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July 24, 2013



Tom-- how much coffee have you had this morning?

Annoying Old Guy

I am losing faith in the belief that Old Media even understands the concept of "objective reality". They act as if they are living in a virtual reality and what they write in their columns is the script for it.


Mostly the plastic fake potted plants with no ability to respond to stimuli.


AOG, the immaculation of Odimwit has "liberated' the media. It's like the 3rd Reich, they are "all in" with no fear of consequences. If they are so stupid they do not recognize the human wrecking ball and the damage he is purposely inflicting on America, there can be no other explanation. They were always far left ideologues, now they have a like minded Marxist in the White House.

God now has a Google Complex.

Hoo, hoo, n; I just got off a 'These Goggleplexes, they do nothing' over at Judy's.


AOG-- excellent snark/sarcasm. We all know that Old Media reject objective truth, and replace it with the NARRATIVE 24/7/365.


F Racetious

A climate of culture wars, weather of colliding fronts.

We're all in hopes, NK, that the manner in which Narrative deviates from Nature will be a fine pedagological moment for the populus.

Captain Hate

I am losing faith in the belief that Old Media even understands the concept of "objective reality".

Watergate made them collectively lose whatever standards they pretended to possess. They were too dumb or lazy to get into law school so it was their task to "change the world" by fudging the truth; at first slightly and now they don't even pretend to be objective.


AOG-the media's job is to keep creating those influential false beliefs and grabbing visuals to produce the desired mass behaviors. At a mostly unconscious level.

I have read UNESCO's marching orders to the media globally as well as some Steel and Model T financed work from the 80s on precisely this point. You know how I love to go back to before something became controversial and insiders were grahic. Because they assumed ONLY insiders would ever read the book and there would be no glitches this time.

There were glitches but we are now going into full alert ramming speed in every area I look at.

From looking at what the House Reps are wanting to cut that has bo threatening a veto someone has an observant aide on the same distribution lists I am watching.

Nature v Narrative, not even a sporting contest.

A glimmer in the dark tunnel, Early Bird?


They weren't fooled, 'it was too good to check' but they were caught.


Well we know from Holland's autopsy of ATPM, it was mostly exaggerated, Felt being the prototype for Grenier, Clarke, Drumheller, Pillar et ak,


The Fourth Estate is now nothing more than a Fifth Column.

The revolution needs to start with creating ideological balance in the major institutions that create "public opinion": the MSM, academia, Hollywood, and government bureaucracies.

We can not save this country unless this happens.


There was a similar dustup yesterday over an idiot NYT reporter who jumped to a conclusion about a talk by Scalia. She ridiculed him over Godwin's Law because he alluded to the legal system under Hitler, not realizing that the previous speaker's entire talk was on that topic, and Scalia just made some off-the-cuff remarks prior to beginning his talk. I don't have a link handy but Althouse was all over it.

James D.

I just went over to Althouse to see if I could find the article jimmyk mentioned. I didn't find it, but that's probably just as well.

The woman really is in love with the sound of her own voice, isn't she? And really, really full of herself. And not all that bright.


So, is Instapundit still down? Every time I go there I get a maintenance page, and even the backup site just says that PJmedia is down as well.


Ranger, the Instapundit site comes up for me.


Here's the link at Instapundit on Scalia.


Thanks guys. Must be something to do with my settings. I just kept giving me the old page for some reason.


The Media mongers in the House will likely vote on a tamped down sec. 215 today.

It started out as a defunding of NSA and I knew it wouldn't reach the floor. But they would like to keep their jobs and it is hard to focus when you first awaken.


I suppose 'sarcasm' might be one way to describe her sign, but considering she was on the New Black Panther side of the street (it was broad daylight after all/hat-tip VDH) I think 'unintended irony' fits a little better.

Danube on iPad

Case in point from Hot Air:

In the 19 days since her June 25 filibuster, ABC, CBS and NBC have devoted 40 minutes, 48 seconds of their morning and evening news programs to stories including Davis. That’s more than three times the 13 minutes 30 seconds they gave Gosnell during the entire 58 days of the murder trial.

"We can not save this country"

You should have stopped there.


James, D., here's the Althouse link on Scalia:

I never go there either, but Taranto linked it on Twitter.


Well to be scrupulously fair, the woman is clearly a Total Idiot, and so I'm willing to cut the journalist a little slack when it comes to being pretty confused about what she was trying to say.

Of course that doesn't excuse the editors who decided that the pictures with the random-gobblygook caption was too good to check...

