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May 26, 2012


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Danube of Thought

And yet she polls neck-and-neck with Brown.


Only if you sautee the sample, like Suffolk U, did;


So the EU is making it official. The EC's official policy is now to screw the bondholders. LUN.

As Joe Biden would say, "this is a big f'in deal".


I'm afraid, DoT, that the voters in Massachusetts simply do not care if the person they vote for is a liar--you do remember how often they sent Teddy Kennedy back to the Senate?


My question is did Harvard reap any financial benefit for this fraud? We know Warren did.

Sailor, you never answered my question about why you think I don't like Brown.


University polls are notoriously for their imprecision and unreliability. The voters of Massachusetts sent Brown to the Senate to get rid of Obamacare, and that is not accomplished yet. I would lay odds that unless the Supreme Court invalidates the whole mess, that Brown will return to finish the job...


notoriously "Bad"



--And yet she polls neck-and-neck with Brown.--

This issue paints her as a minor liar who just believed what her mommy told her but also allows her to play the aggrieved [to use one of bunky's favorite words] victim rather than shooting her mouth off about her radical policies.
Maybe she will make it to November after all.


Does anyone else think this warren story is a nightmare for aacu and the aa enforcement brigade right at the time with SCOTUS about to reconsider the constitutionality of aa?

The system is corrupt and gamed is the last thing you want in the background when the better constitutional argument supports no discrimination means just that.


Look what AA has brought us to. The president, his wife, this fraud and countless others, all able to frolic at a place most of our children wouldn't have a dream of attending. Could any of them have done it without racial preferences?


Let's see Obama's LSAT.


So does Harvard have a Department of Tribal Law? There are actually serious issues at hand, and with different traditions, the study of the interface between Federal, State, and tribal law would be a legitimate area of study, especially at such a prestigious, internationally recognized university.

Instead, we get a dime store Indian.I think we should make Elizabeth Warren run the gauntlet if nothing else. It's an Iroquois tradition, but I think we can make an exception in this case for a faux Cherokee. If she survives she can be allowed to join the tribe and run for office.

There is one more link to consider in the case of Ms. Warren. With the vacuous look that is usually on her face, it is perfectly possible she did far too much peyote when she was younger.


"The administrator responsible for Harvard Law School’s faculty diversity statistics from 1996 to 2004, the period in question, was Alan Ray, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation who, like Warren, has fair skin, blue eyes, and Oklahoma roots."

Just an unrelated coincidence I suppose.


or even just make her answer some damn questions about Cherokee life. Does she know ANYTHING about Cherokees? What great perspective did she bring to Harvard with a lousy "my mom told me" story?


Afraid to Jane. I have seen how you eviscerate some people here.


This was not just at Harvard. UPenn reported they had a (fake) Indian to the Federal Government in 1992

Few weeks ago on UPenn


Oh okay sailor. You don't have a problem with the accusation, just the explanation. Yeah that makes sense.

Half of my radio show was about Warren this week (playing on local TV as I write this). Both Dick and the state rep feel like the Indian thing is a dead issue, that Brown is in trouble and that all the polls indicate that.

The state rep is someone who is very good friends with Brown and I trust him completely.

I'm not willing to concede this as a dead issue, particularly since the Globe reported on it on the front page Friday, but I do think they know what the polling is.


Michael Patrick Leahy:

"But the most stunning discovery about the life of O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford is that her husband, Ms. Warren’s great-great-great grandfather, was apparently a member of the Tennessee Militia who rounded up Cherokees from their family homes in the Southeastern United States and herded them into government-built stockades in what was then called Ross’s Landing (now Chattanooga), Tennessee—the point of origin for the horrific Trail of Tears, which began in January, 1837."
(ht LI)

I guess GGG-PaPaw Crawford didn't make an appearance in Warren's family "lore"?

Rick Ballard


You demonstrate insufficient concern, not to mention fear...


You demonstrate insufficient concern, not to mention fear...

Oh dear. I need to work on that.


You can hear the Warren discussion here. I'd start with part 2.


Brown will have to earn his seat in this election. He has to make peace with the Tea Party which brought him to the dance. Warren is still vulnerable but Brown needs to tell the people of Mass. what he will do for them as their senator. Some have buyers remorse and he needs to make amends and win them back.
OT: Am I the only one who still wants the screws to be put to Eric Holder. Everytime I think about thos Black Panther thugs in Philly and The Fast and Furious fiasco my blood boils. He has to be held accountable and not allowed o lie his way out of this.Blago-convicted and Holder walking around free-madness.


