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July 24, 2013



...Treating random strangers as inherently dangerous because of their age, gender and skin color is a choice to champion fear over reason...

and oddly lacking a survival instinct.


Nice job TM. VDH has been great lately.

Melted pot.

I'd cross the street to avoid this gang regressing race relations in this country.


Yglesias, Coates and Sullivan, that's three horsemen territory, what Klein was busy?


Meanwhile in Chicago on a day ending in y.

Shootings leave 3 men dead!

Other victim was only glazed.,0,1511288.story


In other news, the Times gives Oligarch Raul points for self awareness.

Tom Maguire
Other victim was only glazed...

Actually it seems that the rest of the country is glazed.


Dear TomM-- FYI: back in 2001-2005 when I was a regular email correspondent with Andy Pandy Sullivan we'd chat about mundane things, my kids, his beagle, his new condo in Adams Morgan. One of the issues with his new Condo, which was on the edge of gentrified Adams Morgan, at that time was the presence of young men on his block, who were not of the Hipster moved on up from gay Dupont Circle culture. So when Andy Pandy would ride his mountain bike up to his condo in the evenings he would be the subject of vile anti-gay invective and the occasional thrown beer bottle and vandalism of his property. Sully was vexed. he'd bitch and moan about investing in a 'mixed' neighborhood and how he was a exemplar of good neighbor Andy, and yet the locals would abuse him and his property and he worried about the locals potentially being armed and dangerous, and him becoming a statistic. Based on my experience being a 'pioneer' in Cobble Hill back in the '80s I sympathized, suggested he be careful, but stick it out.Andy Pandy made many expansive socio 'profiles' of these young men and made expansive crticism of their behavior and the culture that spawned them. Oh-- did I mention that all of these neighborhood thugs were AA, and Andy was disgusted by their culture and behavior? Spare me Andy; you're a fraud and your 'professional' writing is a sham. And Andy, if you read this, feel free to deabte these recollections with me, anytime, anywhere.

Account Deleted

The CDC thoughtfully provides a current report on youth homicide which strongly suggests that VDH is in error regarding whites profiling black youths. If VDH were black, his advice would be extraordinarily understated, given that a young black male is roughly fifteen times more likely to be a homicide victim than a young white male with a 90% likelihood that his killer will be black as well.

I would also note that the progressive ethnic cleansing of San Francisco conducted by Feinstein/Blum/Pelosi has reduced the probability of black on white violence in San Francisco by 20% between 2000-2010. The efficacy of progressive gosnels cannot be accurately measured but they have certainly done their part.

Annoying Old Guy

Petite asian girl, I can carry the lab work by myself if necessary. Unless the generic white dude is wearing a Minecraft shirt...then it would be difficult to choose.

What's really funny is this comes from the self described "reality based" crew. I always laugh when I hear that, because "reality based" has the same meaning to me as the Hollywood tagline "based on a true story".


BTW-- the 3 besotted libs are just as right as VDH about this. When you see the 'thug'--like kid walking down the street-- you can't 'know' who they are and what they do. So to presume that the kid dressed like a thug, tatted up and grilled, is a real and present danger can be quite wrong (even though it is probabilistically more likely that he is.) After reading Murray's 'Bell Curve' back in the day, and having my PhD wife explain to me the difference between statistical probabilities and individual personal behavior, I was quite chastened about connecting "Bell Curve" generalities and actual behavior of a particular person. That's the 3 besotted Libs point, and they are right about that. That said-- life is mostly about playing the odds-- most decisions are probablistic-- so VHD and Dreher and our dear host Tom M are right about avoid the possibility of danger when someone with the 'profile' of a thug approaches. Is that unfair to the peacable kid who wears 'gangsta' gear merely as an affectation? Yeah it is. So what? That's the deal in our big 'diverse' country. You have the right to pick whatever culture suits you-- but deal with the consequences. It's a fair deal.


PS: I had to look up the definition of heuristic before I read the TM post.


