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March 10, 2012


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Jack is Back!

As I noted on the other thread, Boortz was on this like ugly on an ape last Tuesday morning. Everyone else seems to be catching up. He even named names at CNN who is in charge of the dinner and sent out the invitations about how this dinner would be entertaining and funny. He did over an hour on Louis C. K. including his biggest hits on Palin.

He gives sewers a bad name if you ask me.


Happy Birthday Jim Rhoads!

Who hired Louis in the first place?


TM - WRONG, WRONG, WRONG - not Laura, but Greta Van Susteren - even your link goes to Gretawire.


TM, it was Greta Van Susteren.

DG Forbes

I came across this story on another blog (Greta van Susteren)and couldn't believe the viciousness of the comments she received in return against herself and women in general in support of this 'comedian'. Maybe the libs are right and Limbaugh should be driven off the air (by boycott not official censorship) but along with Olberman, Maher, Matthews et al who soil public discourse with the level of language they use. Publicly calling a woman a slut or a cunt because you can is not freedom of speech, it's the degradation of the freedom of speech. It defiles everyone.

Cecil Turner

As I noted on the other thread, Boortz was on this like ugly on an ape last Tuesday morning.

I want to go on record deploring the use of loaded terms like "ugly" to describe our simian brethren (and possible future overlords). How about "aesthetically challenged"?

On topic, Greta has every right to decide not to attend, for any reason, and to try to persuade others. I don't find her one-upsmanship on the civility crusade very compelling, but at least it's appropriate. (Unlike the President's attempt at chilling unfavorable political speech, which was downright fascist.)


JiB, Hannity was on to it early in the week as well, with the same names at CNN, etc. so which of them was first? Do you listen to Hannity on the radio? Looks like Boortz and Hannity both got a tip from a single source?


Chubby, I replied to this on the other thread. It is not Greta who was first in talking about this comic pig - but she threw down the gauntlet saying she was boycotting and asking other women in media to do the same. I think that is what got attention and why he withdrew from hosting.

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

I want to know who decided to hire him in the first place.


Well that's a good thing, can't they find anyone who is generally good at observational humor, Ray Romano, Jerry Seinfeld, or might
the regime's shortcoming be focused upon,

I was catching a segment of the Five, insomnia, and they Beckel repeated another
false claim, from that two hour hate spectacular, airing tonight, that someone actually yelled 'Kill him' at a campaign event, meanwhile actual instances like the hanging in effigy, and subsequent church burnings those go unmentioned,


I agree CC, she threw down the gauntlet and gave the issue real force. But she didn't "expose" it per se, though she did give the exposure much wider recognition and forced a good consequence.

Their going after Rush has really backfired, eh? :) another Roadrunner episode. They are very limited by their own hypocrisy as to what they can do.


Step right up for tickets: Chicago radio personalities Mancow Muller and Steve Dahl are getting ready to hit the road in separate and entirely different types of public appearances.

Mancow TV, two one-hour prime-time specials, are scheduled to air March 17 and 24 (with repeats March 18 and 25) on Fox News Channel. They’ll be produced by Woody Fraser, the television veteran whose credits include Good Morning America, That’s Incredible and The Mike Douglas Show.

Muller was sketchy on details of the show’s format, but said the focus would be on presidential politics. A planned feature with Andrew Breitbart had to be scrapped after the conservative commentator died last week at 43. “We’re scrambling to figure out what we’re going to do,” he said.

“To come out of the confines of my cramped radio studio and to be on TV around the world is a terrifying prospect, but it’s also very exciting and thrilling,” Muller said. “Other radio hosts have made great transitions to TV on Fox. Wouldn’t that be wonderful if that happened for me too?”

Studio audience tickets are available for both shows, to be taped on consecutive Saturday afternoons (March 17 and 24) at Fox News Channel Studios in New York. For tickets write:


Boortz and Hannity are close buddies.


