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October 28, 2012


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what did he know and when did he know it?

Captain Hate

Security matters take a back seat when there's campaigning to be done.

Jane - Mock the Media!

I believe Brett Baier's updated report starts at 1:00PM.


Petraeus' statement directly challenged by a Fox source on the ground. Now for some nuance, and I have that hat to this day.

Jane - Mock the Media!

Anyone else notice Sandy is going to pummel mostly blue states?


Jane, chickens?

Danube of Thought


A president’s job approval rating is one of the best indicators for assessing his chances of reelection. Typically, the president’s job approval rating on Election Day will be close to the share of the vote he receives. Currently, 47% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president's job performance. Fifty-two percent (52%) at least somewhat disapprove.
Danube of Thought

I suspect Shaffer's sources are full of shit.


Jane-one more point in analyzing effects of storm surge. Coordinate against high and low tide. My experience is that even a tropical storm is far worse when the predicted levels are added to high tide. I do not know what the changes are in NYC normally.


"I suspect Shaffer's sources are full of shit."

He's just a cranky old Democrat, proping up all the fallen heroes. Remember he refused to air the John Edwards story. Not newsworthy.

Cecil Turner

I suspect Shaffer's sources are full of shit.

So do I, but it's a rumor worth repeating (with appropriate caveats to protect future credibility, of course).

Rick Ballard

"If Obama was not involved in the decision process as events unfolded, why not?"

Those who know best did not seek a decision from a President in the 47th percentile. Why would they?

JM Hanes

I'm going to take the liberty of cross posting my previous comment on the on the idea that anyone was actually "watch[ing] the assault on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, from the White House as it took place" -- with the same proviso that I may not be completely up to speed.

The "live feed" meme now in circulation seems more than a little inaccurate. This is how Charlene Lamb actually described it in Issa's Benghazi hearing:

REP. LANKFORD: You note that in your testimony, that you were in the Diplomatic Security Command Center, and then you make this statement: “I could follow what was happening almost in real time.”

MS. LAMB: That’s correct.

REP. LANKFORD: So once they hit the button in Benghazi, you’re alerted. It says you could have — did you follow what was happening in real time at that point?

MS. LAMB: Sir, what was happening is they were making multiple phone calls and it was very important that they communicate with the annex in Tripoli because this is where additional resources were coming from. So they would hang up on us and then call back.

REP. LANKFORD: But you’re — but you’re tracking it back and forth, what’s going on.

MS. LAMB: Yes, absolutely.

The F.B.I. eventually recovered 50 minutes of video from closed circuit cameras in the compound, but there is no indication that Washington was somehow "patched in" at the time. I assume they had access to surveillance from the drone, but that only started coming in during the last hour of the attack, and I wonder just how much it could actually "see" in the middle of the night. Surely any laser "painting" of the enemy position couldn't have lasted very long. The guy who was communicating with Washington was reporting from inside the Tactical Command Center (which was never breached), so his info on events as they unfolded on the ground was necessarily limited.

The fact that no rescue mission was launched is stunning, but barring new revelations that I've missed, the idea that Washington was watching events unfold in real time on anything remotely like a "live feed" is pretty misleading basis for speculating about events unfolding in real time at the White House.


Well here's a piece of the rest of the story,
remember that Benghazi was only front in the campaign;

Danube of Thought on Ipad

Steelers throwbacks look like the killer bees from SNL.


I think The White House put out Obama went to bed thinking this would looked better than people knowing he watched the massacre on TV.I think Fox has confirmed information one of the drones was armed.Wallace pressed 2 senators on this today.

Old Lurker

Instant coffee, bread, milk, gin, tonic, limes, toilet paper, batteries...what am I forgetting? I have Clarice's and Janet's addresses so I can take soup to Clarice and cigarettes to Janet.

Danube of Thought on Ipad

Gallup daily LV tracking: Roney 50, Obama 46.

Danube of Thought on Ipad


"In the 11 swing states, Mitt Romney earns 50% of the vote to Obama’s 46%.  Two percent (2%) like another candidate in the race, and another two percent (2%) are undecided."


Don't forget your Pocket Constitution, OL.


"47% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president's job performance. "

This is really scary. Why would any American approve of the president's job performance?

Well, aside from getting a free phone.


I half expected Dan Akroyd to show up, So one suspect Azzizi, who was keeping nice digs in Medinet Nesr, was shot, another Al Harzi, according to the Arab paper Al Sharq, lawyered up.

