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September 28, 2012


Melinda Romanoff


Who needs popcorn?!?


Practicing squaw without a squaw license.


He's done an absolutely fabulous job.


Lanny Davis is somewhere shaking his head.

Warren had multiple chances to laugh this away by saying that it was her "understanding, but maybe ...", but just refused to get in front of this .. which makes her look all the more guilty of something.


Kodak Deathwatch:

Eastman Kodak Co. further narrowed its ambitions for what the company will look like when it emerges from bankruptcy, saying it will wind down its consumer printing business.

The move comes as Kodak struggles to sell a portfolio of patents aimed at raising needed funds. Kodak's future is now pinned on selling large machines to commercial printing firms—currently at a pace of just two dozen a year—a dramatic reduction in scale for a company that once dominated the photography market and reached into diverse markets like those for sensors and chemicals.

The decision is the second in as many months that will shrink what Kodak will look like after it exits Chapter 11. Kodak executives didn't want to sell the company's personalized-imaging and document-imaging businesses but put them on the block last month, as the failure to complete the patent auction heightened the need to raise cash, a person familiar with the matter said.

Executives feared a sale of those business units would weaken Kodak's position coming out of bankruptcy, especially since both businesses were considered healthy and generated cash, the person familiar with the matter said.


If I didn't have a conscience, I can see how I could get my kids multiple scholarships by claiming to belong to some almost unknown Native American tribe that has no records to check it out, and could probably get away with it.
Now, while I do have a conscience, I predict that there will be plenty who will try it. I foresee a day when there are more Native Americans in the colleges and universities of this country than the Census has recorded.


Is this getting any MSM traction?

Melinda Romanoff


I'm thinking one of the problems might have been too many executives.



That, and a totally placid Board. It would also have helped if they had a good CEO, which they don't.


I keep coming back to Harvard.

Exactly, how can Harvard look the other way on this breach by Liz Warren and ever expect to be able to let go anybody who might ever lie on their employment application ?

I expect Liz and Harvard to part ways after the election .. no matter the outcome.


Kodak got bitch slapped by technology. They put all of their bets on film related products and processes, and film, unfortunately, is going away. Most people are happy with their iPhones of cellcams.

The irony is that art photographers are scarfing up as much film and paper as they can. Certain finishes just aren't available anymore. I had a long discussion the other day with someone and we agreed that we may even see a craft industry arise making new papers and film.

Making massive quantities is one thing, but making enough for niche applications will probably be more profitable and emotionally fulfilling for the people doing it.


The "this" in my 1:16 referred to Lizzie's mess, not Kodak. The Boston Globe?

Re Kodak, it's hard to see how they could survived the demise of film. Wan't that a lare share of revenues? The mistake was 20 years ago, not figuring out a strategy for digital.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

Is this getting any MSM traction?

You know we really need to do an experiment. WE need people to chose a lamestream media channel and watch news on it for a week and report back the stories that are being reported.

I try, but I really can't...

Let 'em eat briefs.

Here's what that one blog filtered out even though they had much rawer stuff in prose.

Flipped on a channel,
Yogi the Fredrickson Bear:
Dabble Dabble Do!


Jacobson goes to the authority to make his case:

There is no requirement that a law teacher be licensed to practice law in Massachusetts in order to teach or publish on topics related to law. In fact, a law teacher need not even be a lawyer. Once that law teacher starts acting a lawyer, however, the normal licensing rules apply.

The question becomes whether Warren was “practicing law” at her Cambridge address, or doing something that does not constitute the practice of law.

A person practicing law in Massachusetts needs to be licensed to do so. Superadio Ltd. Partnership v. Winstar Radio Productions, LLC, 446 Mass. 330, 334, 844 N.E.2d 246, 250 (Mass. 2006)(“As a general proposition, an attorney practicing law in Massachusetts must be licensed, or authorized, to practice law here”)."

Where does Jacobson's "446 Mass" hyperlink take us?

That link must be in error!

What I think about “Justiagate” is that I’m not going to get bogged down in it. Any lawyer representing a party in litigation would use Westlaw or Lexis for legal research, not the net. I just checked Westlaw and it has a full citation history for the Minor case. So the claim is that Justia attempted to hide a case history from a public database which is not even used by practicing lawyers ? And even if we look at public databases, I don’t know what Justia did or didn’t do but obviously the case history is known because people are arguing about it. If you or others want to make a big deal about it go ahead, but don’t include me.

