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February 21, 2012



I have been busy too, Jane, so I can sympathize. I have trouble keeping up with the thread topics during my working hours. Just glad to hear that you are only busy, not sick with the flu or some other bug!

Rick Ballard

"Meanwhile the media will pummel any republican until he is crippled."

Not really, Jane. At least the current polling doesn't reflect any truly serious damage. I wouldn't mind debating MadJack every day as to whether $5 gas will hurt BOzo worse than 9% unemployment but it's not really necessary. Not with Uncle Bob, Aunt Sally and the kids still stuck in the basement rec room and a fill up running $80. The MFM is not going to be able to move the muddle a quarter of an inch with that reality show running and next week promises to be much worse than this week for the President.


You were missed, Jane. Weren't gallivanting with our old friend Lucifer, were you?

The Church Lady



Anyone ever tell you, you are a sanctimonious twit? You lecture because you aren't competent to engage. Sad really.

Captain Hate

Maybe El JEFe should be singing the blues with squarepants.


Sara dont you have some relatives to research or something? No one was talking to, as usual.

Not today Gmax. I figured it was time to come around again and point out what a total a$$hole you are. Don't you have a dog to kick or something?



They reach the soundbite crowd, which unfortunately might be a majority.


Too funny. You people should listen to yourselves. Just listen to the multi-cult drivel coming out of someone like Sara's yap,

LOL. Yes, Sara is really known for her "multi-cult drivel." That is the Sara whose only belief is in rugged individualism and as far away from organized religion, whether it be the organized religions of the right or the left's organized anti-religions you are talking about, right? LOL LOL LOL

Mad Jack

Right on Rick. That debate is a win win! P.S. Mega dittos Jane. I read two words and I know who it is and it's auto skip time.

Ben Franklin

Has squaredance gone around the bend, or is it a sock*

These days, you need a program for the players.


--It's not a dedication, it's a quote along with one from Thomas Paine.--

It seems at least an epigraph and it of course is a quote by Alinsky himself.


Put a sock in it, squaredance.

"You people should listen to yourselves."

Do you own a mirror?

george washington

to speak out loud at drudge & the msm(which drudge seems to be parroting these days):

would any of the founding fathers be considered "mainstream" these days???

if so does that mean we should THEN disavow the founders of the USA and their founding documents since they are "extreme" or not "mainstream" in the eyes of MANY people today?

oh and obama and his self-appointed thugs ARE "mainstream" ????

i think context needs to be practiced as well as santorum was giving a catholic conference FOR Catholics. most everyone their probably believes in the devil. EVEN George washington stopped the violence shown towards french troop catholics who were celebrating a catholic feast/holiday and protestant colonial troops killed/did violence towards french catholics troops. In the eyes of the colonialist they french were nt "mainstream" BUT Washington in his wisdom advocated/preached TOLERANCE.

I think many in the republican and most especially the democratic party should practice tolerance before casting stones at santorum.


Just an observation on that Chris Christy/Piers Morgan interview just ending now over here.

I watched about 40 minutes of it and I don't think I saw a single softball question come out of the mouth of Piers Morgan. No surprises there. And I believe that in different ways, Christy refused to accept the premise of Piers Morgan's question about 70% of the time.

Now that Christy is gone Morgan is commenting on Christy's girth. Figures.

Don't know if he's currently interested in the VP slot but Christy sure knows how to go on offense and would be an asset.


Jane, I guess I should have refreshed. Youd did such a good job I didn't need to waste the pixels.


--Why better to toss away our whole civilization than to cutrail for even one nanosecond your masturbation, fornication and sodomy.--

Where's that barge poll and those condoms?

--Just shameful, but not as shameful as the rest of you putting up with this hogwash.--

Piss off, moron.


Well, Iggy, it's not a "dedication." Or Dana doesn't think it is. And he's a professor. Which makes bgates a LIAR!!!!! So there.


Morgan gives me gas, as Morbo the Alien anchor
on Futurama would put it. Larry King, was 'mostly harmless' in the big scheme of things,
but Piers is another skincrawling factor all together,

Rick Ballard

Masturbation, Fornication and Sodomy

Small firm in San Francisco, right? General practice with most associates out of Boalt Hall or Stanford? The hiring interviews are said to be exhausting.


