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February 05, 2012



Driving down a local road I saw this sign posted on a church:

God doesn't play favorites.
But I do. Go Giants!


I despise both teams. But in 2008 the Giants upset the Pats and the Dems won the WH. Therefore, today I am rooting for the reverse to happen. Go Giants!

Captain Hate

Go Giants.


Go shopping!


Pointed to by Instapundit, I was reading Monckton at Watt's Up With That. He wrote:

The United Kingdom is no longer a democracy. We still have all the trappings, but in reality it no longer matters who we vote for. Five-sixths of our laws, including overall policies on environmental matters, are set by the unelected, unaccountable, unsackable Kommissars (that’s the official German name for our new and hated masters) of the failed European Union.
If I were running for President, this observation tailored for the United States, would resonate with the voters, regardless of their previous tea party inclinations.


I am a Giants fan (although with not nearly as much enthusiasm as my beloved Yankees.) However, if it means Obama will lose the WH, I'll root for the Boston team.

Will Madonna sing a Lady Gaga song? Will KIA or VW have the cutest car commercial? E trade baby back although nobody trades in the stock market anymore? How much Budweiser can people drink?

Captain Hate

Europeans always had the Faustian bargain of sacrificing control over their internal matters by supporting the EU right in front of them, which is why the petty dictators running the show were extremely disingenuous about holding multiple elections in some countries until they got the results they wanted; kind of like school levies in this country.

Captain Hate

How much Budweiser can people drink?

Ugh; that swill is banned @ chez Hate.


Well Lady Thatcher, was so right, about the EU encroachment in Britain, but the circus clowns at Conquistador couldn't figure that out.

Captain Hate

Not sure what Boehner's endgame is here:


Of course, this should make your Sunday super. A terrific pieces by our own Clarice. LUN

Regarding non-profits that have run astray from their founders' political intentions, let us not forget the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which helped launch a certain skinny socialist to power. For me the low point of the 2008 campaign was when Obama, when asked the one solitary question by the MSM when the CAC's, and Obama's, connection to radical bomber Bill Ayers was that Walter Annenberg was a conservative. About as relevant as saying that Henry Ford was an episcopalian when discussing the Ford Foundation. Or that the Fabian society isn't too leftist, because Fabian recorded some great sock-hop records.


Hey, Cap'n, really good steer to Lydia Loveless...I bought the CD and she's great.

Go Giants.

I'll switch to the Puppy Bowl during Madonna and Minaj.


Are we allowed to write "Superbowl" here?

As a Jets fan, allow me to point out that if it wasn't for a Christmas Eve miracle 99-yard Eli Manning to Victor Cruz pass play, the Giants' season would probably have ended, with Coughlin possibly fired, and the Jets probably in the payoffs instead, not that they deserved it. I hate the Patriots, though, so Go Giants!

Captain Hate

Glad you like her, Mustang; particularly because I was in your debt for your prior recs.

Danube of Thought

Minus 13 at Raz today.

Pulling hard for Pats, but don't like their chances.


Just like my 'cafe con leche' I can't begin Sunday morning without my Pieces, nice riff on Nixon, 'we're all Keynesians now'

Thomas Collins

Pats 34, Giants 17. The key difference from the last time will be that the Giants' rush will not be as effective, and the Pats' rush will hurry Manning.

I don't think the Pats got enough credit for handling the Ravens.

And, in the key prediction, I understand that the over/under on the time it will take Kelly Clarkson to sing the Anthem is one minute thirty-four seconds. I'm picking the under.

Old Lurker

I live in Skins territory.

What is a "Superbowl"?

Danube of Thought

Niece Terry has been in Indy all week in connection with the promotionof Act of Valor. She says the city is one big street party.


BTW, if you are wondering why Greek situation is in such a mess, this should help explain it.

