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February 15, 2012


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Buford Gooch

Self-deluded twits, the lot of them!

Captain Hate

a workable compromise that has the potential to protect religious freedom while allowing employees who request it to have contraceptives covered by their insurance plans.

Let's see, this has the potential to do something that is in the Constitution versus absolutely doing something which isn't. And Laurie doesn't have a problem with this?


TM, Reid's allowing a vote on Senator Blount's Bill to can the HHS regs..and it might take place as eary s today.
Is this the Obama back door flight to freedom from the dilemma he created?

Ben Franklin


A sufficiently advanced alien's powers, is indistinguishable from magick...


**as early as today*


"Error" my arse.

Read this and you'll get Furious Fast...

U.S. lawmaker seeks answers after State Department error releases Mexican fugitive from Texas jail

"A former Mexican government official wanted for embezzling millions was arrested in Texas this month, then promptly ordered released by the State Department in a case that has one lawmaker demanding answers."

"A day after pulling rank on Smith County law enforcement officials, the State Department rescinded the order. But Hector Hernandez Javier Villarreal was gone by then."

“When we (arrested the perp) we ran the check on the shotgun, then all of a sudden everyone in federal government became interested -- ATF, FBI, Homeland Security, Immigration [ICE] all showed up,” Smith said."

"He said Homeland Security officials had told his department that Villarreal was a high-profile and wanted fugitive."

"...Homeland Security officials called to tell him the federal diplomatic agency had ordered Villarreal and his wife released. Neither State Department nor ICE officials responded to’s request for comment."

Jack is Back!


This is for you when you check in. Its a long video of Charlotte Iserbyt on The Miseducation of America

Sound like you may have written the script:)


we ran the check on the shotgun, then all of a sudden everyone in federal government became interested -- ATF, FBI, Homeland Security, Immigration [ICE] all showed up

Now why would the ATF and the FBI be so interested in one little shotgun?

I suspect this gun was sold as part of the efforts to arm our favorite cartel in Mexico, and the fact that it found its way back across the border might be embarassing.


That story is pure fantasy. There is no split among the Bishops, they remain united. There is a organization called something like the Catholic Health Care organization or something like that, run by a nun who has spoken out in favor of the "compromise". Otherwise, no leadership anywhere has. Catholic Charities after an initial favorable response has walked that back.

Perhaps Ms Goodstein considers EJ Dionne the lapdog to be a Catholic leader? I think he may have been the only one consulted on the sham "compromise."


Maybe Villareal is an undercover working with ATF.


Jane, you may want to consider this guy for the RB youtoocongress list if he's not already on it:
"Today Duane Sand, Republican candidate for United States Senate from North Dakota, received the enthusiastic endorsement of Afghanistan & Iraq Veterans for Congress (AIVC) political action committee. "


Well, they seemed much more interested in the gun than the person carrying it at first.

Jack is Back!


I have called Bill Nelson's office in regard to S. 1467 (Roy Blunt's bill) and urged him to vote Yes. Brian Burch at has a big email blast going out to all his subscribers and has Nelson leaning No. I reminded his aide that there are lot of Catholic voters in Florida who are retirees from the North and pretty much don't see much value in contraception or birth control these days:)

BTW, Burch has Casey and Snowe leaning Yes and Landrieu and Pryor on the fence. In addition to Nelson, he has McCaskil and Tester leaning No.


Tar, feathers, rope.


Landrieu may well fold. Louisiana will never forgive her if she doesnt.


You might be right ranger, but doesn't the check also involve the name of the person holding the weapon?


"Tar, feathers, rope."

Can we waterboard them first?

Captain Hate

What we have here is a failure to communicate:


Glad someone else notices how juvenile Romney overpaid large staff is. Love this line:

"The Romney campaign often gives the impression that it thinks Republican primary voters are really stupid—and it doesn't do a very good job of hiding its contempt. The Obama administration clearly thinks the American people are really stupid—and it doesn't do a very good job of hiding its contempt. It would be nice if the Republican nominee could contrast his respect for the American people with the Obama administration's contempt."


The only constituency that supports the president's decision is the one that has no say in the "rightness" of the Bishop's objections. Lapsed or anti-Catholics.

Watch what he does, not what he says.

Jack is Back!


