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March 31, 2012


Melinda Romanoff

Not I, said the patsy.

Melinda Romanoff

Maryland, it seems.

Cecil Turner

Oh, "we" didn't win? Here's my shocked face.

Thomas Collins

I never understood the argument that playing the lottery is silly. Most folks, from to time, make silly purchases. Some are sillier than others. Almost none gives the buyer a chance to make a money score (I say "almost" because I suppose that the small sand painting one buys while touring a New Mexican Indian reservation has a one in a zillion chance of turning out to be the long lost signature work of a renowed Indian artist). The issue is continence in one's purchases not related to reasonable food, clothing, shelter, transportation, work tools and provision for one's family needs.

That being said, CT's 8:14 LUN is hysterical.

Thomas Collins

See LUN (via Instapundit) for an article on the WaPo "cleaning up" an article critical of Obama's regulatory policies.

Jack is Back!


Next time use one of these:)


The day of dreaming was worth the $2.00.

But gee.... what I could have done....

Thomas Collins

See LUN for George Will's annual baseball quiz column.

Turning to another spring tradition, I am eagerly awaiting TM's annual "Yankees rule" thread at the start of another baseball season.


"CT's 8:14 LUN is hysterical. " Yes it is!


Can you really make money selling a book that claims "secrets" to winning a game of random chance?

No wonder sometimes Democrats are able to lie their way into office. Gullibility must be off the charts...


As bgates said in the last thread, lots of people aren't so good at math.

Jack is Back!

OT: Another Green Graft Fail.

Looks to have been a "pay to play" deal cooked up by Markey and Kerry. We'll just call it the Bay State Kick-in:)


The WaPo continues to run outrageous political cartoons attacking Fla justice as the truth of the Martin/Zimmerman confrontation seeps out bit by bit. I wonder how all those public figures like Marion Wright Edelman are going to feel about those pics of themselves wearing hoodies that they took at the outset of this fandango in a week or so.

Sexism ((Fluke) worked for only a few days.
Racism (Martin) is working only slightly longer.
Class warfare (OWS) flamed out.



"Can you really make money selling a book that claims "secrets" to winning a game of random chance?"

Yes, indeed. Scam Ltd paid a pretty penny for the name and address of every purchaser.


For this to run in Bloomberg is fairly amazing. Zero has a problem:

Now a senior, Cassidy, 21, said she’s not working on a campaign this time around. She’s too busy looking for a job at a nonprofit advocacy group. She and her friends aren’t discussing the election as much as in 2008, she said.

“There is not much talk of Obama at all,” Cassidy said of the mood on campus, which extends beyond the president. “I don’t think anyone’s satisfied.”

Obama enjoyed a wave of youth support in his run to the presidency, winning 66 percent of voters aged 18-to-29 in the race against Republican Senator John McCain. Twenty-two million young voters cast ballots, making up about 18 percent of the electorate -- two million more than in 2004, according to exit polls and the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement. Today that passion has cooled


Wow TC...that link is something.
Not too long ago there was the story about 2 guys getting arrested in the Caribbean for sex in public on a cruise ship. Well the first AP article talked about the buggery law & ended with some other drug crimes on the gay cruise ship circuit. When I went back, the whole buggery law description was gone & a paragraph on environmental euphoria had been inserted, as an excuse for their inappropriate behavior. The entire other crimes paragraph had been dropped.
We gotta screen capture everything!

Jack is Back!


Started the quiz and got half way down and realized he published the answers at the bottom. Killjoy:)

For that I hope the Cubbies get to the playoff and lose because some kid leans over the left field stands and takes a foul ball away from being caught.


It seems 'stuck on stupid' is the default setting, note the unintended reference to Katrina, in the piece


So, sometimes you run out of gasoline, or matches

Jack is Back!


Note that book was for bidding on eBay. Couldn't even sell it second hand.

But you can save money by just using this site to pick for you:)


Cassidy shouldn't have trouble finding a non profit to work for these days--everything is non profit except green energy companies that contribute to Democrats and get a temporary though short lived huge burst of capital from the treasury.


She’s too busy looking for a job at a nonprofit advocacy group.

I keep hearing this "I want to work for a nonprofit" blah blah carp. What is so superior about working for a company that has zero accountability to customers, stockholders or taxpayers who indirectly subsidize them?