This bit caught my eye:

Reforms that international lenders want to see include a lower minimum wage, the removal of a "13th and 14th month" extra salary which is paid to workers as an annual bonus, and the liberalisation of workplace regulations.

So, everyone in Greece gets two months extra pay every year, just for not getting fired that year?


This is what I deserve for posting pre-coffee. My comment upthread should read Go Pats!


Just 'Unleash the Kraken now,' Ranger,


I'm sure this will go over well in the State Department:

Egypt 'to put on trial foreign NGO workers'

Egypt says it is to put on trial 40 people - including Americans and other foreigners - over the funding of non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Egypt's ruling military council has accused foreign groups of funding street protests against them.

BTW, in case you didn't know, one of the Americans is the son of the Secretary of Trasportation.

How is that Arab Spring workin out for ya Barry?

Thomas Collins

Just heard on the radio that Parcells was not elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Although this was Parcells' first year of eligibility, I'm very surprised. As a coach and front office honcho, Parcells has an exceptional record of turning around a team's fortunes. The Giants, Pats, Jets, Cowboys and Dolphins all sustantially improved under Parcells. I think that record is unmatched in the NFL and perhaps in all of the four major sports. I would have thought the Tuna would have been a lock for first time HOF induction.

Melinda Romanoff

Excellent pieces, Clarice.

One background note on Conrad Black. He was well into turning the Chicago SunTimes into a conservative alternative in the Chicago newspaper business. Proper investigative journalism, which had already exposed a number of dubious City spending schemes, had no place in a "City That Works".

That was his unforgivable sin.


They really do see 'Atlas Shrugged' as a how to guide, not a cautionary tale.

Thomas Collins

Curtis Martin did make it. See LUN for an article on the HOF results.

Captain Hate

TC, I have a feeling that the idiot journos that vote for the HOF have had their tender feelings bruised by the prickly Tuna, whom I agree should've been a first round lock particularly considering how mediocre the new inductees are.

Danube of Thought

I was stunned that Parcells didn't make it.

Glad you cleared that up, Porch. You had me scratching my head.


This is interesting, putting a different spin on the Market's recent rally (via Instapuntid):

Stock Market Predicts Defeat For President Obama

Looks a little more subjective than I usually care for, but a fun read anyway.

Captain Hate

I think the current inductees are very substandard. Maybe they should put in a Goodell wing and call it the Hall of Somewhat Good until they get a real commissioner who looks out for the integrity of the game. Btw, Cris Carter still remains inexplicably not in the HOF.


Speaking of puzzling decisions, how does Aaron Rodgers run away with the MVP while Drew Brees easily wins Offensive Player of the Year? Because of Rodgers's great work on defense?

Captain Hate

jimmyk, they like to have separate winners for those awards. Yes it makes no sense.

Manuel Transmission


From several threads back, the long range forecast is good, so we could buzz down to meet for lunch. We have a 4-Trotter at KPAE so could pick you up. Our fav lunch place is the Ram in the U-district. It's a sports bar/ brew pub with good choices on beer flavors. (I'm usually flying, so don't have a personal recommendation.)

How long is your layover? Are other options possible? Any word from Jim M?

hit and run

hit and run jr asked me this week which team I wanted to win the Super Bowl. He was befuddled when I answered "neither". His pressing further produced the response, "I hope they both lose". Being as smart as a whip,he observed that that was impossible according to the rules. And being as stubborn as a mule (no idea where he got that),he finally got me to commit: "I probably dislike Brady more than Manning,but I probably dislike the Giants more than the Pats overall."

[TheVIMH: So you'll be rooting for the Pats!]
I will be rooting for a Giants loss.

And I take this from peter:
How much Budweiser can people drink? a challenge.
(though maybe not with Bud,exactly)


I suspect 'many horses heads were harmed' to keep Goodell at his post;


I think the Patriots offensive line will keep Brady on his feet today. They've been practicing by lining up defensive speedsters offside, over the line of scrimmage and carrying fans to knock down Brady's passes. With Pro Bowlers Mankins and Waters, I think the line will be able to protect Brady.

