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September 23, 2012


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Charlie (Colorado)

Works for me.


Thanks, TM.

Captain Hate

I strongly approve of Clarice embedding vids of Megyn Kelly, although seeing Ana Marie Cox might cause ED contrary to the wildly delusional opinion she has of herself.

hit and run

I can't count the number of favors I'd be willing to extend to Obama on one finger.

This is the one.


All they want is to enjoy the perks of a former POTUS and FLOTUS. They don't need to pay for it with four more years of "service".


Wonderful post, Clarice.


caro: I was just thinking of you and return to the tread to see your comments. Hi!

Jane - Mock the Media!

I just got off the phone with a friend who told me she has gone from being a Romney voter to not voting for anyone because he has failed to make the sale. She is a small business owner. She gets her news from the MSM and nothing that Romney is saying is making it to her.

She is in Florida.

I am devastated. I'm at the point where I feel like saying: Go ahead, you'll be out of business within a year and it will serve you right.


Jane, so what she's saying is--I think--she won't vote for him because she thinks not enough others will. Is that right? Well then start sending her stuff like Chaco's or this one to show her she's wrong.


Maybe she is having a bad day (or week or month), Jane.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

So would reminding your friend that not voting for Romney is pretty close to voting for Barry make any difference to your friend, Jane?
Hard to see how any small business owner would let Barry back in if she could possibly prevent it.

Frau Lehrerin a.D.

Yep, Florence King has retired, but Clarice keeps on nailing the dolts, this time the preezy* in particular. Is this a great country or what?

*passive aggressive!

Danube of Thought

Jane, tell her if she doesn't vote she is actually voting by default for whoever wins. And ask her why "I will repeal Obamacare" isn't enough to close the sale.

People like that drive me nuts.

Captain Hate

I just got off the phone with a friend who told me she has gone from being a Romney voter to not voting for anyone because he has failed to make the sale

Attitudes like this make me furious. It's my responsibility to inform myself on the candidates and get my ass to the polls and vote. This "make the sale" garbage is code for "I'm too lazy to be a responsible citizen".

Maybe Sponge Bob squaredance is right; maybe we've become a nation of lazy idiots.


Clarice's link above references (and is connected, I think) this site Unskewed Polls, which I saw referenced yesterday on Twitter. Either Jpod or Geraghty was asking if anyone knew if this site was legit - unfortunately, I never say if they got an answer.

The link is easy peasy to read - two simple tables. Don't know its accuracy at all, and I will bow to my betters (Rick B and GMax) on the unskewing results.

daddy Official JOM Diversity Czar

Yankee's down 5 to 4 in the last of the 9th.

First up is Ichiro. Can he pull TM's Yanker's through 1 more time?

We'll find out after the beer commercial.

Jack is Back


Obviously a disappointed Obama voter in 08 who just cannot believe she was wrong. So, the excuse is Romney's no sale but the reason is embarrassment. Lots of those around and guess what - we need them to rather stay out of the polling booth instead of doubling down on their naiveté.


Three things I will remember about today:

1) it is not Jane's birthday

2) I really do live for Clarice's Pieces

3) "bling" was my hypnotic trigger word to swear of television for several weeks.

Jane - Mock the Media!

I've made every point that I can. It's just no big deal to a lot of people. It really doesn't matter who is running the country - it makes little difference.

I really am done.

daddy Official JOM Diversity Czar


Jane - Mock the Media!

Obviously a disappointed Obama voter in 08 who just cannot believe she was wrong. So, the excuse is Romney's no sale but the reason is embarrassment.

You are wrong.

She works very hard and whatever news she catches comes from the liberal media. She hates Obama, planned to vote Romney but has decided he just hasn't made the sale.


Did you tell her that she didn't build her business?

Frau Lehrerin a.D.

IMHO it's not even "pretty close," Iggy. By refusing to vote for a president, it is giving her vote directly to Obama. Today, I heard Kristol saying Romney had not made the sale with voters. Great. I turned off the TV. (Thanks, Sara, for the inspiring article last night.)

