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February 04, 2012


Danube of Thought

Dare we hope Gingrich will quit?


Newt only lost in Nevada because all those Mormon voters out there hate whatever religion Newt is.


WWasn't he supposed to day something about now?


It's been disapointing, that folks I have admired like Elliot Abrams, by reputation, since I never met him, have so disapointed,
in this contest. Specially since he went through the ringer the first time during Iran Contra, an d the second time during his hearings for NSC.


Isn’t “Nevada Mormon” an oxymoron? Although, legend has it that Howard Hughes employed only Mormons when he went nuts in Vegas. Didn't a fake will end up in Salt Lake?

Is this where we say, you betcha?

Ralph L

I wouldn't have thought Abrams would have had much contact with Newt in the first place. Was he State or NSC staff then?


In solidarity with PP - the Lance Armstrong charity Livestrong will donate 100,000 to PP.

", Lance Armstrong, cancer survivor, champion cyclist and Livestrong founder and chairman announced that his cancer group will donate $100,000 to the nation’s biggest abortion business."

Livestrong??...killing babies??? they not see the disconnect?


He was State's point man on Central America, he claimed at the time, that Ollie's network
was operating in his bailiwick without his knowledge, I've linked pieces from the time, when the clean togas, couldn't run fast enough
away from him, as they did to Meese,


It would be a shame if anything happened to your casino;


I just met a guy on the Livestrong board the other night. He's an alumnus of the summer camp where my dad used to be a counselor and where I hope my kids will go, starting next summer.

Disappointing, but not surprising.


Tony Blankley really supported Newt and he is no longer with us. He was highly respected and would have been a balanced voice to Abrams.

Just a thought.

Ralph L

You'd think Armstrong would be more interested in increasing fertility after losing a nut to cancer. I blame homewrecker Sheryl Crow.


Yes, Caro, Tony would have set the record straight. He was Newt's most loyal ally.


Mr. Blankley retained his loyalty to Gingrich throughout his life. Late last year, in one of his last syndicated columns, he wrote that the Republican Party needed a presidential candidate who could "make sense of the terrible events and forces that weigh down our country; be capable of vividly describing our plight and what needs to be done; and convince the public that he or she has the intelligence, courage, experience and sheer willful capacity to force events favorably to America's historic interests and needs."

"As I have chosen to phrase that question," he continued, "the question answers itself. It is the GOP candidate currently at the top of the polls - my former boss New Gingrich."


There is no way a big Nevada open thread can be complete without a complete rundown of Mitt's favorite pastimes, movies, TV shows, music and quotes.


I'd be a hell of a lot more amenable to Newt if I knew Tony was at his side.



Fooling around in the Tahoe area one day many years back, the wife and I came into this little burg and found out it was the oldest town in Nevada. Very quaint, and had an interesting history: What started out as a lean-to and a few supplies in 1850, grew into the Town of Genoa by 1851.


Is Newt expected to come in 3rd?
Mitt and Ron Paul are both strong in NV, no?


daddy, I did not know that. The fooling around part.

Brigham sent his troops everywhere.


Per Porch's suggestion, I think Mitt enjoys diving into his vast pool of money in his money bin modeled after that of Uncle Scrooge.

It's been my life-long wish.


I think Mitt enjoys diving into his vast pool of money in his money bin modeled after that of Uncle Scrooge.



Quiet tonight. I take it that Mitt won going away?


Actually I thought we learned earlier that Mitt's into skiing, not, diving.


Mitt to Gingrich: Ironic, isn't it, that you have more wives than I do.

Gingrich to Bob Dole, seeking advice: Senator Dole, I just don't understand why so many people take an instant dislike to me.
Dole: Saves time.

What happens to the Tea Party if Mitt wins the nomination?
Better yet, what happens to the Tea Party if Ron Paul runs as an independent, gets 8 percent of the vote, and throws the election to the Democrats?
All of the above sounds quite likely, actually, and is a fate very well earned by the Bush Republicans.



Don't be like the college professors I've met through the years who could not get over Richard Nixon. It will eat up your soul.


Nothing will happen to the tea party BB. Get over it.

Hercule Poirot

Ah, If only we had a few million more "Bush Republicans".
We wouldn't have had Dole, McCain, Romney or Obama.



You're working off the old talking points... The new talking point is Romney has become the stealth tea party candidate, endorsing the essence of the movement while remaining unburdened by its public label.

Mitt Romney, the stealth tea party candidate

Please do try to keep up with the current party line.


No one sent him the memo, Ranger, it got lost in the spam.


Well, since he is probably no longer taking Prof. Ben-Dana's class, he must be way behind on the current party line response to events.

Hercule Poirot

Obama, Romney. Obama, Obama-lite.
A win/win for Democrats and Rinos.


Not a single comment on Newt's press conference?


Not a single comment on Newt's press conference?

Posted by: rachel | February 05, 2012 at 11:37 AM


You first, rachel.


You first, rachel.

I'd rather not. But OK. I've long thought Newt would be a disastrous nominee and (if the impossible were to happen) a terrible POTUS. Mostly for reasons of character & temperament, which I think that press conference laid bare. Obviously, I'm not a Gingrich fan, quite the contrary. So for me to comment on the press conference would be piling on.

I'm curious about the reaction here, because this is one of my favorite political blogs (I'm a lurker), and I've always had a high opinion of the commenters here, a crowd I've usually found to be smart and perceptive. Yet I have to admit I've been perplexed by the overwhelming, almost unanimous pro-Newt advocacy among y'all here (with maybe 1 or 2 exceptions). At least that's been my impression.

So I'm curious what the reaction of intelligent Newt supporters is to what transpired in that press conference. I'm curious whether it's caused any of you to reconsider. My motivation isn't Schadenfreude (though I admit I feel some of that for Newt; I also feel pity for him). Nor is it political advocacy for my current favored candididate (it's always been about the lesser evil for me, and a process of elimination). If you still support Newt, fair enough. I'm just genuinely curious, in good faith, about your thought processes at this moment.

But I understand if no one want to talk about it. That was like a grisly car crash (to my eyes at least), and perhaps the polite thing to do is just register that it happened and move on.


Hey rachel, thanks for de-lurking.

I didn't comment because I didn't see it. I agree we only seem to have a "lesser evil" choice.

If ya put gun to my head, I'll reluctantly pick Santorum. ABO.

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