Please, Mr Jacobson, don't use Justia anymore. It only serves to embarrass members of your profession.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

WE also need Harvard alumni here to tell Harvard no more contributions until they have full disclosure on this.

I did that with Ward Churchill - but my donations were such a pittance it never mattered. I did love saying it when called on the phone.


Sorry for the typos--on Blackberry.
"WaSn't that"
"HAVE survived"
"laRge share"

Melinda Romanoff


Unnimble management will leave doors unopened due to a dearth of imagination and fearful of not doing the safe thing.

Sclerotic management. See GM, pre-theft.


The Boston Herald's been covering it ; the Globe--I don't know, maybe a bit.

About Kodak, Corning got rid of the best parts of its business, too, and what they kept they tampered with and ruined. Pyrex used to be usable at high temperatures; with the new cheaper formula it isn't. Those old microwavable and freezable casseroles were worth their weight in gold. Who makes these stupid decisions anyway?


Good stuff at AmSpec (LUN) detailing the media's poll treachery in 1980 and 1984. Great antidote to these NYT/Quinny state polls. Throughout October 1980, the New York Times ran a series of nine "battleground state" articles and polls. They only conceded a strong Reagan lead in two of them: California and New Jersey; the other seven, they had Carter leading or within striking distance.

Result: Reagan won all nine states, by an average of nearly ten points. Here are the Times' headlines and poll numbers, all published between October 10 and October 23, i.e. just 12 to 27 days before election day:

"Texas Looming as a Close Battle Between President and Reagan"

Times/CBS poll: Carter +1
Result: Reagan +13

Pennsylvania: "Undecided Voters May Prove Key"

Times/CBS poll: Reagan +2
Result: Reagan +7

"Poll Finds Illinois Too Close to Call: Both Camps Note Gains by Carter"

Times/CBS Poll: Reagan +1
Result: Reagan +8

"Ohio Race Expected to Be Close As Labor Mobilizes for President"

Times/CBS poll: Reagan +2
Result: Reagan +10

"Carter Is in Trouble With Voters In Two Major Sections of Florida"

Times/CBS Poll: None. The article cited another poll showing Reagan +2, and stated the election was "widely expected to be close."
Result: Reagan +17

"Reagan Far from Goal In New York, Carter In The Lead", and "President is in the Lead, Especially in the City"

Times/CBS poll: Carter +11
Result: Reagan +2

"Party Defections May Tip Scales [to Carter] in Michigan Vote"

Times/CBS Poll: None; article stated Reagan was ahead but "the race is close"
Result: Reagan +6

And to those claiming that Gallup was an outlier in 1980, Reagan's late surge was a "myth", etc. The New York Times, October 23, 1980, citing their own Times/CBS poll: "Poll Shows President Has Pulled To Even Position With Reagan". The poll showed Reagan +1, a dead heat.

12 days later, on November 4, 1980, Reagan won 44 states, and won the popular vote by 9.7 points.


I guess, Mel. But not every buggy whip maker is going to be able to make a successful shift to producing automobile parts. When a significant component of an industry dies, some of the giants are going to go down with it.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

I just checked the Globe - not a word on the front page (then again nothing on the front page of the Herald either).Altho Warren is winning the "hot topic" contest hands down at the Herald.

I do note that Jon Silber died, and all the drug convictions for the last 100 years are about to be overturned because some chick hired by the state falsified them.



The mistake was 20 years ago, not figuring out a strategy for digital.

Bingo. I was at Kodak when you were at Rochester, and the dithering was unbelievable. In the middle 1980s, silver halide (films and papers) was out, and no new money would be invested into the business. Digital was the future.

Late 1980s brought a new CEO and a revised strategy: silver halide was now in, and digital would be downplayed. This was the era of the PhotoCD (remember those?). EK had acquired a drug company (Sterling) and started screening their extensive compound library for their pharmaceutical activity. That went nowhere, and Sterling was sold.

Meanwhile, Tennessee Eastman was spun off as Eastman Chemical, which is profitable and has annual revenues of $7 billion.

A few years earlier the clinical analyzer business was closed down. It was a great product, but there were no reimbursement codes for their tests, so the Docs could not get paid. That problem now has been solved, but technology has passed them by.

I'll leave out the constant reorganizations which demoralized the staff.

It is a shame, because the technical people and the managers through the mid-level at least were superb -- the best I have seen anywhere.

Captain Hate

The irony is that art photographers are scarfing up as much film and paper as they can. Certain finishes just aren't available anymore. I had a long discussion the other day with someone and we agreed that we may even see a craft industry arise making new papers and film.

