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October 30, 2012


Melinda Romanoff

Saved at last!

Glad you're OK, TM.

Captain Hate

I think that exceeded everybody's guesses. Welcome back.


We are sure glad you are okay! I was even checking maps of CT and power outages, etc., when I realized I had no clue whatever about where in CT you live! :)


What, no bigfoot sighting?

Hope they restored your power, and if not that it doesn't take a week to fix.

Jane - Mock the media

At least it wasn't 2 weeks as predicted.


Hooray for the Maguires!

And hit was so hoping for a record.

Jane - Mock the media

Levee broke in Moonache (I have no idea how to spell it) NJ. The entire town is under water.


TomM-- well that's quite eventful. Our power failed @5:40 and at 6:00 one of our oaks uprooted on to our street's wires-- our neighbors must love us. The good news is that the tree has fallen across the road so the Ute will have to repair the lines. I thoughtnof you last night looking northeast and seeing flashes from popping transformers. Glad your generator and 4G has let you access your server post. Happy posting!



Melinda Romanoff

EU problems just got interesting.

EU Parliament puts UK rebate on the chopping block and with it, the EU's legal structure and legitimacy.

JM Hanes

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln! Glad to see you back, TM.


Glad you're ok,TM. Hope you have power again and aren't forced to post from a nearby Obama HQ or something.


Yay. Dear Leader. We missed you.

Danube of Thought

Great news, TM. We are as lost sheep without you.

This is especially for MAM, and for anyone else worried about polling. If this thing is for real, we're looking at 400+EV's.


Mitt Romney holding campaign rally/storm relief gathering.

Man, you really have to be a tone deaf ass-wipe to hold a campaign rally while people are dying, and then re-market your rally as something it's not.

Does anyone think that poor dumb voting-against-their-economic-interest-toothless- rednecks hoping to get a photo op with Richard petty are going to give more than $5 to help storm victims? Come on people, think,if it's a toss up between a six pack of beer, helping some Yankee or buying diapers for their child, Rednecks for Romney are going to get that beer every time.


dudu, he wrote everyone and asked them to volunteer to help storm victims and turned his campaign bus into a relief delivery can while MO was out begging for more money for the campaign.


Glad to see you're still alive TM. Thanks for letting us know.

Danube of Thought

This is the poll that Politico was referring to when it said "lookslike early voting's a draw":

Some Guy

Clarice, dudu is just lashing out. He's got several stages of grief to process over the next week. Leave him be.

Captain Hate

Don't waste your time trying to talk some sense into dumbassdave, Clarice; it's obviously happy hour somewhere and he's already so drunk he'd kiss his wife and beat the Pope's foot with a coal shovel.


I wonder, in this new Romney campaign to help those in peril, will Paul Ryan be giving out real blankets or invisible ones????

Keep on campaigning Mitt, cause getting to the White house is all that matters,right???


Winner of today's "Unaware No One is Listening" award.


Robert Reich: "Will we ,,, afflict the comfortable under President Obama..."

There's your caring Democrat for you.

"Afflict the comfortable, afflict the comfortable, afflict the comfortable."

Go to hell Robert Reich and all the rest of you "caring" Democrats.

Captain Hate

That and the "Dance, Monkey, Dance" award, PD

Rob Crawford

Insty's home page again...


((We are as lost sheep without you))

I was out on an errand last week and passed a small group of Downs Syndrome individuals, children and adults, clustered around a leader who was obviously taking them out on an outing. They were alert and all looking at their leader adoringly. For some reason that scene touched me, almost to the point of tears. The thought that came to my mind at the time was that it was just like a shepherd tenderly leading a flock.


Let's compare and contrast. Here's the Obama approach to storm relief:

"When President Barack Obama urged Americans under siege from Hurricane Sandy to stay inside and keep watch on for the latest, he left out something pretty important — where to turn if the electricity goes out."

FEMA, W.H. send storm victims to Internet

Captain Hate

Thanks for that link, daddy; little Bobby is getting beat up pretty badly. Back to the Shire for him to nurse his tiny bruises.

