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March 21, 2013


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They had to pass the bill to see what was in it.

They had to add regulations to the regulated market to see what products were regulated.

Jack is Back

Knee jerk politics and decision making get people killed and Jay Leno monologues but mostly people get killed, robbed, taxed, laid off, dunning notices and foreclosures.


"But how this new law could possibly deter an Aurora type spree killer loading up for his big event is beyond me."

Why would you think that is the intended consequence of the law?


I haven't seen an update on the exempting of Law Enforcement from all these restrictions. Has that already happened? Does it include retired LEs also?


This whole gun law fiasco is making Cuomo look like the real dummy that he is. We have nothing to fear from this dunce in 2016." No such thing as a seven bullet magazine" No Duh!

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--“There is no such thing as a seven-bullet magazine,” Mr. Cuomo said at a news conference. “That doesn’t exist. So you really have no practical option.”--

Possibly the most ubiquitous semi auto ever manufactured, the Browning 1911 45 auto has a 7 round magazine.

George Ditter

"I know what you're thinking , punk!
'Was that seven shots or six shots from a 10 shot magazine?'
"And to tell you the truth in all this excitment, I kind of lost track of whether I had it loaded for the range or the street, but what you have to ask yourself, do I look like I'm Cuomo compliant?"
"Well do I, punk?"


NYS: “There is no such thing as a seven-bullet magazine,” Mr. Cuomo said ... and therefore they'll change the law to allow magazines capable of 10 rounds and only charge those who put more than 7 bullets in them.

Meanwhile, in CO: the language limiting magazines to 15 rounds also outlaws magazines that can be “readily converted” to hold more than 15 bullets. Since that is virtually all magazines, the law outlaws most everything. Plans to amend? Nope.


OT - this is for Janet. Looks like finally someone in the media will cover this:

Bret Baier ‏@BretBaier 1m

We have a full report tonight RT @mfuller297 @BretBaier has Special Report covered the Kermit Gosnell murder trial yet?


George Ditter has successfully posted the perfect comment. Everyone is now free to go OT.


There is no logical cohesion with the Left, nor with much of the right these days. We need to "DO SOMETHING NOW!" always and forever.

Mr. Browning knew what he was about way back in 1907-1911. 7 rounds in .45 and 14 in 9mm. Of course the Hi Power was built for those namby Europeans. The .45 was meant for one thing; putting down screaming Moros.

Did Cuomo ever release the fracking report, or is this simply one more distraction?


Thanks, centralcal.


I guess it's hard to cover Kermit Gosnell as a murderer when Ill. Senator Barack Obama agreed with killing babies that are born alive.

Jack is Back

Well, who could have seen this coming?

Aurora shooter James Holmes is now a Muslim praying 5 times a day.

Must be part of his insanity defense.

Danube of Thought

And all this time I coulda sworn I was loading seven rounds into the magazines of the four M1911 .45's I own.


This trial will be covered by Bret Baier and when he gets the death penalty,no one will be able to ignore it anymore.I am against the death penalty. I would like him to rot in jail for the next 50 years. He will meet the devil soon enough if he isn't working hand in hand with him right now.


James Holmes is just hoping for a religious reprieve from the death penalty. Also if he lands in prison he wants a ready made group to hang with and have as a defense team.


Ig@1153-- Igggg!!!! don't give our local Blue State morons any firearms info... please.

The story is even worse for disgrace Cuomo; back in January when this passed, he was quoted as saying "intelligence and common sense" win out over gun nutz. well intelligence an common sense can't even figure out the rounds in commercially available magazines, much less the scenarios TomM poses. TomM is asking chess questions and the Blue State jokers can't even figure out the first move in checkers.


yeah, I don't buy it, Holmes was swilling his own cup of free range crazy before this, they psychological version of David Banner's gamma rays, OTOH, that would make the judge likely discount his motive, re Nidal Hasan,

Danube of Thought iPad

Back when AIDS first burst upon us, those who cautioned against certain homosexual practices were accused of responding out of "fear" and "ignorance."

