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March 29, 2013


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Everyone's better than Ezra.


Danube of Thought on iPad

The science is settled.


It's turtles all the way down.


The institution of marriage is like 100 years old...

Melinda Romanoff on Kindle

The point is to politicize ALL science.

(Haven't we married this aspect away?"


Porch's friend, Regnerus, is on that other amici, you can see the reason for the witchhunt earlier this year.


Zombie Lysenko say 'you've gone too far' so this is another version of the 'hockey stick' they conjured up, shocker


Congrats MarkO.

Didn't catch much of it, but over the headsets it sounded like you guys maintained your poise in the 2nd Half and finished tough. At least somebody from the ACC is hanging in there.


Am watching John Stossel on FOX doing an episode on run amuck Federal Environmentalism.

One of the Lawyer's he's interviewing on his panel of angry citizens is Jim Burlington of The Pacific Legal Foundation, who is opposed to a run amuck Fish and Wildlife Agency. He is discussing how detrimental to people and the economy Fish and Wildlife has become. After some specifics he finishes this way:

...When you have the heavy hand of the federal Government threatening people with jail time, threatening people with huge fines if you don't do this, then you're going to have all sorts of trouble, and it also creates disincentives because landowners do not want to help the Endangered Species Act if that essentially is going to be an economic death sentence for them.

Hence the phrase, "Shoot, Shovel and Shut-up." That is the Trifecta that happens on some lands. It's something that I don't encourage, but as a matter of fact it does happen and some people do it legally.
Some people are cutting down their trees before they get old enough to be a habitat for Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers. It's not good for the woodpecker, it's not good for the land, it's not good for the economy.

As I recall from Roman History, part of the massive land denudation problem of the area around Lebanon and Syria and the Middle East started back during Roman occupation times. The Roman Tax policy evolved into taxing a landowner on the number of trees he had on his land. As a consequence this lead to massive clear cutting of trees in order to avoid crippling taxes, thus causing the denudation of the land, with consequent soil erosion, that continued for hundreds if not thousands of years afterward.

Sounds like "back to the Future" with our run-amuck Federal Enviros.


It's turtles all the way down.

Homo or hetero turtles?


Good Morning! Very quiet here,wake up!

hit and run

Ezra Klein Wronger Than I Thought About Scalia

It's no accident that WaPo gave him a blog called wronkblog.

Wronk: n. - \räŋk, ˈrȯŋk\ A person purporting himself, or held out by others, to be a wonk (person with a deep interest in details of political policy), who is always wrong when making an argument on policy. This person also is often, but not necessarily always, wronger than the person he or she is attacking.

"Klein is a wronk who blogs at the Washington Post."

See also: wronker, wronkard


How's your weather hit?
Gray and rainy here in CLT. Hope it's nicer down there.

James D.

Why does anyone on our side give Klein the slightest notice or attention at all?

He's a nasty, ignorant, stuipd, vapid, hateful and hatefilled little liar. He's no better than any of our resident trolls. Basically, he's dudu with better grammar.


Well Esra's only good to be slapped with a mackerel, Python style.


Why do you denigrate dudu's grandma like that?


This is another contributor to the brief;

It's instructive, since a former flak for a Gitmo detainee, at one of the usual spots, Esquire, is now arguing that Embryonic Stem Cells, are not the 'alchemy of the 21st century' which they were.


And Steyn shows, Python could barely catch up even if they tried;

Strawman Cometh

Juice-box journolister prattling on about the trillion dollar coin this morning. A panelist suggests a $100 trillion issue, just to be sure.


I love daddy's 1:46 post. Such a picture of what really happens - Some people are cutting down their trees before they get old enough to be a habitat for Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers.
In our "historic district" neighborhood people have learned to get around all the rules & regs.. What kills me is that it is the neighbors that support the rules that tell me HOW to get around them.

