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February 26, 2013


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Now they could have you know, admitted that the first lady's statement, but as with Minitrue's deletion of Cpl. Ogilvy, needs must,

Jane - Mock the Media!

At this point I'm tempted to say "who cares?"


What difference does it make?


If they add the JEF to the cutting floor list I'll buy them a beer.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

I'm at a loss how anyone could come into possession of any type of weapon they don't need in the gun free zone that is Chicago.


What do you expect? FLOTUS is the queen of the low informstion voters.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--“I just don’t want to keep disappointing our kids in this country. I want them to know that we put them first.”--

The very idea our country was founded on;

I regret that I have but one life to give for my little crumb crunchers.

Give me a room full of rugrats or give me death.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are federally funded nannies and free Abercrombie and Fitch togs for their ill mannered little twerps.


Damn these automatic weapons! Damn them!

Who needs automatic weapons to hunt turkeys? Or quail?

Damn these people who use automatic weapons to hunt turkeys and quail!


I'm sorry but these people should be damned. Little Hadiya Pendleton would be alive today if not for these people!

Who needs automatic weapons to hunt quail? No one!


Anyone who hunts quail with a sub-machine gun should be damned to hell!

- Michelle Obama


It's not rocket science, folks. Just simple logic.

Jane - Mock the Media!

What difference does it make?

Please don't stop saying that.


FLOTUS was talking about a composite child that was murdered with a composite weapon.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Rand Paul explains his Hagel vote.
Well "explains" might be a little charitable since it didn't really make any sense.


Yes, they don't know anything, but doggone it, they are angry over it;


More from the cutting room floor:

MI State Senator Tom Casperson: I Don't Know Where Obama Was Born: Media Not Giving Full Story

Danube of Thought iPad

When I want the facts, I always rely on those state senators who in turn rely on the media.

Danube of Thought iPad

The media know--National Review, Human Events, The Washington Times, The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, Fox News--they all know. They're just part of the conspiracy to keep the truth hidden.


Actually, when hunting quail an automatic weapon may be better than a shotgun. They're fast little buggers who run, hide in the bushes, and fly away from you. Full auto would be most certainly preferable in this application, though. 30 or even 45 rounds would certainly bring down a whole covey. The damned steel shot is worthless anyway.

See? It just how you look at the problem that helps clarify the ole thinking!

Soylent Red

Yes, they don't know anything, but doggone it, they are angry over it,

It would seem that the citizens of Capitol City are very distraught that they won't get to spend up more tribute sent in from the Districts.

I had to attend a little dinner party on Saturday night in Arlington. At this party were members of S.O.'s employer's board of directors, one of which engaged me in conversation on sequestration.

She was very indignant about the whole thing, saying Congress should "just be shot" over this. I pointed out to her that sequestration was Obama's idea, particularly the part involving DoD where her GS-15 hubbie works.

Well -- says she -- it's not really her hubbie she's worried about. What about all those lower level GS's and workers who derive their income from serving the GS's. Yes -- says I -- it surely is unfortunate that so many people in a single metro will be affected by it. But on the bright side, it will help locals better understand what's going on in the rest of the country, where wages aren't funded with tax dollars and the economies aren't booming.

She huffed and puffed and finally came out and said, "You know these people just don't think about anyone but themselves. This sequestration is going to affect our vacation plans to Savannah." I checked my tongue before it could get S.O. fired.

The following morning I decided to go to church in Alexandria. As a lead in to the main part of the sermon, the preacher brought up the fear that lots of people were having over sequestration, and how this was just an awful thing we needed to pray about.

When I come to DC, I need to play it safe and stick to going to Clarice's house. Church should not make you feel homicidal.

Danube of Thought iPad

"Church should not make you feel homicidal."

It made me feel that way starting in third grade.


Yes, you got that Hunger Games vibe too, Soylent, Katniss should spear some more apples from the roasted boars.


A long but worthwhile read.

Well, Soylent, sounds to me you're lucky you didn't go to church with OL--that preacher was fairly mild--commiserating with the tribulations of his flock.

Carol Herman

In today's world, people don't wait for a news anchor to give them the news. Car chases, on the other hand, get people to stop what they're doing to watch.

Anyway, Iran televised the Oscars. And, they modified Michelle Obama's dress, so it would look more modest. Drudge ran the picture. And, the dress was improved on by the Iranians. What's so great about muscular bare arms?