Captain Hate

50% of the people are below average, pagar.

Jane - Mock the Media!

OKay so I got it wrong on Brett's report. I swear it is also airing this afternoon. But I'll hold back my guess.

Rick Ballard


Brit Hume mentioned that the Battleground poll tomorrow will show Romney up 5. The current Battleground is Romney 49-47. My guess is tomorrow's will be 51-46, although 52-47 is plausible, putting Obama right in the middle of Death Valley. The Battleground will 'stick' on the RCP average for the entire last week.

The question now is whether Governor Romney can make a solid break through 53 to the 55 level on election day.


cigarettes to Janet.

Hah! God bless ya, OL! You have good instincts for priority items.


Rick--you really are my favorite. (Don't tell the others.)

It's frustrating as hell to have such an important event about which we can tell so little. who's leaking what to whom and how accurate are the leakers and those to whom they've leaked. Still, bit by bit, I think we will get a lot more details on this before Nov 6..provided there's still some means of communication left afer Sandy hits the East Coast.

NJ Jan

Posted this on prior thread in answer to Jane's 12:25 pm

Bloomberg did an about face this morning and has ordered evacuation of A areas, about 375,000 people. Also shutting down subway. I think Cuomo forced his hand.

Also, public schools in NY will be closed tomorrow.

Looking at full moon and high tides. Jersey shore areas already flooding in areas due to this alone. Expecting surge of 11 ft and 20 - 25 ft waves. Not pretty


Has anyone downloaded a program called

It claims to:

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Would like to hear about any experience with it.

Frau Steingehirn

"That means Obama, Panetta, Hillary, Biden, and Dempsey all watched this massive assault unfold in real time,..."

Petraeus is missing from this list. His *office* issued a statement but have we heard a statement directly from him? I hadn't considered his a political track military career--think Weasely Clark. Am I wrong?


As Deniro's Capone would say, they got nothing, and they are just phoning it in, now.;flexGridModule,


I believe this is the 1st time Clarice's Pieces weekly article has been featured at:

"Obama Announces Americans Cannot Consider Benghazi When Voting!"


Bloomberg is even more of an idiot then I thought possible, how long has it been obvious it will affect at least part of lower NY state,

Charlie (Colorado)

I suspect Shaffer's sources are full of shit.



Udall from Colorado and Warner from Virginia were claiming to be unable to tell Chris Wallace whether or not the drones were armed. If they told the truth they would have to say that Yes they were armed. Wallace to his credit later remarked that both senators seemed uncomfortable talking about the drones and the attack. My guess because they knew they were armed and didn't want to say it. In other words a lie of omission was happening. When did Warner become such a lapdog wuss?
I one point-I swear to God Udall wanted to talk about"women's issues and Wallace said and I quote"We'll get to Benghazi in a minute". I was stunned by that. Areal issue involving the deaths of real soldiers versus thi Phony women' hockum that the dems keep pushing.Appalling!
Also I loved watching Juan Williams get slapped around by Rove.

JM Hanes

BTW, even though Issa's hearing primarily focused on decisions about Benghazi security arrangements which pre-dated the attack, the transcript is well worth a read in other respects. The saga of the closed circuit videos alone is just begging for forensic blogging. The indispensable Eli Lake has described them in considerable detail, but the chain of custody alluded to in the hearing speaks volumes about how and where the purported investigation(s) are "ongoing." I wish I could relocate the article I read which mentioned the as yet unnamed "agency" working the facial recognition angle.

Unless you want to slog through the hearing on YouTube -- or pay the Federal News Service $617 for a full transcript -- you might want to bookmark my link for reference, because it took me a long time to find anything more than the witness's prepared statements.


I voted with Benghazi first and foremost in my mind and then the economy and then Obama's lies.
Who is this shuck and jive punk to tell me how to vote?


Jane, 3 o'clock on Fox News.


I think it's perfectly fine to be aggressive on the accusations against Obama regarding Benghazi, as long as it's totally whacky, so long as he is stonewalling. He needs to come clean, and if it turns out that they couldn't have provided timely assistance during the attacks, so be it. But they are clearly trying to kick this can down the road till after the election, and that shouldn't be acceptable to anyone, Republican or Democrat.