'Just agree to the changes...get approval from the historic board...& then don't do it!'
So we jump through these random hoops that are a pain in the butt & then have to be sneaky. The board gets to feel superior & wise as they tell us what we can do with our property...& we get to become pitiful outlaws. :(


That seems to be a sure fire way to get sued, Janet, have they thought this through.


Ezra Klein was the JournoList leader. How does he still have a job?

Manipulating & coordinating news coverage.
The list.


Would that those people who insist on Darwinism apply it to "endangered species".


I don't know narciso. We just don't do anything with the outside of our house now (except paint). The other neighbors probably have "connections"....we don't have any connections. :(


Well it is sciency;

true, janet as with the amazing Nate Silver, the brilliant Jonathan Chait, and the remarkable Brad Delong.


daddy, the game wore me out. I fell immediately into a restless sleep. What to do about Louisville? It reminds me of 2010 when I thought we had no chance. If we can somehow beat that slime Rickky P, we might have a chance.

Sorry to see the boys from the gulf go out.

Danube of Thought on iPad

"The Roman Tax policy evolved into taxing a landowner on the number of trees he had on his land."

All those elegant house in the few blocks above The Battery in Charleston are "sideways," i.e. the long dimrnsion of the house, and the "front" door and porch, are perpendicular to the street. This is because property taxes were determined on the basis of the houses' "frontage" on the street.

Three of my closest friends have taken up 183-day-year residence in other states so as to avoid higher taxation. Two fled California; the other (an extremely liberal former SDS leader) fled NYC.

Three other couples (including my sister and her husband) have lived for the required two years in their second homes in order that they could sell them as "principal residences" under the tax code, thus avoiding cap gains taxws on an excluded $500,000.

Yet the left continues to apply static analysis to every proposed change in the tax code.

Captain Hate

I think they keep Ezra around to let Sally Quinn feel smart.


They have him slated to replace Sgt. Schultz, which means dial up the raving incoherently.

Captain Hate

Yet the left continues to apply static analysis to every proposed change in the tax code.

Which is hilarious considering how much they've trashed up the tax code to stimulate changes in behavior.

Captain Hate

<>They have him slated to replace Sgt. Schultz, which means dial up the raving incoherently.

Rachel Maddow with less testosterone.


Danube, in the years we have been battling we have gone over Wong Kim Ark about a thousand times.

WKA had to decide if a persons condition(born on US soil) satisfied a defined term(citizenship).

The Justices first order was to study the definition of "citizens". After a lengthy dissertation, it can't be argued that the Justices did a very thorough bit of research. After their research was complete they then went about testing Ark to see if his condition satisfied the requirements of citizenship.

In Prop 8 the historical definition of the term marriage is not being sought by the judiciary, instead they are focusing on the condition of the individual. If they can make the case that man + woman = man + man = woman + woman, they essentially do an end round and are shirking there responsibilities.

This is backwards.


...didn't do a..


Here's a bit of real science, not hisruptcy or alchemy;

Ms. Parks admitted to Mr. Hyde that she was one of seven teachers — nicknamed “the chosen” — who sat in a locked windowless room every afternoon during the week of state testing, raising students’ scores by erasing wrong answers and making them right. She then agreed to wear a hidden electronic wire to school, and for weeks she secretly recorded the conversations of her fellow teachers for Mr. Hyde.

In the two and a half years since, the state’s investigation reached from Ms. Parks’s third-grade classroom all the way to the district superintendent at the time, Beverly L. Hall, who was one of 35 Atlanta educators indicted Friday by a Fulton County grand jury.


From the comments:
I am a retired chemistry teacher from Texas. All the standardized tests in Texas got to be so time consuming, as far as getting students ready for them, I felt I could no longer teach my AP and preAP classes properly because of the lack of class time.

... so worried about the tests that there was no time for the other tests
There will be a test for irony later

Melinda Romanoff on Kindle


It couldn't possibly be another example of the state defining what is and isn't so.


'1984', we think it a warning, they think it is a checklist


Super Bev is claiming she don't know nothing bout birthin no cheaters. :eyeroll:

Those bonuses over $500k are not the incentives you are looking for. Nor are the several direct reports that she wasn't coordinating.