Mark Folkestad

Hey, I guess this is a bit off-topic, but do we have experts here on the Hatch Act? I will paste in a campaign announcement on Facebook by a Dem who is running against Darrel Issa. It was shared by a very pleasant, but devoted, Hollywood screenwriter moonbat friend. Perhaps something like this is legal now, but it sure clashes with my recollection of the tight Hatch Act rules.


Jerry Tetalman for Congress 2012

Join Us For The Big Postal Workers Protest at Issa's Office on Wednesday!
That's right.
Here's your chance to take your outrage over Issa's policies directly to his front door!
Jerry Tetalman will join HUNDREDS of postal workers from Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties, who will converge on Vista, Wednesday at n
Join us to make it a spooky Halloween for Congressman Issa!
Wednesday, Oct. 31st
12:00 pm
Issa Office: 1800 Thibodo Road, Vista, CA 92081
Hope to see you there!"


will we...afflict the comfortable


Anybody in the Al Gore - Warren Buffett range they'll leave be, but they'll afflict the hell out of the merely comfortable.


Rob's instalanched! Yeah!

IN RESPONSE TO MY EARLIER POST ON U.S. PLANS FOR INTERVENTION IN MALI, reader Rob Crawford writes: “What was it Powell said the other day about Obama not getting us in any more wars? Anyone asked him about Mali?” If someone sees Colin, maybe they can ask him. Also, what does he think about letting our people die in Benghazi? . . .

Captain Hate

Mark I think they gave up pretending to enforce the Hatch act a long time ago.

Thomas Collins

Absolutely, dublindave, you tell truth to power. After all, it was Obama, before he started his political career, who shut down his business to help find the missing child of a co-worker. And, as Obama's tax returns showed, he gave so much to charity that he was accused by the lefties of giving so much simply to reduce his taxes, even though anyone with any brains knows that a dollar of charitable deduction results in far less than a dollar of tax relief. And it was Obama who took a salary of a dollar as US senator. And it was Obama who turned down help from shady Chicago style developers, which developers then started helping Bain Capital to gain influence with someone who clearly had a political career in mind. Oh, and I almost forgot that it was the Obamas who have helped families out who couldn't possibly help them in their careers. Yes, Mitt trying to help the storm victims now is clearly for show.


duda is exhibit A of the malicious dementia caused by leftist politics

Mark Folkestad

CH, back in the Sixties and Seventies, my family knew Republican postal workers who didn't dare do anything for our candidates, but the Dems got away with figurative murder, and one of these guys was even threatened with the loss of his job if he didn't contribute to and campaign for Dem candidates.


ROFLMAO if this is true and it seems to be --from FB:
Philip Ngai
California's Electoral College votes will go to Romney, thanks to a law that the Governor just signed. Expect the word "unexpectedly" to be used a lot on 11/7.

SACRAMENTO (CBS/AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill that would award all of California’s 55 Electoral College votes to the winner of the national popular vote in presidential elections.

The movement by a group called National Popular Vote aims to prevent a repeat of 2000, when Democrat Al Gore won the popular vote but Republican George W. Bush won the electoral vote. The group’s proposed changes would ensure the winner of the national popular vote becomes president.

Rob Crawford
ROFLMAO if this is true and it seems to be

Oh, God, I hope it happens. Pay them back for every whine and moan since 2000.


govt workers are allowed to work for candidates and contribute to them, just not on company time and in the office.


The snapback for repeal of that bill will be swift.

It needs to revised with an amendment that the CA EV's go to the PV winner only if the PV winner is a Democrat.

Captain Hate

Those dimwits that initiated that bill will be more hated than Nader. Way to give up your state's rights, imbeciles.


These are not reporters. They’re DNC operatives with keyboards.

Saw that line at JWF and just knew it needed wider play.


Anybody know yet what, exactly, Obama is doing WRT Sandy?

Hunkering down in a closet?