Take back the language, no, the discourse....bbssszzt All your memes are belong to us.

The first to invoke Godwin's Law is a Useful Idiot.

James D.

Thanks, jimmyk.


Narciso, I need help understanding your 9:11. Googled every word of it. Still no comprendo. Sorry for being dense.


is Instapundit still down?

In general, you can find the answer to this kind of question at


And Mark Twain's saw about a lie getting halfway around the world is confirmed, as the Scalia thing caught some other fools in the lefty echo chamber, like Josh Marshall:

Lapidos had the decency to publish a correction. Not sure if Marshall did, even after he was called out by Taranto.


In the 70's Aspen locals were considering changing it's name to
FAT CITY to keep raspberry scones like Scalia from visiting or buying property.



As this column has argued before, the higher this scandal goes, the better it is for the country. We say that not because we don't care for Barack Obama--let's be honest, a President Biden would be no bargain either--but because the president can be held accountable if it turns out he or his top aides essentially instructed the IRS to steal the 2012 election. A corrupt administration can be dealt with, as Richard Nixon's was 40 years ago.

By contrast, if career IRS employees acted on their own, it means the integrity of American democracy itself is threatened by an out-of-control administrative state. In that case, how to solve the problem is not at all clear.


Guinness record holder found dead in pool

Darlene Flynn, 58, and her collection of more than 15,000 shoe-related items and counting – which filled every room of her modest Stone Lane house – was in the Guinness Book of World Records and had been the subject of newspaper articles and television shows about collectors.

Her boyfriend, Justin Charles Smith, 29, had appeared with her on the cable television channel TLC. On the show, he talked about life with a collector and prepared her a shoe-shaped breakfast in bed.


Deputies tried, without success, to get a response at the front door and they were about to go inside the house when they noticed a shirtless man running away from the back of the property, said Sgt. Lisa McConnell, a sheriff’s spokeswoman.

Pics and video at the link.


LOL, bgates.


Oops. - it's a real site.


You're funny even when you're not trying.


This is funny at Extraneus's Taranto link -

"NPR quotes a Weiner statement: "I said that other texts and photos were likely to come out, and today they have." He's not a pervert, he's a prophet!"

Actually Weiner knew more were gonna come out...because he was gonna keep sending out pics of his business. That's not a prophet, it's a guy letting us know what is on his daily planner.


In the category of I'd like more OPM please is this story

They would also like help with grocery costs.

I did not know until recently that the whole change agent dynamic started in the federal DoAg in the early 60s. But I have had discussions with healthcare execs and the local school district or an area hospital or a state higher ed entity is almost always now one and 2 of the largest employers. So many state legislators or Congress will represent an area where there is little in the way of private employers unattached to the federal teat.

And those conflicts are destroying us.


The revolution needs to start with creating ideological balance in the major institutions that create "public opinion": the MSM, academia, Hollywood, and government bureaucracies.

This is not as difficult as you might think. A few proposals that might bring such change about:

Hollywood and the MSM: Re-establish the 40% excise or "gross revenue" tax on entertainment producers, including "infotainment" producers such as ABC, NBC, and CBS News and the cable services that provide "infotainment" rather than actually news services. A basic content analysis would be more than sufficient to demonstrate the "non-news" character of these organizations. BTW, this tax was originally put in place after World War II due to the need to pay off the war debt. Given our current debt situation, it would be totally reasonable to re-implement it.

Academia: Reconfigure the student loan system that limits students to $20,000 per degree program. Require the securitization of all current student debt by school in which the student was enrolled in when that loan was made, then require all private institutions to buy all outstanding student debt issued for their schools. Require retirement funds for public universities faculties and staffs to purchase the debt securities for their schools. Then, allow the discharge of current student debt in bankruptcy. Then just stand back and watch.

Government bureaucracies: On the state and local level, Walkerite style reforms. On the Federal level, break up the DC center and relocate individual departments to locations that force them to confront the folly of their views (for example, relocate the Department of Labor to Detroit). That would be a good start at least.


Speaking of media, did anyone point out this TMZ headline re Zimmerman's rescue:

Why do we need The Onion?


If they were white, he couldn't have seen their complexion in the daylight.


I like it, Ranger. The traditional Hollywood game was for the players to get rich off the back of the investors. Hollywood accounting is probably the most crooked in the Western World. A friend was a forensic accountant in Beverly Hills and the stories they had.

Of Course SpielKatzHanksLucas would howl but they are already howling that Hollywood is dead.