The solution to this problem is obvious. Have all these brave, open-minded liberals walk down the streets of Chicago in the middle of the night to demonstrate how magnanimous they are. We would solve two problems at once; prove them wrong and rid the world of a few idiots.

Even Jesse Jackson isn't that stupid.


PPS: in answer to TomM's hypo:

Petite asian girl
White Bread
Coventional Black
Thurston Howell
NoNeck Jock

ANY PERSON trying to get the highest grade possible in the Lab would play the odds the same way IMO. Of course, individuals could have different agendas in making their choice.


Better yet Txantimedia, you could have all the thugs walk down MAIN ST in WINNETKA at midnight, and see how many white folks shoot them. I'm guessing ZERO.


Txantimedia/Gus-- to gather sufficient data, we'd have to run both of your experiments.


Yglesias, Coates and Sullivan, that's three horsemen territory, what Klein was busy?

Long time since I've been there, but I'd like to buy them each a ticket to the subway station near Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. They could go in the daytime if they like, and even travel together. Just walk up the stairs to the sidewalk and start interviewing accountants, boys.


on the edge of gentrified Adams Morgan

Years ago there was a WaPo columnist that ran a series of columns on his frustrations with the Hispanic community while living in Adams Morgan. I've looked before, but I can't find the columns. It was a black, male writer. is a joke to think that any normal, aware person wouldn't be mindful of what is actually going on in the real world & behave accordingly.

I lived on Capital Hill for awhile too (in the 90s on 8th St.SE) & my behavior was the same as Ron Dreher.


Gus, walking down the street zero get shot. Thuggishly entering houses, some will win the Darwin lotto.


Yes henry, thus proving the theory, that guns don't kill HOME OWNERS do.

Tom Maguire
Petite asian girl White Bread Coventional Black Thurston Howell NoNeck Jock

Tricky. The odds are good that the Asian girl is in on the basis of her grades, but what is the risk of cultural clashes where she just doesn't work well with boring white guys?

And Thurston Howell IV might be smart as a whip (although maybe I biased this question because the original character clearly is not). One of the smartest kids in my sons class will go to Yale as a legacy, but he seems to be even smarter than his wildly successful dad.

I do agree - stay away from No Neck.


Well, second look at White Bread - he didn't grab the seat next to the Asian girl. Maybe he is pretty confident in his skills? (or just dumb?)


I avoid whole cities and neighborhoods in large cities so metaphorically I am "crossing the street" to avoid entire black population centers.


TM, we didn't have lab partners in New Haven. However, the "no-neck" linebacker adjacent to me on the lab bench was very smart, very funny, and SI's defensive player of the week at least once. Oh yeah, his skin was darker than mine. The nerds (petite asian girl in your example plus all pre-meds) were too focused on exactly measuring decolorizing carbon to be useful in a lab setting. All book learning and no common sense is not good in a lab.


TomM-- tricky indeed. But in making a Heuristic decision (great word BTW) you play the odds. Sure there are potential culture/personality clashes with boring White Guy picking Asian Girl, but those are manageable, the best probablistic choice IMO is picking the kid with the most likely odds to have the ability and inclination to do the best work (asuming Boring White Guy wants the best grade possible).

Yale? (alma mater of the great one HENRY), well not everyone plays to type. Darien's own Chloe Drimal went to Yale, no doubt a smart as a whip girl (and ace LAX player) and she ends up writing about SWUGs and her vibrator in the Yale Daily. Her hometown is so proud:


HENRY!!--thanks for confirming that not everyone plays to type at Yale-- you smart as a whip soccer player you! wasn't there also a football player with you at Yale who later played for the Giants (Hill?) NO not Calvin Hill he was way before your time..


Whereas we are born with a skin color, mine is pasty white in winter and pinkish-brownish-freckles in summer, we pick our hair cuts and clothes.

Dress like a thug so other thugs will recognize you, and others will be scared. Gang members and cliques of teenage girls all dress alike.

Zimmerman wasn't profiling a person, he was profiling behavior.