Aren't people like Feinsteind and Cuomo doing precisely that? The ones who are howling the loudest demonstrate daily that they have zero idea what they are talking about. And the press that reports about them is equally clueless.

Danube of Thought iPad

Wash. Times:

"Florida voters overwhelmingly would chose former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for president in 2016 over the state’s two highest profile Republicans, former Gov. Jeb Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio, a new poll shows. Mrs. Clinton leads Mr. Bush by a margin of 51 percent to 40 percent, and bests Mr. Rubio 52 percent to 41 percent, according to the results of a Quinnipiac University poll of registered voters released Thursday. Mrs. Clinton, a Democrat, also is viewed much more favorably than either man; 62 percent of the survey’s respondents view her favorably..."

Rob Crawford

They've also announced a tip hot line for New Yorkers to turn in violations of the law.

Remember, folks, the SAFE Act didn't exempt police, and the police are issued firearms with capacities over 10 rounds. So every time you see a cop, make sure to let the state know...


DoT@12:38: you left out the Media teammates in your comment-- they are just as guilty: here's an email i sent a Bloomberg 'News' reporter about her gun control 'story':
**Disgrace—complete disgrace. News story? You’re a disgrace.
The NRA isn’t voting on Senate bills—Senators are—Democratic controlled Senate Senators are. And those Senators will vote against a phony Baloney ‘assault weapon’ ban, because that’s too stupid even for democrats to vote for—well too stupid if they want to keep their precious seat. Background checks? Reasonable enough—EXCEPT—the Dems put moron Slo Joe Biden and Despicable Chuck Schumer in charge. A moron and a liar—so they of course tried to make this a Registration law—BAD FAITH. End of discussions. So private sales won’t become subject to background because of LeftWing overreach.
You’re as despicable a liar as Schumer. Or, maybe you’re as moronic as Biden. Which is it Heidi?***

Danube of Thought iPad

"So if a worried homeowner sleeps with ten bullets in the magazine of her bedside Glock she would be in violation of the revised law."

If she has a Glock at her bedside there's a good chance she's violating the law even after the proposed revision, and even if the magazine is empty. Many, if not most, Glock 9mm magazines have a capacity greater than ten rounds. ( Google glock magazines.)

Idiots making laws.


Rob@1246-- interesting dilema you pose. As duly sworn peace officers the NYC cops are permitted to open carry their 'firearms'. So I guess, they can unload their 9mm Mags, and openly carry their unloaded Glock, put what would they do with their loaded 15 bullet mag? Only load 7 rounds? We need Mr Justice Cardozo to figure this out.


I beg to differ, we scatter, they hold out to the last man, no matter how bad the plan;


There's a reason I've been reading up on jury nullification lately.

Jane:  Mock the Media

I read/heard this morning that Janet Napolitano just put the Saudi's on most favored nation status so they can be expedited thru customs (it's not like 14 of the 15- 911 terrorists were Saudis) and now they think that the Colorado Corrections guy killed yesterday was killed by a Saudi because he wouldn't let a rapist serve his sentence in Saudi Arabia.

Another brilliant move by this administration


Come on people, we've seen this rodeo, enough times, to know this is what they intended, The Dems hate law enforcement, only slightly less then civilian permit holders.


I did not know that connection,

Of course, it was the excuse Hickenlooper needed to steamroll his Draconian bill through

Jack is Back


We call it the "North Effect". The State is flooded with people from the Northeast and those liberal, tax and spend bastions of New York, New Jersey, CT, MA and RI. They may have left those loony politics but they continue to think they same way they voted there. I see it every day in my little corner of the state.

Our largest employer is the local city, county and state government. I watched 12 guys, 4 trucks, assorted machinery spend 6 weeks putting in a new sidewalk of about 250 feet. The school system needs over $12,000 per student each year to educate them. The local Catholic school its more like $5,600 of which the parents pay $4,500.

Its an infestation of liberal northeast politics and values. Have no idea how you can fight it.


Yes, the story is even more interesting, look what else the fellow did;

Jack is Back

You have to ask yourself if it is more dangerous to allow Swiss Army knives on flights or is it more dangerous to allow these guys a free pass by TSA?

