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September 25, 2013


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I only recently learned that "The Worst that could Happen" was written by Jimmy Webb.


TM, you are OT:)


I wonder how Palin feels about her old running mate being the Dem's sock puppet to attack Cruz who she put over the top in Texas. The sooner they put McCain to pasture the better. He only took on this role after Cruz's speech because he wanted to make sure he would continue to get invites to the Sunday news shows.

Heard Cruz on Rush driving back from JAX and he still sounded upbeat and unwilling to make any personal attack unlike Harry Reid and John McCain. Class act.


Tom Blumer of PJMedia illustrates the Obamacare "wedding tax" under which Obamacare subsidies are much less generous for married couples than for those shacking up together.

Of course. Shacked-up couples file separate tax returns. They report only their own income, ignoring that their live-in's income helps to support them. How many shacked-up households are receiving all manner of government services based on the tax return of whichever "partner" makes the least amount of money?


Palin is loyal to the guy that launched her and that's why she campaigned for McCain. It cost her, too, but all the same and though I don't like McCain, I respect her for doing it.


Teh junior Senator from Texas nails it to the wall and then rips it right off( per LImbaugh transcript )

The central issue, I think, is the long-standing problem we have had with Washington not listening to the American people with Democrats and Republicans. It's a lot of folks who've been in office way too long, who stopped listening to their constituents -- and, as a result, we see lots of theater, lots of empty symbolic votes and very little willingness to actually stand up and fight on behalf of the American people.

John McCain that has your name written all across the face of it.


we see lots of theater, lots of empty symbolic votes and very little willingness to actually stand up and fight on behalf of the American people

He's undervaluing theater and empty symbolic votes, which is strange considering what he's been doing for the past few days.

NK(tryin' again)

GMax-- there is no question that McCain grew up a Patriot, but now as a doddering old fool, sees himself and NancyP and the rest of the DC scum, as white togaed Eloi, and the rest of us as filthy underclass Morlocks who are there to serve the Eloi class. But does he fear the Morlocks as the Eloi did? He should.


Repost of A(B)'s link to another excellent Laird post:

Cruz Control.

Account Deleted

I sure hope everyone reads TM's linked Blumer piece. Perhaps I'm overestimating objection to paying for Julia's Slutcare. We'll see when the checks start being signed.


Cavuto is going to have McCain on in a few minutes.


Cavuto will also have on Rand Paul.

Will be interesting to see if Neil tosses any hardballs.


Thanks, daddy, I had missed (A)B's link. Wonderful post by Laird.


I have this sinking feeling, that when Obamacare begins its inexorable slide into chaos, that the Democrats will rush in to remodel it and take over Congress and retain the White House.

It's Nixon to China.


... To me, standing firm on subsidy repeal is a test on whether the GOP House and Senate leadership is serious.

Posted by: Thomas Collins | September 25, 2013 at 12:13 PM

I agree with TC...

Posted by: Danube of Thought | September 25, 2013 at 12:18 PM



Please explain how the House can stand firm without threatening to shut down the government (and meaning it)?

I thought that was the worst tactic ever (according to you)?


The left isn't interested in stable marriage. It's interested in maximizing state dependence which can most quickly be achieved by eliminating the nuclear family with marriage as its foundation. No-fault divorce was step one.


No one is going to shut down the government.

The sophisticated in Washington are going to let Obamacare proceed until it implodes and then harvest the electoral bounty from the unprecedented citizen anger and remorse.

Moreover, they assume that the Democrats who have outfoxed them for several years are blissfully unaware of this strategy and will have no answer for it.

Ah, ha. We've got them now.


The fruits of Benghazi?

Lots of MANPADS begin showing up on the Gaza Strip. Wonder where they came from?


