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February 12, 2013


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I really love it when the faux media get punked by real life. Go Sarah

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

We are reaching the point where The Onion is a more accurate depiction of reality than the MFM.


Interesting that over at the WaPo story there are only 5 comments posted. C'mon, what a crock WaPo. There is heavy damage control going on over there. Here's comment number 3 and 4:

11:18 AM GMT-0900
What happened to all of the critical comments?!
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Johnny Rockitz
11:23 AM GMT-0900
Good question, there were about 200 last time I looked and they were pretty entertaining.

My guess is the WaPo is too embarresed about the whole deal.
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On a more serious note, that will teach people to cooperate with us;


Just FYI,

Sarah mentions "The Mocha Moose" in Wasilla. Here's their drive thru coffee kiosk in Wasilla:

We have hundreds of these locally owned coffee kiosks scattered around up here. Just driving to work via the backroads I pass 6. Know most of the gals behind the counter, (know where the cuter ones are!), and which ones are suckers for my dogs and give out good dog treats. Whenever I'm back in North carolina visiting I always encourage the nieces and nephews to start one up and see how it'd go, but they seem to think it'll never work. Then when they come up and visit they think it's terrific. Then they go home and forget about it. Beats me.

Glad to know Sarah supports her local barista gals. I expected nothing less.

And can we please start calling her "The Stoopid Suzi Parker." Perhaps "The Stoopid Suzi Parker" can see Wasilla from her ass.

Jane - Mock the Media!

OT: I've started reading "Benghazi The Definitive Report" and it is fascinating. Someone like Cecil needs to read it because just the wide variance of initials of all the special forces and secret forces will force me to re-read it many times before I get it all.

At any rate, according to the book, Obama outsourced his secret foreign policy to Brennan (after the bin Laden leaks got him in trouble) and Brennan decided to wage war on Algeria, Libya, Mali, Nigeria (and possibly others) using special forces all of which was unbeknown to the CIA, the Pentagon, Congress and pretty much anyone else.

I think, but am not sure that this was all considered Arab Spring coolness.


NYT and WashPo are marginalized every day. How much longer before they go out of business or file for bankruptcy?I am still incensed over the affair article they printed the day after McCain got the nomination. It was like they were waiting with bated breath to begin their trash program.
Sarah trumps them again and i agree with squaredance. They hate how successful and untouchable she is. They can only dream of accomplishing as much as she has in her life. They really go crazy whenever she speaks.Their phony feminism gets rocked by her accomplishments and the love and respect people have for her. Plus her kids all like her and want to emulate her.


Now the WaPo is back to 189 comments and counting, not 5.

I am not making this up. Those WaPo SOB's tried to do damage control by digging, and somebody with an ounce of sense over there stepped in to stop the digging.

To me that short effort at damage control censorship is as much of the story as the initial idiocy of "The Stoopid Suzi Parker."


Of course Obama shirked all responsibility for the secret foreign policies. He is a rogue commander operating without the approval of Congress. Impeachment should be undertaken after the midterm elections. We don't want fake backlash like after Clinton's impeachment when the dems used it as a sob story to win seats.


is as much a part of the story

Jack is Back


My theory is that Obama is simply stupid and doesn't want to learn or engage in anything that threatens his persona. He left those people to die because he didn't know what to do from a leadership perspective. So, instead of seeking counsel from Panetta or Dempsey, which would make him look subservient to their intelligence, he decided to do what Obama always does when he doesn't have the skill or aptitute to understand a problem and come up with solutions - he voted present, went to bed or Las Vegas or the Fumar (smoking room) and said F**k it.

I really believe it is as simple as that. Then when the SHTF, Jarrett, Brennan, went to work on covering for him, bring in Rice, dream up the video connection and voila - Candy Crowley gets to crown his magnificence on National TV.


Ok, totally off topic bleg here...

WonderGirl has gotten far enough along in the girl scout horse program that she needs real riding boots, with a heel, pointed toe, etc. We, of course, can't afford any of this (anybody wanna buy some cookies? ;) ) Our local Farm King has a limited and expensive selection. I've looked at Amazon, but of course the amazon search engine is a mess and impossible to shop with. Also gone to Country Outfitter, which has beautiful stuff, but the really gorgeous stuff is all $150 and up.

Does anybody have any expertise in buying boots? Know of anything totally acceptable for less than $100? Or should we just accept the fact that you've got to pay for boots that fit well and are going to be comfortable for her to wear all day while at camp...


On WaPo I thought their Kaplan subsidiary is what kept them above water.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Panic at WAPO. What a way to celebrate Lincoln's b-day.


I guess it's possible, as with say the Clinton era rendition effort, that Scheuer has taken credit for, but was run by a very competent
Company man, but where is the evidence of this, except for one minor AQIM figure, scratched off the board, the day before the attack, it seems like conjecture.

