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July 21, 2012



The idiocracy is growing at light speed. Unfortunately, Lizzie Warren and BHO actually believe this.

Frau Steingehirn

Repent, for the horse's end is nigh.

Jim Ryan

Elizabeth Warren deserves credit for putting forth the strongest argument yet for socialism. The argument is so bad that it never gets off the ground, like those crummy home-built planes that never flew but crashed immediately on the runway in those old gag black and white films.

But it is the strongest case yet, and so hats off to Professor Warren.

Ralph L

Don't you mean Repant, for your horse's end is neigh, Frau?

Everytime I count I get a higher number.

Socialism works. For groups under 200 people.


Ah, if only Iowahawk's scathing humor could serve as a gentle wake-up call for luke-warm (and dead lefty) church leadership across the land, who have recklessly sold-out their congregations for a bag of Lord Gov't worship.


It's hard to say but this may be the brilliant Iowahawk's very best evah.

Jane - talk is cheap!

Unfortunately, Lizzie Warren and BHO actually believe this.

The left keeps screaming that Barry was taken out of context which is odd because that is precisely what they believe and want Barry to believe.

Not a truthful bunch.

Jane - talk is cheap!


Can we have a hint about tomorrow's Pieces?



Now I don't have to go to Church tomorrow.

Omni, Omni-VOR.


Jane, the you didn't build it and the tax return issues.

Jane - talk is cheap!

Perfect! I'm sure that hint alone will wake me up at 4:00 to read it!


4 o'clock! Definitely not worth giving up so much sleep. XOXO


Omni, Omni-VOR



"Elizabeth Warren deserves credit for putting forth the strongest argument yet for socialism. The argument is so bad that it never gets off the ground, like those crummy home-built planes that never flew but crashed immediately on the runway in those old gag black and white films....But it is the strongest case yet..."

We all know most of this but a couple instances from some random website about our prior history spring to mind:

Jamestown, Va. 1611:

“[They] did not have even a modified interest in the soil … Everything produced by them went into the [public] store, in which they had no ownership.”
Thus, all grew idle and most, in the end, refused to work at all.
“The absence of property rights – and of the work-reward nexus that such rights create – completely destroyed the work ethic of the settlers” (Thomas Dilorenzo, How Capitalism Saved America).
Frustrated, flummoxed, flailing, the British government, which had financed the colonization, sent in 1611 a man named Sir Thomas Dale to serve as “High Marshal of the Virginian Colony.”

Listen closely to what Mr. Dale observed; it is astounding and yet perfectly predictable:
“Dale noted that although most of the settlers had starved to death, the remaining ones were spending much of their time playing games in the streets, and he immediately identified the problem: the system of communal ownership” (Ibid).

It was then that the High Marshal Sir Thomas Dale gave every man three acres of land for each to own unto himself. He simultaneously did away with pooling into a communal treasury. Private property, in other words, was officially enacted and public ownership abolished.
Immediately the colony began to prosper.

“As soon as the settlers were thrown upon their own resources,” says historian Mathew Anderson, “and each freeman had acquired the right of owning property, the colonists quickly developed what became the distinguishing characteristic of Americans — and aptitude for all kinds of craftsmanship coupled with an innate genius for experimentation and invention” (The Old Dominion, Vol. 1, University of Virginia)."

Now for Plymouth, 1620's:

"William Bradford would soon solve “the ruin and dissolution of his colony,” and he would do it in the exact same way Sir Thomas Dale had saved Jamestown.

Here’s another famous passage from William Bradford’s book:
“After much debate of things … [it was decided that the Pilgrims] should set corn every man for his own particular, and in that regard trust to themselves … And so assigned to every family a parcel of land, for present use. This had very good success, for it made all hands very industrious, so as much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been by any means the Governor or any other could use, and saved him a great deal of trouble, and gave far better content. The women now went willingly into the field, and took their little ones with them to set corn; which before would allege weakness and inability; whom to have compelled would have been thought great tyranny and oppression.”

Bradford came to fully grasp how lack of property rights negates and indeed destroys the work incentive:
“For [men] and men’s wives,” he said, “to be commanded to do service for other men, as dressing their meat, washing their clothe, etc., they deemed it a kind of slavery, neither could many husband brook it” (Ibid).