Obama won with nothing for sale except a vote against GWB. The disaster of a second term cannot be seen in terms of the last 4 years times two. It's going to be one national crisis after another- a colossal upheaval like nothing even Squaredance could imagine.

Jane, is her business flourishing so much that she does not worry about the economy? I notice the empty parking lots all around me when shopping. Things are not looking up.

Vote the epic failure out of office.

Jane - Mock the Media!

I'm done. I'm not telling her another damn thing.



Jack is Back


I may be wrong but she is hiding something since there is more than 90 degrees of separation between RR and OB in every facet that effects an American small business owner. Doesn't make sense that "[Romney] hasn't made the sale". Unless she is worried about his Mormonism, the fact he speaks French and he has a car elevator:)


TK and Frau! Thanks.

bio mom

I know it is frustrating Jane. This is why I pullmy hair out when I hear right pundits rail on Romney in public. Do they not understand the damage they do with potential Romney voters such as your friend?

Jack is Back

:: effects:: = :: affects:: MLA failure.

Frau Lehrerin a.D.

Single issue voter?


Jane, for your non-birthday my gift to you is my ability to fixate.

Give me her number...

Charlie (Colorado)

Unskewedpolls has an example:

It's really a simple calculation: they're re-weighting the polls to the Rasmussen Party Identification numbers. Given the suggestion of greater apparent enthusiasm means it may still be a somewhat conservative model of final turnout.

bio mom

I have completely stopped watching the Fox panels. So they were at it again today? No surprise. May they all rot in hell as far as I am concerned anymore.

Captain Hate

I think Jane's friend illustrates the problem that Romney has had as far as connecting with voters. I'll gladly vote for him but the polls have consistently shown that he's not a very compelling candidate for a lot of people. It's not fair and his opponent is a certified dumbass; but it is what it is.


Hill Buzz:

I really want you to start looking at the signs that Barack Obama knows he is losing…and so he is starting to do things that will take a few months to complete, but he wants them done by 2012. We’ve heard the rumors that he’s preparing to release the “Blind Sheik” to Egypt…you know, the man who oversaw the plot to bomb the World Trade Center in 1993. Now, Obama’s planning on freeing 1/3 of the terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. This is like Commissioner Gordon going crazy in a Batman comic book and deciding the Riddler, Killer Croc, Penguin, Mad Hatter, and Joker have been in a time-out for long enough and can go back to terrorizing Gotham now. This is not the sort of thing that Obama would be doing NOW if he really expected to have a second term. This is stuff he’d be doing in 2013…or even 2015 (to screw Hillary over if she’s the nominee and burn down the Democrat Party as he’s preparing to leave office). We all know Obama wants to do things that endanger the country, but he’s politically astute enough to realize that doing the things he wants to do now will cost him the election. But if the election is already lost in his mind, he needs to do these things now because some of them take time and he must have it all done before January 20th, 2013 when he leaves for Honolulu. Just as the Democrat Convention earlier this month was NOT the convention of people who think they are winning…Obama’s actions in freeing these terrorists are not the behavior of a President who thinks he is winning a second term. They are the “do the things on my wish list while I still can” actions of a man on borrowed time in power.

Read more


Very sad Jane,

Unfortunately our (supposed) side often does it to ourselves. In a snarky UKTelegraph OpEd today, some Lefty moron tells us Romney is congenitally unable to keep from making gaffe's and as you read the story ,here is who he sites as his authorities for that claim:

"Influential Republican columnists like David Brooks, Bill Kristol, David Frum, and former Bush aide, Mark McKinnon are aghast at the Romney Ramblings: "The tape reveals a deeply cynical man who would likely govern in a way that would only further divide us" [McKinnon]; "Stupid and arrogant" [Kristol]; "He has committed the worst presidential candidate gaffe since Gerald Ford announced in 1976 there is no Soviet domination of eastern Europe" [Frum].

All I can say is keeping working hard to get the word out. Take the day off and be happy with a Yankee defeat.

Thomas Collins

Jane, Reagan didn't close the sale under after the debate. Romney will have three debates to close the sale. I don't think Romney has to crush Obama in the debates. What he has to do is satisfy people like your friend that he is a plausible POTUS.


Do they not understand the damage they do with potential Romney voters such as your friend?