Also watch Minnesota to see if Pete Hegseth decides to join the Republican primary to go after Klobuchar. He is back from Afghanistan and has mustered out of active duty. He the executive director (or was) of Vets for Freedom. Princeton grad and on leave of absence from JFK School of Government where he is earning his MA in public policy. Guy to watch.



Smith County is one of the most conservative counties in the state.


Issa to appear on Megan Kelly's FOX show in the next few minutes talking Fast and Furious.

Melinda Romanoff

More fun inside the iBama budget. Just a few new taxes are proposed. You'll love these.

I especially like the new 401k and muni income taxes.


Catholic Health Association which is a 501 C 3 non profit, which collects dues from its members. A footnote to the financial statements indicate that almost half ( 43% of dues ) come from 5 healthcare systems. So this is really an organization run by 5 hospitals.

Its exec director is a nun. There is the sum total Catholic "leadership" backing Zero on this one, a small org based in St Louis with no doubt a lobbying office in Wash DC.

Do facts matter at the NYT these days?


--Maybe Villareal is an undercover working with ATF.--

Quite possible, Clarice.
Wouldn't surprise me if the genius Holder has come up with a brilliant plan to reverse the damage caused by Fast and Furious by smuggling an equal number of weapons back into the USA from Mexico and distributing them to gang members here and making sure they're used to plug a Mexican cop or two back on their side of the border.

Captain Hate

Mel, what part of the endgame am I missing about El JEFe's war on muni bonds? Or does he want the Feds to be the sole source of their funding no matter the level of creditworthiness?

Danube of Thought

Rivkin and Whelan in the WSJ argue that the contraceptive mandate not only violates the free exercise clause of the First Amendment, but also a federal statute:

The birth-control coverage mandate violates the First Amendment's bar against the "free exercise" of religion. But it also violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. That statute, passed unanimously by the House of Representatives and by a 97-3 vote in the Senate, was signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1993. It was enacted in response to a 1990 Supreme Court opinion, Employment Division v. Smith.

That case limited the protections available under the First Amendment's guarantee of free exercise of religion to those government actions that explicitly targeted religious practices, by subjecting them to difficult-to-satisfy strict judicial scrutiny. Other governmental actions, even if burdening religious activities, were held subject to a more deferential test.

The 1993 law restored the same protections of religious freedom that had been understood to exist pre-Smith. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act states that the federal government may "substantially burden" a person's "exercise of religion" only if it demonstrates that application of the burden to the person "is in furtherance of a compelling governmental interest" and "is the least restrictive means of furthering" that interest.

It may be subscribers only, but here's the link.

Melinda Romanoff


Upping the Favor Factory Function.


If I'm hearing it correctly on FOX, it seems to me that the Muslim Brotherhood bunch in Egypt are welcoming us cutting off funding to Egypt in retaliation for them holding our hostages, as in their opinion that would allow them to negate having to be a party to the Egypt/Israeli Peace Plan signed by Sadat/Begin. Believe that is what I heard.


Just got this from a friend of mine about a virulent e-mail going around. Dont say you have not been warned:


If you get an email titled "Nude photo of Nancy Pelosi," don't open it... . . ..

It contains a nude photo of Nancy Pelosi.


Capt/MelR-- in the movie "Beckett" King Henry II is explaining to the Bishops why he was ignoring their tax exempt status and taxing the Church. The archbishop pointed out that even William the Conqueror respected the Church exemption-- Henry answered, it was different, Henry needed the money now -- PAY UP. Obamaism is like the Brooklyn Mafia and MelR's Cook County -- everybody pays -- no tax benefit for your bonds my dear States/Cities-- Barry Needs the Money-- PAY UP.


Jane, you may want to consider this guy for the RB youtoocongress list if he's not already on it:

JiB I'm out straight right about now. Rick is doing the watching and I hope he will continue.

And now for the good news: Amy's house has finally been rebuilt after the June 1 tornado and she moves back this week.


Megan: Chairman Issa, Holder has not complied with your request to release all the documents.

ISSA: Holder is not complying with us. There is nothing consistent with lying to Congress, there is nothing consistent with giving us false documents and then having to retract the There is nothing consistent with his number 2 saying he never told Holder anything.

As for the amount of documents we have requested, Holder gave 80,000 docs to his side, only 6,000 to our side.

If he gives us the documents we think we can find out who authorized Fast and Furious. Cunningham already took the 5th, and Holder's DOJ has already guaranteed that 2 of the guys intimately involved it F&F will be exempt from any punishment whatever.