NK, Kenny Hill. Another good guy, although not as smart as the man I was referring to. I sat next to Kenny in the lecture part of Organic. From those days we also had Richie Diana (Dolphins), John Spagnola (Eagles) and Jeff Rohrer (Cowboys).


Milwaukee-- all true. And that's what any thinking person does in public places when the only information you have is the behavior adopted by people who are strangers to you. In fact, it is cultural arrogance to think that somene you don't know thinks and behaves just as you do. Simply not true in our vast diverse society.


Kenny Hill!-- bingo thanks Henry. I remember the other guys as well. 25 years ago when he was winding down his Giants career, I thought Kenny Hill could be a Yale head coach someday.


Henry PS: does Jules Czsmazia out of Stuyvesant HS ring a Yale bell for you?


This is a tough one. If his name was Juan-ny Williams, I would go with "F".

“I mean, look, Bill, I’m not a bigot. You know the kind of books I’ve written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”

Human nature dictates that people will rely on stereotype if they lack specific information, whether the situation is deciding who to sit next to in class or whether to cross the street.

Given more time, the student could talk to the others and make a more informed decision. Absent the time, he's going to resort to stereotype. And no extent of hand wringing is going to change that.

And let's not overlook that there is almost always some basis for the stereotype in the first place. Society didn't pick a piece of paper with 'Asian kid' written on it out of a hat and decide to start thinking of them as smarter than the average bear.


"You can't judge a book by its cover."

Well, if I see a magazine with partially nude females on the cover and the words "Playboy", "Penthouse", "Hustler", et al in bold letters at the top, I can reasonably expect that its a porn magazine, not the Jehovah's Witnesses's Watchtower.

Sure, it might not be a duck. But if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and smells like a duck, it probably IS a duck.


NK, no on Jules. Seniors (him) tend to be remote from Freshmen (me).


These critics like Yglesias are all lying. They know that, like Jesse Jackson, if they were walking down a dark street at 1am they'd be much more fearful of black teenager than a white middle-aged female. Or than virtually any other demographic. And it makes complete sense given the data.

The only surprising thing I learned is that Yglesias is Jewish. Another "shanda" (embarrassment) for my tribe.

Nick N.Y.

8:23 - The person of whom you spoke there is a masochist, and he both wants and deserves any abuse that he gets..

Example: To my exasperationoOn both of the occasions when I saw him on C-SPAN with Christopher Hitchens, he seized every opportunity to incessantly (and inexplicably) insert his homosexuality into the those conversations. leaving no doubt in any viewers mind but that he is an intelligent, articulate and very promiscuous degenerate on all conceivable levels, a chubby, crass Gore Vidal wannabee aspiring to star in a remake of Myra Breckinridge.


The irony is that Leftists are always fetishizing about the "differences" and "diversity" of ethnic cultures in America.

But in this particular instance, they want to "celebrate" the "richness" of black culture without admitting or addressing the negative socio-economic aspects of that same culture, like how poverty, less education, anger at the white "establishment", drugs, and family breakdown may have contributed to making the African-American culture more prone to violence and crime than their white, Hispanic, or Asian counterparts.

If the Left was truly concerned with the well-being and advancement of the black community, liberals would do more to break this cycle rather than pander to and advance their status as "victims".

Rob Crawford
The normally insightful Ta Nehesi-Coates...

When did that happen? All I've ever seen from Tennessee Tuxedo is bigotry and hate.


White-Left irony? personally I think it's Lefty arrogance. Lefties delude themselves into believing that a kid with no father, a crackhead mother on pub assist., who runs the streets from 11yo on, joins the crips, and carries an unlawful 9mm is really no different from their peaceable family oriented worldview. To me that is the height of cultural arrogance-- of course those same Lefties will hedge their arrogance, and when they see the 17yo gangbangers walking down the street, they'll duck into the nearest storefront. The Lefties are lying slags, but not stupid lying slags.

James D.

If the Left was truly concerned with the well-being and advancement of the black community, liberals would do more to break this cycle rather than pander to and advance their status as "victims".