Only two options.

1) They are so far inside the beltway, they simply can not feel what is going on in the rest of the country. The Republican establishment is just as much a creature of DC as the Dems.

2) They know exactly what they are doing, and doing it deliberately because they fear, for what ever reason, a Romney win. I suspect that many in the Republican establishment now fear that Romney is actually not one of them, and will do crazy things like scale back spending and cut back on the government's role in society.

Today, I heard Kristol saying Romney had not made the sale with voters. Great. I turned off the TV.

IIRC, Kristol supported McCain in the race for the nomination in 2008. He thinks like McCain and I wouldn't be surprised if he holds grudges like him as well. Perhaps Kristol has a little left over animosity from the 2008 race. Just sayin'.

bio mom

No, McCain has been a very strong Romney supporter. Even told Noonan she should button her lip and said has she ever run for office? Krystol has hated Romney since before the primaries.

Jane - Mock the Media!

YOu are wrong JIB. He hasn't made the sale to her. Bay Buchanin on MTP didn't help. No one has worked harder at a business and she is probably still in the 47%.

We have to stop judging people because they disagree. We either make the sale or we fail.

bio mom

I am now deaf to any criticisms that those pundits make of Obama in a potential second term. They will own him and the results.

bio mom

Maybe the American people really do just hate the rich.

Old Lurker

Jane, send her a link to this thread so she knows how much we all respect her decision making ability.


We either make the sale or we fail.

Perhaps in any normal Presidential election year, I would agree with that statement Jane.

But, after 4 horrible - almost to the point of evil - years with Obama and his crew, how anyone, except the most devoted crazy lefties, could not vote against him is beyond me.

Captain Hate

O/T Even though it would be a cold day in Hell before I'd ever care about the Ravens, the NFL, in addition to having them play one of those idiotic Thursday night games, which have become the norm, after a Sunday night game, has them playing 4 games in 17 days which I'm pretty sure is unprecedented. But Roger Goodell will be the first to tell you that player safety is his #1 concern.


All I can say is keeping working hard to get the word out.

We are Conservatives...not Romney worshipers. Which I think is a good, healthy thing. I follow & have faith in our Constitution & our founding documents - not some individual. Just a Romney win can't save us...We the People must demand that all areas of our govt. get rolled back to their Constitutional limits. Right now the only hope is with the Republicans.

It is like my faith in the Bible & Jesus Christ...not in my pastor. My pastor can't save me. Only God can. People come & go & have faults...but God's Word is eternal & True.

Paying for gas today I told the guy in the booth..."Whatever you do, vote Republican. These Democrats are ruining our country."

Jane - Mock the Media!

Not everyone has the time to pay attention. And frankly not enough people are off the couch doing what needs to be done.

Amy would know nothing about this election without me. She's busy raising her 2 kids and politics bums her out. She's always been a conservative so she votes the right way, but as important as you and I think it is, raising her family is more important to her.

Running her business is more important to my friend. And Romney had the sale and appears to have lost it.

Now if we were smart, rather than castigate her, we would get moving.

Krystol has hated Romney since before the primaries.

I think that we are in agreement.

bio mom

It is because of our outstanding, fair, above the fray media! Which is a wing of the Obama campaign. They will not cover anything that could hurt Obama and magnify all Romney missteps to the elimination of anything else. Reagan ran in a different era. With the 24 hour news cycle, Twitter etc. How does the Romney message get out?


Frum, McKinnon and brooks have been totally discredited. For some reason Kristol seems determined to join their ranks.

Who cares what Bay Buchanan thinks?

Just because the media's rolodex of conservatives is so small and full of unrepresentative types these guys keep showing up like bad pennies.


cc-I run into a variance of this when someone who is deeply involved with the tragedy of US ed discovers it is a variant of a political issue. They get mad at me. Like I made it a political issue instead of simply reporting the reality and the motivations. Being a Dem has been how they defined themselves for so long that voting Rep because bo is a disaster means that a big part of who they are in their eyes would be gone.

It is sad but there are many adults where there is not much there there. It is more a facade.


