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July 20, 2012


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Ryan Frank

Hard to say - Dark theater - low light vision would be killed by the movie. I would imagine that anyone carrying would have have difficult time getting a clear shot without hitting someone else.


"There is a hole in our soul"

Just heard Glenn Beck say this and could not agree more.


Concealed carry can't stop all crime. There will always be occasions where armed individuals just won't have the chance to respond.

But one thing is sure:

The bad guys will always be armed. And the chances are much greater that an armed individual sitting in the audience will be able to respond before a 911 call is made and police officers can respond.


Is there any evidence anyone in the theater was armed, besides the gunman? Just because CO is a conceal carry state, doesn't mean everyone is.


As I posted on the other thread, Brian Ross and ABC News are trying to tie this shooting to the Tea Party.


I don't think there are many lessons to be learned from a madman slaugtering innocents. Jihadis are religious zealots, not madmen. My guess is Mr Holmes had no ideology or religious zeal, he was a madman that did not live in reality.


as sure as death and taxes;


The ususaly suspects will blame guns and seek more control (their life's mission), others will blames violence on the screen (but of course the shooter had never seen this movie). I think the words of the killer's mother tell the tale:

A San Diego woman identifying herself as James Holmes's mother spoke briefly with ABC News this morning.

She had awoken unaware of the news of the shooting and had not been contacted by authorities. She immediately expressed concern that her son may have been involved.

"You have the right person," she said.

"I need to call the police," she added. "I need to fly out to Colorado."


Seems like a midnight showing of the new Batman film would not be a particularly likely place for someone to be carrying, only becase midnight premieres tend to be more film geeks and in this case, also Batman fans/comic book geeks.

They are going to try to pin this on the Tea Party and Rush Limbaugh pointing out the Bane (Bain) character etc. It's already begun.

Another Bob

Sue, my thought exactly. Was the theatre posted 'no guns'? Wouldn't surprise me if it was.

Which, of course, simply reinforces the notion that criminals simply pay no mind to laws. (A concept that, in a different context, a kindergartner would understand.)


And the shooter may not have yelled "Fire!" in a crowded theater, but did.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

So how did he get in?



They are saying he broke down an emergency exit door at the rear of the theater.


It's just as likely because of his age, that Holmes would be OWS, or even because of that yutz Gadahn, miming gun control themes, last year, AQ, but that doesn't occur to Ross or Bloomberg.


It occurs to them, narciso. That's just one more reason why they're trying to tie it to the Tea Party first - to get the meme installed ahead of the facts.


A 24 year old Tea Party activist? Sure and I know some lefthanded third basemen too...


BTW someone mentioned on the other thread that the Aurora Tea Party Jim Holmes is around 50 years old. So if true, not a match.

Danube of Thought


"UPDATE: The James Holmes arrested at the Aurora theater was 24 years old and seems to be from Denver, CO, according to a Facebook profile (a similar Facebook profile linked by a local news reporter has not been confirmed as the suspect's profile, either). There are many people with the name 'James Holmes' in the area, and the James Homes on the Tea Party website could match a James Homes from Aurora, CO who is in his fifties and therefore does not fit the description of the suspect. More evidence that Ross, Stephanolpoulos and ABC rushed to blame the Tea Party without confirmation that the suspect is also the Tea Party member."


Unlike our MFM I don't want to speculate about the jerk and his political beliefs. He's a killer and needs to be put down.


--Is it fair to assume that given the noise, confusion, tear gas and level of preparation of this shooter that a concealed carrier would have had to perform a miracle to avert or mitigate this?--


Wilburn and three friends dove to the floor, hiding behind seats in front of them. The gunman was only five or six feet away, he said.

indicates a 9mm or 45 was needed, preferably two or three, but that a miracle probably wasn't.


I don't care if his childhood sucked. I don't care if his mama spanked him, his daddy didn't play catch with him or he spent hours and hours playing video games. He is a mass murderer. That he might be crazy too boot is kind of a given. Most people who kill indiscriminately have mental issues. I'm through trying to "understand" the mind of a mad man (or woman).


In a free society where it is now very hard to hospitalize psychotics against their will these incidents are bound to occur,whether or not the tea party, Limbaugh or gun control laws are present. them's the facts...


