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April 27, 2013


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Software can help calculate and collect the taxes... what will kill small to mid sized businesses is the random audits vig collectors from each taxing jurisdiction inviting themselves in to audit the books and assess fines payola.

James D.

Exactly, Henry.

OT, if you normally read the WAPO, skip tomorrow's Sunday Outlook section. There's a fawning piece about John Kerry, crowing about how he's poised to join the ranks of the great Secy's of State.

But the crowning "achievement" is a big load of garbage by Jen Rubin about how conservatives need to quit our "worship" of Reagan, and, as the title of the article tells us, "tear down this icon."

We need to drag ourselves into the diverse, changed America of the 21st century, "evolve" on immigration and social issues, and so forth.

I guess Jen has to, every so often, completely trash actual conservatives in order to keep the cocktail party invites coming and ensure her place at the trough.

James D.

Also OT, although not really. The MSM doesn't like criticism of their annual Versailles Ball.

“As a former White House Correspondent, it’s really nice for people in politics and media to come together and have a little weekend of fun,” MSNBC host Alex Wagner told POLITICO at a reception at the Hay Adams hotel. “I understand the idea of the ‘celebrification’ of the event but I think it’s more of a testament to how interesting and compelling Washington politics is to the outside world.”


Former Mitt Romney spokesman Ryan Williams said, “Tom’s obviously entitled to his opinion. It’s a fun event for everybody, it’s for people from outside Washington [to] come see how things work in the capital and how people in this town operate.”


Some journalists said they didn’t see any downside to the dinner on Saturday night and the weekend of parties and events.
New Yorker editor David Remnick, whose magazine threw a Friday night soirée on the roof of the W Hotel, told POLITICO he doesn’t think the White House Correspondents’ Dinner undermines the press.

That last one is probably true, if only because it's hard to undermine the press more than it already is.

Captain Hate

Jen Rubin exemplifies the terminal affliction of the GOP. After two squishballs got their clocks cleaned by the JEF, she insists the problem is Reagan. It's like a doctor of a stroke victim claiming a heart transplant is needed.


OT to the financial sorts. Did you see this week's announcement on recalculating GDP in the future? It says it will better reflect creativity and innovation except all that funding is largely originating in govt Industrial Policy.

Just a heads up. First I had seen of it.


We'll settle for a Nixon at this point, someone who does believe the opposition is 'over their heads'


James D., I'm trying to avoid hyperbole on this topic... but it may not be possible. The latest twist is that local tax jurisdictions have started hiring rent-a-mobs to collect and assess taxes (only states did this in the past). These guys get paid a commission, so they "mass market" compliance letters. There are nearly 10,000 taxing jurisdictions. Typical audit is for 10 years prior, when none of these internet entrepreneurs were collecting taxes so this may be the biggest theft of wealth in world history.


The Democrat angling to take on Christie announces to the world that Chris Mathews is "kinda of a JackASS"! She forgot to add "and a huge douchebag", but nevertheless I want to call attention to the fact that a major Democrat and I share the same opinion on an issue of the day!

James D.

Henry, I'm with you 1,000% (so much for avoiding hyperbole!).

10,000 local jurisdictions hiring out private tax collectors to go after hundreds of thousands (millions?) of small businesses? What could possibly go wrong there?


With ease of travel plus internet commerce, sales tax is an obsolete revenue source.

I would love to see more states counter this proposal by getting rid of their sales taxes altogether. Because Income tax, capital gains tax, interest tax, various excise taxes, property tax, corporate tax and inheritance taxes really ought to be enough to run a government.

Instead, I suspect the trajectory we're on sooner leads to VAT. And anyone who paid buckets of taxes while saving and budgeting for lower-taxed retirement can just suck it up and practice saying "Welcome to Walmart!".



Some states don't levy an income tax. Makes the sales taxes much more important. Eight states I believe. Taxing consumption as opposed to taxing wealth ( savings ) is a far better policy which will ultimately inure to the benefit of all.



Some state don't levy sales taxes. 3 states I believe.