What's amazing is that these folks can't construct a believable lie worth a damn. It's a bitch to suffer from the same stupidity you sought to impose on others. KARMA IS A HARSH MISTRESS.


No.. nothing like that, Mel...

Off to yard work.


While much of the discussion looked back at the historic clash with President Nixon, I was struck by a different question: Who actually won? From unilateral military actions to warrantless surveillance that were key parts of the basis for Nixon’s impending impeachment, the painful fact is that Barack Obama is the president that Nixon always wanted to be.

Cecil Turner

Don't you just hate constructions like this:

That’s not what the American Sociological Association thinks.
As if an association were a person, with a functioning brain, right? Of course, if you construct it properly (e.g., "most sociologist members of the ASA"), then the argument becomes self-refuting. Which makes Klein either woefully ignorant or deliberately disingenuous (and even I don't think he's that stupid).

Which is hilarious considering how much they've trashed up the tax code to stimulate changes in behavior.

You'd think they'd notice their positions are mutually exclusive, wouldn't you? But apparently they are that stupid.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Ezra Klein Wronger Than I Thought...--

Can't speak for others, but that phrase does not compute and seems a logical impossibility.


Well all in all, it's worthy of Otto's solilocqouy on Belgian Aristotle.



That's easy for you to say.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Who thinks extending marriage to the most promiscuous and least monogamous people on earth, homosexual men, will strengthen the institution?
Here's an idea, first let's go back to treating a marriage contract like a real contract with actual consequences for breaking it and harming the other party.
Then let's see how gay homosexuals think the institution is.
Might even induce a little circumspection among heteros before they take the plunge and a little restraint on them after they have.


Hear hear Iggy.


The concept of marriage is old and stuffy, it's old than the Constitution. I think it's a living breathing concept.


Saturday morning and I am being edumacated on a dozen different topics (almost). One of the things like about this group.

Roman zoning and tax law. Obama's imperial presidency, the degradation of actual learning, the effect of California's tax regime, and March Madness. What else could one want for?

Toga, Toga, Toga !

I think Priests should be allowed to adopt their altarboys. Tony couldn't fight that, and it would give some legitimacy to the group groping. Scalia wouldn't object to having his feet washed by Francis, who is not a Liberation Theology Jesuit, and so is no Jesuit, at all. It could be called the Jurist/Jesuit Pact.



So the State of California is suing the entire world, literally, to pre-empt any challenges to their authority to issue $6.7 Billion in bonds for the high speed rail project, AKA "The Train to Nowhere". LUN

This is legislative hubris like little else I have seen.

These grifters want that pot of gold at any cost and have lied their way through the entire process. Someone should be filing criminal charges.


This is great - Tale of the Tape: Touré vs Ben Carson
a bit

Toure education - "Milton Academy Prep; Emory (dropped out); one year, Columbia U creative writing program

Carson education - "Detroit Southwest High; Yale (honors); University of Michigan Medical School"


Janet, my brother knows Ben (both Yale undergrad & Hopkins Dept heads). Ben was also on Yale's Board for quite a while. He's both unpretentious and religious -- you would like him. ;)


Yeah, henry. I discovered he was the featured speaker at one of my church's big events a few years ago - Accessibility Summit.

The conference is for families and caregivers, faith-based organizations, service providers, teachers, and other professionals connected to the special needs community.

Captain Hate

Here's an idea, first let's go back to treating a marriage contract like a real contract with actual consequences for breaking it and harming the other party.

Then you'd have to own up that no-fault divorce has been about as effective as the war on poverty; and you'd never shut the usual suspects up about that.

Danube of Thought

TK, I'm not sure I follow you, but a fundamental difference between Wong Kim Ark and this one is that this case implicates the Equal Protection Clause.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Then you'd have to own up that no-fault divorce has been about as effective as the war on poverty...--

Two sides of the same coin Cap. They've both gone hand in hand in destroying traditional, two parent families.
The war on poverty destroyed poor families and no fault divorce did the same for everybody else; one might almost suspect that was the intention all along. Hmmm.