I am not in the habit of quoting anything from Ace of Spades, but in this case, I'll leave you with this:

Once again, Santorum does not merely not have a libertarian streak, but speaks about liberty in a hostile and disparaging manner. Apparently the Pursuit of Happiness just means that I'm free to live my life according to religious doctrine. I'm glad that in an election primarily about Obama's failure to create a good environment for wealth-creation -- the creation of "stuff," and, in terms of disposable income and time off, "pleasure" -- we're going to be talking about how "stuff" and "pleasure" aren't that important. The important thing is that we're on the clock 24/7, working for God. [...] My problem... continues to be that every successful Republican candidate speaks about the energy, vitality, courage, and creativity of freedom, whereas every time I hear Santorum turn to the subject he talks up the fear of freedom.

"Most people, including me, do NOT want our president to tell us anything about what to do in our bedroom.

No Sara, most people including you want everyone to stay our of your bedroom except when you demand everyone else take responsiblilty for what you do.

Women like you who demand free Pills just because you have a va-jay-jay and cannot control your own reproductive health.

Women like you who demand everyone else raise your children-provide food, housing and clothing-because you have a va-jay-jay and need to find yourselves.

Women like you who believe you have achieved Equalization through the legal practice of male Castration.

Your problem, like most women, that that you never reached adulthood.


This has been a weird day, but for some reason I keep coming back to the piece about Obama’s Fascinating Interview with Cathleen Falsani.
Rick Santorum mention this interview during this speech at Ava Maria U.


An interesting detail, about the Betty Ramirez
of the SkyDragon set, the Gleick affair, one of his other lawyers is John Keker, whose firm
happens to represent executives from the other
Bialystock and Bloom con I mean enterprise,


Yesterday was an interesting trip middle east bound from Paris. My co-worker had had a few tours 7-8 years ago over the territory we overflew. It was a little like having US Grant sitting next to you describing the battlefield of Shiloh from altitude.

With the terrain as dry and stark as it is, and visibility yesterday at noon close to unlimited, it was quite easy to see the Tigris and roads and oilfields and towns etc beautifully laid out beneath us, and was very easy for him to point out and describe what was happening at such and such a place, and tactics and operations from his experience. Fascinating.

Many big stories over here currently on TV, but the burning of Quran's in Afghan seems to be the one that has the ugliest images and has the folks most worked up.


Ah, yes, the rabid Ewok, whose lieutenant, Prince Malor, took up the same paradigm that Santorum want to bring up slavery and male suffrage,


There is a difference between the majority of conservative's negative reactions to Santorum and those of the MSM and liberals (but I repeat myself).

Conservatives are wailing "oh my this was a politically stupid thing to get caught saying. Just think how mean the MSM is going to be" whereas the liberals are saying "see that! Scary scary guy who's going to take away all your fun!"

The sad thing is the most effective spin control or rapid response from conservatives trying to downplay the political hit has exactly 0 effect on the liberals. If you want to do something positive, stop tossing out your own bombs and start defusing theirs.

Not comfortable with believing Satan exists? Fine - how are comfortable are you with someone who believes? Not so much? Well then... how about with the right of someone to believe? Better?

The only issue with Santorum's spiritual and religious beliefs that matter are NOT how he talks about them when asked to do so - it's whether you think his faith will, or will not, compromise his ability to fulfill the right and proper duties in the secular role of President of the United States.

In short, don't attack his faith, don't attack him for having faith -- embrace them both - and say so - as free people ought. Go ahead and question his qualifications as a president if you have concerns. That's fair game - and that's the conversation we should be having.

Sorry for the spew.


Interesting, how the Hunt for the Skydragon seem to have started with Gleick


The devil made him her do it:

Words fail me. But, apparently, not her.


Santorum does have a tendency to preach when he's addressing a religious congregation. See the LUN for an article dated Feb. 19, 2012 on Santorum's address a rally at the First Redeemer Church. It contains this excerpt from Santorum's speech:

America and our founders understood that if we were just a bunch of folks that cared about stuff, we have a very, very narrow view of freedom. We have a very, very narrow view of what God’s call is in our lives. Because that’s why He gave us these rights. To pursue happiness.

