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September 14, 2013


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Wait--ezra and Andy ar working on "What a Deal This Is".

Hey, Cuz!

Putin Obama
Dogs do three dee chess better
Kerry to Lavrov.

Cecil Turner

Well, we'll see how it affects the real war . . . you know, the one against Republicans.


From the Times article;

The issue of removing Syria’s chemical arms broke into the open on Monday when Mr. Kerry, at a news conference in London, posed the question as to whether Mr. Assad could rapidly be disarmed only to state that he did not see how it could be done.

Now, however, what once seemed impossible has become the plan — one that will depend on Mr. Assad’s cooperation and that will need to be put in place in the middle of a bitter conflict.

This administration kinda specializes in basing it's plans on impossibilities, doesn't it?

Perhaps when the impossibility of it becomes blatant Bashar can join the SEIU and be issued a waiver by Barry.


For our next Secretary of State I propose the country's top rug or used car salesman.

MarkO secure in his person, home, papers and effects

Jimmy Carter surges into penultimate place.

Cecil Turner
This week, as Mr. Obama announced he was delaying strikes, the decision seemed to catch Mr. Erdogan by surprise.
I'm trying to have some sympathy, but . . . this is long past "fool me twice." In fact, anyone who at this point is surprised by any act of the diplo clown show has just not been paying attention.
Account Deleted

Dunno about that, Clarice. Magic Hat was appointed in order to make the Red Witch appear competent by contrast. History begins anew at every dawn for the Lackwitz Sisters so I believe he's performing precisely as anticipated. The MFM are isolating the Syria story rather than noting LibyaEgyptSyria as all a part of the Clinton/Abedin/Powers/Rice scrofulous stain known as Arab Spring.

It would be unsurprising to find the Lackwitz Sisters/LiVs consider the outcome to be a win/win because both Putin and Assad derived a positive benefit.


OT, but does anyone have any information on the upcoming Fed nomination? There seems to be a large push against Summers (favoring Yellen) but I have no way of knowing what is spin and what is fact.

Any ideas? jimmyk?


Cecil, maybe Erdogan was of the "He can't lie to me - I'm a Muslim" school of thought.


For those that think 'Burn Notice' is just fiction, check out the interview with Seldon Lady in today's Journal, apparently he was opposed to the Abu Omar rendition, but that didn't matter to his boss, he's got a good atty, Spencer, which he'll need
since the administration abandoned him.

Cecil Turner

smart diplomacy
Obama on Syria
rodeo clown show


Rick, you and your view star on Sunday. Doing my best..

As a treat for the New is a short (3 minute) inspirational video that really makes everyone who sees it tear up.. It's good for the soul:


This is the piece I was referring to;

Danube on iPad

Selling out friends to buy off enemies.

For seventy years the USA was the most influential foreign power in the Middle East. Almost overnight Obama has engineered an abdication of that status in favor of Russia.

The ultimate consequences cannot be known, but it is certain that they will be dire.


Oh, well, to see that Gazprom doesn't control Europe thru petro sources, we'll just flood the market with all out newly developed resources..wait..what?

The combination of diplomatic crazypants and enviro appeasement is a world disaster.


Surprising and disappointing our allies while accomodating our adversaries

That's their goal and always has been. Weaken and diminish the USA. Who says they are incompetent? They're succeeding at an unbelievable rate.

Cecil Turner

stroking for air strikes
Kerry accidentally
blunders into peace


Well on that side, he's ticked off the Sauds and the Al Thanis, by proxy, that won't have any long term consequences.


Ah Booman group, they are as predictable as a timex watch.

Cecil Turner

Putin and Lavrov
initially concerned
convulse with laughter


DoT at 1:26--What difference does it make? Right?


What we wanted: no more use of chemical weapons by Assad.

What we were willing to pay: Airstrikes, with high risk of civilian casualties and almost certain blowback of some kind.

What we got: Assad joins the convention and gives up his chemical Russia who is stuck with the task and cost of dismantling thousands of toxic, decaying shells.

