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December 30, 2012


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Captain Hate

“You send a message,” he said, “when you don’t do anything.”

Is that message "We aren't shameful whores who will use the deaths of innocents, about which we otherwise couldn't care less, to make political points"?


pretty much Capn, pretty much sums it up.


Perhaps that message is: "we are not shameless enough to fundraise from our base on the graves of innocent victims of a deranged shooter, who by the way was on the street because of our caring and concern for the downtrodden deranged in this country."


Well that was Tucson, in a nutshell, wasn't it.


"Nazi Weapons Act of 1938 (Translated to English)

Classified guns for "sporting purposes".

All citizens who wished to purchase firearms had to register with the Nazi officials and have a background check.

Presumed German citizens were hostile and thereby exempted Nazis from the gun control law.

Gave Nazis unrestricted power to decide what kinds of firearms could, or could not be owned by private persons.

The types of ammunition that were legal were subject to control by bureaucrats.

Juveniles under 18 years could not buy firearms and ammunition."

Captain Hate

Speaking of DiFi, she's now on FNS with Miss Lindsey talking about the 'retardation of the economy' if they don't reach a deal. That's her area of expertise, no?

Captain Hate

DiFi says that Hillary "Bonk" Rodham "had a very real accident and should be ready to testify".

Captain Hate

Miss Linsey said there will be very few Republican votes for Chuck "Final Solution" Hagel.


'Transparency they said, would be a good thing'

Danube of Thought

How 'bout them Skins, CH? Biggest game in D.C. tonight in a long, long time.

I'll just keep saying it: 300 million firearms already in the hands of the citizenry, and that's where they'll stay. No law will change that.

Captain Hate

DoT, this is the biggest game since HOF Joe Gibbs v1.0 was on the sideline. The future is bright no matter what happens but nothing is guaranteed and, with there being no prohibitive Super Bowl favorite right now, why not the Skins now.

Shanahan pere et fils have done an outstanding job of designing an offense around the unique skills of RG3. It's not enough to have a freakishly athletic QB there; he needs to be quick enough to outrun the DEs and LBs *and* have great arm strength and decision making to make it work.

Captain Hate

Dumb and Dumber should be the title for a thread on Monkeyboy interviewing the JEF.


Now that we've dispensed with the absurd, why is it so hard to get a solid bench, past two players, it seems the more they are paid, with a few exceptions, the worse the performance,

Captain Hate

What is that in reference to, narc? The Heat?


Ouch, that applies, but generally in professionally sports, I mean they were more than Staubach, Tarkenton, et al,

Jack is Back

On the bandwagon with the band:

Hail to the Redskins,
Hail Victory,
Braves on the Warpath,
Fight for Old DC.

Who said Andy Reid would keep his job? He and Schurmur are in a shoulder and elbow fight to be the first to squeeze out the door.


I don't know how they got any other impression after the interview with Lurie, maybe had be brought a bucket of chum. for the sharks,

Jack is Back

Obama on the David Gregory Show aka MTP says we should "ban high capacity magazines/clips":

You may have to click on the photo for the full size.


Gun manufacturers should have come up with new names for their guns, such as:

The Feinstein: It has a big butt, short and stocky and doesn't shoot straight.

The Biden: Shoots only yourself in the foot and used for circular firing squads only. Comes with extra plugs.


You woulod think Gregory and Obama could have 'come together' and at least discussed banning guns at Sidwell Friends.

You have to wonder if the Secret Service even did a background check on Gregory before him being allowed to see the President. Wasn't the SS a little worried about how Gregory is so callous in disregarding gun laws??


I still think of Gregory coming out before the cameras were turned on with his "yes I really am this tall. Get over your surprise."

Came across as a just above room temp script reader with a definite set of talking points on ed that just happened to align perfectly with the dirigiste interests of both GE and comcast.

But it's for the children. The future.

Like this organized assault. Disarm all means of protest. Literal or figurative.


