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June 16, 2012



Do Barry and company not understand that the lefties are pretty much going to vote for him anyway and the tiny additional number he gathers by pandering to them is vastly offset by the alienation among the rest of us?
He seemed to understand this and was able to fake moderation in 08. Why not now?

Danube of Thought

Have the mainstream media now accepted that Andrew Sullivan is mentally ill?

Cecil Turner

Why not now?

Because he's afraid disaffection amongst his base is going to result in them staying home in droves on election day. Justly afraid, IMHO.


what exactly prompted her about face?

I'm sure the story linked to by Drudge earier this week had nothing to do with it, but it does seems oddly coincidental:

Vatican asserts authority over 'feminist' US nuns
AFP – Tue, 12 Jun, 2012


Captain Hate

Have the mainstream media now accepted that Andrew Sullivan is mentally ill?

Since they consider him a "conservative voice" when he appears on gab shows like Tweety's, they probably think that "mentally ill" and "conservative" are synonymous.

Rick Ballard

"Why not now?"

He's building the legend of his defeat. The male Catholic majority of the court, acting on direct orders of the male chauvinist Pope is going to overturn his signature achievement (vide Justice Ginsberg's soon to be released 'howling sharp dissent' from the male Catholic pig majority).

He hasn't been playing electoral politics for some time. It's all progfeed re his legend.


--He hasn't been playing electoral politics for some time. It's all progfeed re his legend.--

Well he isn't a conventional narcissist then because the one thing they do seem to believe is no matter how bad it looks, in the end they'll win.


It's all about campaign cash. Moderates and independents don't contribute like the base does. He thinks he can rake in the dough with these sops to the base now, when people aren't paying attetion, then flood the airwaves with TV spots that paint him as the "pragmatic savior (again)" in October.

It worked in 2008. Doesn't look like it is going to work in 2012.


I do believe that someone from on high, as they say in the Church, may have had a word about dogma, logic, and the Constitution with the good Sister and her associates.

In other words RU 286 that child, it is still murder and the mandate to provide it through the offices of a faith based organization that opposes abortionists contraception is still a violation of freedom of religion.


Tom-you are busy for a Saturday. Either it's raining in Connecticut or you are getting ready for a fun Father's Day.

Happy early Fathers Day from your other family.

Did anyone get a card?


I won't willing click to a Andrew Sullivan article. Anyone brave souls want to summarize it for me?


My son sent me a copy of a letter the wolverine wrote to a pretend author about her book, part of a school assignment. In it she says ,"You are pretty intelligent for an author!"



'Up is down, black is white, starsky is hutch'


Heh, Clarice. That wolverine is something else.

Interesting about Sr. Keehan. I didn't really think she'd flip.

Jack is Back!

Under Dolan, there are no more renegardes in the church. Pfelgler is suspended and now Keehan is toeing the line. Dolan believes that the Bishops need to be seen as a homogenous unified collective of authority so that the politicians take them more seriously. Remember, Pope Benedict is a strict constructionist and the ex- head of the Congregation of the Faith, which is the same as being the proctor, provost marshall of the vice principal in high school - the displinarian, you might say of the church.

No the ladies in the church hierarchy have been told in no uncertain terms that there is no other way only the what is in the canons and cathechism.


Oh she's sharp as a tack, and as we know that is not axiomatically true about authors,


Good Morning!

4 Japanese climbers die in Mt McKInley climbing accident, and local gal has her foot gnawed on by a grizzly. Samo, samo.



I know that is Dolan (and Benedict's) goal. I just didn't think Keehan would give in. Very encouraging that Dolan would stand firm.

Jack is Back!


I love that Wolverine quote. Frederick has to read two books of a hundred pages minimun for his summer work. He asked me why he just couldn't write a book instead of reading one.

Good question. I'll have to ask the school why not?



Just finished a very interesting article in Spiegel on line on the Pope-Gate scandal.

It seems as if the Curia are running the asylum while the Pope is truly focused inwards and becoming more feeble.

One of the cardinals who was brought in to reform the Curia turned a deficit into a significant surplus by bidding contracts out, and was promptly replaced and reassigned. This seems to have happened several times in the past couple of years.

Sounds like the Vatican bureaucracy has about the same accountability as the Italian bureaucracy.

In matters of faith it seems the Pope has been able to stay on message, at least with the American Church.

hit and run

Hey daddy, I know you have trouble catching up -- and especially when TM puts up multiple threads -- did you see I found and edited the Plante vid in the Government of Campaign And Not of Laws thread?


jib-my son loved those roald dahl books when he was Frederick's age. In the end he even read his autobios, Boy and the other.

