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June 15, 2012



Robert Byrd would have been all over this Executive Branch overreach ... just on general principle.

Jack is Back!

Last September, the 11th, I belive, he said to some WH press corp questions that "he just can't do these things since he doesn't have the authority" or something to that effect. Of course, now its 2012 and an election year and he can do the things 9 months ago he didn't know he could do.

In the immortal words of Fortney 'Pete' Stark, "the US Government can do what it wants to do".

hit and run

“America is a nation of laws, which means I, as the President, am obligated to enforce the law. I don’t have a choice about that. That’s part of my job ... There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system that for me to simply, through executive order, ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as President.” -stuff Obama said in 2011

hit and run

"I just have to continue to say this notion that somehow I can just change the laws unilaterally is just not true. We are doing everything we can administratively. But the fact of the matter is there are laws on the books that I have to enforce. And I think there's been a great disservice done to the cause of getting the DREAM Act passed and getting comprehensive immigration passed by perpetrating the notion that somehow, by myself, I can go and do these things. It's just not true." --stuff Obama said in 2011


This is a man using an illegal waiver process to get around a Congressional statute to bind states to implementing the entire socialist theory of the mind. Using the schools to cultivate subjects and the power of the federal purse to bribe the states into not asking questions.

Jim Ryan linked one great Robert Heinlein quote this morning, here's another.

"When any government or church for that matter undertakes to say to its subjects, 'This you may not read, this youmust not know,' the end result is tyranny and oppression ..."

Unfortunately tyranny is either an aspiration or everyone was too busy taking sociology and anthropology to learn any history.


If I were a gay Federal employee in a committed relationship ... I'd be pretty pissed about Obama's failure to take action on DOMA.

I mean,hell, Obama's position on DREAMers "evolved" in a year.

Does this guy have Variable Adjustable Evolution?


Quick question:

Will the DREAMers have to provide photo id to get a waiver?

I mean, my understanding is that requiring photo id for anything would be pretty damn racist.


Devastating quotes, H&R (and paraphrase, JiB).


Weren't the TP "patriots" supposed to stop things like this? After all, they've presented themselves as the One And Only True Opposition to things like this, calling anyone who disagrees Commies and the like.

Yet - on the TP watch - O passed amnesty.

On two prior occasions, TPers and major r/w bloggers (I don't think I checked this site) largely ignored pushes for the DA. If you're upset about today's amnesty, blame those who could have stopped it but didn't. (P.S. smearing me for pointing that out isn't going to help, it's just going to make things like what happened today more likely.)

Captain Hate

Good point Bumper; the donks have so many natural fissures in their big tent of the perpetually aggrieved that it will be increasingly difficult to pander to one without making another feel left out. The gays have already had their wallets drained for nothing (or as Tammy Bruce put it, the abused spouses weren't beaten for a day or two) so they aren't needed now. Organized crime labor can't be happy with this.


Wow-- 'Bam's 2011 statement quoted above, against unilaterally refusing to enforce Immigration Laws, was the most well-reasoned, cogent legal argument I ever saw from him. AND I agreed with it!. Now it's 2012 so he's pissed all over the Constitution to whore for votes. He disgusts me.

Captain Hate

24GivesHead is very confused or a complete dumbass; maybe both


Obama to address his real people -- the Illegals.

IMO, the last people on earth that Obama cares about are working Americans.


Obama knows nothing about working or Americans.


Speaking of illegals voting, Wanggaard requests recount.

"But I also recognize that in the absence of a voter ID law and so many people suspicious of the election result, bitterness and division will only grow if the results are not recounted," Wanggaard said.




The President:

Says he is "mending our Immigration policy."

Says they are American's in every way but 1.

Says often they do not know they are undocumented.

Says they have done everything right in life only to suddenly face the threat of deportation to a country they know nothing about and to a language they do not even speak.

Says that gave birth to the Dream Act.

Says he told Congress to send him the Dream Act and he would sign it. Says Democrats passed it but Republicans in Congress blocked it.

Says in the absence of any fixes to help Immigration policy he has to do something.

Runs thru a list of how well he has improved deportation.

Says now he has improved on that record again by immediately allowing illegals under this new rule to avoid being deported.

Says it is not amnesty. It is a temporary stop-gap measure to help patriotic, motivated individuals. Says it is the right thing to do.