True, rse, it's like the template for clean energy was set forth, nearly 20 years ago, in Burke's 'After the Warming'

Jack is Back

Andy Kaufman fits the description of someone you would consider a candidate for commitment. I wonder if he ever owned a gun?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I think we're going about this all wrong. Rather than trying to identify and corral these nutjobs why couldn't we declare congress and the halls of our nations bureaucracies gun free zones and direct these whackos away from schools and playgrounds to places where they might, collaterally at least, provide a public service before they off themselves?


Well Jim Carrey's portrayal, made him seem much crazier then even I thought possible,

Manuel Transmission

A friend sent me a link to a newsletter by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. I've not heard of him, but I'm assuming many of you have. He seems a bit derisive of all sides of events as we get to know about them, but I'm intrigued by some of his observations:

A shooting incident occurs. The government puts out a story. Agendas form and take the place of the story. Unresolved issues disappear in heated dispute over agendas. Gun control advocates blame guns, and Second Amendment defenders blame other factors.

When the media permit agenda to take precedence over news, people lose confidence in the media and distrust spreads deeper into society. If the media and the government are opposed to conspiracy theories, they should not foster the theories by mishandling the news.

Newsletter LUN


Those who forget the past are doomed to study Mary Seacole and Olaudah Equiano.

In a remarkable development in Britain, an effort is being made to reintroduce into the grade school thru High school curriculum the teaching of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Nelson, and Winston Churchill. Tory Education Secretary Michael Gove faces war with equality activists as he axes Labour's PC curriculum that dropped greatest figures from history lessons.

Gove, RSE's British Doppelganger, is pushing the following:

Some of the greatest figures in Britain’s past are to be restored to their rightful place in history, thanks to an overhaul of the school curriculum.

The likes of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Nelson and Winston Churchill had been dropped from history lessons under the last Labour Government in a move critics said was driven by ‘political correctness’.

But under a new ‘back-to-basics’ shake-up, pupils will again have to study these traditional historic figures – and not social reformers such as Jamaican-born nurse Mary Seacole and former black slave Olaudah Equiano, who were introduced into the 2007 curriculum.

The revisions, spearheaded by Tory Education Secretary Michael Gove, are certain to anger equality activists who believe history lessons are too skewed towards white British men.

And just look at what else will drive Brit Educators into fits:

Leaked drafts of the new history curriculum, to be published in the New Year, show that schools will be required to cover the Norman Conquest, Henry II and his conflict with the Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket, and King John and his power struggles with the Barons that resulted in the Magna Carta.

Gor' Blimey!


Well he's a borderline 9/11 denialist, MT,


The Resistance:

Now... Some of us breathe more deeply with mention of the Sons of Liberty, and most of us stand just a little taller with thoughts of 1776. But the anti-freedom forces have made a lot of progress in this country -- so much so, in recent years, that times have changed; we've entered a "new reality" (thank you, Andy Barniskis) -- and a better model for us than the Concord Patriots may now be the French Resistance during the Nazi occupation.

When someone asks who's writing RKBA! everywhere, and wants to know who we are -- tell them we're The Resistance.

We're not the NRA (although most of us may be members); we're not any other group. We're not conservative Republicans. We're not the Christian religion, in any of its versions. We're not for or against abortion, legalization or suppression of drugs, or any other issue except individual liberty and the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

And because -- like the French Maquis of the early 1940s -- we're the voice of freedom in a country governed by tyranny, we're also the Underground. Yes, that's already happened; the Clinton-Gore-Reno mentality of government control still dominates much of American society (and most of the rest of the world), and it won’t go away. Even now (2004), with a Bush-Cheney-Ashcroft administration, how many of us want to advertise our gun ownership?

"When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny." ~~ Thomas Jefferson

Welcome to the Resistance.

Manuel Transmission

Well he's a borderline 9/11 denialist, MT,

Yeah, I got a bit of that. He didn't go so far as say that fire doesn't melt steel, but there seemed to be that flavor throughout his rant.

My problem is that there is a lot of truth in the deliberate plastering over the events covered by the MFM, but how to sift out the agendas, coverups, and outright incompetence from any kernel of truth.