And then came all those Redwall books. He would get to within 100 pages of the end and expect me to locate the sequel.

Voldemort Delenda Est !                   Sandy Daze

JiB - Just so. Everyone is being called to account.
Sister Keehan knew exactly where she stood when Cardinal Dolan said on 13 February he was "disappointed that she had acted unilaterally, not in concert with the bishops."

I guess the award of a ceremonial ACA signing pen compared to
Cardinal Dolan´s disappointment just quite didn´t measure up. No need to embarrass Sister Keehan further. . . I am sure it was sometime in mid-February when Sister Keehan developed (and gained approval for) a plan which would have her withdraw from the public stage, wait four months and then issue the CHA objection to the abortificant mandates.

Nobody should be confused, the Church is moving deliberately and unequivocally. All Church members will be called to account. Everyone officially associated with the Church (clergy, administrators, etc) will fall in line with the orthodoxy. Parishioners will be strongly encouraged to follow their faith and helped when they stumble, as is the nature of a Pastoral Shepherd.


Thanks, guys. Her writing is getting very funny I think. She has , like frederick, become a most voracious reader, but she does keep a gimlet eye on the authors.


Is anyone having a private word with church member Pelosi?


that should be "Church member"

Jack is Back!


You mean she isn't considered a "Church lady":)


He has picked "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" from C. S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia and Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Black Arrow". He just finished Moby Dick (not the unabridged version). He likes Percy Jackson series and is interested in reading The Hunger Games (I don't know about that for an 8 year old but it is on the Accelerated Reading List).


--He just finished Moby Dick (not the unabridged version).--

I couldn't get through the digressions myself.
Of course I'm figuring Frederick's about twice as smart as me already.

Carol Herman

Seems to me this one's easy to solve. Don't give Catholic Charities taxpayer money. That way you don't have to worry about abortion. Which IS the law! So it should be easy to drop out. All you have to do is take away the funding.

Rick Ballard

"It's all about campaign cash."


In support of your hypothesis:

OFA May '08 YTD - $264,492,300

OFA May '12 YTD - $165,899,911

Deficit - ($98,592,389) or 37%

OFA '08 Total - $656,613,240

The May 2008 total as a % of 2008 grand total = 40%. If the trend holds, the OFA total for '12 will come in at $411,866,710.

The June '08 reported take for OFA was $69,903,831 versus a reported take this year of $60,000,000 (the actual report is due on Wednesday).

hit and run's Up With Kids time!


hit and run jr got Obama's autograph!

And Arne Duncan's too.

That is, he got whatever that presidential award is that recognized what an academic stud he is (I'm quoting from memory, not sure if that is literally what the award says).

We are likely sending our kids to a new charter school next year. hit and run jr's AG teachers wrote him a card to tell him how much they'll miss him. I loved the part that said, "Although we don't always see eye to eye, I respect you willingness to express your opinion."

That's my boy!


OT, there is an interesting Town Hall ad at the top of Drudge asking people to pick their VP choice. It features a thumbnail picture of 25 possible choices, candidates, every serious possiblity you could imagine. My choice is Allen West.

Carol Herman

Oh, yeah. It's called Separation of Church and State.

And, while people will stay home. And, turn out low. Mitt's not all that popular, either.

All that's missing from this presidential race, is someone like Ross Perot. Zooming out in September. And, using "on-line" registrations to bisect and dissect 50 states election laws.

What makes you think it isn't Mitt's voters who are going to stay home in droves?

Nobody can tell ya what's gonna happen in the future.

But as much as you believe Obama isn't liked, there's a possibility that Mitt's not respected all that much, either.


--I won't willing click to a Andrew Sullivan article. Anyone brave souls want to summarize it for me?--

I'm not willing to click it either, however I'm virtually certain I can summarize it for you;
He's a real conservative not like those pseudo Christianist ones.
A real conservative believes in the conservative institution of gay marriage.
George Bush deceived Andy into supporting the Iraq war.
If all we heteros engaged in bareback gay sex we wouldn't have these cavemen Catholics (as opposed to enlightened Catholics like Andy) whining about contraception and abortion.

Did I miss anything?



Just saw that you dug up that video of racist reporter Bill Plante hollering at our Post Racial President. Outstanding job Sir!