Speaking strictly of black and white prints, this has been going on for a long time and Kodak has been straddling the fence which ultimately did not serve them well. First was the resin coated paper which dried quickly but none of the "art" photogs were pleased with it so they went scurrying off to Ilfobrom, which was all paper *and* had a pretty high silver content which Kodak was starting to scrimp on. That left them with film, of which Tri-X was the gold standard of buggy whips when digital came on strong.


is the link to an Ed Week story that the NAACP has filed a complaint against NYC for its admissions test for the Bronx school and Stuyvesant.

The update at the end says NYC agrees and will change admissions criteria.

It's official. In Obama's America no student is supposed to know anything. The abstract mind is an impediment to their plans for Transformation. Unfortunately a large number of Rep politicians are gamely going along pushing ideas that amount to attaching a vacuum cleaner to the side of student's minds and sucking out anything unauthorized that made it through.

Surely it is Happy Hour in Newfoundland by now. That should count. Or I'll pretend I am with my parents in Ireland and have a pint on their time.


it seems most of us agree regarding Kodak. What a noble company it was.

Corning, by the way, is making a killing with "gorilla glass" which is what is used by most of the cell phone and screen manufacturers now. It is tougher, but by no means unbreakable.

DrJ your description is the same as happened at HP back in the late 90's and early '00's. It seems that when non technology people get hold of technology companies, they forget what got them there in the first place.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Wasn't Fuji eating Kodak's lunch even before digital?


Fuji was certainly grabbing market share, but I don't think that was regarded as a mortal threat.


Ignatz, Fuji was certainly a competitor, but they never ate Kodak's lunch. I think they had a 20% market share in the US, and perhaps a bit more in Europe.

matt, the irony is that Kodak's current CEO is from the HP's printer division. Is it a wonder he wanted to make them into a printer company?


DrJ-Plus it has been my experience that when a foundation exists, those np exec's taint the vision of the for-profit side. They do not think like entrepreneurs anticipating what their is customer demand for. Instead they want to manage revenue to retain current levels.

And that foundation has become particularly aggressive on the race equity side. And Kodak's location in Rochester would have put him in an environment with one of the more notorious and long-lasting MSPs.


Re businesss from Bloomberg:

Business activity in the U.S. unexpectedly contracted in September for the first time in three years, adding to signs manufacturing will contribute less to the economic recovery.

The Institute for Supply Management-Chicago Inc. said today its business barometer fell 49.7 this month from 53 in August. A reading of 50 is the dividing line between expansion and contraction.

Just another unimportant "bump in the road". Kudos, Bloomberg, for using "fell" and not something that might draw attention like "plummetted" or "collapsed".


Who will last longer at Harvard: Elizabeth Warren or Bo Guagua?


RSE, I have to tell you as a graduate of Bronx Science in the early seventies, Science HS was not exactly a hotbed of conservative thought. In fact, it was a hotbed of radical leftists. They had affirmative action beginning in the mid sixties. I guess today's capitulation is just the last straw.


Yay Professor!


I've been painfully watching CNN and I haven't seen word one on this.


I saw mention of Warren and Legal Insurrection on Fox News this week - don't remember what show, though.


I liked RichatUF's suggestion -
"For the Brown campaign it might give an opening for an attack-if a plumber (or any tradesman operating in MA) was caught out without all his credentials fines would be the least of his worries. Really hit on Warren's elite snobbery."

Think of all the licensing fees & forms others are expected to pay & keep up with...but the phony Cherokee HLS prof. doesn't bother.


...And Rich later posted about how Joe the Plumber was pillared in the national press for not having his state paperwork in order. The MSM attacked him like rabid dogs because he dared to ask then candidate Obama an uncomfortable question.


The only good thing to come out of the Joe the Plumber harassment was the dems went too far{as is their wont} and delved into private documents. The person responsible was fired from her job so justice was served.
I feel certain Scott Brown will raise this topic in the next debate preferably at the start.

Jane - Get off the couch your country needs you!

Think of all the licensing fees & forms others are expected to pay & keep up with...but the phony Cherokee HLS prof. doesn't bother.

It would also be interesting to see how many of those kinds of requirements she put in her Consumer protection bill.


THis Dennis Miller tweet is perfect for the Ann Coulter on The View clip -

Dennis Miller Show ‏@DennisDMZ

Whenever you get too close to an uncomfortable truth for a liberal, they dial the volume up to "cacophony" and drown you out.


I was shocked to see Shemp did not take this Friday off. Fortunately there is a car chase in Arizona that has caught his attention.