“…..’Happiness’ actually had a different definition, ‘way back at the time of our founders. Like many words in our lexicon, they evolve and change over time. ‘Happiness’ was one of them. Go back and look it up. You’ll see one of the principle definitions of happiness is ‘to do the morally right thing.’ God gave us rights to life and to freedom to pursue His will. That’s what the moral foundation of our country is.”

It's not a question of whether Santorum has the right to say this or whether his views are correct. It's a question of judgment. It is the accumulation of these political sermons that will hand the democrats an issue in the election.

P.S. Glad to see you back, Sara.

Captain Hate

The Ewok is very sensitive about the Cahrlse Jhnnsoo comparisons, for good reason.


Excellent points, AliceH, especially your next to last sentence!


Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio will reveal the findings of his office's investigation into the authenticity of President Obama's birth certificate on March 1, he announced Tuesday.

"Once again I take my elected sheriff's status very serious and when the people ask me to do something, I try to do it regardless of the repercussions, the politics," Arpaio said Tuesday at the Maricopa County Republican Party Lincoln Day Lunch and Straw Poll. "So on March 1st I will have a press conference and reveal what we found out during that investigation. And I don't have press conferences just to have my name on television."


Yes, Jefferson was going for more of a Lockeian view, along the side of 'pursuit of property' Galloway still shows himself to be
a kudzu riddled bubble.


Really he contributes to National Review, Buckley is doing a round of capoiera, from
the great beyond;


I can give religious expression to that. I am my brother’s keeper, I am my sister’s keeper, we are all children of God. Or I can express it in secular terms. But the basic premise remains the same. I think sometimes Democrats have made the mistake of shying away from a conversation about values for fear that they sacrifice the important value of tolerance. And I don’t think those two things are mutually exclusive.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

There is much of what RS says in some of the quoted statements he has made over the years with which I agree theologically even though I am not a Roman Catholic.

But, I don't like anyone seeking election or holding office preaching their version of the Gospel to me or to my fellow citizens, whether it be Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama or Rick Santorum. I choose the church I attend mostly because I like the challenging sermons my pastor preaches from the pulpit. I don't choose to vote for a President because he tries to preach his/her version of religious Truth.

The more political candidates stick with the economy and national defense, the happier I will be.



Guess who among other, ponied up for Brock's wurlitzer, the subprime queen;


Me thinks this was not unlike the Gleick affair;

Danube of Thought

"He rejects Satan and all his works and all his empty promises weekly. Apparently though that is to be mocked."

Only when he commingles those sentiments with his political prescriptions, and since he became a US Senator he can't separate the two. That's what makes people get jittery.


Couldn't happen to a nicer creep Narciso.

In other news from home, who's paying this critter's Hospital Bills?



There is a diversity of opinion here that is shaped by life experience, upbringing, and hard won lessons. You can't just demean people like that. It's unfair.

Santorum has his baggage, as do all of the candidates. The good news is that there's not much left to learn after umpty ump debates and primaries and caucuses. The dirt has been flung.

I am not necessarily a Santorum fan, partially because the uberscumbag Specter supported him and because he is weak candidate. I know Romney through two of his achievements that were not what they were billed to be.

Having said that, I think most of us realize that the current occupant of the White House has to go in the worst way. Not only does the Right not like his policies. The Left doesn't like him either. He is Kerensky and the Hard Left is trying to consolidate its gains while he is now trying on Oligarchism for size.

Are you better off than you were 3 years ago? Is anyone beyond Warren Buffett and George Soros? That is the question.

I know exactly who I am and what I will and will not stand for. I think you're selling a lot of people short.

Frau Fingerhut

OMG someone said "dedication." Chief Cleo's ultimate source, Media Matters, makes it clear there was *no* dedication to Lucifer. Whew! That's settled, right?
...and the Feather Merchant can hyperventilate and call Iggy a Beckian Idiot. How does Cleo know where Iggy gets his information? The fact is, the quote is indeed up front in the book (Don't trust Janet, however; Media Matters sez so, so it must be true.). Alinsky positioned his quote alongside Thomas Paine's to emphasize the importance of his own greatness.