All taxes have fairness issues, Consumption taxes included. Consumption tax unfairness becomes especially egregious when the administrative onus is legislatively foisted upon non-residents to perform the administration and own the legal liability of properly collecting them because it's just too hard to have the residents -- the BENEFICIARIES -- of those taxes pay their own damn taxes.

Sales taxes ONLY work as point of sale transactions. When the point of sale is out of state makes that a problem, it seems reasonable to me to consider replacing the revenue source vs. deflecting the problem onto every business and every other state in the country.

Rick Ballard


Powerpoint of the BEA revisions to measurement of the chocolate ration

Preview of BEA revisions to measurement of the chocolate ration

The changes are necessary to provide scientistic proof everything is getting better at an increasing rate in this best of all possible worlds.


OK you can have your "fair" income taxes. I will stick with Texas and Florida for my two homes, neither of which levies an income tax. Don't be shocked when legions join me, though.


gmax @ 11:48 - That's hard to believe. Chrissy Matthews is the Joseph Goebbels (Minister Of Propoganda) for the DNC.


Holly do me a big favor, never address me again.


gmax - what are the sales taxes now in your TX and FL locations? MO does have income tax after a certain amount, but because my income is below that threshold, moving to FL or TX does nothing for me. Plus, I steer clear of legions.


Sorry - never mind. I'm looking it up.


gmax @ 12:29 - You're such a creepy blowhard and an even creepier bullshit artist. It's too much fun to bust your balls. So I'll have to decline your request. No hard feelings?


It depends on jurisdictions in both I believe but Texas is 8% to 8.5% and Florida is 6.25% ( from memory from most recent purchases in the Panhandle ).


Holy hahahahahaha! It so easy to provoke you! I played you like a fiddle in a C & W band.


What better place and time for a disaster than DC this weekend?

Donald Kagan is the interviewee in today's WSJ and decries the monoculture of academia today. There simply are no dissenting opinions. They have all accepted the revealed truth. Since most of the media watered at the same trough, we get the same monolithic, unthinking crock from them.

The recalculation of GDP is to my understanding, the inclusion of intangible property, which has now by fiat become tangible. This gives the baboons in government the ability to declare to the world how wonderful and well cut the emperor's clothes are.


Stale. Borrrrring. Get new material, and stop plagiarizing my old lines, creep. No offense.


Talk about being unhelpful'


Texas is actually capped at 8.25% maximum and my county in Florida is actually only 6%.


It is 7.5%, not 6%, you retard. What a bullshit artist!!!!!


Screw it. I just have get used to having my savings vacuumed up by the state. What was I thinking, living modestly, saving aggressively, staying out of debt? I need to ratchet up my smoking lest I outlive what just a month ago was a comfortable nest egg.


I have amazon prime and buy everything possible thru it because even if the prices on some items may be slightly higher there are no sales taxes os hipping charges, Once they add sales taxes I may reconsider though in anticipation of the thieves latest efforts, I've really stocked up.


Caught gmax in two lies today already.
Let's see if he goes for the trifecta. lol

Cecil Turner

This is the money graf from that WHCD article:

“Look at what we publish,” he said. “Does it seem like it corrupts us?”
Over the years, Remnick noted that the New Yorker has published groundbreaking stories on torture, drone strikes and other sensitive topics in D.C.
Yeah, we know about the "torture" articles (and the "stovepiping" stuff), and reams of paper criticizing GW Bush. The groundbreaking stuff on Obama? Not so much.
Here for example, is one of the early articles on drone warfare. It sums up with the view of Bruce Reidel, who "sees the choices facing Obama as exceedingly hard." Yeah, he's making those hard decisions. More recently, the same author explained the moral difference between Obama and Bush:
Obama, in contrast, has tried to bring his counterterrorism program inside the law by reasserting the criminality of torture and by trying to define which drone strikes are legal.
Hard-hitting, right? Need a napkin after that, lady?

Yeah, the optics are bad. But not because some celebrity might not have the chops to consort with the lapdogs. It's because while they were willing to make stuff up about Bush, they can't bring themselves to criticize the Messiah (or even ask him a question that might make him uncomfortable). We see what you publish Mr Remnick . . . and yes, that's the real problem.