And Wilfork seems to have a fire in his belly. If they can get to Eli, that shaky backfield won't be as big an issue as people think.


Captain Hate's "Not sure what Boehner's endgame is here:"

What if Boehner and Issa have irrefutable proof of Holder and Obama's involvement in F&F and other criminal undertakings compromising U.S. interests and the rule of law. IOW, impeachable offences of the highest nature. Boehner's evasiveness when his office is questioned serves perhaps another mission---keeping the Oval office wondering and worrying about how much the House investigators know.


I hate the Patriots, the only blemish on the Raider's '76 season and that horrible "tuck" play, but I must admit as much as I try to dislike Tom Brady he seems to remain a pretty humble, normal, nice guy who doesn't finish last very often.
I think he will today though.

Thomas Collins

CH, I had no idea Cris Carter is not in the HOF. I am not familiar with the selection process, but I really wonder wheher the folks who vote are paying enough attention to their HOF voting duties. Oh, well, if Carter is still out, I I I guess Parcells is in good company.


I'm with Hit wanting both teams to lose. Speaking of losers, will the union temper tantrum over right to work actually happen? Seems to me if they muck up the game then Rozelles, both teams, and the unions all lose at once.

Sandy Daze

5 Feb 2012

Insty links to the "five most politically controversial Super Bowl ads of all time" which interalia include the Mom & Timmy commercial from a few years ago.

One advert I found particularly interesting is "'s 30 second ad winner "Childs Pay" which shows children doing various jobs from cleaning dishes to collecting trash and then asks at the 20 second point in this 30 second advert "Guess who's going to pay off President Bush's $1 Trillion deficit?"

ISTM that it would not be very difficult to update this ad, perhaps using a strike through Bush replacing with Voldemort, and a strike through 1 Trillion and replacing it with 2, 3, 4 $5 Trillion.

On the merits of the argument, I agree with MoveOn, who is going to pay the deficit?


Go Patriants !


Well that was then , this is now, Sandy, speaking of teeing up the football, for the
inevitable dissapointment;

hit and run

They've been practicing by lining up defensive speedsters offside, over the line of scrimmage and carrying fans

Wow. Must be a thrill for the fans. And for the players if they are carefully selected female fans.


" Whatever one's opinions on the constitutional definition of "natural born citizen," the arrogance exhibited by this president and his defense attorney to the judiciary of a state, and the abject lack of reporting by the major networks and mainstream media, should trouble every citizen in the nation.

More remarkably, such behavior, especially when viewed as part of a disturbing pattern throughout this administration, should be of grave concern to members of Congress.

And the fact that Judge Malihi took note of and relied upon on the established rule of statutory construction in his earlier order, but then made assertions contrary to that principle in his final decision, should not go unnoticed by those versed in constitutional law.

Opponents of the controversial birthright citizenship practice should also take note, since Judge Malihi's opinion further entrenches the notion that every baby born on U.S. soil, regardless of the citizenship or domicile of its parents (presumably even an "anchor baby" or "birth tourist" baby) is a "natural born" citizen. So would have been Anwar al-Awlaki.

I wonder if the founders of the Constitution, the framers of the 14 th amendment, and the Supreme Court in the case of Wong Kim Ark,ever imagined that such an idea would be considered the rule of law. The mainstream media calls those who dare to argue otherwise "crazy" and "racist" "birthers."

Obama may have won the Georgia ballot challenge, but the rule of law and the Constitution suffered a crippling blow."



TK, I think that means you have to kiss DoT's hind end or something, doesn't it?


I was drinking when I made the bet, Clarice, so it is possible. I will buy him lunch first.

hit and run

In presidential election years...