--Afraid to Jane. I have seen how you eviscerate some people here.--

Sweet Jane? I've seen her go off on idiot trolls, but not a normal person, one of which you seem to be.

Captain Hate

Am I the only one who still wants the screws to be put to Eric Holder?

No. I'd be surprised if any non-trolls felt otherwise.


Am I the only one who still wants the screws to be put to Eric Holder.

I would like to see him prosecuted after resigning.


Yes, that is the point, he is much responsive to what ever the Washington Post warbles, than
the people who got him there, And you're right to be concerned, because actual facts don't seems to matter when it comes to Brown,


Oops I meant Warren, although the fact that he abetted the unconstitutional 'recess apppointments,' make me think that wasn't totally a freudian slip,


OT totally random question -
Do any JOMers on the east coast have a 450 Nighthawk for sale & know of one?


I would like to see him prosecuted after resigning.

Me too.

What is a 450 Nighthawk?


A motorcycle. I'm attempting to get a bigger one...but not too much bigger. I could come up to Sturbridge on a 450.

Captain Hate

Back to Scotty Centerfold: I understand the concerns the Tea Party members have but this isn't Utah that he's running in so he can't be toe the conservative line continually. Still he seems to get a McCain like glee whenever he "reaches across the aisle" that would infuriate me. He's been extremely fortunate in his opponents though.


Well, CH, being the eternal pessimist, I think Brown is going to lose to that Squaw Warren!


Indian Princess Warren is more like it.

Captain Hate

Well sailor, after years of Reporting for Doody and the Hero of Chappaquiddick, I'd say history is on the side of your prediction.


Janet, I think you're ready for a Hog. The bike variety, and not the four-legged one.


Hah! no, DrJ...I'm more of a low-budget rider. My little 250 is great, but I'd like one with a little more weight for the highway.

Most Dem voters don't seem to care if their Senators & Reps are liars & thieves. My area keeps electing Jim Moran...attacked a kid, attacked his wife,... You'd think the anti-war contingent would look into Moran's defense contracting corruption...but no. They don't care.


I could come up to Sturbridge on a 450.

And you should.

Capn' After my discussion with the state rep I sent an email to the tea party leader in the adjacent town. We attend each others meetings and I'm actually thinking of merging our group with theirs.

She was as sure as I am that the members feel like they have been kicked in the shin by Brown and will vote, but not work for him. I was a little surprised by my rep's insistence that the tea party really needed to get out an work for Brown - it felt like taking advantage to a certain degree with no reward in sight. (Recall Rocco's response) I certainly don't think Brown is going to be more appealing to the tea party in the 2nd term.

My friend suggested that Brown come to the next meeting and try and mend some fences. I'm not convinced he will think we are worth his time.

Months ago a former state rep asked me to be the liason between Brown and the tea party. I agreed and then never heard from Brown.

I am told that in the far western part of the state (not that anything is "far' in MA) the tea party is trashing Brown. I did agree to try and get them to temper their disdain.

Both Brown and the tea party are pretty much between a rock and a hard place, and of the two of us, Brown in the only one who can win.


Janet: You're probably already checking the internet and dealers, but you might try getting contact info for and calling the guys that do Introduction to Motorcycle Safety courses (around here, it's done at Community Colleges). Those guys are the most knowledgeable about every bike club and every wholesale and retail and owner-sellers around. They are also not likely to steer you to a questionable seller or product, given they work for peanuts to train the newbies on safety safety safety.

Captain Hate

Jane, I appreciate the quandary you find yourself in and the steps you take to deal with it. The western part of the state is the most conservative, no?


Much as with Pennsylvania, and Northern Florida, Captain.



The western part of the state is full of hippies. Where I am, the central part of the state is the conservative part.


According to Gallup, Americans ( not registered voters and not likely voters but effectively Adults ) consider themselves 46% economically conservative and 20% liberal. That is the true Identity Conservatives, as that will convert when the Likely Voter screen is placed on, a clear majority will appear.

That is really what Bubu objects, the fact that he can see as well as can I that Democrats will be consigned to sit in the corner and watch come November.


Thanks, AliceH that is a great suggestion.