Danube of Thought

Squaredance is a crazed zealot of limited intelligence. It doesn't make much sense to respond to his lunatic rants.

But it is very nice to see how unhappy he is.


--Sorry for the spew.--

Not to worry, Alice.
We tolerate all manner of spew here. Just ask squaredance.


--..and the Feather Merchant can hyperventilate and call Iggy a Beckian Idiot. How does Cleo know where Iggy gets his information?--

To be fair he was calling bgates a Beckian idiot.
Perhaps he got his Brians confused.


Not that bgates is Beckian idiot, BTW, just to be clear.


This is not to say, I don't take issue with some of Santorum's phrasing, but one gets a little tired of the second Verklempt sessions
in as many days. Lets not be a Frum or a Parker,

Danube of Thought

No Beckian idiots here among my admired friends. And you know who you are.


Well you guys are convincing me that Santorum is a good guy. At least he is not afraid to admit he believes in God.


Meanwhile in yet another pointless exercise;

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — A U.N. team visiting Iran has no plans to inspect the country’s nuclear facilities and will only hold talks with officials in Tehran, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said Tuesday. The remarks by Ramin Mehmanparast cast doubt on how much the U.N. inspectors would be able to gauge whether Iran is moving ahead with its suspected pursuit of nuclear weapons

Crazy Bald Guy

Go ahead and dismiss Santorum's remarks about Protestantism as no big deal if you want to, or go ahead and act like they never happened... but those remarks are on tape, and they will be played over and over again in attack ads. It did happen, he said what he said, and people are going to hear those words... a lot.

How do you think that's going to play out? 51% of the country is Protestant. You think hearing Santorum say that Protestantism is gone from Christianity will rally that 51% to Santorum or will it drive them away?

Frau Fingerhut

You are the fair one, Iggy. I don't respect anyone who uses intentional cruelty as a social tool.


Perhaps the most memorable of all the iterations of this is the one by Michael Corleone.

Do you reject Satan? I do.
And all his works? I do.
And all his empty promises? I do.

I don't see how any of this helps Santorum win the general election. Maybe it helps in some of the most conservative precincts.

It's a huge distraction. I imagine it will get even worse.

It's not a winning strategy.


--A U.N. team visiting Iran has no plans to inspect the country’s nuclear facilities and will only hold talks with officials in Tehran, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said Tuesday. The remarks by Ramin Mehmanparast cast doubt on how much the U.N. inspectors would be able to gauge whether Iran is moving ahead with its suspected pursuit of nuclear weapons.--

They have however conclusively ruled out that Hitler has any designs on the Sudetenland.


Taranto's twitter now linked over at Insty:

"Weird religion: Satan is against America. Normal religion: "God damn America."


As I remember, Obama was the only senator in the Illinois legislature who voted against palliative care for living, suffering, and crying aborted babies. They probably lay there, in cold metal dishes until they died.

However sanctimonious some of you feel Santorum is, I think he's a way ladder or two up from what we have as POTUS, if, indeed, he becomes the nominee.

I'll vote Republican no matter who is the nominee. Another four years of Obama will be the financial and moral ruination of this country.


"They have however conclusively ruled out that Hitler has any designs on the Sudetenland."

Yes but how about Adolf's son?


'And by saying there is no cannibalism in the British Navy I mean there is some'


Santorum was stating his views. He wasn't imposing his views. He didn't barge into a church and start ranting; he was invited to speak.

During the PRESENT CAMPAIGN, I think any candidate should concentrate on the economy. And, they should try to say things that can't be used as a bludgeon against them.

But, every GOP candidate is going to say, or has said, things that the media (and others) will twist into "deranged rantings".

Santorum wears his religion on his sleeve. If you don't like that, that's fine. But, to imply that he is a loon or theocrat is a bunch of crap.

Frau Fingerhut

Brava! Joan keeps her eye on the prize.


It's not a winning strategy.

Posted by: MarkO | February 21, 2012 at 11:49 PM


What the hell are you talking about? The video is what, four years old? This isn't a campaign speech.