The hearing is infuriating, JM, because of all the interference from Cummings, Holmes Norton,
Gerald (ISA needs expansion) Connelly, et al,

Rick Ballard


It's my hope a Congressional oversight committee provides a full and complete report on both Fast & Furious and the Benghazi incident, President 47th percentile is going to be brought to justice on November 6th but there is still trash to be cleared at Justice and State and a strong oversight report will help in clearing it.

Your account of the Wolverine's decision last week lifted my spirits more than you could know. She is the reason for optimism about the future and there are millions ready to follow her example.

I wonder how and where she picked up her decision making skills?


as long as it's NOT totally wacky. Sheesh.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--the State Dept says the attack began at 9:40 local time. At 4AM the annex to which people had retreated took precise mortar fire and a decision was made to evacuate the annex--

That's pretty close to the seven hour battle that Mark Steyn described.
When did they initially call for help?
Knowing how long it takes to prep a big plane and crew for a flight when that plane is not on alert I can see four hours possibly being less time than needed to arrive but seven hours from four hundred miles away?
When I was in the AF, if we had needed to get a plane four hundred miles to save people's lives it would not have taken seven hours to get there. It wouldn't even have taken four.


Will the Bair-Griffin reort just be a re-run from yesterday?


Rick, she has wonderful parents..

JMH I submitted your post about the transcript to AT as a blog. I am unable to study it as I'd wish to right now, but I hope to get more researhers at it this way.

Danube of Thought on Ipad


For openers, he describes Obama as watching tha "final hours" of the assault in the "middle of the business day." Doesn't compute.


Gen. Ham while AfriCom made a number of speeches in which he stated that American military use in Africa "would always" occur only as part of a much larger African contingent. In other speeches he expressed BOzo's policy as "Let Africans Lead". Unfortunately, willing Africans weren't available to provide the required figleaf in Benghazi soon enough to save the helpless Americans, and BOzo wouldn't allow the American military to act alone.


For anyone who was confused about the General Ham rumor, as I was, here is an article from the NY Times on Sept. 19 stating that it is just a routine change of command at AFRICOM to take place in the New Year. LUN


One more point on losing power. After Katrina hubby flew a group down from ATL when there was no power in Panhandle and you had to prove ownership to get through to check on houses. I had made panini-toasted melted ham and cheese and turkey and cheese- to take with them knowing it would not spoil or go stale.

I later heard stories from neighbors about the sandwiches being cut into eighths.

So make some panini and store in zip lock bags and you have portable high energy no power food.


Here's a Benghazi timeline. If anyone has a better one, please post it.


Too bad you corrected that, jimmyk, In between making provisioning lists I was dreaming up some real wacky theories, although I'm sorry to say some people who believe in them have already posted them elsewhere.

I think the stand down is really because Obama is terminally indecisive (lacking a coherent internal philosophy) and feared the Carter Desert fiasco redux scenario. I also think the entire Ben Ghazi operation was something akin to Iowahawk's brilliant first observation--a North African version of Fast & Furious.


FYI-for those interested in the use of the computer to deliberately reorganize thinking to dull it or make students believe what is not true, like Climate skepticism, the tiptoeing through the footnotes has yielded another home run. With a 1885 date so it is preparing to go on offense. Which I was then able to locate on a French site as a PDF.




I am pleased though and author has since moved on to that u in Palo alto.

Hey Kim-think he knows Ehrlich? His plans would certainly get us to that Newmindedness.


Deb, that timeline seems flawed

for example:

About 4:45 p.m.: “U.S. security personnel assigned to the mission annex tried to regain the main building, but that group also took heavy fire and had to return to the mission annex.”

per the Powerline article posted by Sandy in the last thread, the annex guys herded 30 or so people back to the annex at at that time--it is they who found Sean Smith dead, and they took his body back there as well.

Jane - Mock the Media!

Thanks Sailor, I knew it was an odd number. Bob, The info has been updated since it was aired last weekend.




Benghazi: A Reader Assesses Evidence




p.s. Sandy didn't link the article, but a link to the article


Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville) endorses Romney


Was there any discussion of Benghazi or outrage on the Sunday morning MSM shows?


Deb, the Powerline article refers to the "CIA Annex" and I am now wondering if the "mission annex" in your timeline and the "CIA annex" are the same annex. But the "mission annex" in your timeline might also be referring to the consulate the "annex" of the embassy proper in Tripoli.


I thought Panetta said it best when he stated it was Obama policy to not help troops in the field when they come under fire and they aren't sure the outcome will be favorable to Obamas re-election.


