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April 17, 2013


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headlines we'd like to see.

Obama shot down on gun bill

Senate kills gun control bill

Gun Control DOA


C'Mon TomM... let's say you and me head down to the Ct State Police Barracks and start the licensing and registration process to get us some AR-15s. The Obamaniacs know where we are, we may as well go out fighting. Are you Scots-Irish?, you know what Jim Webb said about that...C'Mon, put away the field hockey stick and let's go.

Captain Hate

RINO catches feelings:

Thumbing your nose at 90% of Americans never pays.

Neither does murdering an intern.


So now Holder goes back door and frags the NICS? Or are they satisfied with the blue state violations of the Constitution and hope for a SC retirement?

Captain Hate

ABC just said this was a crushing defeat for the JEF. Rapid oxidation of a carton of Kools tonight.


'I come from France'

'shirley he can't be serious'


What a day; Obummer/reid humiliated in the Senate, Prog bugger was a WH visitor just before he gets to work, the Media beclowns itself in Boston. Good day.


Double post:

Treasury Secretary Lew testifying at the House Budget Committee, April 16, 2013. Congressman McClintock questioned the Secretary about prioritization of debt payments and increases in federal spending. v=AMXnFIsUxDk&

He is our only hope.


narciso-- good link, thx. they wear their ignorance on their sleeve like a badge of honor.


Did somebody suggest this tactic when dealing with the left leaning media?

Indeed, the Bee quoted my statement, “Yosemite belongs to the American people, and the Park Service’s job is to welcome them and accommodate them when they visit their park – not restrict and harass them,” and then equated it to “making Yosemite employees sound like Gestapo agents.” This should give every reader a clear insight into the extremism, hyperbole and unreality that dominates the views of this newspaper’s editorial board.

Finally, the editorial charges, “We attempted to talk to McClintock – to ask him why he opposes the Mariposa visitors center and the park expansion … He rebuffed our requests.” In fact, our office responded to every written request from Stuart Leavenworth, Editorial Page Editor, providing him with links to answer every issue he raised, and asked him if he had any more questions after reading the material, which he did not.

I hope Mr. Leavenworth will forgive me for not speaking with him and several of his more partisan colleagues at the Bee directly, but I hope they can understand that their objectivity, balance and accuracy are open to some doubt.

Tom McClintock, 4th Congressional District

Don't give these pricks the time of day.


from narciso's 6:46 link -

Tom Kerscher @TLKEnvent
@AceofSpadesHQ with no explicable credentials, @billy_baker is a newsman.


Rick Ballard

Where's Janet? She needs to show up for a big James 5:16 bow.

Rick Ballard


Typhuspad didn't show me your post until after I posted.

Conratulations on your very effective praying.

Cecil Turner

Thumbing your nose at 90% of Americans never pays

This is shockingly stupid, coming from a supposed journalist. In the first place, when a Democrat talks about background checks, what he really means is "waiting periods" . . . whilst a Republican means "instant check against the criminal and mental health database." Since neither was ever going to be feasible in the current political climate, folks unconcerned with the bills' defeat approach a majority. And those who don't want it are a lot more likely to base decisions on voting or contributing to political causes than those who do.

Secondly, the vast majority of people (~96%) think there are other more pressing problems in America today. Count me among 'em.


Tam, from View From The Porch:

I would have given my right arm for press credentials and the first question, just so I could have asked: "Mr. President! Mr. President! Who's the sad clown? Awww, who's the sad clown?"



Scarborough, journalist, 'facts not in a evidence, Cecil.


NBC News ‏@NBCNews

BREAKING: Arrest made in ricin mailings, federal officials say; suspect IDed as Kenneth Curtis of Tupelo, Miss.