As a member of the association, not an outsider, Greta did a brave thing, Althouse,
linked Maher, apparently trying to deny the hypocristy of his most recent action,


Meawhile, in the metaphorical 'fustercluck' division, staffers for Romney and Santorum
were seen at the Super PAc role out, I'm being
metaphorical about,


Meanwhile this is the tool, not metaphorical, at the CFTC, who is running the 'look squirrel'tact against any regulatory reform;

Comanche Voter

Someone named "Danny Gold" over at Gawker had a virtual meltdown that this "comic genius" was being denied the opportunity to perform at the dinner. And it was all that no talent nasty Greta Van Susteren's fault!

Now I don't know that Danny Gold was on the invite list for the dinner--but he can always go see this sewer mouth at some comedy club.

But in the meantime Danny is going waah waah waah! Maybe Danny can be mollified if he gets some free tickets to a Maher show.


Happy Birthday, Jim


Ah, remember Gawker was the one that spilled Sarah's emails online complete with phone numbers, who commissioned that slimy hit piece
against Christine, apparently this Gold person
is a Times contributor of sort.


Happy Birthday, Jim Rhoads - hope you have a happy day and year ahead.


Happy birthday, Jim. I didn't see that in the Rosetta.


Happy birthday, Jim Rhoads! Hope you have a wonderful day.

Melinda Romanoff


There's a big, behind the scenes, battle going on with the CFTC over "reform". The TBTF "friends" want to do to commodities what they did to the stock exchanges. The TBTF have their paid surrogates in place. It's just that the commodity exchanges are mostly self-regulated, and why the blow ups are much rarer.


I figured as much, he was on CNBC yesterday, on the Air America TV peanut gallery today,

Melinda Romanoff

Happy Birthday, Jim Rhoads!

Danube of Thought

Minus 19 at Raz today.


I guess this is like the SNL 5 appearance club, he's also a member;


Minus 19, now there's a nice number.


Like a fine cabernet I say,


"Minus 19 at Raz today." Now we're talking.

Last night, to my dismay, I noted that Dr. K, Hannity, Bill O'R and Glenn Beck all agreed, more or less, with my not-so-secret view that this primary is killing us and that 60 days from a convention with a new candidate is doom. I may have accidentally fallen in with The Establishment. I am over 30.

I don't feel nearly so wonderful about the censorship of Louis C.K. as some of you have expressed here. I can see the "fair is fair" aspect of it, but in the end, we are talking about a boycott of speech. I'm against it. Both sides. It's a bad idea.


But but, why would it go to -19 if we're all off-message and talking about non-bombshells and stupid distractions like RL that no one cares about and worse only makes Republicans look bad to those "average joe's" when we should be focused-like-a-f*in-laser on "it's the economy, stupid"?

Okay - that was a unnecessarily facetious, but I am sincerely curious. What's the explanation?

Captain Hate

HB JR; a fine JOMer if I do say so.

Iirc Laura was mentioning what a creep Louis CK was yesterday; although I was working and not paying much attention.

Didn't Gawker used to be less unhinged in the pre-2008 timeframe? They pretty much ruined Deadspin which used to be funny about sports in an apolitical way; plus they stuck it on some garbage software that makes Typepad appear to be the gold standard.

Melinda Romanoff


Looks like MarkO got Fnorked last night.


You know it's funny, because reviewing the 1976 campaign, Reagan had more votes, yet the Fnork of their day, still insisted on Ford, it's like they rarely learn the lesson, Craig
Shirley, the chronicler of the Reagan 1980
effort pointed this out.

This time around, the leading candidates continuously gives up yardage on issue after issue, I don't think it's a cunning, cunning


Because in the end, Alice, you can't make a 'silk purse out of sow's ears' there is only so much 'look squirrel' that can be tolerated.

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

Here is a link to Sowell on Hannity last night, which I thought was brilliant.


MarkO: I can see the "fair is fair" aspect of it, but in the end, we are talking about a boycott of speech.

Gosh. I don't think so. This isn't about C.K. or any other letters of the alphabet.

This is about being tone deaf. They did not understand the audience, which is considerably larger than the room the dinner would be held in.

It violates the sympathetic contract to alienate the people you want to listen to you.


Steyn. I love it all, but I'm fond of the last graph.

Danube of Thought

Happy birthday, Jim.

