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September 01, 2012



HI, everybody.

Buford Gooch

That sand sculpture is even uglier than Obama himself.


But oddly more substantive.


Hey peter! Welcome back.

Danube of Thought

I just hope every voter in America gets a good look at that thing. This guy is sick.

Seems to be a slight bounce at Raz. None detected at Gallup.


"Seems to be a slight bounce at Raz."

I'd take a net 5 point bounce.

Buford Gooch

Not really a bounce at Raz. That goes up and down randomly, it seems. Raz is the best pollster, but his numbers vary a lot week to week and day to day.

Captain Hate

I just hope every voter in America gets a good look at that thing. This guy is sick

I thought he was mentally ill four years ago; nothing subsequently has altered that opinion.


"These seeds are taken"

Frau Steingehirn

The high tide this November should wash this administration away. I shudder to think of the hidden "treasures" that will be found afterwards.


"I'd take a net 5 point bounce."

I should have put 6 points.

" In other words, a six point swing to Romney during convention week.
...based on a three-day average, so most of the interviews in today's poll were conducted before Romney formally accepted the GOP nomination on Thursday. ... The full extent of Romney's bounce won't likely be known until Monday and Tuesday, just as the Democrats are set to begin their convention in Charlotte. "

Danube of Thought

I'd love a five-point bounce. Might not be any at all.

Jane - we are not above it, we are it.

I still think we are talking Tsunami - and the polls may never show it - cause it would be racist ya know.

Old Lurker

Hope you all saw the story (Drudge?) about the DOJ going after a library for offering eBook lending in violation of the ADA because the eBooks thus loaned could not be read by the blind. They worked out a settlement that will cost the library a bundle and I am sure that poor librarian has learned an important lesson about committing innovation without permission of the Master. Some people are just slow learners.


"a settlement that will cost the library a bundle"

Where do public libraries get their money?


O, Isn't that stupid??

I really think Obama doesn't want to win.

Some Guy

I really think Obama doesn't want to win.

Clarice, I really think Obama couldn't imagine it was possible to lose.

That it was possible, let alone likely, is taking too long to dawn on him. As it does, his only cogent thoughts will be -- "stupid voters" and "they weren't ready for me".

Like Jim-may before him, it will never cross his mind that he screwed up or that it could be his fault.

Danube of Thought

Jonah Goldberg:

"I still think putting liberals and professional Democrats in the position of attacking Clint Eastwood instead of Mitt Romney is an unambiguous win. I think the controversy and buzz is useful because it’s pulling in the less politically engaged to hear sharp criticisms of Obama. Those who don’t like those criticisms will not hold them against Romney and those who find them persuasive …. will find them persuasive and that’s a good thing for Romney. Also, the simple fact that Clint Eastwood felt comfortable riffing about how Obama’s got to go, has to help others get over that psychological barrier — which was a big theme of the whole convention — is a significant cultural breakthrough. This wasn’t a game changer, as they say, but it did put points on the board — and not for Obama."


Thanks, Janet. I was on vacation in Hawaii. Rough, but somebody had to do it.


I spoke with MrsJ, who often gets eBooks for her Kindle from the local library. They apparently offer both the eBook and the audio versions as checkouts. I've not read the underlying story, but that would seem to be the way to go.


Parade mag, another arm of the Dem publishing empire has a gushy all pinky cover story on the Obamas this Sunday.

This is not a Presidential cigar.

You didn't sit in that empty chair.

Danube of Thought

Drudge has Gallup's Romney/Obama numbers reversed....

Jane - we are not above it, we are it.


I've thought Eastwood was a plus from the beginning. That's the best the lamestream media can do, and that's just fine with me. He put us all on the edge of our seats before Romney came out. I'm just fine with that too. And oh how he must have pissed off OBama. Triple play in my book.


Druge has Romney in the lead in both polls, and I suspect the tsunami has begun.


Actually, I think the Eastwood bit was a game changer.

The talk has always been how hard it is to find something to joke about Obama because he is just so cool. Eastwood made it look easy and obvious.