What we paid: "Good friends" France and Turkey (remember the Gaza Flotilla? Anybody?) are a bit put out.

Yeah, Obama and Co. have really covered themselves with shame.


Daddy has posting something about the NPR personnel cuts, but the story he linked didn't explain the source of the budget shortfall. The BBC is not reticent to explain:

NPR to shed 10% of staff amid budget shortfall

The non-profit broadcaster put the budget shortfall in part down to a decline in corporate grants amid the slow US economy.

Yet another victim of the Obama "recovery." Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people.


Hmmmm... Not enough coffee yet today... I guess that should be "has posted" or "was posting."

Comanche Voter

I'm reminded of that photo for our Boy Wonder couldn't figure out how to get an umbrella through a narrow gate. There's something about umbrellas and Obama--and heck he didn't even go to Munich to screw this pooch. He did it all at home.


You could call it 'spring surprise'

Cecil Turner

What we got: Assad joins the convention and gives up his chemical Russia . . .

Bwaaahaaa. Of course he is. Because he wants to be a member in good standing of the international community. (You can tell by the way he gasses his own people.) And the Russians want to talk him down, because they're primarily interested in the welfare of the Syrian people. (You can tell by the way they ship weapons and cover for him gassing his own people.) They'd never cheat on something like this . . . and besides, there's no reason to even think about military action to enforce it.

You weak-minded fool! He's using an old Jedi mind trick.

MarkO secure in his person, home, papers and effects

Assad will be in Syria long after Obama is gone.


Lyle at Yale, day two: with the missus rehearsing, lyle has time on his hands. Staying at The Study on Chapel St, a quite pleasant little hotel with just the right air of, well, studiousness with a small but earnest library in the lobby. Looking for entertainment I inquire as to why there's no porn on the tv in the room. Aghast, the young lady imperiously informs me that this NOT that kind of establishment. Undetered, I find a well worn copy OT Tropic Of Cancer on the shelf. Developing...


Granted he didn't have a good hand, but he ended up like Bond at the first half of Casino Royale,


The iPhone is not helping me regale you with tales of my sojourn...


This is what happens when you don't focus on the main target;


--Posted by: MattT | September 14, 2013 at 01:59 PM--

Improbably, TrollU has managed to matriculate a graduate even more concrete headed, naive and ignorant than BuBu.

Frau Aussenministerin

Obama New Foreign Policy as promised:

We're not happy until you're not happy.

Beasts of England

The Crimson Nation is enveloped in what can only be called a severe case of Greenspan's 'irrational exhuberence'. Point predictions are futile...

The Tide prevails over the Aggies, and I know this because I talked to Fluker this morning and he put all his money on Bama! Roll Tide!

Danube on iPad

"Assad joins the convention and gives up his chemical arsenal...."

Let us know when the arsenal has been given up.

What we wanted: "Assad must go."

What we got: Assad in power indefinitely.

Jane-Rebel Alliance

I wonder if Obama is opposed to gassing his own people?

Account Deleted


I wish it were as easy to explain the Gazprom/Israeli/KSA maneuver as it is to explain the MFM Protect the Red Witch strategy. Russia, Israel and the KSA all recognize the US will not be wasting treasure defending access to resources it may still want but no longer needs. The 6% of our total oil consumption supplied by the Mahometan controlled portion of OPEC is relatively easy to replace on rather short notice.

Why should we continue to play in the pit of vipers? Why not step out of the way as the KSA, Russia and Israel loot a EUtopia which has been sheltered under the US security umbrella for seventy years?


Heh, frau!
Exactly, DoT. Fly here now and we'll set up a permanent floating poker game with these dudes.

Danube on iPad

I note that at this point Syria has not agreed to do anything whatsoever with his chemical weapons, and has declared that he will not begin to do so until Obama stops sending arms to the rebels.

What next?


Press Secretary Carney announced yesterday that the Obama Administration has purchased an all new, 4WD bus.

It seems that the number of people thrown under the last one has necessitated 4WD capability.

