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July 16, 2012


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Danube of Thought

Minus 15 at Raz today.

Trails Romney by 2.


When the New Republic is running with the journalistic equivalent of the NFL Look out block ( where the offensive lineman turns around and shouts "look out!" to the QB) you know that there is trouble in River City:

On the one hand, the last round of Bain attacks has clearly rattled the Romney campaign, and a smattering of survey evidence suggests that the sustained ad campaign in swing states has scored some points. On the other hand, the Pew survey found no shift since May in swing-state voter preference.

But it’s not too early to say that Obama’s vital signs look dicey. Over the past 33 months, his job approval has been lower than George W. Bush’s at a comparable time in his presidency for all but one week. Bush averaged above 50 percent in the quarter before his successful reelection campaign, while Obama has been stuck in the 46-48 percent range for months. And the famous “wrong track” measure now stands at 63 percent, versus 55 percent in the days preceding the vote in 2004. If these two numbers don’t improve for Obama, his presidency will be in jeopardy. And they probably won’t — unless the economy perks up noticeably.

No TNR the Bain attacks are not working and no its has not rattled Romney. But otherwise, congrats you are seeing the battlefield quite clearly. And your favorites in the Senate are all going to suffer due to this miserable incompetent. Sucks dont it?

Comanche Voter

In Patrick O'Brien's Aubrey-Maturin series of seafaring novels of the British Royal Navy in the Napoleonic wars, the phrase is "lost the plot". Somebody who is knocked in the head in battle, and doesn't know where the hell he is has "lost the plot".

Now I'd apply the term "lost the plot" to The Bamster's current difficulties--if I could. But the dumb SOB never knew where he was in the first place. Lost the narrative? My fat fanny!


Bain is all they have? Dang. Slender reed.
But the whole Journolist is jumping on it, so clearly the orders have come down from on high.

Danube of Thought

Looks like she is coming on to blow--there is not a moment to be lost.


New Narrative?...Hmm.... how 'bout "Leftwing Muppet, who doesn't know his ass from his elbow, EPIC FAIL."


Obama isn't capable of swabbing the deck in an Aubrey ship.


Porch-- 'Bam may be qualified to empty the piss bucket.. not really... he'd probably toss the contents windward and the backwash would foul the decking.


Tweeting seems to be one way to get your message out.

"Donald Trump via Twitter: @BarackObama reported over $269,710 of foreign income out of his gross $894,520 and paid $5,841 in foreign taxes"

"Donald Trump via Twitter: Have we ever had a POTUS before @BarackObama who earned over 1/3 of his income from foreign sources and paid taxes to another country?"

"Donald Trump via Twitter: The liberal media is focusing on @MittRomney's bank records. How about reviewing @BarackObama's illegal land deal contracts with Tony Rezko?"

And many more.


Mikey Kaus has your new narrative right here.

Will the GOPs take advantage of Obama’s new welfare weakness?


"Looks like she is coming on to blow--there is not a moment to be lost."
I had been meaning to ask if there were other Aubrey/Maturin fans here :) Currently re-reading The Surgeon's Mate. POB was on a roll at this point in the series.

If Romney, Boehner and McConnell can’t frame these regs as part (along with the food stamp push) of Obama’s cavalier disregard for the value of work–in embarrassing contradiction to the image he portrayed in 2008–they should really retire to Austria with Denise Rich.
woo woo

Corey releases unrelated, unsubstantiated claims to offset facts in case!!!

"Zimmerman relative, ‘Witness 9′ accused Zimmerman of racial bias"

"It started when I was 6, he's almost about two years older than I am," witness 9 said in an interview released by the prosecution. "He would put his hands under my pants, under my underwear."

The witness also told police Zimmerman was known to be prejudiced against African Americans.

She said she had never seen Zimmerman act on his bias, but she knew his family didn't "like black people if they don't act like white people. They like black people if they act white."

Dave (in MA)



Dave(inMa) that's a classic National Lampoon cover (1972/3?). Mitch McConnell shold not rise to the bait. He should simply say we are moving on and fixing the Tax Code;The GOP position is there should be be no tax increase until the Tax Code is fixed-- Dems are trying to raise everyone's taxes-- they are blackmailers, we don't respond to blackmailers.


Married Olympians: We Can’t Live Together During Games, But Gay Couples Can


Even if Romney released fifty years of tax returns it's too late. He's been branded a selfish, America hating tax cheat who'd rather European financiers get a piece of his miserable fortune ($250,000,000....isn't that what Floyd Mayweather made for his last fight?) than this country.