“Common course” was abandoned in favor of setting “every man for his own particular,” meaning private property. Instantaneously, those who had been indolent became “very industrious,” so much so that woman and men who had “previously pleaded frailty worked long and hard – once they saw how they and their families could benefit from such hard work.”

William Bradford went on to correctly identify the source of the “disastrous problem” as “that conceit of Plato’s,” who, in direct contrast to Aristotle, advocated collectivism and collective ownership of land, which, as history has repeatedly proven, is pure poison to any society that implements it. Bradford even wrote later that those who mistakenly believed that communal property could make people “happy and flourishing” imagined themselves “wiser than God.”

Apologies for the long pastes, but maybe somebody on the Left will pass them on to Lizzy and Barack.


So, I think I've found a beer even Hit wouldn't drink.

The Asheville Brewing Company makes an ale to which they add raw jalapeños after the brewing is complete. On the bright side, however, it's hard to have too many.

hit and run

Heh, you're probably right. I eat raw jalapenos raw. I drink beer like there's no tomorrow. But I wouldn't think of adding jalapenos to beer.

Carol Herman

Like Mitt's not appealing to religious voters.

And, like Michele Bachmann, in Iowa, didn't pull the GOP "off center."

While McCain said, "yeah. Sarah Palin helped his ticket." Imagine what 2008 would have been like without her.

Carol Herman

In Massachusetts, where it looks pretty good for Scott Brown to win his re-election ... How exactly will the chinless wonder in the senate greet a Scott Brown win?


O/T Something to do if you're not busy tomorrow around 7:30p ET tomorrow: Watch an asteroid fly by the earth.

From the link:

On Sunday, July 22, we will have a live feed from the Slooh Space Camera.
While the asteroid won’t be much more than a blip on the screen, it will whiz by a background of beautiful stars.


So what's Obama going to do now? His most fervent supporters are spinning the tale that he didn't mean what he said. In their version, he vehemently disagrees with Elizabeth Warren, and strongly supports individual initiative and success.

But try as they might, this is a real problem and it obviously isn't going away. And what does Obama do in these trying situations? He digs deep down into that vast store of abilities, fires up the teleprompter, and gives a speech!

Imagine the small business people he'll invite. Imagine the pandering to the backbone of "our democracy."

What else can he do?


"What else can he do?"

Call the opposition "Racist", demand "sensible Gun Control", ask "the Rich to pay their fair share", play a round of Golf, and blame Bush.

Oh. And remind us that he killed Bin Ladin.

Jane - talk is cheap!


I think you summed it up perfectly. I think the left should embrace his words, because we all know that is precisely what they believe.


because we all know that is precisely what they believe

Imagine what scumbags they are that they hide their true beliefs as a standard strategy, and that they're all on board with the dishonesty of that? This is why they love a good liar so much.

Masters of projection, they accuse us of this exact thing, but they know in their hearts that their philosophy is so poisonous that they have to hide it.

When they saw Obama's speech, they must have all said to themselves "Yay! Oh wait... You can't say that out loud, you idiot!"

Jane - talk is cheap!

but they know in their hearts that their philosophy is so poisonous that they have to hide it.

I don't think they have hearts.

Or brains.

Just hate.

Jane - talk is cheap!

So does everyone have a date tonite but me?


Not many posts, eh Jane? (I have a Canadian visiting early next week.)

You be careful how you step in dem pies.

Ext. @ 7:20 & Jane @ 7:06. This is something I've pondered and don't understand. These citizens of a Brave New World seem subhuman.

Coming to a screen near you, Cage Match with Mark(Free Speech) Steyn vs Michael (Piltdown) Mann. L!ink U!nder N!ame and scroll to Streisand Effect.

Wrong on so much, but right on this.

Also, brave skeptic, Alexander Cockburn, has died.

Danube of Thought

Gonna take Fredo for a walk, then build a Martini. See ya.



This blind cave Beetle

is named after what famous world personality?

a) Charles Darwin
b) Beyonce
c) Adolf Hitler
d) Bob Marley

For the answer, go here, and look up item number 7.

Jack is Back!