Chubby, it's very confusing isn't it? I'm sure "my" timeline doesn't account for new info, but it at least answers the question someone asked above re DC time v. Benghazi time. Thanks for posting an alternative take.

Jane - Mock the Media!

Dot, or someone who might know - (warning: this is probably really stupid question)

Re: this story:

Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette, the commander of the USS John C. Stennis strike group, is being returned to the United States for temporary reassignment.

In a statement the Navy said it had approved a request made by Vice Adm. John W. Miller, the Commander of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, to temporarily reassign Gaouette “pending the results of an investigation by the Navy Inspector General.”

Assuming Gaouette is taking the fall...


Assuming the guy who told Gaouette he was being "reassigned" knows him pretty well - would he call and say: "Charlie, you are taking the fall" or would he and pretend nothing was going on?

Frau Steingehirn

hahahahah - Pres. To-Some-Degree is certainly in charge and making swift decisions (although droning, blathering and repeating) about...
Hurricane Sandy!!!!
"One thing about Americans is that we help one another."

It's really hard not to snark that quote.

Another Bob

Jane, Gaouette's reassignment is not related to Libya. The strike group was somewhere in the Pacific at the time.


rse - noted. Mind control via computer culture. Reminds me of the Stanford mind control experiments with LSD in the 60's.

Computers and all these gadgets should be subservient. Sharia law for computers not humans! You ate my docs, orf with your hand!

Jack is Back

I would like to know why CT and DoT think it is bullshit that Obama couldn't have been watching this in real time in the WH Sit Room? Are you saying that they don't have the capability to be patched into the State's Diplomatic Security Center? Are you saying that only the Watch Officer at the Benghazi Consulate TOC was the only source of either flash or email or digital traffic in regard to the attack? Are you saying that this would have only involved State and their GS-13's and not the higher echelons of the Administration? I think the problem here with JMH and others assessment is that the only Administration details have been from State (including Nordstrom and Wood) at the Issa hearing. That does not mean that the WH itself and DoD itself and NSC itself and CIA itself and others were not involved and not coordinating both a possible response and evacuation in real time.

Because if the above are all yes then I may buy your assessment but the above questions are most likely answered no. I believe that there was also message traffic from Tripoli both flash and email to all parties including WH military and security staff. They have SOP that requires it to be escalated up the chain. Someone in the Administration, either staff or DoD, made a decision based on what was happening to not intervene militarily. It may not be Obama but there is nothing to indicate he alone should be excluded. He can't seem to answer a straight forward question and seems to want to make this go away. Nothing goes away unless the truth is revealed.

Frau Steingehirn

The US needs more wolverines and fewer Flukes and Dunhams.

"We're pulling an over nighter."
Things Obama said on the campaign trail and not in the Oval Office on 9/11/2012.

Danube of Thought on Ipad

Jane, I am 100% certain that whatever has caused Radm. Gaouette's difficulties, it has nothing whatsoever to do with Benghazi. On Sept. 11 the Stennis strike group was many thousands of miles out of range of Benghazi.

Someone speculated that it might involve something he did during a port visit in Malaysia or Thailand. Could be.

Dave (in MA)
Gaouette's reassignment is not related to Libya. The strike group was somewhere in the Pacific at the time.
I'm sure that whatever the infraction was, it was Bush's fault.
Jack is Back

Saw DoT's comment above about the time "final hours of the assault". That could have been only the final hours on the consulate's main compound. The attack moved then to the streets and the Annex were it went on for hours into the late evening of the 11th EDST.


Well, if we were arming the Syrian rebels and Iran was backing Assad, it might follow that our attackers had Iranian support and if so, this article seems relevant:

Marcia in Phoenix

Thanks, JMH, for your detailed answer on the last thread!

Brett on Fox now with hopefully new info for the timeline.


Pensacola News-Journal endorses Romney


AP: "Federal officials say that absentee ballots being sent to U.S. military serving in Afghanistan may have been burned in a plane crash. A top official in the Federal Voting Assistance Program this week notified election officials across the nation that a transport plane [carrying 4700 lbs. of mail] crashed at Shindad Air Base on Oct. 19."

Americans serving in Afghan were just "being sent" their absentee ballots on October 19? That's a huge scandal now lost in the mists of Benghazi.


Anyone seen General Ham around lately?


I was dreaming up some real wacky theories

Well, whatever will force Obama to answer a question....

