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December 21, 2012


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Nothing will be done about guns except a minor tweaking which will be overturned by the courts because it is unconstitutional. It is another stick to beat the republicans with. Biden will mess this up just like the stimulus and then lie about it.

Danube of Thought


Rob Crawford
assault pistols

Ah, Gawd, another made-up bullshit propaganda term.


NY Times reports that NYS is bankrupt due to social program overspending-- OMG, who could have seen that coming!!!! Who says so? A pair of elderly LIBERALS, Paul Volcker and Richard Ravitch, both 80+ yo, brilliant and public spirited men-- WHO CAN DO ARITHMATIC. Yes back in the day liberal like Volcker and Ravitch worked for a living and didn't scheme to suck at the tax teat their entire lives. Their days have passed. This will be the headlines for the next few years ladies and gents, Blue State and Euro Nation and USA Fed Gov't bankruptcies: the defaults can't start soon enough as far as I'm concerned:

Rob Crawford

Curiously, there is no definition of "assault pistol" from the rigorous academics from the University of Penn. Instead, there is an illustration of the cosmetic features that make some pistols all scary and shit -- an illustration credited to the "Center to Prevent Handgun Violence".

University of Pennsylvania... they've been in the news a lot lately. Not for the reliability of their scholarship, though.


We are going to the cabin for a peaceful and restful Christmas. I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Jane:  Mock the Media

I don't understand why Bill Ayers and Eric Holder were not named to the gun task force.

Jane:  Mock the Media

Merry Christmas Marlene. It still seems like a long way away to me.


Well, the Left continues to try to spin Newtown. The Atlanta paper's ed blog just published a letter from a UGA ed prof that we focus too much on blacks in hoodies instead of the White males and we this need gun control.

He turns out to be a Marxist prof pushing the dialogic classroom to create what he calls wobble in the student's belief system.

This is shameful to be doing in the first place, to write a letter trying to redirect attention, or papers publishing.

I spent morning going through Bill Spady's work from 90s and he's clearly targeting a planned society. Spheres of living frameworks and committees to plan coupled with estimating future conditions and writing those up. And making that a way to get community buy in.

Time to take the Diva shopping.

I feel like scrooge.

Jim Ryan

You can tell by looking at them. They have that machine gun look, like those tommy guns in A Bridge Too Far. Ban them! Only D.C. should have the power to mow large numbers of us down! We should not be able to mow them down back!


Merry Christmas, Marlene!

Rick Ballard


The Marxist prof (is there any other kind?) is correct if he is directing his comments to whites. Six out of seven whites killed are killed by white savages. The incidence rate is so low that paying attention to getting moderate exercise has a much better return on time spent, particularly if you happen to live and work outside the rotting urban core.

If you're black and chained up on a prog plantation in a Blue Hell, then spending time worrying about black savages who look like they might be the President's son is worth it. Nine out of ten black victims are killed by black perpetrators and blacks are killed at about eight times the rate of whites (the rate is actually much higher than even that in Blue Hells served by diligent community organizers seeking additional sales territory).


assault pistols? really?

These people are deranged. Do they have bayonet lugs? Flash suppressors? Scary appendages for God knows what? Are they in nasty assault pistol calibers? .9mm?

There simply is no reasoning with these clowns. They do not understand nor do they wish to.

Other than that, happy to have survived the Mayan Apocalypse. Not so happy to be at work, but now we have Christmas, All the best marlene!

Rob Crawford
Are they in nasty assault pistol calibers? .9mm?

From the list they gave, it appeared the majority were in .22 LR. Which, I suspect, the "researchers" took to mean "it's a pistol that accepts a rifle round".


Well you may have something Rick, the good profs commentary was not loony enough to hit the Yahoo
circle, I don't think;

Rob Crawford

narciso -- the "emptywheel" thugs are the ones who a week ago were tripping over each other to explain why Steve Crowder deserved a beat-down. I take any claims they make to be against violence with a block of salt.