If making profit on goods and services is so foul a practice, they ought to work as unpaid volunteers.



3 winning tickets. Any JOMers?

hit and run

I keep hearing this "I want to work for a nonprofit" blah blah carp.

Even John Edwards knew that going to work for a hedge fund was the real way to "to learn more about financial markets and their relationship to poverty".


There's even a half decent column by Margaret Carlson, on amscraying from Sharpton,
guess she gets some details wrong, but baby steps.


LOL, Hit, specially when said hedge fund, specialized in distressed property in the 9th Ward, you can't make this up.


Fabulous, Hit.


Alice, I'm with you. Whenever I hear that I have to turn away from the speaker or I'll let loose and offend their tender sensibilities.


In solidarity with the people of Syria, a heart rending Syrian song: To Live Free.

And an interview with a rebel leader describing the possibilities of peace with Israel.

You won't read this on Reuters.
Rumal Wire service

hit and run

Speaking of tender sensibilities, some of you were quite mean to sibylvia yesterday.

hit and run

dang it. sybilvia


hit, we were just trying to protect her from a dangerous stalker and all those Maguire sockpuppets.


On the whole, Assad's regime has been our foe, since Beirut, they did serve some use
in the early post 9/11 period, but that was
mostly to poach some of their own wayward
MB associates, that's what the Arar case was
about. They directed the ratlines into Iraq,
some of which are 'blowbacking' down from Anbar. they have been the sanctuary for Hamas, Islamic Jihad et al.


Also? I hate that I felt it necessary to write unpaid volunteers, since I understand that the unmodified term is no longer unambiguous with regard to remuneration.

hit and run

What you may have been doing was distracting her as the stalker was closing in on her unawares.

I mean I'm just speculating is all. No first hand knowledge of it.

Anyway, gotta run. Busy, busy day with lots of research and tracking to do.


A little historic review of Sharpton, NBC's star commentator.

Rick Ballard

"two million more than in 2004, according to exit polls"


The birth cohort for ages 18 to 29 grew by 2,946,000 between 2004 and 2008. Total turnout in 2008 was 62%, the turnout for the cohort was an excellent 68% but the net increased turnout above 62% was only 173,000 votes. The 18-29 cohort in 2012 will total only 1,700,000 (due to the improved effectiveness of prog baby killing between 1983 and 1994).

The growth demographic for 2012 (and 2016 and 2020) will be the +65 cohort which will surpass the 18-29 cohort in growth for the first time in history. BOzo is only polling at 54% among the 18-29 cohort, while the +65 cohort gives him a sterling 40%.

"Cooling passion" among the ignorant isn't a poison dart for BOzo, arithmetic is.


Unlike the student tents filled with laptops in Beirut in '05, only about 5 percent have internet in Syria. I remember how those in Beirut felt uplifted by outside bloggers and commenters' support. I hope somehow they know the force is with them.


2 down, 5 escargot to go.

"Gunmen struck Thursday in the heart of Syria's largest city [Aleppo] and a stronghold of support for President Bashar Assad, killing two army colonels at a downtown roundabout...."


Now we know the kind of 'resourceful and inventive scum' Logan Smith is, but what does that make the Daily Caller?

Danube of Thought

Minus 13 at Raz today.

Tied with Romney.


BR , Are you Armenian? I have to run but I wonder if you coud explain the 7 escargot necklace in the Syrain cathedral you linked to the other day.


Like AliceH reminded us yesterday - Turn ON your lights tonight from 8:30-9:30 to celebrate Human Achievement Hour!!

Jim Ryan


Very clever, Hit.


I beleive Fat Al Slim Shady Sharpton still owes Steven Pagones ~$300k. I was working in and around Wappinger Falls at that time and my paycheck was drawn from the Bank of NY on Main St. in downtown WF. If I remember correctly, I was trying to get down there to cash it when Al was marching his parade through and I ended up going down to Fishkill instead. What a scumbag.

Captain Hate

I never understood the argument that playing the lottery is silly

If done by people who aren't being intelligent about saving for their future, what's not to understand?


Even more popcorn, although he'll probably still show up, hastled by the 'Man'


((The growth demographic for 2012 (and 2016 and 2020) will be the +65 cohort which will surpass the 18-29 cohort in growth for the first time in history.))