Cecil Turner

Let us know when the arsenal has been given up.

You imply an agreement that specifically excludes an enforcement clause might not have been negotiated in good faith? Racist!


A 4WD bus? I guess highway maintenance is the next sacrifice to sequester.


Oh, Cecil, you are so untrusting.

Rick, I really wouldn't mind seeing most of europe finally put out of its misery. They seem to prefer autocracy any way--so they'll tip their berets to Putin instead of Baron Lackwitz.


Yes we bailed them out three times, four if you count the Balkan campaigns, which happened in their neck of the woods,



Warning --Golf Headline may not match reality!

"Battling McIlroy benefits from speedy third round"

McIlroy has moved from 70th to 68th at the BMW.


What we wanted: Something that would happen now.

What we were willing to pay: Something we've paid.

What we got: Something that a known liar tells us is going to happen real soon.

The progs understand this trick when they play it on elected Republicans. What's so confusing about being on the other side of it?


How do you get to that middle step;

Jack is Back

Typephus outbreak!

Had a long post on engineering and technical hurdles in Syria with regard to destroying or transporting the agents. Gone with the wind.

Forgot to copy it before posting.


The ability to piss off EVERYONE is a rare talent.


I wonder if Obama is opposed to gassing his own people?

Only if they have survived botched abortions


JiB, are you signed on via Typepad or by one of the other allowed means?

Danube on iPad

I have heard a number of knowledgeable people discussing the transport and destruction of chemical weapons. Not one of them has said that, if a civil war were not in progress, it would take less than six years. But it's the words in the UN resolution that counts, right?

Jack is Back

Lets try it again.

Can't get my nerdy engineering mind around - HOW?

How to verify a correct inventory?

How to incinerate, neutralize or even transport these agents in a hot civil war zone?

How to provide physical and infrastructure security in a hot war zone and one that will get hotter as they move to deal with weapon systems the AQ element of the rebels is drooling over?

How to ensure civilian safety and security during transporting or destroying said agents? I give you Bhopal as an example. All it takes is someone turning the wrong valve.

Lot more questions but no answers. I think it is ill thought out folly.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

UCLA is slattering Nebraska in Lincoln.

Good luck Beasts; the Tide's tsunami of a pass rush may ground Johnny Football.

Jack is Back


That's my Typepad Avatar.


Exactly. To do this in a safe and secure manner you need technology and time and expertise. The Russians don't have it since we (Americans) are the ones who came in after the Soviets died and supervised their destruction.

The Syrians don't have it nor does the UN. We have it and it is currently deployed and has been for over 30 years. We have destroyed 90% of our agents and will be done by 2025. It is not cheap - at least to do it safely and securely. Plus we don't have a hot civil war going on.

It may be the safest way is to transport them for off shore destruction but that means heavy, heavy, heavy security. Are the Russians and UN up to that task?


In a surprise move, the EC today announced that they are changing their name to Euroland.

Entry packages start at $1,000/day. Visits to Mad Ludwig's Castle, Notre Dame's Nondenominational Hunchback Hall, and the AGIP/Total Eiffel Tower are to be priced separately. Tante Baerbelland will replace the Netherlands and be open to adults only.

All people of a pale complexion should they choose will be relocated to either Saxonland or Gaul, which will not be open to the public. Bavaria, sponsored by Gazprom, will become a living history museum where religion is still practiced.


Well some issues were addressed here;


Perhaps Vlad has promoted some dude named Potemkin to chief chemical weapons deactivator to impress Empress Barry.

Jack is Back

Interesting that the Director-General of OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) is a Turk. Also, Iraq and Afghanistan are signatories as is Iran but not Syria. Why not?

A slight correction to my 3:26. The Russians have developed and used a neutralization technology since the Soviet collapse. But that is a bridge too far in Syria since you have a major infrastructure project to design and build without having the rebels blow it up from time to time.

Forget incineration, that is 100's of bridges too far.

It has to be inventory, verified, tag and deliver for transport off-shore. I just can't see any other way to meet a 2014 deadline but then who cares about deadlines with the "weak horse" of American leadership?

