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November 06, 2012


Frau Wahlsiegerin

Thanks all English to German translators.

Isn't the canned part of the GUS-word a can as in 'trash' can and not 'canning' (food)?

If so, I'm going with 'Eimer' (bucket or can) and use it as a verb.

The preezy is going to be Scheißgeeimert.

Melinda Romanoff


If your new position has power of appointment, I'd like to offer my enviable ghost payrolling skills.

10% is all I ask.

Another Bob

And in MN there are two constitutional amendment items: 1) defining marriage as one man and one woman; and 2) a voter ID requirement.

(Two yes votes for both coming from our house, obviously.


Only prediction, MI 16 EVs go red. RR up 2 in Wayne County, home to Detroit. Cascade becomes a deluge.


JiB@12:38-- sorry I was a Greek school dropout in 1968 - but I have sources.

Frau Eimer

Calvin, we know the Dem's game. We will need to make our voices heard and our faces seen if this happens.


Thank you, NK.

That sure sounds like good news to me, Another Bob.


"We have voted together in every election since we got married."

Now, that's true love.

Jack is Back!


Tim Bishop was provost of Southampton College an extension, at that time of Long Island University. I know him and he is a typical academic who will vote lockstep with anything the Dem leadership asks him to do. Altschuler lost by the thinnest of margins in '10.

BTW, LIU then sold the campus to SUNY-Stony Brook who then closed it down which caused an uproar locally. They did have a world class marine biology program there especially in estuarine science.

Melinda Romanoff

Iowahawk offers his estimable eelction night analysis services, and yes, NightTrain is involved.


"Welcome, Calvin. Where are you from?"

Hillsborough county,Florida, Deb. It's a sea of RR signs from Tampa to Plant city. I pray that signals the end of one of the worst administrations we've ever had to suffer under.

hit and run

Calvin has always been my favorite!

The ladies have room on the ledge for you Calvin.

You know, I was thinking of heading out there yesterday -- all those hot women and no men to keep them company....


BTW I am pleased to report that Mr. Porchlight did not cast a second vote for Obama this morning.

He voted for Gary Johnson.

Lame, I know, but we're in Texas, so it doesn't matter as much as it might. I was just so glad he didn't vote for the JEF as he teased me he might. That would have really made me mad.

Back to the SHITCANNING.


"Po-- will Akin win or lose?"

Not a clue. I think the only way he wins is with the current from a big Romney win(if that materializes). The RNC really shot themselves in the foot here. Lack of funds and better campaign staff, I think, really hurt. I never dreamed McCaskill would have a chance.

C .R.

Californians unite! We are the 30%.

hit and run

My understanding is that we DO have early voting information by county from OH, but only totals - not by party.

Yes, you are correct. I didn't even think abou t it, but that's why I never delved into OH early voting. Total by county only, no party data.


Cast my little futile ballot this morning, since my vote will be cancelled out by some dead person (my grandmother maybe?) voting in Chicago. But I did vote in favor of the constitutional amendment requiring 3/5 majority to raise public employee pensions. (Yeah, it should have been an amendment to outlaw defined benefit plans for public employees, but baby steps, baby steps!) Also put in a vote for Bobby Shilling, and that DOES matter. Lots of local offices are Republicans running unopposed, so that made things simpler!


Calvin, I've seen Hillsborough on lists of bellwether counties in FL. I am encouraged to hear it is looking strong Romney.


Good grief, bgates!Gateup will learn as soon as I'm sworn in.


It's a sea of RR signs from Tampa to Plant city

Calvin, that's very encouraging! TY

Frau Eimer

Flannery, Upland is in San Berdoo County. I'm in Cleoville (aka Claremont). Yes, David Dreier was a loss. He attended Claremont Mens College (now Claremont McKenna) and the city libs here turned their backs on him, booed him in a 4th of July parade and supported a sleezy magazine salesman. Harry Jaffa lives here and the city ignores this intellectual giant. I stood behind him at the post office and introduced myself as a "groupie." heh


Thanks, hit.


Hit, thanks for the heads up about being able to check the NC site--all three of us in this household who voted absentee had ballots that were "accepted."

Frau Eimer

Clarice, I'm sure your intellecual qualifications spoke for you and not your many business successes. How do you want us to address you?
Madam Clarice? ... I didn't think so.

narciso owns "The Harpoon."

