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March 02, 2012


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further evidence of global warming, which is characterized by extreme and erratic weather patterns rather than an unceasing rise of the planet’s temperature.

"Rather than"? So warming isn't actually warming? Talk about shifting the goal posts.

In any case, I'd love to see some, you know, evidence about the claims of more "extreme" weather patterns. Volatility is something that is easier to measure than trend in a relatively short time span.


the exceptional snowstorms of last winter and the uncommon gentleness of this one are further evidence of global warming

And that sentiment, in turn, is consistent with the idea that our institutions have been penetrated by advance teams of space lizards determined to erode our ability to think scientifically in order to facilitate their conquest of earth when the mother ship arrives.

clarice feldman

What a rascal you are, TM.And jimmyk and bgates are smart asses (whom I adore)if I must say so.


What is the NY Times?

BTW-- "the exceptional snowstorms of last winter and the uncommon gentleness of this one are further evidence of ...."

that would be further evidence of "weather".


If anything, the exceptional snowstorms of last winter and the uncommon gentleness of this one are further evidence of global warming

If anything...

Annoying Old Guy
Why does Obama want his base to sicken and die?

As per a recent thread, he also doesn't want them reproducing. Maybe that Occupational protest really was blue on blue and this is the ruling class' response.


I thought the proper terminology approved by Minitrue was now "climate change".

Are we back to global warming again? Should I be buying waterfront property in Nova Scotia?


--And that sentiment, in turn, is consistent with the idea that our institutions have been penetrated by advance teams of space lizards...--

I for one welcome our new space lizard overlords,
just so long as they confine their diet to Ministry of Truth reporters.

Captain Hate

Climate change; is there anything it can't be?

A Casual Observation

A cute, little duck waddles into a bar and says to the bartender, "Hi, I'm Hewey. I've been in puddles all morning. I need a drink."

A little while later, another cute, little duck waddles into the bar and says, "Hi, I'm Dewey. I've been in puddles all afternoon. I need a drink."

A little while later, another cute, little duck waddles into the bar, and the bartender says, "Wait, don't tell me, you're Louie, right?"

To which the third little duck replies, "No, I'm Puddles."

All the News that's Left to Print.

The New York Times could be used as a metric of cognitive dissonance among the alarmists. Andy Revkin, whose curiosity and intellectual integrity I have applauded, was caught authenticating the forged memo(see Peter Gleick) without any factchecking and has now disappointed me by begging for the status of opinionator rather than reporter of facts.


Gen Jack Keane on FOX putting the lie to Obama's statement that he listens to the recommendations to the Generals in the field.

Talking about the Afghan Quran mess, Megyn just played the Obama clip of Obama saying that his apology had calmed the situation in Afghanistan, and putting out the White House talking point that Obama listens to his Generals in the field.

General Keane is laying out the 3 big recommendations Obama has received from Generals in the field since late 2009 and detailing how Obama blew all 3 of those recommendation off.


What will happen next week LIBTARDS? Next month?? Next winter??

Why is Europe freezing this winter and we are not.

Cognitive dissonance in the victims of an extraordinary popular delusion.

Another curiosity, Megan McArdle of the Atlantic penned a marvelous expose of Peter Gleick and his wire fraud and possible forgery. In penance, she now has an article trashing skeptics.


--What will happen next week LIBTARDS? Next month?? Next winter??--

That's the beauty of it; whatever happens is verification of their claims.


--In penance, she now has an article trashing skeptics.--

She's just another fence straddling goof like Kathleen Parker who is forever placing a pox on everyone's house not because of the truth of a matter but merely to stay above the fray and appear even handed, which is fine when one side isn't a Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organization like the left.


Higher education update - due to Walker budget cuts UW to cut courses from curriculum. Those poor kids will have to get along without college credit for: fencing, windsurfing, fly fishing, badminton, ice skating, tennis and bowling.


In other news, it's stories like this that make MS and Darien Ct, so proud:

Thomas Collins

Uh-oh. Are Euros the true Native Americans? See LUN (via Instapundit).


