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April 02, 2013


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Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Eurozone unemployment 12% today, highest since 1999 when Eurozone came into existence.

Come on Barry, we can get there too.


Heh, not only will these guys bail on Europe... they will go where the fracking is. That means red states grow even more while the blue states go into OPM famine with Europe.

James D.

We all know what's going to happen, don't we?

Even though the Dems have fought fracking (and every other energy-producing business that actually, you know, produces energy rather than payoffs to Dem donors and billable hours for bankurptcy attorneys) every step of the way, they're going to be the ones who get the credit if the jobs from fracking actually do improve the economy.

James D.

Not trying to spam, just letting folks know - my book is free on Kindle today, and every download pushes it a little bit further up the charts so that, when it's back at $2.99 a pop again on Thursday, paying customers will see (and hopefully) buy it!

You can download it here:

And it actually is a fun read, I promise. You might even like it so much you'll want to see the following books in the series.


Just got back from Sun Valley. Sasha and Malia say 'hi'.


I guess the BASF folks and other Euro's have found that our SCIENCE is working. Fracking was an innovation that the Kommie MuthaF#$%#$%er in Chief didn't use our taxes to find. Scientist in Chief my ass. Liar in Chief.


I was pointing this out years ago. Building new refineries and chemical plants in some proximity to the available resource makes great business sense. The jobs in these plants and downstream factories are very high paying and the multiplier effect is huge.

This could be a key component of an industrial renaissance if the morons in government got out of the way.

But the Einstein in Chief has the gall to demand $100 Million that we don't have allocated for his new Shibboleth.


Downloaded. Btw my husband is a James D. (Plus last name). Used to freak out when you posted thinking he had found my guilty pleasure.

Rick Ballard

We may only be a few years from definitive proof the credentialed morons turned out by L'Ecole Polytecnique are actually dumber than our home grown variety.


The Commiecrats may claim the credit but they won't be able to point to a single 'central planning' initiative as being causative. What's even better is the fact the oil majors which have been snuggling under the Green Blanket with the Commiecrats have less to do with the success of fracking than the independents.

The EUrozombies can take heart their central planning initiatives wrt energy mean they will be freezing to death before starvation can get them. That has to be some consolation.


I think we should give the $100,000,000.00 to those REALLY REALLY SMART PEEPS that Obama knows!!!! How about Stevie Chu!!!! He won a Tostitos Nobel Prize, presented by Solyndra!!!
Fracking was not discovered and perfected by Homeland Security Lesbian in Chief Napolitano, nor was the Model T, the telephone nor the RITZ CRACKER.
Now tell me how Obama is not a MARXIST again. Government will control the means of production by NOT ALLOWING PRODUCTION that the government does not approve of.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Another download James D. This one to my ipad. Look forward to reading it.

James D.

Stephanie, thanks! Every one helps! and I can assure you, I'm not your husband in disguise!


Cheap US Nat gas could be the 'next thing' for the US economy, chemical and other energy price sensitive industries would grow, and cheaper long haul truck and rail costs from NatGas-diesel would reduce consumer prices. Swapping nat-Gas and Nat gas-diesel for petroleum fuels also reduces Oil demand allowing for greater crude and refined products for EXPORT, that cuts the trade current account imbalance and strengthens the Dollar, thereby further reducing food and fuel costs for consumers. The stronger Dollar will be less of a threat to corporate profits if their energy bill is reduced by using US domestic sources. This is your basic virtuous cysle-- and the Left hates it, hates, it, hates it because they can't stop it or even control it.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--The Commiecrats may claim the credit but they won't be able to point to a single 'central planning' initiative as being causative.--

Yes Rick, but most voters think "causative" is something Doctor Huxtable would prescribe for constipation.

James D.

NK, I think the Left hates it because it puts prosperity - and power - into the hands of regular, everyday people. It means that those lumpenproles in the wretched flyover wasteland don't need an Ivy League-credentialled expert in Washington providing for their needs and making decisions for them.

And we can't have that!


[and I can assure you, I'm not your husband in disguise!]

You are handsomer than he ;) and besides haven't I told you that you are my favorite.

Danube of Thought on iPad

None of this is gonna happen if we'll only listen to Yoko Ono, whose vision extends far beyond such mundane concerns as jobs and manufacturing.