Thomas Collins

Taxes are straightforward compared to NFL Salarycapology. Brady gets increased guaranteed money, and the Patriots get increased cap space (see LUN).


Obviously, Giselle was not part of the negotiating team,

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

In light of part of the conversation on the last thread I thought this was an amusing coincidental anecdote:
Went upstairs and the wifey is watching an Everybody Loves Raymond rerun.
Turns out it's the one where Ray and Robert's family is visiting Amy's family who live in the country.

A little bird hits a window and breaks its wing so the country folk commiserate and then put it out of its misery and the city folk are aghast at their heartlessness.
As they're expressing their aghastness the hostess brings out a big roast turkey and the chief aghaster, Frank, forgets the tweety bird and says "Alright, break me off a wing there!"

Old Lurker

I thought Rand had more smarts than this.

Guess not.


I thought Rand had more smarts than this.

Guess not.

yeah...SO disappointing.

Come to church with me next time you're in the area, Soylent. We're some Bible thumpin' so-&-so's. Lots of young adults too. I've never played matchmaker...but I could give it a go.

Jim Miller

The first attack on the World Trade Center was twenty years ago today. (I just wrote a brief post on the anniversary, naming the victims, and criticizing our response.)

Rick Ballard


You just never know when a directive from the mother ship will get through. He's a real box of chocolates.


How old are you Soylent?


I think Rand wanted to improve his presidential election chances by ruining his presidential election chances.

It's hard to lead while admiring your reflection in the mirror.


The president has the right to any asshole he feels he needs subject to the approval of Congress. Hagel is stupid and incompetent, but that is what the president wants.

Better for them to show themselves for who they really are as quickly as possible. There's another election in @ 20 months and we need to take back whatever we can.

The fiscal crisis has not gone away and the whole sequestration scan seems to be falling apart. Watch Italy and Europe and the currency wars. Watch as the true cost of Obamacare becomes apparent. We have to keep the faith and allow Kerry and Hagel and all of the other fools show their true colors.


I thought Rand had more smarts than this.

I can't get too worked up about this. Rand is basically saying "Give Obama the cabinet he wants," or, more to the point, "You want him, you can have him!" Yes, the Senate is supposed to "advise and consent," but the only consequence of refusing consent is that Obama sends up the next doofus. It's pretty hard to influence a presidents' policies through that process.


Yes, it seems Italy is stocked up with a full barrel of monkeys, good thing Justified is on.

Jim Miller

matt - I don't think that Obama sees Hagel as "stupid and incompetent".


The two hit it off when they visited Iraq together, and found that they agreed on many issues.

In Obama's mind that makes Hagel smart and competent.

Captain Hate

Taxes are straightforward compared to NFL Salarycapology. Brady gets increased guaranteed money, and the Patriots get increased cap space (see LUN).

I was surprised by your reaction to the Brady negotiations yesterday. There are a lot of factors that went into what he was doing, including staying with a club where the chances of getting his brains scrambled was pretty low, and I was pretty confident that he and the team would end up with a mutually beneficial arrangement. The union is pretty pissed off, I'm sure; but those are the same dunces that signed off on Goodell enforcing a non-existent salary cap for chump change so eff them.


((Rand is basically saying "Give Obama the cabinet he wants," or, more to the point, "You want him, you can have him!"))

that reminds me of when I thought Romney was playing high level chess when he didn't bring up Behghazi during the third debate.

I believe Rand's notions of national defense are the same as his father's, and closer to Hagel's than not.


No, he got a good deal, probably too good considering his performance this season, what do the Patriots get out of it, then again how much would they have to come up with, in order to improve their lot.


I posted this in the earlier thread, but it belongs more on this one.

((Voting yea on cloture and then no on confirmation is hypocritical CYA.))

Rand said his final vote was conditional on the WH answering the question, would drones be used on Americans at home? The WH did answer, and say no. And evidently Rand believed the WH. (edited for clarity)


Remember what I said about what Elmore Leonard is known for, then again it is the season finale,
I think.

Captain Hate

Brady's playoff numbers have been on the decline while still putting up monster regular season stats. I'm still anxious to see what the hoodie does after he retires. Or if he'll cut him a la Bernie Kosar in Cleveland if he starts showing "diminished skills".