The Laird column links to this Breitbart column where Brit Hume is getting savaged in the comments for belittling Cruz's speech as "Theater of the Absurd": BRIT HUME: CRUZ STANCE 'UTTERLY MEANINGLESS,' 'POLITICAL THEATER OF THE ABSURD'

The commenters seem to unanimously want to kick Brit Hume off the air, but my experience watching Brit Hume is that he is quite a reasonable guy, and my guess is that sometime within the next 24 hours he will acknowledge that his 'UTTERLY MEANINGLESS,' 'POLITICAL THEATER OF THE ABSURD' comment was incorrect, and that he now has a somewhat different take on what Ted Cruz accomplished.

I may be wrong, but I will disappointed if Hume does not come across with something like that.


You will be disappointed.


What a f**king loser this guy McCain is - its all about him. So, John, if you spent so much time convincing people to repeal or defund Obamacare could it have been the full disrespect the right have for you and your lady friend from South Carolina.

How did the American people rebel in the 1996 election?



Perhaps the most unbelievable comeback of Sports History. Down 8-1 Team USA (powered by Oracle) wins the last 8 races in a row, and wins the best of 17 series. WOW


I thought they won it in the 19th race, not 17?


McCain says they need to pick apart o-care.


Not enough votes, asshole.



In a very controversial decision Team USA was penalized two points for some modification done before the races started. There was only 17 races I believe.


McCain tells us that he is in some ways a Pundit.

McCain says in 2012 he traveled the country for 2 months saying we have to defeat and repeal ObamaCare.

He does not say that Cruz wasted his time and that it is fine if cruz wants to fire up the troops.

He says he really likes Ted Cruz.

McCain says when people are compared to Nazi's in WW2 then that is over the line. I don't personally recall Ted Cruz saying that people were Nazi's? Any of you guys recall that?

McCain says we cannot shut down the Government. Says that the people rebelled over that in 1995.

McCain says that the majority of his constituents and 80% of the country do not want the Govt shut down.

Responding to a question on Ted Cruz standing on his feet for 21 hours McCain says that he has stood on his feet for a long long time a long time ago.



Hume may be a "more conservative leaning" pundit but he is still resident inside the beltway. Believe me, that has more to do with all the Cruz vitriolic than politics. Cocktail parties are hard to come by if you don't play by the rules of the political class.


"McCain says they need to pick apart o-care."

Right. The sophisticates will repair it. And, keep it. Federal Socialized Medicine. That McCain is a red-blooded conservative.


TV needs eyes to win--if everyone is as pissed off at McCain as I am will switch channels at his every appearance he'll be no longer an honored guest.


Shrewd analysis, bgates, Maybe Cruz just meant poorly done theater.


McCain has completely f'd up the Nazi line.

Cruz said the Neville Chamberlain appeasers are much like the Obamacare appeasers.

He was trashing "we can't win" politics.


Here it is from the America's Cup website:

By order of the International Jury and pursuant to Protocol Article 15.4(d)(iv), ORACLE TEAM USA shall be penalized one point for each of the first two races of the Match in which they would otherwise score a point.


"McCain says in 2012 he traveled the country for 2 months saying we have to defeat and repeal ObamaCare."

The rare moment I have to correct daddy's live blogging.

McCain said "repeal and replace" his mantra for 2 months.

That word "replace" means what the voters think it means and that is why Romney/Ryan were defeated.



I am only going by the official America's Cup website.

They won in the 19th race

Unless its a typo but its a pretty big one:)


...was his...


--USA USA USA!!!!--

I guess, but by chanting that I'd indirectly be chanting LARRY ELLISON!!!!

Is it too late to say GO, KIWIS?!?!?!


Now the fact that one of the leading honchos behind Acorn doesn't make a little odd.

“Not only would he be offended at the misuse of ‘Green Eggs and Ham,’ but he’d be offended at almost everything that Ted Cruz stands for, which is to remove the safety net from poor people, poor and vulnerable people, he’s clearly more power hungry than he is compassionate and he’s a bully,” Dr. Peter Dreier, a professor of politics at


Of course if all you have is a hammer;



John Kartch ‏@johnkartch 3m

BREAKING: IRS Watchdog: $67 Million Missing from Obamacare Slush Fund



Yesterday I was looking into WEB Dubois as the host of the Transforming Ed portion of (co)lab who clearly had quite the attitude turned out to have started a Society named for him. It was hard not to see that as a signal this was all about finally getting his dream in place.

