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December 17, 2012


Rob Crawford

Janet, we're lucky the guy didn't post a rant about Mohammed.

Melinda Romanoff


Being "In Character"* is not to be discussed.

*Wearing camo and bullet proof vest.

Question begs "What character?".

Melinda Romanoff

Uh-oh. Looks like Michael Moore's guard team has some legal problems.

With an unregistered, ahem, weapon.

Melinda Romanoff

Linkie, form Dana Loesch.

Melinda Romanoff




This is called triplethink;


MelR-- from your Fox news link:

"Police took Patrick Burke, who says Moore employs him, into custody after he declared he was carrying a firearm at a ticket counter. Burke is licensed to carry a firearm in Florida and California, but not in New York. Burke was taken to Queens central booking and could potentially be charged with a felony for the incident.
Moore's 2003 Oscar-winning film "Bowling for Columbine" criticizes what Moore calls America's "culture of fear" and its obsession with guns."

Excellent snark from Fox news. Reminds me of when that fat turd Rosie O'D demanded that she be able to employ armed guards to protect her adopted kids-- BUT NOBODY else shoul have firearms. Disgraceful hypocrits. In other news, Sammie Jackson says don't blame hollywood movies and video games for mass shootings!!


Which kind of reminds me, of the reviews for Pulp Fiction, back in '94, which the Spectator,
pointed out, were curiously indifferent to the bloody rampages it portrayed,,


Russell Simmons, another one of those who made hyperviolence and misogyny 'cool' through hip hop, is also 'quelle surprise' protected by body guards. while often deriding gun owners and the police.

Jack is Back!

Darn it. In my letter to Santa, I only asked for a Nuclear Cannon and now Bloomie wants to ban them.


I'm holding out for a 'plasma rifle in forty watt range'

Rob Crawford

JiB -- you mean I can't have a Davy Crockett?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Economists say the latter number is the most concerning of all – since the country gets practically nothing in exchange for that. It’s just paying the bills on the debt, and the number is subject to wild fluctuation.--

Like jimmyk, I'd argue we get more in return by returning investor's money to them than we do by employing an army of Sebeliuses to manage our lives.

Melinda Romanoff

What? A warp gun is too messy for you?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm one of those guys who never quite understood the social pressure to ignore the misdeeds of someone when they croak.
Inyoue was a war hero who no doubt endured much.
That he then went on to a career of doing everything he could to tear down the structures that make this country great is of the public record and part of his legacy.

I can still remember his disgraceful, monotonous baritone saying "over-ruled" again and again whenever anyone attempted to insert a little justice in his farcical hearings during Iran-Contra.

Jack is Back!

ICYMI, Bret Stephen's take on Hagel's Jewish problem.

I understand that there is a push for Michele Flournoy to make her the first woman Secretary of Defense.


I would say, he passes for a journalist, more likely a journolist;

Captain Hate

The future must not belong to those who glorify violence.

Yeah I'm not getting why the people who make extremely graphic splatter films that make emptying a clip into a person a cartoonish act get a pass when somebody with a tenuous grasp of reality does just that. What rights are Whoreyweird willing to sacrifice for the common good? Shouldn't this be part of the "national discussion"?


A link and a comment:

The top Republican in Arizona is a birther and Arizona is 30% Hispanics(who hate racist birthers)and Romney beat Obama by a larger margin than McCain did in 2008.

Makes me go hmmm.


So ... we'll voluntarily acquiesce to liberals' demands for gun control in an effort to "save the children", but by doing so we'll disarm ourselves and future generations to suffer the tyranny of a despotic and authoritarian Federal or UN-style "One World" government that will enslave them.


they're talking about $2.15 trillion in savings over the next decade, split between tax increases and spending cuts.

We must reject the Orwellian use of the word "savings" when applied to tax increases. If only because it makes my blood pressure skyrocket.

Beyond that, the revenues projected from tax increases are almost certainly vastly exaggerated. In addition, any increase in tax revenues will result in some additional spending, so the answer to your question is that the impact on the deficit will be far less than projected.

James D.

jimmyk, I agree with both your points.

I'm just wondering how, even if the deal worked exactly as described, there's any real impact on the defecit, since it's over $1 trillion/year and the most it could be reduced by is $215 billion.

By my math, that leaves $800 billion/year (or more, since the defecit is probably closer to $1.1 or $1.2 trillion in the first place) defecits forever,

Our side would have to be insane,and stupid beyond the ability of the language to properly express, to take such a deal.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Our side would have to be insane,and stupid beyond the ability of the language to properly express, to take such a deal.--

I'll take that bet. :)

Melinda Romanoff

Ethan Klapper- "Today is the first day since Hawaii became a state that it has not been represented by Daniel Inouye."


Yikes, one of the keys on my keyboard was stuck so I turned it over & have been shaking it & hittin' around on it. Good's embarrassing. Practically a whole ash tray in there & maybe half a bag of pretzels.
Works now that's good.

Rob Crawford

Keyboard leavin's, Janet?

Melinda Romanoff

Boehner offers Plan B. Reid waits three minutes to shoot it down.


Keyboard leavin's, Janet?

Hah! yeah, it's a good thing I'm such a skilled tech repair woman.

Rob Crawford

One summer in college I worked on campus and spent some time cleaning keyboards. Keyboards that had been in dorm rooms.