Thomas Collins

That's good news, Another Bob. Except in the bluest of the blue precincts, increased turnout wouldn't be because people are stoked up about another four years of dope and pocket change. And, if the early reports are true, the bluest of the blue precincts are not seeing increased turnout.

hit and run

The JOMer Shitcanning Predictions by Electoral Vote Count

I've thrown Barone and Rove in their for comparison

Rom | Oba | JOMer
353 | 185 | caro
344 | 194 | Stephanie
338 | 200 | bgates
332 | 205 | jimmyk
332 | 205 | sbw
329 | 209 | Rick Ballard
325 | 213 | Porchlight Père
325 | 213 | Sandy Daze
315 | 223 | Michael Barone
301 | 237 | Elliott
299 | 239 | Richard
296 | 242 | hrtshpdbox
295 | 243 | derwill
295 | 243 | Porchlight
290 | 245 | Jack is Back
286 | 252 | hit and run
285 | 253 | Karl Rove
285 | 253 | Danube of Thought
285 | 253 | Sue
276 | 262 | Thomas Collins

(if any of these numbers do not match what you submitted, please pick up a complaint form on the table in the entryway by the reception desk and submit with JMH)


Althouse has photos up of her polling place in deep blue Madison, WI at 10:00. Practically empty.


Drudge has some unbelievable stories of voter intimidation today. I think AA voters are by far the most fearful of a Romney win and the most motivated to vote. Very sad as they will continue to be the most adversely affected if BOzo wins again.

Frau Eimer

You can tell how close I am to Hollywood. The radio ad identifies Henry Waxman as a defender of the middle class who saved us from tobacco and works in a bipartisan manner. I will not post a photo of him. It scares children and the horses.


Please be careful about those postings on KIA. Some here may have had a sickening few minutes wondering who else was in a fatal firefight.

Mike Huggins

"Californians unite! We are the 30%."

I'm with you, C.R.


Ha! I did one better... I wrote in myself for the Soil and Water Conservation District thingy. Two candidates running for three openings so why not. Unfortunately I didn't mention to the hubby and K to write me in. Damn. Damn. Damn. Coulda been a contenda.


Comment on Battleground Watch. I'm feeling real good about OH right now.

Barone @ Foxnews doubling down again, says no way turnout in OH overcomes Indy’s and Romney takes it.. Doubling down on his 300+ EV prediction..

Probably a little too late, but better late then never;


Oh, well Ok then, but feels a little like Panama circa 1989;


During a Rush break the local news had a clip of Rahm on the election. Rahm said things look good and he spoke with the obama HQ folks today and they said things are coming in where they were expecting. Rahm sounded subdued and not very convincing

Frau Kalifornien

"Californians unite! We are the 30%."

I'm in. Where's my bumper sticker?

Captain Hate

The radio ad identifies Henry Waxman as a defender of the middle class who saved us from tobacco and works in a bipartisan manner. I will not post a photo of him. It scares children and the horses.

Even the hurricane delayed Halloween was Sunday.

Frau Kalifornien

Watch out,Cleveland. Biden's on the loose.


Dems must really be scared they're going to lose PA. Because Black Panthers taking over polling stations is not helpful for the There is no such thing as election fraud" argument.


Volodya applying his own 'flexibility'

Jack is Back!

Soil and Water? Meh!

Here in Flagler County I had to pick between 3 guys and 1 lady running for head of the Mosquito Control District.



Is there one, who is soft on mosquitos, JiB

Scent of a Gyro

"Watch out,Cleveland. Biden's on the loose."

The ol' Cleveland Steamer himself.


Ok, just spent 20 minutes in the break room, with an obnoxiously hard sudoku and that idiot Andrea Mitchell crowing on with all of her dem party buddies about how confident they are and they've never seen an incumbent so confident and there is no way Obama can lose... talk me back off of the ledge, folks!


I have no idea what the soil and water conservation does, but it sounds like a good place to block the enviros activities, Woot!


JIB-in the PH that's one of the highest paid jobs in county with virtually no work involved.

I think it comes with a pension too.


Polls are crowded today because Republican voter are energized and are turning out in bigger numbers.


cathy-Barone would not be doubling down if there were any doubt. Mr Knows American elections actually cares about his rep.

No need to even peer out to the ledge.


Andrea is enough to send you out onto the ledge, cathyf? Fortitude, sister! Just wait until you see her horse face tonight, circa 10 EST. No offense to horses.


Same with Rove's body language. I really was not kidding about the Wine Bar comment the other day. Or history. Man loves to talk history.


