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August 08, 2012


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Romney should fight back just as hard. Make an ad and show the dead Mexicans killed by F&F.


Romney could make a nice ad about all the people who lost family businesses when they closed the Republican donors' car dealerships. Surely some of those people have gotten sick and died by now. Or how about the 20,000 Delphi employees who lost their pensions because they weren't in the union? (None of the unionized Delphi employees lost theirs.)

Decision to cut pensions 'political' decision


IMO, an American has to be pretty vicious to lead protests in favor of a military who is
killing Americans.


Well, I was up early and wrote the post explaining part of what Bill Ayers has been up to and why in 1998 he seems to have regarded the Chicago Annenberg Challenge as one of the most important accomplishments of his career.

The Best Practice template was developed at National-Louis University in Chicago. Think of it as the template for the real Common Core. No wonder Arne Duncan was an acceptable substitute for ldh. Piloted in Chicago, then Lake Forest. Then elsewhere. Now being essentially nationalized because the 2009 Stimulus Act funded the needed alternative measurements up front. To relieve the pressure on urban school districts that had gone to Best Practice years ago so they need not cheat to hide the results.

And to mandate it on still resistant suburbs with an academic orientation.

hit and run

Romney should fight back just as hard. Make an ad

Romney could make a nice ad

Technically, I imagine Romney should let Restore Our Future make the ad.

Jack is Back

Lolo Jones finishes 4th in 100M hurdles and gets solo interview shot on Today Show where she has a "poor me" emotional breakdown. The medal winners get to be interview together and handle it maturely.

Again, I ask, what is so compelling about some one who fails in two succesive Olympics? Only NBC or Jerry Springer would know, I guess.


Liked this passage from RSE's invisible-serf-collar ...

[RSE] There really is a great deal of what reads like mental torture trying to prepare students for a desired different future. They want to compel moral action. They want to use the classroom to create “horizonal persons”:

“sensitive to the common good and to their own inner spirit. Their continuous rethinking and re-creating of self nurtures community ventures.”
I can remember being bored in school and always bringing a book to read, usually history. But at least I didn’t have teachers playing with my psyche pushing me to be a “horizonal person” to gain some hoped for utopian future of altered human sensibilities. What did these classroom political pursuits do to young minds? Again:
“Horizonal persons do not define goodness and morality in terms of sets of rules or regulations but rather in terms of increasingly more satisfying moral principles.”
And what is a moral being in their eyes?
“A moral being . . . is a thinking and reflective individual, alive to the paradoxes and dilemmas of life . . .[who] wrestles with the formulation of superior moral principles which can cope with problems of equity and justice for society at large. A moral person . . . is someone irresistibly drawn by the good.”
[boris] This looks like a lot more "religion" in the classroom than just saying a prayer in the morning.


JiB, Obama is a failure too, so they have to make failure look virtuous.

rse's contribution this morning ties in as well, schools are now mandated to set up students to fail while telling them it is virtuous.

November can't come soon enough.


JiB--1. The NBC human interest stuff is an immediate channel click moment for me; I saw the silver/bronze 100Mhurdlers interviewed trackside last night, they were adorable, as was the Aussie winner, why not focus on them? that plus i find Commack's own Bob Costas to be an insufferable lawn gnome 2. Per your suggestion I may lobby for legislation to limit tennis training hours for 50+yos, I tried playing through the shoulder tendenitis, and that caused nagging neck and elbow pain from an altered swing -- to heck with personal responsibility, i'm a tower of nagging injuries!; 3. In an Olymic SEMIFINAL a 6 second infringement decision against the Canadian goalkeeper leads to the PK that gets a tie for the USA soccer women, who then win in extra time? That referee shouldn't be doing any high level matches for a while.

Captain Hate

rse, I was pimping your blog at AoS this morning and got at least a couple fellow morons to check it out.


My father-in-law had on some CSPAN-like radio program yesterday that was covering a conference on bullying (it might have been CSPAN). It was teachers, support staff, & "experts" "blah, blah, blahing" about community, feelings,....
It wasn't enough to have counselors...this "idea" needed to move to the classrooms & the playground.