Megan: Is this political on your part? Holder sez he does not know who authorized Fast and Furious. He says he has already made 6 appearances in front of you and that this is political on your part.

Issa: He has only come before us once and he said it was fair. He went in front of other committees, not ours, where he was asked a question or 2 about F&F at those appearances. We still do not have an answer for who was responsible for Fast and Furious. 14 of the 22 areas re- documents that we have asked for we have not received any documents from Holder and the DOJ, and many times we find with what they have given us that it is insufficient and leads us to know we have to see the other documents we have not been given.

Megan: "Holder says he doesn't know who authorized F&F and his IG is looking into it. Do you believe that?

Issa: I do believe that because he is a hands off type, but he should have known. If we hold him in contempt then either we will get the docs or the Pres can let the Attorney General go.

I hate these short FOX segments because they are too short for Issa to lay it all out there in depth for a decent understanding of the whole fiasco. You have to be way up to speed to even know what the heck is going on.

BTW, just saw an anti-Rick Santorum ad on FOX paid for by the Club for Growth, tying Santorum into Hillary Clinton.


These gals are braving -22C
check here


JIB, the Anchoress says "Snowe just came out approving of Obama's "accommodation" the other day...sigh."

Frau Chakra

Where's algore when we need a laugh?

I know, I know, he flunked out of divinity school, but didn't he pride himself on his short career as an investigative journalist?

Captain Hate

Did she tweet that C because I'm not finding that at her site.

Btw daddy it's "Megyn"


Over at Althouse, 1 MarkO, 11 MayBee's and 4 bgates, take turns schooling Ann, as she slouches back toward voting for Obama.

In response to Althouse's line, "How Romney lost me" bgates responds:

"I haven't been so surprised since Obama's first budget didn't include a net spending cut."



She emailed it to me, CH.

Danube of Thought

I'm telling ya, folks, that federal statute looks like a slam dunk to me. A lot of people who vote against the Blount bill are gonna have mucho facial egg if the courts overturn the regulation anyway.


Let them vote no, its a vote that can be held up for inspection against Senators who otherwise will lie about their support of the Constitution' protections on freedom of religion.


That is great news for Amy, Jane. I can't believe it took so long!


This is NOT a "Catholic" issue, but as usual the Bishops are looking out for their own interests and leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves. They want exemptions from the rule instead of demanding its complete rescission.

What about the lay Catholic business owner? Or the Baptist? Or the agnostic who opposes abortion? Do their consciences not matter?


Good questions, Adjoran.

I stand with the Church on this but it is frustrating that if one group gets their way, the larger argument will seemingly just evaporate. Similar to the Stupak group when Obamacare was on the verge of passing. They folded, game over.

Sometimes I wonder if the Obama people are better chess players than we give them credit for.


--Over at Althouse, 1 MarkO, 11 MayBee's and 4 bgates, take turns schooling Ann, as she slouches back toward voting for Obama.--

bgates is eviscerating poor Ann, which is no doubt why she doesn't respond to him.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

Sometimes I wonder if the Obama people are better chess players than we give them credit for.

It is generally a bad idea to underestimate an opponent. Axelrod, Plouffe, et al have shown in the past they can prop up an incompetent nincompoop and guide him to a win.

I am afraid the pro HHS crew is winning the issue framing battle.


Re those chilly Russian gals, and especially the one leaning up against that metal fence.

Does everyone remember this scene from our favorite Christmas time movie: Tongue frozen to metal flagpole.

Like Ralphie, I wonder...

In other chilly news, local Talk says the next Enviro/Legal move to shut down offshore drilling and shipping will be this: Whales 'stressed by ocean noise'.

It's hitting the local news and blogs, and is all over the internet. Should be coming to a courtroom near you anytime.

Decent point by a Talk Host yesterday that if Obama was able to say "Okay, we'll open ANWR to drilling, but all the profit will go to paying for ObamaCare," that he'd win in an instant.


Thanks for linking that Althouse post. Great work from JOMers.

She is totally going to vote for Obama.


She is totally going to vote for Obama.

Of course she is. So will dame Peggy Noonan.


Great point on Dennis Miller's Show.

If 98% of Catholic women are already using contraceptives, how can it be too hard to get a hold of contraceptives without increased Government and taxpayer assistance.

Rick Ballard

"She is totally going to vote for Obama."