The left CAUSED that cycle in the first place. Why would they be concerned with breaking it?

Account Deleted

Statistics show that black families concerned about violence are quite capable of solving the "problem" themselves. Black Flight From Blue Hell tracks the declining murder rates on the Dem Prog Plantations rather closely. There are plenty of anecdotes regarding blacks taking problems with them when they move off the plantations but the statistics strongly suggest that murderous violence has a density component which dispersion ameliorates.

The dispersion makes communist organizing increasingly difficult for the professional racists so I wouldn't count on reading about it in the usual propaganda outlets.

James D.

OT, but not really OT at all, considering that we're discussing Yglesias and Coates and Sullivan...

I always have opera music on at work, and right at this moment, "Lucia di Lammermoor" is playing. Specifically, the big Mad Scene.

Kind of appropriate, really.


Look, we all know that if TNC, Dandy Andy, Julio Yglesias or anyone else whining about Hanson's indisputable truth were walking down a dark street toward a group of black yutes their sphincters, with the possible exception of Andy's, would be so tight they wouldn't be able to do a popcorn fart.

The only question is, would their political correctness allow them to cross the street to safety or push them on to their date with destiny?

If you ask them, no doubt they would claim they would stay on the straight and narrow, giving a black power salute to the harmless bruthas as they passed.

In reality if you filmed them with a hidden camera you'd need a specialized high speed one to catch the blur of them heading from the north bound lane to the south bound one.

And if you could record their thoughts it would amaze how many times they had to mentally flagellate themselves for invoking the N word in their internal decision making process.


The Left has no problem with stereotypes but they want to get to provide the stereotype, not have it independently arrived at from facts.

Current preferred terms for stereotype are mental mapping and generative metaphor and organizing schema. All are intended to organize perceptions so that actual reality can be ignored.


JamesD-- personally I thought the 'Carlos Danger' and Huma 'stand by her Weiner' press conf was more like "Lucia di Lammermoor".

Ignatz-- of course they'd all cross the street. Those 3 are all lyin' slags, but they are not stupid lyin' slags.

Thomas Collins

If I know the grad student supervising the lab is a hetrosexual male, I go with the petite woman. That lab team will get more help.

Basis for that statement? Personal experience. I thank Gaia my lab partner in my physical chemistry class in college was a female whose appearance tended to be pleasing to hetero males.

James D.

NK, I wish.

Huma stabbing Weiner to death, then wandering out into the streets and dropping dead herself due to madness and a broken heart?

That WOULD be a fitting end to the whole story, wouldn't it?


ThomasC@10:45-- you old dog you, I like the cut of your jib sir.


oftimes Life imitates Art JamesD. Add in Huma's religious heritage, it could play out that way as her personal jihad.

Some Guy

Now I remember why I stopped reading Sullivan. He deliberating has to reword, and therefore misstate, exactly what VDH writes in order to try and make his point.

He ironically states, “It’s also spectacularly stupid” unaware that he’s only talking about his own perception of what he’s read.


--Ignatz-- of course they'd all cross the street. Those 3 are all lyin' slags, but they are not stupid lyin' slags.--

The 20th century was chock full of leftists who kept walking down the left side of the street even as they saw a gang of their supposed bruthas waiting for them.
Stalin filled half the gulag with True Believers who wouldn't cross the street even as they saw their neighbor getting beaten to death a block ahead of them.


"The 20th century was chock full of leftists who kept walking down the left side of the street even as they saw a gang of their supposed bruthas waiting for them."

Very true, I grew up in NYC with many such kindhearted true believers who were viciously mugged in the 70s and 80s. But THESE 3 --- they will all cross the street-- every time.