You know, you listen to this guy, and you think could Weiner really be worse,

Soothing words are nice,” Bloomberg said during an interview on WOR News Talk Radio 710 in New York City. “But maybe it’s time the two people who want to be president of the United States stand up and tell us what they’re going to do about it, because this is obviously a problem across the country. And everybody always says, ‘Isn’t it tragic?’”

“I mean, there’s so many murders with guns every day,” he continued. “It’s just gotta stop. And instead of these two people, President [Barack] Obama and Governor [Mitt] Romney talking in broad things about, they want to make the world a better place. OK. Tell us how. And this is a problem. No matter where you stand on the Second Amendment, no matter where you stand on guns, we have a right to hear from both of them, concretely, not just in generalities, specifically, what are they going to do about guns?”

Read more:

Jim Ryan

The chance that someone carrying in the theater also happened to be within clear shot range or able to walk to clear shot range quickly was low. There could have been three or four people carrying but too far away.


Sue@1024-- that's my reaction, that and grief, sympathy and prayers for the shooting victims and their families. What other reaction can there be this morning?

Captain Hate

As I posted on the other thread, Brian Ross and ABC News are trying to tie this shooting to the Tea Party.

Just like they did with Jared Loughner.


Trying again: ABC taking its lumps on Twitter, but this is the best:

Dave Not Weigel ‏@NotDaveWeigel

52 y/o Brian Ross was recently arrested for DUI manslaughter in Florida. Not sure if this is the same Ross who works for ABC news.


What other reaction can there be this morning?

Glee that the shooter's name matches the name of someone listed as a member of the Tea Party.


Some discussion around the web from Aurora residents indicating that the mall in question is definitely "no guns allowed." The theater is outside the mall.

So if theater was also "no gun" zone, that plus the likely makeup of the audience suggests no one was carrying.


"This wasn't what I had in mind when I said I wanted to inspire people..."


Obama cannot string a sentence together without an annoying "uh" every third word. He may be less bright than anyone ever thought. "Uh"

Stephanolpoulos: I'm going to go to Brian Ross. You've been investigating the background of Jim Holmes here. You found something that might be significant.

Ross: There's a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado, page on the Colorado Tea party site as well, talking about him joining the Tea Party last year. Now, we don't know if this is the same Jim Holmes. But it's Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado.

In a profession with ethical standards that exchange would be a firing offense for both morons.


"James Holmes, the suspect arrested in connection with the mass shootings at a screening of the new Batman movie early this morning in Aurora, CO, could be a registered Democrat..."


Sorry about all the typos. It's a complicated story.


Legacy Media-- slags and pimps. They disgust me.


In a free society where it is now very hard to hospitalize psychotics against their will these incidents are bound to occur,whether or not the tea party, Limbaugh or gun control laws are present. them's the facts...

The Community Mental Health Act of 1963. The genius technocrat overlords were so certain that the new antipsychotic medications were going to cure all mental illnesses that they trashed over five centuries' wisdom with the stroke of a pen.


NK & Sue-I agree with you except if it turns out that this shooter, like so many of the others, was a product of a K-12 school system deliberately seeking to alter values and attitudes and emotions, that had a role in creating that hole. That has been a pattern in the past and this is an area where such active manipulation has been going on for more than 20 years.

If he was educated in San Diego, it is still problemmatic but not as all-pervasive as CO.

We will have to wait on his precise history but I know precisely what has been happening in CO because those districts have been piloting Positive Behavioral Prevention Systems and the idea of using disabilities law and Response to Intervention to quietly push social and emotional learning and mental health initiatives on all students. They controversially piloted Transformational Outcomes Based Education until Columbine really turned that manipulation into the spotlight.

McREL had come up with a template that has all the functions of Tr OBE and comes in stealthily with the innocuous name of School Improvement.


Yes, "Front". Thank Dr Szasz, too, for spreading the notion that mental illness was but a social construct.


If you're looking for a political nexus, I understand the movie is critical of OWS..and for sure the gas masked shooter seems more in the OWS than tea party mode.


RSE-- I really do think everyone should defer drawing any broad inferences from this thing. Look how ridiculous Bloomberg looks yapping from the Leftwing gun control side.

Sgt Rock

Guns don't kill people. George Zimmerman kills people.


--Yes, "Front". Thank Dr Szasz, too, for spreading the notion that mental illness was but a social construct.--

I have to think that pernicious idea only ever convinced very young libertarian extremists who had never actually seen some wild eyed, rag covered character by the side of the road or who had never actually tried to have a conversation with a mentally ill person.

