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July 22, 2012


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Thanks again ,Thoom


Clarice, stunning. As my kids might say, way good.

hit and run

You misspelled it, TM. It's Feel da man.


Call me anything but dont call me late to dinner!

Danube of Thought

Paterno statue removed.

Jack is Back

Let the puppies out their cage this AM to walk them and when we came back in they headed straight to Frederick's bedroom. Never done that before. Put Jazz back in the cage and went back to get Bandit and this is what I found:

Life of Reilly:)

Leaders are off at The Open Championship. Where the heck is the famous dismal English weather we were told was just around the corner?


How has he found STEM camp, JiB,


You missed this bonbon, out of the bo of chocolates, well for next time.

Jack is Back


Loved it. Kids from all over Florida came to it. Lots of parents have beach places in Daytona and Ormond. Best part was the simulator on the last day since they got to use the full visual simulators instead of the computer programs. He was the pilot and some kid from Lecanto the co-pilot. His only complaint was the co-pilot crashed them 3 times:)

Soylent Red

Great Pieces. That bit from Lopez in particular eviscerates Obama. Awesome.

Paterno statue removed.
As a Cornhusker, Paterno was one of those guys like Bobby Bowden or Barry Switzer who I grew up despising, but came to have a grudging respect for. Isn't it a shame that Paterno destroyed his own legacy in an attempt to save it? Very Greek tragedy.

Still, good riddance and on to Graham Spanier next.


Well, that does tend to put a crimp in things,
down here, we do things metaphorically;

Mind you this was the reporter that got the Condit story wrong, so they promoted him to cover Justice.

Danube of Thought

Minus 16 at Raz today.

Trails Romney by 2.


Like I said before, he might as well be Nigel Tufnel;


Man, Joe Paterno had a fall from grace for the ages.

I get no pleasure from it like a lot of people, but he earned every bit of it. The one time he HAD to be the man he projected, he failed.


All Paterno did was leave his family to deal with his personal failure.


So basically what Obama is saying is that it is HIS fault that Bain Capital was able to fire everyone and outsourced every American job overseas. That it wasn't Romney that did that - it was government that 'made that happen'.

Thanks for clearly that up Barack.


And the funniest is Obamas claim that the Government invented the INternet so you could sell stuff.

Remember before the Internet when NOTHING was for sale and you had to make your own food and clothing and everything else at home.

So is Obama claiming it was actually the Internet that shut down small businesses on Main street and not Walmart??

Captain Hate

The MFM running pictures of Holmes as if he was an honorary Kardashian probably does at least as much to provoke his activities as the ability to buy lots of ammo. Yet this always eludes gun grabbing dimwits like DiFi and the trolls.


Well that's why I stopped naming the nazgul,
Captain, recall that was much of what the Joker got in the second film, attention,

Jane - talk is cheap!

Thanks TM - the Open is so much better than wall to wall Aurora. Tuned in to see a hell of a bunker shot by Tiger. (Clarice's Pieces beats all)

Also tuned into George Stephanopolus to get his apology to the Tea party. Zilch

Does Brian Ross still have a job?

Jack is Back

Tiger goes triple-bogey on 6. Bye, bye Tiger.

That's what the demons do to you for walking through the Captain's flower bed on his way to the putting green:)


Thanks, again
JiB "Life of Reilly"

You betcha..There's something about seeing kids and their pets together like that --really special. Does Frederick know how good he has it?

Danube of Thought

And DOWN goes JoePa! Down goes JoePa! Down goes JoePa!


It's kind of a Norman Rockwell pic, updated for the age.

The heart of a goof.

Whoa, triple bogey. Why, if Tiger were just a bit more consistent he could go around with me.


What is a triple bogey?


Sue, three over par for the hole.



Danube of Thought

No kidding:

"New Rasmussen Reports polling finds that 59% of Likely U.S. Voters who have served in the military favor the Republican challenger, while 35% support the president. "

Jack is Back

There is good reason the Brits love their tabloids.

Beckham sends Obama a box of 50 or his designer briefs.

You have to check out the picture:)

Jack is Back

::or:: = ::of:: Grrrrrrrrr!


Hey the forcefield around Ace, just lifted on Firefox, some Ewolk must have blown up the reactor.

Danube of Thought

Stand by, Happy Valley:

"The NCAA will announce 'corrective and punitive measures' for Penn State on Monday morning, it said in a statement, with CBS News reporting the penalties to be 'unprecedented,' affecting the football program and the school. NCAA president Mark Emmert will reveal the sanctions Monday at 9 a.m. ET in Indianapolis at the organization's headquarters along with Ed Ray, the chairman of the NCAA's executive committee and Oregon State's president, the news release said."