Jack is Back


English or Western? Have you tried eBay?


Just got a text from my daughter in Texas. School at which she teaches is currently on lockdown. Apparantly guards were escorting prisoner convicted of sexually violent crimes from DFW to Nevada decided to stop at Walmart in Grapevine for a few things. Prisoner stabbed them and escaped. He was spotted by White Chapel church in Southlake . The school is just down the street. The lockdown is a precaution.


Here's a screenshot of the original Washington Post headline:

and the current one:


OMG, Sarah Palin thinks Elvis is still alive.

Jack is Back

bgates, LOL but you may have given WaPo their next headline and lede.


I'd say that Sarah is more relevant than Stoopid Suzi Parker, but that would just be preaching to the choir.

I think those espresso huts are a western states thing. I wish they had them around here, but Buckstar and Drunken Donuts has the market for coffee drinks pretty much locked up in the east.

We cook.

Well, sure, peanut butter and banana sandwiches fried in butter every day of the week, but the Sunday Special is meatloaf.

1# ground beef
1 tsp salt
1 tsp grd pepper
2 garlic buds chopped
1/4 cup chopped onion
3 slices of bread
1/2 cup wheat germ
1/4 cup chopped celery
2 eggs
1 can tomato juice

Combine ground beef with salt, pepper, chopped garlic, onion, bread, wheat germ and celery. Beat eggs and mix into meat. Cook meatloaf into tomato juice. Cover and bake in oven at 375 degrees for 35 minutes.

H/ts to Vester, Nancy, and Tori.

hit and run

(anybody wanna buy some cookies? ;)

Didya get your cookies this weekend? I'm sure you can top our 84 cases.

Jane - Mock the Media!


I may end up agreeing with you, but I'm only up to the "how we got there" part of the story.

Jack is Back


Next time try it with a mix of Buffalo and Veal. Leave out the onions and celery, use panko instead of bread and plenty of nutmeg.


Well, at least you got drive-thru at Dunkin Donuts:)

Jack is Back


Have you seen the video making the aviation circles of the Lufthansa 380 landing at SFO? Its a thing of beauty. No yoke! They use iPads to fly the damn thing. Is there anything Apple can't do?


Yeah, cathyf...western or english?

You might try Sheplers for western boots. Also, I used to wear kids boots (I'm a ladies 7 so I would wear a kid's size 5). They are always cheaper.

You also might try horse supply businesses. They often times have no-frills equipment. I've ordered stuff from


Well, sure, peanut butter and banana sandwiches fried in butter every day of the week

Careful slinging around words like "Peanut Butter" so causally. You might find yourself arrested by the TSA .

Choosy Airport Bombers choose Jif.

Captain Hate

Still living rent-free inside their empty domes. I wouldn't be surprised if those jackholes wake up screaming with nightmares about her.

I ain't nuthin' but a wild cat.

JiB, I'd try it if I thought Elvis would come serve it.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Just below Nosy Parker's idiot story about Palin is a link to another WaPo article entitled Out Damned Spot; The Mindbugs of Bias That Sneak Into Our Brains.
Physician, shoot thyself.

Captain Hate

Impeachment should be undertaken after the midterm elections. We don't want fake backlash like after Clinton's impeachment when the dems used it as a sob story to win seats.

With Boehner in charge, I'm not sure it would make it out of the House.

Dave (in MA)

I, for one, would have expected someone who goes by "Suzi" to have more stringent journalistic standards.


While other members of Congress are hosting gun-control advocates for Tuesday’s State of the Union address, Rep. Steve Stockman has given one of his visitor’s gallery tickets to Ted Nugent, the conservative gun-rights supporter.


Two shootouts going on right now....

Dorner in Big Bear v. LAPD

Senate hearing re: Hagel

Jane - Mock the Media!

They say they have found Dorner at Bear MT.

Kim, use oatmeal instead of bread.

Whatta rock.

That's the biggest Plymouth I ever saw.

Captain Hate

Dorner in Big Bear v. LAPD

A literal shootout?



I think Frau or Central linked that a week or so ago, and if it's the same one, I did see it.

They use iPads to fly the damn thing. Is there anything Apple can't do?

We (the company) has just implemented a transfer from an (EFB)Electronic Flight Bag computer system (LIDO) built by the Germans, to some gawd-awful Rube Goldberg type EFB taking us back to Jeppesens.

YMMV, but this new modification IMHO totally sux. It tosses out a beautifully designed Electronic Chart system that works beautifully and is very intuitive and user friendly, and swaps that for pictures of the old Jepps charts that you cannot read well or enlarge decently without the Pixels dissolving into unreadability, and even worse, marries it with a slow as molasses Windows computer system that takes forever to load. That is our new thing to hate in the cockpit, and we are all scratching our heads wondering why did they try to fix something that wasn't broke? We'll eventually get used to it but the transition back to Windows slowness is frustrating, and now I've got to start bringing my reading glasses along to be able to read the damn electronic Jepp charts. Arghhhhh!