The only horse face I want to see tonight is Mooch's and I'm betting she doesn't show her face.


More funnies....

AdamSerwer ‏@AdamSerwer

Reporter on CNN just asked a voter in Florida with a USMC tattoo if he spoke English.


Barone not only knows the name of every voter in Ohio, he knows their voting history better than they do. And that of their dead grandmothers, too.


Anyone else having problems with Insty? It suddenly updated with the last post at 9:00 am.

Jane - Mock the media


Barone of Andrea - who do you trust?


Channel your inner Sununu, cathyf.

Danube of Thought on IPad

By God, conserve your soil at all costs. But do not, I repeat do not, hoard it.


obama's trending down on intrade,

when I started watching:

o 73, r 27


o 68.5, r 31.5


JiB-- I'm told you should go with this greek version: κονσερβοποιημένα σκατά

PS: Scent of a Gyro?



Where do you live in ID?


Nice to see some more folks unlurking, like I did with my predictions post. Flannery, I'm in SoCal, and know my vote in the presidential race won't matter, but I'm nonetheless a "ground glass" voter (i.e., will crawl over it to vote), and besides, there's all the stupid ballot initiatives to vote down, and one or two good ones (32) to vote up.



McCall. You?

Dave (in MA)

Last night I was driving through a nearby town and noticed a bunch of Warren (and other) political signs on the lawn in front of a school. I looked it up and found that the school is a public school. Then I checked the town's web site and found that the school is also a polling place. Sounds like an irregularity to me.


Rush said earlier this hour Brad Thor told him Obama plans to announce his victory in the afternoon before the polls close to suppress the Romney vote. Has anyone else heard about this?


It feel like you might be walking through a graveyard with the MSNBC crew.

Danube of Thought on IPad

Hard to be encouraged by Sean Trende at the LUN.


Barbara: The Brad Thor story has been circulating for several hours in multiple places, but I have no idea if it is true.


Off to Taipei via Manila.

See you guys in about 8 hours. Keep optimistic folks.


Daddy-- a quickie-- does Bob Schumpf fly for FedEx?


Stay safe, daddy.

Jim Ryan

Scent of a Gyro?

Yeah, well, when you think about it, what's not to like?

Jim Ryan

the MSNBC crew.

I want to see them have those twitchy corners of the mouth that a person gets when he's about to cry. Is that wrong?

Rob Crawford

I wish there was a place near me I could pick up a decent gyro. The place at the local mall, well, I tried them and it tasted a bit... well, "off".


OK-I switched the Diva's voice lesson to the afternoon so I was not driving all over metro ATL on election night. I think her voice teacher had never heard someone describe themselves as a political junkie.

Keep them off the ledge.


Safe flight Daddy!


WaPo: Hundreds and potentially thousand of voters in Florida’s Pinellas County received automatic calls from the local supervisor of elections mistakenly informing them that they had until 7 p.m. tomorrow to cast their votes. Of course, they actually have until 7 p.m. this evening. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the calls went out between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday because of a phone system glitch.


Danube of Thought on IPad

The magnificent Brit Janet Dailey, after predicting a Romney win:

"So I will take my chances and stake my claim. At least if I am right, I will have the satisfaction of having put it on the record. Way back in 1992, I was absolutely convinced that John Major was going to beat Neil Kinnock – against all the evidence of the polls and the overwhelming received wisdom of the media. I pleaded with the newspaper for whom I worked (not this one) to let me write a piece saying as much. But they refused: it was just too preposterous an idea. So I lost my chance to be the only political journalist to have made a correct prediction of that momentous election in print. Wouldn’t want that to happen again."


I voted at 6 AM. Turnout in my blue hell was high, but it usually is at that time because a lot of people have to catch the commuter train into Bloombergland. Seemed like there was more confusion than normal about where people had to stand on line in the fire station which had about four assembly districts.

Again, I ask you, who would you trust, Michael Barone, or Nate Silver?


CH -- yes, I believe so. We went to an event honoring him after he retired a couple of years ago and one after another, these CW academics were applauding themselves for supporting Carl Stokes back in the day and avoiding the riots on other campuses. A cousin whispered, "It's like they're glacially embedded in 1967." A great line I've used on many occasions since.

Rob Crawford

DebinNC -- usually I shrug off the "they told me the wrong day to vote" complaints, but when it's the supervisor of elections...