Jack is Back


Sorry didn't see your post at 1:06 but I have the link above.


Seeing as those were the only ones, that ever used knives that way, I would say the latter,
this is criminally stupid.


Why won't Napoitano answer Congressional questions about her dept's unitions purchases?

Janet that quote in the last thread is far too clever to have been mine--I must have plagiarized it from someone,


Aurora shooter James Holmes is now a Muslim praying 5 times a day.

What a pussy. I got no use for the guy until he's praying 7 times a day.


Bringing the previous thread on-topic...

So, if a NY permit holder carries a Glock 19 with a 10-round magazine, does a cop have reasonable suspicion to check the gun for more than 7 rounds?

Mark Folkestad

All of us who are on Ignatz's updates on his lovely wife's medical situation will be chuckling over his wonderful second installment of how he won his lady love. Thanks, Iggie!


It was all you, Clarice!

Here's the exchange -

I think there was a typo in the article. It should read "Most Economists", the pen name of a certain guy who teaches at a high school in Berkeley.

Posted by: Clarice | December 18, 2010 at 08:54 AM

It should read "Most Economists", the pen name of a certain guy who teaches at a high school in Berkeley.

I love this! Hahahaha...I'm always wanting the "journalists" to name names. Who exactly?

Posted by: Janet | December 18, 2010 at 09:03 AM

Jack is Back

Whoa, Nellie. Bucknell v. Butler has just got very interesting. Bucknell down 4 at the half now up 4 at 35-31. Good game. Why I like college ball.


Did the House just pass a spending Bill that originated in the Senate?

The House passed the $984bn spending bill by 318 to 109. The bill, passed on Wednesday by the Senate, was close enough to an earlier House version to make it appealing enough to all but diehard Republicans.

President Obama is now expected to sign it on his return from the Middle East, averting another economic standoff between the White House and Congress.

The Senate bill only covers funding for the next six months, leaving the bigger battles over debt and spending still to be resolved.

It was passed by 73 to 26 on Wednesday after eight days of debate. A crucial bloc of Republicans joined the Democrats to ensure its passage, evidence that bipartisanship still works, at least in the Senate.

I don't have the will to check on my own.

Jack is Back


Could this guy be your Dan Fagin? Didn't know he was a prize winning investigative journalist?


No, he's from Louisiana, and he's named like the character in Oliver Twisr,


It's a 'Continuing Appropriation' of the sequestration number PLUS several hundred Million $ more (mais bien sur) for worthy causes. They can't help themselves-- THEY GOTTA SPEND.


"A crucial bloc of Republicans joined the Democrats to ensure its passage, evidence that bipartisanship still works screws taxpayers, at least in the Senate."

A small correction in the interest of accuracy.

Danube of Thought iPad

Fact of the matter is, for the most part they do gotta spend, inasmuch oas most of thespending is what they call "non-discretionary," i.e. it was mandated by previous congresses. Theycall it thatbecause doing so allows them to throw up their hands and say "gee, there's nothing we can do about it--we're bound by legislation passed by our predecessors."

To which the proper response is "bullshit."



My guy is Dan Fagan, (with an a) and according to his current FaceBook page he has just decided to leave Alaska. That's news to me.

I did not know that his morning TV Talk show just got cancelled. When I could ever get up that early I enjoyed it.

It's tough to pigeonhole the guy. In recent comments as a guest host on one of the afternoon Talk Shows it is obvious he has big regrets about how hard he went after Sarah Palin.


Well they aren't going to get N Carolina back that way, really 10 million dollars, how generous.


"it is obvious he has big regrets about how hard he went after Sarah Palin."

Does h ave any suggestions for where she should go to get her repu taton back? He may be sincere, but slandering a Repub and then "regretting" it later seems to be favorite media pastime.


"Does he have" "reputation" (iPad, grrr)

Captain Hate

In recent comments as a guest host on one of the afternoon Talk Shows it is obvious he has big regrets about how hard he went after Sarah Palin.

