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December 24, 2012


Mark Folkestad

There is so much to say regarding all the triumphs and tribulations shared by the JOMO tribe, but I have insufficient time to comment on them. Suffice it to say that I wish my cyber-family here the merriest of Christmases, and all of God's great blessings.

Melinda Romanoff


Cut to the chase, fill a mug with Hollandaise and dip the cooked sausage in it. When the sausage is gone, repeat with grilled asparagus spears. When the asparagus is gone, use spoon to retrieve remaining sauce and deposit in mouth.

Done. Isn't simple better?


Ext, try sweet and sour red cabbage. Harvard beets would be good if you don't want the cabbage. And Brandy/Cognac/Armangac afterwards.

Melinda Romanoff


In all seriousness, fruit and goose go really well together. Making an easy blackberry sauce for the bird should be easy. A quick search gave me this one, all I would add is some rosemary. If you have a jar of blackberry jam, heat it up with a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice and one teaspoon of finely chopped rosemary, and maybe some black pepper, coarsely ground. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Melinda Romanoff

Jack Klugman, RIP.


I'd like to wish everyone here at JOM the merriest of Christmases....peace, love, joy and thank you for being here for me.


When I worked in the restaurant business years ago--sounds so much better than slinging drinks--the cooks always packed rib roasts in rock salt and used a pretty hot oven at first. Reduced the heat later but I'm not sure of the stages.
The roasts were always fab and cooked to perfection with just the right amount of rareness all the way through.

Jane - Mock the Media!


What Globe?


Merry Christmas to you, Bela1.


Ah, the stowaways piece, is out, and it seems very Hari, with a touch of Glass

Jack is Back!


Just put an oven thermometor in the joint and when it reaches 165F its ready.

Merry Christmas and thank you for your service!



True, here's how I used to do it. For a whole rib, pre-heat oven to 425. Place rib in pan bone side up and salt and pepper heavily. Cook for one hour at 425. Take roast out of pan and pour out the grease. Place rib back in pan bone side down and fill pan 2/3 full with water. Cook for two more hours at 350. Let roast sit for another half hour and pour water from pan into saucepan. The grease will rise to top, skim off and there's your au jus. Garnish with home made pop overs. Of course you need a large commercial oven to cook a whole rib.

Merry Christmas all

RichatUF It was linked up at memorandum. It is a post mortem of the election and the source of the "He didn't really want to be president" quote from his son.

Anyway, I was taking a flight of fancy thinking about the Obama technology advantage on election day which is discussed in the article and applying it to that other newspaper story about printing the addresses of gun permit holders.

hit and run

Merry Christmas to all my friends.

Been cooking all day -- first time I've ever scorched the roux on my gumbo. Whoops! Not serving it until tomorrow, so all is well. But, whoops!

I could never, even if given a million pixels with which to do so, fully convey my love for my fellow JOMers. You are all my favorite.

For those keeping score at home, my nose has been pierced.

Pics to follow, maybe. Maybe not.


'I am getting this extraordinary feeling of deja vu,' hit, The folks who brought you 'Julianne's Bender' did not dissapoint, re the Cruise piece.

hit and run

I am a man of tradition. I love traditions dear to JOM. I wanted to link this, but the youtube has been taken down.



Please listen.

Posted by: PeterUK | December 24, 2008 at 12:13 PM

So let me try my own . . . Please Listen.

It's not as good as PUK's original link. But it's all I've got.


How about that, their really was a Georgr Bailey, sort of;

Danube of Thought on IPad

If you've ever wondered why the NRA objects to registration, you need go no further than the LUN.


I spent yesterday afternoon & evening reconstructing my mother's recipe for lasagna. I don't know why we do it for we are not Italian,but it's a family Christmas Eve tradition.

Mom worked as a domestic for an Italian family that had made it and came away with some incredible recipes.

