are there sensible limits we should pursue? Sure. Are there areas that should be negotiated and argued and ultimately written into legislation to help the balance between freedom and fairness? Of course. Are we at the point that the amount of freedom is out of whack compared to fairness? Not by a country mile.

Thanks for getting me going on a stream of consciouness rant. I haven't gone back and edited it for fear that I may change that stream such that I overthink it.

Danube of Thought

"It’s time for the wealthy to pay their fair share"

I would like once--just once--to have one of these perpetual whiners to tell us exactly what a fair share would be. Given that the US has the most progressive income tax system in the world, how do they feel about taxation rates in those other industrialied nations?

And how do the go about determining what is fair? Is a fair share for 47% of Americans really zero?

I confidently predict that the questions will never be put to them, let alone answered by them.


He's wearing the clothing rioters wear, shorts, T-shirt and flip flops.

And a bandana tied around his neck so the bulk of it is ready to cover his face. That's not a fashion statement.

Nobody hear is arguing on behalf of over aggressive police, Ben. But I'm distraught that so many of our Iraq war vets seem to be running toward trouble in the pointless Oakland disturbances.

hit and run

Nobody hear is arguing

Here no,see no,speak no evil.

(For the record,MayBee was the inspiration for my post chiding Obama about opting out of public funding....)


xoxo, hit.

Benjamin Franklin

Hit..I thought I would just cut to the chase and give it all it one dose...sorry. If you want to continue, do so. If not, ok.

"The idea that two candidates should be forced to spend an equal amount? Ghastly."

Not forced to spend an equal amount. The Max is 20 million with an additional 50k from personal donations.

This is from League of Women Voters. Understanding that PFC must be done in conjunction with Lobby Reforms. Six benchmarks,,,

General Election Funding

"The Presidential nominee of each major party may become eligible for a public grant of $20 million (plus a cost-of-living adjustment) for campaigning in the general election.7 To be eligible to receive the public funds, the candidate must limit spending to the amount of the grant and may not accept private contributions for the campaign. Private contributions may, however, be accepted for a special account maintained exclusively to pay for legal and accounting expenses associated with complying with the campaign finance law. These legal and accounting expenses are not subject to the expenditure limit.

In addition, candidates may spend up to $50,000 from their own personal funds. Such spending does not count against the expenditure limit."

'Equal Time' provisions would require networks who take millions in ad revenue from super rich to give equal time to other candidates.

(Fairness Doctrine undone in 1987-would need to return)

As it is now, it is a matching program but, the money could be handled similar to Pell grants based upon need.

PSA's could enable candidates to proffer spots (discounted or free depending on the media) for their candidacy. Debates could be handled the same way.

Danube of Thought

The challenge issued by Hit was to name one person who tells people that the wealthy one per cent must not be taxed.

Benjamin Franklin

strike "with an additional 50k from personal donations." insert

additional 50k from personal funds...


OMG. Have any of you read the grand jury report about Penn State's long time defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky?

Repulsive. If true, this shames JoPa.

Benjamin Franklin

"name one person who tells people that the wealthy one per cent must not be taxed."

Sorry, Hit. It was a 'knee-jerk',,,

JM Hanes

I usually like Ross Douthat a lot, but please:

"In place of reckless meritocrats, we don’t need feckless know-nothings. We need intelligent leaders with a sense of their own limits, experienced people whose lives have taught them caution."

Meritocrats have failed, so what we obviously need is.... a better class of meritocrats. And ego-free (frictionless!) Presidential candidates sans personal ambitions. Good luck with that.

"By elevating the children of farmers and janitors as well as lawyers and stockbrokers, we’ve created what seems like the most capable, hardworking, high-I.Q. elite in all of human history."

But Heaven forbid we should turn to the farmers and janitors who produced them for leadership? Just for starters, I'd take the work ethic of any farmer in America over John Corzine.


Oh Clarice. LUN is especially for you.

Sunny has Cain's back.

Benjamin Franklin

Alan Simpson says..."The Fair Elections Now Act, by contrast, would challenge candidates to go to their constituents and collect thousands of individual checks of $100 or less in-state. Matching those donations with public funds would provide a powerful incentive for candidates and their constituents to rewrite the rules of the game. Instead of relying on bundled $2,500 checks from a wealthy few, campaigns would be funded from the ground up in small chunks.