Frau Ohrwurm

Just finished reading 'Pieces' before looking in on JOM.

I was about to say the day was starting out well until a photo was shown on TV of the six year old who died in the CO shooting. Why was she there?

Years ago at a showing of the Star Trek film in which Chekov has a "brain worm" crawl into his ear, the very young child seated in front of us started screaming in synch with the actor. I doubted the parents had made the best choice of a film for their child.


I have been busy playing gumshoe all weekend but did write up a piece explaining just how compromised higher ed has become by this focus on learner outcomes instead of knowledge. I actually have copies of where the accreditors are taking this so common knowledge it is going on is the best way to stop it.

Certain campuses are reluctant and kicking and screaming. Others touted what they push, why, and that they are in the vanguard.

I have been in Canada electronically all morning where what I had pieced together is actually all in one place because nobody there was pretending it was about content.


when I still watched TV I thought Candy Crowley was fairly straight up and I don't think this snippet changes my mind about that.

Jane - talk is cheap!

Some girl on was matched to the CO murderer the day after the murder.

His profile is just so weird.


Well, the 'man bites dog' element, was that Hickenlooper didn't resort to the pat answer.


Here is the proof that the complicit U.S. Congress fear media ridicule if they take this issue on.

Flashback to what Commander Charles Kerchner (Ret) highlighted last year first reported here:

Audio Revealed: U.S. Congress Rep. Posey Spokesman: Media Ridicule Stopping Us From Addressing Obama’s Identity Fraud | by Al Hendershot | @

CDR Kerchner: Listen to the audio recording at the link below revealing why … the entire U.S. Congress refuses to enforce the Rule of Law and the U.S. Constitution in regards to prosecuting Obama for his criminal fraud activities before and after he entered the White House. They are afraid to even call for an investigation because someone in the major media might ridicule them. The poor babies in the entire U.S. Congress are being hog tied by Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals rule #5, fear of ridicule. Can you believe that? Suspend the Rule of Law in our nation and the U.S. Constitution because you are afraid you might be criticized in the press for launching an investigation into the SSN fraud, real estate transaction and tax fraud, forging a birth certificate, and identity theft fraud by Obama before and during his entry into the Oval Office. What has our ‘nation of laws and not men’ turned into? We have vain cry babies for leaders in the Congress. Shame on them. What despicable examples of leaders they are! Listen for yourself and find out about the cowards and appeasers of criminals and bullies our elected officials have turned into. Does Obama have dirt on all of them? Is there not an honest and brave man or woman left in Congress? Listen for yourself here:

"Rep. Posey Spokesman: Media Ridicule Stopping Us From Addressing Obama's Identity Fraud" -

Part 1

Part 2


Sorry for dropping so many links at once. I have a busy day doing yard work, so I won't be checking in for a while.

Meanwhile a forged document is still on the Whitehouse website.


Forgot to complement Clarice on another great Pieces. Well done!


hit and run

Sorry for dropping so many links at once.

The JOM style guide says the proper formulation for that type of apology is:

"I'd like to apologize for dropping so many links at once. But I won't. Because that's how I roll."

Danube of Thought

"Here is the proof that the complicit U.S. Congress fear media ridicule if they take this issue on."

I wonder why.

hit and run

Ernie Els putting on 18 for birdie to put himself one back of Adam Scott, who has bogeyed the last two holes...

And he . . . drains it.

hit and run

Cassoulet is in the oven. Been working on it since 9 this morning (not counting the duck legs I confited yesterday).

Ah, three hours of baking to go...

Jack is Back

Yeah, but Scott's in the fairway on 17 and I don't see making the mistake of going further south than he already has done.

hit and run

Uh oh, Adam Scott. Over the green in the deep stuff on 17.

Where's JiB?

Jane - talk is cheap!

Holy cow - what is happening?

Jack is Back

My wife made me post that because she is a big Ernie Els fan and nows that once I make a remark like the one at 1:00 that Scott would be jinxed:)

hit and run

There you are. Good timing. Well....

Danube of Thought

Yesterday Ernie must have missed six putts by less than six inches.

hit and run

Yup. Ernie's ranked in the 70's out of 83 players who made the cut in putting.

But he absolutely drilled that one on 18.


Where'd you find the duck legs and I hope it's not a story about a chain saw and the public park, hit?

Jack is Back

Unless Scott birdies 18 it looks like either playoff or Els gets his 4th major. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy - a true gentleman of the game who gives back a lot to his community.