I agree. Bammy is totally inept wrt any foreign relations problems. It's like a big hole in his resume. Heis completely at sea in regard to how to fight a war on terror. He can't even use the word jihadist to describe our 2 Boston bombers. Pathetic.


Thanks Rick and just as I suspected all the Green boondoggle dollars going to finance cronies and regional equity are going to be treated as an investment. For the future instead of lighting it afire.

Yes I quote Candide to Red on another matter this morning.

But I added there what I will here. On the way to Nirvana.


Bye, bye, Holly.


For the record, Brian was troll 81, Anne was 90, and Holly is 91 into the Narcisolator.


Florida law mandates a minimum sales tax rate of 6%, collected by the state government to provide services to all Floridians. However, the law also provides for a local option sales tax that lets each county set its own local tax that is collected on top of the general state rate.

Its really hard to go through life with rectal cranial inversion aint it, Holly dear? Look up Okaloosa County and you will find a 0% local tax rate. Damn that whoopin' will stop stinging and you can sit down again in an hour or two but make sure you don't snap your neck when you do...


For the record, coincidentally, also, sbw is thee 91st most juvenile retard to ever post here. We especially like the act that she does here with her counterparts, Moe and Curly.


Russian police and security agents have detained 140 people at a mosque in Moscow on suspicion of involvement with Islamic extremism.

So much for isolated extremist rhetoric...


"Mr. ALEXANDER: Mr. President, I see the principal leaders for this legislation, Senators Durbin and Enzi, and I congratulate them for their leadership. What they have been able to do is to come up with a simple, 11-page bill that has two words for a theme--States rights or 10th Amendment. We have a majority of Senators on the Democratic side and a majority of Senators on the Republican side who have indicated their support for it. They voted twice in support of it.

I wonder if, before I finish, I might ask the distinguished Senator from Illinois a question. Maybe I am just sensitive to this as a former Governor, as I know the occupant of the Chair is as well, but I wonder if the Senator from Illinois finds it a little ironic there are some people in Washington who say they do not trust the States to make decisions about their own tax structure. I was Governor of a State that has a triple-A bond rating, no State debt on roads, no income tax, is one of the best run States, and when I was there had eight balanced budgets. Unfortunately, during the 10 years I have been in the Senate, we haven't had any of that. So I feel just the reverse.

In a constitutional framework that has a 10th Amendment that says decisions are reserved to the sovereign State, it not only smacks of a lack of respect for our constitutional structure, but it makes no sense to me that Members of Congress would not trust the Governor of Tennessee and the Legislature of Tennessee to make their own decisions.

We had a representative today at a meeting that all three of us attended who said that in Ohio, as I recall, the legislature and the Governor have already decided that if we pass this law permitting Ohio to collect taxes from everybody who already owes them rather than just some people, they will reduce their income tax rate.

So does the Senator find it ironic there would be people in Washington who don't trust the States to make decisions for themselves in a constitutional system that was created by sovereign States?

Mr. DURBIN. I thank the Senator from Tennessee for posing that question, and through the Chair I would say to him that I am in a tough position here facing two former Governors--Governors of West Virginia and Tennessee--but I am sure they agree with what I am about to say.

In this circumstance, the decision was made by the State of Tennessee--and West Virginia as well--as to what the sales tax would be by the people living in the State and making purchases in the State. We don't change that at all. That is up to the States to decide.

As I mentioned, four States, maybe five States, when it comes to sales tax, have no sales tax. What we are putting in this bill will not change that in any way. If you live in Oregon, you will pay no sales tax because of this bill for what is sold over the counter or over the Internet.

Our friends from Delaware are supporting this bill because they think because they are a no-sales-tax State surrounded by Pennsylvania and New Jersey and Maryland, they are going to have an advantage. They believe people will cross the borders to buy in Delaware. So they have calculated this actually helps them."


sbw-did you cover the stabbing during Spring Party at Colgate?

Jack is Back!

OT: Think the WHCD is a celebration of political incest?

Down in Arizona Biden is covering McCain with glory and a few paens on torture and enhanced interrogation. The guy is beyond vaucuous he is simply a distillation of sugary stupidity.e

He wants to make the Senate Intelligence Committee report on torture more public. He also admiitted that McCain lost to Obama because of the tanking economy.