Third, Americans of all philosophies agree that government must be accountable to the people — as two-thirds or more have consistently supported this reform in polls. Even a cursory glance at campaign finance disclosures shows that the lion’s share of campaign money comes from individuals and groups with vested tax-and-spending interests before Congress.

Look at who benefits from the $1.1 trillion in annual tax expenditures, or the nearly $100 billion in corporate welfare subsidies identified by the Cato Institute, and at who funds campaigns. This bipartisan problem demands a bipartisan response: Congress must end special-interest funding of campaigns to prevent such conflicts of interest once and for all."

Benjamin Franklin

Sorry for the addendum, Hit. Call me a lying weasel....


I prefer Congress end special-interest funding of projects, companies, and constituents.

If we don't trust people to act honestly when faced with receiving money, why do we trust them to act honestly when they are doling it out?

Benjamin Franklin

States where it's working...

Benjamin Franklin

"If we don't trust people to act honestly when faced with receiving money, why do we trust them to act honestly when they are doling it out?"

Trust issues abound on both sides of this, MayBee. The nascent beginning (above) indicates some have trust in trying something new. But constant monitoring in the light of day is better than the secretive method.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Just who are the feckless know nothings Douthat is talking about? Cain? Perry? Bachmann?

And just who is ignorant and incompetent?

ISTM his article is hyperbolic, inaccurate and smacking of smug elitism.

Are Douthat and Kristol on the Romney payroll already?


rse, that video is wonderful!!


I'm with jmh -again..


There is category error, and then there is steering right off the ecliptic, which is Douthat's m.o.

hit and run

Just for starters, I'd take the work ethic of any farmer in America over John Corzine.

Pofarmer for President!


as usual, the narrative didn't quite coincide with the truth, also the theory that Zawahiri
gave him up, seems sound;

Unless, of course, he knew.

I dunno, MayBee; what did Joe have to do with it?

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Clarice, that is the go to piece on the two faced media. It lays it all out in one page. And it is backed up with facts. It is a valuable resource to rebut what are sure to be future attacks on conservative candidates.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

OK. Where do I find rse's video.


--Well Ignatz, are you comparing the Bamster to Hitler (Poland) Tojo (Pearl Harbor) and Prince Phillip (Spanish Armada)--or are you talking about mindless drone attacks in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia etc?--

The meritocracy I took Douthat to be referring to is the Wall Street-tech-business titans and the political class is merely forged by the meritocracy. At least that's what he said.


Kim- if you read the grand jury report, it says that a grad assistant* reported to Joe Paterno that he saw Sandusky in the shower performing anal sex on a ten year old boy.

Joe Pa referred the situation to the AD, and it was decided Sandusky.....could no longer use those showers.

(*a Penn paper is reporting the grad assistant was a former Penn State quarter back and current assistant coach)


Do NOT return to Pass The Freedom Fries thread if you value your sanity.
The Luciferian's more loquacious and less rational pal has apparently earned library computer privileges.

Of course, he knew.

Nevah mind, MayBee; you'd already read more about it than had I.

"Go and sin no more."

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hit and run

A Luciferian who says, "There is no Satan."?!!?!!?!11?!!?

Cats and dogs living together.


Never mind.



It is in the LUN.

I have been reading Buchanan and his public policy musings this afternoon. Boy are his insights into how bureaucracies work helpful in appreciating how these bad ed ideas seem reasonable to a certain personality. If your economic wherewithal is based on being sycophantic, you will push policies designed to create cogs.

Bureaucracies are really political relationships rather than economic ones.

Benjamin Franklin

"Bureaucracies are really political relationships rather than economic ones."

Bureaucrats are just politicians without a constituency.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Got it. Who is the harassee?


Simpson has an Immelman for a learning curve, how could he think,. . . a Cthluthu level facepalm.

Annoying Old Guy

The big problem with public financing is the usual one with such socialist schemes - "who decides?". In essence you are giving the political class taxpayer money to fund ... the political class. A nice closed system of control which enables the political class to arrange things to exclude all outsiders, in effect creating a new aristocracy on the backs of peasants taxpayers. Why anyone because the wannabe aristocrats thinks that is a good idea escapes me.