He also implied the mainstream comedians lack the gonadal girth to mock this president.

An added bonus is that I doubt anyone left, right,or undecided doubts Obama would tell someone to go F themselves. Especially after he felt compelled to tweet a reply.

Charlie (Colorado)

As someone on Facebook just noted, now any time someone sees a picture of an empty chair, they think of Obama.

Clint is a genius.


Threadkiller is a laugh machine today on all three threads.

HB to the Mrs TK, Master Frederick and the lovely Frau.


"I met a traveller from an antique land,
Who said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. . . . Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;
And on the pedestal, these words appear:
My name is Ozymandias,King of Kings;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.”


Each time someone goes on national TV & mocks Obama it gets easier. God bless Clint Eastwood. He's a thousand times braver than most Republican pundits.

Empty hopes, empty changes.

Furthermore, there are a lot more 'empty' things about. Gas tanks, retirement plans, I mean I could go on for awhile.

Empty Downtown Train.

Presidempty Obama.


Speaking of the petty response tweet, a commenter @Althouse (the only reason to visit that blog) pointed out something about the phrase "this seat is taken":

You never have to say that if there's actually somebody in the seat.


At the DNC they will be announcing the look of the new Federal Reserve.

Captain Hate

Losing to a MAC team at home: REDEMPTION!! Somebody should tell the world's leader in sports entertainment broadcasting that REDEMPTION happens after punishment is concluded. Idiots.

Clint should interview the cardboard cutout of JoePa that imbecile Franco Harris has seated beside him.

Bad day for the Mids, DoT. I wish it had been otherwise.


" God bless Clint Eastwood. "

This Monday, AMC cable channel, an Eastwood movie marathon. Can't wait!


As you watch the "president of fog and sand" next week, you might keep this directive in mind.

Any chance this would turn out well under the Democrats?

C'mon, you can do better than that!

Humpty Presidempty sat on the sand,
The seas rose up and washed him all arand.


Byron York ‏@ByronYork

Update: Looks like Obama sand sculpture in Charlotte has been torn down. 'Security reasons,' whatever that means.

[I *think* that was a different "Welcome To Charlotte" sand sculpture that was meant to debut Friday].

Rick Ballard

DoT had the real polling news on the previous thread. Here is the Ras August Partisan ID in election years since 2004:

Aug 2004 - 35.1%R 37.7%D 27.3%I
Aug 2006 - 31.9%R 37.3%D 30.8%I
Aug 2008 - 33.2%R 38.9%D 28.0%I
Aug 2010 - 33.8%R 35.0%D31.1%I
Aug 2012 - 37.6%R 33.3%D 29.1%I

The total House vote is a better comparative for party performance than the Presidential vote.

House results:

2004 - 49.2%R 46.6%D
2006 - 44.1%R 52.0%D
2008 - 42.5%R 53.2%D
2010 - 51.4%R 44.8%D

The Rasmussen 4.3% GOP edge is not unprecedented but you need to go back to Silent Cal for a comparison. The August national and state MFM/Uni polls using a D+8 sample skew may have been slightly misleading and may even have slightly distorted the RCP averages. There appears to be some small difference between D+8 and R+4.3.

sea curious rose up and washed him all arand.

heh, cc.


" 'Security reasons,' whatever that means. "

It means the creation of his first shovel ready job. Congrats, BO!


Looks like there was a sand sculpture for the GOP debates in January 2012, too. "Equally awful," Byron Yorks says.



Obama visiting Phoenix

Jack is Back!

Will post on both new threads, but I am exhausted with after-party fatigue:)

Of course, all the planning and execution can never provide for the contingencies that always exist. 4 kids were no-shows due to a variety of reasons but the ones who came really had fun. We did an obstacle course, played "Sarge Says", had a grenade musical chair kind of stunt and then finally "pool time" which is probably all you really need to do - let them swim, do cannonballs, and have water gun fights.