I always thoughtt the reason McCain lost was because everyone wanted Biden as VP?



I too buy everything possible on Amazon, the latest was four Michelin tires. I may have to completely remap my purchase habits if this bill comes to fruition. Gawd, I hate politicians.


BWAHAHAHAHA, who is playing who, sucker?

Pssst, how did I know that he would take
the bait - errrrow - hook, line and sinker? LOL

BTW, folks, to save face, he just lied again.

It is interesting, though, that he lives in Okaloosa County, don't you think? That tells us, for one thing, that his home is on wheels, and his front yard is decorated with rusty bed springs, an old '49 Ford pickup truck and a tacky ceramic pink flamingo. But then we already knew that he is an old toothless goober, didn't we? No wonder he doesn't pay tax.


Can't wait for his next snappy reply, can you?


Holly reminds me of someone else who took a particular dislike to GMax. Coincidence I'm sure.


TKs link at 2:03 contains lots and lots of "just use the software", "the state provides the software", "free certified software" etc. for businesses handling online tax calculations/withholding.

Anyone know what other functions or data might be retained in this blackbox software app the states are going to give away to businesses? I'd sure like to know.

I searched on "privacy" and "personal information" but nothing found.


You might want to learn about this Google thing, dear. It will save you showing your @ss repeatedly.

Once you do figure it out, you might want to google the white sand of the Emerald Coast, if you can do so while still standing...

And notice no refutation of the obvious, that there are multiple counties in Florida with a 6% sale tax rate, many of them high end beach communities. HMMMMM


Gmax is drowning. Will somebody throw him a line?


Non responsive to the issue, again for what the third or fourth time? What exactly is the tax rate in Florida? C'mon you must have a source for your misinformation. Get out your Crayola and write it down slowly, we will wait. Or better yet continue not to do so, and prove you are the liar we all believe you to be!


Florida Department of Revenue website to check at your leisure but here is a cut and paste word for word:

Each sale, admission charge, storage, or rental is taxable unless the transaction is exempt. Sales tax is added to the price of the taxable goods or service and collected from the purchaser at the time of sale. Florida's general sales tax rate is 6 percent



Among the twelve counties that do not levy any additional tax to the state sales tax rate:

Palm Beach

Whoops again, @ss must really be burning at this point...


Alice, the states require full registration info to use the "free" software, that is tax ID#, bank account# etc -- no privacy at all for you or the customer. Many states resell this info (like drivers license info) to mass marketers, others simply don't protect it at all. Further, there are 50 states (plus territories) that must be individually registered for tax calculation / submission.


henry, any bets on whether TurboTax (or equivalent) will sell you such a package for $100 or so per year? I'd think that would be a natural for them.

Jack is Back!

Most counties in Florida have a 7% or 7.5% tax rate. In my county its 7% and we are an ocean community. There are a few counties (the vast minority) who keep it at 6% and do not impose their own local tax option. Okaloosa is an example as well as Lee.

However, if you buy a car in my county the 1% local sales tax option is limited to a max of $50.00.

Now, property taxes is another matter especially if you are not homesteaded.

DoT on iPad

I always thought McCain lost because of Duke and Duke, in the absence of whom the GOP would have nominated a sure winner to be named later.


DrJ, I don't know about price (the ERP my firm writes has tax calcs included -- but not rates -- and interfaces to various rate services), but several vendors sell this for either on premises or cloud access. Actual tax filing services (on the various monthly / quarterly / annual schedules a combination of states will require) is quite expensive -- that's why I know about the state "free" forms and audit goon squad visits. ;)


--no privacy at all for you or the customer.--

Tell me if I've got this right:

Well, I'm exclusively a customer in this scenario - I don't sell stuff. So anytime I buy online, a vendor using this software will have my name, address, product I'm buying, etc... (I assume most of the time, credit card details are not saved in the clear by the vendor) and all this info is now no longer subject to privacy agreements between me and the vendor? Because the vendor sends it on to my State, and my State has its own rules and plans for what they do with my data?

