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February 09, 2013


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Or it could have been gas, you decide;

Melinda Romanoff on Kindle


In the vernacular of the biz, he's an exemplar Dove.

Beasts of England

Thanks for playing, daddy!


Yes RB, you are right all round. I suppose that they use the Harvard MBAs as secretaries, and perhaps we should be thankful of that should it be true--keeps them out of mischief elsewhere. I misspoke.

I do doubt that MBAs are "smarter"; they are just more ambitious, not to mention lazier students. They do have snazzier suits, one supposes, though even that up for grabs what with all these "government/business partnerships" these days. Elsewhere, I see little difference. What is the old line? "What is the difference between a statistician and an accountant?" The statistician does not have enough personality to be an accountant. Seems somehow cogent here.

As to hiring Soviet economists, well, I am confused for I had thought this was just the problem in the first place. For my own part, I have altogether different ideas of what we might do with "FED Economists", and they have little to do with hiring anyone, at least at the FED.

(I might allow for the odd guillotine operator, but surely that could be done on a contract basis. It is hardly position.)

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Obama Unplugged--

Why does that phrase inspire me to dream of a day Barry is in hospital and reliant on some costly life preserving treatments and some officious Barrycare bureaucrat stops by his room to let him know unplugging him is the only cost effective way to ensure the system continues working...for the children.

Captain Hate

Watch Obama's face during Dr. Carson's speech. He looks like a bratty teen-ager who needs his face smacked.

The most shocking thing of that presentation was he didn't applaud once for Dr Carson. I saw Mooch clap graciously (a term I'm not used to applying to Worf but when it's deserved...) a few times but nothing from the JEF. I wonder if his MFM speak troof to power catamites will remember that the next time he brags about his "humility".


Narciso, thanks for the 05:26 Weekly Standard Link.
I know you follow all the different players much closer than I do, But I just don't see
" and runs the CTC, rather ably," can be a known fact.

Here is an illustration of a person who appeared to be doing an able job.

"As president of the National Association of County Recorders, Election Officials and Clerks, and a member of the Board of Advisors to the Election Assistance Commission – he has played pivotal roles in helping to shape federal and state election reforms."

"The motor-voter legislation combined with Orr’s ambitious and creative efforts to register new voters at grocery stores, sporting events, schools and summer fairs, has resulted in a record number of voters in Illinois. Since taking office in 1990, more than 1 million new voters have been added to the county voting rolls."<.b>

"Orr has been honored by the Communist Party USA led Chicago Peace Council and he has long term ties to Chicago’s largest Marxist group, Democratic Socialists of America."

I submit that the job he has been doing was a disaster for the USA.

I submit that we may learn further down the
road things that the CIA has not done as well as they should.


off .




I'm beginning to believe we should try and hire some former Soviet economists to help the Fed move away from the unicorn farting rainbows modeling system currently in use. The Soviet Five Year Plans came closer to the mark.

The Fed is about as open to alternative points of view as the Soviets were, I will say that much. There are some exceptions in the system, like Plosser, Lacker, maybe Kocherlakota, but for the most part it's groupthink, and even more, self-justification. Like a doctor who, rather than admit he doesn't have an answer, just keeps trying the same medicine.

Frau Ohne Respekt

FLOTUS is/was in Chicago for the funeral of the young girl killed in gang cross fire. I'm glad there is *no* politicizing of the girl's death by gun fire.

I thought Rahm told the yutes to stay away from the childen. I guess he gets the Roger Dangerfield award for 2013.

Jane - Mock the Media!

Carson was on Hannity last nite. Hannity asked him if he could get him to run for president. Carson replied something like - "if the Lord grabbed me by the collar I would do it"

Hannity is having him back next week. A movement is afoot I suspect. I have no idea if it's a good idea.

Dave (in MA)

Don't shovel too much. This kind of heavy snow is heart attack city.
After about an hour I went in and told the Mrs. that I cleared a path wide enough for a gurney.


The most shocking thing of that presentation was he didn't applaud once for Dr Carson.

I just watched the whole thing. The first two-thirds of it was not even controversial, but inspirational and got everyone applauding several times, except for Barry who sat on his hands with the famous nose-in-the-air pose.

I'm sure he'd do a better job as president than the current one (but then, so might any random person picked from the phone book). But I think he'd be better in a Sarah-type role as a kingmaker, talking about ideas and values. I'd hate to see him get shredded by the media as a candidate.

Jane - Mock the Media!

Dave we beat you. Official tally is 31".