The Dept. of Ed has become like the Marketing Depts. of so many businesses. They have lost sight of their core reason for existence. Gimmicks, PC crap,...
Giant wastes of time & resources while NOW being unable to educate kids & make &/or stock a useful product.


Janet- teaching kids is hard, gimmicks are easy. Unionized workforces like teachers and adminstrators, ALWAYS look for the easy way out. That's why we get gimmicks.

Jack is Back


I thought it was a hand-ball call not the infringement? I must have missed that part since I was on pins, needles and wine:)

henry and rse,

Our school doesn't tolerate failure. We teach to the highest denominator and if the lowest can't keep up they are asked to leave for a public school who takes more money to accommodate all levels. Common Core is being adopted by The Florida Catholic Council but it is being customized to our education curriculum and process - all the PC crap is being culled as well as all the secular humanist BS.

I'll keep track of where this goes in a Catholic school environment and give you my reports from time to time. I am a little nervous that they won't get all of it correct and there may be more Ayers than Christ in the new learning environment.


Some body's reading. It popped big time while I got a shower and Red's medicine in her.

I have had a convergence from so many different directions in the last week. It started with looking at the ed implications of the Regional Equity Movement Kurtz was writing about.

And I have run into Gamaliel and Alinsky's Industrial Areas too in the follow-ups and ldh really hammering the philanthropies around this broad theme and john a powell's targeted universalism.

There is a massive squeeze play going on and we were not supposed to know.

In time. Thanks to Stanley Kurtz for writing about Building One America initially.


Next Tues is primary day in Ct. The leading Dem for the Senate nomination is a certain Murphy. His TV adverts never mention Obama, or Harry, or Gov Malloy or Obamacare or raising taxes on the rich. They DO emphasize 'compromise' 'reaching across the aisle' etc etc. And this in deep blue Ct. That's a big tell.


JiB-- the PK was the result of a handball in the area. The handball was off of a kick awarded because the referee stopped play b/c the Canadian keeper held the ball for more than 6 seconds. That's a clear Law of the game, BUT I have never seen that decision on any level of play. The modern custom is if the keeper of the team with a lead is wasting time, referees should do 2 things-- 1. ADD time so the wasting doesn't gain an advantage,and 2. during a natural stoppage of play caution the keeper with a yellow card for time wasting. Here's a link to a Canadian referee explaining the situation:


NK - I am astounded watching the Murphy ads. Each one intimates that he is a non-partisan kind of guy. Yet - as far as I can tell he votes strictly party-line. So it appears that he is saying "I reach across the aisle and cooperate as long as they vote the way my party does..." Note that CT unemployment edged back up to 8.1% with all of Chris's "work" to bring jobs back. What's even more telling is that he now has Blumenthal stumping for him....

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

This morning on Fox & Friends the only subject they discussed was this ad.

This ad is not on TV. It's only on the internet and everyone is playing right into Bill Burton's hands.

James D.


It's not a gimmick. Reading rse's frighteningly-well-researched blog, it's clear that the Department of Ed views the "PC crap" AS their core reason for existence, and there are some very powerful forces who want it that way.


Specter-- Blumenthal is the only recognizable Ct Dem above 50% appoval -- and that's because he's an empty suit-- Blumenthal/Murphy will disavow being Dems in election season, but in DC they vote whichever way Barry, Harry and Rosa Delauro order them to. I wonder who TomMaguire will vote for in the Dem primary? (Just kiddin' big guy!)

Jim Ryan

If the ad had been true, it would have been sleazy as hell of the Obama folks to release it.

But the steelworker's wife had insurance.

So the ad was sleazier than hell.


Bam lying an a negative advert? That's nothing, Bam is using the SEC to harass political opponents. He's got an enemies list and he uses it-- he's a Kenyan J Edgar Hoover.

Melinda Romanoff



hit and run


1. ADD time so the wasting doesn't gain an advantage,and 2. during a natural stoppage of play caution the keeper with a yellow card for time wasting.