Benjamin Franklin

'A nice closed system of control which enables the political class to arrange things to exclude all outsiders,"

Except, that PFC is open and visible, whereas the current closed system is not...

Sandra Day O'Connor says;

"" Citizens United was a concern to me because what it did was recognize corporations as fully recognized as persons under the first Amendment," she said. "I very much doubt that the framers of the Constitution, when they wrote the first Amendment" --


Thanks, Jim.
As for the Luciferian--doesn't he know TM has a Satan debugger that sends spammers of crazy stuff directly to the seventh circle?

Repent while there's time and sin no more!!


Clarice, excellent work as always, does SCAM do 'Cave' rentals,as a minor market.


Ben- in citizens united, the Obama administration argued they could ban books or movies during elections if they were determined to be the wrong kind of political speech.

What do you think?

Benjamin Franklin

well, that is interesting MayBee. Any cites for that/


Really? You didn't already know that?

Benjamin Franklin

If you want to discuss, fine. If you want to score points from the peanut gallery, bugger off...

JM Hanes

Shorter Sin No More:

666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666:

666 Wordle

666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666 666.


Also, from Reason Magazine:

In the first argument before the Court, on March 24, 2009, Kagan’s deputy, Malcolm L. Stewart, represented the government by arguing for the constitutionality of a statute prohibiting corporations and unions from spending funds from their general treasuries to advocate the election or defeat of political candidates. The justices subjected Stewart to a series of stark hypothetical situations testing the extent of the censorship power that the Obama Administration viewed as constitutionally permissible.

For example, Stewart was asked by Chief Justice John Roberts what would happen if a corporation were to publish a 500-page book discussing the American political system which concluded with a single sentence endorsing a particular candidate. Kagan’s deputy answered that such an endorsement would constitute “express advocacy” and therefore the corporation could only fund the publication of the book through a political action committee. “And if they didn’t, you could ban it?” asked the chief justice. “If they didn’t, we could prohibit publication of the book,” Stewart replied.

Even the most liberal justices, usually the most willing to curtail political free speech, seemed a little troubled. Justice David Souter asked what would happen if a labor union paid an author to write a book advocating the election of a particular candidate and then submitted the manuscript to Random House, which then agreed to publish it. The deputy solicitor general replied that he was unsure whether there would be a basis for suppressing such a book, but clearly stated that “the labor union’s conduct would be prohibited.”

Later, the argument turned to other forms of media that the government would have the right to censor. The implications of the administration’s position were so enormous that Justice Antonin Scalia seemed almost incredulous. He sarcastically interrupted to say “I’m a little disoriented here, Mr. Stewart. We are dealing with a constitutional provision, are we not; the one that I remember which says Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of the press? That’s what we’re interpreting here?” With no apparent irony, Stewart replied, “That’s correct.”


" bugger off..."

Apparently the troll doesn't know it's not "teacher" here.


By Ctluthu's many tentacles, that was weird, JM.


That was the whole point of the case. I believe it involved a movie critical of Hillary which was a pay per view thingy.
Campaign Finance Reform it turns out, was simply a way of making the owners of major media the only people in America with free political speech in the time period when it really counts.


I was just surprised, Ben, since Citizens United was brought against the group, Citzens United, because they ran ads for their documentary film about Hillary Clinton. The film was considered by the FEC to be political speech, and therefore the television advertisements for it were supposed to be paid for by a PAC.

CU was acting, in part, in response to the decision that Fahrenheit 9/11 had not been considered to be political/campaign speech.

The court went through several different questions about how it would be determined what is political, and what sources of information could be limited.

The *whole case* was about who gets to decide what is limited. I don't know how anybody who reads the complaint CU had can come away thinking
a)the court made the proper choice
b) any other ruling would have created/continued a huge mess


That is the point of the exercise, just as AGW, is a way to return the rising middle class back to feudal conditions


can come away *not* thinking


Does anyone else think that having the Arizona State law school renamed for her has removed whatever barriers were previously constraining O'Connor?

