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January 19, 2013


hit and run

Aside from love, which is the only legacy that matters, I think I'd most like to leave my kids guns that I have built.

It's too bad your name is Ignatz and not daddy.

Jane - Mock the Media!

I'm back from Florida. I certainly understand the snowbird mentality after 7 days of 80 degrees.

I have mixed feelings about Naples. I met some great people down there - particularly the ones we worked with. But there is a lot of hoity toity going on - 40 year old women with their teenage daughters having the grocery person take their bags to the car - that sort of thing.

I've decided I don't particularly like hoity toity.

It's a beautiful place, but certainly not small towny at all.

Once my home heats up, I'll be thrilled to be back. That's the hardest I've worked in a long time.


I just opened the safes and showed my guns to my son and his friend. I let them hold them, cycle them, and fire them unloaded. I let them hold the different caliber rounds, explained single- vs. double-action, and what a semi-automatic is and what the term means. If there was a range around here, I'd take them tomorrow, but there isn't. These boys know that there's a 2nd Amendment, and they know who's trying to take their rights as Americans away.

It's the best I could do on short notice, but I'm proud to know that they'd vote Democrats out of office if they could.

hit and run

Jane...I hope your layover in Charlotte was uneventful. Sorry for not following up. Too much kids stuff this weekend.

Did you get a chance to sit in a white rocking chair? That's where the wannabe hoity toity people sit.


Jane, glad you're home safe. I agree on excess hoity toity in Naples.

Jane - Mock the Media!

I saw those white rocking chairs coming and going Hit. Never rested my butt in one tho.

At this point I'm pretty much exhausted so I wanted to get to the gate. The hilton is lovely but I can't wait to sleep in my own bed.


Thousands of 2nd Amendment Supporters Rally in Albany (Updated with Videos from Across the Nation)

Albany, NY.

Porter Outside, Sitter Home.

Oh, to be hoity
In white woven chairs.
Or toity,
Not totin' grocerairs.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Just as an FYI to anyone, if you have an older version of itunes instead of itunes 11, hold onto it as long as humanly possible.
I guess when Jobs bought the farm the new CEO hired Helen Keller for product development. Unusable.


In case you haven't tried this, View...Show Sidebar makes it look closer to the older version, Ig.



3 hurt in accidental shooting at North Carolina gun show

Danube of Thought iPad

Vox populi:

"For the first time in a long time--perhaps ever--Americans are pointing the finger of blame at absentee parents and Hollywood productions instead of law-abiding gun owners.

"As a new poll conducted by NBC/Wall Street Journal reveals, 83 percent of Americans say that parents who'"don't pay enough attention to what's going on in their kids lives' share 'a great deal' of responsibility for shootings like those at the Aurora theater, Sandy Hook Elementary, and Tuscon, AZ.
Moreover, the same poll shows that 62 percent of Americans believe that movies and television programs that portray violence in an appealing way share a large portion of the blame as well.

"This poll comes amid a seemingly endless anti-gun campaign by Democrats, who for weeks have been lumping all gun owners together in shame like cigarette smokers who now have to creep outside buildings in the rain just to enjoy a Marlboro. 

"It appears the tact isn't working, and that common sense is prevailing. 
By the way, the mainstream media, which is carrying water for the Democrats' anti-gun campaign, also shares in the guilt for gun crime--so says 67 percent of the people polled by NBC/Wall Street Journal. "


Jane-I know people who had places in the PH and Naples and let the Naples go for just that reason. Or one who let the hoity toity kids have it.

Beautiful place. less seasonal but too into being hoity toity.

We have a joke that if you are wearing plastic flip flops and casual you are probably a homeowner. Jewelry to the pool and dressed the the nines. Renting for the week.

We did have one problem that security was telling me about while I was sitting on the walkover reading. They were mystified over an incident that had happened in one of the beachfront homes where a homeowner went nuts. I said Oh, you do know he alternates between bringing his mistress to visit and his wife don't you? So the complaining report went away. Next thing we know the wife gets house in divorce. Wanted my daughters to babysit. Oh, the stories.

It was a lovely home but the dysfunctionality taught my girls a good lesson. A bit like my son working for the beach service and seeing adults get drunker and surlier as afternoon went on.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--In case you haven't tried this, View...Show Sidebar makes it look closer to the older version, Ig.--

The biggest problem is Power Search is gone.
I will give your suggestion a try though. Thanks, Ex.

Janet - aficionado of gaspers, Bible thumpin', Israel loving, bitter clingin', cro magnon,

Wonderful post at 6:55, Extraneus....& I love the pic with all the Gadsden Flags! I'll order some more car magnets & if any of you JOMers want one, give a holler.


Journal News Takes Down Controversial Map of Gun Owners


He woulda been bitching about interference Mr Hate and if the batter was standing in the box he'd a been wrong.

Wouldn't a mattered, he'd raise he'll for the exercise.


Um, raise hell.


Why, O why, does Michelle have white girl hair? This iteration makes her look like Samuel L. Jackson. I guess it's all the rage.