Here's an article on how Abby Wambach would stand near the ref each time the Canadian goalie would hold onto the ball and count out loud. She says she did it 5-7 times, sometimes her counts reaching into the teens. The time the call was made, the ref blew the whistle when Wambach got to 10. Article says that the ref would warn the goalie (not with a yellow card, but just verbally), and the goalie would signal with a hand motion that she understood, but the Canadian keeper disputes that.

I didn't watch the game and only read the article, so I really can't comment further on it -- and can't dispute that your description of what normally happens wouldn't have been appropriate. But the delaying is a form of cheating nonetheless.

Here's another article about a gold medal winner admitting to cheating because "everyone else is doing it".

I'd say he's holding himself to a pretty high standard of resorting to cheating. These days "if it feels right, do it" is usually enough.


Hit-- what Wambach did was trying to gain an advantage by influencing the Ref-- I have no problem with that, that's what players do. The Ref? Trust me, it was a huge mistake in judgment-- I don't know about the pool of women referees, but if this happened in an Olympic men's game, the male referee would never work another international match.

hit and run

Jim Ryan:
But the steelworker's wife had insurance.

From Legal Insurrection:

.@leginsurrection Where have I heard this before? Oh yes. Stanley Ann Dunham!…

— David Gerstman (@soccerdhg) August 8, 2012

Indeed, Obama's account of his mom's insurance was a Three Pinnochio whopper according the WaPo back in March.

Melinda Romanoff


Don't leave out the head stomping by a Canadian player.

Captain Hate

So the ad was sleazier than hell.

Even CNN is blasting it. The apocalypse is imminent.

Melinda Romanoff


You. Are. Sh$%*ing. Me.

(II'm jealous about the Erie run.)


More bad news for America from the Obama Admin.

"The Obama administration advertises the fact that anyone is welcome to come to the United States to receive food stamps:"

Any one want to guess how many people there are in the world who do not currently live in the USA but would be willing to come and get their free food
stamps? Plus be willing to vote for the candidates who promise them more free stuff paid for by the Americans who work and pay taxes.

hit and run


Even CNN is blasting it

I noticed it was a Wolf Blitzer segment yesterday with the report on the stupidespicable ad.

I don't watch any cable news, so I have no idea what all Wolf has been up to -- but I do remember that when Obama cut and ran from making an appearance at the NAACP national convention -- Wolf laid into Obama hard over it.

Cats and dogs living together.


Captain, not only CNN, but even MSNBC. Weekly Standard has the clip.

Captain Hate

Here ya go, Mel:

Btw, can anybody confirm that the Tea Party went RINO hunting in Kansas yesterday and bagged a bunch in state legislature primary races?

Captain Hate

My word, cc; maybe the landslide is *officially* on


Jay Cost has a clear description of the 'macro' picture of the election on WS. Romney 'should' win-- but he's got to earn it:


I need someone to explain to me why it is so wrong to enforce the actual rules at the end of a game. It's topical with the soccer game, but I hear it all the time about the NBA. They don't seem to waive the rules in baseball. It was a handball.

Obama lies about everything.


In the world of political advertising, nobody ever loses a job (and insurance), unless there are evil machinations by the opponent. Then they die a miserable, horrible death. As the political opponent is having a good laugh at the country club.

Is anyone really persuaded by carp like this? I mean, was Obama never responsible for firing someone in his Senate office? Did that person later have finacial difficulties? Did Obama deeply care? (Why yes, he did! If the poor wife of the ex-political aide survives from her life threatening brain tumor until 2014, she'll be covered by Obamacare!! Just hang on there, and there will be all sorts of hope and change, if you can find a doctor who will take you!!


MarkO, enforcing rules at the end of the game is fine with me as long as the same rules were enforced earlier in the game. Variable enforcement puts the ref in the spotlight -- that is always bad.


