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February 22, 2013


Mad Jack

I'd rather watch a cute cheerleader do this than Michael Jordan! Nice job girl!


In the words of the Wolverine:"Girls are the best!!!"

Old Lurker

The headmistress of my daughters' school had this sign on her desk: "Girls Rule"

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--I never saw Michael Jordan do this.--

Bet him a dime he can't and laugh as he dies trying.


naw...if she can do it 3 times in a row with Dennis Rodman hanging off her chickjock, maybe.....

but, it should be in the highlights reels just like the guys who win the cars with the half court shots.

Danube of Thought iPad

Earthquake. Very mild.


yeah, yeah....but can she paint?


yeah, yeah....but can she paint?

Remember last week when it was big news that former Repub Pres George W was taking a stab at painting?

Well in a footnote on US Grant at Wiki I came upon this:

At West Point, Grant studied under Romantic artist Robert Walter Weir and produced nine surviving artworks.[22]

Searching via Google I come up with this:


I don't know if somebody is pulling an internet hoax, but there are 3 paintings shown at that link. Here's one:

This painting of an Indian trader, complete with a dog and a woman breastfeeding, is on display at the museum of the United States Military Academy, West Point. Grant retained this painting until the 1870's. He then gave it to Adolph Borie, Secretary of the Navy and one of General Grant's favorite card playing partners.

Anybody out there have any input on this? If true, Ulyss' beats "W" all to hell in the fine arts in my opinion.

Tyler Jones

Wow, this is awesome. I really like this piece. Excellent post. Thank you for sharing.

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I like this post. I am glad that I came across it. Well done with the post.

Jack is Back!

Hank Greenberg gave it a ten but the No 1 shot was the girl who launched a shot 3/4 court to have it take one bounce in front of the net up to the backboard and in. Even the crowd didn't know what happened or whether it even counted. No cheers. Dead silence. But it counts. LOL


OT, Clarice have you read the WSJ article this morning about your friend, Jack Lew?

Jack is Back!

Before I forget.


What are you baking for Purim? Can you share the recipe? And a pre-emptive Happy Purim:)

Thomas Collins

Forget Jordan actually hitting the shot. How many NBA players could do the flip and, right after the hands hit the ground, pick up the ball in the same motion. If "basketball court gymnastics" were an Olympic sport during the Cold War, even the Soviet judge would have given her a 10.


JiB---a few threads back I mentioned we have visitors thru the 10th. The daughter has an event in Orlando the 8th and 9th and she asked me to go. Ugh,an event with politicians.Anyway,maybe we can meet for coffee some morning after the 10th at one of the dog friendly places. Woo! Hoo! This time next week we'll be walking the dog on the beach!


I do a LOT of internet searches. I can't read a post without needing to look up two or three references or allusions or to check some assertion or history. It adds up. Something google did recently ticked me off so I switched from google to bing.

All of sudden, Bing search has taken to (often, not always) responding to my queries with a popup window asking me to enter a captcha text, because, they say, some bad apps run lots of searches and blah blah blah.

The first few days of this, I'd just closed the popup, the tab, and redo the search in a new tab, but it just got to be too annoying. So currently I'm using Yahoo for searches.

Any one know what that bing thing is all about?

Jane - Mock the Media!


I thought she landed with her hands on the ball. It didn't seem like she had the time to pick it up otherwise mid-handspring.


She picked it up as she was coming up. Behind her head.

Old Lurker

Alice I too switched from Google to Bing but have never seen the captcha.

Jane - Mock the Media!

I don't see how she could pick it up without screwing up the momentum of her handspring.


In girls soccer, there are girls that do handspring throw-ins. I've only seen them do it while holding the soccer ball though....not with the ball on the ground.


We had a guy that could do handspring throw-ins, but as Janet pointed out he started out holding onto the ball. He also could do a handspring head pass on a dead ball (shock value on indirect kicks). The skill to handspring, pick-up the ball, and sink a half-court shot is way more impressive.