Jack is Back

Finally home from Mayo procedure. After the whole process I am mad as hell at the ignorance of our political class to vote to destroy the American health care system. Mayo is a perfect illustration of why people from all over the world come for this level of care. Bravo, Mayo, the people who work there and their professionalism and caring attitude. I may be in pain today but its the sytem that will feel real pain if Obamacare is fully implemented. I feel sorry for someone, lets say 6 years from now who has the problem as I had and some weening "navigator" at HHS says to them, "No Mas, Senor".

Was able to catch up on all the days activities coming back down A1A with Mrs. JiB driving and Frederick in the front seat as I sprawled out in the back. Great posts, great topics but I just couldn't read Friedman. He is like Ground Hog day journalism.

And finally, a spark of sanity strikes the Senate. Thank God we still have some sense of what liberty means in the country.

Good to be home.


AliceH; LOL!
You and your new gun are safe from Obama.

Rob Crawford

Someone needs to 'shop Obanner in sad-clown makeup.


Good to hear JiB! A couple weeks rehab and you'll be back to normal.

hit and run

Someone needs to 'shop Obanner in sad-clown makeup.

Here's one...


er, reposting from the wrong thread...

Less schadenfreude-y but similar sentiment on twitter:

Rick Wilson @TheRickWilson

And by the way, gun control fans…Obama isn’t angry because you lost. He’s angry because he couldn’t move numbers.

Sad clown, indeed!

Jane - Mock the Media!

The man is so unpresidential - which is precisely what appeals to the left.


Glad you are alright!
Just put your feet up and post at JOM during your recuperation. Yes,today was a good day.


Jane: Agreed. He is a disgrace to the office. History will not be kind to him.
CH: I love the description"crushing defeat}"


via Twitchy:

So 90% of people passionately believed in this bill and Obama couldn't get it passed? Man he sucks at being president.
— Frank J. Fleming (@IMAO_) April 17, 2013


So the rule now is that our elected representatives are bound to follow poll results? Does that mean you'll resign when your approval ratings drop back into the 40's next week, Mr. President?


It is striking, that Leahy/Collins, the 'dialing to eleven' measure went down in flames, as well.


What was in Leahy/Collins bill?


Off topic:
Margaret Thatcher: Granddaughter praised for 'captivating' reading

She may be just 19-years-old, but Baroness Thatcher's granddaughter today captivated mourners as she delivered a flawless reading at the former Prime Minister's funeral.

By the by, said granddaughter was born and raised in Texas. :)


I am sure I can find polls that show people oppose aspects of the first amendment.

Shall we have mandatory background checks for reporters? Registration of your pen, pencil, laptop, recorder, etc.

24 hour waiting periods before you can report stuff, like made up stories about arrests in Boston.

Should cops be able to stop you and frisk you and check your ID for carrying a pencil and paper?

And no one needs more than one cable news channel. Or perhaps have warnings on the edge of the news channel stating their are known to lie and make stuff up..especially about Republicans.

Jack is Back

Okay, U. of Florida is probably a little more conservative than your average very large university but Gainesville itself is not.

So a tea party candidate for Mayor winning against an incumbent was highley unlikely. Well guess what highly unlikely prevailed.

Oh, the incumbent Mayor was one of Bloomies gun control acolytes.

This day just keeps getting better and better.

MarkO on laptop

When I discuss gun "control" with anyone, I move the argument to repeal and ask why they refuse to mount such a campaign instead of tinkering around the edges.

The universal response so far is bewilderment.


Thanks, Rick! All glory to Him!..
Up next...immigration insanity.

What's the old high school football chant -
Push 'em back, push 'em back
Waaaaaaay back!
Push 'em back, push 'em back
Waaaaaaay back!

Here's the Senate contact info again.

call & email...& call & email....& then call.


Remember when the Hutaree were that vicious white militia that was ging to destroy America...yeah, except all charges have been dropped against all of them and their property returned.

Remember those law enforcement killings in Texas we were told were being ordered by Ayan Nation white Supremicists? Yeah, turned out it was actually fellow law enforcement personnel who are now being prosecuted for the killings.

