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May 10, 2013


Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--No where does the reporter note that a dog in the home will knock over the grandparents..--

No, but he or she [what's an Anahad] does note the obvious possibility that somebody with serious heart problems might be less likely to have a Irish Wolf Hound knocking them over just like he does to gramps.

Rob Crawford

LUN is the best dog pic I've seen in ages.


RobC-- great photos.

We have 2 dogs, does that mean we'll live forever, or we'll kill elderly people faster?


Always preferred cats to dogs, but quite happy to be pet free.


What do ya' mean dogs will help you live longer?

Yesterday on the dog walk on a dirt/mud/grass trail in Kinkaid, Fry flushed a Moose and started barking up a storm. Damn dog. He got the young moose all skittish and even got Scout yelping at the darn thing, so now I couldn't go around it, so we had to leave the trail and go cross-country thru the scrub brush and still melting snow and puddles down into the low ground.

Then we hit the coastal bike path, and a mile down that came upon 4 folks in front of us stalled. I held the dogs back as they were pointing into the woods, and back about 50 yards were 2 Black Bears. Thankfully got Fry the moron out of there before he spotted them, by chucking the tennis ball to Scout the oblivious and heading in the other direction.

Back into the woods we went in a long round about route, and came upon 5 moose (obviously the Black Bears prey) about 400 yards back, but I was able to avoid them on a second roundabout trek and Fry and Scout didn't start barking till I was safely clear of Bear and Mooses. Big fun:)

Dogs make you live longer? Bah, What the hell does the NYTimes know.

Yippee!!! Spring is finally here. Next week hopefully it'll be summer.


Here's my heart medicine. Jess helping me campaign for Romney...


Always preferred cats to dogs, but quite happy to be pet free.

In 2010, dozens of cats had to be removed from a northwestern Pennsylvania home where coroners said the animals had started gnawing at the foot of a dead man, 74, and his deceased mother, 94. The man had apparently been the caretaker for his mother, who died of dehydration after her son suffered a heart attack. Left with no other source of food besides their owners' corpses, the cats' survival instincts apparently took over."

Just saying:)

Frau Eulenspiegel

Thanks, Janet, for proving that conservative dogs make people even *more* happy.

We've been dogless for about seven years but still find dog hairs. Does that count?


Yes I think it does, Frau. The medicinal qualities of dog ownership must linger.
We lucky owners are never the same.

Jane -

I have a day dog. It's perfect. She's with me all day at work, and then goes home.


I think all pets that are loved, help the hearts of their owners.


BTw there's a big security alert in Libya and Obama's called an off the record briefing with selected press tools.


"off the record briefing" = training for leftist propaganda spreaders.


They sleep all day and keep you up all night. Like politicians.

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