What's wrong with boycotting speech (as opposed to prohibiting it)? I do it all the time. I (and score of millions of others) have been boycotting CNN and MSNBC for years now. As Yogi daid, if people don't wanna come there's no way you can stop 'em.


Another excuse - "Hey! Lighten up! It's commedy!"

Sorry. "I was joking!" is the excuse bullies use to excuse their misunderstandings and their blunders.


Who inserted the extra "m"? Anyone missing an "m"?


I believe in the free marketplace of ideas. I think Obama would be happy to lose a few foul-mouthed footsoldiers to establish a sort of national speech code.

I don't like the campaign against Rush and I don't like anything similar from our side.


I didn't know that about the Queen of Madagascar, I do live a sheltered life,
I suppose.


It appears to be driven by strong disapproval.

Total approval is down

And strong approval is up (higher than it's been in a year), but strong disapproval is up even more.


MarkO, there ain't no one who is as strongly in favor of the freedom to offend as I am. It is THE cornerstone of society.

But the freedom to offend does not imply the necessity to do so.

But, MarkO, what you have done is to be PC about someone exercised the freedom to offend to point out the situation itself.

How funny for you to stand up to PC by being PC.


Well, for me a boycott is a concerted effort by a group, not just switching the channel. I don't watch it either and, but for TM I would have no idea what the NYT said. I know what it will say.

Yes, and the First Amendment applies to government restriction, but the left has made a great attempt, through college speech codes, calls for civility and their own boycott pushes to silence our side.

It worries me, but so does the Duke team.


narciso@10:02 - uh, what?

You know, I'm usually pretty good at extrapolating intended meaning from all sorts of prose styles and vocabularies, but not making headway on this one. Who are the 'look squirrels' people? Who are the ones who are not tolerating that anymore?

Are you agreeing with me that stories and exposure on issues other than the economy CAN and ARE having an effect on Obama's popularity? I hope that's what you said :-)


--I don't like the campaign against Rush and I don't like anything similar from our side.--

Saying "I'm not going to your dinner if that foul mouthed schmuck is there" is hardly similar to pressuring a guy's sponsors in an effort to drive him off the air or advocate him being sued or prosecuted for his speech.
Aren't calls not to say what Greta said kind of exactly what you're decrying, Mark?
Part of the freedom to spout bilge is the freedom to be criticized for spouting it and being to told to take it somewhere else. He and CNN chose to take it somewhere else. They had the freedom not to do that and to let him spout it, although it might have been to an empty room. Them's the breaks.


sbw, I frequently do things I later regret.

I willingly admit that, having been involved in a number of First Amendment cases over time, I have developed a fondness for that particular freedom. There are a large number of things I prefer not to have to endure--I never found Seinfeld funny--but I want to be the one to choose if I hear it or see it. I don't want Gretta's pissy mood to make the decision for me, or to have some idiot from the DNC push Rush off the air. Or, as I think happened here, a tit-for-tat boycott silences a fool. Would it not be better were he to perform and exacerbate the debate. Now, it seems like the reasonable thing to do to demand that Rush not appear at something and even more reasonable for him to comply.

I want as much speech, information, argument available as possible so I can exercise the freedom to ignore it. (A freedom I expect a number of you to exercise not in my favor any second now.)


Wow, ex. I look at the 'strongly' chart and though it's small, it sure looks like when 'strongly approves' go up, 'strongly disapproves' go down, and vice versa... until the most recent dates -- BOTH 'strongly's are up. Interesting.

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

I think we are supposed to boycott speech we disagree with, it's a free market thing. As I understand it, Greta said "I'm not going" and shortly after the comedian said "I've changed my mind". Now I assume someone got in the middle of that, but it wasn't Greta. I think she did precisely the right thing. So what am I missing?

Rick Ballard


Have actual economic conditions improved in your corner of the world to match the maintrickle hype of the past three to four months? I read the AP/Reuters business garbage output pretty carefully and they've been peddling sizzle harder than I've ever seen in the recent past. IMO, the Muddle reacts favorably to sizzle for 60-90 days (or longer) but the reality of the fizzle behind the sizzle then takes over.

You can read a recent example of a sizzle story here. "Consumer" credit is up! Go team!!