Jack is Back

That drive by Scott will give Els the jug unless he gets very lucky with his 3rd shot.


I read TK's Daily Caller story on Iranian assets finalizing their plans on Twitter earlier. Extremely unsettling information.

Michelle Bachmann is concerned about the Islamic threat within our borders - that's why she's particularly suspicious of Hillary's girl Friday. Bachmann is aware of the Islamic embeds throughout our system cashing their federal and state gov't paychecks and apparently not too concerned about detection.

I hope Bibi and Mitt devise a fail-safe plan to protect us when Mitt arrives in Israel next week. And I'll wager that what they discuss will never be made pubic or reach Barry's big ears.


Well after our recent discussion about lightning strikes, I had another up close and personal encounter with mother nature's fury. On Friday late afternoon as I am driving home with my out of town brother in law in the car, we notice that its growing dark. Thunder begins rolling and lightning is in the sky.

Rain starts coming down in very large drops and then huge flash and simultanteous crackling roar as lightning strikes a telephone poll not 30 yards ahead of the car. Nothing catches fire but the sparks shower looks like the embers floating down after a fireworks display.

It took each of us about 5 seconds to process what had just happened. WHOA.


I am becoming more convinced by the desperate sounding ads being run by Dewhurst, that Ted Cruz is now in the driver seat for the Republican nomination for the Texas Senate seat. The ads are pitiful and only a moron would believe them. In Texas, the morons vote Democrat Party.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

I turned on The Open twenty minutes ago. Wow. Els. Poor Scott. Another Vandeveld moment.

Jack is Back

Epic Fail. I hope he is resilient because those kind of collapses usually end up affecting your play later on. Congrats, Ernie Els.

Danube of Thought

Epic collapse. Nice to see it happen to Stevie Williams.

I really like ol' Ernie.


Just awoke to watch Adam Scott's shot to the Tee on the 18th, and then find out as he just misses that putt that Ernie Ell's has won.

How the heck did that happen?

Sounds like some interesting reruns in store.

Sorry for the young kid, but I do like Ernie Ell's so it ain't all sad.

hit and run

Where'd you find the duck legs

Whole Foods. I shoulda just gone there on Friday, but went to the two other mainstream grocery stores instead, neither of which had them. So got the legs yesterday.


The Israelis are worried about a terrorist attack in London. I would be as well. If you've been following the fiasco surrounding the security company responsible for the Games it sounds like a perfect opportunity to insert a few jihadis.

What I don't get is that security was one of the most professionalized functions at a Games. Even royalty has to submit to the sniffers and metal detectors.

But if it is an inside job, it all goes out the window.And how many jihadis live in the UK today?

The government has resorted to pulling in thousands of troops just back from Afghanistan who have no training in security.


Whew! I was starting to gather up bail money :P

hit and run

What a graphic they just put up...16th different winner in the last 16 majors.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Great PIeces again, Clarice. The visit to France seems to have honed your rapier. And your stiletto as well.

Danube of Thought

"...a perfect opportunity to insert a few jihadis"

In a country--and a city--already chock full of them.

Jack is Back

JIm Rhoads,

Van de Velde was all on one hole at Carnoustie with a stream of brain farts. Scott's was over the course of the last 4 holes - death by a thousand cuts.

Mrs. JiB and I had the fortune of meeting Jean Van de Velde and his beautiful wife in October of 1999, a few months after his collapse. We are staying a the Manoir du Dragon at Knokke for the Belgacom Open at Royal Zoute. We knew that there would be rooms available for Friday and Saturday nights once the cut was made. We had a pre-dinner cocktail in the parlor and Jean and his wife came in and sat down near us. Mrs. JiB is very fluent in French and had been a photo-jounalist on the European PGA Tour for 5 years and knew Jean a little. So, she starts up a conversation in French and whatever they were talking about brought smiles and laughs all around. He had go over the failure at Carnoustie with the understanding that "its only a game". I wanted to say, "tell that to Vince Lombardi" but kept my mouth shut and just nodded along like I agreed.

hit and run

The kitchen is a wreck. This meal takes a lot of different pots and pans and utensils and containers and...

Chances are I don't clean it until forced to.

I need another JOMer to come visit..

Ernie is a classy guy.


Just a quick check in - don't know nuthin' about golf, but got a lot of chuckles out of Clarice's dialogue with Hit.

Whole Foods. Yeah, right.

Jack is Back


G4S may bring the government down but the government then deserves it. They should have been on top of this from the get go but relied too much on the UK version of "crony capitalism" and paid more attention to Murdoch's phone hackers. Crazy.