Account Deleted

It would make sense for Putin to loan Assad his Thermobaric Cannibal Eradication app (beta tested in Grozny) in order to ensure the safety of the UN inspectors. Once the Cannibals absorb the fact President Weak Horse won't be spurring his Shetland charger to their rescue the problem may resolve fairly quickly.

Jack is Back

Well that was quick.

Johnny Football made Alabama look a little flatfooted on that opening drive.

Aggies 7, Tide 0.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

This Manziels fellow is good at playing the footballs.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Johnny Football is working the Tide hard.

Danube on iPad

14-0 The kid throws a beautiful,pass, and can run like the young Michael Vick. I'm impressed.


"Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger muscled the Soviet Union out of Middle East diplomacy back in 1973. In the 40 years since, American presidents have worked to keep the Russians out. Now they’re back in. A nation with a declining population, a weakened military, and an economy propped up only by oil and gas exports has suddenly made itself the key interlocutor in the region. Obama has allowed this even though it’s obvious that effective disarmament is impossible in a nation riven by civil war and ruled by a regime with every incentive and inclination to lie and conceal."

Michael Barone - Degraded Credibility

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Now the Tide is coming back as Saban figured out they weren't playing Beamerball.


An interesting view tha O'Bagy did not present;

The late Kamal Adham, was the one who nudged Cairo out of that circle,

Jack is Back

I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I bought once as a mistake that I am prepared to give up to the Port Authority if one gram of Chem Agents are even identified, tagged and delivered for destruction by 2014.

Barone is correct - its a shell game run by the new Byzantine master of the Great Game, Vlad Putin.


Obama has allowed this...

Obama wants this.

Again, what other event has taken place that would represent the flexibility Obama promised Putin?

Jack is Back

Now that pot is legal in Denver its not surprising there is a strain of it named after Peyton Manning:)

And he's not happy

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Welp we've got ourselves a game. Btw I'm not really complaining but the replay of that offensive pass interference looked like weak sauce.

Jack is Back

I do not believe what I just saw. Whatever happened to "in the grasp"?


Swallow before reading this drivel:

Captain Hate on an iPhone


Jack is Back


I only wish Peter Sellers was still alive to play Obama in the movie version of this comedy of errors.


He's the strategerist version of Klein;


Yes, it's Irwin, but they share the same brainslug.

James D.

The progs understand this trick when they play it on elected Republicans. What's so confusing about being on the other side of it?

What confusion? It's all about, as someone else posted, the REAL war, the one against Zero's domestic political opposition.

Zero and his people don't care about Syria, or what happens there, or America's position in the Middle East (that's the most benign view, anyway). All they care about is domestic political advantage, and this is about selling a good story to the LIVs, so that poll numbers go up and they can proceed with their fundamental transformations, etc.


Now here's some crazy!


So it's declare victory and go home, before victory can be verified.

RR: Trust . . . but verify.


They make Booman look skeptical.


Laugh or throw up?

From Gretawire:

From a White House official:

President Obama will deliver remarks in the Rose Garden on Monday to mark the 5-year anniversary of the financial crisis, discuss the progress we have made to grow the economy and create 7.5 million private sector jobs, and highlight the work we still need to do to strengthen the middle class and those fighting to get into it. He will continue to highlight his better bargain for the middle class, and warn against more self-inflicted wounds from Washington. He will be joined on-stage and in the audience by people that have benefited from his economic recovery proposals over the last five years including small business owners, construction workers, homeowners, consumers and tax cut recipients.

Oh yeah, he has solved the economy just like he has solved Syria. A delusion in his mind and in his acolytes' minds.

Jack is Back


You can stop with all the Delusion Porn:) These people are more a parody of DuDa than DuDa is a parody of them.

I am reminded of H. L. Mencken:

"As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron."


They are still playing tic tac toe;

Jeff Dobbs

They are still playing tic tac toe;

And they insist on always being O's and that X's are racist.