I would be interested in hearing what an intelligent, informed, and militant but rational Middle East Mullah might be saying in his Mosque.

I imagine that if I was him, I would be telling my congregation something like the following.

"America is losing and the West is losing. When Obama and Hillary pay for ads to tell us that our Islam-wide protest of 9/11 are the fault of some Coptic video maker they are lying, and they are demonstrating their weakness by their lying."

"We all know our protests were done to remind us and unify us about 9/11. But President Obama cannot say that because it would be to acknowledge his failure to prevent our protests, and his overall failure with the Islamic world. So he and Hillary have to lie to us by pretending that our Protests were done for foolish reasons that are not the truth. That is not strength, that is weakness."

"Then he has to tell that same lie to the American people and the West, in order to fool them with his pretend story. He has to hide his own weakness, and he has to give American's an excuse to not have to confront the honest weakness of the West in dealing with Islam."

"And lastly he has to lie to himself. Hillary and Obama know the truth. They know these protests were bred of our true hatred of the West and America, and that we did these protests on the Anniversary of 9/11 for obvious reasons. But Obama and Hillary have to try to lie to themselves and their supporters about the truth. And when they lie to themselves about the truth, it is because they are too weak to acknowledge the truth."

"So let us take great heart at the lying statements of Obama and Hillary and the Western Media. They are the opposite of strength. They are weakness. And that is obvious to everyone who is honest and brave enough to look at the world truthfully. When they lie to themselves they are losing. They are lying to themselves."

Maybe I'll become an Imam after retirement:(


Here is an exchange in the movie Glory -

Trip: I ain't fightin' this war for you, sir.
Colonel Robert G. Shaw: I see.
Trip: I mean, what's the point? Ain't nobody gonna win. It's just gonna go on and on.
Colonel Robert G. Shaw: Can't go on forever.
Trip: Yeah, but ain't nobody gonna win, sir.
Colonel Robert G. Shaw: Somebody's gonna win.
Trip: Who? I mean, you get to go on back to Boston, big house and all that. What about us? What do we get?
Colonel Robert G. Shaw: Well, you won't get anything if we lose.

The MFM/Dems are not just opposition...they are enemies of our country & it's founding principles.

Captain Hate

For some reason Kristol seems determined to join their ranks.

I've been a Kristol fan for a long time and his behavior recently has been the most puzzling I've ever seen. Even pulling for the Arab Spring I could understand as being overly idealistic in wanting things to be better than they really were. But, speaking as somebody who was not initially in favor of a Romney candidacy, Bill's continual sniping at non-issues makes me want to ask him what's really going on.


rse: I understand what you are saying. I see it in members of my own family, too (fortunately not often in my friends - I can be selective, there - lol).

I guess, if we wait for Romney - or Garden Gnome, or any name you might offer up - to "make the sale," we might as well fold up our tents and go home.

Good grief! Not that long ago (4 years?) we were all stifling the gag reflex, holding our noses, chugging our antacids and trudging to the polls to vote for John McCain (only made less dismal a proposition by the wonderful addition of Sarah P). Yes, he lost, but there was a wave of idolatry and irrational fervor that swept Obama to shore on a huge wave. That wave has ebbed from what it once was. So there is still hope that we can stop the bleeding.

Is Romney or a future Romney administration a cure for what ails us? Probably not - there will still be much work to be done - but, dear God willing, we have to start somewhere slowing the spread of the disease.


Ignore "birthplace" being in the url, this is on topic.

A highlight:

"If people vote for Obama or Romney with their eyes wide open, based upon true and accurate information, based upon their personal core values; it might be possible for us to come together after the election. However, if the masses are forced to endure severe consequences, loss of democracy and personal liberties coming because many (in what looks like a slim majority) did not do their research, are simply voting for free stuff, did not look at various news sources to base their opinions, did not investigate the backgrounds of the candidates, did not question the media, and/or did not try to understand what’s coming – then heaven help us all."

Jack is Back


I will admit you know your friend better than me but if I was a small business owner saddled with the thousands of pages of new regulations (just in Obamacare) and taxmeggdon on the horizon, I would be looking at alternatives and there is only one. RR and I do not agree on a lot and I am suspicious of his national security and foreign relations policy since I have no idea what they are except to stop apologizing.