The science is settled. From now on the Charger Girls should take to the field for the game and the players should remain benched.

Thomas Collins

That's why I think it rates a 10, Jane. Her hands hit the ground, and she then takes hold of the ball without disrupting the rest of her spring. As Sue points out, at that point, the ball is still behind her head. As Janet points out, the soccer move is not done with the ball on the ground. After she got the shot off, whether or not the ball went in was a mere detail. Getting the ball to the other end of the court without messing up the second part of the handspring is amazing.

This should lock up ESPN's Sports Center's highlight of the year.


Yeah but can see actually cut the federal budget, seems that is truly an impossible thing to do at in the District of Columbia...


see = she I think autocomplete strikes again...

Jane - Mock the Media!


Can you see that in the video? I can't. I also can't imagine it which shows how old I am.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Surely this gal has to be in daddy's poise and grace of a seasoned athlete HOF.


I can see her hands to the sides of the ball at 33 seconds in, but the pick up itself is out-of-frame. In the other view, I can see her hands to the side and her picking up the ball on follow-through at 54 seconds in.



You can see it in the video. Her hands land on the floor and as she is coming up she grabs the ball behind her head.


I thought this was interesting, from the hotair comments:

Probably more attention then the school has ever gotten.

William Carey Univ. is a private Christian liberal arts college located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in the United States, affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and the Mississippi Baptist Convention.

From their site:
Hattiesburg, Miss., February 22, 2013 – Ashlee Arnau of Hattiesburg, a cheerleader and soccer player at William Carey University, nailed the half-court shot/ soccer style flip throw in at halftime of the WCU’s men’s basketball final home game against SSAC rival Auburn-Montgomery. Ahslee has been trying to sink the amazing half-court shot at every home game since Christmas, and she finally sank the shot during her last chance of the season.

yongoro on February 22, 2013 at 3:09 PM


Great to hear from you.How is your daughter doing?
Gus: In response to your comment on the other thread the fact that the sequester was Obama's idea is getting play. Woodward in a column ,Carney at a press conference, and Boehner in his op-ed have all pinned the tail on Bammy's rear-end.Fox News and O'Reilly are touting it. Bammy can't run and hide this time. The recession will come but smarter heads will describe why and it won't be because of sequester. After it goes through, watch Obama try to get credit for cutting spending.


gmax-welcome back! We just needed a womens sports topic.

henry-I am almost finished with shoshanna's other book and can see what she is trying to do. Clever girl. Unfortunately for her I have written about quite a few of the people she is citing and know exactly what drives their views.

Interesting morning. Lots of consistency now in what is coming out of so many of these graduate programs by the charles.

Manuel Transmission

AliceH, I've never seen your captcha on a search, but it wouldn't shock me to find out that some search engines would launch a bazillion search spiders on another search engine to discover how their algorithms work. Sort of a black box analysis. Could even be a denial of service preventor.


The Codevilla article - As Country Club Republicans Link Up With The Democratic Ruling Class, Millions Of Voters Are Orphaned
really makes me aware of the GOP identity problem.

Country class Americans have but to glance at the Media to hear themselves insulted from on high as greedy, racist, violent, ignorant extremists. Yet far has it been from the Republican leadership to defend them.

This post at the parody site ThePeople'sCube has the answer - GOP's Path Back to Power: Nominate Obama in 2016

A GOP insider, who wished to remain anonymous, agrees: "The media's love of Mr. Obama is worth ten points in and of itself. They loathe every single one of the GOP candidates - black, white, yellow, or brown - but they love Barack Obama. Republicans could never hope to close the gap working against such a cultural disadvantage, unless they choose Obama as their standard bearer.

and why not, if we stand for nothing?

2 posts at Am Thinker raise the same questions...
Aborting the Party of Lincoln
United We Stand: Day of Resistance

The left uses its bully pulpit of the liberal mainstream media to daily brand freedom and traditional values as racist, stupid, and outdated.