We did start early on an incredible Bordeaux which should be even more mellow when re-opening the bottle in an hour or so. A family trip to see "The Hobbit" and then Midnight Mass. It really doesn't get much better.

Sounds like DrJ's is the place to be after dinner.
Gumbos, roasts, geese, and on and on.....a real smorgasbord....

Jane - Mock the Media!

I posted that earlier DOT, but my first thought is those are the safe people. If you want to rob someone you won't choose those homes.

Over at Insty we keep hearing how lefties want global warming opposers to get the death penalty, and gun advocates to be murdered and people who don't agree with the moonbats to be eliminated.

It's quite a country Obama has created, isn't it? I still say he should put Bill Ayers on his gun control committee.

Threadkiller (Get off your couch and leave the GOP!)

I hope the NRA backs off this ridiculous quest. With so many judges, from so many backgrounds and in so many jurisdictions upholding restrictions on our 2nd amendment rights...

Merry Christmas Danube. :-)


He doesn't have to, Jane, he can put Dr. Hargaten, who has been the benficiary of their largesse.

Threadkiller (Get off your couch and leave the GOP!)

Thanks for posting the pic, JiB.

I am off.

Merry Christmas to all.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Merry Christmas! Peace on Earth and in our hearts and minds...

Posted by: Beasts of England | December 24, 2012 at 05:19 PM--

Long time no see Beasts. Merry Christmas.


Moonbattery looks at it from a different standpoint.

"Burglar’s Guide to NYC’s Northern Suburbs"

"One of the many advantages of an armed populace is that criminals never know who is armed and who is not.Naturally “mainstream” journalists will strive to remove this advantage on behalf of outlaws, with whom they share a moral creed."

The journalists that share a moral creed are listed in the comments at 03:25.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


Since I only have Sister in Laws and no Son-in-Laws that was the conclusion my muddled brain reached.--

I've got about a half dozen Sisters in Law and haven't got a Son in Law (yet) either JiB so it took some real hard cipherin' for me to figure it out too.


Of course, they will never do anything of the kind, it's a stupid law, as with the cosmetic 'assault weapons' ban

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Haven't time to relink it but just a reminder that since the UK and Ozzies effectively banned home defense weapons and made any use of a firearm to defend oneself extremely dangerous from a liability and legality standpoint, their violent crime rates have soared and considerably surpass ours.
Their governments essentially gave a nationwide map to the criminals and said "none of them have guns-go get em".


Yes, Port Arthur in 1996 and Dunblane in 1997, I think both were under nominally Tory regimes,

Agent J

I will try to recreate my childhood view of Christmas with a 2nd generation German father of 6 boys.

Merry Christmas to everyone, now get back to the barn an milk those cows..

I would like to thank all of you on JOM, you have extended open arms to me an I so much appreciate your openness..what a wonderful venue JOM is..

Much love to all, a Merry Christmas is in order..Do not eat to much, but clean your plate.


Christmas Eve 2010 - A post from Soylent when he was deployed.

Love this part... just a shadow of Someone who did the same thing for me,


hit, your PUK link doesn't work.

Agent J

I'm just a shadow of Someone who did the same thing for me, starting from the day He was born.

That line caused my eyes to water. Powerful.


A Soldier's Night Before Christmas


A Merry Christmas to you all.


A beautiful light snowvfalling in coastal connecticut-- nice setting for midnight mass.

Jane - Mock the Media!

Soylent's message makes me realize how lucky I am to have all of you.


And Merry merry Christmas!


At Drudge - Sam Donaldson Tells Tea Partiers 'It's Not Your Country Anymore - It's Our Country'...

By "our" does he mean the country belongs to drunks?...or the country belongs to people that have gotten a DUI? Where is MADD? Is MADD mad at Donaldson?


Who knows, Janet, he is just grasping for relevance, like that silly Joyce Carol Oates


Perhaps it belongs to men with bushy eyebrows & sour dispositions?

