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August 29, 2013


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Fact Checker

First. Yay! Pft!


One of the points frequently being made is that Obamacare is leading to part-time jobs being the norm. Unfortunately the economic vision that goes with this fundamental transformation envisions part-time jobs as the new norm for getting to full employment.

It does consistently assume in the small print or footnotes that we are looking at a long term no genuine growth economy due to all the intervention. Tis just the cost of the intervention. We are advised (also in the small print) to learn to get our meaning in life from relationships with each other rather than things as in the past.

And non workable Obamacare just becomes the excuse for that new social insurance for all.

hit and run

Caroline Pearson, vice president at Avalere Health, a health care and public policy advisory firm

Found it!

An industry helped by Obamacare.


I can see why she will top out at VP. No mention of coverage mandates (first dollar women's health, etc) blowing the lid off employers' costs for health care plans, no mention of "Cadillac Plan" taxes that will add insult to injury on any employer foolish enough to comply with those mandates. If an employer does not have a grandfathered self-insurance plan in place -- providing health insurance is not economically feasible (it's iffy for those with grandfathered plans). The main incentives are knee pads for a crony waiver or Galt to a part time workforce.


henry@4:46-- all true. Thus proving ObamaCare was never mean to 'succeed', it is designed to destroy the health insurance industry thereby requiring single payer to step in. Thus also proving that OBama's 'you can keep your own insurance if you want' mantra was a deliberate lie, told thousands of times.


--Caroline Pearson, vice president at Avalere Health, a health care and public policy advisory firm, said there's a calculation low-wage companies will make to determine if there's cost savings in sending employees to the exchanges.

"The amount you have to gross up their wages so they can get their own insurance and the cost of the penalties may add up to less than the cost of providing care," she said.--

What kind of dumbass thinks that is the calculation a company will make?
Even the most compassionate will make a rough evaluation of whether their employees will get dinged too bad including the subsidy they'll get and will then dump them; it's a no brainer.
Who is going to "gross up" their employees' pay pointlessly?
She's already passed her Peter Principle peak at VP.

Danube on iPad

And remember: this is his "signature domestic achievement."

Danube on iPad

The Talking Point is that what the hell, there were glitches at the start of social security and Medicare, too. Has anyone seen any evidence offered in support of this claim? (Not that it addresses any of the issues raised by the NJ anyway.)

I wasn't around for SS, but I don't recall there being any problems with Medicare.


It's also a B.S. argument as soc sec was introduced back before computers and was done via paper ledgers.


Does anyone think that Obama has the balls to attack Syria at this point? He was stupidly and obviously bluffing all along, and just about everyone was smart enough to call him on it, especially Assad.

No wonder he's so skinny. How often could his lunch money have survived a junior high school bus ride?

hit and run

Does anyone think that Obama has the balls to attack Syria at this point?

But do you think Obama is actually calling the shots?

How often could his lunch money have survived a junior high school bus ride?

Well, he did beat up a black girl when people made fun of him. So he was very, very brave.


I was watching Jim DeMint on CSpan. He was making a point I have been trying to tell people for years. The Republicans have historically put forth proposals to allow smaller businesses with small numbers of employees to pool together in groups, thus getting the advantages of lower rates for the large pool of people. The Democrats have always blocked this. It would have solved much of the problem with people working for employers too small to to get them lower cost insurance. They stopped it because they have never wanted the insurance market to work. They want it destroyed to get the single payer govt monopoly. People think they are on the side of the 'working person', yet they've been deliberately preventing these same people from getting affordable insurance for years.

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