Hm. That doesn't sound like it should be legal. At least, it doesn't sound like a vendor can be held liable for breach of privacy given the responsible handling of the personal info is not in their control.


Alice, bullseye. On credit card data, the credit card people have strict standards on retention. Any vendor with sense uses a credit card service external to the firm's systems to avoid a credit card audit of all systems in place and massive fines. Not all vendors have sense or modern systems that comply with standards.


henry, after I posted I realized it is one thing to get the right charge and quite another to file the sales taxes with the appropriate body. That would be a real mess without the sort of service you mention.

I'd bet Quicken looks into it, though.


DrJ, they may do it as a QuickBooks add-on for small business, third parties already do.


... and all this data mysteriously gets absorbed by Google, Facebook, and OFA.

Yes, indeed. I see some major shopping habit adjustments in my future.


Alice, I buy locally with cash whenever possible. ;)


I hear you, Henry. But I'm in the boonies, so any "in person" shopping beyond very basic groceries, lumber, cattle feed (heh) or garden mulch means a minimum 40 mile round trip. That gets me to a Walmart and a Lowes. If those stores don't have what I want, it's 150 or 200 miles round trip.

This was a feature, not a bug, when I moved here. Now... guess I'll have to get over how much I hate to drive.

Jack is Back!

You know that we could all see this internet tax coming. We just didn't want to consider that they would actually do it. There is just too much money being spent on the E-tail sites from Amazon to EBay to Wag to Soap to even cars.

[We bought our our car on the internet from England so it would be waiting for us when we came back to the States. That was in 2003.]

I am surprised it took this long for the polticians to figure out how to get their grubby little paws on more of my income and savings.


JiB, yeah the money was going to happen. That the enforcement is done as painfully as possible is the part I object to.


I really didn't think my first 4 months of retirement would be so full of "guess I'll have to get used to" moments. Sucks.


Congressman Hank Wilson: Imagine a world without balloons...

Jack is Back!


Notice how the first thing you do is buy up all the ammo, then you create the tax and enforcement becomes a lot easier:)


JiB, yup. That is the one other thing that I used to get here in the boonies in addition to Alice's list. It is harder to find 30 miles away near civilization & work.


Yes, Cloonan, Coleman, and Soufan but not Gaudin,
he was SERE trained as part of the rangers, so he wasn't verklempt by the EIT's, those were
Mayer's sources along with Grenier, and Dannenberg who badmouthed Rodriquez and those under him,


Dannenberg, got himself a sweet gig protecting BP execs, Grenier, having botched the UBL search, and badmouthed his underlings, didn't do as well


Alice-I am not exaggerating at all that the Natl Research Council put out a report last summer that the govt and the tech companies using all that Big Data being generated most of us are not aware of could plan the economy around Sustainability. It was not a hypothetical either. It is the plan.

We are in a predator state clench. DC, except Janet and Clarice of course, and too many state and locals have a very feudalistic view of taxpayers.

Jane on Ipad

I'm in Collier County. I just went to the liquor store and asked what the tax was and was told 6%. My receipt reflects a 6% tax.

GMAX wins again.


rse, just wait until big Larry gets his wish for the elimination of cash. Big Data wants to enslave us all as long as they can buy their own volcanic island lairs.

Jack is Back!


Your lucky. Collier is one of only 11 or 12 counties in Florida without a local sales tax option. Most of the ones with higher levels of sales tax do not have the more affluent properties to tax and make up the difference. Mostly interior counties have the 7 to 7.5% level.

Of course Naples and Marco Island having some of the highest property values in the state, you now know why you are getting off so cheap. But how do you like the congestion?


Part one of "inside our vote by mail scam"

Part two

I did not know Chuck Hagel was CEO of a voting machine company. Turns out there is a lot I did not know about the process.

Please don't let the narrator's speaking style keep you from finishing the YouTubes. It is worthwhile.

Jack is Back!


He may have been CEO but his is not that smart even if they are programmed to steal. Hagel is basically a shapeless intellect.


Jane see any of those broken down bed springs or junk cars of the moron's imagination? LOL she skedaddled once it was obvious she was showing her @ss, AGAIN...


Yes, I'm familiar with Es&S, their products are no better or worse then Diebold, which wss demonized by RFK jr, and the folks at Raw Story.