NFC wins: 4 Republican victories and 3 Democrat
1968 Green Bay - Richard Nixon (pre-merger,after which GB would become part of NFC)
1972 Dallas - Richard Nixon
1988 Washington - George H.W. Bush
1992 Washington - Bill Clinton
1996 Dallas - Bill Clinton
2000 St. Louis - George W. Bush
2008 N.Y. Giants - Barack Hussein Obama

AFC wins: 3 Republicans and 1 Democrat
1976 Pittsburgh - Jimmy Carter
1980 Pittsburgh - Ronald Reagan
1984 L.A. Raiders - Ronald Reagan
2004 New England - George W. Bush


Heading out for the day. I hope everybody reads the link above, and digests how poorly this was handled.(plenty of supporting links at the Am Thinker article)

Here is another one:

I know this outcome is what many here predicted; did you predict the flawed technique to achieve the victory?


Nah hit, the linemen never get the girls. Those sissy QB's get all the glory.

hit and run

I will buy him lunch first.

Call me an old-fogie traditionalist,but I think you two should take it more slowly than just one lunch before advancing to a physical relationship involving derrieres.

And remember: a gentleman never kisses and tells.

Captain Hate

TC, you'd think after they finally got shamed into putting Art Monk in that they'd remove the final connection to Retardville and vote for Cris as well. I'm not sure why Wideouts get stiffed by the voters; although maybe there are some bluenoses who can't overlook Cris's drug problems which iirc he effectively dealt with.


I never saw that TC. Our Clarice is such a star!!!

I'm with Hit wanting both teams to lose.

Well then you guys suck.

I'm upset that they found the Indiana SOS guilty. Talk about a completely political railroading.

hit and run

Those sissy QB's get all the glory.

Don't sell wide receivers short!

Danube of Thought

So would have been Anwar al-Awlaki.

Correct. He would probably have encountered some difficulty in getting elected, however.

I wonder if the founders of the Constitution, the framers of the 14th amendment, and the Supreme Court in the case of Wong Kim Ark, ever imagined that such an idea would be considered the rule of law.

Probably. But no one can be absolutely certain, and that's the point I've been making: the judiciary will never, ever deny an American citizen the right to seek the presidency, and the electorate the right to elect him, in the absence of a clear and unambiguous constitutional prohibition against that citizen's running. There isn't.

Jack is Back!


The Flemish word for your wonderful expose of the naked dishonesty and corruption of the Regime's secret police is "proficiat" and you deserve it.

Me, I'm going for the Pats for 3 reasons: 1) ditto Porch's reason, 2) I like Vince Wilfork (who doesn't:), and 3) Bill Belichick's dad was coach at the Naval Academy where my good friend was QB and young Billy was like the team mascot. Ask DoT.

Regarding the NFL HoF, a very good friend and former business associate spent 13 years as an OL for one team in the NFL. Made 9 Pro-Bowls but never a Superbowl. It took him over 10 years to get in. It was one sportswriter who kept him out and then finally he was able to overcome that and get in. I had always thought it was having no Superbowl but it evidently was the fate of one guy's vote.

Danube of Thought

There isn't *one*.

Danube of Thought

Let's face it, CH: the only hope for Skins fans is that somebody buys out Snyder, just as the only hope for the Raiders was for Al Davis to assume room temperature.


I do so admire TK's hopefulness that the transaction of law in this country will proceed without undue influence from politics.

Please, however, stay away from what we ironically call the criminal "justice" system. At least until you, DoT and I have that martini.

Captain Hate

I'm not that pessimistic, DoT; I think the Skin's offseason last year was their best since Danny assumed control and if we have 2 more like that we should be Super Bowl contenders. He is annoying though; I can't deny that.

Jack is Back!