Says it is time for Congress to immediately pass Immigration reforms.

Says it is reform that will improve our Border Security.

Says McCain, Ted Kennedy and George Bush came together a few years back to do this.

Says this is the right thing to do for our economy and CEO's agree, and that it is the right thing to do for our security also. And it is the right thing to de period.

Says he has seen the stories of schools and churches across the country standing up for this.

Hollering at some reporter for asking a question and interrupting him. Says this is the right thing to do for young illegals serving in the Military. Says makes no sense to not take care of them.

Says we have drawn strength from our history as a nation of immigrants.

That's about it.


"what about American workers who are unemployed?"

He's already answered that question hundreds of times. He doesn't care anything about American workers unless they are union members.


What about immigrants that followed the rules and came and stayed in the USA legally?-- 'Bam is telling them they were fools.


"what about American workers who are unemployed?"

That was the question he walked away from at the end.

I want to know if we can pin the sunuvabitch down to get him to tell us what precisely he is doing today that does not conflict with "There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system that for me to simply, through executive order, ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as President."



John King is suing to enjoin implementation.

From Dan Riehl a quote worth saving though not particularly on point to this discussion:
Lieutenant General Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller, "They're on Our Right, They're on Our Left, They're in Front of Us, They're Behind Us; They Can't Get Away from Us This Time."



Obviously they didn't play the game as right as the illegals "who played the game right in every way but 1."

Plus, over and above US citizens, they get in state tuition in California, Colorado, and I think Maryland.

Captain Hate

Shorter JEF: I need a distraction from my pathetic speech yesterday, which even my loyal catamites are ridiculing, plus I need money and votes from La Raza. Nobody really believes I know WTF I'm doing on the economy but I don't depend on productive citizens for votes anyway. Congress is away today so I think I'll sneak this through because I'm all about transparency and reaching bi-partisan agreement.


Daddy-- that 'Bam quote better be the next Repub advert. 'Bam' is not only incompetent, he doesn't respect us or our laws. He was right in 2011 about the constitutional obligations of the POTUS to enforce immigration laws, and now in 2012 he's pissed all over the constitution begging for votes.


Maybe people ought to start collecting all of his overreaching and institution impeachment proceedings.



Daddy@2:29-- very true; Bam has lined himself up with the liars and scam artists who flaunt immigration laws. It's like Nixon pardoning the "Plumbers" after watergate saying they shouldn't be punished because they broke in on behalf of the POTUS, and thought they were doing the right thing. Except, there are 800,000 plumbers in this case.


CaptH-- yes, this is the 'shiny thing' du jour.




Obama shuts up a reporter.

Call your Senators & Reps.. Senate.



*institute* impeachment proceedings.

Obama intends to implement by executive order the Obama 2012 DREAM Act which has never quite made it through Congress

That's as far as I got.

In just the first sentence this blogger makes two glaring errors:
1. No, this is not an "executive order", it is a directive of Department of Homeland Security. There's a big difference.
2. This is not an implementation of the DREAM Act. That should be obvious to even the most casual observer, so I won't go into the differences between the two.

I'm sure the rest of the post is full of similar inaccuracies and ignorance, but like I said, I only bothered to read the first sentence. What would be the point of reading further?

[Interesting. Here is the LA Times:

Still, supporters noted that the executive order would only hold as long as Obama was in office.

And the NY Times:

His executive order, which Latinos and other immigrants have been pleading for since Congress turned aside an effort to pass similar legislation...

One might argue we are all wrong, or one might argue that a broader conception of "executive order" is authority exercised within the executive branch.

As to how big a functional difference there is between an order signed by Napolitano at Obama's direction and a memo signed by Obama, I daresay many would say, not much.

Well. If we can persuade Laurence B never to again read the NY Times, we have had a good day. TM.]


I have nothing to add to this.


Google: George W Bush Trashes the Constitution---2,340,000 results

Google: George W Bush Shreds the constitution---416,000 results

Google: George W Bush Ignores the constitution---12,700,000 results

Google: George W Bush's Disposable constitution---8,300,000 results

Google: George W Bush's violates the constitution---8,650,000 results



Your ability to pull things together quickly and make them readable is simply amazing. I so appreciate you.

Captain Hate

What would be the point of reading further?