Ignatz, 7:55, LOL!!!!!


Need a laugh? You can by-pass Biden and start the video at :31 .


I guess some kind of slide, was inevitable from the top, The Raven's payroll sans Lewis, is got to be astronomical now,


No, the press covers for him, even more then for Clinton, is that such a hard notion to grasp, in the LUN


People seem to be having trouble posting.


Thanks Sue,

I keep trying to post a mid length comment on Amity Shlaes "Coolidge" (It gets better in the 2nd hundred pages!), but when I hit post I get the "enter the letters and numbers you see" but there are no letters and numbers, even when I hit, "view an alternate", so I wind up trapped and unable to post:(

Melinda Romanoff

My bad cycle of posting ended with the Flash update.

Rand's electoral hopes may be greased in an alternative direction through his exposed genius and last name, but probably more the latter.

Buford Gooch

Ann, the video at that link was great.


Yes, the coverage of the Boston Police strike, and how allies became enemies, is instructive,
and suggestive of certain recent historical parallels.

Captain Hate

The Raven's payroll sans Lewis, is got to be astronomical now,

They have to sign the Super Bowl MVP who picked a good time to become a free agent.


when I couldn't post last week I researched and found that typepad has installed new spam blockers because there are a few blogs that have been overloaded with disabling spam, 1000's of thousands of messages at once. and the new spam blockers are directing some legit cooments to the spam archive.




Maybe If I break it in half:

Second hundred pages of Amity Shlaes "Coolidge" much better than the first hundred.

She does a good job detailing Coolidge's act as Massachusetts Governor in 1919, in permanently firing Boston's 1,800 striking policemen. In that incident I thought this worth mentioning:

---The Boston police walk off the job, demanding the right to Unionize and have better wages, working conditions, etc.

---Riots break out in unprotected Boston, with 6 killed, and very much property damage by gangs of looters.

---The Boston Police Commissioner fires of all the 1,800 policemen who walked off the job.

---Labor Leader Gompers then publicly warns the Police Commissioner, that Policemen, hearing that they would not be rehired, might show the city what true violence was like; they might suffer untold miseries without work. I suppose you are willing to suffer the consequences of your actions.

---Coolidge then gains national prominence when he publicly supports the Commissioner, against calls from President Woodrow Wilson and Gompers to negotiate. There is no right to strike against the Public Safety by anybody, anywhere, anytime says Coolidge.



Ann - Thanks for the link to the great
"Buy a Shotgun" video!


daddy, the trick for me was leaving out links


Yes daddy, Lehane seems to have sanitized that aspect of the situation, it has a bit of a Madison echo, no.

That clip shows why the skeeter shot, seemed out of place,

Melinda Romanoff on Kindle

After the Chicago police strikes, he learner a different lesson.

Now I have to support the Shlaes family again, one book at a time, over one contract at a time.


Do, they believe this, or do they think if they stop talking their brains will shut down;

Soylent Red

We have to keep the faith and allow Kerry and Hagel and all of the other fools show their true colors.

I would tend to agree except that
a. Nobody is paying attention, cf. Benghazi
b. There are a lot of people trying to do a necessary job who will be thwarted or killed as a result of this yes-man.

Still, we get what we got, God help us. If we're going to let it burn, let it burn faster. The LIV must have his sins cleansed with pain.

Also, Chuck Hagel is not from Nebraska.

I believe Rand's notions of national defense are the same as his father's, and closer to Hagel's than not.

I believe you are right, which is why I have never gotten very excited about Rand. His old man is nuts, but I think he might just be time-release nuts.

I'm past the point of looking for a Conservative in DC, or placing my hopes in a politician.

good thing Justified is on.

One of the best shows on TV right now (which isn't saying much, I know). I pray that Timothy Olyphant doesn't spout off some leftist BS and make me have to quit watching. The Moron Horde needs to reach out to Nick Searcy and have him have a little talk with the rest of the cast about the importance of not pissing off fans.

Unusually high body count tonight.

How old are you Soylent?

I'm 44, but I look 34. Besides, age doesn't matter if you are a guy, look good, or are an accomplished liar. I'm at least two of those.

As for you Janet, I appreciate the offer and might consider taking you up on it, provided there are no drum kits and handwaving involved. I like my Law and Gospel in a little more subdued setting.