Thomas Collins

OK, path to the road from the house is still there (wind didn't blow too much snow in the path), and one of two driveways and one of two cars have been cleared (and the cleared car is the one on the cleared driveway). Because there was almost no snow on the ground when this storm hit, shovelling out wasn't horrible. If more storms hit before the snow from this one melts, that could be a problem.

Of course, daddy justifiably no doubt thinks we are all soft in New England with our complaining about the first big snowstorm in two years. Mark Folkstead in Minnesota may also be chuckling.

Thomas Collins

I should add that Central Mass. usually gets hit harder than Boston and the surrounding western suburbs, so Jane has had a few tough storms in the last two years.

Manuel Transmission

But I think he'd be better in a Sarah-type role as a kingmaker, talking about ideas and values. I'd hate to see him get shredded by the media as a candidate.

I'm liking him for many of the reasons I like Sarah: he is self-actualized, if that isn't too much of a leftard expression. There is a core purity to the thinking that is just shocking by its absence in the rest of the crowd.

Beyond that, he does not have the northern twang nor the small state school bona fides, so it is going to be a lot tougher to shred him.


Well I was comparing him to the likes of say Robert Grenier, a predecessor at CTC, with the Dartmouth degree, and a willingness to negotiate with Mullah Omar, (those were identified as positives), who nonetheless couldn't properly allocate resources, but was all too ready to stick a shiv in Libby,


it is going to be a lot tougher to shred him.

He's a black conservative. They will shred him, even if they have to make stuff up. I suspect they are already combing public records.


Dr Carson's most important role right now is to head a movement to repeal Obamacare.
Jane, glad to get the storm survivors' reports.\\I'm on the mouth of the Mekong, about to head upriver, on the first day of the New Year (Year of the Snake)

There's a rumor that Seabourn wants to sell the Seabourn Pride, the boat I'm on, because it's too small--only holds about 200 passengers.
Let's designate OL to negotiate for us.
Ran into some folks from Manchester and they remembered the story in the Guardian about PUK..Gave them the info about Pete Maclaine and the Clan at the Stockport Nursery Inn and they are going to try to go there to hear them. It's a very small world..everyone onboard seems to have some connections.


Not surprising, this is where Grenier ended up;

I don't think Obama's ever been addressed in person, like that, the Cayman Islands snippet in particular.


Hard to tell because of the wind, but using a yardstick on various spots the gist seems to be 28" here just south of Hartford. It is relatively light snow and would be great for skiing, but too deep for the snowblower and thus hard work. Now I'm worried about the roofs and ice dams....



Small world indeed. Smooches back at ya!


As I recall from Romola, dependence on the wrong investors, collapsed the Bardi family's interests;

Jane - Mock the Media!


Great to see you.

I guess I should admit that I live in a condo - so I really have to just sit here until they shovel me out.

It's been a very boring day.


They say that is one thing, his slashing of defense, is in contrast with his support of the EU;


Narciso, In that case you are probably right.
All the problems of Italy look like Greece to me.


Hey. Clarice, it's like they are auditioning for a mention on pieces, in your absence;


Dr Carson's most important role right now is to head a movement to repeal Obamacare.

Hi Clarice, that makes sense, but is there any scenario for repeal before January 2017? Even with R's controlling Senate and House in 2015, Barry will surely veto repeal, "mend it don't end it" and all that.


In the 'you can't make this up' department, our Solon of Scranton is meeting with Bradley Cooper, to discuss about mental illness, shades of Jessica Lange, and Meryl Streep and the farm crisis,




Mark Folkestad

Thomas Collins, I never chuckle at people dealing with horrendous storms of any sort, although the definition of "horrendous" comes into play. When Seattle is paralyzed by three inches of snow, or L.A. by one, then I laugh my head off. Minnesotans, and Alaskans, have longer cold and more blizzards, but that doesn't mean you guys don't face frigid fury as well.

I also don't chuckle when my surname is spelled in an English manner, although the meaning would be exactly the same. Folkestad has been spelled that way for at least a thousand years. It was the site of the regular judicial and legislative assembly for a region of eastern Telemark Province of Norway for centuries, and the manor farm of the tribal chieftains, and of the later nobles of the same line. You meant no insult and I took none, but I did grimace briefly. So much for a history lesson no one wanted to hear. Cheers!


I am not making this about Cooper up, why would I want to;


In other news, an unusual reaction in some quarters about Kate Upton's SI cover pick.