What's his excuse? A drinking problem? Blow? What's led to this change in attitude? Don't the kewel kids want to hang out with him any more?

I wouldn't turn anybody away who is truly remorseful for dumbass things he/she had done in the past but I'd like some explanation that gives the sincerity a bit of credence and that he won't show his ass to you if he ever gets back in the the "in crowd".

Danube of Thought iPad

But we're woefully lacking in feeling:

"Yet another new survey shows that Republican supporters know more about politics and political history than Democrats.

"On eight of 13 questions about politics, Republicans outscored Democrats by an average of 18 percentage points, according to a new Pew survey titled 'Partisan Differences in Knowledge.'

"The Pew survey adds to a wave of surveys and studies showing that GOP-sympathizers are better informed, more intellectually consistent, more open-minded, more empathetic and more receptive to criticism than their fellow Americans who support the Democratic Party."

Jack is Back

Not surprising if you knew jim Rogers, the Duke Chairman, and his past - it ain't engineering if thats a clue!. Bill Lee would have never done this or even entertained getting into a partisan political move like that. [He is they guy who made Duke Energy what it is today].

Bill G

I didn't read every post, so this might be a repeat, but...
I've never loaded a bullet into a clip or magazine.
I've only loaded cartridges into them.

Captain Hate

More garbage from the JEF: Israelis must recognize that continued settlement activity is counterproductive to the cause of peace

Building houses is aggressive action compared to firing rockets. What an idiot. And some quisling Jew on Facebook thought it was a great speech. No wonder the Holocaust happened; it's surprising more of them haven't.


Except it is not generous. Duke passes on costs. I had the same thought last year as I watched a utility give a bad player in ed a $100 K check. That was really the rate payers money. And nobody asks them.

Mom is fine. She now has a balanced set of artificial hips.

And I have a visitor today from russia which I find interesting. Had 2 yesterday from kenya. I find whatever prompts the searches to be fascinating. Right now American public parents seem to be in denial while others are looking for answers to what has been going on for a while in other places.

Captain Hate

Don't get me started on utilities, JiB; it's not surprising that Ayers' father was the head of a large one.

Jack is Back


Except a lot of Duke is unregulated. Those are old utilities under PUHCA. Most are now under PURPA. Generation, transmission and distribution are now only parts of a complicated vertically and horizontally intergrated mulit-national in some cases. Same with insurance companies.


CH, kind of "I'm not really a capitalist, but I played one on TV at a utility!"

Captain Hate

You're exactly right, Robin. The only solution would be to make political contributions a non-allowable expense and face the shareholders when they have to eat it. You'd have as hard a time getting that by the Repukes as the donks since it goes in both troughs.


Wow, DoT, that came from Pew? I'm amazed.

Jack is Back

Remember during the 2012 campaign how we all noticed how Obama seemed to be only talking at community colleges or other places with young people to get more excited and rousing reeptions? He is pulling the same tactic in Israel.

Lets pray to God that the Israel youth are not as impressionable by a narcisstic jerk than our's.

Thomas Collins
"Don't get me started on utilities. . . ."

Without utitilies, CH, how would AB of SSD have paid the rent? :-))


JIB-it is the reason SF is right there along with the utilities and defense companies and hospital chains as the business voice for ed reform. Not a free market model.

Car pool time.

Captain Hate

Ok henry, you got me started: It is hilarious to get up close with those titans of industry that fight the battles of having a captive market with minimal alternatives. Oh the humanity of dealing with a dog pets dog world.

JiB, somebody is setting their retail rates where expenses are allowed to be recovered.

Captain Hate

LOL TC, or supported that liver enlargement program.

Jack is Back


Name the party.

A bunch of concerned Congresspeople introduce legislation to ban the use of the name Redskins for the team resident in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C.

hit and run

Yeah, the Duke Energy story is a little dated -- but I went and grabbed a pic of a Duke bill and was going to put a "Democratic Convention Recovery Fee" in the taxes section with a note on the bottom thanking customers for partnering with Duke in this important endeavor, or something.