Went out to survey the neighborhood damage--lots of trees down. The other big danger was from corrugated metal and 2x4s that went flying last night from the sidewalk bridges set up as a result of the NYC scam that makes property owners spend billions to protect against the 1 in 100 million risk of a brick falling and hurting someone. Perhaps Bloomberg will now require inspection and repair of all the sidewalk bridges set up to inspect and repair building facades.

Anyway, here's a shot of an large old tree that came down in Teddy Roosevelt Park, adjacent to the Natural History Museum, about a block from my apartment. Fortunately no one hurt. Lots of smaller trees snapped like twigs (you can see to the right), but this one came up from the roots.

Thomas Collins

Does anyone have the actual bill referenced in Clarice's 2:04 PM post? My memory is that when the bill was circulating through the California legislature, there was a report that it wouldn't take effect for the 2012 POTUS election, but I have never seen the actual bill.

Does California have a Dem majority in both legislative houses? My guess is that if it does and California swung the election, the California legislature would simply appoint Dem electors after Nov. 6th.


Sorry about how bad New Jersey got hit but have to say I am pleased to see Chris Christy out front and center. As this whole thing gets "politicized" into a "Leadership" narrative, it is good to see leadership from Christy.

And I can never remember which ABC/NBC/CBS radio news reporterette comes on with that breathless intonation that sounds like it's the most earth shattering bit of news ever. She just came on the headsets with "The President is in the Situation Room sitting at the head of the Table, directing blah, blah, blah." Her over the top pathos speech affectations are like nails on a chalkboard to me.


Actually, that was too good to be true--UPDATE:

Philip Ngai Sorry for relying on journalists, I went to the actual movement's website to get the details and found that this law doesn't take effect until 270 elector's worth of states have signed the agreement, which hasn't happened yet. But it would be funny if it blew up in their faces like this.


Clarice/rob. That calif law plus the other states only becomes effective when states wih a total of 270EVs adopt the popular vote law.

C .R.

That CA law on electoral votes has not gone into effect. It needs more states to sign on to become effective.


jimmyk, I read that Zabar's is open today..Better rush over while the getting's good.

Mark Folkestad

Clarice, thanks for the clarification on the Hatch Act. Either it was eased significantly, or it was used improperly against federal workers who were Republicans decades ago.

Frau Weltuntergang

Good to hear TM is safe and online.

My German s-i-l phoned this morning to ask about the end-o'-the-world storm in the east. German media is hyping the catastrophe. As bad as things are presently, I remember how insignificant the recent floods were in the midwest.


This link just causes me to wonder why any American would ever vote for a leftist .


But it would be funny if it blew up in their faces like this.

The other thing these idiots don't understand is that if you change the rules, you change behavior, and you can throw out the old data. (This is called the Lucas critique in economics.) The only reason Bush lost the popular vote in 2000 was because he didn't bother campaigning in NY, CA, and other heavily populated blue hells. Change the rules, and the historical patterns are useless to predict the future.

Thomas Collins

Even if states representing a majority of the EC votes pass such a bill, I think it could be repealed after the election and before the EC voted. The great situation would be (i) Dem dominated legislature passes the bill and it's signed by a Dem governor, and (ii) GOPer wins POTUS popular vote and legislative control changes to GOP (or GOP governor is elected without the Dems having override capacity in the legislature). I think the EC helps support our federal system, and that these stunts to try to undercut the EC are foolish.

One thing for sure: This week, we won't be hearing prog media outlets bemoaning the possibility that the EC vote may differ from the popular vote.

Thomas Collins

Jimmyk, I also think GWB may have received less popular votes (we really can't know for sure absent a nationwide recount, given the closeness of the vote) was because of the release of the drunk driving conviction info.

Another advantage of the EC is that with a popular vote rule, we would need a recount in every precinct.