A full fledged member of the gov class where govt is always the preferred solution. No downside.

Benjamin Franklin

When the Supreme Court first heard the case in March, Deputy Solicitor General Malcolm L. Stewart, representing the FEC, was pulled into a discussion of an issue that took him down a slippery slope: If the movie were a book, would the government ban publishing the book if it mentioned a candidate for office within the election time frame?

Stewart said that it could.

"That's pretty incredible," Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. said.

"The movie was created with the idea of establishing a vehicle to chip away at the decision," said Nick Nyhart, president of Public Campaign, a group that opposed Thursday's decision. "It was part of a very clear strategy to undo McCain-Feingold."

When the Citizens United case went to a lower court in 2008, the court sided with the FEC, saying that the film was effectively a 90-minute campaign ad "susceptible of no other interpretation than to inform the electorate that Senator Clinton is unfit for office, that the United States would be a dangerous place in a President Hillary Clinton world, and that viewers should vote against her."

Bossie said this was the argument that turned a majority of the bench against the FEC and in favor of Citizens United.

"That sent a chill down the Supreme Court," Bossie said. The argument became a "point of demarcation."
It's clear that the clueless Stewart was punked by Roberts and Alito with the straw man ( if a book......) which set the teeth of the jurists.

Benjamin Franklin


JM Hanes

I ran across this sympathetic description of a day on the Oakland streets, when I was checking out one of my new favorite reads over at the Science Blogs (where "My Other Car Is a Neutrino"). The MSM's insistence on "mostly peaceful" disclaimers may be revealing, but there was, in fact, a mostly peaceful side of the Oakland demonstrations, no matter how dangerous their politics might be. I think there's room for a more sympathetic perspective on Zuccotti Park too, but for the moment, here's an excerpt from 1st hand West Coast view:

For various obvious reasons, the media coverage of the day focused on a few broken windows and some other vandalism, but to do so truly misses the point. What violence took place involved perhaps 1% of 1% of the people present, and for the most part, those crowds policed themselves. A few people turned out hoping to start trouble, and a few of them succeeded, but it would be wrong to let those isolated incidents shade our perception of the day.

Everyone I met and everything I saw at Occupy Oakland was filled with joy, and it felt like nothing so much as an enormous street festival. Everyone was friendly, everyone felt connected to a bigger cause, and everyone was having fun. The news helicopters overhead couldn't capture that part of the story, but there were loads of reporters on the ground with us, and there's simply no way that they could have come away with anything but a positive impression.
Giant and sometimes obscure banners flapped overhead. "Death to capitalism" stretched across 14th street, while the large and cryptic "Bioregional Fractional Banking" banner seemed to pop up everywhere. A couple of kids whose parents had let them skip school carried signs in support of teachers, while a 1 year old had a sign strapped on her back saying: "Too small to fail."

He continues along, describing the march to shut down the Port of Oakland, where "the same festive atmosphere prevailed." It's hard to disagree with his conclusions:

As I said before the strike, the goal was not to force some pre-determined list of demands on the city. The goal, as the poster said, was to show, "This is our city and we can shut it down." That means we can also start it up again, and shape what the city will be and do. What shall we do with that knowledge and power?

They have, indeed, proved that they can shut things down, and although it required considerable enabling, that's no small thing. In assessing their success, the recent high profile violence may be more distracting than emblematic of what's happening on the ground. Mobs are all too easily aroused, of course, but we've seen those ski-masked anarchists now smashing windows in Oakland countless times before -- they're like the trolls who embrace the anonymity of the web to indulge their worst instincts. They are opportunists, and there's nothing organic about their appearance on the Oakland scene. I hate to say it, but I also think Mark Steyn's laissez-faire pissing and moaning yesterday doesn't tell us anything particularly useful about OWS either. He's just folding it into his preferred meta-narrative, like everybody else.

JM Hanes

Shorter JMH:



How is that a strawman, Ben?

How about this....should a movie be banned if it mentions a candidate within a specific time frame?

Who decides whether Fahrenheit 911, the Hillary movie, or a movie about the killing of Bin Laden are too political?