New Scientist: Portable lab could guzzle Syria's sarin stockpile

In February, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency commissioned the US's leading chemical defence lab to design a self-sufficient mobile plant that can safely destroy CW agents – and can be deployed anywhere in the world at short notice. Unusually, it wanted a prototype ready within just 20 weeks.

Working round the clock, the US Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) in Maryland finished the prototype on schedule, and in June handed it over to the military agency that acquires new chemical-defence equipment.

The system, called the Field Deployable Hydrolysis System (FDHS), has now been adopted by the Pentagon for chemical weapons destruction, says an ECBC spokesperson. "More units will soon be produced."

The FDHS pumps agents such as sarin or mustard gas into an 8330-litre titanium tank, where they are mixed with water, sodium hydroxide and bleach and heated to just under boiling point. This triggers hydrolysis, in which large molecules split into smaller fragments through a chemical reaction with water.

The US developed the hydrolysis method to destroy its own CW stockpile, as required under the 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention. But previously, it has only been used in large, static plants.

The FDHS takes 3 hours to destroy 99.9 per cent of the toxic agent in a single given load, and can process 5 to 25 tonnes of CW per day, depending on the agent. It creates a large amount of effluent – up to 14 times the volume of CW that went in – but unlike CW, this can be disposed of at commercial hazardous-waste facilities. Agents such as sarin are too dangerous to destroy in normal commercial incinerators. No facilities to destroy it safely are known to exist in Syria.

The system has redundant components, such as additional generators, for safety. It also includes equipment to decontaminate not only the air outflow, but also any staff that might get contaminated. A separate laboratory section has gas chromatographs and mass spectrometers to identify the incoming CW, and to confirm that the treated effluent meets safety requirements.

The system, which comes packed in a few shipping containers, can be up and running within 10 days of arrival. It is run by a staff of 15.

The FDHS is designed to tackle CW that is stored in bulk containers. Syria is thought to have hundreds of tonnes of mustard gas and sarin. It is unknown how much has been loaded into munitions, which are harder to destroy: it is hazardous to extract the highly toxic CW from rockets or shells, which also contain explosives. Japan has developed a portable unit that destroys CW-filled munitions, but very slowly, one at a time.
Logistics of destruction

Even if the FDHS can be made available in Syria, destroying Assad's CW will be demanding. "This has never been done in the midst of a civil war," says Oliver Meier, an arms-control expert at the University of Hamburg in Germany.

The Syrian government is expected first to declare what CW it possesses, and then consolidate them in one or more locations – if rebel forces agree a ceasefire to permit this. One possibility is the Russian naval base at Tartus in Syria.

Then, in theory, destruction might begin. CW destruction is normally verified by experts from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague, the Netherlands. But they are not trained or equipped to operate in a war zone. International troops may need to be deployed to protect the weapons and the staff charged with destroying them.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Congrats Beasts.


Over/Under on 70 points for Bama?

Saban is making a statement.

Btw autocorrect for Saban is Satan. Ha!

Danube on iPad

Can't say I'm sorry to see Johnny Football get slowed down a bit.

Jane-Rebel Alliance

The WP spin is simply amazing.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

A&M's defense smells like poo.

Jack is Back

Bama has my vote. Love to see them play Oregon now instead of in January. Would be more telling.

A&M just has no defense and McCarron is the real deal as an NFL type QB. Johnny Football is lost without a defense and only one receiver.

Danube on iPad

I hope Oregon and Bama go unbeaten and play for the title.


I dunno, guys, Saddam sure managed to move WMDs with alacrity at the beginning of the Iraq War...

MarkO secure in his person, home, papers and effects

A great day. No, nothing to do with football.

I have just returned from a delightful meeting with Caro. She is charming, beautiful and marvelously talented.

I think I can persuade her to paint my horse.

Be jealous, be very jealous.


She's all that, MattO.


What confusion? It's all about, as someone else posted, the REAL war, the one against Zero's domestic political opposition.

Oh, I'm sure the people responsible for the plan know it's a sham. They're traitors. I meant the common prog.

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