Also, any potential Soylent-essas must eventually adopt the Soylent lifestyle, which is not as easy as it might seem. I like women who are stubborn enough to be difficult but not impossible to train.


The simple point I wanted to make re: Coolidge and the Policemen Strike, is that according to Shlaes, on day 1 after the strike started, 1,052 individuals had applied for gun permits in Boston, and 390 people for license to serve as special policemen.

On day 2, 846 for gun permits and 369 for the Policeman permit

Day 3, 369 Gun permits. Etc.

That very sensible rush of citizens to suddenly arm themselves in stately old Boston struck me as worth mentioning, especially in what I would have considered sort of prim and proper post Victorian Boston days. Guess not so prim and proper.

Interesting to be reminded how rapidly the veneer of civilization can break down, and that the only thing that can be relied on to protect you then is yourself.

Danube of Thought iPad

Is Ann Coulter still hot for that morbidly obese governor?



Coolidge in that story reminds me of Reagan and the air traffic controllers.

I wish Shlaes would just come out and be a conservative. She always pays just enough lip service to the lefty worldview to keep herself in academic good standing. I remember some kind of semi-apology about "red baiting" in the introduction to The Forgotten Man. It was enough to put me off the book, but I do plan to pick it up again eventually.


Well I see the context of the statement, Porch, and it's kind of borderline, the judgement of many of these advisors, led to the entry of the likes of Hiss, & Remington, to rise through the ranks.


Ask April Glaspie, how such statements turn out, John;

Our position on the Falklands has not changed. The United States recognizes de facto U.K. administration of the islands, but takes no position on the question of the parties' sovereignty claims thereto. And we support cooperation between U.K. and Argentina on practical matters, and we continue to urge a peaceful resolution of that critical issue. And I think that's exactly what our position has been, that's what it remains, and we look forward to the future.


provided there are no drum kits and handwaving involved. I like my Law and Gospel in a little more subdued setting.

Oh well...we've got drum kits. And some people wave their hands, not many, but some...even me sometimes. I figure if a person can whoop & holler for a sports team & clap, light a Bic, & wave at music concerts then an outpouring of joy & thanks to the Lord God Almighty can't be all wrong.
Ya know...♪ ♫ Shout To The Lord ♫ ♪ and all that. :)

But I hear ya. I grew up with a structured service & miss it sometimes. Serious Bible instruction & sharing the Gospel are the main things & that's happening for sure.

Can't remember where I saw it.

A surprising source, but Juan Williams has said something interesting about the authoritarian dominance of media by the left.

Hitch-hiking to Damascus

google 'Juan Williams liberal media dominance'. It's all over it.

Jane:  Mock the Media

I've always resisted church particularly with my sister and family because they are the people who turned me off to it in the first place, with their intolerant zealousness.

Many years ago, the family convinced me to join them at a Christmas Eve service, but I warned them if anyone waived their hands I was leaving.

So we get there - probably 10 of us including my sister's M-I-L (who is a wonderful lady I've known forever.) Sure enough, about 3 seconds into the 1st hymn M-I-L starts waving her hands.

My nieces and nephews were laughing so hard we almost got kicked out.


I think this is the video of Juan Williams that Kim is referring to. It is at the Daily Caller.

He struck me dumb.

Thanks, cc.

Danube of Thought iPad

Calling Piers Morgan. Mass killing in Switzerland:

"Several people have been killed and seriously injured during a shooting at a factory near the Swiss city of Lucerne, police say. The incident happened at the Kronospan wood processing plant in the town of Menznau, police said in a statement. A witness said five people had been killed, according to the Luzerner Zeitung newspaper, but this was not confirmed. The paper said shooting started in the canteen at around 09:00 (08:00 GMT). "

Danube of Thought iPad

Switzerland has a population of 7.6 million. Its per capita rate of mass shootings dwarfs that of the U.S.


So where is the mental health bill dealing with the mind of the mass murderer? Did I miss it? Or was it done at the state level by Andy Cuomo or the CT state government?

Bueller? Bueller?


The GOP has a messaging problem on the Sequester that is really quite extraordinary. They just might need a different spokesman on the issue. Send Boehner outside to smoke a cigarette, and bring in Mitch McConnell.