The studios have chosen to define their audience as 13 year old boys who love video games and gross outs. Those who live by the gross out die by the gross out.

Otherwise it seems to be how freaky the artistes can be. Transgender quadriplegics, gay cowboys, antireligious crusader flicks all get funding and they wonder why they die at the box office.

We have to take the culture back from these freaks. This requires a more robust creative class with more classical sensibilities. And that I do not know where we might find.

Danube on iPad

Am I the firlst to say that Huma Amedin is not at all attractive?


No, DoT, I believe I was. :)


Where has Clarice been?

James D.

I think we have a huge number of people who could make up that more robust creative class.

And there's clearly an audience for what they've got to say.

The MSM just isn't interested, except when the money is so big that they just can't ignore it (and even then sometimes they do - how much profit did "The Passion of the Christ" make?)

The problem isn't finding or building a whole new creative class. It's wresting the microphones from the (relatively) small group that's holding on to them so tightly.


Clarice may be away. I seem to recall her telling me she was going away right before I did. (Then again, my previous steel trap memory now leaks like a sieve.)

Taranto is good, as is your plan Ranger. How could we get that done?


Nice to have friends in high places.

Palin email hacker released from supervision 18 months early

U.S. District Judge Thomas Phillips freed David Kernell, who is the son of longtime Democratic Memphis lawmaker Mike Kernell, from supervision this month...Kernell's attorney requested it and the U.S. Attorney's office did not object.


Yay - I was hoping for George!

Fox News ‏@FoxNews 1m

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their son George Alexander Louis.


Marxist economics on display.

When I took over the bubble had burst and it cost millions of jobs.

Now today, 5 years after that, America has fought it's way back. We took on a broken HealthCare System. We doubled Wind and Solar Power. WE changed the Tax Code too skewed to the wealthy. We are off to our strongest job growth since 1999. Airbus is building new planes in Alabama. And American companies are insourcing, bringing new jobs back home. The cost of Health Care is growing at it's slowest rate in 50 years. And our deficits are falling at the fastest rate in 60 years.


Lot of us tightened our belts, shed debt, cut up a couple credit cards.
We are poised to reverse the forces that battered the Middle Classs for so long.

But, and heres the big but, we're not there yet.Nearly all the income gains for the last 10 years flow to the top 1 percent.

Today more students are earning their degree, but they are being shackled with new debt.

This growing inequality is morally wrong and bad economics.


This growing inequality undermines the very idea of America, and that is why reversing these trends must be Washington's highest priority. It's certainly my highest priority.

Unfortunately, in particular, washington hasn't just ignored this problem, too often Washington has made things worse.

Right now what we've seen in Washington is Republicans refusing to pay for the very programs... We've got folks who are intent on leaving in place the meat-cleaver called the Sequester...we are underinvesting in the things we need to invest in to make this country work. The good nes is some republicans are working in a Bipartisan fashion, like the republicans working on Immigration reform in the Senate.

If you ask these folks in the House how to help they'll shift the conversation to out of control spending, even tho' we've cut the deficit in half since I took office.


sockpuppeters are among the lowest life forms. Along with emeritus professors of humanities. And when the two combine...


Or they'll bring up ObamaCare, despite the fact that we've created more jobs since there has been Obamacare than before there was ObamaCare.

With this endless parade of phony scandals we have taken our eye off the Ball. This needs to stop. Our focus has to be on the basic economic issues that matter most to you.

America has to make the investments necessary to long term growth. Upgrading our transportation network...That's what we ned to be focused on. Thats' why in the next couple weeks I will be engaging people across this country in this debate.

Affordable Health Care. A secure Retirement. Reducing inequality. Increasing opportunity. Thats what we need right now. Thats what we need to focus on.

Now some of these ideas I've talked about before. Some are new. Some will require congress. Some I will pursue on my own. Some will benefit folks right away. Some will take years. We need a long term plan to fight against the forces that have conspired against the Middle Class.

We need to get Immigration done. We need to reduce gun violence. We have to combat Climate Change. We need to stand up for Women's Rights. All those issues are important. But if we din't have a growing thriving Middle Class we won't have the resources to solve these problems.

I will look to work with Republicans on these issues, but I will not allow gridlock or inaction to get in our way.

Whatever Executive Authority I have to help the Middle Class I'll use it it. I'll call in Labor leaders and Union bosses if I have to.


I was hoping for George

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their son George Alexander Louis.

I was hoping for George Walker Zimmerman.


Ha, jimmyk.