Back from Golf. Frederick did some good work out there.

Wish I had done the same.

Thinking about the Open tomorrow and wondering if Scott can hold his own. He has a good chance since Tiger is not in his twosome. Makes it a lot easier to not be distracted.


Looks a little like my dinner, daddy, currently steaming.


"(I have a Canadian visiting early next week.)"

Make him/her pay DrJ.

Apparently they have more money now than we Americans do.


I'm guessing Beyonce.

One good thing about vision; when you have it, you can see.

I guess Bob Marley for the dreads.


Make him/her pay DrJ.

Yeah, right, daddy. I'm paying through the nose for this one, if you look at it on an hourly rate basis. The upside is that an instrument currently worth $5K will be worth $30K after he leaves. I intend to sell it, so the charge is worth it.

Yes, I too saw the article on the wealth of Canadians vs. Americans that was published recently.


Here's Kim's link to the Mann/Steyn Cage Match.

An initial review of some of the 208 comments has some real winners: Try these 2 for instance:

"Mann deserves a special award, if only someone could come up with a name for it that would aptly describe his tiresome … oh, I dunno … Mannuer."



There was a crooked Mann
Who played a crooked trick
And had a crooked plan
To make a crooked stick

By using crooked math
That favored crooked lines
Lysenko’s crooked path
Led thru the crooked pines

And all his crooked friends
Applaud what crooked seems
But all that crooked ends
Derives from crooked means

Hey Mann! Sue me too! You will make me the most famous poet in America!

Eugene WR Gallun"

And of course many fine offerings from our Kim:)

Thomas Collins

Re Kim's 7:41 PM post: See LUN (via Political Wrinkles) for Cockburn on the Copenhagen summit. Cockburn was one of the few leftists who recognized the scam of the modern environmental movement, and the threat it poses to the welfare of the working class whose cause the boutique leftists claim to champion.

Jane - talk is cheap!

I would have guessed Beyonce too, but I looked it up. Yikes.

I'm going to have to find another source for ambient noise. I can't stand another second of Aurora.


--Cockburn was one of the few leftists who recognized the scam of the modern environmental movement--

He was also a devoted Wodehousian, even though he misjudged Joy in the Morning as Plum's finest work rather than the sublime Code of the Woosters.

themore youknow

Future Obama voter who, like Barrack, is also a religious young man (named Trevon)...

"Teen arrested for raping his grandmother"

KFOR tv:

hit and run

Just said goodbye to Walter and his two sons, who stopped by for dinner and drinks and conversation this evening.

It was a great time with some good food and good laughs. What wonderful boys he has.


Perhaps someone should name a
Dung Beetle after Professor Michael Mann.

That way one could say Mann is full a' shit and not have to be worried about Libel suits.

hit and run

He was also a devoted Wodehousian

Speaking of which, mrs hit and run went and bought some wrought iron rooster something down in Texas. It's like four feet tall. Crazy -- there's no room in the car to get it back to NC (she's gonna have to strap it to the top of the car.

She said I should name it. I gave her three options.



Bertie Wooster the Rooster.

She went Wodehousian..

Melinda Romanoff

Cockburn was the son of an avowed Irish communist, which explains his abilities with the English language. I didn't agree with his politics but I enjoyed every minute of the disagreement.


I'm here, Jane, but very tired. Just staying up in case the editor who's under the weather has any questions about this week's submission.

Jane - talk is cheap!

I'm now watching the best moments of past olympics on that dreaded NBC. It is reminding me how cool and inspirational it all is.


--Future Obama voter who, like Barrack, is also a religious young man (named Trevon)...

"Teen arrested for raping his grandmother"--

If Barry's grandma had had a grandson he would have looked like Trevon.
Wait, I think I got something wrong there.
If Trevon and his grandma have a son he's going to look like Barry.
Wait....I give up.


I am just tired of the republicans sitting back and not engaging the lefts lunacy. here's a few suggestions.