What about our proud American military and our firefighters who risk their lives? Our cops who do the same to protect us? Our teachers who put in grueling hours for little or no pay or thanks? No, Sir, Mitt doesn't want to give to this country, he wants to give to the Cayman islands economy. Well if he loves it so much why doesn't he take himself and his sister wives over there while the rest of us pay for the country we love.

O B A M A / B I D E N 2 0 1 2

Melinda Romanoff

"Stuck in a revolving door is no way to go through life, son."-Things Dean Wormer shoulda said.


DD is good for something-- that's an oxymoron I know. He follows the orders of whomever Axelrod/Plouffe has handling the trolls, hence he's a good proxy for what the Axel-Plouffes are doing. Notice his stuff lately-- no more Hopey - Changey BS-- there is no pro-Obama stuff to go with. So, it's all kill Romney all the time. It's a loser's play, and it all the Obamniacs have.


Get bent, duda. Frickin' colostomy bag.


Bad news: The Obama bridal registry not as popular as you’d imagine


Maybe he could host round table discussions with Dr Phil and Beyonce or something.


it's not that his narrative's been lost, it's just reached the point where everyone's in the library and the detective has just ripped the mask off. The Obama story is as ancient as the desert sands, but far briefer:

My name is Obamamandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

(apologies to Shelley)

Captain Hate

Here's a narrative for "I need new material"

Fortyniner Dweet

New dynamite O campaign slogan: "Pretending to Matter".


As a college friend of mine, used to say;

Warren has had a high public profile; she spoke about national financial issues in the documentary films Maxed Out (2006) and Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story (2009).[20]

She has appeared numerous times on TV programs, on Dr. Phil to talk about money and families, as a guest on The Daily Show,[21] and has frequently been interviewed on cable news networks.[22]

In addition, Warren has been featured on the Charlie Rose talk show,[20] Real Time With Bill Maher,[23] and the PBS show NOW.[24

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

Dick Harpoolitan just said on Fox News that truth does not matter.


Big POB/Aubrey Maturin fan here. I've got all 20.5 books, and read them all more than once.


Surprising Mr "I stepped out on the wife who gave me a kidney' doesn't have the right expletive.

Melinda Romanoff


He should try that concept on an interstate.


Generation Y… can’t I find a decent job


I had been meaning to ask if there were other Aubrey/Maturin fans here.

Yes, there are several of us. Those books changed my life - can't say that about many novels. Wish you joy of your re-reading.

Dave (in MA)
You just don't see those kinds of URLs at the MSM sites.

And re: the narrative, Ace has often postulated his thesis on "the narrative."

Liberals ALWAYS say the narrative was failed. Never recognizing that the public has seen the policy and recoiled in horror.

No, that can't be it. They just haven't heard the wonderful story libs are telling. Because they can't get their message out because of Faux News!

Captain Hate

Mr "I stepped out on the wife who gave me a kidney'

Too bad she was a match. Nothing says "love" like leaving somebody who literally saved your life.


And yet the Ewok is usually swallowing 'the
narrative' as if it were 'yub yub branches.


the word "narrative" is trendy in many sectors right now, but unfortunately its a neutral word that can mean either fiction and non fiction. The narratives Obama specializes in are fictional narratives, witness his 2008 campaign: bs from start to finish. The best word is always the most accurate word, so what best to call Obama's story? A "narrative" or a "con job"?


Seriously, I thought this was an April Fools headline:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s daughter and Chris Matthews' son have reportedly struck up a romance after meeting on the set of HBO series The Newsroom.


fiction *or* non fiction

Captain Hate

Yes, ace claiming to not be hornswoggled by "teh narrative" can destroy all irony meters.


Let's see, does that make the never-funny Lopez a puto chingado? I say, si, si, si.

I got a book on the Holy Land, translated by him from the French.

I believe Patrick O'Brian owned a time machine.


Romney campaign calls Obama remark to business owners 'insulting'

Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul told on Monday that the remarks "reflect just how unqualified he is to lead us to a real economic recovery."

"They are also insulting to the hardworking entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and job creators who are the backbone of our economy," she said in an email.

Captain Hate

This didn't take long


I liked Weasel Zipper's line with the Lopez video - "The “progressive” left in a nutshell."


Interesting and peculiar.

4 JOM comments posted (without pre-coordination) at exactly 01:50 PM.

Is that like winning the Lotto?