Yes, I know , but it's still a crazy reaction, this is the local version of EJ Dionne I take it;

Jack is Back

Sam Donaldson arrested for Drunk Driving (and yelling too much).


Seriously, how could you tell, the Kevin Nealon parody, was only slightly off character


Had lunch with a group of women the other day--older gals that would be about my Mom's age and that is getting pretty grown up--and the subject of gun control came up.
One woman thought assault weapon was like a machine gun that could fire massive rounds a minute.
Now I know nothing of guns. I have a shotgun with a pistol grip--a pretty pathetic attempt at self preservation but then I don't live in a prog hell and in relatively safe community.
But I have read about guns and tried to explain to this woman that the assault rifle in discussion could only fire as fast as a person could pull the trigger. And a young person with good reflexes and strength could possibly fire a considerable amount in a short period of time.
There are many misperceptions "out there".
All these old gals are just horrified O being president and a few are old type democrats. One eighty eight year old is still pretty liberal but no one paid too much attention to her :-)

Thomas Collins

Narciso, many people question whether Sanchez or Tebow will ever play at the level an NFL quarterback needs to play to lead his team to the Super Bowl. Now, Sanchez has already been part of two Jets teams that made it one game from the Super Bowl, but his play is deteriorating.

Jack is Back


I'll try: They both suck.

But the real problem is the head coach Rex Ryan. He hasn't got an offensive cell in his brain. He is a defense guy only. Tebow proves he can lead but still has a problem passing the ball pro like - reading defenses and finding his receiver. Sanchez has been overrated for some time now.

The Jets need to start over from GM, Head Coach and all staff on down.


So when do they fire Ryan, a rhetorical question, probably around Spring, when he's through hibernating


Jet fan since 1967 here-- Fire Tannenbaum (GM), Ryan (Buffoon), the coaches, the waterboys, the chherleaders and the Priest. Hire Saban to run the damn thing.

Thomas Collins

In contrast to the Jets, narciso, the Washington Redskins have two quarterbacks, both rookies, who are playing pretty well. See LUN.


PS: Tebow- great guy, not an NFL quarterback-- anybody notice what Denver is doing with a 'washed up' Peyton Manning?


Well you can't have one player carry the whole team, but it's striking how they make excuses for Sanchez, because they say replacing him would blow the salary cap.


Tebow actually won a bunch of games, JiB, and was packed off with a bum's rush. Sanchez has been on a downward trend for at least 3 1/2 seasons now. I agree about an overhaul.

Once again the low information voters and received knowledge seem to dominate the conversation. Reagan once said that we are one generation from tyranny, and the fact that these voices are so loud in the conversation lend credence to Reagan's fears.

A buddy of mine used to do a spiel for the kids that explained what guns can do when handled properly and improperly. Part of it involved what a 12 gauge does to a watermelon. The purpose was to teach them that guns were not toys and were very dangerous if misused.

I think it might be a good idea to educate the populations of the blue hells in these facts. The NRA can sponsor outreach programs to the liberal community.

Captain Hate

Per Tammy Bruce, Reporting for Doody has been nominated for Secretary of State.


Sticking with Sanchez was the problem.

It was obvious from day one that he sucks. First year, he threw so many pics they had to rein him in and go almost all run. Same the 2nd year. 3rd and 4th they unleashed him, and he's got the league's most turnovers since then, with a pathetic QB rating, near the bottom of the heap. He sucks, but they gave him a big contract extension anyway (blame Tannenbaum), and couldn't find the management guts to bench him while the season was still saveable (Ryan).

I don't blame Tebow. They brought him here telling him and everyone else that he'd play, and how could he have been worse than Sanchez? They should have put him in, but now it's too late. Both he and Sanchez should be gone.

Greg McElroy will probably look good this week and next, and then who knows? Maybe he'll take over and be good.


Your lunchtime tv viewing on Turner Classic Movies: an educational short, "The Case Against the 20% Federal Admissions Tax on Motion Picture Theaters".