But if my business was at risk to another Obama term I sure as hell would "vote against him" than sitting it out. Every small business owner I deal with here where I live and I deal a lot are mad as hell, are giving money to not only the RR but to their local Congress candidates and Connie Mack for Senate. They are scared to death they are going to lose everything they have worked so hard for.

I wish the lady the best and hope the outcome helps her whatever that will be.


Jane - your friend is succombing to the ass-kissers in the media. I just watched a panel on Fox with some bouffant blond host, Doug Schoen, Pat Cadell and a guy who is a former Republican congressman (NY, I think). For five minutes they spoke of Romney not campaigning for six days, not making the sale, not having a good week, blah blah blah. After that inspiring diaglogue, they spoke of Romney's ,gaffes then some more gaffe talk, followed by - more Romney gaffes. I never heard a word about poor Chris Stevens or Navy Seal Glen Doherty whose funeral this week was in the town next to mine. Honestly, what listener wouldn't think that Romney was going to lose? When they started to talk about how poorly Romney is faring in Ohio and how he can't win without Ohio,my husband left the room because I was yelling so loud at the tv. The panel said the public was beginning to believe that the economy is improving based on the good economic news (really?) and then they eschewed the tied national polls,barely distinguishing between RV's and LV's. Honestly, I could cry I am so frustrated and angry. I swear, that's the only news show that I have watched in months and having listened to one lousy show, it's more clear to me why Obama could win despite the fact that he sucks out loud (please excuse my language).

Captain Hate

Maybe I'll become an Imam after retirement

You're already a Tarhole so the transition should be seamless. You can tell everybody if they go to Duke, they ain't Shiite. The Terps are obviously haram and I believe NC State was mentioned by Khomeini when he specified the restrictions on having sex with animals.

I think you're closer than you think.


Who's even watching this crap on a beautiful fall football day? Te demographics have to be teensy.

Jane - Mock the Media!

YOu guys are preaching to the choir. I recommend looking in the mirror to see what each of you can do personally to make sure others don't get to that decision rather than telling me something I already know.

No one has brought up an angle I didn't discuss - from regulations to paperwork to the Middle East. No sale.

She will keep an open mind through the debates. But I promise you, she is not alone.

Old Lurker

Why would we think the debates will do much good for our side? Even assuming Romney could pull a Reagan, how many available voters will be watching and will be smart enough to weigh the outcome? If they rely on the MSM to tell them who "won", why would we expect that to be a honest assessment? Anybody with a pulse already has all the information needed to vote ABO and if they don't already know that they are too stupid to get it, or too selfishly greedy to protect their kids and grandkids from doom.

As others have said here, this will come down to the ABO crowd turning out more than the others, and for the silent folks who know we are headed off the cliff but have not been "measured" by the polls to show up and vote the enemy out.

Looking for encouragement from the tube just ain't going to happen.


"She hates Obama, planned to vote Romney but has decided he just hasn't made the sale."

It is the same as voting for Obama. In fact, it sounds to me like she has decided, against all her protestations to the contrary, to vote for Obama and just can't bear to tell you.

Or, as frequently happens, I could be wrong for the first time.


Exactly, OL.

Turn them off, drive them out of business and just do whatever you can to prevent Obama's re-election. Facts won't matter to the media.



It is frustrating, and feels nutty to admit that I get more positive about this election by listening to a Comedian (Dennis MIller), Clinton's Campaign Boss (Dick Morris) ,and Carter's Campaign Manager (Pat Caddell), then I get after listening to any laundry list of "Republican" or "Conservative" Beltway pundits.

Jack is Back


I watched Brendt Snedeker close the deal and win close to $12 million because he could drive straight and make putts no one else could. I also watched the Jags beat Indy in Indy. Then I watched the end of Boys v. Chiefs. And now the Texans killing the Broncos. Peyton who?

Got a nice Gratin Lyonaisse and a Chicken in Wine Vinegar Sauce going while I'm watching. Perfect fall food.

Captain Hate

I recommend looking in the mirror to see what each of you can do personally to make sure others don't get to that decision rather than telling me something I already know.