Interesting to see Jane's Accu Weather post above about the largest Boston Area snowfalls. Immediately had me thinking of Boston during the year "18 Hundred and Froze to Death",91816) or also during the year 1775 when young Officer Henry Know had to haul the cannons 300 miles down from Ticonderoga to Boston in midwinter, in order to get the British to abandon the occupation of Boston.

A quick google finds Henry Knox Brings Cannon To Boston, 24 Jan 1776

Knox was ready, but he could not move. The ground was bare. A good base of snow was needed for the oxen to drag the heavy sleds. Finally, on Christmas morning, Knox awakened to several feet of fresh snow. It was too much of a good thing, since it was difficult to cut a new path through such deep snow. Still, Knox and his men pushed on toward Boston.

That bit doesn't exactly tell us about snowfall at Boston, but I imagine a decent search of Boston History would show many times over the last 300 years that snowfall beat what AccuWeather is reporting as Boston's top 6 Snowstorms.


Re: Narciso's 11:01, My second Polar Bare Update for the day:

Mark Folkestad

Daddy, what would we do without you? I can't imagine the JOMO tribe absent our favorite pilot. (No insult meant to Man Tran, who's a fine pilot!)

Captain Hate

Two big reasons to get interested in SI again; at least temporarily.


In other news, an unusual reaction in some quarters about Kate Upton's SI cover pick.

In other news, a predictable reaction in some quarters about Todd Palin's Alaska Magazine cover pic:

Todd Palin "graces" cover of Alaska magazine and embarrasses real Alaskan men everywhere.


The Toad has not won this race since 2007, so why does he deserve to be the face of the Iron Dog in 2012?

Oh, I'm sure it has NOTHING to do with the influence his attention addicted wife still holds over certain media outlets. Right?

For those who do not insanely hate the Palin's, Todd Palin Featured on Cover of Alaska Magazine

Todd Palin, the husband of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is featured on the front cover of Alaska Magazine in the publication’s coverage of this year’s Iron Dog race. Palin is a four-time champion and eight-time winner. The first five places in the Iron Dog are considered winners and first place is champion. He has been racing for over 20 years, which means 12 out of the 20 or 75% of them were wins. Palin is partnered with Scott Davis this year and the pair constitute Team 11.

Speaking as an Alaskan man, I am not embarrassed by having Todd Palin, 4-time champion and 8-time winner of the Iron Dog Sled Race, featured on the cover of Alaska Magazine on a story about the Iron Dog Sled Race.



Melinda Romanoff on Kindle

That looks nothing like the Brookmeyer Album covers I've been looking over....


The meh was for SI...not Todd Palin. :)


Well somebodies got to cover the Bare Necessities sometimes Mark, and tonight looks like I'm the guy to do it:)


Well that slimy nazgul has to react that way, there was some peculiar reactions to the other cover,

Meanwhile, 'Jack Dumphy' had this jackalope's number right from the start


By that I mean, Charlie Beck, to be clear,

LOL, I recall some of the more 'awkward poses,'
when picked the last time, something about sharp rocks, she was reclining against,

Captain Hate

That looks nothing like the Brookmeyer Album covers I've been looking over....

Damn that's funny. Brookmeyer used to post at Jazz Corner; definitely wasn't lacking in ego. Or people willing to puncture it.

I've been violating copyrights tonight to put a Peter Brotzmann interview into a Word document to send out to my buds. Earlier I was reading some Europe Central (definitely enjoying this a lot; it's kind of like Bloodlands put to fiction although that's not entirely it) and listening to Richard Thompson.


If anyone still has electrical power, turn on the Notre Dame Louisville Basketball ASAP.

1 minute left in the 5th Overtime, Irish currently up by a bucket.

Dave (in MA)

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess there was some beer involved.


A reasonable conjecture, Dave,

Captain Hate

daddy, 5 OTs is a lot of time for Vitale to insert completely unrelated Duke references into a game.


On the dog walk today I pondered a new Limerick for my failed JOM joint Limerick posted earlier. Dave in (MA) reminded me that it involved beer

Eons given, the Science is clear
million monkeys can re-type Shakespeare
But our Nantucket Limerick
was a failed edit gimmick
lacking eons and monkeys and beer.

Time for my first!

Good game Irish. I don't like you, but it's great to see Pitino leave the court in defeat. Heels completely stunk today---Hello NIT:(


5 OTs is a lot of time for Vitale to insert completely unrelated Duke references into a game.


Had my oldest start watching during overtime number 3, and by halfway thru Overtime 5 she said she didn't like the baldheaded announcer.

There's hope for her yet!


Dave (in MA).