Got a great camouflage cake at Publix and had plenty of Capri-Suns, Lemonade, Apples and Orange slices.

Now I can sit back and enjoy the fact that a good kid turned 9 and had a ball. What more can you ask for except the Legos, Nerf Guns and other neat things he got.

But next year I am turning this over to a bowling alley or a go-kart track.

Thanks to all for the HB greetings for Frederick. He is very surprised that people he doesn't even know would be so kind and thoughtful.

Have Blue

Just joined the thread and didn't have time to check if any one else went there, but -

I met a traveler from an antique land
who said, "Two vast and trunkless legs of stone stand in the desert ...

...round the base of that colosus; boundless and bare, the lone and level sands stretch far away.

Catch and release.

Y'all got paint ball ovah theyah?


Mrs TK thanks everyone as well. My gift to her is to give you guys a break from me.


Have Blue

Should have known TK (ro someone else) would have beaten me to it.


--Just joined the thread and didn't have time to check if any one else went there, but --

Yeah, pretty much everybody, HB.:)

Have Blue

Of course TK also remembered the penultimate line was "colossal wreck" and not "colossus" thus making it an even apter description of the Obama regime.

Two sets of footsteps.

Great minds walk alone on the sand.


Following the logic, if a court strikes down a voter Identification requirement for because it discriminates against poor minorities, by that logic, Congress should pass a law barring the judiciary from checking IDs at any Judicial building or courthouse, because it restricts poor minorities access to the courts.

These government types never want to live by the laws they pss for everyone else.


Just saw my first Obama TV ad that features Clenis. Based on how the ad started I was half expecting for him to push Romney. Not a really good sell job.

Early predictions for the Badgers based on 1st Q: no 3rd consec Big10 title, no trip to Big10 championship and Montee Ball will be watching the Heisman show from his home.


Ya know....instead of a political sign in the front yard, we could all put an empty chair w/ a sign "We gotta let him go". Hah!
My neighbor has an old chair out by the curb for trash pickup & I kept thinking of Obama.

Jack is Back!

It looks like Mark Owens (Bissonnette) is more than a book author. He must be part of something else. Timing is everything.

Why do I say this?

If you are Navy SEAL and from Alaska and sort of out of the political loop flying around the world, then why would you as an individual hire Patton Boggs of all firms in the world to represent you against the DoD. You wouldn't at least not in my experience. Only old inside the beltway players know that Tommy Boggs is and his cohorts are more than a high power lobbying firm but also a law firm.

Could Mark Owens be just a spearhead for something bigger using the successful "rope a dope" techinque used by Romney (no one ever asked for my BC) and Eastwood talking to an empty chair? And the book comes out after the Special Operators started their campaign to expose National Security leaks.

You just can't make this stuff up - someone else has to do it.


Well consider who was Luskin's last profile client, Lord Rove, himself, but it is curious how this connection was achieved.


but the enigma might be riddle, wrapped inside
an enigma;

Jack is Back!


But you have to admit its a tell-tail as to where the wind is blowing and who owns the blower:)

Melinda Romanoff

Back on the other thread there was some confusion as to how one HUD subofficial or Hill habitue could hold so many positions at once. No mystery.

Ghost payroller. Someone else is actually getting the cash from most jobs, where he only gets paid for one.

So, the better question is, "Where's the thief, on the Hill or in the White House?"

I know, I know, that was too easy.

But there's your answer. We do this Federal Investigation thingie every five or six years here.


Barack Oblame...

...street magic.

Now I got to go.


I think Romney and all are making a mistake not attacking Obama on the enhanced interrogation. It is a great counter to his whole I killed Bin Laden BS.

Force Obama and Holder to publicly apologize to the men and women they smeared and investigated for over three years only to announce they found no wrong doing.

It is a golden opportunity to put them on the defensive on National security and highlight their whole 'punish the American interrogators', 'close GITMO' and 'try terrorist in Manhattan stance'.


It also hurts them with their liberal forcing them to take the side of the military or destroy themselves trying to stay on the liberal side.