It is a play by play the likes of which you have never seen!

Watching paint dry and having someone describe to you the paint you are watching dry are clearly two different animals.

Danube of Thought


"Voter enthusiasm in these [swing] states has grown among members of both political parties; however, Democrats' level has increased more. Thus, whereas equal percentages of Democrats and Republicans were enthusiastic in June, Democrats are now significantly more enthusiastic than Republicans, 73% vs. 64%."


Breaking! The car is on a dirt road now!

Thanks Shemp.

James D.

If I didn't have a conscience, I can see how I could get my kids multiple scholarships by claiming to belong to some almost unknown Native American tribe that has no records to check it out, and could probably get away with it.

I think a lot of people will be doing this, or the equivalent in other areas of life and the economy as time goes on. Our current President and virtually everyone he's appointed have shown that they have no regard for the laws and rules they expect the rest of us to live by; why SHOULD the rest of us bother to try anymore?

If Zero wins again, I doubt I'd really do this, but I've thought about it: finding a doctor who will certify me as disabled, apply for Federal disability, get on Medicaid, and offer my boss a deal - I'll take half my current salary, as long as it's paid under the table in cash.

If laws and rules and ethics and basic morality don't apply to Zero, or his Attorney General, or his Secretary of the Treasury, or to Congressmen and Senators (and candidates - see, I'm back on topic!), why should I make any effort to follow them?

I probably wouldn't do it, because unlike our President and the vast majority of his Administration and his party, I'm neither a crook nor a scumbag, but it would be very, very tempting.


Car now passes farm!!!

"Maybe he is a farmer" says Shemp.


"Dude might have XM so I won't say where the spike strips are"



Some of my tweets -

Hey Massachusetts citizens: Why do tradesmen need licenses, but HLS Cherokee lawyers don't?

Need a job? Move to Massachusetts & be a lawyer. No license required. Ask Liz Warren.@USSenScottBrown

If you are unemployed just move to Massachusetts & be a lawyer. Cherokee Warren shows no law license required. Good times! @USSenScottBrown

@USSenScottBrown:Attn Mass.lawyers: contact Mass Bar Assn.& ask for your money back since you don't need a license to practice law in Mass.

I don't really know where tweets go though. It feels like yelling into a void. Anyway....I tried. :)


Shemp is nervous.

Oh shit!!

Driver just capped himself! Shemp showed it!!!

Danube of Thought

TK seems to be of two minds re Justia; within the past week he directed me to a Justia citation. If anyone is interested I recommend Googling "Tim Stanley justia error" and read what the company's CEO had to say about it. (Of course, you will also encounter some cites to what The Peraclete aka Mr.Burnweed aka Dark Night Oracle has to say as well. Decide for yourself.)


Hi Danube.

If I post the tear down of the CEO's excuse will you read it with an open mind?


Well, before you start inventing genealogies, you ought to know tat this session the SCOTUS will be reconsidering the issue of AA in college admissions and I bet it will die or be severely restricted. Admissions officers will still be playing games, then you can do what i do, refuse to give to general alumni funds.


That was ugly.

They didn't have the 5sec delay running on the feed from the chopper. When the suspect drove off the road into an unimproved field, he started running erratically. He was acting like he was dodging gunfire even though no one was anywhere near him.

He stopped on a higher spot pulled his gun and proceeded to shoot himself in the temple.

Sad, sad, sad...


Maybe shemp can reenact if for those of us who missed it.


Wouldn't Jacobson be of two minds re Justia, Danube?




James D.

As we slide into being a nation of takers with increasingly onerous tax burdens on the wealth creators, liberty denying regulations and unlawful government officials so the populace also ceases to obey said laws. If the actors and actions of the government are illegitimate we as a country will become a nation of law breakers, some for good most for ill.
Try putting that genie back in the bottle.
For some years now it has been apparent to me anyway, the left has with great success, chipped away at the voluntary associations and underlying assumptions that gave this country a certain moral fiber. The second part has proceeded just as well, subsidize the hopeless into infancy. What remains? The government must step in to regulate the cretins who can't fend or think for themselves.
Given the left's long term memory deficit I'm not sure they've planned for impending financial collapse and likely anarchy.


Another day, another MSNBC lie:

Even the freaking NYT reported it correctly:

After Mr. Ryan whooped up the crowd in Vandalia on Tuesday, Mr. Romney moved to the front of the stage. As the crowd began chanting “Romney! Romney!” he cut them off.“Wait a second,” Mr. Romney said, instructing the audience to cheer for “Romney-Ryan! Romney-Ryan!” They did. “There we go,” he said, pleased.