Jim Miller

Well, when you live and work in one of those "islands of repression in a sea of freedom", as Abigail Thernstrom so aptly described our universities, it's easy to get confused about elementary free speech issues.

(One of the saddest things to happen to our colleges and universities in my life time is to see them go from (mostly) solid supporters of free speech to its biggest opponents. That's one of the reasons I prefer to call our academics (and most Demcorats) "leftists" rather than "liberals", because, historically, whatever else liberals believed, they were always in favor of freedom of speech.)


They have, indeed, proved that they can shut things down, and although it required considerable enabling, that's no small thing.

Is it a good thing, an important thing, a dangerous thing?

A gunman can shut down a McDonalds, and truck drivers can slow down a highway in protest.

What does it tell us, and what do we need to learn from it?

Cecil Turner

Let's just remember the real issue in Citizens United: they wanted to air "Hillary: The Movie" (and ads promoting it) which is a pseudo-documentary critical of Hillary Clinton. Liberals who had no problem with airing "Fahrenheit 9/11" during the previous campaign found it objectionable, and managed to get it pulled off the air.

The libs want to pretend there's a deep principle involved that things like "Fahrenheit 9/11" are legitimate and "Hillary: The Movie" is not, based on something other than tactical advantage. Barring that, apparently they would like to require public financing of elections (with Dems running the section that does that, presumably). I don't find it particularly persuasive.

Benjamin Franklin

JMH; I'm keeping fingers crossed.

"Even the forbearance of the police suggests a change. A week ago, who would have predicted that they would stay out of the way of the unauthorized blocking of major streets and the Port, and that they would responded about as minimally as possible to a act of civil disobedience that damaged property? (Their behavior wasn't perfect: they arrested some legal observers and journalists along with whoever set the fire and broke into the building, but progress is progress.)"

I think the expectation was a redux of Chicago '68 with the Yippies and SDS tanked up on STP (heavy on the meth) which took a breeze and converted to a Scirocco of violence and mayhem

Benjamin Franklin

"Who decides whether Fahrenheit 911, the Hillary movie, or a movie about the killing of Bin Laden are too political?"

I agree it's problematic, MayBee, but there is a comparison which gives some insight.

"Community Standards" was a big deal when the Supremes were dealing with the definition of 'obscenity'. Who makes the decision
whether a nude statue is obscene?

"In 1964, Justice Potter Stewart tried to explain "hard-core" pornography, or what is obscene, by saying, "I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced . . . [b]ut I know it when I see it . . . "[1]

JM Hanes

Benjamin Franklin:

"It's clear that the clueless Stewart was punked by Roberts and Alito with the straw man ( if a book......) which set the teeth of the jurists."

I'd call that a pivotal question with a justifiably disturbing answer.

If you think that's a strawman, what would your single clued in question have been?

Cecil Turner

I've got a better idea. It's called "free speech." For everyone. Period.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Zuccotti Park "is now a sliver of madness, rife with sex attacks, robberies and vigilante justice."

It’s a leaderless bazaar that’s been divided into state-like camps....

There is “Camp Anonymous,” the group best known for anti-Scientology protests.

It’s neighbored by a tent full of vampires, the “Class War” tent and the “Occupy Paw Street” tent, whose residents hand out treats to occupying pets.

There’s also “Camp France” and the “Nic at Night” tent, which supplies the protest with smokes....

What is the point, other than to feel good and party without restrictions. Chicago '68 is a good analogy, a bunch of idiots using violence and vandalism to advance their childlike agendas. This is what happens when the misery and stupidness of 40+ years ago is glorified.

Benjamin Franklin

COMPLAINANTS: David N. Bossie, President, Citizens United
(a-k) Dismiss this matter

The complaint alleged that corporate distributors of the film FAHRENHEIT 9/11 are running broadcast advertisements that contain images of President Bush and other federal candidates, which would violate the Act's electioneering communications provisions if aired after July 30, 2004 . The Commission dismissed this matter since the Respondents had not violated the Act because the relevant electioneering communications period does not begin until July 31, 2004 and because the Respondents stated that they did not intend to run such ads during the electioneering communications period.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

The occupy movements remind me of my two year old grandaughter's occasional temper tantrums. They display plenty of anger to gain maximum attention, to achieve an unarticulated goal:

"I want something", she screams over and over. Mommy asks what she wants. The answer, I don't know, but I want something". Then comes the bargaining, "Would you like some ______?" No. How about ______?, No and on and on until mommy loses patience and sends her to time out or some such.