Probably nothing because you're such a genius. Good luck finding a public toilet because you're obviously constipated or otherwise full of yourself.


Dear LaurenceB-- President Obama's remarks on March 28, 2011 about POTUS power, and lack of discretion, eloquently and uterly reject the nonsense in your comment. But, you wouldn't know that would you, because you didn't read the post and Links to the POTUS's own statements rejecting doing what he's done today.

Beasts of England

Three branches of government are just too many. And since they could be easily misconstrued as the Trinity, it's clearly a violation of the separation of church and state clause that's not in our Constitution.

And just imagine the tons of money we'll save with just an executive branch. No more deficits, no more debt! And we'll be getting rid of Congress - and everyone knows how much we hate Congress, right? And the SCOTUS building could be turned into the Obama Monument! He is one of the four greatest presidents ever. Or so I've heard...

What could possibly go wrong?


LaurenceB at 2.43: "....I'm sure the rest of the post is full of similar inaccuracies and ignorance, but like I said, I only bothered to read the first sentence. What would be the point of reading further?"

Good. Don't ever read anything else here at JOM. Leave. Never come back. Never utter a word about our //blogger//sarc off ... who is much more than a blogger. TM is a great, intellectually fair, and a witty writer! Please, please keep your promise. Don't read here. Don't come here. Leave. Get your rocks off somewhere else.


TomM's post about Mini-Dream (more like constitutional nightmare) show the accuracy of Dana Milbank's WaPo column. The Once is "a falsehood wrapped in a fallacy." Those 6 words described virtually everything he is and does.

hit and run

That's as far

I stopped there.


it's time for a major rebuttal from Romney


I think, at this point, we can declare ObamaCo in an official state of panic. They are firing everything they have now in a desperate effort to keep it competative enough for money to keep coming in.


Just now on Fox, Chris Wallace calls it "a smart political move". Considering that Wallce is wrong on just about everything, can I assume it's a major misstep for Obama?


Ranger, per Rush expect next: 1. forgiving student loans, 2. forgiving mortgages, 3. legalizing pot


Chubby-- I disagree. FIRST STEP-- Rubio and McCain need to step up and say this is an outrageous Dis' of Congress and the people who decide the laws. Remember 'Bam cynically cited those repubs. Rubio has already done that. McCain's gotta go next. THEN-- Romney says he agrees with Rubio/McCain (the Repubs 'Bam hooked up to) and that he would never disrepect the Congress and the people the way 'Bam has. And when 'Bam demands that Romney explain what he would do about DREAM?, Romney can simply say, he won't discuss the matter until 'Bam revokes the DHS amnesty, because he doesn't negotiate with constitutional terrorists like 'Bam. Boom.


Yes, Ranger, they are in a state of panic. But, everyone seems to just be horrified that he would not obey the law, and, I believe, absolutely nothing will be done about it. Repubs are scared of "losing" what Latino vote they might have, and, with the exception of a few, they are wimps. And, don't forget, O is saying this is what Rubio had planned.


Ranger-- Bingo! this is the shiny thing du jour for some immigrant votes and Soros open borders money.


sorry NK

ok, we disagree

I think leaders need to be a leader not followers, and certainly not following two steps behind that ineffectual blusterer McAmnesty


Chubby@3:12: Bingo; those ARE Bam's constituents, deadbeats and choomers.


"Perhaps Obama has mistaken that cardboard crown he got from his last trip to Burger King for the real thing."

Read more:

"'Bam is telling them they were fools."

The ones I know are not happy about it either. I suspect there are more than a million legal immigrants who don't like being called fools. We need to get those people to the voting booth to protest.


"Just now on Fox, Chris Wallace calls it "a smart political move"."

I figure this "move" provides cover for whatever newsdump comes out of the Whitehouse tonight.

We shall see.


Chubby-- disagreement is fine. Just remember, under our constitution, to lead as POTUS you gotta win the election.


Using Mark Levin's old standard, Marco Rubio is an illegal alien. His new standard is a double one, just like Obama.


At some point, the African American community is going to get tired of being treated like this.

AA unemployment is already through the roof, and now Obama is telling them he has no intention of slowing down the illegal imigrant labor force that depresses wages and takes jobs from the lower skilled part of the AA community.


Crawford over at PW posted this morsel that brings up a good point...