It's true, as with Tucson, the suppositions, missed calls, et al, almost always favor one side of the argument, the statisr one,


No UBL was not dead, otherwise he wouldn't have garnered a few more wives along the way, one of whom, described the previous location in Pakistan where they lived.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--A friend sent me a link to a newsletter by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. I've not heard of him, but I'm assuming many of you have.--

On economics he is a near genius and also on most domestic matters. Was instrumental in the Reagan Revolution early on.
Unfortunately he has progressed to the Joe Sobran/Pat Buchanon realm of not just being an isolationist but focusing his irrational ire on Israel. Too bad.


A previous one of those Conor Fitzgerald novels, I've referred to earlier, had a reference to Steven Pieceznik, a psychologist and former State negotiator, who apparently also went down
the rabbit hole, with PCR,


Is Schurmer to be shown the door after today's game with the Steelers?
I just saw" Les Miserables" Wonderful performances by Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway. For comic relief Sasha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter were superb!


Global Warming Update:

Climate Change Drives Mesa People off Alaska's North Slope.

Air temperatures warm, glaciers are melting, sea levels rise... The encroachment of the ocean is causing an increase in precipitation around the North Slope that allows cottongrass and other sedges to nudge out the grasses the local game prefer.

“This is totally the effect of the environment,” says Michael Kunz, an archaeologist with the Bureau of Land Management. "it will make this place unlivable for anyone for 1,500 years.”

Kunz pointed out that car exhaust did not trigger the warming that may have chased the Mesa people from the North Slope. He said climate change has occurred many times before and is inevitable today. He suggests that the human species as a whole should think of how it will work around problems, such as rising sea level and the changes in agricultural zones caused by different weather patterns.

“The system has always been dynamic,” Kuntz said. “We’re not going to stop climate change. Just like the Mesa Paleoindians — if you can’t adapt or adjust, you’re going to disappear.”

I may have got a tense or 2 incorrect in my cut and pasting of this story.


Uh Oh. National Weather Service forecasting wind gusts of 100 MPH tonight:




FROM 85 TO 100 MPH.

Captain Hate

Yes, maryrose, Shurmur is dead coach walking.

Jack is Back

Paul Craig Roberts is a Ronulan. Enough said.

The Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde Giants are swamping the Eagles. Oh, and Megatron became the first man, woman or armadillo to obtain over 1,900 yards receiving in a year.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Didn't Godzilla stomp his head into the ground decades ago?


JiB, he must be closing in on 2,000. Of course the Lions are losing ti Da Bears anyway.

Danube of Thought

They have to launch Shurmur to make room for the reptile Nick Saban.

Jim Miller

Off topic, but since this may not last, I'll mention it anyway. Our two most famous mountains, St. Helens and Rainier, are looking spectacular today.

The prettiest views, usually, are around sunrise and sunset

(If you look closely at the main Rainier picture, you should be able to see some of the kids sledding.)


George Zimmerman "White Hispanic"

Described as a "White Hispanic by:


Subway Killer, Erika Menendez, "Hispanic":

Described as "Hispanic" by:


Por qué no "White" Hispanic descriptions from the usual suspects?


Reid, made sure he would get fired huh, 42/7?

Jane - Mock the Media!


I saw Les Mis as a play twice. It was absolutely my very favorite production of all time.

The second time I saw it, I cried from beginning to end. I have no idea why. As a result I am almost afraid to see the movie.


Por qué no "White" Hispanic descriptions from the usual suspects?

Good question, daddy, especially considering the victim was "of color." I will say that, much to my surprise, so far the media has not been blaming the Tea Party and the "climate of hate" for this murder. We'll see if that lasts.

Jack is Back

GZ was yelling coherently and had a gun and used it = WHITE

Erika Menendez drinks Hennessey Cognac out of the bottle and mumbles a lot = NON-WHITE HISPANIC

GZ'S victim was of the oppressed successor's to slavery.

Erika Menendez's victim was an successor to an Aryan nation who was never part of of oppressed successor's to slavery.