And Dreier came up.


I thought though, that he was less radical then Levenson and O'Dell, and some of that comes through in that piece,


test withlink


What a P.I.T.A this typepad can be.


Humorous link from Mickey Kaus.

Though they spoke frequently by phone, Bill and Hillary were rarely in the same country. By chance, their paths crossed in Bogotá, where they had dinner together—then, owing to their massive entourages, returned to their respective hotels. “Love conquers all except logistics,” says an aide.

There is so much going on I have trouble keeping up. I know there is controversy over green eggs and ham. Personally I never liked Dr. Seuss very much. Meanwhile. John, WTH is going on with the chin, it seems to be growing, Kerry, signed the UN arms treaty. Without senate approval. But green eggs and ham are making the news.


Kerry's whole face is's HUGE. It's always been LONG but now it's growing exponentially in every direction. Seriously creepy.

Pinocchio's nose grew when he told a lie.
Kerry's head gets bigger when he does somethin' that harms America.


I know many of you read Wretchard, but here is a link contained in his most recent post that is well worth reading:

It is about mandatory racial/transgender/et al. training at the University of Wisconsin by a history grad student who is not impressed. It is nicely written, too, which is not so common these days.


Looks like some in the Arab diplomatic community aren't very impressed with Obama. Excerpts from CNN:

"It gives a lot more ammunition to the argument we can't depend on our American friends," one senior Arab diplomat said. "They look weak and outmaneuvered. And if they can't make up their mind on Syria, how will they be able to stay firm on Iran? I think American credibility has suffered a serious setback."


"The president's speech explains why nobody counts on U.S. leadership anymore," the minister said. "It was an academic, scholarly examination of the problems and all of the arguments involved. He should pick one and stick with it."

The improvisational nature of Obama's policy decisions, and his inability to explain them to allies, has brought more than one comparison to President George W. Bush.

Five years after leaving office, Obama's predecessor still draws fire for his policies in Iraq, but now earns points for his plain-spoken manner.

"I have to tell you, I miss President Bush," another senior Arab diplomat said. "I disagreed with almost every political decision he made. But I knew where he stood and what his views are. He told us personally and he told the world at the U.N. General Assembly. We could disagree and move on with it. With Obama not only don't I know, I just don't understand."


The rare moment I have to correct daddy's live blogging.

I am wrong many, many times TK. Thanks for the correction.

Frau Pfeffergewehr

Closing words from DrJ's link:
"In my humble opinion, neither the Department nor the university has any right to subject anyone to such intellectual tyranny."


daddy, your link is bad.


He can sign all the treaties he wants. But they are not operative until approved by Congress.

Keep up the good work Doody.


Great link, DrJ. I feel as much for the meek students who can't stand up to the tyranny as I do for the brave ones who can.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

No fault divorce is one of the worst things that was ever inflicted on the culture; far worse than homo marriage.


Another great link, Clarice.

Conservatives have finally realized that, as it’s currently constituted, they have no home in the Republican party, which is the Washington Generals to the Democrats’ Harlem Globetrotters, the designated losers who nevertheless are rewarded handsomely for their sham opposition.

To that end, conservatives understand that rather than form a third party, their only hope is to seize control of the corrupt, rotting hulk of the GOP, which they now can do with the help of a reinvigorated Tea Party — especially with Lois Lerner’s IRS off its back.


Can someone explain what was so bad about no-fault divorce? I'm divorced, and I didn't notice any help from this during my legal proceedings.


There is even a smaller chance of that stupid treaty getting 67 votes in the Senate than the chance that Wendy Davis wont get the thumping of her political career thereby ending it. It may not even get a vote. Slick refused to submit a treaty knowing it was going to get the treatment it deserved. Lets see the profile in courage here of Zero.


