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May 25, 2012


Danube of Thought

Minus 14 at Raz today.

Trails Romney by 1.


I guess they polled "attacking fond memories with now deceased mama" and it did well.


Did they hire the black knight as master campaign strategist?


Fauxchohantas says DNA-schmeeNA, I'm a Cherokee because my mommy told me so. So there!Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the brightest intellectual light in the Dem party. Don't take my word for it that's what Turbo tax Timmie said about 'indispensible' Lizzie. The HLS trustees had better demand their tenure back from her, she's an absolute embarassment.


Here she is refusing to answer questions about her supposed Cherokee heritage.
Yo Liz! The Cherokee Nation wants an answer!


Her mama also told her she was smart.


Breitbart has more today - referred to as a 'woman of color' since 1993.

How stupid is the whole 'women of color' idea anyway? Who cares? How bout 'women with many freckles' or 'women with bad teeth'? What do outside looks have to do with anything?

Rick Ballard


Did you see Taranto on 'Nobody'?

Democrat in Texas and California should head to the polls next week and the week following carrying 'Nobody Has a Chance' signs. The Dems will shrug off Texas but a 20% Nobody slice in California is definitely Black Knight news. The last polling I've seen for California puts Nobody at 22-24% so it's very possible.


Here in CA we had @ 9 Republicans on the ballot, none with any name recognition.The open primaries are a joke and I felt seriously disenfranchised.


Thanks Rick. : )


Interesting Fauxchohantas Factoid-- she's been maried about 42 of the last 44 years to 2 men. Her hubby of 32 years is HLS tenured (boy she has a broad ideological spectrum), but she definitely rode the AA wave at HLS NOT nepotism from her hubby, She goosed the whole woman/woman of color BS to tenure. She is a fraud.


TomM-- Fauxchohantas is a Cherokee with a vagina for the HLS Tenure Committee, for the Oklahoma Hall of Fame?-- uh, not so much.


Woman of color is no substitute for woman with brains. She's neither.


Even White Hispanics are people of color, Janet.


She's a fraud and the stupid massholes don't care. She only trails Brown by one per cent.

Rick Ballard


There is no reason for the GOP to devote resources to taking seats in a Blue Hell where progs are firmly in control and heading for bankruptcy. They won't waste resources in New York, Illinois or even in defense of Brown in Massachusetts. I doubt that they will expend much effort in a 60 seat drive or in adding to the House majority if it means supporting Tea Party candidates.

They want Nebraska, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Missouri, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin and Virginia, the first four because they're cheap to take and defend, the other six because they ensure control of the Senate.

The GOP is going to leave the Blue Hells to rot out and I haven't come up with a decent reason for them not to do so.


I always have a little "color" in the summer time and sometimes I even have RED skin... So I guess I am a summertime Indian! Of French, Scot/Irish, English and Dutch heritage! ROTFLM(white)AO! So my new laugh tag is ROTFLMWFAO!


Maybe ROTFLMFWAO would be better!


I'm hoping the Dems will write NC off as a lost cause and spare us the 24/7 ad tsunami we suffered through last time. I guess prior to the convention they'll have to pretend it's winnable. One reason it's unwinnable is that millions of us were forced to listen non-stop to Obama promising we'd be able to keep our insurance plan/doctor if we wanted. And that not raising our taxes "one single dime" is still seared imm.


Here in CA we had @ 9 Republicans on the ballot, none with any name recognition.The open primaries are a joke and I felt seriously disenfranchised.

I went to the VA 8th congressional district Rep. convention mainly to participate in the structure of the Republican party. We are the party. If the Rep. structure is weak & rotten then it is our neglect that has allowed it to become so. Here it is the tea party that offers some hope in rooting out the old boy network that has become lazy & complacent...or even corrupt. There is no easy fix. IMO every JOMer should be engaged. You probably are, matt & I don't know the specifics of Calif.
I didn't really want to go, but figured the "somebody should..." was me.


RickB-- that net 8-9 gain Senate plan is what the Repubs should be doing. Brown has voted and run as a Ma. Iconoclast -- good --let him win or lose that way. personally, I think he wins for Iconoclast reasons, he hates Obamacare, but wants Big Government generally, so he fits in with muddled Ma. voter thinking. Plus, Fauxchohantas won't pull in black votes, and she seems to turn off women with her AA fraud, meanwhile Brown has good teeth and and a nice ass, that gives him a high Q rating with women voters.



I think a 60 seat majority is not out of reach ( maybe not probably but certainly reasonably possible ), and a gain of 5-10 House should happen as well.

But first things first. Lets celebrate Governor Walker trouncing the unions and progs shall we?


"The GOP is going to leave the Blue Hells to rot out"

IMO, the Democrats have decided they can't afford the Blue Hells, either. Can anyone imagine anything more likely to cause crime increases than turning off street lights?


Detroit is a ghost town Pagar. There are whole blocks of abandoned homes no one around. Its spooky. Hard to believe that the place was twice as large populationwise in 1953...

Rob Crawford

Can anyone imagine anything more likely to cause crime increases than turning off street lights?

Gun bans?

Democrat government?


Howie Carr finds a new angle of bogusness from Fauxcohontus:

Another taxing problem for Liz

"If there’s any politician that infuriates me more than a carpetbaggin’, recipe-stealing fake Indian, it’s one that unloads her imported BMW 528i just before announcing her candidacy, and then doesn’t even bother to pay the automobile excise tax on her campaign’s new Ford Escape."

"For someone who wants to raise taxes on everybody, she certainly seems allergic to paying her own. Refuses to pay at the voluntary higher state income tax rate, and now totally blows off the auto excise tax for five weeks now and counting."


I'm confused. Dizzie Lizzie Ward Churchill Warren, said she didn't know that HARVARD listed her as MINORITY or "of Color". Yet she was listed that way BEFORE HARVARD.
Liars lie. She doesn't even lie well.

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