Sgt Rock

Kommisar Sundance at the treehouse will be starting a defense fund for this guy.


I think it is difficult if not impossible to understand the motives and actions of the crazy. This boy is crazy. I think it is pure speculation to assign rational motives to him. He is inherently irrational.


That would seem logical, Clarice, the M.O, is actually closer to the villain of the last film, which I think recquired Heath Ledger to
go to such depths, that it killed him.



Precisely what I'm talking about. I don't want to know. It makes no difference to me if he was taught in CO schools, SD schools or home schooled. He is a mass murderer and needs to be put down. Unless his IQ is below 50, which it isn't or he wouldn't have been able to plan this, I don't care.


ABC News is now correcting their earlier reporting. No connection to Tea Party. So, when does Brian Ross get fired?


Curious that this event happens at the same time a gun control treaty from the UN is up in front of congress.

Just how did a 20 something year old with apparently no history in these matters at all get a hold of smoke/gas bombs, tactual gear, a shot gun and a high powered rifle, and manipulate them so expertly? How did he know how to break into the emergency exit so adroitly?

Perhaps just coincidence, but if this is not the case here it is not difficult to imagine the staging of a false flag operation that would be similar.

Impossible? Paranoid? After Fast and Furious anything is possible.

It is just disgusting what came out of the likes of the MSM and Bloomberg.

Bloomberg is particularly loathsome: there have been something like 70 gun related murders in NYC this year, and NYC has one of the toughest handgun laws in the nation. The GOP needs to toss him out of the party.

The Left and their enablers are beneath contempt. They are incapable of shame and incapable of thinking in any other human dimension but the political. If Americans cannot see what is up the Democrat Party and the Left then they deserve to lose their freedoms.

Watch the GOP on the Hill cave on that UN gun treaty now. Watch them act like a gaggle of teenage school girls.

What a weak and cowardly people we have become. How easily manipulated we are.

That absurd cheap shot at the Tea Party should just never had happened. Once upon a time the legal dept of ABC would have never allowed this sort of thing, but now they are just rabid in their propaganda and beyond all restraint. It is like living in the USSR--just like it; not "sort of", not "kind of", but just like it. The only difference is that they have not yet thoroughly taken away our constitutional rights. Soon these too will go.

This is how low we have fallen.

The Left will win points over this, just watch. We have truly departed from reality, wisdom and basic common sense here.

2nd amendment rights will be be further set back; the Constitution will be further tarnished and somehow this will become a election issue.

Watch Romney mumble about on this one.

Carol Herman

The film should have been stopped and the LIGHTS put on. And, anyone who had access to stage lighting ... should have aimed an intense light into the criminal's eyeballs!

Theaters, ahead, will have to devise ways to cope. Because the world's full of crazies! Here? Maybe, because you're in Colorado ... being crazy and armed ... doesn't alert the police. Didn't alert the guy's neighbor's, either.

This is what you call "a liberal paradise."

Oh, yeah. He also barged through an outside "exit" door ... into the theater. And, this didn't set off alarm bells?

Send in Judge Lester1 Otherwise, this guy is gonna be found too crazy to try for murder.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

They are saying he broke down an emergency exit door at the rear of the theater.

Aren't those usually very thick doors? (Don't ask the last time I was in a movie theater)

I think every one of us should write to ABC news and demand that both those asses be fired. And I think we should tell everyone Brian Ross has been arrested for DUI and felony murder.

I am so sick of being maligned.



Early reporting is usually wrong so take that into account for the early reporting on how he entered the theater. They also said he had hidden a gun in the theater. If true, he was in there prior to the shooting and maybe he did something to the door that allowed him to open it.

The AP is reporting he is a med school dropout.


Every movie theater chain I've been to in Ohio is posted No Weapons. Go see movies at your own risk.

The emergency doors are thick, but they're not locked. Would be easy to open one with any kind of jimmy device.


I am watching and waiting but there is a commonality to so many of these types of shootings. That's not particularly well known. Aurora is ground zero for that trigger and the template is going national through mandates few are likely to read or appreciate.

This doesn't "just happen" in most instances. As these practices become widespread, it will happen again if we simply treat it as a case of mass murder.

Extirpate the causes if we again have a correlation is what I am saying.



He was a medical school student until just last month, when he dropped out. His family (mother, anyway) is in San Diego. And I still don't care. Sorry.