The handball decison and PK were the correct decision, no debate there. The problem is that the handball was the result of a free kick awarded by the referee against the Keeper holding the ball too long. For the reasons above that was a shockingly bad decision that violates the guidance referees are given on how to enforce the Laws against time wasting. As a high level player, henry can tell you how frustrating inconsistent referee decisions can be. But the 6 second decision wasn't inconsistent, it was flat out wrong because it violates clear instructions to referees about game management.


I've seen references to Romney being restricted in some way to responding to Obama's ads until he's the official nominee. Anyone know what that's referring to? For whatever reason, it does seem Team Romney or Team RNC are missing a lot of freebies Bozo is tossing their way.

James D.

Deb, I'm pretty sure it's a matter of not being allowed to spend certain money he's raised until he's officially nominated. He can say whatever he wants, but he can only use certain money (not sure of how this works) to buy ads, etc. with, until after the convention when he actually becomes the nominee.


So the Q poll for Colorado, was overeasy with a 3 point advantage but Virginia and Wisconsin
had a seven point advantage by the East German judge.


Thanks, James D. Seems patently unfair, especially given Obama's perpetual campaign.


Report on the Wolverine (future Olympian in what I don't know). The wolverine's parents are exhausted:Yesterday after a full day of gymnastics camp in which she learned two new flips ! (! signifies her excitement about that) she saw some kids in a body building class and asked to be allowed to join in. They let her. From there it was off to another rugged hour of judo. At home after a day that would kill each and everyone of us, she started bouncing around off her dad...obviously not enough physical exercise for the day.

Her parents are aging rapidly before my eyes, worn about by a teeny tiny 7 y.o. girl who seems to have cracked the code on perpetual motion.

One of the best things about being old--maybe the only thing--is watching grandchildren drive your kids into the ground.

Danube of Thought

Minus 13 at Raz today.

Tied with Romney at 45.

hit and run


enforcing rules at the end of the game is fine with me as long as the same rules were enforced earlier in the game.

I think that's generally a good enough principle. But there comes a point at which repeated offenses call for finally blowing a whistle. Now I'm talking generally, so I'm leaving aside what the penalty should be following the whistle.

If an official decides to allow an infraction that is either minor or non-decisive early in a game, that cannot possibly make that particular rule inoperative for the rest of the game. Not the least reason for which is that players are smart enough to know that if you slow boil the frog on pushing the limit each time, you could get away with murder by the end of the game, if such an approach was strictly adhered to.

Rick Ballard

Quinnipiac pumped its septic tank again this morning. PPP actually produces a higher quality of excrement and you can gauge their reliability by taking a look at their work on the Missouri Primary in comparison to the actual results. For those unwilling to click:

Last poll - Aug 5 - 590LV 4%MoE
Brunner - 35
Steelman - 25
Akin - 30

Results - Aug 7
Brunner - 30
Steelman - 29
Akin - 36

The "poll" not only missed the order of finish, it blew the MoE completely on Brunner and Akin and was at the farthest edge on Steelman. IOW - complete and utter garbage, which is exactly what one should expect from both Progressive Propaganda Polling and Quinnipiac from now through November 6th.


Seems patently unfair, especially given Obama's perpetual campaign.

Also, Obama hasn't been nominated yet either, so it should work both ways.

Soylent Red

My word, cc; maybe the landslide is *officially* on

Don't say that out loud! You'll jinx it!

Reading rse's frighteningly-well-researched blog, it's clear that the Department of Ed views the "PC crap" AS their core reason for existence, and there are some very powerful forces who want it that way.


I put my father on to your blog. He's running for school board in Nebraska, where, believe it or not, the Left is making a big push on education.


But there comes a point at which repeated offenses call for finally blowing a whistle.

The issue with the time-wasting infraction is that it only really becomes relevant near the end of the game. Neither team gains any real advantage by running down the clock in the early part of a game because they don't know what the situation is going to be later on. So it seems reasonable not to be that strict about it until late in the game.


That Kessler link is 'unexpectedly'


Via Hot Air this morning, this would make the core argument of a good response to ObamaCo's "Romney killed his wife" ad:

Looking over much of this research, it appears that $14 million is a reasonable middle-ground estimate of how much foregone income is associated with a needless death.