Yeah - the blend of sophistry and casuistry she uses to mask the fact that she's just a feeler may have been enough to get her a job passing out law credentials but bgates and MayBee can sand through it like 40 grit on balsa.


Barry is up in Beverly Hills tonight for a major fundraiser, and then around the corner from my house tomorrow morning. I'm tempted to throw out a box of tacks just to protest his ass.

Caught Limbaugh briefly this morning and he is furious with Obama's plan to cut the nuclear weapons inventory to less than 300 warheads.

Most weapons these days are MIRV's; multiple warheads. 2, 3 or 4 devices per missile.

So really, Obama is talking about cutting our strike capability down to what may be at sea on our submarines at any given time.

This destroys the nuclear triad as well; land, air, and sea launched weapons meant that one way or another we would get through. This, and the overwhelming number of weapons was the keystone of the nuclear deterrent.

Whatever the Soviets or Chinese or anyone else thought, we would be able to launch a second strike if necessary. There are no winners.And this worked for 50 years.

This freakin moron based upon a poorly reasoned undergraduate thesis is flushing the entire defense compact that kept the world from blowing itself up.

Now, with Iran, Pakistan and other unstable states having the capability or about to, there is no framework for response. Knowing how the United States would respond is what kept the kooks from pushing the button.

In reading "1961" a history of the Berlin Wall crisis, Kruschev is quoted as having said in 1961 that he had 30 missiles targeted on France and 50 each on the UK and Germany. This is simply to establish the extent of the nuclear threat.

Now this bumbling fool could well open Pandora's Box. On top of this our inventory is aging and as far as I know the upgrade program is stuck in limbo. Secretary Chu is too busy handing out grants and guarantees to the administration's cronies.


The Dems win battles because they just push their ideas through. We sit & debate why they can't legally do "that"...while they are on to the next thing. It has been 5 steps down the road to serfdom to every 1 or 2 steps of pull back for as long as I can remember.
If Republican pro-lifers acted like Dems, they would tear down every abortion clinic when they came to power. The abortion cheerleaders could whoop & holler & go to court...but the clinics would be gone.
That is how the Dems do business. We complain & write thick books about how we were right 20 years after the fact.


just another day in the cesspool that is the White House.From the WaPo of all places:

"White House officials stress that staffers and advisers with venture capital ties did not make funding decisions related to these companies. But e-mails released in a congressional probe of Obama’s clean-tech program show that staff and advisers with links to venture firms informally advocated for some of those companies."

The rest at the LUN


Both Religious and non-Religious JOMer's may enjoy this egg in face moment yesterday by Richard Dawkins.

"If you were trying to come up with a definition of misplaced intellectual arrogance, you could not do better than having the planet’s most famous atheist issuing diktats on who does and doesn’t count as a proper Christian. Prof Dawkins then announced, triumphantly, that an “astonishing number [of Christians] couldn’t identify the first book in the New Testament”.

The transcript of the next minute or so only hints at how cringingly, embarrassingly bad it was for Dawkins.

Fraser: Richard, if I said to you what is the full title of The Origin Of Species, I’m sure you could tell me that.
Dawkins: Yes I could.
Fraser: Go on then.
Dawkins: On the Origin of Species…Uh…With, oh, God, On the Origin of Species. There is a sub-title with respect to the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life.

It was a golden minute of radio. But as well as being hilarious, it was hugely symbolic. In The Daily Telegraph yesterday, Baroness Warsi highlighted the militant secularism on the march in Britain. But as Dr Fraser revealed, the atheist army is led by an embarrassingly feeble general. The arrogance and intolerance of the atheists, exemplified by Prof Dawkins, is their Achilles’ heel.


Ben Franklin

Demand is lower than it was 15 years ago.

The HedgeFunds are still redistributing out wealth. But JOMers say......meh.

"Kloza believes much of the increase is due to speculative money that’s flowed into gasoline futures contracts since the beginning of the year, mostly from hedge funds and large money managers. “We’ve seen about $11 billion of speculative money come in on the long side of gas futures,” he says. “Each of the last three weeks we’ve seen a record net long position being taken.”




If thy understood the constitution you'd think they might figure that out. DoT, but they don't--most of them--relying on the 23 y.o. "geniuses" on their staffs to figure it out.


That silly old First Amendment. Damn how those things get in the way of that nice Mr. Obama.

Great snag, DoT.


