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April 22, 2012


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I'm going for (c) as false, and if I missed it I'll be 'apoplectic'.


The imaginary one, if truncated at the first two words, could serve as his permanent headline.


You forgot to put a link on c--wait........


No fair, Clarice. You were not supposed to use your brain.


Those words they are using, are not what they think they mean;



Bloomberg News (up your way) is running stories on parents "Outraged" about a new line of Sexist Lego's for Girls.

Here are some pics of the offensive Sexist Lego's:

1) Vanity Set

2) Legoette

3) Lego Friends.

It certainly has me outraged, but I think I'm apoplectic at number 1, catatonic for number 3, and hot for number 2.

Anyone else similarly angered?


Number 2 does seem just a bit manually suggestive don't you think, daddy?


I believe this is the missing link for (c).


She'd sure cure my catatonia, Iggy!


LOL, jimmy and daddy.


As I think of it though Jimmy, may I suggest some sort of penance for that 'missing link' crack.
Clear racism, and no niggardly amount I might add.


Just wanted to mention that with Polar Bears suddenly discovered to have existed for 600,000 years, and not just for 150,000 years, that means that they have previously survived numerous periods of planetary warming and cooling. Link.


Well, iggy, I was busy LOLing at your 5:49. For the sake of the faint-hearted here, I hope there's no picture of the boy lego that confirms your suspicion.

Beasts of England

Angry white-black guy?

Beasts of England

Dang it! I didn't read the instructions - it was a multiple-choice question. No wonder I made a 9 on my ACT...


Genuine Service currently unavailable. Weather.


Clarice just got Instalanced.

And already her AT Story has 136 comments. Wow!


when you retire, daddy, let's use a bit of your munificent pension and start a new Alaska newspaper.We can out Iggy in charge of the style and logging sections.


Congrats to Clarice. She has really developed quite the commenter following at AT! Which is good - she can bat down the crazies over there, instead of here. lol!


Clarice-Lucky me spent the morning reading a UN report. Once again they were pushing the bright idea of our copying the agricultural practices of the indigenous people in various parts of the world.

BO's mama would be so pleased!

I read your pieces afterward and it's hard tot to feel like an anthropology exercise these days.

With OPM of course.


What's frustrating about the UN is in about 5 minutes a week you can learn how corrupt and stupid the entire organization is and yet the muddle doesn't get it. We shouldn't give them five cents, We should not even participate in it It's utterly evil.


**Put Iggy**


Katie Dixon, a 'confidential assistant' in the Office of Public Affairs at the Department of Justice, reportedly sent an email to Washington Free Beacon writer C.J. Ciaramella saying that she had been directed to send him a link to Media Matters for America, which holds weekly "strategy calls" with the White House, in response to an inquiry regarding the Operation Fast and Furious scandal.

Outsourcing !!

Can't you hear it?  'IT'S UNFAIR!'

One of the best things I like about this dog thing is the polarizing it will do. All the right is horselaughing, understanding its value is ridicule, and nothing else. All the left is outraged that multiculturalism is being used against him, and worse, that it has become ridiculous in this instance.

He has all the attributes of the snake he ate, too.

He shoulda eaten ants. It's grasshopper behaviour to throw assets around like there is no tomorrow.



What'll it be tonight, a euphoric Jane/TC/Dave, an apoplectic TM/Peter,
or a catatonic RedSox - Yanker's Sunday Night Baseball contest?

We're off to wake up the bears! Ciao.


Jane & janet will both especially appreciate this. The UN system, getting ready for Rio in June, aspires to run the world's economies and dictate individual behaviors, etc.

A big part of their argument is no one else is vertically integrated from local to natl to regional to global.

The local cite is specifically to Agenda 21. Sometimes it looks like a conspiracy because it is a vast coordinated effort at rent seeking.


Well Alger Hiss, was among the first delegation, right, in 1945, I noticed looking up his wife, Priscilla, one comes to a site out of NYU, that debunks any notion he was a spy, all the way, not denying they were 'premature antifascists'


Even the folks at the West Wing weren't so dense;


narciso, I know I've said this here before, when I first came to DC thee were many, many people--of all political stripes--with Georgetown as their stamping grounds who refused to believe Hiss had ever been a spy, in large part because he was socially and educationally one of their own.


--We can [p]ut Iggy in charge of the style and logging sections.--

Style I get, but logging?


Just saw the latest Pieces. Good stuff.

FWIW, I'm pretty sure the Vick/Bourdain joke was mine.


"or a catatonic RedSox - Yanker's Sunday Night Baseball contest?"

Neither cause it's pouring.

RSE, the question is, will they take over the oceans before or after?


Thanks. It probably was bgates as everyone in the know knows you are the funniest man on the Internaet.


P.S> I normally keep a running file of all the clippings I plan to use, I did not clip that post--apparently I just missed it-- and had only the Instapundit quote to go on and he attributed it only to someone unnamed on FB.


I believe it, and the WAlt Myers episode confirmed it for me. Weinstein wrote Inquest
in the late 70s, right, Volgonokov, then whitewashed the matter on the eve of the '92 election, as I recall, ignoring the fact he was GRU's man.

Captain Hate

Is anybody watching the Fox 25th anniversary show? I'm sure that I'm hating about 90% of it but I'm only watching it to see if they have any mention of "Duet" or "Herman's Head", both of which I thought were reasonably well done and made me laugh.

Captain Hate

I forgot Teh Simpsons got their start on the Tracy Ullman show, which I also liked.


I loved Herman's Head. Hank Azaria played a cad. Ha!

They also gave Chris Elliot, who I think is a comedic genius a show for a couple of seasons. It was awesome.