Asking someone to apologize is a much better attack them asking then to denounce a position, etc.

For instance, I would look at Obama in the debate and ask him to apologize to Catholics who he wants to force to violate their religion in the name of Sandra Fluke.


The result: More emptyness!

Danube of Thought

Screwball polls, explained:

"According to new research released today by Rasmussen, more voters identify themselves as Republican than ever in the last 8 years. More importantly, by a 4 point margin, more voters identify as GOP than Democrat. This is the largest spread between the parties ever. Worse for Democrats, the number of voters who identify with their party is also approaching an historic low. "

So when you see a D+6....

Jane - we are not above it, we are it.

Fox just reported that Obama said he didn't watch the republican convention, however he said it was old fashioned, "like something you would see on black and white TV".

You would think if you were that prescient, you might get it right.

Annoying Old Guy
I still think we are talking Tsunami

You may be more right than you know because if it is a tsunami it will be like a real one - you won't see anything except a tiny little swell until just before it hits. Romney is not going for a big play, he's playing attrition. Wear down your opponent bit by bit, yard by yard, until he just collapses. Remember amatuers study tactics, professional study logistics. Or perhaps I had too much Kool Aid in my desperation.

Clarice, I really think Obama couldn't imagine it was possible to lose.

I will second this. It's the gestalt of the tranzis, that nothing they do can be bad for them or have undesirable consequences. I suspect Obama really believes that all his current problems are the fault of the kulaks wreckers conservatives and this is as obvious to everyone as it is to him and his closest advisors.


Jane, I think O was watching--how else could he have tweeted Clint right after his performance?


Wash Times reports a massive rainfall damaged the sand sculpture.



Happy Birthdays and Anniversaries to all who are celebrating!

Danube of Thought

Sorry--posted before seiing RickB's 3:50.


"Wash Times reports a massive rainfall damaged the sand sculpture."

More Old Testament stuff.


Obama's new campaign slogan after the storm???

"I'm Meltiiiinnnnggg!!


I don't know about any of you, but ever since Thursday night, I have been extremely hopeful about the outcome of the 2012 election.

I've also been having a ball teasing leftists and their many idiotic, childish comments and reactions to Clint Eastwood's appearance, and with Mitt Romney's speech. They ae clearly grasping at straws and sound desperate. Just to ask a leftist why they despise Mitt Romney as much as they have despised George W. Bush makes them go bonkers. Seriously. I'm beginning to take pity on some of them, but realize there's just no cure for what ails their incurable disease. It can be treated, so I think I'll hop down into the cellar and retrieve an empty chair to put outside at the curb with a homemade sign. Thanks.

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe Labor Day Weekend. Parade of Ships in Gloucester Harbor later tonight as well as an end of season fireworks. To top it off, there's full moon, too! Life is good!


In more news of the unexpected;
Mexican cartels now smuggling cigarettes into the US because of high taxes.
Will this factor into the plans of those who wish to legalize drugs and place high taxes on them? Hmmm.


ICE chief of staff resigns after allegations of lewd conduct

Read more:

The Dem's seem to be having a harder time hiding their criminals and perverts..

Strawman Cometh

"This seat's taken"

Spoken to Forrest Gump and Dirty Harry by means kids and punks.

Melinda Romanoff


It was staff.


Perhaps the Code Pink gals could act out what exactly happened with that ICE chief of staff story....they've got the costumes.

Rick Ballard


You should probably post that every few hours. I don't believe it's sinking in. Essentially, every poll having a skew of greater than D+2 in the past month is worthless. The RCP "averages" are worse than useless because they contain polling data which is directly opposite reality.

AOG is correct about the true tsunami - 2010 was just a moderately high tide compared to what is coming in November.

Jack is Back!


You going to Medinah for the big racist meeting?


"You might as well have watched it on a black and white TV," Obama told a cheering crowd

Please. Like anybody in the Obama economy can afford a black and white TV.

Jack is Back!


Don't you need a "mouth and throat" costume to act out what Barr was accused of?