Rick Ballard


Where is the grease for the Massachusetts Machine supposed to come from if Warren is elected? Nothing has replaced the Big Dig and having a second commie in the Senate won't fill the trough. Brown is now a null factor - the GOP doesn't need his half vote and he knows it. Ignoring Brown and directing attention to grabbing a few more state legislature seats might provide a lot more bang for the Tea Party buck.

The OPM Famine may well be enough to re-elect Brown. The Machine pigs know that GOP scraps are a better bet than empty commie promises.


Jane, You have answered my question as to why you don't like Brown.

Rick Ballard


Gallup ran two pieces last week suggesting that all the dead canaries that keep showing up might have some predictive value. Their reporting in May '10 was actually more optimistic about Dem chances than their current reporting.

Gallup, as everyone knows, is just a hive of identity conservatives.



Yeah I do all that work for Brown because I don't like him. Is that how it works in your world.

You seem to like to analyze me - this is just the latest of several attempts. The problem is, you suck at it.



I have it on good authority that if Brown loses, he will run for governor.


A proven, recalcitrant, unrepentant, liar and a fraud can garner the votes to be the senator of Massachusetts? It’s that important to the Democrats? Of course it is. Yet, as I read Jane, whom I admire greatly, our side has moral qualms about supporting someone exponentially closer to our views than Warren could ever go.

I’d hate to see Warren in the Senate. She’d be there forever.

Little White Dove.


Exactly, MarkO. It's called "cutting off your nose to spite your face."

Captain Hate

The western part of the state is full of hippies. Where I am, the central part of the state is the conservative part.

Ok that makes sense. I remember stopping off on a trip east in the Berkshires and it seemed kind of Woodstocky.


Good Morning.

This South Carolina Pastor who is a Democratic candidate for Congress just got arrested for Drunk driving and unlawfully possessing a firearm, with a female college student who was not his wife in his car.

I think having that firearm is really going to hurt him.


I'd say that things started drifting away from the stonewall when Trump put the birth certificate in Obama's face. Until then, he was off limits.

Danube of Thought

"the GOP doesn't need his half vote and he knows it"

I think Rick is a lot more confident than I am about getting a Senate majority in November.


Hey TM, thanks for the link.

Mark, I think it is a matter of priorities. The tea party is very involved in local matters. I suspect no one here has sent Brown money this cycle, for the exact same reason that the tea party has been jaded. It has nothing to do with moral qualms but rather time and resources. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty burned out.

Despite sailor's analysis, I personally like Brown very much, and have met him on several occasions and also contributed to him. I have also encouraged others to do the same. I will not, however take the rap for his failure to generate more activity (not that I think you are attributing that to me).

I can't believe just on the basis of integrity that Warren hasn't been forced to quit the race. Most of the people I talk to think integrity doesn't even enter into it. That's what I find shocking.

However I am absolutely determined to find a venue where I can ask the candidates their opinion on affirmative action. My follow up question is what they would do about fraud in that system.



Remind me again what time it is there? 6 hour difference from EST?


I think Rick is a lot more confident than I am about getting a Senate majority in November.

Well is the honest assessment that nearly everyone is more optimistic than you on that point? Count me in, its a pretty large crowd.


It's a hard place, Jane.

hit and run

Greetings from Lake Norman.

In electoral news, I am happy to report that one 2008 Obama voter has been suucessfully brought over to the darkside.

There are three other Obama voters at the lakehouse,and by the time the weekend is over one of two things will happen. Either they shall be brought over to the darkside and commit to voting for Mitt,or if that fails, Obama will have been made so toxic to them that they shall stay home in November.

If you haven't already, you can now safely take NC off of your battleground states list. I figure at this rate, I will have negated several thousand 2008 Obama votes by November.

Don't thank me, thank Titos.


I agree, MarkO. Trump forced a response by just asking the same question over & over & over.
I wish just ONE reporter would sit down with President 404 & ask him questions about Dreams & his life. Let Obama do the talking.
Tell us about writing Dreams in Bali. Was it a financial strain to take off for a month (or however long)? What happened to the BC that you mentioned in Dreams?
Were you active in Wright's church? What ministries were you involved in? Tell us about the moment you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior.
Do you still have a "choom gang"?

(Another) Barbara

Yet, as I read Jane, whom I admire greatly, our side has moral qualms about supporting someone exponentially closer to our views than Warren could ever go.