But then my machine locked up and I had to reboot.

Attention span spent...


Building houses is aggressive action compared to firing rockets. What an idiot.

I've often thought we should try substituting (blacks, whites) for (Isrealis/Jews, Palestinian) in sentences like "It's very provocative for _Israelis_ to move into _Palestinian_ areas and build homes. Somehow it wouldn't sound so acceptable with the substitution.

Captain Hate

JiB, I wish I had an in with Snyder so I could send him Janet's hubby's suggestion to shut those gasbags, particularly that nitbrain Eleanor Holmes Norton, up.

Rob Crawford
Somehow it wouldn't sound so acceptable with the substitution.

Ah, but flip the order and a room full of lefties will nod in agreement. The same dynamic is at work with the Israelis.


Hooray for Serbu Firearms!

(Note - this reads more logically bottom to top).

Danube of Thought iPad

"Janet's hubby's suggestion to shut those gasbags, particularly that nitbrain Eleanor Holmes Norton, up"

What was the suggestion?

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Continue to call them the Redskins, but change the logo to a potato.


DoT: The suggest was to keep the Redskins name, and change their mascot to a potato.


think of the cross marketing potential -- for the children. they could dress up potatoes into their favorite players.


Chubby, don't forget the (healthy!) Redskin-branded potato skins in your favorite frozen-food section.


they could rip off and adapt "Bud the Spud" to be their theme song.



good one DrJ :)


NCAA-- A-10 looking good, solid wins for StLou and Butler; Pitt stunk up the joint for the Big Least.



Your bracket was brilliant. But one question: Didn't Race to The Top/Common Core beat No Child Left Behind in the play in game?

On Duke Energy. It seems that I will be buying. They are currently seeking a 24% increase in electric (18% for gas) from the PUCO for my county. Yay!


Instead of the Hogs, should we call them the Tubers?


In the Department of "maybe not the right career for you, kid."

Dennis Miller just had a kid call in; Rodney from Montana. (Not verbatim, but close enough for Government work)

Rodney: "Dennis!", he says breathlessly,"Dennis, I wanna' do just what you do man, and be just like you and be a comedian on the radio!"

Dennis: "Rodney, It's a dangerous field.

Rodney: "Aw but Dennis I wanna do it, I wanna be just like you."

Dennis: "Rodney...dangerfield. It's a Dangerfield." Dennis says with comic grave emphasis.

Rodney: "Yeah, but I don't care, I wanna' do it, I wanna' be a comedian on the radio...etc."

George Ditter

BTW it is not a "stop and fisk" policy, it is "stop a Fisk" policy in which Edward Stokes shoots Diamond Jim Fisk (stock manipulator and bon vivant) dead in in the Grand Central Hotel in 1872 and is only convicted of manslaughter getting a mere 4 year sentence.

hit and run

Thanks JeanD!

There's a lot I left on the table. I hate to think what'll happen when Janet finds out I didn't even put Planned Parenthood in there. Or ACORN. No NPR, either. Sesame Street woulda been good after the election. etc.

hit and run

on the table

really shoulda been "outta the dance" or something.


Oh my goodness!! The Redskins helmet is wonderful! Hahaha...

It's okay that PP isn't in the brackets. LIke you say...there's no end to what could have gone in it. You did such a great job.

I don't know what's set me off lately. I've always been pro-life, but now it's like PRO-LIFE!! Gosnell story, PP strong arming KOMEN, Fluke whining, tax money going to a legal business that has over a billion in assets & makes millions, minorities voting Dem & calling us racists...while PP & others set up in minority neighborhoods & slaughter the babies,....
It's insanity out there.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Hail to the Redskins
Hail Victory
Spuds in the stewpot
Fight for Old DC.


There's a lot I left on the table. I hate to think what'll happen when Janet finds out I didn't even put Planned Parenthood in there.

Were they in the NIT? Sounds like we really need that expansion to 96 teams.


I still want it to be the Washington Red Skinheads.

Come on Davidson. Up by 3 over Marquette with 45 seconds remaining.

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