Henry-- thanks for the link-- love the reporter's "oh the humanity' punchline:

"Kayla Moses, 25, said she was very self-conscious and insecure at the beginning of the class when she took it in spring 2011.
But she said she gained confidence in herself as the course went on and is now a teaching assistant for the class. She said she was so saddened by the class' impending elimination that she decided to write a testimonial about her experience.
"Not only do we leave the class sweaty, but we leave with new friendships, self-confidence, and insight about ourselves," she wrote.

"self-confidence" and "insight about ourselves." Well there you go Henry your Wisconsin tax dollar at work!!! How could evil walker do such a thing!!


Yeah NK, another "kid" on the 10 year plan struggling to get credentialed so she can instill self-confidence in elementary school kids.

Strawman Cometh

In 2009 the Mrs. took a job as an admin/clerk at the local Urgent Care clinic. Their numbers are way down this winter from last - not enough sick people, and specifically very few to no flu victims.


Henry -- Now you're being unfair. Ms. Moses may be a delightful hardworking student that is pushing her physical boundaries by doing Triathalon. I applaud that -- I really do. Of course there is no reason why Wisc taxpayers should be subsidizing that. So Kayla- The stationary bikes are at UW, the pool is there, the roads are there, download a Triathalon training program, and go for it; just no class credit.


NK, I won't argue the triathalon part, those would push anyone's limits... and btw Madison is on a lake and has bike paths all over it. However, 25 is a little old to be dallying as an undergrad. (She was not described as a mother balancing child raising with school which would be a whole different thing).


Henry-- I agree with that, at 25yo, Kayla should not be checking "STUDENT" on her credit card applications. You're right about that.

Melinda Romanoff

Also, keep in mind this was an "unofficial" House hearing, like Conyers "impeachment". Only biased/paid witnesses need apply.

Rick Ballard


I like Frosted Fluke. Any chance you know a kid who would like to earn a few bucks putting up "For a good time, call Sandra Fluke" notes around the Georgetown campus?

Thomas Collins

Whoops! Here is the promised LUN on the Euros.

Thomas Collins

I'm less put off by Fluke than by the fact that Dems apparently thought that a solid witness would be some 25 year old with an inflated sense of entitlement who thinks she should have a school change its conscience policies so she can go there and have contraceptives in the health package. Are there any adult Dems left in Congress?

Thomas Collins

Oh the inhumanity! A state school cuts a triathlon class! I just hope the Wisconsin university system provides free contraceptives to the students. No triathlon classes and no contraceptives would be just too much for the students to endure!


TC-- excellent snark. My favorite part about the WaPo story. The WaPo urge caution about this early research, skepticism should rule where extraordinary claims are made -- extraordinary proof is required, I agree. Wait-- what about CAGW? no skepticism allowed there, we MUST take Hansen and Gore's word for it.


Ms Fluke had a horrible childhood due to the pronounciation of her last name.

Not Sara

Well, Obama has called Ms. Fluke and talked to her. Oh the humanity!!! The Repubs need to take "the ball back in their court" and take control of this contraception mess!


Via LI: Obama called Sandra Fluke but not the parents of the Border Patrol agent his government killed. LUN


Most mornings, I spend a few minutes going to yahoo finance. I scan the pro-Obama economic articles and then go into the comments to "like" the people who write fierce screeds denouncing Obama, savaging the slanted media, rebutting spin, etc.
For 2 days, none of the articles I clicked on had a comment section.
Has yahoo gotten tired of providing aid-and-comfort to righties who see their side liked 2x to 30x the count of dislikes?
Anyone else notice this?


That is very interesting, Jim. I've been noticing that same trend at Yahoo regarding ratio of anti- to pro-Obama comments. It makes a lot of sense that they'd just close comments if they're trying to benefit Obama and the Dems.


Arctic Energy updates:

FOX Business says that Chevron is in talks to drill for Oil in Russia's Arctic region, following on the heels of Exxon which apparently already is operating in the Russian Arctic.

The analyst (Terzic) says that due to the difficulty of working the Russian Arctic it will take between 10-12 years to get from exploratory stage to fuel to market stage.

