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March 28, 2012


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Off topic, "thanks, Obama voters"


By next week the papers will be tiptoeing away from a non story they pimped based on their own prejudices. BTW one has to wonder are NYT subscribers more like Jackson-Sharpton-Shabazz or more like Zimmerman and the homeowners he was trying to protect was trying to protect? (people who earn their living fanning race wars vs. law abiding people who try to live together peacefully)


Clarice-- NYT readers live FAR from people like Trayvon Martin-- and they don't rely on volunteer nabe watchers like George Zimmerman. Times readers' gated communities are REALLY gated or their highrise apartments are really high, NYT readers look down on Trayvon and George and the cops with distain-- the NYT is just feeding their readers' sense of superiority.


Can someone count up the ACME cigars that have blown up in the Media's and the Democrats faces in the last two years? I have lost count. Occupy and now this fiasco for sure, what am I forgetting about?


I wonder if the NYT was the first to describe Zimmerman as a "white Hispanic"? Helpful chart to determine when one stops being white or Hispanic and becomes w-H.


Ha! I'm glad I clicked your link, DebinNC. SooperMexi is always Sooper!


By next week the papers will be tiptoeing away from a non story they pimped based on their own prejudices.

That's why Rush calls them the drive-by media. The drive by, ruin a few lives, and cheerfully move on down the road.


Jose Baez on Geraldo just said people calling for Zimmermans arrest will be disappointed. His view is after local prosecutors could not find probable cause, and a state attorney is assigned mostly for political reasons, getting a conviction is a virtual impossibility. I tend to agree.

robert blake

He should of stop following the child anyway when the operater told him to.

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