Jim Miller

Mark Bittman -- who makes recipes easy enough so that even I can use them -- has a fairly simple recipe for roast beef:

1. Take roast out of the refrigerator and let it come to room temperature, which will take about 2 hours for a five pound roast. Salt and pepper to taste.

(Optional: Stick garlic slivers cut from one or two cloves into roast, using small knife. I did that yesterday, and think that the next time, I will season just half of the roast, so I can have it both ways.)

2. Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees.

3. Put roast in large roasting pan, bone side down. Put roast in oven for 15 minutes, and then lower temperature to 350 degrees.

4. Cook for about another hour. Check temperature with meat thermometer. When no spot is below 125 degrees (120 degrees if you really like it rare), it's done. Do not let the temperature get higher than 155 degrees.

5. Skim most of the fat off, and use the rest of the drippings with a cup of red wine to make a sauce, reducing the mixture to about half the volume on a hot burner.


If you want to keep track of the dead and wounded in the Chicago war zone where only the outlaws have guns (because laws prevent decent people having guns) this site does it.

Latest posting.

"Updated 42 minutes ago
Four people have been taken to local hospitals in serious-to-critical condition after a shooting on the Far South Side, according to the Chicago Fire Department."


I remember we did the play at our high school, one year, odd that it didn't initially take

Captain Hate

Perhaps it belongs to men with bushy eyebrows & sour dispositions?

Does he pay people to say that the dead rodent on his head looks "natural"?

Beasts of England

Thanks, Ignatz - been busy enduring the law of unintended consequences. As such, my capacity for witticisms has been greatly diminished, hence less visits and posts.

Cheers, and thanks for the reply...


When Kevin Nealon was playing him, the parody was only off by one degree;

So it seems Bellesiles wasn't the first time they pulled this scam;

Jim Miller

Oh, and while you are making the sauce, you might want to cover the roast with foil, to keep it warm.

Captain Hate

Mark Bittman -- who makes recipes easy enough so that even I can use them

Mark is the shizznit; when my Hatettes were going out on their own I gave them each his big yellow book, which both of them still use. The younger subsequently reciprocated with one of his more international collections.


Sam Donaldson? Who the fux is Sam Donaldson, and why do I care what he thinks.


or rich men that receive government subsidies?

"Only a year later, Donaldson was embroiled in another Federal aid scandal. While still receiving Federal mohair subsidies, it was revealed that he was also using Federal resources to kill prairie dogs, bobcats, foxes, and coyotes on his ranch[12][13]. His farm was reported to have used the USDA's Animal Damage Control agents 412 times in only 5 years[14] This sparked outrage among both deficit hawks and animal rights activists[15].

This was actually brought to light by Donaldson's own demands for more Federal money. He claimed to have lost a number of sheep to predators despite the heavy use of Federal resources, and therefore wanted Federal money to pay for his losses: "The government helps ranchers and farmers and businesses of all kinds. If it's in existence and I am eligible to use it, I'll use it."[16]"


So ESPN, the folks that gave us Olbermann, may Cthluthu take his revenge, and still saddles us with Chris Berman, I believe, ranked the Broncos
at # 1 ranking, the Seahawks at #6, does that seem right?

Beasts of England

Jim Miller @ 10:09 - If I may, add a half cup of red wine to the bottom of the pan before roasting with some coarsely chopped carrots and onions, plus a few sprigs of Rosemary and Thyme. Lastly, after cooking, cover the roast and let it stand for at least fifteen minutes to even-out the temperatures and re-absorbs its juices. Bon appetit!

Captain Hate

I really hate the Seahags and want them, and Pete Carroll, to be completely humiliated; but they're a dangerous team right now. Berman is an annoying idiot (where does the worlds leader in sports entertainment broadcasting find them?) but he probably has the seedings right by the book. The Giants success in recent years suggests that there are certain teams who can squeak in and then run the table.


They have the Giants as no. 15, FWIW.