So here's a quick preview of what I'll be fighting for:

American Manufacturing jobs have gone up over the last 4 years. but we can do more. I am going to push to get manufacturers to bring jobs back home from overseas. We will get good jobs in Wind and Solar and reduce dangerous carbon producing jobs.

We will open new job creating institutes in areas that need new jobs.

Lets put folks to work right here in whatever town I'm blabbing in.

Tomorrow I go to Jacksonville to create new jobs.

We've got work to do all across the country. We've got more than a hundred thousand bridges old enough to be eligible for MediCare. We can't outsource these jobs.

This isn't a Democrat idea. It's a Republican idea like Abraham Lincoln.

The longest we put this off the more expensive it will be. If we do this it will get Presidents home quicker from work.


--The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their son George Alexander Louis.--

Privileged white people; obviously Zimmerman supporters.


---Parents home quicker from work--- my typo. Sorry.


Fudge. Too slow.


Lou Dobbs cuts off the president to ask his panel questions.

Panelist: We are hearing he wants 600 Billion in Tax hikes.

Lou: 600 Billion Tax Hikes, just exactly the wrong approach.

Charles Payne: Pres trying to drive a wedge behind the Tea Party Repubs and the more maleable Repubs, so that I can widen that split enuff to push my programs thru.

Me: Yep.

Frau Steingehirn

Janet - too funny. We now know what is on Carlos Danger's to do list and it's not Huma.

Kim, I wrote you a smoochy note of appreciation two days ago and the TP god ate it. I meant every word.



God bless you for listening to O. I know I would not make it past the first sentence. Thank you for posting what you heard. Sounds like the same generic carp he has been expounding on.

Danube on iPad

Daddy, it often seems you are typing verbatim text, as if you had a transcript. How do you do that?


He has no shame for what he did
As he pursues his mayoral bid
Huma stands by
And we wonder why?
Maybe the baby is not Wiener's kid


Lou Panelist: I can't get over his completely static approach to the economy.

Lou: This is the only President in my memory to not celebrate our Free Enterprise Capitalist economy and to bring pride in that system and our political system. It is also extraordinary to me that our President is taking on the republican Party in a speech that is supposed to be aspirational, and he is behaving as tho' the republicans have done something absolutely unprecedented---to hold a house of Government...that has been the case for every second term President since Dwight David Eisenhower. For some reason this President finds that unique and anomalous, and downright aggravating.


Sounds like the same old sh!t to me too. Was there any mention of shovel-ready jobs?

Frau Stachelschwein

Heckuva speech, Barry! How's your Fifth Summer of Recovery working out for those not sucking on the gov. teat?

daddy, the link to Trevor Loudon's 'New Zeal' blog about Coleman Young is interesting in a muckety map way and shows how communism combined with crony capitalism is like a date rape drug.



He delivers these speeches in front of handpicked panels of cheering idiots, so he speaks slowly in front of them, making sure to enunciate his statements in short bullet point fashion that he will then pause for while they clap.

That allows me to get much of the verbatim gist of what's coming out of his piehole, tho' I do miss much as he continues. I also have a function on the tube that allows me to run it back as much as I need to to get the verbiage exactly correct. I can't do that on the speech while he's jabbering but that allows me to get the words verbatim during breaks or from Lou Dobbs and his panelists, who turned off the speech early.


Sorry, is daddy live-blogging a JEF speech? My mistake, I thought someone was sock-puppeting daddy.

Danube on iPad

"I also have a function on the tube..."

I have the samefunction, but given how slowly I type I'd have to use it ad nauseum.

Nice work.


Steyn quotes Cromwell regarding Weiner, but it might apply better to Geraldo:

"You have selfed too long for any good you have been doing lately . . . Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!"


The future HRH King George VII. Great pick Kate/Will-- ancient, honored and strong Christian name, and Lucky 7. (Louis? meh not so much.)

Obummer Speech-- whadda schmuck. There's no other 'clean' word for it.


I cant stand listening and/or watching what's in store for us. I ask myself this question over and over, "when will the media wake up?" and they never do ... they all must be communists :) ... nothing else explains their slavering idiocy in protecting this administration, its words and deeds.

Well, that helped a little bit. Gonna go look at my flowers. :)

Frau Stachelschwein

"Barack is going to make you do things you don't want to do."

Some Guy

"NPR quotes a Weiner statement: "I said that other texts and photos were likely to come out, and today they have."

So this is just the tip of the...


One has to admit that Carlos Danger is a pretty hilarious name. I wonder if he knows the Most Interesting Man in the World or hunts peccaries in Patagonia?