BTW, Things not looking good for the 787's Lithium Battery's.


911 Operator ‏@911BUFF


Apparently some of this is being broadcast live, shots heard, screams, shouting, etc.


There are possibly wounded (shot) policeman they are trying to evacuate per FNC just now.


Dorner leavng this Earth in a hail of gunfire was a lock since last week. Hopefully,he doesn't take anyone with him.


Wow, I haven't followed the Dorner story closely but Hannity had Mark Fuhrman on and he made a great case that Dorner would have had the vehicle abandonment all worked out and was probably long gone by the time anyone got to it. I wasn't so sure Dorner had it that well planned.

Jane - Mock the Media!

He's not dead yet. Good I like news that overshadows Obama.


Poor Barry, this is going to put a dent in what's left of his SOTU viewership.

BB Key

CBS 9 Los Angeles has a Helicopter on the scene . And a satelite truck has just arrived .

Rob Crawford
That is our new thing to hate in the cockpit, and we are all scratching our heads wondering why did they try to fix something that wasn't broke?

Windows paid them to do it.


See mention of the two shot as I mentioned above and two who are tied up (hostages?).

Rob Crawford

So tonight the networks will have to decide whether to cover an angry black man intent on getting people killed and spreading hatred and anger or the Dorner story?


Hundreds of rounds fired. He was stopped by a couple of Fish & Game wardens.

Wild audio. @ a 15 minute "mad minute". 2 officers wounded and no word on their status.

Dorner apparently had a couple hostage and stole their truck.

He is apparently pinned down. He may have an automatic weapon. LAPD SWAT on their way, which is a frickin recipe for disaster.


So tonight the networks will have to decide whether to cover an angry black man intent on getting people killed and spreading hatred and anger or the Dorner story?



Rob Crawford -Comment of the day winner!
JIB: You are absolutely correct in your summation wrt Obama and Benghazi. Crowley's bit too! It was a set-up from the get=go What a sleaze.


Brilliant, Rob C!

Jack is Back


My buffer is 60 years old and it never failed under 60 year old electronic technology. If we had iPads back then, the RNVM wouldn't exist any longer.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

At least 5 hours of more daylight in Big Bear. That gets us past 10:00PM if my arithmetic is correct. TeeHee.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

10:00 PM Eastern. that is.

Rob Crawford
He may have an automatic weapon.

Unpossible. Those have been illegal since 1934, and we KNOW that making something illegal causes it to disappear from existence.


Flip side - if it is all over soon, then Barry will announce it to cheers at the SOTU and take the credit.

Jane - Mock the Media!

I stole that Rob. Next time could you make it 140 characters.


Actually, Jane - it fit perfectly on Twitter without any edit!

Frau Bergvagbunden

Dorner is either in or heading for the area where we have a cabin and my b-i-l lives. Cold, windy and snow on the ground. It's a good day to stay in and enjoy a hot toddy.

LA SWAT team? Flashback ...

Dave (in MA)
He is apparently pinned down. He may have an automatic weapon.
He couldn't possibly have one. Those are illegal.

O/T and just some media news:

Comcast will acquire control of 100% of NBCUniversal, buying General Electric’s 49% stake in the company for $16.7 billion. Comcast will also acquire the property that GE has at 30 Rockefeller Plaza and at CNBC’s headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey for an additional $1.4 billion.

Cuffé ‏@CuffyMeh

Drone time, baby. RT @mpoppel: All civilian/news aircraft now banned from entering Big Bear area due to "special security reasons"

Jane - Mock the Media!

He couldn't possibly have one. Those are illegal.

And he loves Piers Morgan and our president. So no way!

Rob Crawford

I really can't blame them for keeping out the vultures, er, media.

But, then, I really couldn't blame them for sending media in first, either.

Rick Ballard

Assuming collateral damage can be avoided, what would the difference be between sending Ayers/Mumia/Dorner on to his final reward via Hellfire rather than a snipers bullet?


A prediction:

If these 2 hostages get out alive and Dorner dies, eventually the MSM will be working their buns off to try to get the hostages to say good stuff about Dorner--his humanity, his integrity, his kindness, his treatment of them, his whatever, that helps their narrative.

Rob Crawford
Assuming collateral damage can be avoided, what would the difference be between sending Ayers/Mumia/Dorner on to his final reward via Hellfire rather than a snipers bullet?

There's no doubt a person inside the US can be captured, so they can be subject to due process.

Jane - Mock the Media!

I'd pay him to hold out until 9:30.

Rob Crawford

daddy -- the problem with the "but otherwise he's a good guy" line of BS is that an ex-girlfriend has come out and said he's a complete nutcase.