OT, my mother is going in for a medical procedure, on Monday, keep her in your prayers and thoughts.

Jack is Back!

I am tempted to bid on this but can't even cover the minimum.

Bill Dalton's (The Dalton Gang) Winchester!


one, narciso, and you please keep my nephew in yours.


*Done, narciso*


Definitely, clarice.

Jack is Back

The JOM prayer wheel is in operation for narciso's Mom and Clarice's nephew. May the good Lord of all of us keep them safe and make them better.


Jib said it better than I possibly could... prayers for narciso's mom and Clarice's nephew.

Jack is Back

Chelsea Clinton interviews the Geico Gecko:)

Bonus points to any JOMer who can tell me the English location of that accent.

Jane on Ipad


I've been working like a dog since I got here so the congestion is the last thing on my mind. This morning was a breath of fresh air because Man Tran fixed me up with one of his friends and it was like she and I had been best friends forever. We had breakfast on 5th AVE and then She took me on a tour of Naples - to the high end section - and it was a riot to hear her tell me about it.

At this point I'm just tired. It's been a very long week and it is not over yet.

Jack is Back

In case you're interested here is his new book.

The Gecko's, of course.

BTW, my two Beagles love to carry geckos around in their mouth when outside. Never hurt them but certainly give them much anxiety.


Congestion is I 5 anywhere around the three Disney exits on even a weekday afternoon.

There is no congestion on the beach with a tall cool one in hand and the shades on!


Seems like this will only lead to a bigger black market.

Then, the Guardia di Finanza. Italian law enforcement agency under the authority of the Minister of Economy and Finance and part of the Italian armed forces. The Guard is essentially responsible for dealing with financial crime and smuggling; it has also evolved into Italy's primary agency for suppressing the drugs trade. The Guardia di Finanza maintains over 600 boats and ships and more than 100 aircraft to serve in its mission of patrolling Italy's territorial waters.
61,286 employees in a country of 60M, plenty of whom are on foot with FBI-like jackets displaying the agency's name and demanding restaurant receipts from tourists at outdoor cafes.

That's one national tax collector for every 1,000 people in Italy. The IRS would need to more than triple its workforce to match that ratio here.


Too busy gearing up to audit Obamacare compliance at the moment.


Gmax-do you have any idea what Saturdays are like in Destin in the summer? Or 331 coming over the bay?

And Walton's sales and property taxes are awful because of all the lovely beachfront state parks paying no taxes couples to a four story or 52 foot max height. It makes it lovely but the density in Okaloosa funds its expenses much better.

And jury duty reports to Pensacola. Still much less densely populated compared to rest of the state.


rse, Colgate is outside our circulation area so we didn't cover the event locally.


New Hampshire, the tax free state, has one toll booth across I-95. Anyone travelling within the state can easily avoid paying a toll on I-95. But if you are travelling through the state, and doing it directly and staying on I-95, you will pay the toll. Methinks the original plan was to establish a toll on either end, so you would pay entering and leaving the state, but could travel toll-free within on I-95, but someone must have pointed out early on that that would not pass constitutional muster.

States will do whatever they can to tax another states citizens. It's why a hotel room charge is never anywhere near the advertised rate- the state and local jurisdiction taxes on hotel rooms are usurious in nature.


"Bonus points to any JOMer who can tell me the English location of that accent."



RSE no but I am soon to find out. Its a 15 minute, WALK, to the beach. I will deal with the traffic. Funny thing is, I listened to horror stories about Spring Break and then found absolutely no problems this spring.

Ever been on Westheimer in Houston at quitting time? Now that is congestion. Congestion is the Kennedy in Chicago or 1-35 in Austin, or I 75 in Atlanta or the granddaddy of congestion is the 405 in Cali...

I was once on Manhatten trying desperating to catch a plane when Nelson Mandela decides to address the UN. That left a deep mark...


Seconding Henry's thoughts @05:17PM-- prayers for narciso's mom and Clarice's nephew.


Thank you all.

Jack is Back


Nice try but no.


tell me the English location

OK I will give it a go

The second deck of old Tratford?

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