Just to be clear:

The future must not belong to those who say the future must not belong to those who glorify whatever those who say the future must not belong to want to glorify.


You were a brave man, Rob.

Melinda Romanoff

Pelosi shoots down Boehner's Plan B.


Janet, even keyboards need to eat.

Melinda Romanoff

WH shoots down Boehner.


G...O...O..V..E...R...T...H...E...C...L...I...F...F; let the muddle start paying payroll taxes again, let them have Income Tax witholding go up-- or be told by their employer they will owe taxes on tax day. Conservatives have suffered from the Bush/Rove plan to give huge working class income tax breaks, instead of making them repub voters it made them more reliant on and expecting more and more freebies. FIX THAT MISTAKE NOW....make everyone feel the effect of taxes. we'll all be better off for it.


... and if Repubs/Conservatives worry about the cliff? fear not... Obama is terrified of it-- the resulting recession will be his, and his margin of victory middle/upper middle class workers will be pissed at the 10% tax increase. Let him come to conservatives after the cliff-- it will never hapen anyway.. he'll extend tax rates while talking continues.

Melinda Romanoff


Wrong. He couldn't care less.

Have Blue

OT - Weather Forecast for Friday, 12/21/12
Posted by: Barbara | December 17, 2012 at 06:38 PM

My local station did the same thing with the morning weather a few days ago except they had listed the high temperature as 1800 degrees and the low as -951.

Fire and Ice

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

I think it is time for Boehner to take his family on vacation. His negotiating against himself must be very stressful, and the poor guy needs a break.

Have Blue

Extraneous at 6:59 (Referring to the sex act revealing workers comp fraud)

Reminds me of a case here in Connecticut many years ago. School staff person was out on workmans comp due to a back injury when she was arrested during a Valentines Day raid on a massage parlor (brothel) in Willimantic.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Conservatives have suffered from the Bush/Rove plan to give huge working class income tax breaks, instead of making them repub voters it made them more reliant on and expecting more and more freebies. FIX THAT MISTAKE NOW....make everyone feel the effect of taxes. we'll all be better off for it.--



MelR@1140-- perhaps. EVEN MORE reason not to deal with him. The House should pass its tax code and budget, the Senate will do nothing even with 55 votes. The recession will crater tax receipts, even with higher rates. What happens?, voters will be paying higher taxes, the deficit wlll be higher, and cuts will be necessary because the money has run out. Voters should learn from that...and if they don't? That's fine IMO, because the OPM will have run out, and that's what stops socialism cold... see the USSR and Greece.

Captain Hate

I'm with Jim Rhoads; why waste your time playing solitaire? Does he think his "friends" in the MFM will give him any credit for his efforts?

Melinda Romanoff

iBama is using Chicago style negotiating tactics, where his opening offer is where YOU are supposed to start. Anything else is just noise.

Danube of Thought

Appears there's some stuff about Inouye of which I was unaware.

BB Key

DoT, I remember Inouye from the Watergate committee .

Rick Ballard


Mad Ben's synthetic OPM coupled with his control of the markets may stretch things out longer than we believe possible. Consider the markets being green this morning after a horrendous capex report, Immelt noting GovEl is resting comfortably and Fred Smith noting FedEx is achieving great savings due to not having buy fuel because his planes aren't carrying nearly as much weight as they used to.

We're in a Smiley Face recession at the moment - it's going to take a jump in unemployment to get the Frowny Face going and that may not happen due to more workers withdrawing in order to truly enjoy all the benefits of BOzonomics.

I can't think of a historical parallel to this state of complete idiocy.


"Mr. Speaker:

To understand the federal budget mess and the so-called fiscal cliff, it’s important to remember three numbers: 39, 37 and 64.

Thirty nine percent is the combined increase of inflation and population over the last ten years. Thirty nine percent.

Thirty seven percent is the increase in revenues during the same period. That’s despite the recession and tax cuts. Not quite keeping place, but pretty close.

Sixty four is what’s killing us. Sixty four percent is the increase in federal spending in that period. That’s nearly twice the rate of inflation and population over the last ten years.

The spending side of the fiscal cliff is the so-called sequester: automatic cuts in federal spending. To hear some tell it, these cuts will mean the end of western civilization.

Hardly. After a 64 percent increase in expenditures this decade, the sequester doesn’t actually cut spending at all: it simply limits spending growth next year to about a half a percent.

I opposed the budget deal that created the sequester last year because it fell woefully short of what Standard and Poors clearly warned was necessary to preserve the nation’s triple-A credit rating. Sadly, that fear was born out. But now, the sequester is all we have.

It’s true that defense takes the brunt of it, but does our defense spending today really need to be higher – inflation adjusted -- than it was at the height of the Vietnam War, when we faced down the Soviet Union and had 500,000 combat troops in the field?

The sequester isn’t stepping off a cliff – it’s taking one step back from the cliff..."




McClintock is right of course-- it's all about the spending, if spending had grown 40% (inflation + population) we'd have 200B-300B structural deficit, instead of 1.2-1.3TRILLION structural deficit. It's all about the spending boys and girls, all about the spending. As McClintock says, go over the cliff, do nothing until the dems cut spending... that will take along, long time.

Frau Schiessgewehr

"in that sense put him
as the Mark Halperin of the early 16th century,

lol narciso

Mark Who?

Ja Frau, wunderbar. The thing about n is that it is so easy to think that he's always that good, but I just don't get it.

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