I wanted to add my admiration for the wolverine's donation. I know of a few girls around these parts that have done that. It's a really meaningful thing (and not easy for the girls!). And great work as always on the Pieces.

JM Hanes


On the bright side, the Republicans managed to eviscerate the funding boondoggle (shades of Eric Holder!).


That's great. I just wish the complete transcript were more readily available to the public, because a lot of what came out during the question/answer portion is suggestive even when it wasn't outright telling. It's a key snapshot of a narrative under development. The interaction over who precisely was clearing info for the State Dept. testimony was fascinating.

There are so many story lines to follow here! While we're focusing on the White House for obvious reasons, this debacle also has Hillary written all over it. I started a post on that yesterday, but got so bogged down in the weeds, I have yet to polish it off. It seems to me that folks have been a little too quick to assume that she just agreed to take the fall for the Prez with her generic assumption of responsibility. I suspect that's precisely the impression she was trying to create, thus actually deflecting more focus on her own role in all of this. The fact that Bill lawyered her up so quickly seems worth more attention than it's gotten, IMO. I'm also thinking that Susan Rice was picked to be the designated 'splainer because she was the one top presidential surrogate who was completely out of the operational loop.

As difficult as your column was to write this Sunday, you make the reason we must demand an exhaustive accounting heartbreakingly clear.

Danube of Thought on Ipad

So sorry to have missed whatever the Wolverine did, but it certainly has received universal acclaim.

Danube of Thought on Ipad

I'm sure Gen. Ham's remarks about Africans leading were not intended to be applicable to circumstances where Americans were under attack, and were not understood that way.


Thanks, Jimmy and JMH--You are always right to go to original sources, JMH, esp in these days of biased and ignorant journalism. I wish I had your patience to wade thru all these documents. Of course, Hillary's up to her neck in this..Look at the pictures of her at the time--Even a person of such little conscience must not be sleeping well these days. She and Obama both think they're too smart for this world and the world just sucker punched them both.

DoT, she donated 12 inches of her hair to make a wig for a child who lost his/hers for medical reasons.


We got a lotta Matt Ryan haters/mike Vick lovers in Atlanta. Seriously.

This should shut em up finally.

Whole lotta empty seats in Philly.

Sorry bout the o/t.


Almost went to this Tea Party event in Racine. Lovely parking lot full of nails. Helped a friend vacuum leaves then watched a DVD of 2016 instead.


Pops - Jonah Goldberg said the same thing at The Corner:

According to the Panetta doctrine, the very essence of what makes a surprise attack a surprise attack likely precludes any commitment of U.S. forces to repel it. The message to our diplomats and troops: You’re on your own. The message to terrorists: As long as you keep your attacks minimally confusing, you win.  
Jack is Back


I too want to add my "atta girl" to the Wolverine's latest act of charity. What is it it says in the bible: Love without works is meaningless".

Now is she Wolverine because Mom and Dad are Michigan grads or is something less obvious?

Cecil Turner

I would like to know why CT and DoT think it is bullshit that Obama couldn't have been watching this in real time in the WH Sit Room? Are you saying that they don't have the capability to be patched into the State's Diplomatic Security Center?

A few reasons.

  • In the first, there's no eye-in-the-sky video feed that shows a big picture to remote commands. They probably could've patched drone video to the WH eventually, but it only got there for the last hour . . . for most of the crisis, there'd have been nothing to watch, even if they'd managed an immaculate connection;
  • Having worked in a COCOM crisis center, you have action officers manning the various desks precisely to sift through all the information--it's not something the commander does personally--in this case it's managing phone calls and reading e-mails, and preparing summaries and briefs for the principals;
  • the attack didn't pass the Cairo embassy situation in importance until it was clear it was a serious assault (probably around the time the Ambassador was killed) . . . until then, it didn't rise to the level of something the President would monitor personally . . . and that confirmation didn't happen until around 10 p.m.
So, I'd expect the State and CIA crisis centers were starting to panic around dinnertime, and notifying the President just before bedtime. Did the President go down to the WH sit room some time around then? Yes, I'd expect so, just in time to learn Stevens had been killed. Did they watch the drone video and hear cries for help and cancel the stealth Specter's clearance to fire? Almost certainly not.


Good Morning.

I'm not going to link to it, I'm only going to paste the title of this Daily Caller story:

"Andrew Sullivan warns of the
Confederacy making a comeback
if GOP wins Virginia, Florida"

Cecil Turner

Anyone seen General Ham around lately?