Oh, hell. Now there will be riots in Libya blamed on Fox News. Duck.


It's rare, but the MSNBC thing is malice and could be a defamation win. Of course, Romney won't sue.


In order to test the "CEO self exoneration" theory presented by DoT, I plugged the following into Google:

"Jon Corzine MF Global error"

Melinda Romanoff



So is anybody else seeing an Elizabeth Warren for Senate ad on their JOM sidebar?

(This is known in the biz as "technology FAIL")

hit and run

Another day, another MSNBC lie

Next up will be a reporter reporting in one of her reports that she heard someone say, "kill him" when Romney mentions Obama's name at a rally.

Wait. That's so 2008.

It'll probably be, "lynch him".


Exactly Neo & James D.. The insanity is all over our country. The Stolen Valor law was even defeated. Citizens from other countries break our laws & nothing happens. Why in the world should Shell Oil obey the EPA? They should just go rogue & start drilling.
The Amish get an exemption from Obamacare.
Claim you or your grandpa thought about farms & you can get some of the billions of the Pigford settlement. we can all be Amish, Cherokee, illegal immigrants, farm thinkers.....we can claim we have won high honors. It's all a fraud.


" alt="">

As posted by my daughter after a trip this morning to an Orlando, FL 7-11 for "free" coffee:


Hannity keeps hinting at major breaking news this afternoon. That is probably why Shemp is there on a Friday. That was bad, really bad. Maybe they will stop showing these car chases now.


This is known in the biz as "technology FAIL"

On a related note, here on Manhattan's upper west side, a business I used to patronize on Columbus Ave closed because the rent was too high. So guess what took over the space: An Obama 2012 office. I'm glad to see they are spending money here where it counts!

Also, in the window was a list of 50 reasons why we are better off for having had Obama as prez the last four years. I couldn't stand to take in the whole list, but one I noticed was this gem: We avoided the first-ever default on our debt thanks to his negotiation of the debt ceiling increase. Isn't that a bit like congratulating the arsonist for rescuing a puppy from the building he set on fire?

Annoying Old Guy


It sounds more like congratulating a choomer who happened to be hanging out for watching some other arsonists rescue the puppy.


While this might be circular, I don't regard Fox News or the Boston Herald as part of the MSM. I could find no mention of the law license issue in the NY Times, even though there was an article and a couple of blog pieces about the Brown-Warren race.


I did a quick google--it's been a busy day--but could find nothing on Warren and the bar in the Globe, I do recall Howie Carr having something on it. Was that in the Herald? Anyway the Globe is the MSNBC of newspapers, isn't it?


Clarice - bgates has a great post for you at the end of the previous thread @ 3:33.

Frau Dingsda

Shhh! Don't tell Janet there is to be a new Pigford for Latino and Women farmers. A person has merely to "believe" he/she/it was denied.

On second thought, Jane and narciso are believers and should consider this govt. program. Maybe that's our ticket to St. Jane's.

Frau Dingsda

From the comments at LI:

The money is the key. From representing corporate clients from her Harvard office to flipping houses in distressed neighborhoods, Ms. Warren has a nose for a buck. I continue to think that a careful review of schedule C on her released tax returns would be useful.

Prof. Warren is not just an arrogant, ethically-challenged progressive politician. She’s a greedy one. There’s a story there.

Princess Gimmee Lotta Wampum?

Jane - Mock the Media!


How do I put my name in. I had a stuffed pig as a child and my mother grew up on a farm so I should qualify twice.


I have brown eyes and we had pigs on our farm when I was a child. I should definitely qualify.


We should keep mentioning her name so the automated ad placement she uses wastes her money by advertising here.


Whose name? Elizabeth Warren?


Yep, Sue. Her ad has been here all week at various times.


So we are supposed to mention Elizabeth Warren as much as possible? Well OK.

Clarice-have you noticed no one tried to tell us how she was Order of the Coif or any other honors to try to boost why she was selected by HLS apart from her claim to be a Cherokee. Suggest an undistinguished record at an undistinguished law school. Which normally will not even get you an interview with a big firm.


King: ‘Susan Rice Should Resign’

House Homeland Security Committee chairman Pete King is calling on U.N. ambassador Susan Rice to resign over her comments on the Sunday talk shows September 16 regarding the Libyan attacks.
Danube of Thought

"If I post the tear down of the CEO's excuse will you read it with an open mind?"