If I was from Folsom Street you'd be my favorite:)

hit and run

Tiger is wearing all white?

hit and run

If all we heteros engaged in bareback gay sex

If I was from Folsom Street

Srsly...where is this thread going?


For the sake of peace in the world we must never let hit jr and the wolverine meet. Never.


But, Clarice, what of the interests of science?


hit and run

Oh. The wolverine could kick his ass up and down and sideways.

His only defense would be to try and talk her out of it. And if nothing else would work, he'd employ the filibuster to delay the beating. Don't underestimate his ability to filibuster on any subject for any length of time.

While he and I are alike in many, many ways - I was never a man of words.

He is. Lots of them.


More Natural Born Insanity.

Donald Trump is back in the news facing another crucial decision on Citizenship, and the ability of a person to hold a high public position as a result of that Citizenship.

Miss Bohm

has won the Miss Universe New Zealand Pageant, but because she is a South African citizen, Miss Universe officials have not yet certified her as the official NZ winner.

"the decision over Miss Bohm's eligibility was now in the hands of the international Miss Universe organisation owned by
Donald Trump and broadcasting network NBC."

Further gumming up the works, is that 1st Runner up, Talia Bennett from North Harbor,

is rumored to have been delivered by C-section, ergo not "Natural Born."

It appears you have to go all the way down to 4th Runner-up, Jennifer Lambly (Miss Auckland)
to get to a gal who is a Natural Born citizen of Down under Down underer's.

Does the Donald have what it takes to pick a gal with proper Kiwi's?

That's the question I'm sure is on many minds this Father's Day Weekend.

Will keep you posted as things develop.

KiiiiiiWiiiiiiiiiii's. Arf!


daddy, LOL.


I read it. Sort of.

Sullivan says:
1) The first round of Catholic objections to the mandate were a trap they set up for Obama, but ...
2) Obama evaded it brilliantly with his compromise, which in itself was ...
3) A trap for conservatives to make clear their ridiculous and unpopular resistance to women's rights and therefore ..
4) Santorum will clearly run with this and win the R nomination thus ...
5) Obama's re-election is guaranteed.

And here's his last line I kid you not: "Meep, meep."


Left this out:

Miss Bohm was confident her citizenship would be fast-tracked.

If only Miss Bohm had been an illegal resident of President Obama's America. It'd be a good day for South Afri, errr New Zealan...err, Mexican's, errr, whatever.

Breaking---"Last month Miss World Fiji, Torika Watters, 16, was stripped of her crown because she reportedly did not look Fijian enough."



--Does the Donald have what it takes to pick a gal with proper Kiwi's?--

If anybody can, it would almost surely be a guy who combs his hair with a grapefruit, a brilliant phrase, IIRC, quite properly coined by our own resident natural born authority, TK.


Bristol Palin was on TV this week. Boy has she gotten beautiful. SHe has a new TV show. When asked about the hits on her family she said: "We have thick skin, and if they are going to go after us we may as well use it to our advantage." (not a direct quote)

Now there is a great conservative woman!


And stay on your side of the border Miss Mexico! (unless it's the swimsuit competition).

We don't need you taking jobs
American's need.

Jack is Back!

Elizabeth Scalia has more on the CHA, the letter, what it says and what it means.

One of the bloggers thinks Keehan is giving Obama a way out showing how to cover more woman with contraceptives and abortificants.


Did Miss Wisconsin survive her recall?
Henry could you get to the bottom of this?


Ig, if you want me to get to the bottom of Miss Wisconsin, I'll need a bigger chainsaw to lure her in with.


That link didn't work;



Voldemort Delenda Est !                   Sandy Daze


If Miss Bohm, a/k/a not-quite Miss New Zealand, were to cross over the American border and become an American, would she qualify as an African-American owing to her birth in South Africa? Would she be 1/32nd like E. Warren, or 100% like Voldemort?

Jack is Back!

Tiger has a green shirt not white.

Jack is Back!

Thanks narciso. Wonder why it didn't?

Jack is Back!


She'd actually be more like George Zimmerman, a White-African. Bohm in Afrikkans means "tree" - So she could be called a White-African Tree or Cottonwood.

Thomas Collins

Forgive me, but gazing at these classy, knee-buckling ladies (please forgive the knee reference, DOT), the last matter on my mind is the law, lore and politics of the relationship between a lady's citizenship and her eligibility to be Miss Whatever Country.