Jim Ryan

Rob, yes, I cast a jaundiced eye at most gyros. It has to be legit. It has to be a popular joint or else the meat just sits there. But if there are too many orders, then the meat will come off too rare. Then the guy has to grill it after he cuts it off, so it's done.

Plus, avgolemono. WHAT'S A GUY GOT TO DO TO GET A DAMN AVGOLEMONO SOUP IN THIS WORLD?! The blanks stares I get asking waitresses at Greek joints for avgolemono! Sheesh!

Manuel Transmission

Mel, check your spam filter.


Jim Ryan -- avgolemeno? my 88 yo mother will make you up a batch. I detest the stuff myself.

Rob Crawford

It's weird -- my "neighborhood" has 2.5 sushi places (one is a Thai restaurant with a sushi counter), four Chinese, two really good Mexican restaurants, the usual smattering of American -- and no good Greek or Indian.

I suspect a conspiracy.

I have no idea what the soil and water conservation does, but it sounds like a good place to block the enviros activities, Woot!
At least here in IL what Fish & Wildlife does is to approve every building project of any kind out in the country. Since IL is broke, what this means in practice is that paperwork goes in for approval and then doesn't come back for months or years, with no way to predict when a response will come.

...unless of course "campaign contributions" are sent to the right places...



hit and run

Local reports here so far are that the turnout ain't all that. Steady, but no lines or waits around Greensboro.

We do have this from Raleigh:

Voters at the polls this morning ran the spectrum. Some were so apathetic they left most races blank. Some showed up out of duty rather than inspiration, certain that their votes and the next wave of elected leaders wouldn’t change things much.

Raleigh is in Wake County (which I reported on earlier). It went 57-42 for Obama in 2008.

And from Charlotte:

From reports received around the region, it appears as if long lines formed when the polls opened. But by 8:15 a.m., many precincts were reporting little or no waiting time.

One voter told the Observer she arrived at 8:05 a.m. at Crown Point Elementary School in Matthews (Precinct 216) and found absolutely no line. She voted and left by 8:20 a.m. At Forest Hill Church (Precinct 76) on Park Road, only a handful of voters were in line at 9 a.m.

Charlotte is in Mecklenburg County and is the largest county by population in the state, and second behind Wake in terms of voting. It went 62-38 for Obama in 2008.

Don't tell me Obama didn't bring Change! At least in his supporters enthusiasm.

Bless his heart.

Jim Ryan

EK, you tell the gentle lady she's on! Stuff's to die for. I can make a mean batch, myself, but I'm far too lazy.

I think AA voters are by far the most fearful of a Romney win and the most motivated to vote.
For what it's worth, Deb, turnout in my largely black (though affluent) section of NYC isn't very high -- even overheard some of the locals talking about it.

Whether this Dem urban core turns out big again is likely the difference between a medium Romney win (a la Bush-Kerry) and a thrashing. So far, at least from anecdotal accounts, the unicorn magic seems missing.

hit and run

Annie from the RNC wants to remind me that today is Election Day. ::slaps forehead:: I almost forgot.


[via Michelle Malkin]
From Mr. "You listen to me" himself in Philly yesterday:

“You’re laughing, but who wants a president who will knowingly, repeatedly tell you something he knows is not true?” [Bill] Clinton asked, after discounting a claim in a recent Romney ad that the Obama administration’s auto bailout hurt American workers.


Peter, I trust that Silver is as wrong in 2012 as he was in 2010 on US electons and on UK election.

Rob Crawford

Oh, and don't even TRY to find Turkish food. There's a dish I had in Istanbul last year that I'd love to have again, but I can't even find a recipe, let alone a restaurant that serves it.

Bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, chicken livers, and a few other things...





Stephanie, Glenn's site is busted for me too. His RSS feed still works, though, and I've been reading through a mobile app.


avgolemeno-- alright -- IF RR win. My sister will have to help my mother make it, and I ain't going to hang with that JEF voter makin' soup if JEF wins.

Jack is Back!


Janet Daley is American born (don't tell TK) who has lived in London since 1965. She is a Berkley educated left-winger who got mugged when she moved to England. Met her at the 911 remembrance at the Embassy. One classy and smart lady.


" Sounds like an irregularity to me."

Anything that has Warren involved is irregular IMO. Everything about her reeks of fraud.

Scroll down for the truck!Best anti Obama Sign I've seen today.


I appreciate the inquiries about my new poet, Mel and Frau, but first things first--an appropriate new wardrobe with lots and lots of hidden pockets.

And I'm practicing for pressers:

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