Has there ever been 5 posted in the same minute?

Does anyone care?


Crossing the streams, Captain, I used to think of Daniels as a nice guy, then he drank from Vizzini's, I mean Sorkin's goblet, a little too often.

Putting it up against 'Breaking Bad' is a death panel on it's own.


(("They are also insulting to the hardworking entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and job creators who are the backbone of our economy," she said in an email.))

and Obama has the audacity to call Romney "out of touch"?

the audacity of Obama's cheap slurs and BS


Ok, can someone help out those of us who with mere human memory capacities and fill in the gap about the kidney donation reference? Is that Harpootlian?

And speaking of the Kennedy family, I guess Ambien will be the new "Twinkie defense."



I heard that on Rush this morning (Jeff Daniels comparing Rush to a sex offender) and I think that is partly why Rush sounds like he is out for blood today.

Romney is a Felon
Arpaio is a Fat MotherF#$#ing Puto
Rush is a Sex Offender

I think we just saw the opening salvo in a new Dem slime war.


No, it's about Lopez, Harpootlian is a low down slimy nazgul, which is why he's been
SC party chief as long as I can recall.

Captain Hate

Yeah narc, I liked his role in "Fly Away Home" and some other bit parts; but he's just another Whoreyweird denizen with more money than brains.


They also revisit the Giffords case, leaving out the fact that Sheriff Dufuss, was the onw who protected Loughner, and that is why Christina and Judge Roll are dead,


daddy, the audacity of slander

Captain Hate

Naturally Lopez feels some affinity to the JEF since his deadbeat parents abandoned him too.


slander and lies!
slander and lies!
slander and lies!

what a huge fall from "hope and change"


I don't think going after their specific slanders would be as effective as going after the fact that that is all they do. The party of slander.

Captain Hate

Speaking of running out of material


a culture of calumny


No, its' the same formula, just more obvious
this time;

Captain Hate

Well their approval numbers are as deep in the toilet as Lopez's career so it's not like they're putting anything important at risk.


One thing about the Clinton infomercial, Hinds does unexpectedly show the full range of oily arrogance, we always believed


It's like Dr. Strangelove's Salute,


Whedon's remarks don't seem anymore coherent;



Splunge but they are not being indecisive;


What are your thoughts on Romney's calling for an apology from O? I think it is the wrong approach. Romney will never get an apology.


Sailor-- I agree the apology is a useless approach. Just keep IDing the lies, and saying they are pathetic distractions from the "Bam failures.


daddy, "Does anyone care?"

My greatest fault is that I care too much. Or, maybe it's that I love too much. Or was it that I was just too smart?


Romney doesn't think he'll get an apology. That's the entire point of the maneuver. It shows exactly how nasty is this little man.


Mocking 'Bam for the lies is better. Mocking assures the Romney voters there is nothing to the lies, and 'Bam really hates being mocked, he'll lash out and make further mistakes.


Jim Pethakoukis cites JPM-- the economy is dead in the water, GDP at 1.7%, unemployment stuck at 8.2%. Goodbye Barry:


I think calling for the apology is ok, but it should be specific--for the "felony" slander. Then it becomes clear that Obama's non-apology was off point and slimy.

But then move on and turn the focus back to Barry's pathetic record as President.


Imagine....a Cherokee on Ambien. There is no law written that could stop you from doing anything you wanted!


I'm afraid that there are a lot of people out there--fueled by O's class envy theme--who will believe that Romney did all sorts of wrong things and also lied about not working for Bain. And, I think Romney needs to be meaner and stronger (in words and voice.)



In re: narrative. Zombie had a good post up recently about a source of it: George Lakoff. He wrote Moral Politics (strict father, nurturing mother-it is a ridiculous as it sounds and a dry bit of reading) and a couple of other books. It is always the messaging, never the message.

And weren't those retail sales numbers great today.


Heh, Janet, but I think a Kennedy on Ambien is even more above the law. Heck, a Kennedy not on Ambien has pretty much a perpetual "get out of jail free" card.

Now if there was a Kennedy who was 1/32nd Cherokee, on Ambien, that might be like some cosmological singularity that would bring about the end of the universe.

hit and run

4 JOM comments posted (without pre-coordination) at exactly 01:50 PM.
Has there ever been 5 posted in the same minute?

Oh, yes, easily. But what is the record for most comments in a single minute?

I'm not telling.


Very cool video of the decaying city of Detroit at the bottom of this post, taken by someone with their own miniature drone.