--Ig, if you want me to get to the bottom of Miss Wisconsin, I'll need a bigger chainsaw to lure her in with.--

Are you sure, henry?
She looks like one of those wholesome dairy raised Wisconsin gals who only cares about honesty, a sense of humor, watching sunsets, long walks on the beach and, of course, world peace, all of which I'm certain you concur with heartily right? If not it's easy to fake.
That slightly suggestive bikini top may indicate otherwise regarding that wholesome stuff however.

hit and run

Bristol Palin was on TV this week. Boy has she gotten beautiful. SHe has a new TV show.

I was very sad this afternoon when mrs hit and run said, "looks like Bristol Palin has a new show and it's awful".

I queried her on her source and she held up whatever rag of a tabloid she was reading.

I wouldn't let it go until she affirmed her knowledge that such a rag was very liberally tainted.

She wouldn't let it go until I affirmed that I would never in a million years watch Bristol's reality show.

Call it a stalemate.

hit and run

Tiger has a green shirt not white.

Indeed! I swear he was warming up in a white shirt when I saw him earlier. And his pants were probably a light khaki, not white, but the tv made his outfit look monochrome.

I blame NBC.


Ig, nothing more wholesome than chainsaws. Well, add Harleys, pick up trucks, snowmobiles, and beer.


The Natural Born Human clause in the Miss Universe rules is patently unfair. Surely there are better looking women from other galaxies. Why shouldn't they be allowed to compete?

Captain Hate

Did I miss anything?

When is his water supposed to break because the last photo I saw of him he looked like he was in the 93rd trimester.

hit and run

On the Menu: vermillion snapper caught on our spring break trip. I'm frying it, and just put the cuts in the batter to soak for an hour or two. The filets are just really small, so cutting them in half and frying seemed the best option. Plus, I am encouraging the rest of the family to eat lots of snacks in the meantime to keep them from eating much of the fish.

Biggest surprise: absolutely no beer in the batter.

Captain Hate

Tiger has a green shirt not white.

A characteristic of Satan is how he can change his appearance


jib-my 2 older loved L,W,W and Prince Caspian so much they immediately started on the Silver Chair. Both independently hated that one.

You know I bet Frederick would like susan cooper's The Boggart.

OK-I have a question. Rick, I hope you are reading. I was downloading again all about our new economy the bureaucrats are seeking. Does anyone think it would impact the election in November that they are not just interested inequity and equality.

Turns out they have come up with what is called a line of plenty in the US of about $75,000. After that additional amounts are thought not to add to feelings of well-being. And they harm the feelings of well-being for there to be such differences.

I really read some whoppers but really that line of plenty concept is just not going to go over well with independents.

hit and run

I've never played golf with a JOMer. That really has to change.

Thomas Collins

How about tenpin bowling next time you're up in these parts, H&R?


Are we putting up pictures of beautiful women to change the drug-induced dreams of our friend DoT? What selfless people we have here at JOM.


WaPo wonders: What will hundreds of thousands of job permits do to the economy?

Wouldn't a rule change that requires the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to consider illegal alien unemployment in their calculations solve the whole problem with border security?

Beasts of England

As much as I'd like to comment re: Miss Wisconsin and Miss West Virginia, I have to compliment NBC's super slow-mo. Did you see how much Tiger's shaft bent?


Extraneus at 5:55 makes a good point.


Some Soros or Koch Brothers type should take that on, like the Secretary of State project. They could call it the Labor Statistics Project.

Jack is Back!


Next time come down further than the panhandle to the Coquina Coast below St. Augustine and you and I will play two of the finest golf courses in Florida. We have one on the ocean, a Tom Fazio, and one on the other side of ICW, a Rees Jones, which is a US Open qualifyer course. Fred Funk has both course records.



Frederick sounds pretty advanced for his age. I would strongly recommend The Hobbit if he has not already begun it yet. With the film coming out next year he just has time to understand the power of the writing before Peter Jackson does his magic. Tolkien is the master storyteller; Jackson but a worthy interpreter.


--A characteristic of Satan is how he can change his appearance.--

Funny. Racist, but still funny.

--Extraneus at 5:55 makes a good point.--

Even funnier, and not even slightly racist; at least I don't think it was. One can never be sure.


not even slightly racist

Actually it was, if you think about it. Sorry about that. My wife sent it to me, so she's to blame.

Jack is Back!


Did you see how much Tiger's shaft bent?

Now you know why tour players don't use graphite:)


Hobbit is yesterday for him. Working on Watership Down now as well as the summer reading he needs to do. You know Lewis and Tollkein were the best of friends and Dons at Oxford where they were part of the "Inklings". Lots of people think Lewis was Catholic but he wasn't - CoE to the core. It was "Tollers" who was Catholic both men inspired each other to the point of famous repartee between them. Great stuff they created for kids of all ages, including us.