Jimmyk-- you live 1block from my favorite nyc museum. It was in your neighb that I realized that NYC changed dramatically under Rudy G. in '98 or so I was walking to meet a friend for dinner on Columbus and 78th from a meeting on 86th and West End. About half way through the walk I realized I hadn't looked over my shoulder once and hadn't thought of the possibility of being mugged. 3 years earlier that's all I would have thought about. Leadership makes a difference. Great neighb-- enjoy it.

Frau Weltuntergang

Clarice @ 2:11
No controlling legal authority?


It strikes me that the reply to Andrew Sullivan types, that not voting for Obama is Racist, should be that in 2008 Whites proved that aren't racist by voting for Obama, and now in 2012 it's time for Blacks to prove they are not racist by voting against Obama.

Danube of Thought

we're looking at 400+EV's

Should read 300+.


True, NK, the UWS was a dangerous place in the 70s. Now the only problem is all the Obamabots living around here. By the way, that tree fell right across the street from the "Obama for President" neighborhood office that I mentioned here a few weeks back. I'll take that as an omen, bad for the JEF, good for mankind.

Dave (in MA)

Reich's new ass tattoo.

Old Lurker

JimmyK also lives just around the corner from my younger daughter. Good to know if bail money is needed in a hurry.

Danube of Thought

TC, the bill has a proviso that it only takes effect when states with a total of 270 EV's pass similar measures. This brings them to 132.

Jack is Back!


Remember DuDa is a Dem/prog/liberal. They want charity and handouts not provide charity or handouts. So his comments are noy unexpected or even a shock.

Welcome back TM and glad you and family are safe.

Danube of Thought

Ooops. Sorry to have repeated what several others have pointed out.


Well it s the car for me into manhattan tomorrow and thurs if no trains restored. Power back on in the local ville here late thursday the earliest, probably later for my little street. Trick or treat postponed this year. The rich folks'generators will be burning alot of fuel until then.


Welcome back, you have saved us!
All street lights on my street are out. Power is out in parts of Rocky River. I gas station open and selling premium gas at a bargain. My car hasn't had premium gas in it since Obama took office. My main grocery store Heinen's is closed and Crocker Park mall in Westlake, also closed. I was helping my son return carts at Target after I brought him a hot lunch. It's a jungle out there!

Danube of Thought

GWB may have received less popular votes (we really can't know for sure absent a nationwide recount, given the closeness of the vote) was because of the release of the drunk driving conviction info

And remember, that news broke after all the major pollsters had taken their final polls. It swung about 3% of the electorate. Yet the renowned Nate Silver continues to use 2000 as a data point when he factors in the amount by which the two parties outperform or underperform the final polls on election day.


Oh Geez,

Susan Estrich is on Megyn's Show. Get out the earplugs.

Says this storm cleanup business it is not a Repub or a Dem issue, so she criticizes Christy for previous criticism of the President. Now she criticizes Romney for going to Ohio to organize supplies for the Storm victims. Honest to goodness her smile makes her like like the Joker from the Batman flick.


Good to know if bail money is needed in a hurry.

Thanks for the offer OL, I will keep that in mind in the event I am arrested. :)

And please have a beer with me when you are in the 'hood visiting your daughter.

Old Lurker

Will do Jimmy.


OL/jimmyk--let s make that a date on the UWS in november (assuming the election comes off well).

Captain Hate

OL, jimmyk is *great* company. I'm pissed off that my SIL went to work for Apple in CA and deprived me of an outstanding place from which to sample all of NYC. The nerve!!

Jane - Mock the media


Susan Estrich, Stephanie Cutter and Dick all started out in the Dukakis administration.

Old Lurker

But you have the couch at Hatette's don't you Cap'n?

NK we will do something for sure, next visit.

Melinda Romanoff

So that's the source of that brain-eating slug.

Good thing you built up immunity.

Jane - Mock the media

No worries - ear leader has instructed the power companies to lean forward and expedite getting power back to people. "No bureaucracy, no red tape". Isn't he all about bureaucracy and red tape?


All of us Southern rednecks, those of us who clean up from major floods, hurricanes, tornados, help our neighbors, donate above average percentages of income, etc. thank the generous fellow from California--where, course, they do these things too.