Danube of Thought

"What else could one want for?"

If you follow the link, play close attention to what you hear. A guy says that a Fox News person (whom he declines to name) told Joe Arpaio that he/she couldn't report on the Obama forgery.

Even assuming all of that double hearsay is accurate, it is easily explained: the "forged" birth certificate story has been so thoroughly discredited, and is so downright silly, that reporting on it would be roughly equivalent to reporting on the claims of 9/11 Truthers. The real world has long since realized that the claim is nonsense.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

On the legal question, what the state is doing with high speed rail is quite similar to the very common "quiet title" action in which a property owner invites the whole rest of the world to present their claims to his property or forever lose their right to do so.

However reading the comments was like stepping through the looking glass into a world in which the only question was which keen train was going to be the biggest success not which gold plated junkpile was going to waste more money or how big a boondoggle the whole thing is.
If these lunatics have their way with their four rail plans to every one horse town in the state, even the highest estimates of the costs are absurdly low.
California has seemingly switched targets from emulating Greece to "CaliCyprus here we come, right back where we started from".

Dana Gilbert Ward of Pitzer College

Although I was 1-y during VN due to hypertension, my son who is an avid military historian has wanted nothing since age 5, but be a marine. He was tested at 60 but was rejected because of a history of asthma. Although a social liberal, I have always honored the true believers who volunteered.


Zero back underwater in Gallup and the Pitzer Putz decloakes his Romulan warbird to spew inanities. A coincidence, I think not!

Dana Gilbert Ward of Pitzer College

This is what I said on October 5,2008:

The parallels between 1932 and 2008 are not trifling. Hoover won the nomination with 98% of the delegates, but it would be nearly 20 years before republicans regained the WH and 60 years before the House was regained. Start rebuilding now, all ye of conservative hope.

MarkO--The Blue Devils have played three less than stellar games and won each by 10. In this tournament an off game usually means you go home. They have loads of talent; if most of it shows up they can beat Louisville. They already did once.

Thats my glass half full view; on the other hand, if Kelly or Plumley gets in early foul trouble they are toast.


I think we saw this rodeo, before, with the Simpsons episode about the monorail, and we had a similar experience with the MetroRail, that boondoggle, that the late William Lehman conjured up, that doesn't really go anywhere.


I hadn't realized what a superstar dr Ben Carson is. Those surgeries he led on twins conjoined at the head were unbelievable.

Now these pathetic JHU students want him removed as commencement speaker. He's too good for them.

Rick Ballard

The Kass brief cited by TM is certainly worth reading. It's a very good precis of the danger of drinking too deeply from the well of specious scientism.

It's only 43 pages. It wouldn't be difficult to take it to 430 pages and still have missed the majority of examples of scientistic claptrap.


They do give some weight to the possibility of SkyDragon nesting, but all in all, it is strikingly 'doubleplusungood' to the conventional wisdom'

Danube of Thought on iPad

The Kass brief is also filed on behalf of the wonderful Harvey Mansfield, the sole known conservative on the Harvard faculty. Good for both of them.


Channel 2 Action News confirms Hall's bond is recommended at $7.5 million. She could face 45 years in prison. The indictment lists 65 counts against 35 people. Suspects include former Superintendent Beverly Hall, Chief Human Resources Officer Millicent Few, three school resource team executive directors, six principals, two assistant principals, six testing coordinators, one school improvement specialist, 13 teachers and one secretary.

There are 35 APS educators charged with racketeering. Hall has also been charged with false statements and writing, theft by taking and false swearing. Her former No. 2, Kathy Augustine, has NOT been named in the indictment.

Winne has learned that the grand jury has heard from more than 36 witnesses. Students threatened to cover up cheating and parents who complained about the situation testified Thursday, according to a source. Teachers who have admitted to cheating have revealed who put them up to it.