I don't think it's a matter of moral qualms, it's just difficult for us out-of-staters to work up a fervor for Brown, whose votes shattered our hopes more than once. Of course he's far preferable to the execrable Warren, but I'd rather send donations to Josh Mandel, or Ted Cruz, as a couple of examples, than Brown, who has proven to be only a marginal investment at best.

I live 5,000 miles from MA and I sent him money last time, but won't again (though I'm getting phone calls from his campaign workers). Not only did I send a few bucks last time, the night of his election we opened a $250+ gift bottle of wine, to celebrate. A year later I pined to have that wine back.

I understand Jane's (and Rocco's) feelings entirely. In fact, Jane has offered more to Brown's campaign than he has any reason to expect.


--The western part of the state is full of hippies.--

I'll take a drug fried hippy over those earnest, do-gooder, clean cut urban professional libs any day of the week.
Since hippies are usually involved in less than legal activities on a regular basis they seem considerably less inclined to stick their nose in everyone else's business.
Kind of the difference between hippy Oregon and earnest California; neither one is pleasant but at least the former finds pleasure in addling his brain at least as much as telling everyone else what to do.


--Despite sailor's analysis, I personally like Brown very much, and have met him on several occasions and also contributed to him.--

I didn't take her to be commenting on your personal like or dislike of him but rather your distaste for his inconsistent voting record.


EU talking tough to if they want to provoke Greece to exit.


LaGuarde = IMF

That is your wallet she is running around with so be glad she is not writing blank checks...


Bingo, Iggie.


O/T But this is just plain wrong IMO. Especially while we're apparently ruled by a regime that can get by with anything.

I put it on the Obama thread but some may not be reading it.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Regarding Senator Brown, I am not sure if I can recall any genuinely conservative Republican senator from the northeast being elected in my lifetime. And I go back to FDR's third term. If my recollection is correct, maybe our expectations of what is possible in Massachusetts are somewhat higher than reality would dictate.


but at least the former finds pleasure in addling his brain at least as much as telling everyone else what to do.

Good observation. I think that's part of why Austin isn't quite the Blue Hell it could be. First off, the hippies/hipsters are afraid of the rest of Texas. Secondly, they are more into partying than forcing their noses into others' business. The libs who are any good at anything are making money in the tech sector and for the most part would like to keep it.


Daddy, your link shows an update that says that Drunk Democrat had ended his campaign. One down, so many more to go!


Taking up your bet, Jim R;


but the exception proves the rule.


Elizabeth Warren is obviously indigenous. With her high cheek bones and blue eyes which match mine, she looks like a Sami woman to me.

I don't understand why a woman who lied to steal a slot reserved for an Indian still has a chance to win the election.

I think Senator Brown is about the best Massechusettes can expect.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

I guess my recollection was not correct, Narc. Apparently Bridges' conservative credentials were waning when he left office in 1961:

Although a tough anti-communist and conservative on fiscal issues, Bridges' politics nonetheless were more practical than ideological (his most controversial vote was against the censure of Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy). In his fifth term at the time of his death (November 26, 1961), Bridges - as chairman of the Republican Policy Committee - was preparing an optimistic and progressive strategy for his party's future (which included cultivating the Rockefeller moderates) to combat the newly inaugurated and charismatic young Democrat in the White House, John F. Kennedy.

Quote from a review of his biography in NH Commentary.


pagar-there are a couple of things going on there.

One it makes the school look bad if you can regularly miss school without it affecting achievement.

Second, attendance is becoming more important under Common Core (which Houston, and other urban systems, are implementing whatever Rick Perry believes). Because the purpose is primarily to change the child and then adolescent before that age 15 door closing on the plasticity of attitudes and values and driving dispositions, the classroom affective assault just cannot do it propagandizing magic if the little darling is not physically present.

That's why these NCLB waivers are putting an emphasis on attendance being part of each school's report card measurements. The official story is that it's because the students with more than 10 absences are far less likely to graduate. That's true but irrelevant to the primary purpose of getting strict on absences with students who are in no danger of not graduating.

They need to be indoctrinated and they need to be unpaid tutors to the weaker students on all those group projects.

Because Common Core is designed to blow up the traditional Western primacy of the individual.

As an aside, I wish Rick Perry understood what was going on in his urban districts and those federally funded regional education agencies. Texas is in fact participating in the spirit of the common core skills first drive. And all that TEKS and STAAR emphasis on rigor indicates his ed advisors do not know their John Dewey.

Charlie (Colorado)

Did that do the job?