The reality is that Uncle Sam shelled out $28 billion of the $17 billion "increase" in serf collar loans for the spring semester. A contraction becomes an increase in the crop report.

Mr. & Mrs. Muddle are still annoyed by the noise from the family living in the rec room almost as much as the cost of the last fill up and BOzo has dashed their hopes. Again.


So what part about a freedom of speech to offend does not apply to my freedom of speech to tell everyone I know, hell everyone that is within earshot that the speaker is offensive AND I suggest they dont listen and dont pay to support him? He can shout "fire" or "twat" in the middle of forest and have no infringement on his rights by me...

Must be something in the water in Durham...


--narciso@10:02 - uh, what?-

Feeling kind of like Stanley encountering his first incomprehensible native in the wilds of Tanganyika, eh Alice?
Narc's meanings and references will eventually be absorbed by osmosis, except when they don't, in which case you either nod slightly, smile and pass on or ask for a translation.


MarkO, we agree. Seinfeld was not funny. He based his humor on people not listening to each other and on people not caring for society. That was the point of the last show.

Greta decided not to go and pointed out to others why. She did not tell people not to buy the "comedian's" albums or urge them to boycott advertisers.

You attend JOM to learn and to convince others of the good sense of your position. Greta did the same.


Aren't we supposed to counter the speech with which we disagree, not take action to be rid of it?

That boycott idea was exactly what Obama tried with Fox News and I found to be heinous.

It might be that Greta is that powerful on her own. I don't know. If she is, wow!


Let see, the people who declare 'our increased
chocolate ration' who also concur 100% with the designated 'two minute hate' against opposition political figures, bring an acceptable to the sovereign, jester, to take shots at the 'bitter clingers' while marveling
at the 'beautiful plumage'


Our job is to laugh at bad ideas until so many people are laughing at them they can get no traction. Think Mel Brooks' "Springtime for Hitler."

We ought not put people in jail for bad ideas, nor should we shout them down. We should not hound others to make our choices theirs.




MarkO: There are different rules of decorum in different venues. Not laws - just rules of etiquette. What one talks about, and what language one uses, in a court of law is different than topics and language used a rock concert.

ISTM that the official justification for the left's Rush pushback was mostly as his language being never acceptable, never appropriate and only occasionally mentioning the venue.

This is exactly the opposite of the C.K. pushback, which has nothing to do with attempting to stop him saying anything he thinks is funny at a comedy club (that's covered by the "just don't go there if you don't like it"), but objecting to the inappropriateness of that schtick at the Radio & TV Correspondents' Dinner.


"So what part about a freedom of speech to offend does not apply to my freedom of speech to tell everyone I know, hell everyone that is within earshot that the speaker is offensive AND I suggest they dont listen and dont pay to support him?"

None. And aren't you glad of that?

But, did you, famously not of the Waters of Durham, find the campaign against Rush to be troubling? What if it had worked and he were gone?


But we should make our choices, and, if we feel strongly enough, explain ourselves to others.


Happy Birthday, Jim!


I sort of wish they'd let him perform so his foul mouth would be on permanent display as the choice of the administration. Most likely, though, he would have toned it down as did Wanda Sykes for the most part.

It seems to me that Greta is free to complain and Louis C.K. isn't owed any sort of platform. A presidential administration makes decisions every day about how certain speech - by the admin or its surrogates - is viewed by the public. If they decide to go with a different comedian, is that censorship of Louis C.K. and of every other comedian not chosen?


Actually I found the campaign against Rush to be quite humorous. It has about the same possibility of success as the NOW shrews did when they took on the private club hosting the Masters in Augusta. Very few, if any of Rush listeners were going to participate in the boycott. In fact, I bet he gets some new listeners tuning in to see what all the hubbub was about. I think he told Proflowers to take a hike when they wanted back on the gravy train, sound like a guy just barely hanging on you?


AliceH, you are right, but I'm not certain much would be said there that one can't hear on TV, and certainly nothing that can't be heard in the hall at high school.

The things Obama says at a press conference are far more dangerous and insulting than anything a "comedian" can spout.

I doubt it will happen, but some sort of national speech boycotting trend took hold, we'd lose. The range of permissible discussion would be like that suggested by Kerry.