We did Boy Scout/Cub Scout Sunday at the church that sponsors the pack versus our school parish church. So, it was interesting that the pastor read the Bishop's letter we had read last week at our regular parish. After mass we went to the social hall for coffee and donuts and a middle aged guy sitting next to us looked at us and said, "you know that letter Father Al read, that's a big deal". He hadn't heard about it but he told us that everyone in his pew were steamed and very concerned. Then he left to for his Respect Life Committee meeting:)

But what I am hearing runs a little counter to what Clarice notes in her column today. At the school field day on Friday there were lots of parents and parish volunteers who are very disturbed at this move by the Regime and I believe it is influencing how they are looking at the election.

hit and run

Well then you guys suck.

I know you are but what am I?

Heh. Look,I came down on the Patriots side. What more do you want? Me to confess a secret gay crush on Brady or something?

Captain Hate

Btw even though the Cavs win over the Mavs last night was much enjoyed by the fans, there were also many cheers for and requests for autographs from Dirk for last year's Finals.


Was that a secret? Ooops.


I am watching for the commercials!

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and some slow cooked pork ribs are something to cheer for though!

hit and run

I don't think it was that secret.


Hey, MD put up a great fight against the evil White Phantoms. I was impressed when Duke played them and again yesterday.

Wednesday is the Duke/UNC game. I'm not hopeful. Those UNC players are, well, tall.

Danube of Thought

did you predict the flawed technique to achieve the victory

I don't accept that it was flawed. The reasoning of the Indiana appellate court--that "natural born citizen" means "citizen at birth"--is more persuasive to me than the contrary arguments.

Melinda Romanoff


Ever tried Sierra's "Torpedo"? It will make the plaque in your mouth removable with a pickle.



I think if anything the Raiders are in an even worse spot now. Mark Davis seems completely overwhelmed. Same thing is happening to the Lakers now that Jim Buss is running things.

hit and run

Wednesday is the Duke/UNC game.

Tell me about it. Even today -- Super Bowl Sunday -- the Wed game is bigger news 'round these parts. Pheh. We're going to a SB party at a neighbor's who are big UNC fans. If anyone there mentions the basketball game,I'm likely to launch into a snark-filled tirade. I'm loading my teleprompter with talking points as we speak.

Jack is Back!

Curious, outside Hits gumbo buffet, what's everyone having for the Super Bowl? I am doing chili - no beans - and white corn bread.

Captain Hate

Mark the entire Terp fanbase is impressed with the job that Mark Turgeon has done with not a lot of talent in terms of depth and are hoping for big things starting next season.

hit and run

Speaking of Super Bowl Sunday miscues -- hit and run jr and princess hit and run have their Cotillion graduation today -- and the festivities (sic) don't end until 5:30.

I mean,we won't miss the kickoff (knock on wood),but still. Couldn't they have at least scheduled it for Wednesday night and preempt the YouNC-Dook game or something?



I think Clarice quoted the Anchoress who was concerned that the word was only at present getting out among Catholics who attend Mass regularly and have heard the letter read. IOW only a fraction of the "Catholic voter" demographic. Is that not what you're seeing?

Danube of Thought

Matt, it's very odd to see the Clippers taking the city away from the Lakers, who have owned it outright for over fifty years. But the Angel of Stern had a lot to do with it by nixing the Chris Paul deal.

hit and run

Curious, outside Hits gumbo buffet

Just as a note -- I slid the photographic documentation of the buffet back on the Newt Fannie Freddie thread.

My best effort evah? Well...

I face this question with profound humility...but I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when the ingredients came together to make this great gumbo so that it may always reflect our very best selves, and our highest ideals.
(h/t Obama)

Oh,and the etouffee wasn't too shabby either.


TBD, JiB. We are invited to my BIL and SIL's house and I imagine I will be bringing something, but what, I do not yet know.

I do hate chasing kids when football is on. If I'm lucky I'll get to watch a couple of plays.


McClintock's opponent has been unveiled:

Sounds like another big-government democrat. It is interesting that he was born in India and has an MIT Ph.D. in chemistry.


I love you Hit..Could you hold that stuff closer to the screen so I could get a bite?