Remember when they said it was right wingers who planned to bomb NYC due to Obamacare, oops and then it wasn't.

Seems like the media ONLY wants to jump to conclusions when its right wing extremists.

I myseld think the Boston bombers are the usual left wing terrorist looking for tenure at a major left wing university or perhaps a chance to kick-off a future Presidents campaign in Chicago.

A leftist terrorist looks to get promoted to tenured proffessor or Obama fund raiser by the left but a self-proclaimed anti-government terrorist gets DEAD DEAD DEAD in less than 6 years like McVeigh.

You don't hear the right defend McVeigh, the left constantly defends the left wing bombers.


I notice that Virginia Sen. Mark Warner did NOT vote for the Feinstein "assault weapon" ban.

Sens. Mark Begich (Alaska), Michael Bennet (Colo.), Tim Johnson (S.D.), Joe Donnelley (Ind.), Kay Hagan (N.C.), Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.), Jon Tester (Mont.), Mary Landrieu (La.), Martin Heinrich (N.M.), Mark Udall (Colo.), Tom Udall (N.M.), Mark Pryor (Ark.), Joe Manchin (W.Va.), Mark Warner (Va.) and Max Baucus (Mont.) were the red-state and Western Democrats who votes against the amendment. GOP Sen. Mark Kirk (Ill.) supported Feinstein's amendment.

Read more:
Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook

Captain Hate

McVeigh was trash, just like Ayers and his ilk.

Btw, was the JEF so petulant today because he let a crisis go to waste.


I haven't listened to iBama speak in a long time, but that was sweet! There's nothing quite like the cry of a seething, impotent socialist on a lovely spring afternoon!


No, Captain, that's not nearly a strong enough description of someone who would deliberately scout a structure, to make sure that children were the casualties, that made Gore Vidal's defense of him, the last nail in his coffin,


This is something too -
"Obama said the NRA exagerrated the effect of the bill, which scared gun owners and mobilized them to oppose the legislation.

“They claimed that it would create some sort of big brother gun registry even though the bill did the opposite,” said Obama of the NRA. “This legislation in fact outlawed any registry, plain and simple, right there in the text."

This Volokh post shows the word games in the Manchin-Toomey amendment.

"The limit on creating a registry applies only to the Attorney General (and thus to entities under his direct control, such as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives). By a straightforward application of inclusio unius exclusio alterius it is permissible for entities other than the Attorney General to create gun registries, using whatever information they can acquire from their own operations."

Virginia Sen. Warner voted FOR the Manchin-Toomey amendment.

Thomas Collins

Glad to hear you're on the way back to fighting form, JiB. I hope the rehab goes well. Just remember that, tempting though it may be, kicking and punching the TV set when a prog is speaking is not part of rehab!

hit and run

I started my own Obama sad clown 'shop, but don't have the patience to complete it.

[TheVIMH: you never apply yourself]
What're you, my dad?


Well since we're in a mocking mood, tonight;

Captain Hate

Yes best wishes on your rehab, JiB, while we still have a functioning semi free market health system.

Jack is Back


I am not allowed to watch anything political according to Mrs. JiB because as a result of the knee pain my BP has reached serious hyper-tension levels. In fact, I was delayed in my release today since my outgoing BP was much higher than my incoming BP. Never had hyper-tension until after the knee injury. They have me on some BP meds that does seem to help but if Mrs. JiB catches me watching Fox News she will read the riot act to me.

So, instead I have decided to watch MSNBC:)


And a Happy Birthday to your mom, narciso! Did ya'll do anything special? One of my favorite gifts from my kids is dance coupons.


All the best with the knee rehab, JiB. We went through 3 acl surgeries with Nathan.


[reposting without the link, as post disappeared]

First Judith Grossman, now Max Baucus:

Top Dem sees 'train wreck' for Obama health law (AP story)

So surprising, since usually government takeovers of large sectors of the economy go so smoothly.