All must report to the jail by Tuesday, April 2nd for processing.



Well yes, I meant to bring that up, the late James Q Wilson, was the other with the proper level of rigor to his findings;


Because he used the word Nambla in the same sentence as gays, jimmyk

Danube of Thought on iPad

In the original Worker's Paradise, they seem to take a rather eccentric view of gay parentage:

"The Russian president has opposed the adoption of Russian orphans by LGBT foreign couples, and has instructed the government and the Supreme Court to prepare changes to existing law before July 1."

Cecil Turner

They have loads of talent; if most of it shows up they can beat Louisville. They already did once.

They beat Louisville without Dieng. The big man is perfectly healthy now; and if both teams play to potential, I think the edge is clearly with the Cards. (But they are also at least as likely to have the showing up problem, IMO).


"TK, I'm not sure I follow you, but a fundamental difference between Wong Kim Ark and this one is that this case implicates the Equal Protection Clause."

I get that. The plaintiffs argue that they are being denied the "right" of "marriage". The courts are busy defining those rights and not bothering to define marriage.

Imagine if that happened in WKA. Without first giving definition to the group, how is it possible to include or exclude any individual?

As I understand the Equal Protection Clause, I don't see how language in the Constitution can violate it, even though it was written to the States. If that is the case, and the norm is too not give original meaning to a group before you decide whom its members may be, all will soon be lost with Article 2.

No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Doesn't this clear the path for a Naturalized citizen to make an Equal Protection claim on the eligibility rules for POTUS?


Forgot some quotes and bolding, but that is how I roll.


I just read an AP story linked to by Drudge that said Pope Francis is upsetting the traditionalists in the church whom Benedict supported.

Pope's foot-wash a final straw for traditionalists LUN

The "final straw" is that he washed women's feet, instead of abiding by the traditional all-male ceremony . I would appreciate it if any Catholic who posts here would weigh in on the story, especially, is the event and friction being made too much of, or is it just a tiny tempest in a tiny teapot? do you think that what he's doing differently from Benedict is good, bad, or irrelevant?


That's interesting, Steph, considering Augustine had moved on at the time of investigation breaking, in the LUN


I see it as much ado about nothing, Chubby,

Captain Hate

Now these pathetic JHU students want him removed as commencement speaker. He's too good for them.

Those snowflakes didn't want to be challenged by any unapproved ideas on their special day. After all, they spent at least four years of being hectored in what to believe and regurgitate and this would be a fine time to expect them to use their brains.


As a former educator and administrator of AP Exams this latest scandal wrt cheating and forcing others to change test answers is abominable to me.We always took such care in regard to security and fairness. I am appalled that something like this was allowed to happen. We seal all the test materials and adhere strictly to time deadlines and the verbal instructions.How will the punishments play out for those who were just following orders? Students are given a number to contact if they suspect cheating. This is both bizarre and disturbing.

Danube of Thought on iPad

"Doesn't this clear the path for a Naturalized citizen to make an Equal Protection claim on the eligibility rules for POTUS?"

No. The specific controls the general; the constitution itself specifies the limited class of citizens who are eligible for the presidency.


As a Catholic, what Pope Francis is doing is in direct accord with the life of Jesus and the catholic faith. Anyone criticizing has an ax to grind and should re-read their Baltimore Catechism. In addition the Pope's actions display a charasmatic leadership and a true grasp of the Bible's gospel message. He is not liberal enough for them therefore the attack knives are out in full force.


I don't see any numbers in the news story I read, but perhaps we're painting JHU students with too broad a brush.

According to this article, the protest is coming specifically from a group called "The Health and Human Rights Student Group" in the form of a petition they are circulating on their facebook page.

How many graduating students are on that petition? Beats me. Finding that out would be something a reporter would do.


The traditionalists that complain have illustrated why they have not reached the plane of humanity needed to be considered future Pope material.Also the humility needed for the job.