"Profiling" 30 years ago I schooled my then fiance (wife since '84) on how to profile danger on the crackfilled streets of NYC, the subway and our new Cobble Hill neighb (Obummer lived there for a few months at that time before going to HarvardLS.) I don't regret one thing I said which helped keep her safe. She was mugged once, on the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian staircase about 6 weeks before we moved to the Burbs-- lost $20 but unhurt. She felt guilty (yep victim's guilt) because the khaki trousers and buttondown shirt worn by the perp didn't fit the profile. I convinced her to go to the 84th Pct and report-- brave girl she did just that. The cops grabbed the perp a few days later-- 16-17yo he lived in Farragut Houses. The NYPD Det. thanked my wife, he said the kid wasn't a crackhead or a gangsta, and it was his first arrest, and the Det had hopes the kid would straighten out after the arrest. I bet Iglesias would have not even gone down that staircase if he saw a well dressed Black teen standing at the bottom-- punks like Iglesas aren't as brave as my wife.


Even right here on the mean streets of Washington, D.C.—a city that's legendary for its high rate of punditry—a clear majority of Jewish men are not pundits. It's just a very rare occupation.

By the same token, the fact that young black men are disproportionately likely to be involved in violent crime in no way licenses the inference that you should stop random black men on the street and begin treating them like criminals.

Zimmerman didn't "stop random black men on the street", he called the police when he saw a person he didn't know inside his own housing complex who was acting suspiciously. If Yglesias saw a young Jewish man, in the Washington Post building, wearing a "Hope and Change" t-shirt and typing on a laptop, would he stay scrupulously agnostic about the fellow's career?


--But THESE 3 --- they will all cross the street-- every time.--

I concede the point.

Danube on iPad

Human nature dictates that people will rely on stereotype if they lack specific information

Damn right. But don't expect common sense to cause a lefty to pass up a chance to scold his moral inferiors.


--"Profiling" 30 years ago I schooled my then fiance...--

That brings up an interesting point.
Since marriage now appears to be a civil right; does Eric Holder have a civil rights case against men who profile women (a quasi-suspect class, no?) before marrying them?


I never knew what "heuristics" meant either until I read "thinking fast, thinking slow," which was a pretty good read save for its praise of Cass Sunstein.


"If Yglesias saw a young Jewish man, in the Washington Post building, wearing a "Hope and Change" t-shirt and typing on a laptop, would he stay scrupulously agnostic about the fellow's career?"

Eventually he would realize he was looking in a mirror.

Der Hahn

Reporting on racial differences has the same tic that Ann Althouse observed about reporting on sexual differences - you can point out any difference so long as it is counted as a positive for certain groups.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

I suspect that there would be far fewer States in our country if the leaders of those long wagon trains had not tried mightily to stay out of the way of certain mounted individuals wearing war paint and feathers.

As some of you know, I grew up in Erie Pa in the 40s and 50s. Then the AA population there was about 2-3%. There was little or no crime perpetrated by members of that community, and that community had no gangs as far as I knew. OTOH, the Italian, Irish, Polish, Russian and WASP communities each had their share of perps, hoods and gangs. The perps, hoods and gangs generally wore "tough guy" garb like motorcycle jackets, dirty blue jeans or pegged pants, t shirts with rolled up sleeves (sometimes with a pack of cigs in the folds), and, yes, blue suede shoes. They also sported long hair generally combed in what was then known as the "duck tail".

The safest places in town for a guy like me was my own neighborhood, downtown, and the AA community. Elsewhere, the prudent avoided the perps, hoods and gangs by profiling them and by staying out of their neighborhoods unless accompanied by someone who lived there.

Although I lived in DC and Philadelphia in the early 60's, I didn't experience an AA "thug" subculture until I arrived in Atlanta in 1968. Sadly, it has been downhill from there.


True this: since age nine, when I looked the word up in the dictionary after reading a newspaper article, I have basically regarded every single male who I see when I am alone as a potential rapist and behave accordingly.

I profile, I avoid, I get off elevators---whatever I need to do, depending on what I think of the guy.
Now, the profiling part lets me drop that consideration very quickly for the vast majority of males--but that doesn't mean they weren't regarded as potential criminals for a second or two.

I lock my cars the second I get in my car. And I shall NEVER apologize to anybody for doing so.