Benjamin Franklin

"what would your single clued in question have been?"

I'm not sure what question you mean. What question the clueless Stewart should have asked....?

Roberts asked the cul-de-sac question....

Cecil Turner

Best part of Citizens United, BTW, was that it provided a vehicle for another brilliant dissent (in part) by Thomas:

Political speech is entitled to robust protection under the First Amendment . Section 203 of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (BCRA) has never been reconcilable with that protection. By striking down §203, the Court takes an important first step toward restoring full constitutional protection to speech that is “indispensable to the effective and intelligent use of the processes of popular government.” McConnell v. Federal Election Comm’n , 540 U. S. 93, 265 (2003) ( Thomas , J., concurring in part, concurring in judgment in part, and dissenting in part) (internal quotation marks omitted). I dissent from Part IV of the Court’s opinion, however, because the Court’s constitutional analysis does not go far enough. The disclosure, disclaimer, and reporting requirements in BCRA §§201 and 311 are also unconstitutional. [emphasis added]
Does anyone actually think founders like Thomas Paine saw it any differently?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Too funny!

Where Occupy Wall Street Headlines Come From


It's a very fundamental question, and he isn't the only one who didn't get it:


I agree it's problematic, MayBee, but there is a comparison which gives some insight.

So you, who wants money out of the game of influencing politics, and openness and transparency, would be ok with a campaign finance system that says someone will ban what they don't like when they decide they don't like it?

You like that idea, Ben?

Benjamin Franklin

Justice Ginsburg: May I ask you one question that was highlighted in the prior argument, and that was if Congress could say no TV and radio ads, could it also say no newspaper ads, no campaign biographies? Last time the answer was, yes, Congress could, but it didn't. Is that is that still the government's answer?

General Kagan: —The government's answer has changed, Justice Ginsburg. [Laughter] It is still true that [the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act Section 203], which is the only statute involved in this case, does not apply to books or anything other than broadcast; 441b does, on its face, apply to other media. And we took what the Court (.) what the Court's (.) the Court's own reaction to some of those other hypotheticals very seriously. We went back, we considered the matter carefully, and the government's view is that although 441b does cover full-length books, that there would be quite good as-applied challenge to any attempt to apply 441b in that context. And I should say that the [Federal Election Commission] has never applied 441b in that context.So for 60 years a book has never been at issue.

Danube of Thought

"It's clear that the clueless Stewart was punked by Roberts and Alito with the straw man ( if a book......) which set the teeth of the jurists."

Listen to (or read) a Supreme Court argument some time: the punking questions come a mile a minute.

But face the issue and answer the question: can the government ban a political movie (but not a book) that it does not like?

Benjamin Franklin

"would be ok with a campaign finance system that says someone will ban what they don't like when they decide they don't like it?

You like that idea, Ben?"


Tryin' to double-down on the Alito/Roberts strawman, MayBee?

Captain Hate

Joe Pa referred the situation to the AD, and it was decided Sandusky.....could no longer use those showers.

I regularly lurk at a Penn State Scout board during the football season and they're engaged in some serious hair splitting there. The situation is a horrible one and Penn State will not come out of this unscathed; nor should they. Whether Joe did or didn't do the right thing regarding what was legally correct versus what was the moral thing to do, this will ultimately be the penalty for him for sticking around too long and the school being too timid on forcing him out.


--So you, who wants money out of the game of influencing politics...--

I don't believe that is his actual position.

He wants the money of the governed out of the game.
He wants only the money of that which governs us in the game.

Benjamin Franklin

Are you addressing me, DoT? Please use my name. I am not used to hearing from you and want to be sure, so as not to annoy you.


Tryin' to double-down on the Alito/Roberts strawman, MayBee?

No, I'm asking you about Citizen's United and your apparent support of the answer being "I'll know it when I see it"

Perhaps this conversation would go better if you said what *you* think of the specifics of the CU case.

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