By all accounts, GZ is a product of a WHITE male and Hispanic female and the family is here both native born and legally.

Erika Menendez is probably the product of Hispanic only parents and may be here illegally or undocumented which makes her a much more sympathetic figure.

This is the formula, daddy, please write it down so you are not so confused the next time.



On the dog walk 2 days back I bumped into Tish, an 80+ year old bag lady, dog lover type, on a nearby frozen Lake, with three of her 4 footed friends in tow. She's always fun to talk to about literature and the past, and she wears a ratty old red coat held together with duct tape and carries a plastic garbage sack and a trowel to scoop up dog poops ("Targets", as she calls 'em.)

I was walking with a another friend, Katherine, who is a Bridge player and has 2 small airplanes and those 3 are old buddies.

Anyway, chatting away, Tish told us that last night she had seen the movie Les Mis, and that as usual she cried all the way thru. She told us that regardless of if she appeared to be talking to us roght this second that she always had one of the songs from Les Mis playing in the background in her head, and then pointing to the mountains, she told us that when she's dead she wants to have her ashes sprinkled on that mountain range and then she and all her dog friends will joyously sing Les Mis songs in the afterlife together. Very fun and touching. What a sweet old gal.

Guess I'll have to catch the flick.


This Expat Blogger living in France tells us that France's new Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, has announced that he will release precise figures on the number of cars torched by vandals on New Year's Eve this year as well as the numbers of arrests for car-burning, and he justifies his decision by the reasoning that he does "not want to give the impression that I am hiding something."

C'est bon.


Jane (and daddy, too, I think):

One of my workmates (very young, never saw any of the stage productions) had gone to see the movie Les Miserables.

I have a very dear video tape of the 10 year anniversary show that I need to get converted. To my surprise, why going through my taped TV programs, I discovered I had taped the 25th anniversary concert of Les Mis that was shown by PBS.

So, yesterday, being rainy, gloomy and cold, I settled in to watch the concert.

Oh my, I ended up one great big puddle of tears (bawling and sobbing, too, not just gentle tears falling down my cheek).

I don't know if I could watch the movie in public, since I know that is how I will end up. Guess I will have to wait for the DVD.

Agree with daddy's gal pal - the music stays with a person for a very long time.


Sheesh - the typos! Sorry, about that.

Captain Hate

They have to launch Shurmur to make room for the reptile Nick Saban.

Please no. There should be a lot of head coaching vacancies in the Goodell Football League after this season so there will either be a lot of college coaches making the jump or assistants being promoted. After RG3's performance this season I'd expect Kyle Shanahan to be a very hot commodity.

Jack is Back

I have never seen Les Miserables (the musical) but I did read the book, twice. To me it is one of the major novels ever written up there with Crime and Punishment, Middlemarch, Moby Dick, Little Women and Don Quiote. The detail the various subjects it covers - religion, architecture, culture, society, psychology, human nature, crime, redemption - is intellectually stimulating and satisfying.

The battle of morality and conscience between Valjean and Javert reminds me of today's dichotomy of good and evil - not all good is good and not all perceived evil is evil if at the end it gets conscience. Will probably go to the movie but I cannot see how the movie can even come close to the book due to its complication of ideas, scenes, subjects and characters. But I guess the musical broke it down to its narrowest components and so did the movie follow course.

Mrs. JiB has read it in French and her copy is conspicuous on the bookshelf unread by me:)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Preparing to duck, and apparently alone in this view, I have to admit to always viewing Les Miserables as a bunch of maudlin, half-baked, sentimental, melodramatic claptrap.
I always found myself rooting for More Miserables not Les.

Jane - Mock the Media!

My favorite Les Mis anecdote, which no doubt I have told before:

When the show was opening in Boston the guy playing Jean Val Jean was ready to give up acting when he got the part. They were rehearsing and at some point the producers brought in a new song (Bring him home)to try out.

So while everyone was scurrying around Jean began to sing it for the first time. A complete hush fell over the theater. The producer was shocked and asked why people were so taken, after all it was a song about God. One of the actors replied: "Yes but you didn't tell us God was going to sing it."