I'm not getting your point. Nobody said you don't work hard as far as being active in supporting the candidates. If all the effort you put forth goes to naught because the candidate hasn't done whatever it takes to "make the sale", then what's the point in doing anything.

I'm not trying to be a smartass by saying that because you work at least as hard as anybody I know on this.

Jack is Back


I think a lot of us here are doing more than you may think. You are not the only one "off the couch". I have big time hours and resources already committed. No need to brag if you do it.

I have done fund raisers for Connie Mack and am doing another for Ron DeSantis who is running for Congress in my district. That plus the mailings and working at the local GOP calling and cajoling.

We're only trying to help you convince someone on the fence. I just have a hard time understanding where she is coming from since I thought every right thinking person was at least OMG-ABO. That's all.

Danube of Thought

Yanks, O's both falter.

I gave up on the Sunday shows (other than FNS) a very long time ago. Then about three weeks ago I stopped watching FNS and Special Report. I realized none of it is good for either my disposition or my health.



Remember way back during John Edward's campaign when there were 2 America's?

UK Mail gives us A peek inside the $20m Aspen mansion where John Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter hid out while he was running for president

But Mitt Romney can't relate to common folk.


Jane, et al:

You never know what a low information voter might find important or what headline they saw stuck in their head.

I was having a conversation with an old friend. I don't bring up politics normally because she tends to vote dem. However, she said that if she was guaranteed that Romney would get the Mao and Che Christmas ornaments off the WH tree, she'd vote for Mitt.

I immediately assured her that the chances of totalitarians/communists/murders on a Romney tree were nil to zilch. I left it at that, but I think she was looking for any excuse not to vote for Obama.


Jane, I don't think your friend is conservative. Don't try to convince her--she will not be convinced. Let's just hope she doesn't vote. You do seem to have a lot of "conservative" friends who are basically liberal. Be aware and don't be gullible! Just saying.


Looking ugly over there in Charger land DoT.

FOX Business Channel...that's the ticket.


Daddy and DOT - My FNS-watching days are over. I just happended to switch the channel right after the end of the NASCAR race and the Jets/Dolphins finish. I'm typically an optimist but it's hard to stay that way with all the sniping about Romney -from our side! Didn't mean to bring everyone down but I do feel better now. As I tell my students near the end of class (I am an fitness instructor), FINISH STRONG! Gotta run - something smells delicious. My husband has prepared a rack of lamb for a late dinner right before the Pats game.


Well on the bright side Jane, you could be Peyton Manning.

Geez. Nobody on that team can catch a pass, and if there were awards for stupid penalties Bronc's would win in a landslide.


"My husband has prepared a rack of lamb for a late dinner right before the Pats game."


Who am I pulling for tonight to beat your Pats?

Rick Ballard


It's entertaining to watch the political credentialed morons spew without any of them noting Governor Romney might be taking a very smart pause to recharge for the final offensive. It may just be methane poisoning - they spend so much time with their heads up their butts it's a wonder they haven't croaked already.

I believe Governor Romney has the race in hand but the decision to pursue the Goldilocks Optimum strategy is bound to have caused casualties among those desiring to see some cage match excitement. They need to watch some 50 meter Special Olympics trial heats to put themselves in the proper frame of mind.


San Diego managed another blackout of the game, daddy, so my eyeballs have been spared the carnage.

Just checked the score.


What other teams have so many local blackouts?

Jack is Back

Rack of lamb. Umm, Umm, Yummy!

Beats my Chicken in Wine Vinegar.

My favorite way to cook a rack is over a gratin of potatoes, onions and tomatoes sprinkled on layer with thyme, olive oil and garlic. Try it. The juices soak the gratin and make it delicious..

As my wife says, "Lekker".


Bengals come to mind

Jane - Mock the Media!

It is the same as voting for Obama. In fact, it sounds to me like she has decided, against all her protestations to the contrary, to vote for Obama and just can't bear to tell you.

Why do you guys all think something is different than it is. She hates Obama. She would never vote for him. I know not voting means she is voting for him, but she is exercising her protest right. What her error is, is understanding how important this election is. Romney has not convinced her. It is as simple as that.