"All the more reason for death panels, my dear."

seriously, I have read quite a few comments in the fever swamps gleely anticipating all the old poeople dying off because they are blocking social progess


Well in fairness, Soledad isn't a babe, Campbell sort of was,


Re: JIB at 9:07: Ed Markey really has to be stopped. I asked the MA Republican Vice chair if he has an opponent and I believe he said he did, but didn't seem terribly impressed with his chances. Markey may be the biggest nutjob in the MA congressional contingent, and that really says alot.


As a ranking member on the Energy Committee, he's the more dangerous nutjob, in the delegation,


Just a tad over 7 months until we throw this jackass and his administration out on their ear. 47% approval and 52% disapproval this AM per RAS. And there are definitely folks who will say they mildly approve but will not vote for the incumbent. I think he will get 44% when the votes are tallied.


((Well in fairness, Soledad isn't a babe...))

wow, coming so fast on the heels of the CRT episode, the timing seems like poetic justice

Danube of Thought

I remember when congressional staff voted Markey the dumbest person in the House.

Captain Hate

I was so busy with work I didn't have a chance to see how Zsa Zsa sold out the lemmings:

I guess the good news is she didn't turn them ghey in the process::shrug::


I didn't buy a ticket, but if I'd won one thing I'd do is buy a posh residence in Boston's Back Bay and invite all the JOMers in the general area over for tea and cupcakes.


:) Clarice. I have some longtime affinity with that part of the world.

Here's how the escargot story started:

"Syrian officials are expected to respond Tuesday to a number of concrete proposals on how to end the violence in their homeland, U.N. peace envoy Kofi Annan said."
LUN. 17 mins ago. Well, did they? It is now Wednesday, March 14, 2012, 0819 hours.

I am going to eat six or seven escargot now, to correspond with Assad plus six, enough is enough.

Posted by: BR | March 14, 2012 at 02:19 AM


On a wall in the Citadel of Aleppo
once the Temple of an Ancient Idol
hangs my necklace of Seven Escargot

Rumal Wire Service

Posted by: BR | March 30, 2012 at 05:15 AM

Tom Maguire
Can you really make money selling a book that claims "secrets" to winning a game of random chance?

Don't get me started but... yes.

Basically, since all winning combinations are equally likely, the trick is to avoid picking combinations that are "popular" and aim for combination that are "unpopular". That way, if (WHEN!) you win you don't share the pot.

Betting Mitt Romney's birthday - terrible idea. Hmm, maybe a bad example. Don't bet Tim Tebow's birthday, or Jeremy Lin's (who make their own luck, by the barrel). Sharing may be caring, but it is a bad strategy.

Betting "123456" - probably inspired (I never bought the book, but skimmed a similar one, and recall that people never bet that combo because it is 'too unlikely'.)

I am more of a prime and Fibonacci guy myself on the rare occasion I do play.

Last bit of Lottery advice, more in the lifestyle management department - do NOT have specific lucky numbers that you play "when you happen to think of it". DON'T! Because if they ever come up and you didn't play that week (which you won't have), well... the only upside will be, you'll develop good quad flexibility kicking yourself in the rear.


--I remember when congressional staff voted Markey the dumbest person in the House.--

To understand just how stupid that makes Markey one must contemplate that this isn't a contest in the general population but is analogous to being voted flabbiest at the fat farm or the most likely to hallucinate in the asylum.
The man is an overachiever.


--I am more of a prime and Fibonacci guy myself on the rare occasion I do play.--

No wonder I've never got a private email telling me to knock it off.


Continetti says it rarely gets this good, so enjoy but then adds cryptically " but it might on Nov 6th". What ever could he mean? Here:

The administration and its friends in the media found themselves in a truly helpless position. If Toobin is proven right and the Court overrules Obamacare in part or in whole, Republicans will pounce, the president will look like a loser, and Democrats will be both demoralized and radicalized (not a winning combination). If Toobin is proven wrong, however, he will look like an idiot, Republicans and Tea Party activists will mobilize for the fall, and Democrats still will have to defend an unpopular law whose consequences grow worse with each passing minute.