MI5 has dossiers and watch lists on the local Jihadi's much like Scotland Yard monitors the soccer hooligans. If it happens it will be not so much at a venue but where security is less intense. Also, it doesn't have to be London. Remember the jihadi's reach is long even all the way to Bulgaria. Its the Israeli tourists to the UK I'd be worried about not the athletes.


I didn't know they gave out medical marijuana to Republican Senators from Oklahoma:

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) says he supports Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin’s re-election because he believes Manchin is not beholden to short-sighted political interests.

"Coburn recently gave $250 to Manchin’s re-election campaign."


Well it's a 'coals to new castle' situation,
Abu Hamza, at Finchley Park, Omar Bakri Mohammed, as in this link;


Wow. What a finish. Feel bad for Adam Scott but when you attach yourself to a disloyal toadie like Williams...

Williams might be a good caddie, but how can one not believe he wasn't involved or complicit or even an active participant in some of the 'fun' that went down. Before the SHTF, he was extolling his 'closeness' to Tiger. He was either lying then or he is lying now. Too bad for Scott to get involved in the bad ju-ju of that.


Rasmussen gives you a little clue about the "close" polling. Here is his finding of the 8% - 10% which is not for either candidate:

Among Uncommitted Voters, Obama Job Approval Is At 29%

That is almost 2.5 voters spitting on the sidewalk to everyone willing to say he is doing something they approve of.

People who dont approve of your job performance dont vote for you.



Are you aware you've been linked down under by name?


As a parent of an Asperger's kid, it is awesome that Els won. Love him, love his good works. Our new LGA has adopted Autism as our outreach and taken over a charity tournament that one of our club members was going to let die due to his lack of time available for the commitment. Way to go, Ernie!

The Joe Paterno statue was removed Sunday morning from its pedestal outside Beaver Stadium, and it will be stored in an unnamed "secure location," Penn State president Rodney Erickson announced. Erickson also said the Paterno name will remain on the university's library.

The jokes just write themselves..

They are leaving his name on the library to remind all students to be quiet.

They could have just turned the statue around so it looked the other way.

The statue has been moved to a 'secure location' where Joe can be imprisoned like Sandusky.

They were going to destroy the statue to his legacy but decided that that would be redundant.


Haven't started catch-up yet, but would be interested to know whether Steffy on his ABC Show this morning discussed his and Brian Ross's sliming of the Tea Party.

Anyone with a strong enough stomach to have watched his program start to finish?

Cecil Turner

People who dont approve of your job performance dont vote for you.

Exactly. And traditionally, the vast majority (~80%) of undecideds break for the challenger. That means a 46-46 tie in a poll actually indicates a 52-48 win for the challenger. (And today's 46-44 Romney lead per Rasmussen is more likely to yield something like a 56-43 romp than a close count.)

Captain Hate

Went to see "Beasts of the Southern Wild" this afternoon. I'm not much of a movie person, as in most of Whoreyweird could blow up and I wouldn't miss a nanosecond thinking about it, but this was very good.


Radical writer Alexander Cockburn, a longtime columnist for The Nation
and editor of the political newsletter CounterPunch, died Friday in
Germany at age 71.


Jane - talk is cheap!

Anyone with a strong enough stomach to have watched his program start to finish?

I saw the first 40 minutes until JIB reminded me that the Open was on. Not even a whisper.

Captain Hate

"Coburn recently gave $250 to Manchin’s re-election campaign."

Manchin is just like Jim Webb; gives a good blah blah about doing the right thing but ultimately caves to the party. Coburn is the exhibit of the day of why the GOP's called the Stupid Party.


how can one not believe he wasn't involved or complicit

Ah, yes, . . . belief.

Such a difference between believing and knowing.


It is so good to hear from you. More posts please.

Lest auld acquaintance be forgot.

Heh, maryrose, the irony. I could use more from U 2.

Two out of infinity ain't bad.

RIP Alexander Cockburn, wrong on everything but climate and Plum.


Bachmann and a few others seem to be the only ones in the federal government who care. The rest of the Obama regime and a good many of the Republicans seem to be saying : WHAT can we do to help? We've completely opened our borders, we're removed all legal impedments, we've moved your supporters into the very highest level of our government, just let us know what else you need to destroy US.

Jack is Back

3 men, 3 heroes. Who said there was war on women?

Jon Blunk, Matt McQuinn and Alex Teves died in the Aurora theater covering and protecting their wives or girlfriends.

God bless their souls.

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