Peter Jackson has created the most cinematic and clever movies using Lord of the Rings. Majestic.

hit and run

Next time come down further than the panhandle to the Coquina Coast below St. Augustine and you and I will play two of the finest golf courses in Florida.

We were supposed to come to your neck of the woods this year . . . but gas prices and time crunch prevented it. We were going to take the kids to Legoland, but abandoned that part of the trip.

But we did come as far as Jacksonville -- the GPS determined it was better to go all interstate with longer distances than the smaller highways on a more direct route. I thought it odd, but we did save a half hour over last year's time on the way down.

I will keep next year in mind...

Beasts of England

@JiB - Very much so, especially Tiger.

And I've never played Hammock Dunes... ;-)

hit and run

Golf and SF...another memory from last year's conference.

Elliott met me at my hotel. I had not rented a car, and had registered too late to get close to the conference center, so I was two miles away. I could have used public transportation, but the weather was so good, I preferred walking.

So when Elliott showed up, we decided we would walk together to the conference.

A good walk unspoiled.

We sat at the [hell if I know what it's technically called...the place where the ferries come and go] and talked about everything. My favorite memory? Well, besides his imitation of a French chef critiquing the cooking of a student, complete with accent, it was Elliott relaying his idea for a 2012 election storyline....Obama is the most interesting insufferable man in the world, a la the Dos Equis commercials.

I may have the wrong word in insufferable. But it was in the neighborhood.

I walked so much that week that I wore out the rubber soles on my shoes. To this day, when I wear those shoes at work, they click, click, click on the linoleum hallways such that it sounds like I am wearing women's heels.

Every time it makes me think of Elliott.


I've stayed at Cinnamon Beach overlooking a very nasty little par 3 that plays directly toward the ocean. building #4 IIRC. Excellent accommodations. 1700 sf condos 3/2 with very large terraces. And very reasonably priced (much cheaper than Amelia and much less $$) And many units allow pets. JiB is not too fur a piece down the beach.

Played today and the course super was an evil SOB. Thought he'd let the rough go long this week in support of the Open. Lost three balls in that mess and I hope his mowers choke on em Monday. 5 inch rough is evil.



That wasn't an endorsement of her TV show, which I think is about raising a child as a single mother, but rather an endorsement of making the scads of money that goes with it, while the Sandra Flukes of the world demand hand-outs.


So far this US Open seems boring - then again I'm only half watching.


Arrrrgh! Much less $$ than Amelia and much better furnishings.

Must be that second margarita.

Rick Ballard


I've never heard of the "line of plenty" but it sounds stupid enough to be embraced by progs. JEF's current approval among pure independents is 31%. It bounces between 30% and 39% and I'm not sure how a "line of plenty" message could be crafted to force it any lower.

IMO - making a list of targets for expiration due to OPM starvation has more importance now.

Beasts of England

@Jane - Olympic is beaming, but the play is a bit off today. Usually wouldn't have a 'second screen' on during a weekend round...

Comanche Voter

Pulling out--it's the Catholic way.

Welcome to the world Obama.


Did someone (everyone) forget to leave an offering to the golf gods today? Putting, except for the 17 yo, is awful today.

Beasts of England

And it's not like the greens are crusty... Odd.

hit and run

A US Open where no one's under par on Saturday -- and yet no one (that I've heard) is complaining about the course?



Asking questions are really fastidious thing if you
are not understanding something completely, but this post offers good understanding even.


I hear ya, Fibroids.


I must be dense--I don't understand Fibroids' post.


--Did you see how much Tiger's shaft bent?--

We must be getting a good distance from Elin bending a shaft over Tiger's nut after he spent a good portion of their marriage getting his shaft bent by various hoes for that comment to have gone this long without any elaboration.


--I must be dense--I don't understand Fibroids' post.--



Ewwww, that winner is ugly. The runner up is absolutely stunning. The judges are either blind or Miss New Zealand has hidden talents.


I don't tweet. But If I did, I'd start the hashtag #shutUpJohnny

We say it so many times to the television as he puts down all the golfers in the world except Johnny Miller.


The Catholic bishops haven't played a game of chicken with the DC politicians in decades, so most politicians have forgotten just how unyielding the bishops can be.


The bishops know that if they yield of this that they might as well pack their staff & crozier up and look for a new gig.

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