Ig @ 10:28 But I was actually doing fine understanding most of Narc's postings (which I just love, btw)! This was one of the exceptions, but one I didn't want to pass on without at least asking for a little help first.


AliceH ask for the super secret decoder ring! We all have one you know.


AliceH, eventually there is an immersion effect, as with Patrick O'Brian novels.


Well true, there should be a been a drummer in th background, doing rimshots, but you see
how they ganged up on Ed Henry, for actually using the President's own words against him,

Meanwhile the publication that gave opportunity to some of the best writing including Dean Howells is slow losing any
aspect of cognitive function,


OT unserious blather -
I didn't realize that the movie John Carter stars the bad boy Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights!!! I Love Tim Riggins!!


This could be further bad news for me, I find narc totally comprehensible.

Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)


Wouldn't it be more anti-free speech for greta to not be allowed to call attention to the sexism?


If we want to self-regulate what is acceptable speech (and where) and what is not (and where), we need to allow the feedback signals to work. I had no problem at all with lefties voicing objections and calling for boycotts re: Rush. I also had every confidence they would be unsuccessful and the effort would be counterproductive. I have no problem with Greta or others objecting to C.K. I am pleased that C.K. stepped down, but I wouldn't be crushed if he didn't.

Both Rush and C.K. had a choice on how they would react to public pressure. The free (speech) market worked.

Jack is Back!

A factor missing in all this and probably the reason Louis C. K. was either dis-invited or bowed out voluntarily is Obama. He was to attend this dinner. Greta, Boortz, Hannity et. al. may have had some influence but that influence may have been on the Regime. When they heard of this guy and his past vile comments disguised as humor or comedy or whatever they may be the ones who decided that considering FlukeGate there was no way Obama was going to be associated with this guy as a presenter.

That's were my money is - The Regime - if there is a First Amendment Free Speech sufforcating machine out there - it belongs to them.


Happy Birthday Jim!

Does anybody remember a story on the $25 billion mortgage fraud settlement that portrayed it as nothing more than a bailout to state governments?

I am having trouble finding out if the settlement ever even happened.

Any help would be appreciated.

Danube of Thought

"Aren't we supposed to counter the speech with which we disagree?"

Fine principle where the expression of ideas is concerned. But the only way to counter vulgar insults is to decline to listen to them, rather than responding in kind.

And I don't think this is truly concerted action, where one says "I'll decline to deal with this person if you promise to do the same." This is Greta saying "I'm not going, and I encourage others not to go." I really see nothing wrong with it, and in particular no threat to free speech. Suppose a theater critic says "this play is so bad, only those who wish to be bored should attend," and the thing folds after one night. Has free speech been suppressed?


This was a one off, but you see how far they have fallen;


[Kind of OT] Had a discussion with my wife this morning about whether I was either getting too narrow in my focus.

I explained that I have become a true classical liberal (not a liberal-leftist), that I have honed what I believe in and understand why but am open to anyone suggesting a better idea.

She doesn't want me to be consumed for the next eight months by what is happening around us. I allowed as how the election is the most significant pivot point in 200 years.

She wants me to enjoy life more. I'm not quite sure how one can do that, trying to keep 50 employees paid in a rocky economy, in a community with ineffective schools, people active in the community but foggy of focus, oppressed by excessive, misdirected government.

I do my best. Over two years, for others to read, I composed my concerns into a fairly complete description of the situation and framed what I thought was the way forward.

She's not sure what I should do, and neither am I. I suppose she doesn't want me staring into the computer like this all the time. :-)

I suppose I should go clean a drawer to give myself some sense of accomplishment.


I suppose I ought to do one of those disclaimer things. I've never listened to Rush (with exception of maybe a half dozen links over the years), and I've never heard of C.K. whosis. Also? Seinfeld (the show) isn't funny.

Captain Hate

I'm surprised TCO hasn't stopped by reveling in the Redskins blockbuster move yesterday; whoever has tech support for the server that Extremeskins runs on must've had a very sleepless night.

It's a win/win for Skins fans; if RG3 is as good as hoped for it will be a good deal and if it blows up we can hate Danny even more. What's not to like?