I REMEMBER NOW!! Shut up you CONWERVATIVE FOOLS!!! The Clinton crowd told us that drilling here and now, was USELESS, because we have no refineries, and that more refineries would take up to (pick a lie number) 10 years to build!! Al Gore told us we would be DEAD in (Pick a lie number) 5 years. Clinton left office 13 years ago, so midway thru his Presidency was 1996. 13 years. We should just stop all of this SCIENCE, because it takes so damn long for the GOVERNMENT to INVENT STUFF.


This rocket surgeon is wiser then all there neanderthal types, just frabjous;


Jack is Back


Depends where they decided to build, doesn't it?. Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma are one thing but do you believe California with its anti-business model of licensiing and regulation would ever allow a new chemical plant? Or even New Joisy, where BASF has a very large facility? How about New Yawk? Why would any company picking up the development cost and risk even consider those venues. But Chauncey Starr is up in Engineer's heaven smiling that at least we are taking advantage of the efficiency of natural gas for making chemicals and polymers by avoiding generating electrictity with it.

Getting a cooperative state is only the beginning then you have to have a pre-planned strategy of dealing with NEPA permitting. Again, it will a more probable agreement at the red state level than at the blue where the anti crowd congregrates. It will be very interesting to see how Shell gets through the development of their Pennsylvania project. At least they can frack in PA but are they willing to allow this size development? Its still a blue hell.


OT-- wow Dave Stockman is all in on my thesis that the Debt Bomb is an explosion not slow death by a thousand cuts, pretty gruesome:


Holy smokes! I think my cat just recreated the Stephanie-sees-a-copperhead dive.

(Best guess - while she was asleep she rolled off the scratching post platform and then burst into a furious whirligig scramble, scratching frantically for a foothold on the curtains, the window sill the couch arm, the coffee table before crashing onto the floor.)

James D.

Stephanie, that's very kind. I ain't telling my wife you said that, though!

Dave (in MA)

They're a chemical giant? I thought they made crappy cassettes where the high frequencies wobbled back and forth between the 2 channels while I was driving around in my Datsun 210.


-- I thought they made crappy cassettes where the high frequencies wobbled back and forth between the 2 channels while I was driving around in my Datsun 210.--

You had a cassette player?!! My Datsun B210 didn't even have a floor under the pedals - which, by the way, is great for the abs.


Interesting link, NK. My wife had coffee with the CIO of PERSI (Idaho's state retirement plan) last week. When she asked how the Fed intends to unwind their bloated balance sheet without cratering the bond market, he replied, "Who says they have to?" I know he's a very smart guy but I'm afraid this is the attitude of many of his cohorts in the public pension biz.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--My Datsun B210 didn't even have a floor under the pedals - which, by the way, is great for the abs. --

LOL. And auxiliary braking.

Toga, Toga, Toga !

Better gird your loins. The UK is gonna stab the Petrodollar to keep from becoming third world. Got a CNG fueled vehicle for your own use?

It's going to be sticker shock for you, then. BRICS is gonna eat our lunch and drink your milkshake.



That ought to get Obama THREE-ELECTED.


DoT@3:56---will Yoko Ono ever go away!? She's 80 years old,enough already!


Speaking of Ono, a comment from another blog posted without any comment from me:

Damn it, Mark David Chapman, she was RIGHT THERE!

JWF, if you must know.

Agent J

James D. Download is complete, I have a new tablet, with the Amazon App..I have been amazed at this unite since I,on a super charged brain wave decided that at 77, I could figure it out..It has been one humorous event after another..but it is downloaded..then I could not find I found, an read a few pages..I am still amazed out how it downloaded a entire damn book..


Lyle-- the Fed Balance sheet-- I'm with Stockman, it's really no way out. The Fed will get its inflation to 'pay' for the unwind. The only alternative is forgiveness of the T-Bond debt, but people like JimmyK advise me that ain't happening because that would crush money center banks by jacking their capital requirements. Complete disaster. For the rest of us, no avoiding it-- just cope with it.


Point taken, NK. But I found it fascinating that someone in his capacity thinks the Fed won't have to unwind their bond holdings. I know this guy travels to countless conferences attended by public pension fund officers. Are they deluding themselves?

I agree with Stockman as well, but he sounds no different than, oh say, Preznit Zero when goes on about two wars not paid for as key reasons for exploding deficits.


Heh. I shouldn't have laughed at lyle's 4:38, but I did.

I remember an old friend saying back in high school: "She hasn't got an ounce of talent." It's true.