He spoke at a Washington ROTC luncheon on Monday. He forgot to mention he got fired, apparently.


How about this? Dem poling outfit PPP's internals are showing a landslide for....ROMNEY


JiB, the nickname was coined by a friend of her parents because she's a fierce athletic competitor.


The nails in the parking lot incident remind me of 2004 when the son of a dem official and his friends slashed the tires on 30 vans designated to take retirees without cars to the polls. They were Republican vans and had to be tampered with. These thug tactics, along with the Black Panther billy clubs are disgusting to me.
clarice: It takes a long time to grow 12 inches of hair. The Wolverine by her actions gives me hope and faith in the future and the kindness and strength of our young people. She has learned all this from her wonderful parents and awesome grandparents. This information and your article today have made my day.


Cecil, why do you suppose the Administration hasn't mounted that defense? Did they box themselves in with the video lies? Does their culpability for denying the security requests make them still responsible for what happened? Were there no stand down orders? If there were, who issued them? Why?

Thomas Collins

Whether or not Shaffer's sources are reliable, Obama is acting like a well prepped possible prosecution target of the Federales testifying before the grand jury. Obama's protestations that his first of three directives was securing the facility under attack avoids the issue of where he was on the late afternoon (DC time) of the attack, what was he being told about the situation, and whether he specifically gave an order on the use of force (whether to stand down, never to stand up, or something else). Obama's stonewalling on this falls short of what military and civilian personnel have a right to expect in the Commander-in-Chief.


Thanks, maryrose. I'm biased, of course.

Jack is Back

I would like to ask Leon Panetta and General Dempsey and General Ham exactly when is it correct, prudent, worth it - to use a Commander's In-Extremis Force?

And don't tell me that Ambassador Stevens wasn't a Freemason as an excuse. (An old conspiracy theory by the tin foil hat crowd that the Caldwell Group controls all our CIFs and its made up of only Freemasons).


East Hampton campaign cup update:

As reported earlier, The Monogram Shop in East Hampton has been selling plastic presidential ticket cups every election year for about 20 years or so. (Maybe longer.) And sales have always correctly predicted the outcome. As of 10/27 the tally is:

Romney/Ryan 5,784
Obama/Biden 4,474

It's getting pretty windy out here.


Also thought I would link this OT before starting catch-up:

It is currently 21 degrees and beautifully sunny outside. This story in today's ADN is about the huge frozen marsh just at the bottom of my hill. Some nice photos of the marsh, and showing how conditions are perfect for cross country ice-skating. I suspect the dogs and I will be skating later this afternoon if I can motivate. The sub-surface of the ice is always beautiful, as there are trapped air bubbles that look like something like weird futuristic condo's from the Jettson's TV show. Here's one from todays ADN:


It is very neat to glide over these things and look at the fantastic creations beneath your feet. The Marsh BTW is only a couple feet deep maximum.

Hope everybody back east is A-OK from Sandy, and that Another Bub weathered the Tsunami Alert well. Our's was cancelled by the time I woke up this morning.


daddy: Sullivan must be off his meds again. Remember Kerry saying he didn't need the South's vote. Also Kerry made some lame comment about hicks with their pick-up trucks with flags on them. I guess Kerry's comments helped him lose. The dems always want to fight the Civil War all over again. They have no sense of history and are obsessed with the Confederate flag. Warren can claim Cherokee ancestry but no one can say they had confederate ancestors.

Rick Ballard


The Putrid Puke Poll was DQed before it ever got to the bad news. The poll only had 70% white respondents. The Census report on 2008 turn out had whites at 76.28% of the electorate. Putrid Puke had Hispanics at 11%, Census showed 7.43% and this year's interest level among Hispanics is way down.

Take away - the "bad news" in the Putrid Puke Poll is far too optimistic wrt the reality facing the President as he accelerates upon the glide path to defeat.


From the second debate:

So as soon as we found out that the Benghazi consulate was being overrun, I was on the phone with my national security team, and I gave them three instructions. Number one, beef up our security and — and — and procedures not just in Libya but every embassy and consulate in the region. Number two, investigate exactly what happened, regardless of where the facts lead us, to make sure that folks are held accountable and it doesn't happen again. And number three, we are going to find out who did this, and we are going to hunt them down, because one of the things that I've said throughout my presidency is when folks mess with Americans, we go after them.

Obama makes it sound like he was calling shots early on.

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