Via HuffPo I went to Media Matters (sorry) which says

In a letter obtained by Media Matters, eight members of the school's class of 2013, including a co-chair of the school's LGBT organization, ask their fellow students to sign a petition describing Carson, a neurosurgery professor at the university, as "an inappropriate choice of speaker at a ceremony intended to celebrate the achievements of our class."

No info on how many (or whether any) have actually signed the petition.


Francis is demonstrating incredible humility in this Catholic's eyes. I think Benedict was right in his efforts to restore dogma, but now I think we have someone who can restore faith.

He is leading by example. He said something rather astounding in today's world of self referential and self involved leadership. To quote him, "Let us never forget that authentic power is service.”

When washing the feet of the prisoners on Thursday, he said "This is a symbol, it is a sign," Pope Francis told them. "Washing your feet means I am at your service."

He is already schooling global leadership. I wonder if President Self Involved realizes it.


Children have a right to a mother and a father. But who cares about rights when we're talking ideology and political correctness?
If I said I was going to the top of the empire state building, flap my arms and fly away, you would say I was crazy. But if I say I am going to break all the of the biological laws of sexual behavior and live to tell about it, people will get up and applaud. People see rights where none exist and ignore the ones that do exist.


narciso and maryrose

I really appreciate your insights.

I was impressed when I read about Francis opting to live in such humble quarters. But I loved Benedict too, and don't hold his different choices against him, or as in any way diminishing his spirituality.


No one's suggesting it's a majority of the class, but Carson seemed to be ready to withdraw. Hopefully it's just a handful. It would be nice if a group of students spoke up in support.


-- It would be nice if a group of students spoke up in support. --

The University is sticking up for him. So are some outside groups. Not sure how we'd know if any students are or not given that whole selective reporting thing.

Jack is Back


None of this is new to Pope Francis. He has done prisioners before as Cardinal and archbishop of Buenos Aires. He has also washed women's feet before on Holy Thursday. The bureaucracy in the Vatican are notorious control freaks who had a lot to do with Benedict throwing up his hands and saying he wasn't healthy or strong enough to deal with it. But Francis is a Jesuit and those guys you don't mess with (sort of like Texans and Marines:). He is living below his means to set an example of humility and reverance. The bulls in the See are just doing a lot of harumpping and will either learn the new program or they will retire gracefully to some minor parish in Umbria>


Stephanie-it is interesting how much credit the AJC is taking. Years ago when I said there has to be cheating given the curricula and practices they are requiring and its known effects on underprivileged students without a chance for remediation outside school. The ed writer for AJC contacted Ed Trust in DC and had one of their big names come accuse me of saying minority kids could not achieve.

I made my points specifically in response to the "name" writer who then did not respond. The powers that be really did try to cover this up. I think Hall always saw herself as untouchable in part because she knew just how much of what was being pushed was actually grounded in good old-fashioned Marxist theories on how to achieve transformation without it being evident until too late.

Well that story is getting out AND she will be known as a lady who harmed children for personal profit. Which she richly deserves.

The truth is that conflict and absurd levels of remuneration for pushing these troubling ideas is precisely what these school districts are designed around, especially the urban ones. I agree with the conclusions that Augustine must have testified and cut a deal. She was to involved to avoid indictment otherwise.

Captain Hate

When I finished undergrad and grad school, I assumed I didn't have an option on the boring speakers who delivered boilerplate blah blah which I suppose was considered appropriate for the occasion.

Kathy Kattenburg

Tom, do you actually know any families in which the parents are gay or lesbian? Do you actually know any children who are being raised by same-sex parents?


((No one's suggesting it's a majority of the class, but Carson seemed to be ready to withdraw. Hopefully it's just a handful. It would be nice if a group of students spoke up in support. ))

I recently watched Dr. Carson being grilled by Andrea Mitchell, and I pray to God he never subjects himself to anything like that ever again.

Captain Hate

When I finished grad school I was less immature enough to thoroughly enjoy the ritual of the graduation ceremony compared to undergrad. The speaker was still as dull as a dusty surface, though.

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