Meanwhile, back in DC...

A bitterly divided Senate panel on Tuesday voted to approve President Barack Obama's nomination of Chuck Hagel to be the nation's defense secretary

The Armed Services Committee voted 14-11 to send the nomination to the full Senate, with all the panel's Democrats backing the president's choice to succeed Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. The committee's Republicans were unified in their opposition...


Yes, the MSM needed that confirmation from the ex-girlfriend because they couldn't tell it from the manifesto.


Interesting question you raise, Rick Ballard. Maybe someone in the press will ask President Benghazi what should be done.

Jane - Mock the Media!

HOw many votes does he need in the senate? Can they also make him testify?


they couldn't tell it from the manifesto.

Ha, Porch. They thought the manifesto was perhaps an editorial from the NY Times that they'd overlooked.



Just stopped by and saw your question. Any hard leather shoe with a little heel should work for camp. Look up paddock boots. You should be able to get a cheap pair.

Of course, your daughter will hate them. :)
Cowboy boots are so much cooler but tell her it hurts if you get stepped on by a horse.

Going to pick up Ann1. See you guys later.

Carol Herman

Kudos to Sarah. She has droll humor at her fingertips.


HOw many votes does he need in the senate?


From the story:

Democrats, who hold a 55-45 edge in the Senate, have the numbers to confirm Hagel on a majority vote, but would need the support of five Republicans before an up-or-down vote on the president's Cabinet choice would be allowed.

More than a dozen Republicans oppose the nomination, and the committee's ranking Republican, Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, is insisting that any confirmation be based on 60 votes rather than a majority of the Senate.

All 55 Democrats are expected to back Hagel, and two Republicans - Sens. Thad Cochran of Mississippi and Mike Johanns of Nebraska - have said they will vote for the nominee.

So it sounds to me like 60, but I don't think the rules really apply in a Harry Reed lead Senate.


Jane - at NRO's the Corner I think they are saying that the R's will not filibuster, but they are not going to allow a simple majority vote - rather 60 votes for cloture.

It's all Greek to me.


Has he yet made the demand to update his facebook page?


Three years after the White House arranged a hero’s welcome at the State of the Union address for the Fort Hood police sergeant and her partner who stopped the deadly shooting there, Kimberly Munley says President Obama broke the promise he made to her that the victims would be well taken care of.

“Betrayed is a good word,” former Sgt. Munley told ABC News in a tearful interview to be broadcast tonight on “World News with Diane Sawyer” and “Nightline.”

“Not to the least little bit have the victims been taken care of,” she said. “In fact they’ve been neglected.”


Cathy, you could probably find a pair of used boots on EBAY. Their feet grow so fast, I wouldn't spend a lot for new ones myself. Try an EBAY search for vintage Frye riding boots.


Jane: This is a little clearer about the vote:

Chad Pergram ‏@ChadPergram

If cloture is invoked (60 votes), Hagel's opponents can take up to 30 hours afterwards. Final vote only needs simple majority.


so Lindsay Graham was babbling bs when he said they would block Hagel until they get the info they want about Benghazi


Dereliction of duty on Benghazi. LUN


The Graham 'hold' forces the cloture vote


Sunny ‏@sunnyright

CBS2: One deputy who was shot in the exchange of gunfire has died.

Jane - Mock the Media!

Jay Carney is a moron.

Jane - Mock the Media!

I think Hagel will gt 60 votes for cloture. McCain has been screeching to bring it to a vote.


He is worse than a moron, Jane. Arrogant just like his boss.


The Graham 'hold' forces the cloture vote

How so?


I am going to the Fox News Bing thingy where I can vote instantly on the SOTU.

Bing dot com backslash politics. Pick Dem or Rep, male or female and you are off and running.

I expect to give thumbs down every 5 seconds until I can't bear listening to Obama any longer - so two thumbs down or 10 seconds.


This is just so disturbing and sick...


they pulled the helicopters out of there; trying to hold back images that could cause riots. half of LA rooting for #ChrisDorner



I agree with all of the suggestions above, but wanted to add another place for you to check out:

New boots always need some breaking in time, too; both on the horse and off. Then they get comfortable.

Jane - Mock the Media!

half of LA rooting for #ChrisDorner

Obama's base

Jane - Mock the Media!

KABC-TV reporting possible house where Chris Dorner is holed up in is on fire.

Manuel Transmission


Janet's rec of Sheplers has always worked for me, but she really needs to try some on. Cowboy boots have a shape all their own and depending on instep, etc. they can vary a size or so. I have many pairs and need to remember which sock thickness works with each one even though they are all 'the same size.'


Fox now reporting ammo exploding in cabin and before that one shot heard


Yep, Jane - really really black smoke coming out of it too - am watching on line (via Fox News).

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