A reminder of the "death toll" of theaters due to the tax, calling out Congressmen by name (some of whom are still in office) and telling them how many theaters have closed in their states.

A theater owner explaining that the tax completely wipes out his profit. A theater owner and widow explaining that once the onerous government forces her out of business (she's already using the life insurance payment from her late husband's death to pay the tax), her theater will no longer be available for school fundraisers or Christian services while the church is being renovated.

It must have worked, too. I don't think there's a 20% surtax on the twenty bucks they charge for a ticket these days.


Well here's some unmitigated good news, sort of, in the LUN



It's amusing how the corporation haters don't seem to realize or care that these kinds of tax hikes more often than not benefit the big evil corporations by forcing the mom and pops out of business.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--LCMs are used in crime much more often than AWs and accounted for 14% to 26% of guns used in crime prior to the ban.--

Don't suppose anyone cared to break that down into crimes in which the large capacity became any kind of factor in the crime committed.
My guess? Somewhere south of .01%.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It would be helpful if jor could supply his previous recommendations for Dems to meekly submit to Republican demands when they lost the popular vote.

Rob Crawford
He's about two quarts low at this point;

Two quarts low or four pints over his limit?


Narciso, no surprise on the movie bookings. The progs, Obama, & press have us living a non-stop level 11 guilt trip anyway... nobody would volunteer for more.


Right we remember the calm dispassionate way they reacted, I think it was 'Ohio, signs of a police state;

Captain Hate

The JEF attended Inouye's service at the National Cathedral today and ended up talking about himself.

Have Blue

The current meme in the press is that "there is no purpose for 'assault weapons' or large capacity magazines (the famous 'high magazine clip' of lefty news casters) other than 'mowing down large numbers of defenseless people'.

Yet the press coverage of the Newtown shooting features photos and videos of dozens of police officers, all carrying AR-15 type rifles and equipped with thirty round magazines.

I ask rhetorically, Were they worried that they might be attacked by the fifth grade class from Reed Elementary?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Salon begins to wonder over the oppression of same species marriage.
Note that the path from Lawrence to legal bestiality is philosophically considerably longer than the path from consenting animals to consenting children.


I had that up at 1:06, of course, the late night comics will find nothing funny in that,

Captain Hate

Has Huelskamp ever had a female aide found dead in his office like Condit ScarredBurro has?

Rob Crawford

Have I mentioned before how disconcerting it is to see the left more interested in restricting a fundamental liberty practiced by their countrymen than they were in dealing with al'Qaeda?

After 9/11 they called for restraint and asked "why do they hate us". After Newtown they've been screaming "lynch the NRA!"

I'm utterly fed up with the left.

Captain Hate

Ach, so you did, narc.


The revolting performace of the Benghazi hearings also on that Mediaite link, well 'toads the wet sprocket,'

In other news, I found out from the Journal, that Roberto Ampuero, the center right Chilean novelist, is now their ambassador to Mexico, the occasion of the latest translation, the Allende
case, brings the story up,

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce is on an awesome rant about the Olympic working girl; I really hope she makes a public podcast out of this so it can be enjoyed by the interworld.


There's a high creep factor, there, I mean is there any shame left, rhetorical question;


narciso's 2:38 link is to Jonathan Tobin at Commentary in a piece that reads like it might have been published word for word in The New Republic.

Apparently according to Tobin, the NRA's reaction to Sandy Hook ought to have been an offer of a menu of ways in which it was prepared to be reeeeesonable about future gun control legislation.


Today was a continuation of those with a longterm track record of pushing for Dewey's Transformation seizing on Newtown as a means of taking guns away from the populace they have been working so hard to mentally subjugate.

Disarm physically mentally, emotionally, and financially seems to be the intent.


Ala Oliver Twist, Porch, I can just imagine Rubin's apopeclectic tone, in 3,2,1. . .

Mark Folkestad

Fox News had a highly-regarded reporter on this morning, talking about the reports that Hammar is being released today from that Mexican hell-hole. He consistently referred to the .410 shotgun as a "rifle". My guess is that he can't fathom that a bolt action gun could be anything other than a rifle. Sheesh.