Reaping what he sowed, but unfortunately we are too.


Narciso, your mom should have more birthdays! The rest of us got a wonderful gift today, I hope hers was even better.

Jack is Back


Cumpleaños triste pero feliz a su madre!


Thanks all,

Jack is Back

Kevin Curtis, Elvis Impersonator.:)

Does a great "Jailhouse Rock"!

hit and run

No comprendo "triste pero feliz".


How about Scarborough does a poll on what America thinks about snipping the spinal cords of living breathing babies??? We could call it the OBAMA DID NOT OBJECT TO KILLING LIVE BABIES BILL.
I wonder if we could get 90% to disapprove of killing babies??


Yes, I didn't get that last part either;

The Ewok is sometimes wrong in these matters, but I don't think so here;


Happy Birthday to your Mother, Narciso!


what JiB said,narciso....

So now we have Max Baucus jumping off of the speeding train that is Obamacare...Hmmmm disastrous implementation? Rockefeller sticks a knife in it first and now Baucus. If two of the authors have bagged on it, what about the fools who voted for it and either never got a bag 'o goodies or read it? They must, somewhere deep down, feel like the complete fools they are.

Who's next? Maybe we should start a pool. I'll only charge 30% vig, the standard rate.

Is it any wonder JiB? Pain, meds, stress...nothing to get upset about. Heal and then work it out the way DoT has been doing. Better than ever.


Many happy returns of the day to Mother Narciso.


JiB, if you get side effects like a dry cough or swollen ankles as side effects to your BP meds, ask your Doc to let you try Avapro.


Here's jimmyk's Bauchus link.


narciso''s mother is very gorgeous. She looks a lot like Sarah Palin to me--Happy Birthday!


So, shocker, we didn't have to vote for this 'pig in a poke,' in order to know what was in it.?


Interesting that the amendment did not include other government agencies such as the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY in its language prohibiting a registry, innit?


Are Bauchus & Rockefeller now racists like the rest of us Americans that opposed Obamacare?


Did any reporters ask these weasels if they'd support a repeal of this POS?

Captain Hate

The Ewok is sometimes wrong in these matters, but I don't think so here;

Sorry; I'm trying to be nice to the Ewok today but I draw the line at his film reviews.

HB Mother nar.

Captain Hate

That's "Mother narc"



Jack is Back

Didn't turn out the way I wrote it. Mean't to say "Sorry for being late but happy birthday to your Mother" Somehow it came out "Sad but Happy Birthday to your Mother". How weird is that. Must be the meds.

Lo Siento!


From a poster on FB:"Just on Hannity. Steve Emerson's sources report that the Saudi national rumored to be arrested a few days ago, will be deported next week."


Thank God for the NRA & other organizations that keep an eye out on what is going on in their areas of interest.
There is no way to keep up with all the crap happening in government without these organizations.
I rely on Focus on the Family & the Family Research Council too....& many others.
Without these organizations we would be at the mercy of the MFM & what politicians tell us. How dangerous would THAT be!?!


Happy Birthday to your mom, narciso.

Welcome home and all the best, JIB.

It has been a good day. Jane, you will love this:

Big explosion in West Texas!


Rep. Lamar Smith: Immigration Bill 'Worse Than We Thought,' Legalizes Relatives and Previously Deported

Insanity. The whole "relatives" thing is really dangerous. Do they get to self identify or will proof be required? what proof? what about Muslim countries where polygamy is practiced? does relatives include all the wives, kids, multiple in-laws,...?


If Obama says that he just wants background checks at shows and private sales. HE IS LYING.
If Obama says he just wants to cover more Americans with the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT. He was LYING.
When Obama signed the NATIONAL RECOVERY ACT on 2/17/09. He was LYING about his intentions.

He is the SCORPION. It's what he does.


Janet, the Heritage org. is another good outfit. Jim DeMint just took the helm.

hit and run on Titos

Must be the meds.