Local Blog is reporting that Japan is expressing increased interest in Alaskan Natural Gas and is considering funding or partner funding of a Natural Gas Pipeline to Pruhdoe.

For those who may not know, our current pipeline to Pruhdoe is for Oil, not for gas, but as a consequence of drilling for Oil in the north slope of Alaska we constantly encounter gas, and instead of burning it up or shipping it to market (since we can't ship it without a gas pipeline) we re-inject it into the earth. Story says that every day, just from our Pruhdoe ops, we currently re-inject back into the ground enough gas to power the Nation of Canada for a full day.

That gives you some idea of what the potential up there is and why it drives us crazy up here not being able to get our crap together to fund and build a gas pipeline. So they head to Russia. Arggggggh!


I went to Yahoo News and can't find any comments anywhere. Am I missing them? I know they used to be there b/c I read them.

I googled it and got links to people asking the same thing last year and in 2009. Maybe the comment sections go down periodically? Here's one link:


Daddy-- It's worse than that. If the Dems hadn't obstructed ANWR the US would now have 1M+Barrels/day in crude, if 'Bam weren't interfering with US pipleine development, Alaska could develop its natural gas fields, build LNG plants at the end of the pipeline and ship LNG to Japan/China. Now the work and the profits goes to Putin.



You are exactly right. Clinton was the guy who vetoed ANWR, saying it would take 10 years to get the Oil from drilling to market, yet now we are going to be fed the lie that Clinton is America's Gas savior because he will be the guy responsible (if successful) for pressuring Obama to allow the Keystone Pipeline Project.

Rick Ballard


Can you imagine how much CO2 the European proto-Inuit tribes of 22,000 years ago must have emitted in order to raise the sea level 240 feet? The entrances to all their coal mines must have been close to the shore (now deep under water).


RickB-- excellent snark. But remember, WaPo says we must be skeptical of these Euro settler theories.


Hmmm, Althouse reports petition fraud guy faces 50 years and $90,000. That is a good starting point for climate fraud guys.



That was the fault of the Atlantean's, not the European proto-Inuits.

The inhabitants of Mu warned them not to get all carbony and to stick with Astral Traveling, but the damned 'Lantean's had to zip on over the oceans to build their Nazca Sand Lines and other Chariots of the Gods type stuff, and that's what done 'em in:(


Read all about it! President shreds cred on energy policies. LUN.



Thanks for that link, but did you see the last paragraph of the story from the perp's ex-wife...

“I think he did some joking around and he is going to get in trouble for it,” Kathy Demet, Mark Demet’s ex-wife, told The Journal Times in early February. “It’s a shame, he’s a good person … I don’t think he would do anything intentionally to hurt anyone.”

So it was all in good natured fun. Not trying to hurt anybody. Just a little unintentional friendly Vote Fraud---not like those evil Republican's who wanna' bring back Jim Crow Voter ID.


Yeah Daddy, joking around never hurts anyone. It's OK to joke around and send death threats to Walker, state senators, the Koch brothers. Joking around is only bad when you call a feminist activist a slut.



Seeing how a new Oil Refinery has not been built in the US for almost 40 years now, isn't it interesting to know that the evil Oil Companies were deviously far-seeing enough 4 decades ago to know exactly how many refineries they'd need to build way back then to satiate their greed 40 years on. Evil geniuses.

Thankfully the righteous Obama saw thru their schemes and has only pontificated about building new roads, new trains, and new airports, all of which run on oil, but thank goodness not about any more Oil Refineries and only lip service to any new drilling.


Daddy/henry-- very interesting conversation you're having. There's a clear pattern now to the vote fraud, OWS, and contraception nonsense from the Left. The Hardcore/Professional leftists (Ayres, Unions, Nonprofit Orgs etc) get naive young idealist Lefties to do the dirty work, by convincing the younguns it's for a "GOOD" cause. If the fraud works, more power for the professional Lefties. If it is exposed or fails, the pros never heard of the young progs. It's really like the Brooklyn mafia 50 years ago.