Rick Ballard

I would think an examination of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge linkage with the calm restraint demonstrated by students fully steeped in its abnegation of personal responsibility would be a more productive avenue for exploration. There have been no incidents where sole Chicago Annenberg Challenge recipients have committed mass murders. The murders in Chicago appear to be the result of organized communities, collectively choosing to resolve issues in a similar manner throughout the fine city.


I guess what I'm trying to say, and not very well, is I don't care what the excuse is for what he did. He did it. He needs to be dealt with. How do you explain the shooting at Virginia Tech? Columbine? The one down in Lousiana where kids shot kids? Sometimes evil is just evil.


How about we also question the the mental health of those who will give orders to 'protect' the internet against 'threats':

*In a Thursday Wall Street Journal Opinion piece, President Barack Obama evoked images of mass disaster should a cyber attack wreak havoc on the nation’s transportation and water systems
The president threw his weight behind the Cyber-security Act of 2012, which is sponsored by Independent Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman and Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins, and favored by Democratic Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid.*


Danube of Thought

Watch the GOP on the Hill cave on that UN gun treaty now.

That will not occur.


A medical student? he was in the theater earlier hiding weapons? madness


During the depression by grandmother used every possible stratagem to see that people who lacked food got enough to survive.She even took in a homeless drunk and made a place for him for years in the basement beneath the family store so he wouldn't freeze to death on the streets. But in those days these people were simply alcoholics or people out of work. Now most street people are schizophrenics and I'd be frightened of allowing them at the dinner table or giving them shelter.


I am confident about one thing-- would be exploiters of this madness will lose politically.


Well Loughner got away thanks to Sheriff Dufuss, who did as much to keep him on the streets, looks like the same denial seems to be working for Hasan, 'workplace violence' is how they classified it, right, so one is right to be a little skeptical.


Iowahawk is tearing up twitter with tweets on Brian Rosses around the country being arrested for various things, murder, duis, registered sex offenders.

Captain Hate

Iowahawk is tweeting links of people named Brian Ross who've been arrested.


Yes he is Sue and Captain Hate. I am retweeting every damned one of them. I am so sick of the Democrat media.


I LOVE Iowahawk!!!!!!


We still have police officers risking their lives to enter this tools apartment. Keep that in mind while the sides fight over whether he is a liberal or conservative.

Voldemort Delenda Est !                   Sandy Daze

All of the questions about means, material and access, for me, are needless speculation; except if one finds it a useful academic exercise. That is, all the weapons so far described are easily available (and should be, for that matter). The exit door lock could have been taped over, or as another commented, jimmied. Hell, the perp could have attended the 9pm show and then taken care of the door then.

To me, the only matter of interest is motive and even that is not as important as ensuring that justice is swift and certain.

At the end of the day, whether this guy was a malfunctioning unit, or pure evil, I do not really care.

If there was ever a reason to maintain ¨Old Sparky¨ or the noose or a firing squad, this perp is it.

Am sure there is no shortage of volunteers to flip the switch, pull the lever or pull the trigger, but just for the record, tell me where and when and I´ll be there.

All prayers to all families and victims.


BTW - there should be a special spot in hell for the unethical shenanigans of Ross & Steph and their ilk.


David Burge twitter lol

Carol Herman

Well, obviously, the crazed gunman had been to the theater before! First off, he had to know from the OUTSIDE ... which exit door would lead him into the room where the film was being shown. And, not into another theater.

AND, if he "hid" guns inside this room? Perhaps, also "testing the exit door? HOW DID HE EVER GET A GUN INSIDE, WITHOUT BEING NOTICED BY ANYBODY? Did he say he was carrying in venetian blinds?

How did this "package" or gun NOT GET NOTICED BY THE CLEANING CREW?

After each and every showing ... somebody puts on the overhead lights ... and a janitor (ot 2) swings by to pick up spilled popcorn. And, soft drinks.

At the next showing ... people are walking into a clean theater. AND, the overhead lights are on. As you choose a seat.

A helmet on. A bullet proof vest. Enough of an arsenal so that it doesn't quite look like a costume you'd wear to see THE DARK KNIGHT!

Even if this creep was standing on line ... The best you can say is that he went unnoticed.

Caught quickly. You've got to credit the police! First, they didn't just sit back.