Melinda Romanoff


Trotter explains their instinctive responses in this lovely little treatise: "The Habits Of The Herd In Peace And War".

Fascinating stuff, and how people have been trained to think this way.

Melinda Romanoff


I am in the Groucho class of club membership.


Saw a suggestion on facebook that conservative women should show up at the DNC convention to protest dressed as .... brains.

Loved it.

Captain Hate

Seriously. I'm beginning to take pity on some of them, but realize there's just no cure for what ails their incurable disease.

Kind of like Ol' Yeller; a good dog who got bit by a rabid wolf while defending the family and had to be put down. Minus the bravery and being good.

Melinda Romanoff


Hollande nationalized his first finacial firm this weekend, Credit Immobilier de France. 2nd largest mortgage originator.

Right after Bankia in Spain got another injection from the Bank Of Spain. I wonder where they got that cash so fast. Oh yeah, they can print.

Jack is Back!

An "Empty Chair" as Commander in Chief is met with total silence

JM Hanes


"Fox just reported that Obama said he didn't watch the republican convention...."

LOL. Shall we parse? The White House probably has its own Romney-On-Demand Channel. Even if it weren't stupid to give it a miss, there's no way Rhetorical Obama would pass up an opportunity to critique his competition and find him wanting. I can see it now: POTUS, FLOTUS, Valjar, and the speech writing wonder boys sittin' around drinkin' bear and throwin' popcorn at the screen. Hey, guys, let's tweet that sucker a chair! Brilliant!


""You might as well have watched it on a black and white TV," Obama told a cheering crowd"

Yo Prezdint so stoopid, he gone lootin' in New Orleans and tooks a black and white TV.

Voldemort must be destroyed.                      Sandy

JiB -

Please correct me if I am wrong, and perhaps it does not matter to your analysis even if I am right, but IIRC, Patton-Boggs is a very pro-Democrat, pro-left operation, whether lobbying or law firm (which is how I know of them, tangentially).

I mean, isn't it almost a case that Democrat lawyers have a revolving relationship with PB, then a Democrat Administration, then back to PB?

Danube of Thought

"2010 was just a moderately high tide compared to what is coming in November."

Compare the August 2010 partisan ID with the [November] 2010 off-year election vote, the extrapolate.

The one thing that doesn't harmonize is Raz's dead-even generic congressional ballot.


--Saw a suggestion on facebook that conservative women should show up at the DNC convention to protest dressed as .... brains.

Loved it.

Posted by: Stephanie | September 01, 2012 at 06:12 PM --

I could just see the Dem broads;
"Brain and brain! What is brain!?!"

Another obscure Star Trek reference for narciso. :)

Jack is Back!


Patton Boggs is basically run by Dems but even I used them when I was in DC. If you have a Dem congressman or senator looking at something your interests are spotlighted then you need to get a Dem firm to represent you. Its the DC game. But do you think a young SEAL is that tuned in? Maybe the publisher is and that is where it came from but I think it is deeper than that.

But more importantly is the fact that they know both sides and the labyrinth process. They are the go to people regardless of who is in control.


Biden Does Retail Politics

Kisses supporter on lips.

One woman, who the pool later identified as Bev Kalmer, of Poland, Ohio, told the VP: "Welcome to Ohio." His response: "I've been waitin' all day to be here."

She said "You gotta keep the chair" to him -- a reference to Clint Eastwood's speech last night at the RNC -- and he gave her a kiss right on the lips. She swooned. Asked if she wants Biden to run for president in 2016, she told the pool: "I don't know. We've got to keep the chair." She paused. "You got that? The invisible chair."


Is TOTUS safe?

Voldemort must be destroyed.                      Sandy

I resemble the chair in the front yard comment, thanks, Janet. Taken looking toward my home, another in a series of occasional shots:

The small sign says:

“We own this country . . . Politicians are employees of ours . . . And when somebody does not do the job, we’ve got to let them go.” --Clint Eastwood
Danube of Thought

*then* extrapolate

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