Pete Carroll would steal from his own Grannie.

Captain Hate

Why doesn't PETA do something useful; like pester Sam Drunkenson for killing bobcats and other species with higher amounts of cognitive ability than that embarrassing imbecile.

Captain Hate

The Giants are extremely banged up and have been playing terribly lately. In their two Super Bowl winning years, they were playing much better at this point of the season. I really like Tom Coughlin but that dickweed Mara that owns the team regularly fists Goodell and uses him as his sock-puppet against the Redskins.

Jim Miller

Beasts of England - You'll be pleased to know that Bittman adds vegetables to his recipe in the very next variant of his basic recipe. (He likes almost any root vegetables, with a little olive oil.)

If the roast is small, you cut up the veggies.

Beasts of England

Thanks, Jim - missed your comment on letting it stand. Great recipe!

Manuel Transmission

Grinch update: sent him packing.

Stair tumbler resting with uniform black & blue patina except for two extra dark shiners and a busted nose. :(
The heart attack is bored and wants to be home for Christmas, so weather permitting, I will buzz over in the morning to spring him from the mainland hospital that gave him the tuneup.
Me, the tooth was repaired literally in five minutes when she decided to interrupt her week off. Amazing when people cheerfully do the right thing even when most people wouldn't expect it. Clearly not from the gummint, nor a union.

Danube of Thought on IPad

"With so many judges, from so many backgrounds and in so many jurisdictions upholding restrictions on our 2nd amendment rights..."

And yet we have the five who count most affirming those rights in Heller. The birthers must await their Heller equivalent. I make their chances as somewhere between none and loony.


Here's a Merry Christmas Picture from the front of our local paper today. Pup's and their mom out on the Westchester Lagoon in downtown Anchorage:

Merry Christmas to all the pets and their owners at JOM!


I really hate the Seahags

Hey Hey Hey! :-) One day Captain when we meet I'll tell you the story of the very first Seahawk coach whom I encountered on a golf course in our fair city. It's a dandy!

As far as the prime rib roasts are concerned -- in the restaurant business they come boned out and in sacks that the meat is cooked in. So in large pans the cooks would put a layer of rock salt in the bottom of the pans, put the roasts on top of that and then cover the whole business with more rock salt.
As I remember heating the rock salt at a high temp at first and then lowering the heat ala Jim Miller's method insured the proper degree of rareness throughout the roast.
Prime rib was a specialty of the house where I worked and few people would order well done meat. If someone would make the mistake of ordering med well done prime rib the cooks would throw the slice into aujus for awhile and call it good.


He is like the British version of Peter Venkman,


Merry Christmas to all my friends at JOM.

Captain Hate

Merry Christmas Elliott. And everybody else.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

The Jim Miller method is the one I have used for 40 years. It is excellent, and I never had a failure. I don't know what possesses me to try the slow cook method except the timing seems to be easier so accommodate the anticipated crowd when I am not sure how many will be on time and how many will show up late. Once the gang is in place, I can finish it off in a hot oven.

The rock salt method works very well, too. It takes a heap of rock salt to cover a 16 pound roast.


Merry Christmas to all.

A belated congrats to Rich.

Daddy, are those your pups? Great picture. Are you in Asia for Christmas?

(A) nuther Bub

Just put an oven thermometor in the joint and when it reaches 165F its ready.

Jack, Jack, Jack! Your typo could ruin lives (particularly at the cost of beef nowadays). 140 degrees is the maximum. At our house we use 130 (it will go up slightly as it rests) but it should come out of the oven at 130 and it will rise to nearly 140 as it awaits your ministrations. That's a succulent medium rare and anything beyond that is a mortal sin.


BUB??? Your comments are not GOVERNMENT APPROVED. All "EATINGS" shall be cooked up to and beyond 165 DEGREES, OBAMAHEIT!
Soylent Green must be cooked to 200 degrees or is not APPROVED for FREE MEAL KITCHENS IN BLOOOOOOOMBERGVILLE.