TWO: THEY HAD SOME CLUES. Where did those clues come from? Plus, he was picked up while driving. So? Somebody knew what kind of a car to look for. And, that it would be on the road.


Sue-If you saw the Response to Intervention file I have and what they have been doing to these kids and what they plan to do and what has been pursued as part of the Whole Child emphasis, it does matter. The whole this is the model and this is where we got it from.

This intentionally psychologically manipulative crap is being incorporated into state's definitions of student achievement. To be constantly tracked and meddled with.

If it is a trigger and there is correlating evidence that it is a commonality in so many of these events and it becomes more widespread and more open because that's what the new view of continuous improvement is about, it is not realistic to believe these types of mass murders will not increase.

So you may not care because it is horrific. But we also need to continue to watch and wait. Used to be a medical student hurts because it is brighter boys who fracture and lash out at the open manipulation because they recognize it and that there is no good way out when it starts in elementary.


Looking at Iowahawk I see this--an obvious reference to the gay boycott of Chik-Fil-A

"I'm no boycott expert, but I don't think they work to well against businesses who voluntarily shut down on Sunday."



It would never be able to explain why one does something like this and another doesn't. Society and civilization have always had evil people. Their schooling, or lack thereof, was not the same as this man, yet they were just as evil.


rse, Pls. Not everything is related to education. As far as I can tell BTW, the shooter grew up in Tenn.


Picture of shooter


Agree with you Sue and Clarice.

If that is the shooter, he has the same crazy look as Loughner.


If state mandated practices and policies that are designed to alter personalities and minds and have that effect also fracture the empathy that mass murder is wrong and create deeply embedded anger towards people, we need to appreciate that.

And clarice I did enjoy your pictures from France that I finally saw. My dad would pick up hitchhikers and buy them a meal or give them $20. Too dangerous today.


Mark Steyn is sitting in for Rush and killing Brian Ross.


What I dream about, when the media pulls a bias based boner, is that the reporter be required to explain just why he felt comfortable in going forward with his story. Does Brian Ross actually believe your average mass murderer is likely a tea partier. Why? Does a belief that the government should act within the constitution lead to a desire to shoot people? Was Alexander Hamilton a big time gun collector?

There are times when an apology is not quite enough -- I want to know why you felt this particular conclusion was a good one to jump to.


Man standing on table shouting "allahu akbar" translates to nothing to see here for MSM. Shooter with exotic name of James Holmes translates to TEA Party. According to Mark Steyn.


More to love, from Iowahawk:

David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog

@BrianRoss You are the epitome of American journalism. This is not a compliment.


Hmmm...His Mom knew something was amiss. There was a commenter on HA I think that said a guy with same name indicated he would be shooting up a theatre and that it was due to PTSD??? Something on youtube or other social media forum? Is he ex military? How does a 24-yo get PTSD unless he has mental issues?

BTW - Breitbart spoke with James Holmes - Tea Partier. He is Hispanic? Had to disconnect his phone and is worried about his family. Brian Ross and Stephanopoulis are detestable and should be fired. And their network sued.

I'm with Sue - I don't give two shits about the why's and wherefore's about this guy - he chose to MURDER - out of the millions of other choices he had. No sympathy for him at all and I'm angry at his mother - she knew immediately it was her son. I'll wait to hear her story, but if she thought for one nanosecond her son might murder innocent people she should have acted immediately - up to and including beating him on the head with a bat to stop him.


There's a James Holmes in Aurora with a wife named Yolanda and daughter Chaqetta who moved to Aurora from Oakland, CA. I wonder how much time Brian Ross spent "investigating" him? I hope Steyn floats the possibility that Holmes' gun came from Fast and Furious.


There are inherently evil people but evil can also be created and fostered. One big part of understanding 20th century evils involves going back to the 19th century and looking at what, for example, Johann Fichte or Ernst Haeckel pushed that altered the German mindset in a way that would tolerate or even follow a Hitler. If there are commonalities with what is being pushed today, that is worth noting and worrying about.

You are wanting to dismiss a very troubling commonality among boys and men who have done this horrific type of thing. Mass killing of strangers and not religiously motivated.

Just chalking it up to evil is easier. But it won't make us safer from preventing it in the future.

Rope and chains, dark nights for the city on a hill.

Heh, appalled, in some minds it's fake but accurate.

rse's the early bird who has found the worm. Or maybe the notice in the filing cabinet over there.