Can someone post that law school picture of Ann that she seems so proud of. I have some questions.


More on Oliver Stone's son.

"Sean Stone, son of American Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone, said on Wednesday that Islam is the religion of justice and equality."

On the Origin of Species…Uh…With, oh, God, On the Origin of Species. There is a sub-title with respect to the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life.

World's best know atheist...


Still catching up. Have you folks seen this yet?

NJ Gov. Christie Defends Lowering Flags Half Staff For Whitney Houston.


more - "‘I’ve studied history and my study of the Islamic teachings helped me understand that Islam can lead the humanity to happiness.’"


MayBee and bgates are marvelous. I told Althouse she reminded me of Andrew Sullivan pretending he hadn't made up his mind whether or not to endorse Bush for a second term. Total b.s.

Captain Hate

She is totally going to vote for Obama.

So all that SEIU experience was lost on her? When she was a child and was given a "connect the dots" puzzle did she just sit with a blank look on her face?


Here's a good comment from the link -
"He’s a veritable walking, talking, “Coexist” bumper sticker. Religion exists for such folk as a fashion accessory, as a source of vocabulary to sound spiritually substantive."



Please take this in good humor.

I think I found a new icon for you...go 3 comments down to the comment by Jed.

Strawman Cometh


Melinda Romanoff


These dots are what she connects to:


Bless you, Strawman.

Who takes pictures in a law library in the 1970's? Who lets someone take a picture of them in a law library in the 1970's. Who positions herself in a picture in a law library in the 1970's in such a way as to highlight her large breasts?

Right. All ad hominem.


--such a way as to highlight her large breasts--

We might differ on the definition of large.


Iggy, let's do something similar to a wine tasting.


claudette colbert.

Captain Hate

I hope if Romney goes down in flames that his fans don't blame it on anything other than him running one of the worst campaigns I've ever seen, including McCain in 2008.


I'm figuring a "C" maybe a "B+".
Not small but in this day and age I'm afraid the 'large' bar has been raised considerably.


definitely a "C"

Strawman Cometh

IIRC it was a candid photo, by a friend or acquaintance. And I don't see them as overly large or highlighted, (or heaving and moist with perspiration) one is in shadow.
OTOH, these are large, and highlighted. Gotta LUV the look on Sophia's face. Meant to post this in what became the actress thread the other night. Got distracted torrentin' recommended movies. Got 123, Ecstacy and Broken Flowers. Which should I watch 1st?

Rick Ballard


Never fear - a few several more Mittmillions and the Mittmentum Meter will straighten right out, sure as cold mush.


Straw, maybe I meant for a woman in a law library in the 1970's they were big. I yield, however, to those who were truly great.


Rick, couple that with a report that Santorum believes birth control harms women and the White House is ours.

To whom will we give those 60 days after the brokered convention?


Iggy, I'm giving her an F.

Strawman Cometh

I'm starting to yield to DOOM.


--Iggy, I'm giving her an F.--

So is Sophia.

Ben Franklin

So far they have zip-a-dee-doo-dah.

"But we can haz public trials, eben wit no evidunce"

"Republicans in the House of Representatives on Wednesday threatened to subpoena five White House aides in their investigation of Solyndra "

Ben Franklin

PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rick Ballard


Governor Romney will prevail. My hope is that it will not be any earlier than the last day of the convention. I'm not looking forward to the coyotes disemboweling a fawn comparison to Bain's business practices. It's probably Governor Romney's weakest point with the feelers and two month's exposure will be much less damaging than four month's.


I'd give her a DD


Obama announced a plan for a corporate minimum tax in his visit to Milwakee today. Walker gave him a Brewers jersey, but did not go to Masterlock with JEF because of the flu.

Ben Franklin lol


I don't know who'll win and I worry that no matter what Obama will win. It's the same feeling I had as a kid leaving my grandmother's basement in the dark.

Ben Franklin

"It's the same feeling I had as a kid leaving my grandmother's basement in the dark."

Sometimes we outgrow baseless fears....


But not basement fears.

Danube of Thought

My immediate reaction was to thank God that I will never be in a law library again, no matter who is in there.


She kind of looks like a homelier, scruffier Sarah Palin in that photo.


Oh and BTW, RAS provides a snapshot of Zero with Catholic voters.

Among Catholic voters, 40% approve and 59% disapprove.

Does that sound like this policy is roaring success? With a group you carried in 2008!

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