Captain Hate

Yes, the Chris Elliott show with his dad in the cast playing the same.

narc the reviewer thought that a freshman telling Boehner he would hold him to his word was worthy of quoting. I'd have quoted it but the WaPo wanted me to register to get repeat access to it and that ain't happening.


This is certainly an Inigo Montoya moment;

Some of the freshmen don’t have a grasp of what the facts are, and they’re going to rebel. You’d be finished,” Reps. Tom Latham (R-Iowa), Steven C. LaTourette (R-Ohio), Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) and Patrick J. Tiberi (R-Ohio) warned Boehner, according to Draper’s interviews with two of the men.


Bob! Or Ray!

I forget which sometimes.


About that poll, on Friday, there's a 41/32
advantage in the poll, from 2008

Captain Hate

Bob Elliot



Sorry bout being a wise acre Mr Hate.

Back to my Drive By Truckers recuperation.

Tom Maguire

I stole that link from jimmyk so that folks like Clarice won't cheat.

A Conservative Teacher

Did he ever find out who's arse to kick?

Army of Davids

Four score and 5 Trillion Dollars ago our wise and benevolent government brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Pelosi's chambers, and dedicated to the proposition that all men must be equal whether they like it or not.

Barry Lincoln

Climate Science is getting the ridicule treatment now, too.

Heh, n; bishop hill has a connect the dots cartoon by the skeptical cartoonist Josh showing H O A X in dots.

Army of Davids

Give me government or give me death.

Barry Henry

Army of Davids

Government is not the problem. Government is the solution.

Barry Reagan


I'll never forget donald in the Wars of Norge.


"We shouldn't give them five cents, We should not even participate in it It's utterly evil."


Dave (in MA)

daddy, who cares? It's NHL playoffs. B's with an OT win!

Agent J

Sorry about the O/T.

Agent J has been on a family mission which hopefully will be ending on Sunday April 29 when all of the family and guest will return to their homes after a Celebration of life for Mrs Agent J..

It has been a hard road.

When one goes out of the main stream of Funeral Directors, Funeral Homes, and Monument sales persons to purchase a monument, an do not forget the monument setters..well lets just say you do not know, or have any idea what nice people like the aforementioned are like until you go against their money grubbing supply channel..I had one individual, wishing to know the location so he could run his truck into it. An another stated "you should have bought granite we would have had it done by now"..When I explained that we did not like polished granite, he stated what do you care when you are dead. Nice people.

Currently the beautiful 4 foot by 5 foot, Colorado Watermarked Buff monument sets in my driveway awaiting someone to set it..On Thursday, if the individual that I have verbal agreement with, does not provide services as agreed. Then "we" will do it..

Hopefully I will report back next week with pleasant results.

Meantime unless you have a lot of time, willing to fight for what you want, not what they have..stay within the system..


What's frustrating about the UN is in about 5 minutes a week you can learn how corrupt and stupid the entire organization is and yet the muddle doesn't get it.

Sadly we could substitute for "UN" any of a dozen federal government departments or agencies and say much the same thing.


I stole that link from jimmyk so that folks like Clarice won't cheat.

Well, I stole it from Dan Cleary.

AgentJ, our thoughts are with you.


Aw shucks. Thanks Kim.

Melinda Romanoff

Agent J-

If I could pour the footer myself, I would guarantee placement in 36.

Unfortunately, it's often a state licensed biz that owns all access, including the certification of "lid".

I wish you luck.

Frau Wau-Wau

Hang in there, AgentJ. We are holding down Maguire's fort until you can make it back safely. You and I are the Main Geezers here so take care of yourself.

Frau Wau-Wau

Unfortunately, it's often a state licensed biz that owns all access, including the certification of "lid".

Consarned government regulations and unions. This is not the way our country began.

Agent J

Melinda that is one of the nice things about a lot of locations in the State of Missouri. We are in one of the few counties that has voted zoning down many times. In fact so many, and it has been defeated so badly they will no long bring it up for vote..If there is any state laws, the small country Cemetery has no knowledge of them..and I am not going to look for any..within our family we can do it, but some members of the family would prefer that someone else did it. But I am about ready to say, it is my rock and I will do it if I want to..

The funny part about it is our family Epitaphs on the stone states: "We did it our way".

Melinda Romanoff

Agent J-

It is a reasonable public health issue, just be aware.

Minimalist Poster

I didn't realize you were in Missouri, Agent J.

Agent J

Frau some nights I really do feel my age..but generally I am doing all right and ok..I just don't do as much of anything as I use to..

Thanks for everyone's thoughts..I just wished that this was over so I can hit the road for a while..

Agent J

Minimalist Poster, Yes up by Warrensburg..Johnson County..

Agent J

Melinda it is just a stone, most of the ashes are going to the shore of Lake Superior. I may put a urn with some ashes at a later date..

Ralph L

A family near my great-grandparents' plot has a 5 foot tall "natural" stone. It's the most striking and memorable one in the whole cemetery. It amazes me it hasn't been damaged--it's right up to the road at an intersection.

Minimalist Poster

Agent J, down in Stone County, near Nixa


Here's 2 fascinating photos in the last 2 days from Astronomy Picture of The Day:

1) Martian Sand Dunes

2) Evaporating Nebular Blobs

Kevin B

And they're trying to tell us there are no sand worms on Mars.

Jack is Back!

GZ released from jail about midnight. May he be safe.


Been thinking about you in your absence AgentJ. My prayers are with you.

Agent J

Thanks all for your thoughts, prayers and concerns..they are most appreciated.

Ralph L - This will be different from anything in this 1850 cemetery, yet it will not be gaudy in any way..

If I every get it "set" I will post a picture..OH hell yes I am proud of it..

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