What prevents Obama from ignoring the constitution and ordering his DoJ to implement the treaty requirements?


A new FOX channel TV Ad for Lear Capitol coins keeps running an ad for the Silver Canadian Polar Bear:


Now the Queen is nice enough and all but I think it's about time to give somebody else in the Royal Family a shot at being on a coin. Personally I'd pick Kate:

or maybe Baby George:

Or maybe my fav, Prince Harry!

(Who wouldn't love a little perverse on the obverse?)

All's I'm saying, is that that poor Polar Bear could use a better looking partner.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Ext, it rewards deadbeats in a marriage where one party clearly caused the problem. Plus it results in well behaving husbands losing custody of children.


"Designated losers"???

Would some sort of decree be involved in such a designation?


IMO, the worst part of no fault divorce is Ashley Simpson.

Danube of Thought on iPhone

"Please explain how the House can stand firm without threatening to shut down the government (and meaning it)?"

To me, a gov't shutdown caused by the Ds' refusal to eliminate a self -dealing provision in the law is a far cry fr one caused by GOP efforts to defund it


You would support such a shutdown?

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

The resident lesbian told me today that her accountant told her she should be out in the streets protesting DOMA.

I'm not sure that is relevant, but anyway...


Great link from DrJ at 06:03.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Cokie Roberts can go fuck herself.

(I apologize but I am so sick of this shit.)



Don't hold back, tell us what you really think. LOL


Another employee of a major network pretending to be objective:

What amazing impeachment this would be if only the GOP had someone smart enough to use it.
Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs was born on December 27, 1943 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Cokie Roberts is the third child and youngest daughter of the late ambassador and long-time Democratic Congresswoman from Louisiana Lindy Boggs and of the late Hale Boggs, also a Democratic Congressman from Louisiana. He was Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, and lost on a plane which disappeared over Alaska in 1972


As far as I could tell, Captain, the wife gets rewarded regardless: default custody unless joint custody is agreed to by the parties or you want to spend $20,000 or so on a battle, and major "child support" either way. Maybe the no-fault feature avoided an expensive argument about who did what to whom, which I was happy not to have to pay for as my costs had already reached the stratosphere without it.

Anyway, I'm not complaining, but I never noticed anything related to no-fault, and I'm sure I'm in a no-fault state.

I did have pangs of jealousy when I was billed 1/4 of $250/hr for every phone call or letter the lawyers decided to share with each other. I bet they use email nowadays and each charge that quarter hour for every one. If so, they should be forced to tweet for a tenth of that.


Clarice's 6:17 link is WONDERFUL.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

GMax, as I've often said, I've never had a racist bone in my body and I am so sick and tired of being accused of that.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Rand Paul is talking about a rumor of democrats derailing the vote going forward in the next few hours. So far I am clueless.


Now McConnell has joined the fight, but “it’s pretty hard to predict.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Wednesday downplayed the need to defund ObamaCare this week, and said the law would likely sink under its own weight as the realities of the law become more clear.
"I think this law has no chance of working," McConnell said in a colloquy with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). "I don't believe that even if we are unable to defund it here in the next few days that we're necessarily stuck with it.
"I think it's pretty safe to conclude: The things that can't work don't stick, don't last. Because we are, after all, a representative Democracy, the people can complain and discuss and tell us how they feel."
"I don't think this law can possibly stand," he added. "It's pretty hard to predict exactly the day upon which it ends, but it's cracking."

Read more:


Cokie Roberts can go fuck herself.

I'm with you Jane.

And from Lindsay Graham, following Bill Clinton praising Obamacare on a stage alongside Obama, we get this:

They are selling this bill (ObamaCare) as hard as they can sell it. I will never call it ObamaCare anymore. I'm gonna' call it ClintonCare.