This Santorum uproar strikes me as one of those instances where people mock mercilessly what he said like it's some giant gaffe that will ruin him with "the people" who are assumed to agree with the mockers and are therefore quite perceptive and then when subsequent polls suggest most people agree with him suddenly "the [previously perceptive] people" are transformed into a bunch of hillbilly, snake handlers.


For whoever predicted it, am watching a Deutsch TV channel and they just adoringly played the clip of Obama singing "Sweet Home, Chicago."

Danube of Thought

Santorum says things that most people think are dumb things to say publicly. He keeps on doing it. It's too bad.

Frau Aschermittwoch

daddy, perhaps it's part of the political satire associated with Karneval/Fasching. Don't tell me you are in *cold* Germany in the lap center of debauchery?


All who think Santorum's doubling down on this stuff is useful, well, vote for him. Both of you.

Frau Aschermittwoch

Best headline evah at Drudge:

Palin: Media Getting 'Wee-Weed' Up Over Satan Remark...


I think it was Central, going from a Fishbowl segment,

So lets review, we can't really talk about the nature of entitlements, or the nature of evil in the modern world, to describe the underlying philosophy that undergirds the President's camarilla, is also too edgy, lets
talk about the weather then, sans any discussion of AGW.


Sorry it was a Mark Knoller tweet, my mistake.


Not sara:
Most people, including me, do NOT want our president to tell us anything about what to do in our bedroom.

That's terrific, since as far as I can tell Santorum isn't doing that. He's expressing his own views.

What the hell are you talking about? The video is what, four years old? This isn't a campaign speech.

Exactly, mockmook. I don't understand the criticism of Santorum for speaking about his religious views in a religious setting. I'm not a Catholic or even a Christian, but not only is Santorum entitled to his views, he's entitled to proclaim them as he sees fit. He just needs to constantly remind the voters that he has no intention of imposing them by law or regulation.

So even though he has the views in the 8:15 quote about birth control, for example, he does not support any kind of ban. So what's the problem?


Btw, here are the Christie clips,


"Evil in the modern world." Yeah. Satan. Why not? Then what? Mayan eschatology?
I'm interested in all of it, but not in connection with electing a president.

Freedom. The economy. The debt. Obamacare. Then later we can compare and contrast the synoptic gospels with John.

Try this on: In your heart you know he's right.

(Another) Barbara

Oh dear. Is JOM now Santorum Central?

I came home about an hour ago after being gone all day, and read this thread in one sitting. The hair on my arms is standing on end. It is not at all a political discussion, but a religious one. This election should not be about whether Satan has overtaken our national consciousness and institutions but whether our freedoms are being eroded and destroyed by forces that are entirely secular and self-serving.

I admire Rick Santorum but I don't think the country needs or wants a parish priest as president. I was born a Catholic and will die one, but I pray (yes, PRAY) he will not be our party's nominee. We will lose, and not by a small margin.


Well Mayan Exchatology is taken for granted, even though the Mayans missed their own checkout date, also Roland Emmerich should be tried for movie crimes, but that Shakespeare
denying film was probably punishment enough,


In Dubai Frau,

*Warm* weather, *warm* mediocre beer and videos of *warmed* up Afghani's angry about Quran burning.


All who think Santorum's doubling down on this stuff is useful, well, vote for him.

I'll vote for the candidate who's going to do the best job, regardless of his religious views. As for "useful": As long as he distinguishes his religious views from his policy positions, I think a majority of voters will respect him for actually having sincere beliefs as compared to the phony lip service of people like Barry.


Freedom. The economy. The debt. Obamacare.

MarkO, even if he were to talk about nothing but these (and I agree he should), the press is going to dig up stuff he said five years ago at a church. I'm not going to fall for it.

Danube of Thought

Santorum needs to place more emphasis on the immanence of the eschaton. Upon that issue, after all, is where this pivotal election is going to be decided. Go for it, Rick!


Trust me, they aren't going to kick the football away this time;


Narciso, You go to so much effort, giving us great links, plus your pithy comments. Thanks so much. I'd have missed seeing Gov. Christie 'owning' Piers Morgan if you hadn't posted that link. I just loved it. Thanks again.