If it's written by Mr. Burnweed I will shun it with disdain. As I said (many times) back when this was going on, it would take an idiot to believe that one could influence bona fide legal research by diddling with a website while Lexis and Westlaw were undisturbed.


Elizabeth warren not only had no law school honors nor special work which would have been a consideration her scholarship consisted of sloppy work that misrepresented the law.

Now that she's been so exposed i do not see how HLS can keep her on. I suppose if she wins, they have an easy out. If she loses--which I hope she will--look for some face saving excuse to get her out of there.


JM Hanes

Alas, poor Kodak!

The first decent digital camera I ever bought was a 2 mega pixel Kodak in the late '90s (which I believe may have been Kodak's first consumer digital as well). I got it just as I was heading down to Ecuador, and somehow managed to leave the instruction book at home. That should have been a disaster for someone like me who had zero feel for film and the cameras it came in, but the Kodak controls were so well laid out that I managed to get by on little more than inexperienced intuition.

I graduated to a second (3 MP?) Kodak camera which was a really elegant little silver thing. It took absolutely terrific pix, in a wide array of lighting environments, which have held up surprisingly well.

I can't vouch for my memory, but as I recall, that was when Kodak began pushing proprietary software which wasn't nearly as well designed as their cameras and/or required badly described plug-ins which didn't play nicely with the equally primitive Photoshop I was using. I think maybe the RAW format was beginning to make an appearance on the consumer side, and it was impossible to figure out what their standard covered, what plug-ins were required and which camera would accept them. In any case, I do know my frustrations were software related.

I loved my Kodaks, but I ended up switching to a Canon DSLR, and once you've bought an expensive lens, you're pretty much theirs for life.


Gorilla Glass

Corning is also big into semiconductor photo-mask blanks. Meaning, they're interested and invested in very high tech applications.

Kodak invented the digital camera

Despite inventing the first digital camera in 1975, Kodak was late to enter that market and, even then, it didn’t consider it a crucial business until the mid-2000s.
JM Hanes


"Kodak was late to enter that market and, even then, it didn’t consider it a crucial business until the mid-2000s."

If my experience is typical, that's right about when things started going downhill, too.


Kind of reminiscent of IBM's invention of the PC. After stupidly giving up both the microprocessor and the operating system, both of which could easily have done without batting an eye, they were able to survive, although they didn't really deserve it.

The world is fortunate that Intel and Microsoft had their acts together.


For what it's worth, fear is mounting that the R&R campaign doesn't realize who the enemy is:

And Krauthammer didn't help much tonight with his attitude that the polls are probably as accurate a they can be at this point...


I got my first digital camera for Christmas 1999. It was a Kodak, gold, called, I think, the Millennial Special Edition or something like that. It was an amazing camera for someone used to film. I used it alot for two years and then it was stolen.


Corning also has a major presence in fiber optics and synthetic quartz materials in general. The industrial applications have a lot more money in them than consumer cookware.

I've been in the cleanroom where Kodak made it first image sensor (in Building 81, if anyone cares). They still have a very good industrial image sensor business for a wide application range, but I don't know if that will be kept or sold.


the international version of this phenomenon;



Intelligence office says it got Libya attack wrong, not White House


41 Million Tea Party Supporters Set to Vote

The Tea Party is regularly ridiculed and declared "dead" by the mainstream press and their elitist allies in Washington and Hollywood. Not surprisingly, when Tea Partiers show up and rally by the thousands, they get all but ignored, while 30 Occupy Wall Street crazies in masks will always get wall-to-wall coverage and admiration. TV shows and movies take cheap shots at Tea Party conservatives, often linking them to murder-of-the-week cases on insipid crime procedurals or dismissing them as “birthers.” But a new Associated Press poll shows tea party supporters may have the last laugh in November.

The AP/GFK poll shows that 31% of likely voters consider themselves Tea Party supporters. With 131 million votes cast in the 2008 elections, that translates into an incredible voting bloc of 41 million Tea Party supporters waiting to cast ballots. These voters have already made their voices heard in Wisconsin earlier this year, as well as in Republican primaries in Texas and Nebraska.

That 31% of likely voters figure is greater than the 19% who described themselves as either strongly or somewhat liberal. Surprisingly, liberals have escaped media characterization as being a small, fringe-like group with little power or influence. At 19% of likely voters, self-described liberals would have a turnout of 25 million voters, some 16 million fewer voters than the Tea Party. (More)


Maybe Kodak could make SOLAR PANELS.

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