Those pressing for the popular vote of the president certainly learned nothing from Athens or Rome.

Oh, I forgot. History begins at dawn.

Captain Hate

Maybe the one in Brooklyn's when she's there (which ends this week) but the apt on La Salle was *huge*.

Another advantage of the EC is that with a popular vote rule, we would need a recount in every precinct.
It would be enormously expensive to count the popular vote to the precision necessary to know the outcome in a close election.

Whenever people claim that Gore "won" the popular vote in 2000, I point out that this means rather less than people generally think. The popular vote is an estimate which is counted only to the precision needed to get the correct electoral college vote. So, yes, by those rules Gore "won" the popular vote. But as to whether he actually received more votes than Bush, we simply don't know that. And it's not particularly plausible that he did... There were millions of military absentee ballots not counted it California and Texas, because in each case the number of those ballots was smaller than the margin of victory. (Even if every CA military absentee had gone for Bush, Gore would still have won CA; even if every TX military absentee had gone for Gore, Bush would still have won TX.) But the military ballots that WERE counted (where they were needed to know who won) went 2-1 for Bush. If the uncounted CA & TX ballots had gone into the popular vote count, Bush would probably have won that, too.

The other factor is the vote-fraud margin in the blue hells. If their votes suddenly mattered, there would be a huge battle to end vote fraud, whereas now the Republicans only bother to fight vote fraud where it matters. In 2000, Bush pretty clearly won Wisconsin if you only counted legitimate votes, but the Bush campaign didn't bother to contest the result there because it didn't matter one way or another -- if Bush got FL, he didn't need WI, if Gore got FL, WI wouldn't make it up.


That's interesting Jane.

Any input lately from your friends, sound guy, producer, etc at the radio Show worth sharing?

I have to think there are folks over there quite sorry you're not showing up to bring uncommon common sense and good cheer.

FWIW President is giving a long speech at the Red Cross. Lost me after about 4 minutes. Too difficult to pay attention to the blah, blah, blah. His 15 minutes are up with me almost 4 years ago.

Old Lurker

Huge mean > 450SF right?

Captain Hate

Glad the JEF gave the utilities the green light on moving ahead with getting the power back on. Maybe a few union members in the crews might decide that voting for him really isn't in their interest.


So far Jim Ryan is the last poster winner on the previous thread. Where is H&r?
Jim R:
I have seen Band of Brothers and Pacific and recommend both of them. Speilberg and Hanks may be libs but they know how to do history mini-series.

Danube of Thought


A new poll out from Suffolk shows Elizabeth Warren expanding her lead in the Massachusetts Senate race: Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren (53 percent) has widened her lead over incumbent Republican Scott Brown (46 percent), according to a Suffolk University/7News (WHDH-Boston) poll of likely general election voters in Massachusetts. Just over 1 percent were still undecided. In a September Suffolk University/7News poll, Warren led Brown 48 percent to 44 percent, with 8 percent undecided.

So Obama is campaigning on tv at the Red Cross headquarters. Is there no depths he will sink to in order to keep his campaign alive. My question is ,is he any further along in untangling the mess he created in Benghazi? I thought "getting to the bottom of this" was a top priority with his Admin. What a phony. I can't listen to him at all, my brother mutes the tv when he is on. daddy is right ,just more blah, blah, blah!

Jane - Mock the media


Dick has converted the show to "Politics as Usual" and has a guest on every week to represent another point of view. I think that is to his credit. To his detriment, people tell me that he fills up every hour with tales from the 1950's which you have already heard a hundred times. He and I are fine, and in fact we are fine primarily because he has been very gracious. Who would have guessed?

For some reason I don't miss it. I don't want to be done with radio - I want to find a way to continue, but I am not the least bit devastated. I think I am somewhat relieved to not deal with Dick's BS.

I'm also still entertaining a JOM podcast, if I can figure it out, but nothing until after the election.


Such is the overwhelming genius of Obama that he even thought to tell the power companies to get the power back on.