Rick Ballard

Jim Rhoads,

My largest problem with Brown is the overall cost of Blue Hell Senators. I don't see any political value in having a GOP seat to maintain and defend without any hope of the state legislature behaving in a responsible manner.

The OPM Famine provides a very legitimate reason to put Leviathon on a starvation diet and the Blue Hells provide perfect places to begin implementation.


I agree, James, and that is why I think it is foolish of the Tea Party to not support him--especially when Warren is the alternative.

Charlie (Colorado)

I've got a thousand words in submission on the Warren thing, so I'm not going to go into great depth, but I was recruited based on my grand-grandparents when I was an aspiring academic. In my case, it started when my mother happened to mention our Injun background to a faculty member she knew for other reasons. Yeah, it kinda pissed me off. Yeah, I'm proud of my Injun ancestry. And yeah, I've no doubt that any school at which I taught would be thrilled to mark me down as a "Native American".

And, coincidentally, my great^6 grandfather was Major Jacob Martin, who commanded the Georgia Militia unit that walked the Cherokee across the Trail of Tears.

I don't know that there's ANYTHING politically on which Warren and I would agree, but this whole thing of calling her a liar and a cheat because she believed the family history has gotten way over the line.

Don't blame Warren -- blame the stupid rules that made her academic achievements less inportant than who her great grandmother was.


Isn't it ILLEGAL to submit false information to the federal government? Don't these documents usually say "under penalties of perjury...."

Just watch how HLS will NOT even get a slap on the wrist for its falseness.

Charlie (Colorado)

I don't see any political value in having a GOP seat to maintain and defend without any hope of the state legislature behaving in a responsible manner.

It works like this, Rick: If they're in Congress, they can vote in the leadership election. If they're governors, they can veto stupid legislation.

If they don't get elected because they're not sufficiently pure, they can't.

Do the math.

Charlie (Colorado)

Just watch how HLS will NOT even get a slap on the wrist for its falseness.

Don't be a dope. Warren believed she was part Indian, and in fact may still be: the Dawes Roles didn't pick up a lot of Cherokee who had moved into towns or left the Nations.


Hell yes. I'm part Cherokee myself. Why not? It's all the rage.


Charlie: Warren and HLS also deny that her checking the "American Indian" box had anything whatsoever to do with her being recruited. HLS additionally has guidelines for what meets their criteria for establishing someone as a 'diversity' candidate, and checking the box is not sufficient.

I think both those factors differentiate your story from Warren's and are what makes this something more than a "blame the system not the exploiters of the system" issue.


"Don't blame Warren." I can see letting her pretend, without any effort to verify a family legend, but she now has no evidence.

Is there no point at which her calculated use of this identity has to end?

She has promoted herself as an intellectual. She has the responsibility to do more than repeat something her mother said. She deserves a great deal of blame, particularly in her refusal to deal with what is now known.

Or, do you really consider her to be the victim. That's what she wants, isn't it?


what academic achievements, Charlie? That's a whole 'nother issue.

Carol Herman

As kids, we all played cowboys & indians. Hopalong Cassidy, and Roy Rogers weren't real cowboys, either.

And, kids wore 6-shooter hip pistols. And, I even remember a feathered indian bonnet.

Elizabeth Edwards, running for the senate, however, just got the proverbial arrow through her forehead. If you think getting caught at playing indian is a good thing ... so be it. I think it benefits Massachusetts current senator, Scott Brown. Who took the "kennedy's empty senate seat" ... out of the Potamac. And, made it his own.

Sometimes? Sometimes all the publicity that comes your way is a good thing.

For Elizabeth Warren, however, her days of being an indian are over.


"You'd think the anti-war contingent would look into Moran's defense contracting corruption...but no. They don't care."

When it comes to principles they don't love theirs nearly as much as they hate ours.

I'd prolly say theirs are mostly postmodern facade but I can't read minds like bubu can.

Carol Herman

Mitch McConnell doesn't count Brown's senate seat as a "half seat" when it comes to wanting to park himself in Harry Reid's office.

OH! And, Snowe retired! Perhaps an Independent will take her place? Doesn't mean Mitch McConell can call the movers in yet, to displace Harry Reid's office space.


Listening to segment 2 of Jane's Show.

Dick is hallucinating. He just said that as the incumbent Repub Scott Brown should be up 8-9 points.