Now let’s do some simple math to get an estimate of the total number of preventable deaths caused by the economy’s sub-par performance during Obama’s reign. Going by the lofty standards of Priorities USA super PAC, we’ll call this number the “Obamanomics Death Toll.”

So let’s divide $836.6 billion (our earlier estimate of foregone growth) by $14 million and we get an estimate that Obama’s policies have caused 59,757 deaths.

Yep, the science is settled. ObamaCo and the Democrat Congress have killed 60,000 Americans with their economic policies over the last 3 years.

James D.

I think I remember reading that it (campaign money and how/when it can be spent) has something to do with primaries as well. The fact that Zero didn't run a primary campaign, while Romney did, enters into it.

SOmething about money raise during a primary has to be spent ON the primary - but since Zero didn't have an opponent in the primary, all the money he raised during that time can be spent on the general election. I might be wrong, but that's kind of what I remember.


Hit, I agree with the slow boil point. Refs should establish control early (verbal warnings back-up with actual calls), but if the enforcement waits until extra time the ref should not expect to find air in his tires after the game.


Obama is spending primary money, supposedly, and since he didn't have a primary opponent he has more than Romney has to spend now.


Shoot. Refresh. James D got it.

Melinda Romanoff

IPSOS poll out, iBama +7, now to find the link and how big a thumb's on the scale.

James D.

I was right? Cool. I guess the "broken clock theory" still works!


JimmyK-- yes time wasting becomes relevant in the second half, especially in a one goal game. The issue is -- how is time wasting by a Keeper penalized? FIFA instructs referees to follow a progression: 1. verbal instructions to speed up play; 2. Notify teams that time is being added to the game clock so there is no advantage from time wasting; 3. during a stoppage of play, issue a yellow card csution to the Keeper. That's exactly what the referee did to the South Korean keeper in the Men's game on Sunday(?). If the Keeper persists time wasting after receiving a Yellow card? At that point, giving a free kick in the Area, and sending off the Keeper with a second Yellow-- alls fair at that point. But what the Pedersen woman did to Canada was flat out wrong.


Ipsos is always wrong, might as well be written on Confederate script.


Of course, the press will lead with the last two figures;


Henry-- you are the best. No air in tires? never happened to me, I've had an Albanian brandish a lug wrench at me, but my tires have stayed inflated.

hit and run

*DO NOT* watch the video at this link.

Melinda Romanoff

No internals, go figure.

Rick Ballard

President Obama, with the Pinhead Troika, have already spent more than $400 million to create or save a losers approval rating of 45% (latest Gallup Weekly). The Jay Cost piece this morning is right on target - Governor Romney is very well positioned and has plenty of money available to make his pitch during the eight week period which will determine his margin of victory.

Did you know unemployment is at 8.3% while gas prices are up over 10% in the past month?

The electorate does.

hit and run

Shoot. Refresh.

I would say reverse the order. Refresh first, then shoot.

Or if you're a panda: Refresh, Shoots and Leaves.

hit and run

Did you know unemployment is at 8.3%

Yes, but it's only 8.254 according to Team Obama.

See how deceptive the GOP is being by reporting numbers (the way they've always been reported)? The depths they won't sink to because they're racist and hate numbers. But mostly because they're racist.


RickB-- You and Jay Cost are spot on about the macro issues for November. More tea leaves-- in Mo. look at AliceH's numbers of dems and repubs voting in the primary; Chris Murphy adverts in Ct DEM - PRIMARY which basically say Obama Who? Obama Pacs making ads lying about cancer. Romney's got to win this, but he should if he's smart about his VP pick and spending about $500M in 8 weeks Sept-Nov.


Thanks for the poll analysis, Rick. I saw that last PPP poll and remembered it when I saw the results. Just utter carp.

Also I think PPP has Obama up by several points in NC. Who buys that?