Stan Musial has died. He was 92.


Thanks DrJ, Stan the Man will be missed.


More like 'Tootie' from the Facts of Life, it's gotten very silly;

Jane - Mock the Media!


The people reminded me of the women who invaded Canyon Ranch in the '90's.

But it is truly a gorgeous place. I loved driving by the car dealers: Maserati, Jaguar, Bentley, Range Rover all in a row.


'I'm shocked, that gambling is going on here'

Danube of Thought

Support for John Kerry grows among Vietnam veterans:


This guy topped Chris Matthews, closer to Jessica Walters in that Eastwood film, yes,
preemptively googles do nothin,:


Jane-my girls and I were driving through Buckhead in the part between the giant houses and the major shopping. It wasn't just a Bentley turning at the light it was one of the mega ones.

I told the girls. I think one of the music stars is going shopping for Christmas at Phipps.

It was funny actually. Such a hugely expensive car, not a limo, trying to hang a left 3 days before Christmas.

Captain Hate

Great Musial facts:

1) He got his nickname "The Man" from fans of an opponent (Brooklyn)

2) 1815 hits at home, and 1815 hits on the road

3) Had the most career HRs while never leading the league for a season


Wow, that's an astounding record, Captain,

Captain Hate

narc, I was watching season 2 of Burn Notice (enjoying it immensely; thanks again for bringing it to my attention) when at the end of the credits it had a thanks to Governor Charlie Crist. Yes, I threw up in my mouth a little.


Paging Joe Wilson, to the red courtesy phone;

Well that was probably a fluke, then again at the time, he still had us partially fooled;

Captain Hate

narc, it's incredible to lose two people like Stan the Man and the Earl of Baltimore in the same day; two entirely different types of people who both made baseball great. Ken Griffey Jr will always be the second greatest player from Donora, Pennsylvania.


It's a shame, because of the passing of such a legend, and the substandard and worse performance of this generation of All Stars,


Stan Musial struck out six hundred and ninety six times in his entire career.

Captain Hate

I was at the 1962 All Star game in DC Stadium (before it was renamed RFK) with Father Hate watching 18 future HOFers in what was possibly the greatest assemblage of active baseball talent at one time, including Musial and Mays.

mad jack

Earl Weaver was great to watch and those Oriole teams were very impressive. Great pitching and a timely three run home run was the formula, at least that's how it looked to this then young red sox fan. RIP Earl.

Janet - aficionado of gaspers, Bible thumpin', Israel loving, bitter clingin', cro magnon,

Paging Joe Wilson,

Did someone call me...

Danube of Thought iPad

Joe DiMaggio struck out a total of 369 times. Eight times he had more homeruns than strikeouts in a season.

But I always loved Stan the Man.

Jane - Mock the Media!


It was probably Bon Jovi. He has a house there.


That could have been lots of celebs or sports stars . Rumor has it that Atlanta has more stars living here than LA now . Elton John, Beyonce, Charles Barkley, half the NFL in the off season, ditto the NBA . most of the hip-hop etc . North Atlantan's generally go hohum when a star wanders in somewhere you see them so often . Plus the number of movies filming here now . You can work almost every day just being a movie extra .

clarice feldman

Jane, the weather in Sarasota is just as nice and the atmoosphere much more to your liking.


Mr. Musial will always hold a very special place in my heart. A true Christian Catholic who would do anything for his friends or even strangers. God bless his soul. I have a feeling he had a Rapid Pass right to heaven.

Earl; well, Earl was Earl and I think he probably kicked some dirt onto St. Peter's sandals before he got in.

Danube of Thought iPad

"Rumor has it that Atlanta has more stars living here than LA now."

Not remotely close.


It could be, it might be, it IS, a homerun, by Stan, the Man, Musial.

Satan Party

Kids having a big party with the night all those gun owners shoot themselves. Devil's just too smart..........


You're saying, he might have been a little ornery, matt.

Captain Hate

Earl got kicked out of both games of a double header; three different times.

Stan the Man hit 5 home runs in a double header against the New York Giants in 1954.


Even more remarkable;

Captain Hate

Here's an excellent portrait of the Earl of Baltimore:


Earl Weaver was a treat. I'm sitting right next to an autographed game used JIM PALMER jersey. Earl was a hero of mine, and so was Palmer. Stan Musial was awesome. Sad day.

Danube of Thought iPad

"gun owners shoot themselves"

Hard for those who don't own guns to shoot anybody. And down the road, that fact could be huge....

(Give it some thought.)


Re: All this gun talk.

I'm currently about 2/3rds thru US Grant's Personal Memoirs, which is an excellent read---very informative.

There is a short mention during the Siege of Vicksburg by Grant of his having so much difficulty getting proper siege guns in place that he has his troops create mortars out of wood, capable of launching 6 to 12 pound shells.