I suggest that some of you wander over to that evil Joooo Jeff Goldstein's site and see what he has had to say about Santorum and his Christiany ick factor and what he has written about the stuff floating out there about Santorum and what he said about faith, governance, and the rise of socialism and whether Santorum is a candidate that actually 'gets it' vis a vis the meta situation we find ourselves in.

As usual, some are taking the 'oh shiny' and running off the trail to chase
it. And I don't give a damn who threw the ooh shiny in the road, candidates, their surrogages and the MSM will heft whatever spear they can to 'win' (as if there is some awesome trophy and bragging rights).

Santorum has no more chance of enacting any invasions of your bedrooms, your person or your faith than my dog does - even with the republicans capturing the house and senate for evilll republicans to do their darkest deeds. OTOH, those begging for the electorate to do its damnedest to keep him out of our bedrooms (strawman) don't seem to be in such a tizzy about the possibility that that wacky Mormon is gonna ban sugar, soft drinks and force us all to keep an adequate supply of survivalist goods (not to mention having us marry our cousins). Come on guys, keep that nut job out of my cupboard, root cellar and away from my family tree!!!

I am religiously brought up but have left the realm of the religious. Or better yet, my church left me to paraphrase Zell.

The discussions here about trinity, holy spirit and all that icky religious stuff doesn't bother me and I expect RS would feel right at home discussing those issues here. And I enjoy reading them. Yikes! Yet those same folks discussing those issues have a problem with a candidate doing the same simply because he is a candidate and in a public place? (didn't know this blog came with an invisibility cloak whilst icky topics were brewing, btw)

Exactly where would you expect Santorum to expound on his thoughts about faith, citizenry and such than at a church or church convened event? Which is where he was. Jeff preaches signifiers and context and it would be well heeded for those considering where to place their bets this election season to do the same.

Or they can just continue to react to the shiny bauble and get on with the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Rend garments, too, if must, but the irony of that...

Even a non godbothery person like me sees the need for the physics of 'equal and opposite reactions.' First principles weren't manufactured out of thin air and we are a fur piece from this country's normal equilibrium of the first 150 plus years.

(Another) Barbara

the press is going to dig up stuff he said five years ago at a church. I'm not going to fall for it.

You won't Jimmyk, but others will, just as we "dig up" (rightfully) that Obama was married in and had his children baptized at Jeremiah Wright's church, years before he ever ran for president. Naturally when a Republican is involved the press is going to focus on what was said five years ago in church, as they did not -- but we wanted them to -- regarding Obama's religious history.

Danube of Thought

"Santorum has no more chance of enacting any invasions of your bedrooms, your person or your faith than my dog does ..."

If that's part of your endorsement of him, I hope it's not your fastball.


That does not sound like a mainstream candidate for President

I am not even a Christian, but this just doesn't phase me at all. Maybe it would have, back in the day.
But compared to all the crap coming out of the Dem Party and the MSM, it does not even register.


The assumption they want you to make wrt Santorum is that the past is a package deal:

if you want to retrieve one public virtue from the past, the vices from that same era must necessarily come with it - as if there were a correlative relationship between less public sexuality (or more in your face Godbotheryness and judgmentalism) and the ill treatment of women.


I'm not endorsing anyone. I haven't picked my white elephant gift yet.

But if you think any republican attaining the office of the prez is gonna toss the wimmins back into the kitchen and round up all the darkies and revert back to the 1860s for all of its glorious vices just to regain some of its virtues... God help us.

Look! Boogiemen under the bed!

Danube of Thought

"But if you think any republican attaining the office of the prez is gonna [etc.]..."

No one thinks that. The problem is, people are not gonna come out in droves to vote for a guy because they're confident he can't really accomplish what they think he'd like to accomplish.

In the meantime, let's have some fun by establishing a ghoulish vigil at the deathbed of the archfiend Hugo Chavez. I hope he dies soon but slowly, and above all in excruciating pain.



Will be more interesting to see who among our current administration gets the task of attending the funeral and delivering the speech about what a great humanitarian Chavez was. Hillary or Biden? Tough call.


To be fair he was calling bgates a Beckian idiot.

To be extra fair, he also suggested someone somewhere was worshiping a graven image of me. I don't believe there is such a thing. He might have been thinking of that statue of Rocky they used to have outside the Philadelphia Art Museum.