NK, no air in tires prevents a quick getaway... allows frank discussions of ref's calls. I know some cultures speak with hand gestures. Now I know Albanians speak with lug wrench gestures. ; )


Actually it wasn't that bad, try the topline link;


about a two point D differential

Melinda Romanoff

Shell's refinery in Martinaz, CA now on fire. 2nd one in two days.

Soylent Red

*DO NOT* watch the video at this link.

Dammit hit! It's like a Paul Simon wet dream!

hit and run

Also I think PPP has Obama up by several points in NC. Who buys that?

I'm hoping that either Team Obama or the DNC or perhaps even state Democratic officials have been buying similarly skewed polls for very princely sums.

Danube of Thought

This guy is making very certain that even if he wins a second term, a substantial number of Americans are going to hate him viscerally. That is not at all healthy (see, G.W. Bush), but he couldn't care less. The last guy to relish alienating people this way was Nixon.


From the IPSOS poll summary, bullet point #2:

Last week’s job report does not help significantly. 41% of Americans say the August unemployment data (8.3% +163k jobs) made them feel worse about the state of the US economy.

1) Quite a partisan form there. Just who does it not help exactly? Hmmm.
2) 41% say the number worsens their impression of the economy. I'd say that number is significant vs. talk about the significance of the "help".

Bah. Even if they acknowledge some partisanship to themselves, they really don't even see how deeply it permeates to influence every word they use.


US-Canada stomp. The first 2-3 times I watched that video I didn't think much of it. I enlarged the screen, and presto, it was an obvious stomp. Very naughty.

Melinda Romanoff


And why a ref might call something later, no?


That is not at all healthy (see, G.W. Bush), but he couldn't care less.

I don't think Bush cared that much, but he was right not to, because liberals will hate Republicans viscerally no matter what they do short of going all Rockefeller.

But I think you're right about Obama: Republicans will give a centrist Democrat a fair shake--we didn't turn on Clinton until the whole Lewinsky thing--but Barry's too stupid to see that.


False alarm on the Shell Martinez refinery fire. Thank goodness!


Of course there's always unintentional humor from Kathleen Parker, in my fishwrap, the polls weren't considered significant enough
to mention yet.


Stomp Make Up-- I really doubt the 6 seconds was a make up for the stomp. Wambach took credit for goading the ref into the 6 seconds, and I think that's what happened. When you don't see a serious foul and you see the player's face red from the stud stomp, the next foul by Tancredi, the Yellow comes out b/c she got away with one earlier. But I really doubt it had anything to do with the 6 seconds.


I assumed they deep fried this sample as well;

Captain Hate

The last guy to relish alienating people this way was Nixon.

I was a lot younger then but I don't remember him taking nearly the antagonistic attitude that the JEF does. When there was an anti-war march, I'd read that Nixon went out early one morning to talk with some of the protesters. Granted he was talking stuff like college football which was of no interest to anybody involved with the protest; but can you imagine the JEF seeking to engage any Tea Party members? I can't.

Melinda Romanoff

But it would be an on-the-field, in the heat of the moment individual decision.


I wish someone in the Romney camp would use Rush's comments about "Romneyhood". Robin Hood wasn't robbing the rich to give to the poor. He was taking back tax money and giving it back to the taxpayers. Come on Team Romney. Remind everyone what Robin Hood actually did!


CH-- Nixon was a paranoid personality. Paranoids and narcissists see political enemies in very different ways. Needless to say, the reaction of narcissists like Bam are more deluded and overtly hostile than the paranoid reaction.


Yes, but as with Delmore Schwartz, many were still out to get him, Halperin for one, was negotiating a way for the the NVA into a coalition govt, what they couldn't win in the field, the raid into COSVN was necessary, albeit probably belated.


An interesting (to me, anyway) tidbit about the MO Primary yesterday.

Of the 6 statewide primary races (US Sen, Gov, Lt. Gov, SoS, Treasurer, Atty Genl), the winning Republican Primary candidate had more votes than the winning Democratic candidate in all but 2.

For US Sen, McCaskill got ~70K more votes than Akin, but she ran uncontested vs. a very tight 3-way race in the R primary.
*Tot D votes = 288,985, tot R votes = 602,792.