Tell me again, which Republican Senator is engaging in 'UTTERLY MEANINGLESS,' 'POLITICAL THEATER OF THE ABSURD'.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

You're looking at it too much from your personal circumstances and how it didn't impact you, Ext. Imagine it more in terms of a contract being able to be dissolved where one party clearly gave better than he or she got and the rules of evidence are meaningless. Or no fault bankruptcy.


I'm sure you're right, CH.


CH, don't forget that the people a party cares most about in life will be held as hostages.


The duchess of DC, with her brother Tommy, of Patton Boggs you know just folk,

Frau Gaudi! Radi! Musi!

Another quote with two great thoughts from Clarice's link:

Make Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin into the faces of the Democratic party and watch the votes peel away from the Left.

Any party that cannot successfully sell freedom and personal liberty doesn’t deserve power. The trick will be to explain — by word and deed — that the Democrats’ Manichaean choice (Big Brother or the orphanage) is a false one, that less can be more, and that the restoration of a Republic of self-reliant citizens will benefit all Americans — not simply the government class and its clients.


It is a shame that we are unable to have sound bites from Cokie's father, Segregationist Congressman Hale Bogg's, from his early days when he was a Racist. I would love to have some of his comments on hand that I could play audio of in front of Cokie, ask her who said it, and then ask if in her 40 years as a Reporter she can name a single member of the Tea Party who has said anything 1/100th as Racist as what her old man used to regularly spout.

And then just keep playing more quotes.


More, Frau, more.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

I don't want you to just take my word for it, Ext. I'm pretty sure it led to an explosion of divorce rates. Obviously I don't want somebody shackled in a brutal marriage but the horror stories are surely outweighed by people who terminate marriages because their mood ring turned a certain color (I'm thinking of some family members as examples).

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Make Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin into the faces of the Democratic party and watch the votes peel away from the Left.

In my dreams!

(how can I help)


from Clarice's link - "Any party that cannot successfully sell freedom and personal liberty doesn’t deserve power. The trick will be to explain — by word and deed — that the Democrats’ Manichaean choice (Big Brother or the orphanage) is a false one, that less can be more, and that the restoration of a Republic of self-reliant citizens will benefit all Americans — not simply the government class and its clients."

Makes me mindful of this Powerline post -

We need a PR makeover that is brutal to the loser Democrats. No more ads with clouds floating by & meek mush.

The Dems are the losers. Their elites rule over you while you whine & watch your children slaughtered. Platitudes about saving the earth while you can't put fuel in your car or food on the table.


Yeah, Frau! It took me too long to type my spiel....


Ace: Oh, Lord: Politico Fact-Checks Ted Cruz's Recitation of "Green Eggs and Ham;" Finds It "Pants on Fire"

Okay that headline I did juice -- but Politico decided to pull a sorta "Fact Check" by contacting a socialist professor who wrote a book about Dr. Seuss and Social Justice and asking him if Dr. Seuss would like Ted Cruz.

If he were still alive.

And also as if this is relevant to any point one could imagine.


Come on, this was truly amazing performance by team USA. Yes, they are financed by Ellison - and the Kiwis by Air Emirates. Take your pick.

To start with 2 points penalty and come up with 11 straight wins to overcome 8 point lead by Kiwis is truly miraculous.
Team USA had weather gods on their side :-)


Politico = Democrats for Democrats nothing more.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

ace's tweets about, who else, Tweety (Chris Matthews for the glossary) are HOF material.


No, narciso. Quite radical. This name tells an intent to promote an "it's our time vision."

Frau Gaudi! Radi! Musi!

Just for you MarkO -

There is no reason to think the Tea Party, if properly organized and harnessed, cannot be even more potent next year than it was in 2010, especially now that its members know the government really was out to get them.

Interesting comment about leadership and the absence of it at Wretchard's:

Their (sic) is no more definitive statement of contempt in international politics than raping your ambassador. There really is little left to do for an encore. The Iranians threatened to rape Obama's daughter and he offered to shake their hand. Think of how Harry Truman would have reacted. (Blast from the Past)

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