The satiric Parade floats from Karneval/Fasching are probably these:

1) Pope meet Devil, Devil meet Pope.

2) My favorite, Sarkozy and Mz Merkel in a tight embrace. Oo La La!

3) Ahmadinajad

4) 1) And every German's favorite Socialist, Captain America Obama.


This "most electable factor" is contrived, bogus nonsense. Obama and his administration have been an unmitigated disaster. Anybody can defeat Obama. Anybody. Geezez,
I'm incredulous that some of you are intimidated by that empty suit. You're being played by slick street hustlers.

If everybody votes for the candidate who best represents their views, who offers the best solutions, who is most likely to keep all of his campaign promises and who has managerial, executive and leadership skills and experience, we will arrive at a sensible consensus of which candidate will best represent the majority of us ..., and he will win. (This "most electable" factor is just silly, idle gossip, imo.)


I don't know about Satan, but I've read that Santorum quote about birth control at least three times now, and I still can't see anything wrong with it. Who would deny that it might be better if young girls kept their panties on, or that birth control and abortion make it easier to take 'em off?

Interviewer Question: So would birth control be covered by that notion of freedom without responsibilities?

I vote and have supported birth control because it is not the taking of a human life but I am not a believer in birth control. -artificial birth control- Again I think it goes down the line of being able to do whatever you want to do without having the responsibility that comes with that. …

This is from a personal point of view, from a governmental point of view I support ahh, title 10 I guess it is, and have voted for contraception and although I don’t think it works, I think it’s harmful to women, I think it’s harmful to our society to have a society that says that sex outside of marriage is something that should be encouraged or or or tolerated particularly among the young.

I think it has… we’ve seen very, very harmful long term consequences to our society. Birth control enables that and I don’t think it is a healthy thing for our country.

What's wrong with that quote?


What's wrong with that quote?

Nothing. He is right.

Captain Hate

Narciso, You go to so much effort, giving us great links, plus your pithy comments. Thanks so much. I'd have missed seeing Gov. Christie 'owning' Piers Morgan if you hadn't posted that link. I just loved it. Thanks again.

Tepid Air has always been good about getting clips up quickly. It almost makes the effort of wading through AllahBeta and Poppin's eeyorisms worthwhile.


I wish I knew, Ex.

Seems to me, the reactions from his social-conservative supporters and even the generic ABO crowd are more about feeling embarrassed in front of the neighbors.

I don't share Santorum's faith, but I find it irritating that those who seem to agree still want him to hide his candle under a bushel, as it were. I thought we were the side that did not make apply a political calculus to every aspect of our lives?

Captain Hate

This "most electable factor" is contrived, bogus nonsense.

Duke and Duke's top men base it on their magic algorithms, crystals and copper bracelets. They used to employ phrenology but the resulting restraining orders threatened access to future crop reports.


In any future debates you can be sure that Santorum will be pressed on these issues and he'd better be prepared to say his persoal views are entitled to expression even though he has no intention of imposing his religious beliefs on the nature and that it's time to concentrate on Obama's substantive failings and not these shining toy distractions.


Finding the other side of the Laffer Curve ...

The Treasury received £10.35 billion in income tax payments from those paying by self-assessment last month, a drop of £509 million compared with January 2011. Most other taxes produced higher revenues over the same period.

Senior sources said that the first official figures indicated that there had been “manoeuvring” by well-off Britons to avoid the new higher rate. The figures will add to pressure on the Coalition to drop the levy amid fears it is forcing entrepreneurs to relocate abroad.

The self-assessment returns from January, when most income tax is paid by the better-off, have been eagerly awaited by the Treasury and government ministers as they provide the first evidence of the success, or failure, of the 50p rate. It is the first year following the introduction of the 50p rate which had been expected to boost tax revenues from self-assessment by more than £1billion.


Nothing. He is right.

Is there even anything religious about what he said? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but he's being called a "religious wacko," in part for his opinion on birth control, and that doesn't seem fair.

I'd bet if they asked the question fairly, 80% of the public would support the point he makes in that quote.


Hope And Change = Bait And Switch

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