WE have to stop tarring people. It reminds me of that horrid fundraiser last night. If I wasn't so into this stuff, she could have changed my vote.

East Bay Jay

daddy 6:15 and DoT 6:28 +1


I think I sprained my knee just reading this Book Review: Texas Two Step


Jane. I'm just ruminating. That's all. Hell, I don't know her, you do. I did not intend to tar her.

Obviously, Romney did not close the sale with her.

Jane - Mock the Media!

We're only trying to help you convince someone on the fence.

JIB, She is not looking to me for guidance. And neither was I. My only point was there is a segment out there for which Romney is not doing well. I shouldn't have brought it up, it was incredibly counter-productive.


Back Off, Bill Kristol!


I was in a technical meeting last week, room full, excellent presentations being delivered (animated videos of ions clustering and moving under electrical fields, etc.), but the granny-glasses-wearing doofus next to me wasn't paying attention. Instead, he was reading Paul Krugman at the NYT website. I had all I could do not to whisper "Why not just read Marx?"

Next up on his screen after Krugman was David Brooks.

Surreal estate: David Brooks moves from Bethesda to Cleveland Park

Price: $3.95 million

Details: The New York Times op-ed columnist and wife Sarah are trading up — from their longtime home near Bethesda’s Burning Tree Club to a century-old (exquisitely renovated) five bedroom, four-and-a-half bath house in Cleveland Park. It includes a two-car garage, iron and stone fence, generous-sized porch and balcony, and what appear to be vast spaces for entertaining. The timing seems to have been right: After only a few days on the market, their old place (which also boasts five bedrooms) is under contract for $1.6 million.

Surely Frum's and McKinnon's and Krystol's houses are nice, too.

Let's not forget who these people are.

hit and run

Then I watched the end of Boys v. Chiefs

What was the final score in that game?


Well I went to see 'Throwing the Curve,' in solidarity with Clint's empty chair routine, but I have to admit Amy Adams was a draw. Good film with a lot of heart, Eastwood delivers another or his wise curmudgeon roles,

Mad Jack

It is still September people! Let's not panic just yet. Jane, I don't know what anyone can do with your friend, including Romney. She hates Zero but can't bring herself to vote for RR? Doesn't pass the smell test from where I sit. What is she looking for from a Repubican candidate? Does she like any pols in Fla? It would be interesting to know what this woman/business owner is looking for in a candidate.


Well Brooks makes 300 K, so who really is the greater fool, although I imagine that if Lebedev, the former KGB man turned Oligarch, bought the paper, he wouldn't nearly be that tolerant, well
they still have Rob Fisk on staff, so scratch that.


Clarice, great Pieces as always!

Romney has six weeks to make the sale to people like Jane's friend, including three debates. I'm not too concerned. Barry will make a fool of himself at least once during the debates (as well as annoy people with his manner), at least once on the campaign trail, and at least once as President. Even if the MSM tries to whitewash it, his incompetence will be there to see.


Romney followed tradition and did not campaign during the dem convention, but used the time for debate prep. What six days are they talking about? Did they miss the raucous rally in Miami, did they miss his Univision Q&A, did they miss the really terrific speeches he gave to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce convention, the VFW, and the National Guard convention?

Ralph L

I can't count the number of favors I'd be willing to extend to Obama on one finger.

This is the one.
Posted by: hit and run
I believe you mean "can" / grammar police

As in the Importance of Not Being Seen, it was the middle one.


The Mao Christmas ornament....think of all the things the MFM & comedy shows could have hammered on if they didn't adore Obama.


the trees always give them away, Ralph.

Jack is Back


16-10 Boys.

Now Broncs are trying to come back on some dubious calls but then I still think the Broncs move will prove disastrous in the end.

bio mom

You know Jane, maybe your response to the fundraiser helps explain some of Romney's reticence. He might not want to turn people off who might be on the fence. Poor guy. Whom is it he should concentrate on? Those who want the firebrand or those who would turn off from that?


That was probably Heather Childers on the afternoon broadcasts, not all of them can be Megyn Kelly, even with the most advanced cloning technology

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