Captain Hate

Stern and Goodell are such useless placeholders that I have to name the hapless Selig as the most effective sports kumishuner by the default position of mostly having done nothing.

Danube of Thought

For many years now I have been declining invitations to Super Bowl parties. I need to hear the commentary and, more important, have the DVR remote in my hand so I can replay at will. Much more important than mere socializing.

I will be having meatballs, little sausages and Martinis.


El JEFe is giving an interview at 4:30. What a tool. Can't possibly pass up an opportunity to get his stupid mug on TV - especially if sports are involved.

I can only hope it will backfire.


It's my preference to stay at home, too, DoT. Two years ago I got a break and got to watch it all by my lonesome.

hit and run

and, more important, have the DVR remote in my hand so I can replay at will.

GoDaddy commercials?

hit and run

If the game consisted of the team I care about,and/or an outcome for which I was rooting,I would insist on staying home.

But since (to my shame) tonight's game offers me nothing more than an opportunity to root for injuries,I might as well distract myself from the game with watching drunk neighbors misbehaving. If only there was DVR replay capability for that.

[TheVIMH: You think neighbors come to watch you in the same manner?]
I am at times offered appearance fees.

Captain Hate

I can only hope it will backfire.

The JEF has done so many ignorant things over the past week that his clueless response to the woman whose engineer husband has been out of work seems to have been overlooked.


Sometimes I prefer having no team I care about in the game - then I can focus on the football and not freak out over every little setback.

Nothing like having one's favorite team in it, though. Not that I would freaking know, being a Vikings fan who is too young to remember their last SB loss.


I actually missed it myself, Cap'n. Going to search and look now.

Cecil Turner

Ever tried Sierra's "Torpedo"?

Not bad. But if you're going to go hoppy, I'd pick Stone IPA. I get really hard to hear after about two. (Invisible usually takes three.)

. . . tonight's game offers me nothing more than an opportunity to root for injuries . . .

Heh. But since I hate the Pats just a little bit more . . . guess I'm rootin' for the Giants. (I'll fer damn sure be turnin' it off before I have to watch anyone celebrate.)


--GoDaddy commercials?--

I find those about the most irritating things on TV and they were hardly improved by the addition of that transgendered amazon who I think is on some fatso show.


Querida is a huge Clipper fan, and we've been going to games since the mid 90's. I'm more ecumenical having grown up with the Lakers, but the Clippers were always the working class team.

As to Patriots - Giants, I'm with Hit. It's a battle of the smarms.


This LAOS bunch doesn't seem 'far right' but what do I know;


JiB, I just made a meat sauce with red wine for spaghetti. We have pigs in blankets in the freezer and will probably snack on them.

BTW, I'm watching Mark Steyn on C-span Book Notes and it's great.


Maybe I'm reading it wrong;

Melinda Romanoff


Stone's IPA isn't conveniently available here.

I haven't looked in The Map Room, just yet, but they carry just about everything.

Agent J

What is this the 46th or 47th Supper Bowl..I say with great pride, I have never seen a Supper Bowl game..and will continue that practice until the Detroit Lions plays the Kansas City Chiefs. May I live that long..

Still mildly upset over the non-watched Kansas Jayhawks/Missouri Tigers BB game last night..

Two weeks from tonight people will still remember the hangover they had from the SB party, but will not remember who won. Good luck to everyone on the team pick of their for me I like the old song I heard yesterday. "I don't like anybody very much"..


was it just ignorance or malice;

hit and run

and they were hardly improved by the addition of that transgendered amazon who I think is on some fatso show.

You can take a bow that you are more pop-culturally in the know than I on this matter.

I shan't go google to catch up. I fear the results of "trandgendered amazon fatso".

Danube of Thought

I've seen every one except Ii and III, when I was overseas. Was able to listen to both, however.

We've been fortunate that in recent years the games have been highly competitive. There were some long stretches when they were over by halftime.

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