How about show up at the Democrat convention without ID, then when they won't let you in claim suppression. Or how about send a group of black republicans to the Justice Dept with no ID, and claim there rights are being suppressed when Holder turns them away.

another great idea is to stop arguing about are on the Democrats playing field when you argue for the 'rich'. turn the tables on the Democrats. For instance, during a debate about taxes and fair share, etc. bring up other things that aren't fare and the government should fix. for instance, GRADES. Why not share the grade wealth. or how about movie leading roles. you know these Hollywood actors would not be so rich if they had to share the lead roles, say by lottery. and ask the liberal talking head if they think a million dollar lottery winner should have to split their winnings with everyone else who played? Wouldnt that be fair?


--(she's gonna have to strap it to the top of the car.--

Shouldn't Seamus have been one of her options?

Jane - talk is cheap!

Love it Pops!


Sounds like a nice visit, Hit. I hope you stored the chain saw away safely.

Danube of Thought

Puts me in mind of how much I admired--and miss--Hitchens.


Frau, (or any Austrian speaking guys:)

Googling pics of Anophthalmus hitleri, I see there is some German Newspaper serialized cartoon which has a rabbit and some other animal apparently making snarky comments about the Adolf Beetle.

I have no idea if it is a funny cartoon or stupid. Here is the link. Would you please be so kind as to see what these guys are saying and if it is funny. Kritzelcomics-Blog

"Katze Hase Bär – ein Comicstrip von Thomas Nehrkorn"


"Katze Hase Bär – ein Comicstrip von Thomas Nehrkorn"

I haven't clicked on the comic strip, and won't since undoubtedly it is popular German which is hard for me. But this one means "Cat Rabbit Bear -- a comic strip by ...".

Melinda Romanoff


It could be worse. She could have said she was bringing back 12 of them.

Melinda Romanoff


The artist got tagged with a big fine for reminding others of Extremist stuff. As near as I can tell.

Danube of Thought

Perhaps now the poor simpleton Squaredance can relax:

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- Gun control advocates sputter at their own impotence. The National Rifle Association is politically ascendant. And Barack Obama's White House pledges to safeguard the Second Amendment in its first official response to the deaths of at least 12 people in a mass shooting at a new Batman movie screening in suburban Denver.

"Once, every highly publicized outbreak of gun violence produced strong calls from Democrats and a few Republicans for tougher controls on firearms.

"Now those pleas are muted, a political paradox that's grown more pronounced in an era scarred by Columbine, Virginia Tech, the wounding of a congresswoman and now the shooting in a suburban movie theater where carnage is expected on-screen only."

But I doubt he will. DuDa, on the other hand, will have to re-calculate.


Mel - your link set off my virus alert, which ended w/ an info box telling me a nasty trojan was removed.


--Mel - your link set off my virus alert, which ended w/ an info box telling me a nasty trojan was removed.--

Likewise. It was a pretty funny link though.


It's unfortunate other issues haven't been as amenable to treatment the way the 2nd amendment has been defended.
Through grassroots activists, legal scholars, historical scholars and several active, take-no-prisoners, national lobbying and political organizations the issue has become not only a loser legally for the commies, it's politically radioactive for them as well.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Which is all the more reason, Ig, that some entrepreneur should form The National Tax Payer's Association, or the American Association of Tax Payers. There might be some support for the concept in light of the NRA's success.

Agent J

Within the first two lines of "I hope to grow up to be like Pop's", post,(8:43) I knew who it was, and right on the target he was once again.


"Cockburn was the son of an avowed Irish communist"

And if there ever is a Jane Bond 007 movie, he would also have the same name as the main love interest.


Well I am hoping that Clarice's latest is a tasty purple prose stab at sexing up Pride and Prejudice for the modern set. Hope it's Miss Bennett and Mister Darcy bumping into each other whilst vacationing in Central France, and those two kneading bread and each other in the vineyards and haystacks surrounding their quaint country chalets.

And if anyone was wondering, I was nowhere near Ogden, Utah last week, regardless what this potentially damning video might suggest.

Perhaps it was Caro? I read that cock and bull story of her's about being in the studio all week.

Got any witnesses?


Jane - talk is cheap!

Nice to see you Agent J.

Danube of Thought

I am quite certain that if I turn on FNC at any point tonight, before very long I will see and hear Geraldo Rivera talking about Aurora. What we know about him is that he is compelled to talk, quite endlessly, about just about everything, although he is devoid of any insight no matter the topic.