JimRhoads@1:19-- you neatly summarize the sociological Urban history of post-war America. What happened between 40s Erie and '68 Atlanta? Daniel Patrick Moynihan answered that in his late '60s treatise about the corrosive effects on the Welfare State (ADC, Food Stamp, Housing Assistance and on and on) that grew first in NE liberal states and then nationally with the 'Great Society'. Those programs destroyed the nuclear family in Urban AA neighbs by making it more profitable for the woman to not marry the father of her children AND kick him out. The Welfare State destroyed black families in the 1960s(and in the last 20 years white and latino families) and the fatherless 'Thug' culture was born. The Left called Moynihan a 'racist' for correctly predicting that 50 years ago.

Account Deleted

"OTOH, the Italian, Irish, Polish, Russian and WASP communities each had their share of perps, hoods and gangs."

They were also commemorated prior to passing with a Broadway musical. The Jets and the Sharks are no more and the Crips and Bloods will be a memory within a couple of decades.

The Italian, Irish, Polish, Russian and WASP communities all got the Blue Hell out of Dodge as soon as they could afford to and the only really interesting part of the current navel gazing is the lack of applause for blacks for the speed with which they have acted in the past fifteen years.

We won't ever hear about it because the communisty organizers are heartbroken at the loss of their last opportunity. Communisty organizing through socialist media just doesn't have the panache of a decent prog lynching.


RickB-- It's been my sense that millions of AAs have been leaving the Blue Hell plantation physically and culturally for the past 20 years. 'Thug' culture peaked in the late 80s and seemingly, many AAs have been trying to 'mainstream' themselves since then, and they are genuinely insulted that they get mixed in with thugs because of skin color. The AAs leaving the plantation are liberals of course, but they are not part of the 'Black Nationalist' ideology. Can the 'physical' leaving the Blue Hell plantation be documented by census data?


It was the welfare state, yes, but it was also the destigmatization of out-of-wedlock births.

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers were right - keeping birth inside marriage is actually really important, not least because it is a lot of time, work and money to both raise children and make a living and guess what, people can't do it very easily or very well on their own.

Marrying and staying married is the best recipe for children and thus society. When the nuclear family falls apart, society falls apart. The only questions are how long does it take and how much life, liberty and wealth will be destroyed first.


Marrying and staying married is the best recipe for children and thus society.

Yes, though in some extreme cases, like if your husband is an incurable creep who texts pictures of his junk to young women, it may best to sever the tie that binds. Or elect the guy mayor. Decisions, decisions.


Porch-- no question. The 'Divorce Culture' and 'out of wedlock' birthculture destroys societies. The socio-economic dynamics of the AA southern rural to Northern Urban 1940s-1960s made AAs particularly vulnerable to the corrosive Welfare State that outright encouraged fatherless families. All of those things compounded to destroy the nuclear family for far too many black americans.


jimmyk@2:43-- Heh!


True jimmyk. ;) But that just underlines the need to choose a quality spouse/fellow parent in the first place prior to starting a family.


How stupid does a woman have to be to not perceive this guy might not make an ideal spouse/fellow parent?


I don't think Huma married him because she thought he'd be an ideal anything, Ignatz. I think it was a purely political arrangement.


I dunno, porch, I've long since given up trying to figure out what draws (some) women to (some) men. If someone as attractive and intelligent (as Dems go) as Kirsten Powers was even willing to date Weiner, who's to say?


And in the endless parade of double entendres, People's Cube says: "Weiner should stick it out."

Account Deleted

"Can the 'physical' leaving the Blue Hell plantation be documented by census data?"


Sure. The total population of NYC increased by 167K between 2000 and 2010 while the black alone population dropped by 41K. That's only a 2% drop, you have to look at Chicago to get a feel for the real exodus. The total population of Chicago dropped by 200K (7%) while the black only population dropped by 177K (17%).

The total drop for Gary 22% with blacks matching the overall, St. Louis dropped 8.3% overall while 11.4% of blacks fled. Oakland dropped 2% while blacks beat feet at the rate of 23% per decade.