Can anyone tell me just WTF is the value of being a US citizen? Don’t need it to vote — at least, according to Holder’s DOJ. Don’t need it to work in the US — according to just about everyone in DC. Don’t need it to get handed taxpayer money — ditto. Having it means you’ll actually have to serve time for crimes, and you’re on the hook for taxes.


--Weren't the TP "patriots" supposed to stop things like this? After all, they've presented themselves as the One And Only True Opposition to things like this, calling anyone who disagrees Commies and the like.--

Since this was a unilateral action by Barry, are you proposing he be assassinated?
How else might someone prevent him from acting unilaterally, bright boy?


One thing to remember about millions of legal immigrants is that they came from countries ran by dictators. I doubt they believed they were coming to such a land.
Has the Obama regime cited any possible legal authority for allowing this?


Lindsay Lohan found unconscious in hotel room - guess that will eat up the news cycle this weekend!


Obama shuts up a reporter.

Call your Senators & Reps

So I stopped by MSNBC and there was a plethora of distress on camera about "OBAMA INTERRUPTED IN THE ROSE GARDEN" - which according to the distinguished panel brought to you from at least 4 locations, no other president has ever endured such disrespect and it's because he is black. (And we thought Bush's head on a stick was bad! How silly are we!)

I immediately switched to fox, where even the uber liberal Shephard Smith hasn't seen fit to report the travesty.


henry@2:13p -- thanks for the recount update. Clicking through eventually took me to the actual petition(pdf), in which Wanggaard alleges:

a. Numerous challenges by election observers were not properly documented or acknowledged by election officials;
b. Individuals providing assistance to voters were not properly documented;
c. Individuals were allowed to register to vote and vote with improper proof of residence and/or identification;
d. Individuals were electioneering in polling locations;
e. Individuals voted in more than one location;
f. Individuals were given incentives to vote.

Also - one of the linked posts was making a big stink about how this recount is a waste of Racine residents' tax dollars. I admit, that made me laugh!

Rick Ballard

The Tea Party will "stop things like this" on November 6th when the Kendonesian commie has his eviction notice posted on the door at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Do you think Governor Scott Walker should have a dais seat for President Romney's inauguration? After all, his election in '10, the breaking of the Wisconsin Public Employee Thieve's Trust and his subsequent win over the Public Thieve's Trust attempt to unseat him is a shining precursor to passage and implementation of Ryan's Roadmap for America.

Jim Ryan

Lindsay Lohan found unconscious

How can they tell?


--How can they tell?--

Her lips weren't moving.

Captain Hate

Shemp hasn't gotten the memo yet; he'll be in full sand-in-the-crack mode shortly in a comedy club level parody of a drama queen.


Makes me wonder who at the Dinner Party last night advised the Prez to do this, Anna Wintour or horse-gal?


My guess is that if this doesn't help him in the poles, O's next move will be to announce he is replacing Joe Biden with Colin Powell as VP.

And Holder is staying put.

bio mom

I also wish Obama could be impeached. Since that won't happen the best recourse we have is to defeat this loser for reelection. Instead of picking at Romney we need to support him. So do Santorum, Gingrich, and even Ron Paul. It is our only chance, the electoral process. Our forefathers knew what they were doing when they set up our system.


Perfect question Jim - apparently they were unable to tell (snort) and the story is she was merely "exhausted" and had taken a nap.


It wasn't enough to have Obama giving America the finger.

Here's Biden:

Unbelievably we pay these people to insult us!

Captain Hate

bio mom, you haven't been here for a while but I assure you we're all behind Team Romney; at least the non trolls.

hit and run

Perhaps Obama has mistaken that cardboard crown he got from his last trip to Burger King for the real thing

Here was the exchange:





"just WTF is the value of being a US citizen?"

You get the satisfaction of paying out of state college tuition and knowing it's the right thing to do, because it supports the Illegal aliens who get in state tuition.

hit and run

Lindsay Lohan found unconscious

I don't think even Reuters will be able to slap an "unexpectedly" on that one.


"just WTF is the value of being a US citizen?"

You get the satisfaction of knowing assault weapons purchased with your Tax Dollars are given to Mexican Drug Cartels. Illegal's don't get that bragging right.

Beasts of England


I stopped there. No pun intended...