For some reason I have never gotten over that anecdote.



And here I thought FEDEX was the biggest Industry driving the Memphis Economy.


Jack is Back


You have that impression from reading the book or the musical and/or movie? If you place yourself in the history of France and the world at the time (1815) with some understand of the human condition, it might change.

Jane - Mock the Media!

That's just sick Daddy.

Beasts of England

DoT@3:26 - St. Nick ain't goin' nowhere. His boss - Miss Terry - is very happy in Tuscaloosa...


So what are businesses doing these days regarding withholding for their employees next week? Are millions of businesses scrambling, and paying, to keep multiple potential tax tables, stimulating the economies of on-call programmers and accountants all across the land?

Just more evidence of a sick and failing country.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The book.
Don't have much desire to see any musical post the Leslie Caron - Cyd Charise era.

I eat up the human condition with a fork and spoon but it still seemed like formulaic melodrama to me.
I don't fault his writing abilities only the stilted superstructure of the thing.

Captain Hate

DoT@3:26 - St. Nick ain't goin' nowhere. His boss - Miss Terry - is very happy in Tuscaloosa...

The carpetbag has finally found a permanent home?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

More illegalities from Barry's transparent administration that will be swept under the rug. This one involves zombie salmon or Frankenfish.
If a couple of hundred dead Mexicans didn't bother anyone hard to believe SuperSalmon will.

Beasts of England

Capt. Hate@6:13 - Wishful thinking on my part, to some degree. He has slipped away a few times, as your moniker for him may suggest.

However, if he wins his next game, I would harbor no ill will, only profound remorse. He's a pretty good coach...

Jack is Back

Poor Nick Saban. He only wins 3 BCS national championships and can't get any cred from the tough JOM crowd. He wins at two different schools. Now who else has done that in the Big Ten, The ACC or out west where the pretty boy USC's and Oregon Quacks of the world reside.

Hell I am a Florida fan and we have to live with his genius - you and DoT can have him in either Cleveland or San Diego since i understand there will soon be vacancies there.

By the way, unlike USC, LSU or Alabama have not been sanctioned by the NCAA as a result of a Saban tenure. But for some reason he is reptilian unlike Pete Carroll or Jim Tressel.


Les Miserables... tried twice to read it years ago. Never could get any traction, though. Like Iggy, I found it a bit too overwrought.

As for the play or musical or movies or whatnot - I'm agnostic on all because as I've gotten older, it seems I don't want to watch anything that doesn't let me pause or rewind. Plus - closed captioning RULES :-)

Captain Hate

However, if he wins his next game, I would harbor no ill will, only profound remorse. He's a pretty good coach...

Oh he's a fine coach for sure; just not well regarded in Lansing or L$U. There will be coaching vacancies in the Illadelphia and Shitcargo if Mel is correct. And Rexy can't be too popular with that dysfunctional outfit in NYC. The curtain may drop on the Jason Garrett experience after tonight.

He wins at two different schools. Now who else has done that in the Big Ten, The ACC or out west where the pretty boy USC's and Oregon Quacks of the world reside.

Urban Meyer


Back from a few unexpected and wonderful days in Joshua Tree. The park has some wonderful winter desert hiking and the night skies are magnificent.

The biggest kick was listening to the Clippers pull one out of their ear the other night against Utah on Querida's cell phone like a couple of kids surrounding a transistor radio when I was a kid.

Today's pinball commentary is one of my greatest joys with JOM. A little football; Les Mis; global warming 10,000 years ago and dog adventures near turnaround inlet.

With the prospect of the Bering Land Bridge reopening we need to focus on establishing the Nanook of the North Toll Plaza. We could make miyyans!

As to Saban he has his credit card on file permanently with Midnight Movers Van Lines.

Can't wait for the French National incendiere' des voitures numbers on New Year's Day. It's a whole new way to celebrate. Sort of like the scene in Return of the King when they light the bonfires from mountaintop to mountaintop.