Maybe the Influenza is just afraid of Obamacare?

The flu saw what Obama did to Osama Bin Laden!!

Jack is Back!


Good stuff. Now you know why we need to keep the payroll tax cut so those poor suckers can pay for additional $800/yr in gasoline costs.

I am more convinced than ever that these people in the Regime are really brain dead Zombies who eat the brains of the un-interesested, un-educated, un-inquisitive and overly reliant on Entertainment Tonight.


I'm off with the dogs in a moment, but just a question.

Has anyone seen any of our candidates besides Newt, going on offense against Chu and Obama and Keystone and the Presidents horrible Energy Policies lately?

All I've seen lately is Gingrich, and I see clips of him doing it every day.

Am I just missing it by not watching the correct channels?

I can understand the opposition Media wanting to simply show Mitt and Rick tossing snide remarks back and forth and blabbing on about Contraception and Religion, but then why does Newt get air play for his attacks on the Prez's energy idiocy?

I want a champion, and I keep getting sucked back in to having to pull for Newt because I am just not seeing or hearing Rick or Mitt going on offense.

Maybe I'll hear it when Ron paul comes to town tonight..."Hey Momma, where's my baseball cap, and which drawer do you keep the Reynold's wrap tin foil in?"



Let me be the first to throw out the idea that the right counter the leftist Occupy Wallstreet Guy Fawkes mask with Andrew Brietbart masks..


Great rundown here on how the left lies about Global Warmin....err climate change.


No, daddy, you inadvertently saw outside the Cave wall, just as when Perry pointed out the damage caused by QE 2, but he did that more ineptly than most.



You are a genius!

clarice feldman

RB:" Any chance you know a kid who would like to earn a few bucks putting up "For a good time, call Sandra Fluke" notes around the Georgetown campus?" I'm sure that would land the jokester in the pokey for some kind of hate crime. It has to be illegal to mock a Dem dog and pony show artiste.


You notice the left can never actually argue about what their real argument is...they constantly need the media to frame the argument falsely in order to win an argument.

So Global warming becomes Climate change and the entire noise Media adopts the new language never actually explaining to us why Global Warming went away.

The you have the 'should I pay for your birth control' debate. The left turn it into you are taking away birth control from rich, white lawyers beacuse you won't hand it out for free.

You notice nobody asked Ms Lawyer going to Goergetown if she remembers the kids she graduated highschool with who are now waitresses, and plumbers, and store clerks whose parents aren't rich about why they should pony up the 3 Grand per law school student so they can have sex??


Meant to post this important story I stumbled on while following Insty's link about baby ground sloths wearing pajama's.

Classic Science Fiction Novels, Reviewed by Nudists.



What's even odder about the media trotting out Fukes is that she isn't even the person they were arguing about... MS FUKES DOESN'T WORK FOR GEORGETOWN, SHES A CLIENT OF THE SCHOOL. If she wants a healthcare plan that covers birth control...she certainly can go out and buy one.

Now we have gone from your EMPLOYER needs to pay for it, to the business you frequent for a service has to pay for it.

In what Universe is Georgetown in any way responsible for their students healthcare plans?


Have you heard about Hank the Cat's run for VA Senate? He now has a Super-PAC attack ad out against him -- see LUN and scroll down for the video. Great parody.


Pops, Pops, Pops, there you go trying to inject logic to this Gergetown Law trollope stuff. Don't you know? the only important thing is that she feels aggrieved... sooooo... if she feels aggrieved that makes her entitled to social recompense. C'mon Pops, what are you some kind of caveman?
Apologies to any Cavemen out there.


Pops: Students at Georgetown are automatically enrolled (for an annual premium of $1900) in the University "premier" health care plan. They can opt out if they have sufficient health care insurance elsewhere, but that's not the default and it requires submitting paperwork and evidence within a short-ish window at the beginning of term.


I was thinking the same thing Pops. We are all Andrew Breitbart.


AliceH-- so health insurance is a profit center for Georgetown Law? Wow, the Trustees must be so proud of themselves.