Cecil Turner

I think I see: a nutjob uses a weapon that was in compliance with a previous version of "assault weapons" ban . . . in a venue specifically made safe by legislating against the possession of any firearm . . . and the answer is another version of "assault weapon" ban.

And because the Second Amendment specifically prohibits bans on military-style weapons, we must ban those features commonly found on military weapons.

Er, good luck with that. And personally, I think the best example of clueless nutty gun grabbers is still "the shoulder thing that goes up."


would have been better for the NRA not to offer any 'policy proposals' and simply say it will continue to serve the millions of gun owners in this country by providing education and training for its members and the public., and NRA will continue its long time collaboration with law enforcement agencies to bring to justice criminals who use guns illegally in the commission of a crime. thank you and merry christmas and a happy new year.


Not a bad response NK if it were "peacetime," so to speak. But it isn't peacetime. There is an army of gun grabbers practicing maneuvers. NRA cannot afford to be passive in response; it looks defensive and like an admission of guilt.


.. instead NRA sounds just as silly as the Leftist gun grabbers..(plus raising the issue of who pays for this?) it would have been better to speak softly, and use the big stick of voters when the Lefties introduce their overreaching stuff -- express shock at the Left's bad faith and using dead children to increase their power. that would have played much better


That would have been too late. The time to use the big stick is now.


Remember when you check out the link that Cecil put up at 02:57, you are looking at an actual US lawmaker. Someone who makes the laws we have to live under.
Unbelievable-there are actually US citizens who voted for her to make the laws we have to live under.
That is scary.

Charlie (Colorado)

Note that the path from Lawrence to legal bestiality is philosophically considerably longer than the path from consenting animals to consenting children.

Well, actually many states allow consenting children to marry, particularly if they have their parents' consent.


Yes, she was the author of the previous gun ban in the House, which did little good, but made her feel better, the last was prompted by Colin Ferguson's rampage on the subway.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Well, actually many states allow consenting children to marry, particularly if they have their parents' consent.

Posted by: Charlie (Colorado) | December 21, 2012 at 03:12 PM--

I think you're missing the point.
If an animal can be considered to have given its consent, the concept of statutory rape is in grave peril.


The Big Stick? .. is spending Billions of tax dollars to put union cops in schools? that's the NRA's big stick?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--.. instead NRA sounds just as silly as the Leftist gun grabbers..--

Indeed. Perhaps if the NRA were to follow the tried and true Duke and Duke conciliatory policies it could transform itself from an organization that has made gun control a virtual third rail for the Dems into another DC institution which slowly bargains our liberties away.


the NRA wins by being able to affect votes in Senate and certain House elections. Proposing to spend Billions sounds like Duke and Duke to me, doesn't it?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Offense wins in politics.
Defense loses. Duke and Duke only plays defense.

Rob Crawford

NK, the "spend billions and billions" line came from a rabid lefty.



If you are still around there is a detail I left out in responding to your inquiry yesterday. There was a book assigned at that San Diego high school that all teachers and staff were to read and make the basis of the classroom. So I located a used copy of that particular edition and when I read the foreword I discovered the story of the Standards for Learning and Teaching and that they were created in Chicago in the early 90s. That they came out of the late 80s school wars in Chicago which I understood from Steve Diamond writing about it. That the standards had been funded by a grant from the Joyce Foundation in particular that I then crossreferenced to dates bo was on the board. Later on it explained the involvement of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge with it. That was interesting. More research put Ayers with more active involvement and a regular habit of working with the creators.

I put all that away although I picked up on what the standards were doing and why. Left it alone until both Ed Week and bo started referring to those standards as the common core. Then I wrote a story on it a while back. It was following through on all the elements of what that SD high school touted as a paradigm shift though that led me to really recognizing how involved bo and Ayers had been. And that when he uses that precise term it is not a generic term but quite embued with what is expected.