From the Pyrenees to Strasbourg to the Alps to the Channel, it is an uniquely French celebration of sheer meaningless terrorisme. Les Flics will hide in their tres correcte manner and the green and black banners will fly for one night in honor of Le Prophete.


And Rexy can't be too popular with that dysfunctional outfit in NYC.

Nor with the fans. But I'd vote to boot Sanchez before anyone else is even considered.

Beasts of England

JiB@6:26 - I am in awe of the gentleman! Just messing around a little. If he beats the Irish, he'll be worshipped on par with our other great coach - ol' what's his name...

Danube of Thought

Trassell is extremely reptilian.

I'm a huge fan of Saban--he may be a reptile, but he's my reptile. If he closes out ND he will have won three national championships in four years. Only ND (1946, 47 and 49) has ever done that.

I would love to see him in SD but I think his principal interest is in Cleveland (and the NFL).

Peterson closing in on Dickerson.

Jack is Back

An example of a "miserable" who could have used the $16 million if he hadn't frozen to death under a bridge in Evanston, Wyoming.

Good thing the old gal passed before she went over the death tax cliff. Interesting story nevertheless.

Danube of Thought

My guess is SD gets Andy Reid. The firing of Norv was announced prospectively three weeks ago.


Who gets Gruden?

Jack is Back


Where has Urban Meyer won the BCS National Championship at two different schools? Go back and read my comment.

Danube of Thought

I don't care if it's Wichita State or the Washburn Ichabods, I just hope somebody gets Gruden. We desperately need to get him out of the MNF booth.

Jack is Back


4 in the last 9 years sounds even better:) But I agree with BofE, he won't go away from Bama, especially not Cleveland.

He will go where there are the athletes all ready assembled on defense. That is his play and he will build his team from that and a reliable QB - no spectacular but reliable just like at LSU and Bama.

Since Payton is going to stay in N'olens then don't be surprised if Jerry Jones doesn't make a major big money play for him.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The ghastly OJ will forever be the only guy who rushed for 2000 yards in a 14 game season, something even Jim Brown didn't do.

Ralph L

Never could get any traction
Yeah, it starts pretty slow. I liked it better than Hunchback, but I was older and it wasn't for school. My dad read it at 14 and gave us a good synopsis at 60, so it made a big impression on him. What I hated at the musical were the amplifiers and the "comic relief." Not big on children singing, either. The tunes do stick in your head.


The president also said Sunday that he intends to press the gun issues with the public.

"The question then becomes whether we are actually shook up enough by what happened here that it does not just become another one of these routine episodes where it gets a lot of attention for a couple of weeks and then it drifts away," he said. "It certainly won't feel like that to me. This is something that -- you know, that was the worst day of my presidency. And it's not something that I want to see repeated."
Great! If there's one thing this fraud has failed at, it's the bully pulpit.
Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Even though RG3 gets all the press, especially here at JOM, has he surpassed Luck's job at Indie or Wilson's at Seattle.
Did anybody expect any of those teams to go anywhere this year?

Manuel Transmission

Jim, I am looking out our window at Mt Baker with a similar glorious pre-sunset dazzle. First we've seen that far in weeks.


So Giants stomped the Eagles, but Da' Bears walked off with the prize, like a fresh salmon,

Danube of Thought

I don't think Brown ever playted a 14-game season, or if he did it was quite late in his career.

"just not well regarded in Lansing or L$U." Miami will not be putting him up for any Nobel prizes either.

Danube of Thought

Faulty memory: each of JB's final five seasons was a 14-gamer. Averaged 5.2 per carry for his career.

In addition, a member of the president's cabinet said Sunday that rural America may be ready to join a national conversation about gun control.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said the debate has to start with respect for the Second Amendment right to bear arms and a recognition that hunting is a way of life for millions of Americans.

These people are just disgusting.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms hunt, shall not be infringed.
Beasts of England

I was reading a little about RG3 in our local rag this morning and came away impressed with him and his background. Nice story. Then, on the next page, was a story about Scam Newton and his fine for verbally abusing a referee. Sheesh. You can take the boy out of the barn (Auburn), but you can't take the barn out of the boy. Moo!