If the GOP believes the MFM & follows RINOs & men like Huntsman...what's the use of the GOP?

Huntsman is pushing the thoroughly unoriginal and discredited idea that the Republican Party has to stay competitive by becoming socially liberal and fiscally free market. That was the Romney campaign in a nutshell and it was not terribly appealing. The last election should have been a reminder that a socially liberal country of broken families is not going to vote for small government or the free market. Not when it depends on government aid.
Jane - Mock the Media!

OK I saw it at 54 seconds. (thanks Alice) It's one fabulous fluid moment.


Thanks, OL@9:16 and MT@11:22

It just occurred to me (duh!) to do a search on "bing search captcha".

Unfortunately, what I've learned is lots of folks have posted on this happening to them, but only speculation - no actual solid explanation - as to why, what triggers it, etc.

One of the better (as in entertaining) speculations was this was prototype code that "escaped into the wild". Another was it was a reaction to a Bing outage in December ... 2009. Or maybe those were combined speculations.

Also, apparently google search triggers captcha moments, also, though I've never seen that.

Yahoo search is sub-optimal. Maybe it's time for me to stop following up on questions and make peace with my inner LIV.

Manuel Transmission

If there were internal browser wars, I doubt we would ever hear about it on the outside. Their R&D shops are probably better and more tight lipped than the CIA.


Thanks for the greetings Maryrose and RSE. My daughter used those soccer skills to get a Masters in Accting and these days is a consultant for Price Waterhouse Coopers. She is in So Cal this weekend doing some due diligence for a target acquisition of a client.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

I've been using Bing since it came out (on the same theory the US allied itself with the USSR in WWII) and have never seen a captcha.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--She is in So Cal this weekend doing some due diligence for a target acquisition of a client.

Posted by: gmax | February 23, 2013 at 12:01 PM--

Hope she doesn't catch the Accting bug that close to Hollyweird on Oscar weekend. :)


I was thinking that Jmax was counting the Oscar ballots and knows who won!
I have to admit, I will be watching the Oscars. I just love all the outfits and the stars. I will ignore dopey political commentary and hope Anne Hathaway wins. Daniel Day Lewis is a no brainer. I am interested to see if Speilberg or Ang Lee win best director.


If anyone is bored or has always wondered just how strong my southern accent is, this is a link to a podcast interview I did this week.

Drawling a picture.

Pleased ta meetcha, Early Bird.


Sailor, I did. I never claimed he had the financial acumen for this post though.vI am not sure he does. OTOH he isn't a tax cheat like his predecessor.

JiB, I'm not baking anything for Purim.
OTOH here's a good looking recipe for hamantaschen--the cookies said to represent the villain Haman's hat.


rse, thanks for the link. With all your posts, the overview helped me put them in context. : )


rse, thanks for the link. Looking forward to listening.


rse: You have a lovely voice. The information was great.Keep up the good work.
Hey H&R, I missed you.

Jack is Back!

She's been invited to a Harlem Globetrotters game to do the shot one more time:) The Globetrotters gave her 100 free tickets to give out to recent tornado victims in the area of she is from in MIssissippi.

Jim Miller

Here's a question for those who really know basketball rules: Was that flip shot a legal shot?

It looks to me like it is, but you wouldn't want to hire me to referee a junior high basketball game.

(As most of you know, many impressive trick shots are illegal, which is why I mention this.)

Jack is Back!


Nothing in the. rules aginst it. Ball is live, not dead. The flipis not traveling and she releases it before landing.

Cecil Turner (on mini-pad)

rse: great stuff . . . kudos.

Jim Miller

JiB - Thanks. That's pretty much the same chain of thinking I went through when I watched it for the fifth or sixth time.


That is wicked awesome!

As a Hoosier, anytime the ball goes in...

I'd love to see her call bank shot and do it again!

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