That is all. Btw. Bub, we know where you live.


The (caramel) pie made with sweetened condensed milk (in small crock pot) was great. Needs to be stirred about once an hour or so. The whipped cream and crushed Heath bar topping really makes it good.

So were the enchiladas (good, I mean). First time for those on Christmas Eve. Gonna do it again. Used to make bierocs, they're really good too. Gonna have beef (steak, cut up like stew meat) cooked in red wine tomorrow. It's got a French name, but I can't remember it or spell it right now. :)

Good night. :)


You too, CH. I found yesterday's proceedings at the local ECUSA remarkably pleasant. I hardly seethed. Does that mean I'm weakening?

(A) nuther Bub

That is all. Btw. Bub, we know where you live.

I know you do, Gus. Turn left at Kailuana Place and look for the 40 black vehicles with one-way windows.


Wishing all of the JOM family all the best this Christmas Eve - and may the blessings of the Lord keep you safe as you celebrate this solemn season with family and friends.

Wish I could contribute more here, but I wanted to take the opportunity to say "Thanks" for all of the wonderful conversations this past year - you have truly enriched my life . . .


When life hands you Lemons, make Lemonade, so naturally when life hands you venomous Snake Eggs, make Snake Wine!

Today's Christmas Edition of The Shanghai Daily is excellent. It has a large photo of Chinese Christians singing carols on the front page,
a story on the Petition in the States to get Piers Morgan deported, and a report stating that Russia is undergoing its coldest winter in more than 70 years. All that and more!

But of big excitement to me, is that I can finally add to JOM's recipe posters, as the Daily tells us how to make traditional Chinese Snake Wine from venomous Snakes, at home in your spare time! From the Daily:

...the Chinese word for wine, jiu (酒) is comprised of two characters, one for water and one for medicine. Many TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioners recommend a daily dose of 30 to 60 grams of yellow wine, huang jiu (黄酒), for healthy adults...Liquor, according to TCM, is "warm" in nature, containing yang ("hot") energy that dispels cold, alleviates fatigue, warms the digestive system and clears blood vessels that carry the medicine throughout the body....

Snake wine

Snake wine tonic, loaded with yang energy, is a legendary sex tonic for men and though Western medicine does not endorse it by any means, millions of Chinese men do. Women can sip a little to treat rheumatism.

Ancient and modern Chinese and people throughout Southeast Asia soak snakes in spirit, especially venomous snakes. The alcohol denatures the venom and breaks down the proteins in the poison, but the invigorating "essence" of the venom remains.

To Make Snake Wine:

live snakes are first kept for a month without food or water, so its intestines are emptied. It is then washed and placed live into a strong container of alcohol (50 percent or higher), which is then sealed for at least two months.

The standard proportion is 1:5, or 500 grams of live snake in 5,000ml alcohol. It's drinkable after two months, but wine that is six months to a year old is considered extremely potent in treatment of rheumatism.


THE easiest way to make medicinal wine at home is simply to make infusions by soaking ingredients in alcohol at room temperature.

---Use rice wine or distilled spirit.

---Seal and store.

---Shake every day or two.

---After 14 to 20 days filter with gauze.

---Rock sugar or honey can be used to sweeten.

---Drink a small glass, slightly warmed, before meals.

---To get the full benefits, the wine should be consumed regularly.

Then simply serve to Piers Morgan, and Voila!


Ni Hao JimmyK,

Will be home by Christmas Day, (about 16 hours from now), and tho' those 2 dogs are the right size and the right color, they are not our pups. As you can tell from the picture that midtown lagoon is a great place to go iceskating when the sun is out. Hope you don't get a sunburn on the beach down under.

Hi Elliott! Merry Christmas wherever you are as well. And to everybody else.


Akutan, Alaska just got a big Christmas present---Their new $75 Million Airport just opened, and now they've got a hotel to go with it!