So I shan't turn it on.


Too hot for the goat suit this week, daddy.

Love all the short videos.


I'm watching reruns of Monk.

Heard someone on Tv say we should do away with the 2nd amendment and replace it with a healthcare right. Had to stop watching before I threw something.


This at TaxProf - WSJ: IRS Audit of Romney Donor Raises Questions About Presidential Enemies List


"Mr. VanderSloot has since been learning what it means to be on a presidential enemies list. Just 12 days after the attack, the Idahoan found an investigator digging to unearth his divorce records. This bloodhound—a recent employee of Senate Democrats—worked for a for-hire opposition research firm."

bold mine. Has the "investigator" been named? Do you know, narciso?

Beasts of England

iowahawk is the man. No offense, please, TM. His satire is something of which I prefer to stay on the friendly side...


--Heard someone on Tv say we should do away with the 2nd amendment and replace it with a healthcare right. Had to stop watching before I threw something.--

Threw something?
Didn't Elvis show us the way, Sue?

bio mom

Obama to meet with shooting victims tomorrow. Campaigns for cash in California Monday.



He did. Next time I'll change the channel before I shoot the Tv.

Melinda Romanoff

Alice & Ig-

Many apologies for the "uncleanliness" of my link. I'll work on that, instead of doing the lazy link, like I did.

Thomas Collins

Something to make YU forget about idiot progism on TV, Sue. See LUN.

Beasts of England

@Clarice - certainly a Burge masterpiece - but did he have to impugn the Tri-Delts? I have several on the payroll...

Melinda Romanoff

And am now moving on to "Bird and Diz", LP, not CD, of course.


Diz cut an album with Oscar Peterson that was pretty good too. Sorry, no link.


Well it's set in San Francisco, and Shalhoub is a fairly big moonbat, so what are you going to do,



Nap hit 2 HRs. Loved it.

Jane - talk is cheap!


I got a bill today for $25k in back unemployment taxes for a company, three companies ago which I think they assume is still in business. The first thing I thought was that I was being targeted. (The second was I really hope I (and my accountant) didn't screw up.

I am remarkably calm about it.

DOT, no Geraldo. I swear Fox has interviewed every damn person in that theater.

Melinda Romanoff

Not the 78s, I can't afford those.


Is this the "say a prayer" thread?


Jane sez to get off your couch. So.. GET OFF YOUR COUCH!!



I'm going to pretend Monk is real and Shaloub fake.


Beasts, I resemble Burge's Dekes remark. Small sacrifice for great satire.



If your reply was to me, the Diz/Oscar record was from 1991. If not that's fine. Often I cannot tell to what you refer.


Heh, It must be something to be in a place like shanghai one day and the next day in Alaska looking at wild mountain goats.

Did I ever mention that Iowahawk whose real name is not apparently David Burge, was a physics professor and is now a corporate executive? He's a very smart and very funny man.

Thomas Collins

Red Flops visiting Rangers for three starting on Monday, Sue. I figure the Flops will be lucky to take 1 of 3 and continue their stirring quest for the second wild card spot.





‘Hey Obama, We Built This!’

"President Obama’s attack on small business owners revealed a petulant and resentful socialist, who values the collective over the individual and sees the productive class as vampires feeding on the weak and the downtrodden..."

Ain't it sweet...Barry's blurt refuses to be stifled.


Good luck, Jane. Even when they're wrong it can take a while to clear it up. For years we must have been the only people in DC lawfully paying unemployment insurance tax for our cleaning lady and the idiots in the finance dept kept threatening us for not filing a business tax form no matter how often we explained we were just householders. When they threatened to file a lien against them, we finally blasted them out of the water and some supervisor must have taken a look at what the nitwits working under him were up to.


Really, Sue.


David Budge posts as Iowahawk on twitter




All right, I get the Socks are the Flops, but who are the Naps.


I never noticed any political cant on Monk.
If anything it could be construed as right of center since he more than once complained about hippies, since they're dirty, and he howled when the garbage union went on strike.


Mike Napoli. Catcher for the Texas Rangers.

Thomas Collins

See LUN for the answer, narciso.

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