There will be a corrupt Dem governor somewhere who sees the political advantage. North Jersey used to be one of the largest concentrations for refineries, and I believe Philly still has a few. Gary Indiana would be perfect and they have a good business climate.

Or let the Dakotans or Kansans or Texans do it.

ND and SD have been attracting oil & gas workers like flies. All they need to do is set up some gas fired power plants and lay out the infrastructure. Cheap power + state of the art refining/cracking + downstream = very large bags 'o cash.

And yes, the pension fund managers and Wall Street and theFFed are deluding themselves. They did it up to 2001 when the interweb bubble burst and again in 2007 when the derivatives market burst and they will surely do it again because they never seem to learn from their mistakes.Well educated idiots plus people just going with the flow plus simple greed.

I found a nice Krugman quote on the potential of the internet in which he said:

"The growth of the internet will slow drastically as the flaw in "Metcalf's Law", which states that the number of potential connections in a network is proportional to the square of the number of participants - becomes apparent; most people have nothing to say to each other"

"By 2005 it will become clear that the Internet's impact upon the economy has been no greater than the fax machine's"


A troublesome thing zis Internet, Hr. Doktor!

Frau Teufelstastatur

JamesD - Downloaded your book. Thanks for the timely alert. Woo-hoo!
AliceH is trying to trump FLOTUS's story of Barry's courtin' car where she could see the road through holes in the floor boards. There is, of course, the documented fact that AliceH. *never* fibs.

Rick Ballard

"Are they deluding themselves?"

Japan says no but I'm more interested in how pension funds are dealing with the loss of income due to ZIRP. In 2008, there was $11.2T worth of residential mortgage debt outstanding, generating about $680B in interest. Today, there is $9.9T generating about $376B. In 2000, $5.1T generated about $418B.

How are pension funds papering over the income loss? The BK referee in the Stockton mess may give us a tip with his treatment of CalPers.


Oh the irony Matt. Krugman is a blithering douche bag, whose nonsensical typings are disseminated by a DEAD TREE. Meanwhile, we discuss him here on the INTERWEBS!!


RICK 5:11.

One word for ya!! CYPRUS!!
Two words for ya!!! HAIR CUT!!!
Three words for ya!!!! RICH FAIR SHARE!!!!!!!



--AliceH is trying to trump FLOTUS's story --

There's more! It was a demon car. Sometimes it just would not start. I got stuck in a terrible area in Chicago (en route to St. Louis) and had no choice but to call my parents in Wisconsin to come get me. I then booked a flight from MKE and left it to my Dad (who gave me this prize speciman of transport) to deal with it. He rented something to tow it, drove down and picked it up and eventually "returned" it to me.

Months later, stopped running again. I just took the bus to work, leaving the car parked on the street outside my apartment. Came home one day to find it two blocks down the road, doors hanging open.

Damn thieves in Chicago didn't touch it. Damn thieves in St. Louis couldn't start it.

I finally sold it to a junk dealer for $50.

I really really hated that car.

Danube of Thought on iPad

No refinery or chemical plant will ever again be built in California.


PD's earlier post on low turnout confirmed. They blame spring break in Milwaukee. Should hold down Fallone's vote total & help Roggensack.

Rick Ballard


Have you seen anything re demand for absentee ballots? That's about my only area of concern for this one - OFA/ACORN fraud will occur but be insufficient.

James D.

Agent J, you r experience sounds like my Mom. We bought her an iPad last year. She didn't want it, but now she uses it every day. She sends emails, does puzzles, etc.


From Taranto BOTW today shredding a stupid piece in the waPo:

"The authors, identical twin sisters called Charlotte and Harriet Childress, "are researchers and consultants on social and political issues," whatever that means, according to their Post shirttail bio. They have a book called "Clueless at the Top," which is not an autobiography but a meditation "on outdated hierarchies in American culture," whatever that means. Their website informs visitors that the twins "received close to a million dollars in grants from the National Science Foundation."

The NSF is a federal agency, so your tax dollars have subsidized the authors of what can only be described as a racist rant. Here's the opening:"

Rick Ballard


I downloaded it - you might want to mention that Amazon has a free Kindle download app for use on a PC.


Steph, who d'ya think you're fooling when claiming JOM is your "guilty pleasure". XXO


Rick, haven't heard much about this election and nothing about absentee ballots. I did hear that the Dems knew Fallone was very weak and weren't going to put much into it... I guess we'll know better after 8 central.