So your saying this 30 someone wasn't capable of figuring out her healthcare needs, but is on track to be a lawyer.



AliceH... so why doesn't Georgetown Law prepare a form affidavit for students whereby they swear to have repeated sex, and they get a credit against Georgetown tuition? There, I fixed things.


Great article by George Weigel on what the late lamented Fr. Richard John Neuhaus would have to say about the contraception/1st amendment kerfuffle.


Actually in reviewing the Geortown website. You can turn down their insurance and get your own during 'open enrollments.

Fall Open enrollment is July 1, through September 15. (2 and 1/2 months)

and Spring Open Enrollment: December 1, through January 31.(Two months)

So she was incapable of opting out in a 4 and 1/2 month window.

Wow, she is stupid.


Has anyone seen any of our candidates besides Newt, going on offense against Chu and Obama and Keystone and the Presidents horrible Energy Policies lately?

Good point. Such an easy layup, too.

Solar is a joke now, and so is the Volt, but only Newt seems willing or able to mount an actual attack.

ROMNEY: It's very easy to excite the base with incendiary comments. We've seen throughout the campaign that, if you're willing to say really outrageous things that are accusative and attacking of President Obama, that you're gonna jump up in the polls. I'm not willing to light my hair on fire to try and get support. I am who I am. I'm a person with extensive experience in the private sector, in the economy.

Pops says: "Wow, she is stupid."
I don't know about that... either her parents or some lender is paying $48,000/year tuition PLUS her expenses, while she sleeps around. Sounds like a sweet deal to me -- for her.


I am not a law student, but I literally just went to their website, downloaded the healthcare plan and found the birth control paragraphs in less then 5 minutes.

its basically a low cost plan with alot of exclusions to reduce cost for healthy college students.

It doesn't cover all kinds of things like infertility, it doesn't even cover male sexual problems like Viagra covers illenss and sickness, not comprehensive healthcare.

So if you want a cadillac plan, you will have to pay...or under Obamas plan, he was just mandate us all out of being able to afford private insurance.


Pops-- there you go with logic again.

seriously, you raise a very good point-- the Gergetown Law plan is ILLEGAL under Obamacare for a HOST of reasons, not just contraception. Georgetown Law will drop the plan and refer students to the DC (or ntheir home State) insurance 'exchange' for subsidized insurance, or the students cadillac plans. "you can keep your own insurance" is just one of the BIG lies about Obamacare.


So according to Ms Fukes, she wants to pay no more then 1900 per year for health insurance, and get back 1000 dollars immediately for her birth control. So basically she wants a full healthcare plan for 900 dollars.


Pops-- I told you the trollope wasn't stupid... she's a greedy pig.


Rich Lowrey, from back in July:

The first principle of poker is not to give any indication that you’re bluffing. President Barack Obama violated it at one of the increasingly farcical White House meetings on the debt ceiling. He reportedly left the confab with a warning to Republicans: “Don’t call my bluff.”

This is not a man who will ever be found expressionless, wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap, at a table at the World Series of Poker.



I suspect the ones truly getting screwed here are the taxpayers.


Especially for Sue, the young and vivacious Sue I might add;
As many as five US soldiers to be reprimanded for Koran burning including possible loss of rank.


If you feel like it, I have just started a yahoo Group called "We are all Andrew Breitbart"

Captain Hate

That's right, Pops; Odummy is getting his clock cleaned with our money.


CH/Pops-- 'Bam is from Chicago. As I'm sure MelR will confirm, the Iron Law in ChiTown is EVERYBODY PAYS, and the politicians take, and don't ever give anything back. That's the deal with 'Bam.


Fox news panel had the lib 'ist wimpering over Rush. Fox has sh-- the bed.

Danube of Thought

""the exceptional snowstorms of last winter and the uncommon gentleness of this one are further evidence of ...."

Here's a thought experiment for you: try to imagine a series of weather events that would NOT be further evidence of....

Youcan bet your bottom dollar, for instance, that if last winter had been uncommonly gentle and this one featured exceptional snowstorms, that would have been further evidence of....