This raises the question, what happens when officers of the law, are lawless;


FWIW-- I personally object to any reporter interrupting the POTUS making a public statement.


Perhaps Obama has mistaken that cardboard crown he got from his last trip to Burger King for the real thing--

Whoa, Michelle is gonna whip his skinny ass for getting caught by paparazzi Hit in that establishment.


Re: The reporter asking Obama a question today.

On MSNBC Democratic strategist Julian Epstein asks, ""This is just so unprecedented and outrageous, that you have to ask the question, would the right-wing president be doing this if we had a white president there?..."We've never had a president like this heckled so disrespectfully."

Exhibit A:

Iraqi Journalist throws a shoe at President Bush.


Well, NK, according to Munro, the President had stopped his speech and was walking away from the podium, and then, Munro shouted his question. Do any of you remember Sam Donaldson and his shouting of questions?


Sailor-- Ok if that's true, then that's less worse. Shouting at a departing POTUS is only rude, like what all the lefty reporters did to Reagan, GHWB and GWB.


To this day it infuriates the lefties that Bush's reaction time was so quick on that shoe toss.


What do you consider a "public statement" to be?



When LiLo does finally OD and croak from a drug overdose, which state will lower their flags to half-mast like Christie did for Whitney Houston in New Jersey?

Anybody know what state she's from?


Yes back in the day the MSNBC crew were certainly quick to say we should all recognize that the IraqiShoeMan had every right to vent his anger at GWB, and that we and GWB should understand that anger. Yep-- consistency thy name is MSNBC.

Captain Hate

I dunno daddy; she kind of acts like a Tarhole imo.


I think she's from Long Island.

Danube of Thought

Wow. I'm tellin' you people. An ordinary man would be in the ICU.


Me? a public statement? it is the POTUS inviting media to hear him make an announcement to the american people, so they can live broadcast and report to the people his statement of public policy. That way, we aren't forced to see the Statement EXCLUSIVELY on 'official WHTV,' like some Big Brother announcement in 1984.


Go easy on Joe about the Chinese Airports:

“If I blindfolded Americans and took them into some of the airports or ports in China, and then took one of them to any of your cities in the middle of the night just so that they could see it,” Biden said. “If I said, ‘which one is in America and which one is in China,’ most Americans would say, ‘That great one is in America.’”

No, most American's would say, "The one that has that horribly aggravating and propagandizing State Controlled News Network blaring at everybody 24/7 is in America. In China they don't run CNN in the airports."

Jack is Back!


That link reminds me of two things that I have been pondering at night as I resist sleep and toss and turn:

1. We have lost our collective minds, and
2. We are no longer serious about the nation and its people.

rse cannot in a million years write enough words, make more sense and create a way forward that will overcome the pychosis the likes of Ayers have inculcated in our education system. Exxon should forget about math scores and concentrate on American History and what we had created and now lost. Philisophically, we are using a butter knife to carve out our intellectual purpose and legacy. Nothing the left has given us will ever be worth dying for and that is exactly what they want.


How'd the surgery go, DoT? Good to see you back.



My oldest and Momma are at a History Competition this week on your campus in Maryland.

I texted her to ask how she liked the school and she responded,

"It's pretty and warm but I don't want to go here. I think I know what its like to live here though."

Bless her. She's my smart one:)

Captain Hate

Not just anybody can be a Terp, daddy.


--Anybody know what state she's from?-



Regarding the "heckling:"
surely somewhere on YouTube someone can dig up a press conference where a young Dan Rather "heckled" Nixon.

And, I loved the simmering look on the reporter's face. This is what you get for being lapdogs for three and a half years, you naughty little puppy.

What is that old saying? "scratch the surface of a liberal and you'll find a fascist?" or something like that.


Daddy/CH-- my daughter had to choose between UM, UVa and Fordham. She wound up in da' Bronx. UM now is really a fine state school, I was pleasantly shocked to learn Frosh classes are usually 20-100 kids. PG county can still be dodgy though-- not like the green paradise in the Bronx.


Nice comment at Pager's 3:58 Biden link:

"I blindfolded some Americans and had them listen to 2 sound clips, and I asked them “Which one is a braying donkey, and which one is our Vice President?
They couldn’t detect a difference."



Instapundit has a nice round up about the "heckling". Basically, the Lefty journos and POTUS should suck it up and keep their mouths shut.

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