Surprisingly, the ADN does not report on the cost of the airport, (you have to ferret that bit of info out for yourselves), but the community, totaling 1,027 persons, is both happy and sad, as they must now say goodbye to the Grumman Goose Amphibious Airplane that has been providing them service for the last 50 years.

Apparently the problem with the Goose was that it was getting old and hard to maintain, and was unable to land in winter when the weather severely disrupted water ops. Now, with the new land based airport, planes can fly in and land easily year round, but unfortunately, since the new $75 Million Airport had to be built on an island 6 miles by sea across from Akutan, (due to lack of a flat surface on Akutan) now they must use a hovercraft or ferry to get over to Akutan. More unfortunate, in winter, ferry's and hovercraft, just lack Grumman Amphibious planes, can't cross that rough stretch of water, so now the City is seeing if the Fed's (you guys) can cough up another unlimited bunch of millions to purchase helicopters to fly folks over in winter from the new all weather airport.

If only we had an Icebreaking Ferryboat.

Hey, wait a minute...


Merry Christmas to all.
Beef here too. You truly are my people!


Good Christmas morning to all. The chief elf had to get up early to put presents by the tree.

Now I get to read Henry Hazlitt by the tree and think of good ways to refute bad ideas while everyone else sleeps late.

Janet-really enjoyed your linking to Soylent last night.

Love your story about the airport daddy. Years ago when we were dating hubby had an Aztec that went to live in Alaska when he sold it.

The Bolognese was a big hit and we the Gin Soaked raisins. Mom was familiar with recipe but not willing to make herself. She and dad pronounced the Hendricks soaked raisins just sweet.

Fit for teetotallers after 6 days of shaking around and evaporation.


Good Morning and Merry Christmas! Another day of martinis on the beach while surrounded by beautiful young women (nieces all). I could get used to this.



Merry Christmas to the best of the intertubes!

Have a wonderful day!

Jack is Back!

Merry Christmas all.

Frederick was visited by Santa and got rollerblades, a chemistry set (BOOM), Skylanders for Wii, and a Lego Technic design manaual as well as lots of stocking stuffers. Mass at 10 in which he is serving the walk a few holes of golf.

Enjoy the day.


Good morning and Merry Christmas Day. I am plugging along on about 1/2 a cylinder after a wonder evening with family. But, oh, quite tired this a.m.

Got an interesting gift from my ex-wife-in-law (don't ask - we are all pals) that the "fashionistas" would get a kick out of.

It was a boxed trio of ornaments, by the designer Jason Wu. He is the one who designed Michelle Obama's recycled chenille bedspread Inaugural gown (at least I think it was him). The ornaments are quite gorgeous. Perhaps he should next deck out Michelle like a Christmas tree - she is shaped like one - tee hee.


What no Thorium reactors, JiB, I know you have to start small, I guess you have to extract it.
Is the 'hovercraft full of eels' daddy, we have to know, merry christmas, all.


Odd gifts fot the holidays;

Melinda Romanoff on Kindle

Merry Christmas, all!

All grey and 20's today. Snow coming. Off to prepare the adult's brunch buffet for 3.

Captain Hate

I found yesterday's proceedings at the local ECUSA remarkably pleasant. I hardly seethed. Does that mean I'm weakening?

Probably not. Maybe somebody had the bright idea to tone the overtly political message down as a Christmas gift to the members of the congregation who are sorely tempted to follow my example.


A curious story, in the Tea spirit of things;


Answering daddy's post from an earlier thread: No sunburn from the Oz beach--in fact it wasn't great beach weather, a mix of sun and clouds and an occasional shower. I did manage to snag some great souvenirs, including one of these that I know everyone will envy.

And I still haven't managed to get my sleep back on schedule. Next week I'll be off to San Diego, so maybe I'll get adjusted there. Danube, are you or any other JOMers available? Probably Thursday would be the night.

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