For SoS, Kander(D) got ~65K more votes than Schoeller, but again the D winner was in a noncompetitive 2-way race vs. another tight 3-way race in the R primary.
*Tot D votes = 284,561, tot R votes = 547,017.

* Unofficial results, 99% tallied.


Alice, were there any heavily contested D races? That would make for a better comparison.


AliceH-- I understand that the dems were unopposed on a scorching primary day, but more than twice as many repubs actually voting should indicate much higher repub intensity in Mo. Do you see that?


Schoeller, would have my bet for SOS, based on the way he was razzed in the WP.

Captain Hate

Dinesh D'Souza is on Laura Ingraham skewering what thoroughly disgusting people the JEF's trashy parents were. No wonder the SCoaMF is such a pathetic mess.


Sorry, Puffington Host, but it's not freudian because there is little difference,

Dave (in MA)

Iowahawk's take on the video that we're not supposed to watch,
US Secretary of State dons Chinese supervillain costume for lesbian remake of "Mandingo" at Johannesburg Holiday Inn


I hope the Romney
camp prepares itself.

The Chicago Way Works
By Victor Davis Hanson
August 8, 2012 8:12 A.M.

If I were Romney, I would not count on the idea of class warfare, the so-called politics of personal destruction, and McCarthyite tactics not working, because they always have for Obama/Axelrod in the past — and seem to be in the last week.
In the last ten days Mitt Romney has been reduced by various Obama surrogates, through rumor, innuendo, and falsity, to a tax-avoiding cheat who “probably” never paid taxes for a decade, a near felon who lied on a federal form, and a veritable killer who in piratical fashion destroyed a cancer victim’s chance of getting medical attention — all untrue and yet all damaging, as the corrections are not even out before Obama goes on to the next new inaccurate charge. Obama is running a Robin Hood, class-warfare blitzkrieg, even though he knows that the upper income levels have never paid a higher share of the nation’s aggregate income-tax revenue, and bumping them up to 39 percent would only lower the deficit in minuscule ways, given the gargantuan spending since 2009 and the general absence of new revenue when unemployment is in its 41st consecutive month of more than 8 percent and we are now in our fourth $1 trillion-plus budget deficit.
None of this is new. The media favorite Obama eliminated all his Democratic rivals in his first election for the Illinois legislature by suing in court to invalidate their nomination petitions and ran unopposed in the primary. Obama demolished his U.S. Senate Democratic primary rival through leaked divorce records. He demolished his initial Republican rival through leaked divorce records. When he got through with Hillary Clinton, the liberal former first lady and U.S. senator had transmogrified into a prevaricating hack and veritable racist, as Bill Clinton lamented the race card being played. John McCain released his health records and his general dismal ranking at Annapolis, leading to a false narrative that he was naturally inattentive and reckless, and scarcely hale, while Obama released neither his medical nor his college records; as Sarah Palin — heretofore a reformist governor of Alaska who in bipartisan fashion had fought special interests — was reduced to a caricature of an uninformed poor (and trashy) mom. All of the above transpired while Barack Obama ran as a “reformer” and proponent of “civility,” who vowed to run a “transparent” campaign of full disclosure, and to leave the old “petty” and “gotcha” politics behind.



You know, Captain, I don't like to go there,


--any heavily contested D races?-- (jimmyK)
In statewide D primaries, the lowest % tallied by the winning D would be Montee for Lt Gov, who won w/ 45% against 7 others. All the other D primary winners won with > 86% or were uncontested.

--Do you see that?-- (NK)
Not in my county. Democrats run local/county/regional government, so most everyone votes in the D primary because that's where the action is. It'll be a few days before the actual counts are posted (we're not really up on this electronic age stuff).


Iowahawk!! There's nobody like him.


--any heavily contested D races?-- (jimmyK)

(ka-chunk*) Oh. right. Lower D enthusiasm due to minimal competitiveness of the races. Definitely part of it - who knows how much, though. Not I.

*the nickel dropped.

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