See more at:


Reading Schlaes, one sees how astronomically far,
we are from his budgeting ways, if a reduction in the rate of growth brings Ragnarok, or Apophis, depending on your favorite mythology.


what seems to be happening all over western culture, is that normal human boundaries are breaking down. Switzerland has been a gun country for a long time, but only now such an incident happens. These fatal anti-social breakdowns are a result of postmodern thought, imo. If the postmodernists want to break down the tried and tested boundaries devloped over centures in one department, they are going to have to deal with them breaking down in other areas, aka, unintended consequences.


((The GOP has a messaging problem on the Sequester that is really quite extraordinary. ))

I thought Boehner's telling the senate to get their asses back to work was the best messaging I've seen from him so far.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

The Republicans as usual have more power than they realize but are probably too stupid to use it.

Dems always hold essential services hostage during budget talks, but they know people won't stand for it if push comes to shove. After several years of chicken-littleing out here in CA the state hasn't burnt to the ground nor have roaming bands of post apocalyptic road warriors taken over the joint. A few less lazy clowns are going to college instead of getting a job, which of course is a good thing.

The Dems in general and and Barry in particular are terrified that when sequestration happens and the sky doesn't fall all the LIVs, AKA dumbasses, might actually get a clue that government is too big and can be cut without hurting anyone other than government goldbricks.
The more a narcissist like Barry rends his garments and warns of catastrophe the more scared he is and the weaker his position is.
It's when they smile and act placid that they think they're sitting pretty.


'Surprisingly' this is not the tack they take;


I disagree with you on the messaging. The fact that this was Obama's idea has gotten out loud and clear. Woodward helped with that fact. The lamestream media is the only one whining and saying it is the repubs fault. No one believes them anymore. The repub governors told Obama to "talk to the hand". He is sunk and I love it. Typically in his arrogance he did not construct a plan B. That's why he and the dems are going to ride the Sequester wave. I love it that in the debates he said it wouldn't happen and now it is happening.


((I've always resisted church particularly with my sister and family because they are the people who turned me off to it in the first place, with their intolerant zealousness

....but I warned them if anyone waived their hands I was leaving.))

no comment


Boehner telling the Senate to get off their ass and do something seems pretty direct and cut and dried to me.


the overall Republican message also includes an ad about Obama flying all over the place instead of dealing with it. The ad could be a lot better because it is the silent style again, that you have to read, but can't hear the Republican message, but it's better than nothing. At least it's on point. A sidebar in the messaging is that the cuts are miniscule in the big picture. All good, imo.


There is no waving of hands in my church. It's just during the Lord's Prayer that we raise our hands and then extend to each other a handshake of peace.


" ... a. Nobody is paying attention ..."

Au contraire, IMHO. Our adversaries are paying attention, and will take advantage of the feckless power vacuum that Obama, Kerry and Hagel are presenting.

There is no deterrent right now.


Obama's response to everything is to"fly all over the place and give a propaganda speech full of lies.
On topic for this post, when Moochelle lies in an interview and makes things up about a poor girl's death{so disrespectful in my opinion} the ABC news will cover it up and put it on the cutting room floor. Why? We all know about it and the web report has it. Whom do they think they are fooling? That young girl is being used as a prop for their misguided gun agenda. Despicable. Just when you think they can't sink any lower...


Iggy: you are exactly right on this.


I have never raised my arms in a church service in my life, but I have no problem with it. From what I've read, it goes back to Moses, who as long as he kept his hands raised gave the Isrealites a huge victory over their enemies. The purpose of the raised hands was to point to God, not man, as being responsible for the victory.


maryrose, the ABC incident shows that the First Lady is an LIFL. (Low information First Lady.)


Yes, but the AP corrected the story, shows she was lying,



The GOP message, Boehner edition, comes across as "look at this terrible horrible thing the President did that he's asking us to fix, and we're not going to."

Obama is playing some awkward budget cuts like it is an actual government shutdown. To the extent the GOP helps in Obama's game, they hurt themselves.

And, as a political note, and actual government shutdown is coming on March 27. Obama's likely goal is to play chicken with that deadline, using a GOP effort to continue the terrible awful sequester as his excuse. Do you trust Boehner to have the rhetorical smarts to deal with that? I haven't seen them yet.

We like to think of Obama, in this board, as a bad tactician. Given that Obama has a number of victories in these budget battles, it's time to stop thinking of him that way.

Captain Hate

I'm incredulous about this:

So much for defending McConnell if this is accurate.

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