We could do a comic strip, "The Adventures of Carlos Danger". Titles could include:

Carlos Danger versus Wang the Magnificent
Carlos Danger and the Wand of Wonder
Carlos Danger and the Tool of the Aztecs

We really need to get this in front of some 13 year olds.

Frau Stachelschwein

Enchanted Flute?


Sorry, is daddy live-blogging a JEF speech? My mistake, I thought someone was sock-puppeting daddy.



Someone on twitter pointed out that there is a real person with the name Carlos Danger in FL, and hoped for a lawsuit.


George VII! Yes! I was right. Of course they were going to name him something traditional no matter what but I think George is a clear nod to George VI (despite what anyone says) and the Queen's brand of traditionalism. There is also St. George of course, patron saint of England, whose flag has been stripped from the nation's flagpoles because it is offensive to Muslims b/c of the Crusades or something. George isn't trendy like Henry or perennial like William, and famous recent Georges have not been popular. So good for the Cambridges for bucking all of that nonsense.

Sad because now I won't ever be able to use it, but oh well.

Rob Crawford

Carlos Danger, Leisure Suit Larry... what's the difference?


Porch, you can still use the name Elvis.


Didn't we revolt against George III?

Carol Herman

And, if the left didn't send in one of their paid operatives to hold up the sign, you'd have seen the rally fail.

Ah, so long ago, there was once a "million man rally" called for DC. Rush had a TV show back in those days. There weren't all that many people gathered in the park. So Rush said they were all hiding in the trees.

Here, again. The rallies would have been more successful if you counted all the people in the trees. And, up on their roofs.


Ha, DrJ. Even in Austin that might be taking it a little far.

Jane -walk like an Egyptian

Some republican spokes person on Fox, who I like but can't remember his name, just said McCain was making all sorts of deals with the WH behind republican's backs and he ought to switch parties.

I'm not sure how you get secret deals thru but I also imagine he's telling some secrets while being used. What do you think is his motivation?

Rob Crawford
What do you think is his motivation?

McCain? To get someone sitting in front of a TV camera to say something nice about him.


Sorry, peter, the selfless whistleblower who was actually a career apparatchik, as Clarice's opit coda, pointed out, Felt's arrogance not only took out Nixon, but helped cripple his own FBI, and put him a few steps from prison,

What has been said of Cromwell, can justifiably be said of McCain, now, by the way Leibovich is really not at all concerned in the Town, about the ways of swamp with air conditioning, he's a cronicler, but he just recounts the scams,


40 years of case law holds, the Federal Bankruptcy Court will decide all issues pertaining to Detroit's debts; the Michigan Constitution doesn't take jurisdiction away from Bankruptcy Court. This was painfully obvious to everyone except that nitwit State Court Judge, and... the Old Media. The Detroit PEUs are gonna get the shaft...why?... there is no money! It's not law, it's arithmatic.


there's got to be a medal for sifting through that daddy, Vogon poetry is less painful on balance,

Danube on iPad

Has the bankruptcy court said anything yet about that ditz judge's order?


And Red Chief's tale, is so over;


Here ya go DoT-- the Bankruptcy Court Judge extended the Chap 9 Automatic Stay to all lawsuits against the City AND trustee Orr-- so that nitwit State Court Judge's order directing Snyder to 'withdraw' the Chap 9 filing is subject to the automatic stay and is void. So the Bankruptcy Court Judge will decide all substantive issues, including the interplay of the Fed Bankruptcy Code and the Michigan State Const public union pension protections. I wonder if the bankruptcy Judge will treat the Michigan Const like the Obama federal Judge in Ohio ordering Ohio to recognize a Maryland Homosexual marriage in direct contradicition of the Ohio Constitution.


The President says that there are many Republicans who secretly tell him behind closed doors that they love his ideas and his programs, but that they can't afford to openly come out for them because of fear of ostracism.

I don't know about the rest of you guys but I just want to say that I am not one of those hiding in the closet and secretly rooting for Obama's plans.

Sad thing tho', is that that is probably the one honest thing he said in his speech today. Lisa Murkowski immediately comes to mind.


Lisa Murkowski immediately comes to mind.

...and, McCain.

Captain Hate

Regarding all the problems with the Republican party, if you just imagine McCain as Satan, everything makes more sense.


Well, no, Murkowski is the contraindication, her one sign of dissent on the background checks, she's regretting;


Thanks for the Claricefication, narciso.

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