"Don't be a dope"

I'm twice as injun as Warren claims and compared to us you are the real deal so ... don't be a dope and stop taking everything so personal.


Hey. I'm pulling for Elizabeth.
Her mother told her that is is Cherokee and that's enough.
I told my kids that they never have to pay taxes .. never.


Another positive aspect of supporting Scott Brown is it goes some way to inoculating the general blue-state middle against the "Republican = Evil" thinking that's endemic to the state.

No conservative R is ever going to be electable in a place where a voting majority is trained to reflexively recoil at the thought.

Baby steps at Federal Level. Focus and energy at the local/state level.

Carol Herman

Was Tonto played by a real indian?

Doesn't Harvahd have problems, now? What with giving Obama certification as a Constitutional Lawyer. And, now a woman who claims faux-indian-hood?

How did Harvahd pick up it's great reputation in the first place? Anything to do with White Shoe Law Firms? Anything to do with Supreme Court decisions, written more than half a century ago, or more; considered brilliant?

What have they got now? Alan Dershowitz? (Not to insult Alan Dershowitz, who, in fact, is very brainy.)


The relevance of Brown may be more important if the Republicans are on the cusp of 60 after this election in the Senate. In other words, the difference between 54 and 55 is not as important than between 59 and 60 (or 50 and 51).

My understanding right now is that the odds are significantly in favor of a Republican Senate (and House) next session. The issue may be that with a large number of Dems, many vulnerable, running for reelection (or even election) this time, the money is going towards the best chances and towards the more conservative (though, I am not sure if it would be more advantageous to have a liberal Republican (Brown) and a conservative Democrat, or a conservative Republican and liberal Democrat (Warren), if we are talking the margins).


Hi Jane.

We are 4 hours different from you guys. I get up about 9 AM local my time so 1 PM your time.

I'm with you. Walker is the most important election going on in the country right now.

Carol Herman

Do you know what would "work for Brown?"

Ah, if we only had those feathered headdresses kids once wore! Anyone, back in the 1950's, could wear a Daniel Boone coonskin cap (with tail still on it). Or a feathered headdress.

I don't see Scott Brown losing. I do see women having a tougher time, ahead, winning slots on major tickets to anywhere.

It's not just "AA" that's on the line! It's the whole nine yards of gains gotten by feminists ... Just like after women won the right to vote. What happened to all those Suffragettes?

Scott Brown isn't running against a Kennedy!

There are still so many Kennedy's out there, that if Scott Brown were beatable ... he wouldn't be running against a faux-indian-lady.

Carol Herman

To win in November, Brown needs "cross-over" votes. That means he can't afford to lose democratic (and independent) voters who are NOT on the social conservative's train.

How the Tea Party evolved into the social conservative network is beyond me.

But to claim they hold the election in Massachusetts in their hands? Hardly likely.


O/T I just got the funniest email from a friend, informing me he's about to get his first Social Security check.

He wrote to thank me for working and contributing to his Lockbox stash. Also, to advise me not to expect more expressions of gratitude, because he's practicing his sense of entitlement.

He wraps with this:

Here are some of the mantras I have been practicing and which you may expect to hear repeatedly over the coming years:

1. It isn't welfare, I EARNED it!
2. I need those cost of living increases, how am I supposed to live on a fixed income!
3. I paid into the "system" all these years, now it's my turn to collect!
3. I'm old, you young people need to help me!
4. How did I know I was supposed to save?
6. Where's my check?
7. Stop whining, you little bastards!

LOL! I think Hallmark is missing a golden (or Golden Years?) opportunity here.


rse, thanks for your comments. I wanted to address the post to you but than thought that you would be too busy to bother.

I understand that students make things look bad for the teachers if it is too easy to miss much school and still carry high grades. I used to miss a lot of high school days to show championship livestock at fairs. Most of the shows occurred during school year.

I guess I'm out of out date but we had school guidance staff/nurses that kept up with student problems that affected their schooling. I believe the school should have been doing more to help this student.
IMO, the problem never should have gotten to a judge. Jail time and fines, just seem totally out of place for this situation.

IMO, the judge should be fired. One of the problems is a constant problem with bureaucrats. If not for having to appear in court during the day the student could have been in school. I used to have quite a few hourly employees that worked for me. Any time one of them had a court appearance or any bureaucratic type of requirement it almost always cost them a day's wages. A night court could have improved the situation but that would inconvience the bureaucrats.

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