Wow, another White Hispanic, I guess. James Michael Holmes is described is a hispanic man who joined the TEA party last year. Breitbart did what ABC News didn't do. Called the man and talked to him.


David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog
Correction: in previous tweets I mistakenly identified ABC News' Brian Ross with a series of arrestees. I apologize to the arrestees.
Reply Retweet Favorite

Love, love Iowahawk



Just chalking it up to evil is easier. But it won't make us safer from preventing it in the future.

I don't want to sound flippant regarding your research, it is valuable that society knows what children are being taught. How do you explain the rest of his classmates not doing what he did? How do you explain mass murders prior to the last 20 years of being taught this way? I don't understand the immediate jumping onto an excuse for his criminal behavior.


Honestly I just can't engage with leftards, with their mindless blather, their utter lack of intelligence, their bottom-feeding, scum-sucking existence.

It was not the guns that killed these innocent victims. It was the deranged asshole that kiled them.

JFC - If you want to use that arguement than how the f--k do you explain a mass murderer that strangled 48 women with his arm or a ligature(green river killer)? It has the ligature or the arm that killed them? WTF?

Evil people do evil things and they use guns, ligatures, their hands, knives and any weapon imaginable to carry out their plan.

Nanny Bloomberg and his ilk need to ban evil and evildoers before they act. /sarc off.

Danube of Thought

"It is like living in the USSR--just like it; not 'sort of', not 'kind of', but just like it."

This fellow Squaredance has gone insane brfore our very eyes. Perhaps there is a pallet for him in the basement of Clarice's grandmother's store.

J. Fred Muggs

I heard on the radio today, as me an Phoebe were driving to our favorite jungle gym, that ABC contacted the perp's mother in San Diego even before the police did. They asked if had heard about the shooting and she had. Then they told her that her son had been arrested and she said something like "they have the right one". Then hung up saying "I have to get to Colorado".

Seems his Mom knew he had issues and was capable.

Mom's are like that - I should know. Mine kept telling me that I was going to make a monkey out of myself, and she was right.

Captain Hate

I was wondering about where Sponge Bob squaredance has been last night; and then he appears today. Maybe I should stop thinking about him.


Lefties trying to blame Rush, but it was a lefty who tried to tie Bane to Bain first, Chris Lehane


I think that the mom contacted ABC, Muggsy, not the other way around. Clearly since ABC didn't know that the Tea Party guy was not the correct Jim Holmes, they would not know how to find the correct Jim Holmes' mother.

But yes, the mom seemed to not be surprised in the least.

All very sad.


re: BuBu's comment on the prev thread.
BuBu doesn't have much of interest to say, but I would read, with pleasure, posts of his from the Dem Convention in NC.
Since so few Dem office holders will be attending, there should be plenty of seats available.
How about it, BuBu? Can you commit to being our eyes and ears in NC?

Cecil Turner

Bane=Bain is more than a bit ridiculous. As is trying to find a political trigger in some murderous psycho's thought processes.

However, I do wonder if there's some link to the senseless brutality on the screen (the first Dark Knight is the last Batman I'm seeing for precisely that reason) and the shooting in the theater. Sure seems a lot more pertinent than some politician's ad (that most of us try to avoid).

(Another) Barbara

I hate it that my animus toward Brian Ross is nearly overwhelming my feelings of rage toward the killer and my sympathy for his victims.

It's likely that most of you have already done this but, if not, please go to the ABC News website and let 'em have it. There's a place for "incorrect information presented" which will do, since they have no category labeled "reasons we are contemptible."

J. Fred Muggs

Mrs. Porchlight,

I didn't know that. The guy on the radio definitely understood it that ABC tracked her down before the police did. I wonder why she would call ABC instead of the police, then?

BTW, I know lots of med students in my life. They always want to do experiments on me and Phoebe. Its pretty stressful kind of education, so I can see PTSD in some of them.


That is interesting, Mr. Muggs. I wonder - could ABC have had the info on the correct perp all along and still yet broadcasted the other Jim Holmes as possibly the guilty party?

I wouldn't put it past them.

Still, I did read elsewhere (sorry, forgot where now) that the mom called ABC.


I hate it that my animus toward Brian Ross is nearly overwhelming my feelings of rage toward the killer and my sympathy for his victims.

I agree. However, my animus is wider and deeper than just Brian Ross. It extends to all his cohort.

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