Thomas Collins

MarkO, if Obama were to gain a second term, his directive to the new Secretary of Business would be to tell employers to hire more people.



Ha ha ha ABC's Jonathan Karl busted the Romney event as a complete and utter sham....... A political event dressed up to look like a Storm relief effort.

I especially liked Karl's tweeted photograph of two old ladies, one holding an 'Obama you're fired' shirt and the other holding canned goods.

At least they ACTUAL canned goods and not invisible ones.

I know, I know, a lot of you think I'm a scumbag because I'm playing politics with a dangerous and destructive storm.... so let me just say that my comments are 'Storm relief comments'.


Thank goodness for the takes forever(me at least) catching up on the old one...and more importantly...for all weathering nasty Sandy-wind...

Still worried what the Czarists were doing while the winds and water's rise..and the succubus media crying "race" "extremists"..
I claim rights on a crying towel business..want to give Chrissy Matthews his personally.

Do you think the lib/media has noticed Obama had no more charge of "Sandy" than Bush had over "Katrina"..Mother Nature isn't Republican or Democrat..Kipling had it right in the great poem "If"


"I think I am somewhat relieved to not deal with Dick's BS."

Me too, Jane:)

Thanks for the positive update.


Listening to Rush analyze that creepy "Children Of The Future" song by those brainwashed kids is frightening. The people responsible for that are stark raving totalitarians.

Danube of Thought on IPad

Bret Stephens:

"In a different age, Mr. Obama would have been the guy who went out and bought an Edsel. In this age, Mr. Obama is the guy demanding that you buy an Edsel, too. That car is today called the Volt.

"Mr. Obama might still squeak by. He has, in addition to incumbency and a vestige of likability, the benefit of a challenger who only found his stride very late in the campaign. But a second term will mean four years of spent ideas packaged in shopworn rhetoric, to be shoved down the national throat by a president with nothing politically to lose.

"Sound appealing?"

Captain Hate

He and I are fine, and in fact we are fine primarily because he has been very gracious. Who would have guessed?

I'm sure you made the show easier for him to do by having a dependable counterpoint that took pressure off him. Just because he didn't agree with you doesn't mean you didn't perform a valuable function which he's now lacking.

Rob Crawford
As bad as things are presently, I remember how insignificant the recent floods were in the midwest.

The town of Moscow, OH, was nearly wiped off the map by a tornado earlier this year; 70% of the town destroyed and people killed. Dear Leader refused to release federal funds for relief.


his morning President Obama’s campaign indicated they are going on the air in Pennsylvania and sending Joe Biden to the state trying to protect a state that just one week ago was considered to be safe ground. One possible reason? The enormous GOP edge in absentee ballot returns in the state, creating an enormous and unexpected hole for the President’s campaign to dig out of.
In 2008 the GOP edged the Democrats by just 2% in absentee returns. As of today the GOP’s lead is 18.8% — a 16.9% bump in a state Obama won by 10% in 2008. Republicans have turned in 55.2% of the absentee ballots to date while the Democrats have returned just 36.4%.
The Romney Victory team has been on the ground in Pennsylvania for months with over 60 staff and dozens of offices. We have made over 5 million volunteer voter contacts including over 1 million volunteer door knocks across Pennsylvania. That voter contact is paying off in the absentee ballot returns and clearly the President’s campaign sees it in their numbers. That’s why they are playing defense in the Keystone state as Governor Romney’s momentum allows us to expand the map.

Captain Hate

I remember how insignificant the recent floods were in the midwest.

By "recent" do you mean last year? Because this year the midwest was drought stricken.

Danube of Thought on IPad

There really is no depth of stupidity to which this nincompoop can't go:

"Political analyst Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), is challenging widespread GOP skepticism about climate change in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

“'So are we still going to go with climate change not being real fellow republicans?,' McCain wrote, via Twitter, around midnight as the storm was slamming ashore. …"

In what sense is she a "political analyst?" In what sense is she avRepublican?

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