This website, on The Mortars of Vicksburg, has a battlefield sketch of one of the wooden mortars (a Coehorn) with this description:

more useful were wooden mortars produced during the siege. These were produced “by shrinking iron bands on cylinders of tough wood, and boring them out for 6 or 12 pound shells.” Presumably the cylinders were the trunks of large trees. The ersatz mortars were credited with 100 to 150 yard ranges.

The write up continues and mentions that they were very effective.

Captain Hate

More Earl:

Stanhouse, in the picture with him, probably took at least a year off his life since Earl called him "full pack" as in the number of cigs he'd torch when "Stan the Man Unusual" would close a game.

Frau Noch nicht hoffnungslos

"President Barack Obama Leading From Behind said in a statement Saturday that the U.S. stood ready to provide whatever assistance was needed in the wake of the attack."

Body bags?



I'm thinking our victory today may just have clinched us a spot in the Tournament.

The NIT Tournament. Ughh:(


They're standing by to round up video makers, Frau.


"by extending the debt ceiling to May 1. In exchange, they try to hold the Senate hostage by demanding a budget."

Great strategy. Same as giving in on the Fiscal Cliff in order to get spending cuts when the debt ceiling comes up mid-January.

Oh wait.

I predict the GOP will not only lose in May, they will hold themselves hostage for the promise of future negotiations.

Would be hillarious if it wasn't so pathetic.

Danube of Thought iPad

"Would be hillarious if it wasn't so pathetic."

So what do you recommend The president and congress do about the. Deficit and the debt, Fen?


watching 18 future HOFers in what was possibly the greatest assemblage of active baseball talent at one time, including Musial and Mays.

CH, I have a similar memory of the '71 All-Star Game, with the AL managed by Earl Weaver. Also 18 future HOFers, by my count (had to go back and check), including Mays, Aaron, Bench, Frank Robinson, Kaline, Yaz, Reggie, Clemente.


I did the pelinti at the first bite of Momma's Chicken and Rice casserole tonight, then shemomedjamo'd, and now I just want to rhwe until zeg. Very layogenic according to Kaelling and my daughters:)

Words with no English equivalent

Reminds me a bit, me Droogs,
of Alex and his Nadsat.


From the Brit papers it appears that this Algeria thing, like Mali, is going to be well covered. Unlike Benghazi, a story that was consistently lied about and covered up by our Govt and parts of our Press, then allowed to fade away like Fast and Furious, this one is affecting and involving Europeans, so unlike Benghazi I think we are going to get some decent coverage---at least overseas.

That said, I think this story from the UK Telegraph is worth a read because it reveals a recognition from the writer that under the Obama Administration we are no longer going to play world policeman, and that the Europeans are going to have to start taking care of their problems without much assistance from us, regardless of our lip service. For President Obama, al-Qaeda is our problem now---The US no longer sees itself as the world’s bodyguard


anonamom, you know what I hate most about the Te'o debacle (other than the media's obnoxious coverage)? It gives my kids another chance to nag me about my internet activities. They think I"m looney . . . :)


This guy is following the Ballard policy:


Holly, it is amazing how much the kids hate seeing the mommas on the laptop, isn't it?
Mine (20 somethings) have to deal with the cognitive dissonance of the woman who wouldn't let them watch television during the school week and demanded an hour-for-hour outdoor play for screen time being at the kitchen table, reading away for hours.

You may find this On Being program with Sherry Turkle, the Abby Rockefeller Mauzé Professor of the Social Studies of Science and Technology at MIT, of interest. She's the founder and director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self, and wrote Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other.

Bottom line---the kids hate their parents using technology (and not being available to them) even more than we hate seeing them lost in it.
I do feel that there is a different level of engagement when someone is looking at a a screen, in comparison to a book, newspaper or magazine. Notice in our office at work too.

I did used to bake a lot more cookies...


The problem when you leave it to the Algerians, is they like the Spetnaz Alpha Group, is they are not as scrupulous as us, this new fellow,
Abu Dejana, thought he would be sipping tea like Abu Khattalah, in Benghazi, no that's not the way, Algwrians roles,

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--"Rumor has it that Atlanta has more stars living here than LA now."--

Winning that contest is kind of like winning the javelin catching tournament isn't it?


"So what do you recommend [the House GOP] should do about the Deficit and the debt, Fen?"

I think that if they are going to sell out their principles, they should at least bargain for a better table at Martha's Vineyard.

[They should shut the government down until spending is cut back to sane levels. I know, you're going to caterwaul about losing the majority. But with the current GOP, the only question is whether Obama drives us over the cliff in 5th gear or the GOP does it in 4th]


Most definitely like a javelin catching contest . The hip hoppers and sports stars hang out in Buckhead and the probability of another Ray Lewis incidence is high.

Frau Aussenpolitik

Gag me with a spoon - Obama just isn't into Algeria, not even from behind. He has his "journey" to choreograph. Having two inaugurations to play the symbolism card is revolting.

Jane, I didn't answer you yesterday. I *will* attend any gigantic "Citizen Not Subject" protest in D.C.
And not dressed as a female nether part.


You were not far enough, Stephanie

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