By big stick I'm using your words. I mean they have to go on offense, not play defense like you've suggested. The idea of having a "good guy with a gun" in schools plays to their supporters (which include pro-union Dems) much more than taking away everyone's guns. It may not be an ideal solution but you are suggesting they basically say nothing until the Dems have a giant gun grab package tied up with a bow. Ain't gonna work.

Danube of Thought on IPad

"Assault weapons and large-capacity magazines manufactured before 1994 were exempted from the ban, meaning that more than 1.5 million assault weapons remained in circulation."

Here's a bulletin: they'd have remained in circulation (by other means) even if the hadn't been exempted.


using onduty police in every school will be a permanent gigantic expense... ExhibitA, the TSA and DHS. No thanks. I agree, when you are in the right play offense, nothing I said is contrary to that. IMO making a policy proposal is NOT offense, it's defensive passing the buck. better off to say the NRA is the same as it ever was, except with more members in more places. Let the Left make useless proposals, then shoot them down with reason, and more importantly with the threat to Dems in Senate and certain House seats that they will be primaried, and then strongly opposed in the general. The NRA, same as it ever was-- that's playing offense.


I'd like to think so NK but I think the left has the big hammer right now and it looks like the public is going to go along with it. Your suggestion as to what the NRA should do seem like they will be too little, too late.



Do you get the impression the Romney advisors who netted so much while being obtuse to underlying aspects have become NRA advisors?


In 1993 when I worked at a public high school, the first person I saw as I entered the building each day was an armed security guard. They have them at the mall and at banks. Let's give some retirees from the police force some extra money and keep our schools secure.
At my small Catholic women's college in the 70's we had security. The best offense is a good defense. The problem is not guns. He had them legally through his mother's ownership. The problem is mental illness and a desire for notoriety. Obama should know all about that being the narcissist that he is on every occasion.

Jane - Mock the Media!

Has anyone heard from PoFarmer lately?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

He commented two or three days ago, Jane.

Jack is Back


Someone noted he was visiting the Vatican looking for trouble:)


Total agreement. We have Vets coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, retired cops (we have one at our school who helps out with the athletic program), off-duty cops, etc. Let protect our kids without resorting to destroying our rights and empowering DC to do more harm.


Everyone else is a distant second to IowaHawk-- but GayPatriot has some fantastic mocking tweets foe BarryI:


I saw Pofarmer on a recent thread, I think, Jane.


rse, it is quite possible.


I just wanted to let you guys know I have not sent any emails to anyone lately. I have one that appears to be from Rick and then several from me to others. Don't open them. I didn't send them.

Jack is Back


If ever I got an email from you I would print it, have Mrs. JiB frame it and hang it over our fireplace:)


Awww...that is so sweet, JIB.


anyone here what Obama said at his press conference on the "fiscal cliff"? Shouldn't he be in Hawaii by now?

Looks like the end of the world has been postponed.

Jack is Back


That and Blazing Saddles and The Producers are still the greatest satirical movies ever made.


They are certainly on my list of favorites,JiB.

Rob Crawford

The left says gun owners are dangerous and paranoid -- but have spent the last week making death threats and calling for the abrogation of their inalienable rights.

The left says Muslims are peace-loving and not a threat to anyone -- but go out of their way to censor all criticism of Muslims.


Agree with Porch about offense being the best defense. Just paraphrase Coulter. No specific policy proposal, just point out that the only way to stop these monsters is with a gun.


Yes, Rob, it's Mystery Prog Theatre 3000, 'Lumber Jack prof' among them, and striving for some recognition since when ever Joyce Carol Oates,

Danube of Thought on IPad

For my money, those in the House who torpedoed Plan B made a bad mistake. In defense of the principle that no one's taxes should be raised, they ensured that (a) everyone's taxes will be raised, and (b) the GOP will be blamed for it. If that's playing offense, it's doing so by throwing a series of pick sixes.

It's similar to the principled stands that have handed five Senate seats to the Democrats in the last two elections.


Of course, a jackwagon like Weigel would not get the point;

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