I believe blacks are sticking it out better in NYC because of stop and frisk. The communisty organizers can wring their racist hands all they want but Bobby coming home counts a hell of a lot higher than proud Bobby's chalk outline on a sidewalk.

Ralph L

hands up if you feel equally threatened by a woman and a man. I don't see any hands...
A woman robbed and murdered a convenience store owner down here last weekend. He'd just put in a surveillance camera, but it didn't get her face (or they're not publishing it).

OTOH, the young woman killed by a train Saturday near my house turned out to be a man in drag.


If a liberal saw a White college student, with a Mitt Romney t-shirt and a lap top that wasn't an APPLE product. Would the Conservative student be profiled. HELL YES. Racist, greedy, mean etc etc etc etc etc etc.

Profiling to a LIBTARD means, don't point out our PROTECTED CLASSES (read VOTERS) WARTS.


RickB-- the dramatic reduction of violent crime in NYC since the day Guiliani was sworn in has massively improved race relations in NYC. The underlying suspicion and hostility has dried up, along with crime. There is racial-religious hostility in NYC (Jews - Arabs, Hindi-Pakistani, Sihk-Muslim), but those are 'real' world-wide conflicts, they are not based on the 'perceptions' that used to permeate black-white relations 1950s-1980s.

Account Deleted


The other myth about black demographics which is easily dispelled regards blacks escaping to the South. While 177K blacks escaped from the Blue Hell of Chicago, only 10.4K left Illinois, 185K left Detroit while only 12K left Michigan and 41K left NYC while the black population of the state of New York increased by 59.4K. There's been some return but the real story is that blacks are escaping upwards to the 'burbs, not back to the South.


There's been some return but the real story is that blacks are escaping upwards to the 'burbs, not back to the South.

Yeah, the "black flight" stories just don't seem to write themselves in today's MSM, do they?



Can you hazard a guess what percent of the black population has left the urban hells? 1%? 10%? More?


RickB@5:24-- interesting.

Jane -walk like an Egyptian

I dunno, porch, I've long since given up trying to figure out what draws (some) women to (some) men


I'm posting this here too. NOw look at it! I insist.

Account Deleted


I can't make it to a SWAG but a WAG would be +10% out of Deep Blue Hells and into the 'burbs. The total shift to the South is around 2%.

IMO - whipping with socialist media will ultimately prove incapable of doing as much damage as the communisty organizers managed to do when the plantation system was fully operational.



Thanks for the guess -- I was interested in an order of magnitude to see how significant the migration is. 10% is significant, even allowing for the uncertainty of the estimate.

...on the edge of gentrified Adams Morgan...

As someone who lived in Adams Morgan when it was the hood, the idea that there is anything even remotely dubious anywhere near 21st century Adams Morgan is quite the laugh...

Mike Giles

The problem with noting that "everyone knows that a disproportionate share of violent crimes are in fact committed by young black men"; is that they don't also recognize that most of those violent crimes are committed against other blacks and those criminals are still a minority of black males. Somewhere along the line "what everyone knows" morphed into "most black males are criminals". For some strange reason whites want blacks to give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to racism, but they are unwilling to give blacks the benefit of the doubt when it comes to crime. Even though the majority of black males have never been involved in crime, whereas it can reasonably be argued that - until recently - most whites supported racism either overtly or covertly.


Someone should start a blog about people killed by people of different races. It would be very interesting.


The relevant question isn't whether you'd evade a group of young Afro-American males while walking alone in an unknown neighborhood, but whether you'd evade a group of Caucasian males under the same circumstances.
I'd avoid either, unless there were indicators in their dress and/or demeanor that they had gathered for some specific purpose other than wasting time or making trouble.
The fact that identity conservatives don't get that, or deliberately ignore it, says it all about what their agenda actually is.


nk, you and I were friends with Andy at the same time. Today he's ear to ear b.s. Pity.

I see nothing objectionable to any reasonable person in VDH's article.

(Ship's under way--tomorrow St Tropez)

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