The campaign against Rush was orchestrated by MMfA and probably other lefty "groups."

Greta, one media personality, protested LouisCK on her blog (only once) and said hey, I am not spending my money to buy a ticket to be offended by this entertainer who I find repulsive. Greta exercised her free speech. Not quite the same thing or even in the same ballpark as the Rush onslaught.

I boycott Cleo here all the time via narcisolator for the same reason - he is offensive, repulsive, and frequently stupid. However, if I had to pay to come here and there were no narcisolator, I wouldn't whenever he was mucking about.


MarkO, do you think the U.S.A. should treat Israel and the enemies of Israel as equal and moral equivalents? Imo that is the same thing as making the hypocritical and selective moral outrage of the left the same thing as Greta's principled and consistent stand. Don't forget that in the marketplace some ideas are better than others and to not acknowledge that is to side with the inferior idea, imo.


The deciders at my local fishwrap, chose this clueless piece of offal;

Danube of Thought


With the perception growing that he will be the GOP nominee, Romney leads President Obama by five points in a hypothetical 2012 matchup. Today's numbers show Romney at 48%, Obama at 43%. That’s Romney’s largest lead since December.

If Santorum is the Republican nominee, he is up by one point over the president, 46% to 45%. This is the second time since polling began in 2011 that Santorum has had a slight lead over Obama. Romney is the only other candidate to lead the president more than one time in the polls.



I share some of your wife's concerns. I'm way too involved on some levels with what's going on and need to shut the laptop down and spend time with my family (not to mention clean every drawer in the house).

I find that the law of diminishing returns applies, as it does to pretty much everything.

How to balance without disengaging? Maybe the trick is to set aside certain times for staring into the computer screen and then do other things the rest of the time. Bill Whittle's video remembrance of Breitbart was instructive. If Breitbart had taken better care of himself and not been attached to Twitter etc. 24/7, he might have lived long enough to achieve even greater things.


cc: How can I get a "narcisolator" of my own? I saw it mentioned once before. I'm hoping it's on the order of the "TrollHammer" tool that I used to use back when I regularly read ProteinWisdom...


It seems to me that the central issue is a refusal by some to focus on and admit to themselves that like it or not, the prog left has declared war on us. Its a similar thinking that infects the striped pants set, where pointing out all the offensive stuff that is taught from toddlers on up by the religion of peace might offend peaceful muslims everywhere.

We did not start the war, but to disarm once shots are fired is quite Chamberlain like in behavior.

But it seems to be the same mindset that also drives the "only electable candidate" mindset too.

Danube of Thought

I'm not certain much would be said there that one can't hear on TV, and certainly nothing that can't be heard in the hall at high school

Up until quite recently you wouldn't have heard it either on TV or in the halls, and the Republic was not threatened.

Melinda Romanoff


Make sure you have GreaseMonkey downloaded as an add-on. (I use Firefox for a browser, BTW.)

The Narcisolator is an add on to that script, with really easy edits to add the trolls.

And you're going to love bgates even more because of it..


Oh boy, AliceH, I know bits and pieces but not enough to walk you through it all.

First you have to have to use Firefox as your browser. Then you AddOn "Greasemonkey." Once that is done, both Janet and I have bookmarked instructions on how to install narcisolator in Greasemonkey.

Hopefully, one of the techy fellows will pipe up.

Also, using Firefox allows you to install another wonderful tool - the HTML text editor which helps you post links in comments, images, italics, bold, etc, etc. and you never have to worry about missing tags and screwing up the thread.


((Today's numbers show Romney at 48%,))

after I say this I'm going to duck, but I thought Mitt handled the Rush controversy masterfully, and I took Axelrod's bitter reaction to his comments as confirmation that indeed he did.


Yes, the only candidate that fits the bill, is curious the one, who gives short shrift to the issues, crikey when has that ever worked, forget about Reagan, Nixon, Eisenhower,


54% disapprove and only 44% approve today. No word on whether the remaining 2% is MIA or POW or faulting rounding!

Not using a R +3.6 % sample either. Maybe McGovern will get a run for his underperformance title after all?

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