James D,
Did the download. Thanks!
I had downloaded the Kindle and a free book months ago, but it seems to me that your book is much easier to read than the 1st one I downloaded.


I shouldn't have laughed at lyle's 4:38, but I did.

Good. I roared with laughter when I read it and it still brings a smile to my face.

Dave (in MA)

AliceH, it wasn't a B210, it was a 210. I had to install the deck myself.

Dave (in MA)
"She hasn't got an ounce of talent."
When she and Lennon appeared onstage with the Mothers of Invention, they stuck her in a laundry bag. It didn't do much to muffle her yowling, though. She probably thought it was Performance Art of some kind.

Dave(in MA)---it was performance art! Bagism. I guess I'm getting old,do you remember when she and John were going to bring peace to the world?

Melinda Romanoff


Are you hearing anything about Racine traffic reports in and around the Cesar Chavez Center?


Nada Mel. Just the note yesterday about free Brewers tickets at the MLK center in Racine. Turnout in Racine is low anyway.

Melinda Romanoff

Turnout vs. Production is the real question.


Indeed Mel. Gotta wonder if the unions have a sneaky late run planned and early low turnout is pure misdirection. This is why beer is so important to civilization -- mine tastes very good right now.

James D.

Thanks to y'all who downloaded the book. I really hope you enjoy it, and I can't thank you enough for helping me!


Yoko Ono has to have been the worst artist of the mid-20th Century. When I was a kid i just figured that the whole John vs Paul thing was egos. But as we have seen the arc of Yoko's career I wish she had taken up performance art as a kamikaze @ 40 years ago. What a ravenous talentless leech. I believe John was doing a lot of drugs at the time.

John Galt

Yoko Ono? I prefer Lawrence Welk.


I don't know how else to say this, but nobody here is qualified to assess Yoko Ono's talents.


I agree Extraneus. But there was a recent CDC report on venereal disease. And probably some similar stories in Japan.

Toga, Toga, Toga !

Uruguay moves ahead of the US.

Toga, Toga, Toga !

More features and benefits of frakkin'.

An Assumption Parish sinkhole’s edge collapsed following increased underground seismic activity for a third time in 16 days [...]

Experts have known for months that tremors precede edge collapses and other side effects, but the pattern this month appears to be cycling at a faster rate than previously.

Patrick Courreges, spokesman for the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, said experts think the quickened pace indicates the cavern suspected of causing the sinkhole is getting close to getting full of surrounding earth, causing subsurface shifting movements to occur at shallower depths. [...]

[John Boudreaux, director of the Assumption Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness] said it will probably be next week before work can be resumed following the latest tremors because small parts of the well pad were still breaking off and falling into the sinkhole as of Thursday afternoon. [...]


Well, I don't want to be cruder than I am already, but judging by his last album Yoko made John a very happy man.


matt@7:12...they were both junkies.John must have had a very weak character to have his life completely absorbed by her.She is a horrible person.

Dave (in MA)

Here's the lovely performance that I mentioned earlier.


I blame global warming, the war on women, bigotry against homo's, and the Captains of Right wing tea bagging parties.
It's all about SCIENCE!!! And I am the Chief and Commander of SCIENCE!!!
Just check my Columbia transcript, you'll see!!!
The sinkhole is BP'S fault. And Bush's.

Danube of Thought on iPad

Think of all those who died in the construction of the nation's dams, highways, bridges, skyscrapers, stadiums, daycare centers, abortion clinics, oil refineries, airports, railways and wind farms. If it were up to the faculty at the esteemed Pitzer College, none of that construction would have occurred: too risky.

This is why the end up on college faculties. What else can they do?


Danube!!!! HOSPITALS!!! My Grandfather went IN and came out DEAD!!!

What we need is regulation. Where is Dana Gilbert Ward, when we need her?


None of this is gonna happen if we'll only listen to Yoko Ono

DoT's wish is my command:

Yoko Ono Screaming

Danube of Thought on iPad

Made my evening, daddy.


daddy. Yoko is from Tokyo, not Nagasaki. Maybe she's just going....COLD TURKEY.


I voted today after all. I probably won't know the results until next week's local paper comes out, though; our county government doesn't use that new-fangled innertube stuff. If you've got a question, well y'all just drop in and ask any time!

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