Rep. John Conyers gets worst newspaper endorsement ever?


Mocking him is the best. Remember, he told the media never to mention his---ears.

What about an ad, Obama, with those ears, why can't you hear America?


Looks like she is coming on to blow--there is not a moment to be lost.

I'm glad that this reference was explained in the comments.


Here's a good overview of Climate Science in shambles that will not be on the Nightly News.

The comments are angry at the exposure for the most part.

One point I have noticed all over the world on this issue is that it is becoming acceptable to recognize this is Marxism with a different face and PR campaign.

I have no idea what's in Stanley Kurtz new book but I would say people are primed to hear it and read it now.

Melinda Romanoff


Insty reports that The Law Of The Sea Treaty will not be ratified under Lurch's watchful sneer.


"I'm glad that this reference was explained in the comments."

Right. And, "Puff" is a song about a dragon.

Manuel Transmission

Petraeus for Veep?

Herb just pinged me with his new missive over at AT. LUN


Thanks wasn't all that interesting with a Google-safe search off (JOM is in the "I feel lucky" spot). Disappointing really.

Some guy

the president said, "the mistake of my first term - couple of years - was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right.

Name one policy you got 'right' O...

What a clueless dolt, if the electorate were only focused on policy, he wouldn't crack 30%.


My thoughts, sailor, are that Romney should be demanding an apology every single day, multiple times a day. He should be demanding that Obama apologize to the American people for ruining their lives and lying to them over and over. He should apologize for being too stupid to understand basic economics that even a middle schooler can understand. He should apologize for breathing our air.

Melinda Romanoff

Fehrnstrom's still talking to the press, I see.



"Petraeus for Veep?"

Why not? He probably fits right in.

"Petraeus was born in Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York, the sonofMiriam (née Howell), a librarian, and Sixtus Petraeus, a sea captain from Franeker, Netherlands."

It seems so natural, anymore.

Jack is Back

Mrs. JiB and I have both read all of POB's Seafaring tales of Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin in publication order. Also have all the Brian Laverty references plus a number of other spin-offs necessary to land-lubbers like us to understand all the nautical terminology. But the handiest reference for POB readers is Dean King's "A Sea of Words". Even shows an illustration of a set of amputating knives and a Petit tourniquet which was tightened by a brass screw to prevent blood loss during the amputation. YUK!

/A glass of claret with you Sir!


Actually, Rich, it is hard to imagine a context in which that statement would not be invaluable information.




I agree, Sara, re Romney. But, he absolutely will not do that--might be too forceful and mean!

Carol Herman

Funny, but the guy is liked.

And, I think it was Bill Clinton who taught the first lesson of being very likeable. Doesn't have to connect with everybody. But he needs the American majority to stay supportive.

Nixon failed that test! And, with the FBI leaks into the Washington Post, what remains amazing to me ... is how Americans didn't care. Nixon never gained sympathy.

The attempt to make Bill Clinton resign from office, failed.

Yet that's the dreck politicians continually throw. While there's no American candidate like Nigel Farage ... whose comments against the European UNELECTED members ... get his scathing attention. And, go viral.

Nigel Farage has found the "sweet spot." And, among the viral things Farage has said is that SOVEREIGNTY is so easily given away by politicians who only want an easy life.

While Nigel Farage actually shows that a politician's life is hard. You're always on the road. You're always out there trying to get attention ... and voters to like you.

McCain didn't make it.

I don't think Mitt will, either.

But just tossing hate at Obama hasn't changed the fact that lots of people genuinely like the guy. Ditto for Clinton.

Tony Blair, however, is on the garbage heap.


TK-thanks I watched that a few weeks ago. Lord Monckton commented Friday on WUWT and I kept accidentally being the next comment a few times. We were annoyed about different things. I remember hoping when he posted after midnight that he was not writing from the UK.

I find this fascinating. I know the whole story and have it in people's own words but people are definitely starting to get used to the idea that we had a change in vehicles in the 90s, not any epiphanies or renunciations.


It seems so natural, anymore.

TK, I'm pretty sure David Petraeus's father was a U.S. citizen by the time David was born. Do you have reason to believe otherwise?


the PROTECTION BUREAU - headed by an unlawful recess appointee-- will regulate credit rating agencies-- what could possibly go wrong?


Carol Herman is a disturbed

Frau Bazillus

"Petraeus for Veep?"

MT - he's certainly eligible in my book. We should be so lucky.

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