And in a nearly complete non sequitur, I have to admit not completely comprendo-ing why people change their handle to "So-and-So on This-and-Such".

I just hope I'm doing this right...


Didn't I say my 'spider senses' were tingling about this fellow, the fact that they hid the name for so long, sparked my suspicion, Of course, if we were so inclined, we could send him down to Gitmo,


Well, narciso, I cannot make heads nor tails of what's happening. I don't know if emerson's info is wrong. I've looked at dozens of pictures of the explosion today and still am uncertain/

Jane on Ipad

Ann, that made me cry. Earlier today Sweet Caroline literally sent a chill up my spine. I don't recall ever feeling that before.

I really wish people would love our country even when we don't have a terrorist attack like they do when we do.

Jane on Ipad

It just occurred to me that no runners we're hurt on Monday.

Rick Ballard


My best wishes to your mother on her birthday.

Rick Ballard


My best wishes to your mother on her birthday.



I always have a tear in my eye, when I sing the anthem. Of course, I have been known to cry in Hallmark stores, too. :)

Knew you would enjoy it!

Melinda Romanoff on Kindle


If the goal is to "make it go away", it totally fits. It might cause a small rift in the Administration's sex slave intentions for the MFM. So we shall see how it develops....


No runners were hurt, but 25-30 limbs were lost, people were killed, and America was once again terrorized.
And that doesn't include Benghazi.
I thought Obama had everyone LOVING US by now.

Melinda Romanoff on Kindle


Please wish your mother the most joyous of birthdays.

When you step away from your monitor, of course.


“The gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill,” Mr. Obama said in the White House rose garden about 90 minutes after the vote. “It came down to politics.”

Have we ever had a POTUS that spoke like this?...calling Americans that vote against his desires, liars? And of course it is politics. He is a politician. What business does he think he's in?


Janet, he's done it for 4 and a half years.
You get to keep your gun,
Your ammunition will become less expensive under my plan!!
The guy is a PROFESSIONAL liar.

Captain Hate

Have we ever had a POTUS that spoke like this?...calling Americans that vote against his desires, liars?

President Airball really lost it today. It was the type of tantrum that had Lolo and Stanley Ann packing his whiny ass out of Indonesia and back to Hawaii. God knows what mini pharmacy the Iranian rodent is making him consume for tomorrow's grief porn with Mooch.


Nigel Farage for President, or PM, or king, or anything

Threadkiller on an aluminum boat on a steel trailer in a garage.

It is important hit.

You did it correctly.

Rick Ballard

"What business does he think he's in?"

Fertilizer is my guess. I don't score this one as a BOzo loss as much as I do as an effective win through the use of smoke and fog by the GOP. If I understand the strategy (always an iffy proposition) the GOP is stepping clear of direct and forceful opposition in favor of minimizing target area through obfuscation. The progs put Toomey in the crosshairs so he grabbed Manchin and held him as a shield. Toomey's refusal to toss red meat to the base may cost him some support but his failed "bipartisan effort" won't hurt him nearly as badly as the effect of standing alone as a "severe conservative" in the face of a full Alinsky.

It would be nice if we had some pols working strictly from principles but I'll bet I get the wings I wish for occasionally well before that's commonplace.


You have to understand, Captain, he regards this as a personal slight, years of work, working in
the shadows funding countless bogus studies, with the Joyce Foundation,


CMon, ya gotta admit tattooing Zero and Capt Sodaban on the same issue and the same day?



What do you call that a bank shot,

Captain Hate

That's right; Nanny Bloomie coughed up how much jack to get that vote today? Money well spent imo.

Levin is slattering the MFM for their dimwitted actions this afternoon.


$14 million, CH At least that according to the Washington Beacon

Captain Hate

Ouch. He may be so loaded that he won't miss it but still; a fool and his money...


I hope he does more of this--otherwise when he dies he'll leave it to a foundation that will make this kid of trouble for eternity.

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