The liberal reaction to this dilemma has been a predictable combination of spin and scapegoating. The noted legal mind Chuck Todd, who seems to have missed the class on Marbury v. Madison, asked guests on his show whether a Court decision against the health care overhaul might not be an unprecedented intrusion of one branch of government over the elected branches. Meanwhile, James Carville and Harry Reid lamely suggested an anti-Obamacare ruling would be good for the president and his party. The White House was reduced to using Newspeak, referring to the mandate as the “personal responsibility clause.”



Are you already in the Boston area? Or do you just want to be somewhere surrounded by moonbats?

I remember when congressional staff voted Markey the dumbest person in the House.

I wanted to respond until I read Iggy and there is not much else to say.


Here is a wonderful site I found in '05 at the time of the Beirut uprising, after which Assad pulled Syria out of Lebanon and Syria's Interior minister, Maj. Gen. Ghazi Kanaan, was found dead in his office from a gunshot wound to the head, aka Syrian suicide (he had opposed the withdrawal):

The Lebanese Foundation for Peace, originally dedicated to a lasting peace between Israel, Lebanon and Syria.

Recent article: Testimony of a Christian Girl Who Suffered at the Assad Prison In Aleppo, 3/29/12.

Some Syrians are able to access the LFP site (rebels and regime), so messages of hope there will have good effect.


Really great climate change radio interview with James Delingpole:

"James Delingpole takes no prisoners in his interview with Richard Bacon."


Thanks, glasater....the Delingpole video is wonderful.


There should be one more winner than has been reported. I'm going to buy a ticket later this afternoon, and I don't think it's fair that I be penalized because the lottery has a pre-existing selection of numbers.


Perfect BG, perfect!


My brother and his family live in Illinois. I've been home all day, but he hasn't called to tell me he won and giving me a million dollars. Yet.


He wants to surprise you, Alice. Of that I am 1000% certain.


Thanks, Clarice. There are 7 of us, and I'm #5, so I figure he probably just hasn't made it down the list to me yet.


By funny coincidence, last night I was looking at the map for NE Kansas to find a town called Eudora, mentioned in Heinlein's book "Friday," and, heh, one of the winners lives there :)

And if you believe in fairy tales, Ft. Leavenworth is in that vicinity and their logo has three Ali Baba magic lamps.

And this all led to a very interesting paper called Dragon Operations: Hostage Rescues in the Congo,
by Major Thomas P. Odom, Combat Studies Institute. Very, very impressive US CIA and Military co-ordination and execution with Belgian Paracommandos. At one point the rebels even threatened to eat their hostages!


U.S. Army Combined Arms Center


Re; Markey.

Here's a repost from 22 March, in which Markey claims he will Legislatively prevent a proposed $40 billion pipeline to export Alaska natural gas to Asia.

Here's is Dem Senator Begich's comment in Markey:

“Yet again, Rep. Markey is trying to shut down any Alaska development,” Begich said. “I find it laughable that after 30 years of blocking the development of Alaska’s oil and gas resource for American manufacturers, farmers and families he is now demanding we supply them. I eagerly await his sponsorship of bills to support development of ANWR and the Arctic OCS to address his newfound concern for American consumers.”


Not bloody likely Daddy.


Good news from this Syrian blog (copy the url and Google it, click on translate option)

Latest Thoughts of Syrian Bloggers

3/31/12 Flashmob for Syria at AUB sudden sit-Syrian. A group of students of American University of Beirut decided to break the silence, and to raise awareness of the awful violations of Syrian human rights.


This is good - 20 mins ago at Reuters re Syria:

"U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said her government was supplying 'communications equipment that will help activists organize, evade attacks by the regime and connect to the outside world" and was "discussing with other nations how best to expand this support'."

That means more cell phone and internet access for the Syrian people in bringing down the Assad regime.


I take my hat off to the brilliant "Fifi" who did this to Assad. Was probably the foot in the door for obtaining passwords and subsequent Assad emails hacking.

BR, 4/2/12
Syria agrees to UN's April 10 peace plan deadline

"Annan's six-point plan, which the Security Council has endorsed, focuses on a UN-supervised ceasefire, withdrawal of heavy weapons and troops from population centers, granting access to humanitarian assistance, release of prisoners, freedom of movement and access to journalists."

Not good enough. How many will die between now and April 10th?


LUN, the list, in twos and threes.
Next Shawkat and bil.
Rumal Wire Service

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