Well, bunky, don't even look at Gabriel Malor's twitter feed, then. He is having a massive melt down - the Dems will win everything all because of the stupidity of Rush, yadda, yadda, ya.


So your saying this 30 someone wasn't capable of figuring out her healthcare needs, but is on track to be a lawyer.

Kind of like the lawyer who wasn't capable of figuring out his auto insurance, but was on track to be President.

Ben Franklin

Good News !!! There's Global Warming but Al Gore doesn't have the flu.

UNbefuckinglievable, Magure.........


Palin was called horrible names.....I mean this dude was blubbering.


Can you imagine what the left would be saying if the Republicans had the Duggar Family Mom testifying before Congress that she wants us all to pay for her infertility so she can have another child.??


I think we are giving Ms Fukes too little credit. I am not so sure she actually wants to be a employed lawyer...she really wants to marry a lawyer.
So birth control is a priority for a college girl looking to land a lawyer, where s tuition would be a priority for one wanting to be a lawyer.


You should be happy Ben FRanklin, President Bush solved Global Warming. I mean all we heard about was global warming before he became President and now, noone mentions it.

Must have been Bush solved it.

And remember Ben what religion can teach you about abortion.

Whosoever has spared the life of a soul, it is as though he has spared the life of all people. Whosoever has killed a soul, it is as though he has murdered all of mankind.


Good post at HotAir by Tina Korbe.

Sebelius: Reduction in pregnancies compensates for the cost of contraception

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius yesterday assured a House panel that the contraception mandate will actually pay for itself.
“Who pays for it? There’s no such thing as a free service,” [Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Tim] Murphy asked.

Sebelius responded that that is not the case with insurance.

“The reduction in the number of pregnancies compensates for cost of contraception,” Sebelius answered.

Murphy expressed surprise by the answer.

“So you are saying, by not having babies born, we are going to save money on health care?” Murphy asked.

Sebelius replied, “Providing contraception is a critical preventive health benefit for women and for their children.”

Murphy again sought clarification.

“Not having babies born is a critical benefit. This is absolutely amazing to me. I yield back,” he said.

As Kentucky Republican Rep. Brad Guthrie pointed out, if Sebelius is correct, it’s curious that more insurance companies don’t already cover contraception. If it makes money for health insurance companies to cover it, why don’t they already do so voluntarily?

More importantly, Sebelius’ comments show an alarming disregard for the value of human life and hints at a desire for population control. Still, Sebelius wants to talk about the population in economic terms? Let’s talk about it. Does she understand that we’re headed toward an entitlement crisis, fueled in part by too many retirees to be supported by too few workers? If the U.S. has any kind of population problem, it’s that our population is not growing fast enough to support our entitlement state. Think that’s a stretch? For what it’s worth, Mark Steyn doesn’t.

These people are scum. Really, scum.


Climate Change must be over.

GM announced today it is suspending VOLT production and laying off 1300 workers.

Ahh, the 1%'rs aren't buying the Obama crap.


As Matt said: We are all Andrew Breitbart.

Rick Ballard


You're never going to read an honest account of what the candidates are saying in the maintrickle media. I actually found Governor Romney's Michigan victory speech to be pretty good. There's a bit of treacle in the first part but the rest was pretty pointed - and all at BOzo.


As many as five US soldiers to be reprimanded for Koran burning including possible loss of rank.

This just makes me sick. We are done.

If you feel like it, I have just started a yahoo Group called "We are all Andrew Breitbart"

matt, How does someone join a yahoo group?

Ben Franklin

"You should be happy Ben FRanklin"

I will be happy when the large squirrel-like rodent, maguire, crawls out of his hole and announces he doesn't see his shadow.


Become a democrat, Janet.

Ben Franklin

"You should be happy Ben FRanklin"

I will be happy when the large, squirrel-like rodent, Maguire, peeps out of his hole and doesn't see his shadow...

Ben Franklin

Meanwhile, I'll be back in my imaginary son's hole if anyone is looking for me.


Get lost Ben. Why are you here shitting on our host's floor. Grow a pair and get out.

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