Jack is Back


Miami wasn't going anywhere with him. He is not a NFL coach. He needs a big school, big budget, national reputation for recruiting and he needs the SEC for that reason. The best defensive, most athletic players come out of the SEC states and that is all Saban wants. The vaunted LSU defense was a mirage when Bama played them last year. Bama makes mincemeat of ordinary offenses and ND is one of those. Texas A&M was not an ordinary offense and they made mincemeat of Bama.

When you think about, unlike last year, who are the great QB's and offenses to worry about. None this year. Bama rolls.


Bolivia's Morales Seizes Foreign Utilities in Nationalization Drive

Since taking office in 2006, Mr. Morales has nationalized the oil and gas industry and expropriated firms owned by foreign investors in the telecommunications, mining and electric sectors.

In a televised speech Saturday, Mr. Morales issued a decree nationalizing Electricidad de La Paz and Luz y Fuerza de Oruro SA. He justified the takeover on the grounds that Bolivian consumers should have more-competitive electricity rates and better service quality.

More than 700 police officers and soldiers occupied the installations of the two companies, which distribute power to almost 470,000 clients in the capital, La Paz, and about 74,000 clients in the city of Oruro, according to state news agency ABI.

Jack is Back

Humdinger of a game in the Twin Cities. The Packers just tie it up and we have 2:54 to go. Looks like Petersen will fall short unless he breaks a big one in the next few minutes.

The Morales administration is actively courting foreign investors to increase oil and gas production.

Though still at modest levels, foreign direct investment looks set to play a bigger role in Bolivia's largely mineral and hydrocarbon-based economy.

FDI rose to $859 million in 2011, from $651 million the previous year and net outflows of $291 million in 2005, according to data compiled by the U.N. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Even so, analysts say that Mr. Morales's penchant for periodically expropriating foreign-owned assets is still a deterrent to foreign direct investment.


I had a rather interesting gun moment the other day. Lots of coyotes where we were and mean un's. The first night we head the pack tearing something apart howling like all bejeepers.

Walking th dogs the nec=xt morning I can across an odd caliber shell I'm still trying to ID. The stamping says LC, which is the Lake City federal ammunition plant, but it is certainly not .223 nor is it .308, the two standard MIL calibers. will pull out the calipers tomorrow am.

Pretty obvious though that the neighbors feel a little different about firearms round there. Looked like a hotshot varmint round, which is what one would expect with coyotes around.

I truly believe that once you penetrate the (literally) coastal counties, the red starts. Circle the urban hells and the perspective on firearms changes 180 degrees.

Is it surprising that another denizen of reptilian DC would announce for gun control? These people say they represent their states, districts, constituencies, but the truth is that they are DC Blue through and through. Elitist, statist; the enemy.

Jack is Back


They are using Newtown and gun control to take the heat off the economy, unemployment, debt and the fiscal cliff. Everyone wants to change the subject especially the coyotes inside the beltway.

Beasts of England

JiB@7:22 - The A&M game was a shocker, but Johnny can play ball. A proud victory for them and a rare loss for us at Bryant-Denny.

Like the way you think, re: the ND game. This is, ahem, a rebuilding year for the Tide, so our D isn't quite what it was last year. Nonetheless, I think the Irish offense is a bit suspect, as it tried to show a few times this season.

Advantage Bama.

Danube of Thought

Saban is a Belichick disciple who spent four years in Cleveland and is known to have a fiery wish to make it as an NFL coach, which I believe he can do.

I'm not nearly as impressed with this year's Bama team as last year's, particularly on defense. They lost at home to a freshman QB and trailed both LSU and Georgia late--both those games could easily have gone the other way. I'll be very surprised if they dominate ND, but I would certainly bet them even money.

Jane - Mock the Media!

All over Twitter:

WASHINGTON (AP) - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted to hospital with blood clot following concussion.

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