You're working too hard! Here's what you ought to be doing on Snow Days.


What an unexpected yet fun and interesting article from the WSJ:

A Hairdo Archaeologist.

By day, Janet Stephens is a hairdresser at a Baltimore salon, trimming bobs and wispy bangs. By night she dwells in a different world. At home in her basement, with a mannequin head, she meticulously re-creates the hairstyles of ancient Rome and Greece...

Her amateur scholarship is sticking a pin in the long-held assumptions among historians about the complicated, gravity-defying styles of ancient times...

in the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore back in 2001. A bust of the Roman empress Julia Domna caught her eye. "I thought, holy cow, that is so cool," she says, referring to the empress's braided bun, chiseled in stone. She wondered how it had been built. "It was amazing, like a loaf of bread sitting on her head"...

Read on to see the video, a fetching Vestal Virgin, and learn about "The Mullet From Hell!


Jane - Mock the Media!


I don't think it's possible to mock this guy. He's too stupid to get it.


"no one had ever established that the documents were forged...what was described in the documents was factual...all I know, is we reported a true story. Whatever you think of the documents, facts are facts."

He has been racing for over 20 years, which means 12 out of the 20 or 75% of them
Um... 12/20 = 6/10 = 60%.

(What's 20% among friends? Well, ok, it's a lot...)


daddy@4:57 Oh, I love those 'amateur wows professionals' stories!

Favorite bit from the article:

In 2007, she sent her findings to the Journal of Roman Archaeology. "It's amazing how much chutzpah you have when you have no idea what you're doing," she says.
Jack is Back


Is there a lady from Texas named Martha on the Seabourn with you? She always hosts a large table at dinner. She lives about 80% of the time on Seabourn ships.

In 2006 we took a repositioning cruise from Port Everglades to Lisbon with Mrs. JiB's parents and did it on the Pride with Frederick who was 21/2 at the time. Not a boat for a kid and in fact the Captain told us that he was the youngest passenger on the Pride in over 3 years. The Captain let Frederick come up to the bridge and blow the signal which caused some consternation among those sunning themselves on the sun deck:)


Eastwood ("If they [in DC] don't give a damn, why did they expect anybody else to?") has it backwards.

In November, 52 percent said "I don't care," so why should we expect DC to care?

Jack is Back

Idiot Alert, Idiot Alert!!!

CNN Anchor ponders if nearby asteroid is a result of global warming.

Kid you not.

Captain Hate

Kid you not.

The science is settled


GregGutfeld ‏@greggutfeld

For those of you laughing at CNN's idea that global warming causes asteroids, you forget that warm climates tend to attract visitors.


Well that hair style, did seem familiar, here's another, in the LUN

Melinda Romanoff on Kindle

Nobody does cheesy thriller's like Donald Pleasance, Ken Saul, and Lesley Ann Warren.


Well the Visitors came for our water, but I don't think that's what they were referring to,

Jane - Mock the Media!


Loved the video. Everything is so gorgeous - including the pups!

Thomas Collins

Whoops! Sorry, Mark Folkestad. And I do appreciate the history lesson.

Thomas Collins

In JiB's 8:35 AM link, the media lady also questions whether severe winter storms are being caused by global warming. Apparently she thinks that until Big Carbon businesses arrived on the scene, the earth was a place of never ending gentle and temperate weather.

I wouldn't call her an airhead, because air most likely would score higher on an IQ test than she would.



It doesn't hurt that Todd Palin is a very handsome man. Movie star pretty but in a man' s man way.


Speaking of you betcha, looking forward to Die Hard on friday?


You betcha!



A commenter at AoS cautions: "Assault Asteroids are a distraction."


Mark Folkestad

TC, peace! A simple error isn't nearly as disturbing as obvious malevolence. Back in high school, one guy made a sustained effort to mock my name, substituting "uc" for the "ol". Being, by nature and training, a peacemaker, I did a slow burn. Finally it became too annoying, so I snarled at the guy that, if he didn't stop, I'd loudly point out to everyone that his name didn't need alterations to make fun of. It was Suckstorff. Not only did he cease the mockery, but that loudmouth was very quiet for a long time.

Sue, yes, Todd Palin is disgustingly handsome. He and Sarah couldn't help but have great-looking kids. I see nothing in that couple that justify the jeers from the Left.

Narciso, I'm also looking forward to the new Die Hard movie.

Construction Equipment Parts

You raise a lot of questions in my head; you wrote an excellent post, but this post is also mind provoking, and I will have to think about it a bit more; I will return soon.

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